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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 6, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EST

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he told our carly steele, she is still hurting. >> i think she's doing really well, dealing with a lot of stress and pain. >> but the night really belonged to this guy. [cheers and applause] after five acting nominations, leo finally gets his gold. >> leonardo dicaprio. [cheers and applause] leo won for his gritty role as a frontiersman in "the revenant." he shared a sweet hug with kate winslet. and you could still feel their chemistry almost 20 years after titanic. >> what did you guys say to each other? >> i asked him if he was okay, and i noticed he had one lily brow, and i put it back into place. >> so you got him together. >> yes. >> but no one was happier for leo than his proud mom. >> i was so happy. you have no idea. and i love the fact that he has
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such a big audience to make the statement that he did. >> climate change is real, let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> how is he feeling right now? >> very, very happy. he's thrilled. >> it's been an incredible journey for leo. "e.t." was there in 1994. he was nominated for "what's up with gilbert grape." right after leo waited for the best actress award. >> brie larson. >> her character is held captive. and she's been relatively unknown, she's been in hollywood since she was a kid. >> i've watched every year since i was 7. being here is a part of history.
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>> hello! oh, my god! >> brie inspected the nameplate and posed with her boyfriend. demi lovato helped her celebrate and she looked relaxed, enjoying an in and out burger in her sneakers. but there's a moment that speaks to brie's character. ♪ what do you know >> it happened after lady gaga performed her nominated song surrounded by survivors of sexual assault. ♪ till it happens to you >> after the powerful moment, brie hugged and thanked all the survivors. >> i was trying to tell their story. i hope i did right by them. >> gaga reflected on her own experience with sexual assault. and praised her fiance.
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and backstage, a low-key moment. where was boyfriend michael fassbender? after kissing mom, maria, she did kiss michael. a very private moment for this notorious couple. >> i just felt my name on this thing. i'm trying to try to believe it's actually true. it's wonderful. >> still wonderful, this couple, sly and jennifer married almost 19 years. >> this moment means so much to our whole family. >> i'm taking a mental movie and actually filming it. you're in it. close up, both of you. it's so gratifying. it's like reaffirming. >> after the after party, there was a kiss. and more hot couples. after four months of dating,
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gwen and blake held hands and made their red carpet debut at the after party. stefan ei performed at an after party and dazzled in a scarlet gown. >> very cute at the vanity fair party. blake has been busy working on a new album. he said these songs are going to be really personal. >> his whole life changed. >> it doesn't take a rocket scientist. if you follow my career even a little bit, or my life, you know what's happened with me in the last, you know, gosh, eight or nine months, and it's all on there. it's all on the record. i mean, you get to a point where you just got to, i think you just got to. you know, let the past be the past and move on. >> i found blake to be sincere, open, even bringing up his divorce and writing about it himself. when it comes to his music, he always seems to pour his soul
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into every word. ♪ like i just stepped outside >> do you think it's healing in a way? a lot of people say that about music. >> i for sure do. i can put my life experiences, whether it's a divorce or, or my new girlfriend, i have music, i can write songs, i can sing about it. >> gwen's been singing about her man, too. a post on instagram, best present ever. >> i gave her the horse and bought myself, we bought, i actually got her a horse, and i got myself a horse at the same time, because. >> oh, how cool. >> gwen, she loves riding, and she loves horses. >> and you can expect to see more of their chemistry, now that "the voice", is back. >> gwen stefani is my mentor this season, and it was the easiest ask ever. i looked at my phone, and it was
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like somebody from nbc said, hey, you need to pick a mentor for this season, i go, like, hey, you want to be my mentor this season? she's like, sure. >> blake and i got together and he's an ambassador for the brand. >> i don't picture you and like, alcohol. >> is that right? >> wow, you been in a coma the last few years or what? it's part of where i'm from. so the fact that they came to me and i got a chance to taste it, i like vodka. >> i think we should like cheer to your new partner. >> okay. >> thank you, sis. good to hang out with you. >> good to hang out with you, too. >> blake is going to be in a film, an animated movie. he plays an evil country-singing pig. it will be out may 28. more from the oscars, our fashion break down with josie.
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tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. now the oscar red carpet is supposed to be the height of glamorous fashion. you looked unbelievable. >> ah. >> some people don't really get the memo. >> no, they certainly don't. this week we broke it all down with editor in chief of yahoo style, josie. >> itheron. it was stunning. that deep plunging v, and of course the subtle details, and the accessories that she paired with it, the diamond rope necklace, $3.7 million worth of harry winston jewels. >> how about
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>> belle from beauty and the beast. >> we were the first to show you those memes. >> you want to know what the biggest dream was, it was to be belle in beauty in the beast. >> a lot of people are comparing it to belle. >> already the meme. >> your dream has come true. >> it's so funny. >> as a little fyi, that dress took five months to make. if that isn't couture, i don't know what is. >> a big trend of the night was white. >> it was a huge trend of the night, and one of the people who did it most beautifully was lady gaga. she was wearing her best friend and designer. that look was inspired by a runway look, a corset and a pair of black pants, and when she went to vanity fair, she went to an alternate
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>> rachel mcadams changed. she knows what works on her body, right? she had her hands on her hips. knows how to pose and showing off those toned arms. >> i love after party transformations. kerry washington. there was a lot of mixed reviews with the dress she wore on the red carpet, black leather halter with the white bottom, but