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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a winnie wednesday as you can see right there looking at the tree in newton lake park haddon township. people still out and about despite the winds, good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. as all good things do have to happen, it has to come to an end. mild wet letter come to an
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end, in fact, tracking snow for later this week, chilly skydeck with the wind. >> indeed, i'm greatful for once the winds is at my face rather than my back, does make for better hair day that way. that said, however, the winds is definitely whipping out here on the skydeck, pretty much everywhere else, in the wake of what we saw earlier in the morning, which was some rain, that's clearly out of here at this point. and as you mentioned, we'll eventually be track being sole snow. walk you through what the rest of today has in store by outside first and for most, storm scan3, three hour loop, you can see retreat of the rain left with more sun than anything, now, look at your feels like values. this is the gauge that i want you to use when walking out the door today. definitely feels like winter, feeling right now in most spots like it is about in toward the freezing mark, at the airport, pair 36's more than anything. the actual temperature at philadelphia international airport. forty-two, so, basically, you want to do the math in your head, take 10 degrees off. that's how it feels at any given point. the winds is key here.
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that is the problem. you have got that wind still coming through pretty heavily, straight up basically out of the north-northwest, so coming from colder spot anyway. and it is stronger, that said, you want to make sure your a bundling up adequately. you know what? sort of it is a little bit worse when you factor in that it has been so warm in recent days, yesterday, talk about over achieving, we hit 64 degrees, and at best on the thermometer talking low 40's, the rest of today, also, factoring the wind, basically feels like it is 30 degrees, colder, so, you know, that can definitely hit hard when you're not used to it, make sure you have the adequate layers hitting the road today. we mentioned, we'll talk more about the snow and track it coming up. >> thank you. turning to campaign 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton claim several state with landslide super tuesday victories, breaking down the result and have more on what it mean for the future of the campaign. >> if winner took all this thing is over.
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>> donald trump won big on super tuesday, the billionaire scored seven victories, ted cruz won three state, including his home state of texas. and marco rubio won his first state minnesota. >> and whether we unify, there is nobody, nobody, that is going to beat us. >> trump talk about uniting his party but doing anything but. >> if donald trump it, will split the republican party basically i think split the conservative movement. what i see is adeemogog somebody with solution that is never work. >> washington insiders say the rupture in the republican party is unprecedented with no easy resolution. >> i talked to republican leaders yesterday who said we've got to figure out some way to stop done add trump from getting to the magic number. >> after her big super tuesday win, hillary clinton acknowledged the hard work ahead, as she took swipes at the republican front runner. >> that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great.
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>> clinton won seven super tuesday states to bernie sanders' four, but sanders says he's not going anywhere. >> this is not a general election. it is not winner take all. >> clinton now has more than 40% of the delegates she needs for the democratic nomination. mark albert, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now you probably notice new jersey governor chris christie behind trump in florida last night. it is part of the reason why six newspapers in the garden state want him to resign. including cherry hill courier post, vineland daily journal, site what they call his long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda. christie backed trump after ending his own presidential bid. the editorial goes ton say if christie does not step down new jersey voters should start an effort to recall him. >> in part the editorial reads, quote, what an embarrassment, what an utter disgrace, we're fed one governor chris christie's arrogance, fed up with his opportune i am, fed up with
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his hypocrisy, fed one his sarcasm. no response yet from christie's operation. stay with "eyewitness news", 2016, all of the development for you on line on our website of course right here on tv. >> philadelphia police are piecing together clues this noon, as two men recover from gunshot wounds. and the man who shot them is cooperating with authority. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch explains why the shooter may not be facing charges, after opening fire in south philly last night. >> this corner was the crossroads after investigation, where witnesses tell philadelphia police a man shot two men to save his wife and himself from attack. >> he has a license to carry, pulled his weapon, than is a decision the district attorney's office to make. >> near second and bainbridge, queen village, police say the six a year old shooter and his wife were walking home, along the way, they were met by two men, ages 20 and 21. police say this does not appear to have gun as a
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robbery attempt, instead, verbal spat that errupted between these two younger men, and the six a year old man, a spat that quickly turned physical, one that would end when the older man pulled out his 45 caliber handgun, and fired, three shot. >> the shooter also remained on the scene, and identified himself to police, who turned himself into police, and turned over his semiautomatic weapon. >> the two males tried running, but collapsed near this bar, where a third district police officer found him. 209 year old with a shot to his chest, the 21 year old shot in the neck. they were returned to jefferson. >> the 65 year old who fired the shots, he was transport today methodist hospital, in police custody, because he's being treated for injuries to his face, his ian his lips. >> witnesses, including the shooter's wife, were brought to south detective for questioning. >> at last check, those two alleged attackers were in critical condition over at jefferson. police say as they recover,
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the detectives will speak with them about what happened, as they review surveillance camera footage taken from the scene. from south detective, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> police hope that you can help them track down a man responsible for a terrifying knife attack inside elevator in fishtown, and we do want to warn you you may finds this video disturbing. here is the surveillance video showing the attack last saturday at the huntingdon e el station. police say that man stabbed 30 year old woman several times. he got away, she was able to crawl out of the elevator to get help. if you recognize her attacker, you are asked to call police right away. >> a stabbing sends two people to the hospital in center city. violence began over might when two groups of people got into a fight near tenth and market streets. one of the victims was stabbed in the neck, the other in the back. police arrested the man and a woman at that scene. >> tv sports cast or, aaron andrews, testified that she is haunted daily by the nude video taken of her by a
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stalker and it was posted on the internet. the jury had hear more from witnesses, and for the defense today, andrews spent two days on the witness stand and her $75 million hotel stalker trial. she claims nashville marriott was neglect for allowing her now convicted stalker, michael barrett, to gain access to her. lawyers for the hotel maintain that barrett is solely to blame. >> less than three weeks after the death of justice antonin scalia, the remaining eight supreme court justice also set to hear arguments in the most significant abortion case to come before the court in decades. as correspondent paula read reports, the even number of justices on the bench makes this matter even more complicated. >> demonstrators on both sides of the issue made their voices heard outside the supreme court. inside, justices will hear arguments in the most significant abortion case to reach the court in a generation. the case centers around a texas law which requires
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abortion doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals. and that clinics be up to the standard of surgical centers. supporters that is for women's safety. >> this is common sense to us. this is a no-brain their of course we would want the highest possible standards for women's safety when it comes to this level of surgery. >> opponents say it was designed to shut down clinics. >> women may have legal right to abortion, but not be able to drive the hundreds of miles they have to to get to a clinic. so people need legal rights and they need access. >> while this particular case focuses on texas law, the justice's opinion will impact several other states that have passed similar laws. outcome of the case is harder to predict after justice scale ya death, reliably conservative member of the court, now all eyes are on justice anthony ken dip, who will likely be the swing vote between a five-three decision or four-four deadlock. paula read, cbs news, the supreme court.
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>> plan of attacking formed and tweeked to effectively fight the zika virus here and around the globe. today hearing is being held on capitol hill to look at that plan from all sides. >> what's very important for us to have as part of the overall effort a research component to be able to develop the response. >> research into how zika is diagnosed, how it affect people, and how it can be treated and ultimately how it can be stopped. >> coming up on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", he's back on earth. but what's next for astronaut scott kelly after spending a year in space? and what's next for his twin brother? >> plus, the pope gets a special visitor at his weekly wednesday audience. what this guest says he was able to do for other popes, that co-not do yet for pope francis. we're coming r
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>> and he's back, after historic mission in space, lasting nearly a year, astronaut scott kelsey back on the terrain of planet earth. you are watching the moment he was pulled out that far vessel, great to see. now we're hearing from kelly who is set to fly back to houston sometime tonight. and cbs news correspondent don champion reports his completed mission may soon pave the way for a mission to mars. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth. >> scott kelly gave a thumbs-up tuesday night, moments after landing.
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>> your first thoughts back on earth after a year? >> the cold air was amazing. >> and lift off. the year in space starts now. >> last march, kelly flew to the international space station and carried out among other things countless spear minutes, to study the effect of long duration trips in space. he spent an unprecedented 340 days in orbit, the same number of days it would take to get to mars. >> i'm definitely encouraged on our ability to go even longer. i mean, i casino of, you know, even though i look forward to coming home, and there are things that i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could have stayed. >> but last week, while still in orbit, kelly admitted space is a harsh environment. >> for instance, having no running water, you know, it is kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year. >> during his mission, he flew more than 143 million miles, made more than 5400 orbit around earth, and saw 11,000
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sunrises and sunsets. >> later today he'll fly to houston, for a final checkup by doctors. >> don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well talk about one unlucky cruise ship, anthem of the cease making headlines yet again. the ship way was battered by major atlantic storm last month arrives back early from a different voyage. this time the threat of a storm and a norovirus outbreak, forced that cruise liner cut the trip short. at port this morning, disappointed to have their vacation end earl. >> i we didn't see anybody sick on the ship, although i know there were some people with the viral flu, but it didn't affect us, majority of the people. we just wish it was longer. >> passengers note that live aboard the ship appeared normal but there were very visible sanitation efforts. this voyage cut the two days
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short. >> and, this is just in, anonymous us official say debris found in eastern africa may be that of malaysian airlines flight 370. the debris appears to be that from the same type of aircraft, boeing 777, that disappeared two years ago, it is the only known missing 777, flight mh370 had 239 people on board, when it vanished. >> legendary opera singer visited for the weekly audience. >> ♪ >> love his voice, that's spanish ten or, he and his wife spoke briefly with pope francis, and other vatican officials. the 75 year old said francis was the fourth pope he had the tore tune of meeting. he was able to sing for the previous three, and he said he would be thrilled to sing for pope francis one day.
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we would all love that. still ahead, we all know we're supposed to eat our vegtables, they're good for us, right? now finds out how the cost might factor into the importance in our diet. >> of course talking about it now, snow on the horizon for us. i'm going to tell were you it gets here, what kind of accumulations we're talking about, is there a commute that might be most affected, the answer in short is yes. i'll tell you which once coming up.
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combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium. >> fruits and vegtables can cost a lot, but, they say cheaper fruit and developing tables subsequently greater access could lower the death rate from heart disease and stroke. listen to there is if the cost
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were lowered just 10% to the year 2030, researchers say 60,000 lives could be saved. so bottom line here, mom was right, fruits and vegtables are good for you. i know we eat ours every morning. >> yes, we do. it is tough because produce and all of the stuff really good for you, that's the expensive stuff. difficult. >> my gosh, that rain came through this morning, now the winds are the storey? >> sipped on out of here and the winds dried out all of the roadways, so we don't deal with any additional damp roads, but the winds still whipping out there. will continue to do so for the rest of the dayment temperatures have also take answer hit. that's the other issue. it was a cold front. so in the name cold air comes along behind this. boy is it living to up its name. we showed you moment ago, you know, really chilly outside. let's start things off by taking to you different camera shot here. this is actually on the northern side, of our station headquarters here, at cbs-3, at spring garden street and broad. you can see, things have dried out nicely here. beautiful blue skies.
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as we face east, even though we had rain push through it, did push out to the east, you have got no residual cloud cover at this point, long gone, meanwhile, we go to another camera real quickly here in the live neighborhood network, beautiful blue skies, there is the win, though. that will get you, 34 degrees the current temperature, which you can manage, but you start to hug the winter cota lot tighter any time the win blows, see the tell tell signs of the trees, just from the wind blowing out in broad heads ville near the poconos, storm scan, quiet as can be locally. we zoom around little bit, in fact, i take you all the way out to essentially nationwide zoom here, you can begin to see signs of life across the canadian border montana. that will be the next disturbance that streaks across the us, and actually starts to redevelop, and gather some moisture and sling by the time it reaches the mid-atlantic. so for now we start things off with some sunshine tomorrow, tomorrow night, however, that next storm is here. and we are going to see some snow out of it, because we have enough cold air setting the stage, we sit on the northern fringe of it, but looks lick it will be a light
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snow. so we walk you through the scenario here. starting off at thursday, 10:00 p.m. so we get through basically the whole day without a hitch. then late at night, snow starts to nudge in south to north. there is indication in some of the computer model, a little break, more scattered through the early part of the morning rush likely some of will you have enough warmth it starts off either as wintery mix or some rain. but the snow is going to eventually take over. and we may ends up with some accumulation out of it. by the time it is getting out of here, basically pushing toward friday evening. how much are we talking? another model, future weather, generally coating to inch or two, maybe locally little more than. that will but primarily, on grassy surfaces, unpaved surfaces your windshield, that casino every thing. so mainly damp roadways specially if they've been treated. current winds speeds, we come back to that again. out of the northwest anywhere into the 20's, in a lot of spot. that's going to be very noticeable. we have long since hit 56 degrees, that temperature continues to just drop off, basically stuck in the low 40's, the rest of the day today. no better than that tomorrow either.
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despite the sunshine. friday, some light snow. not just in the morning, think it might last us in past lunchtime at minimum. then, we'll warm upper kay by tuesday, 63 degrees. >> spring has sprung. >> indeed. >> all right, katie. coming up later today at 5:00 from bikes to books to cars to clothes, anything goes whether it comes to raining these days. consumer reporter jim donovan on your side with just how much money you can save from this trend that's today at 5:00. then at 6:00 coping with tragedy. a heart broken mother dealing with the loss of her infant daughter by using a tool most of us use every day. health reporter stephanie stahl explains the method of her mourning, and her ever to help other mothers also coping with lost. >> we'll be right back.
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from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptoms*, all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more® >> today is a very special regarding reading. our jim donovan is taking parm, shares the joy of reading as part of dr. seuss' read across america, falls on the author's birthday. jim right there at the elementary school in glassboro today. you can see, the fourth, fifth, sixth grade theirs had a great time. they even brought their favorite dr. seuss hat. great time had by all. how great. >> such a great initiative. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day.
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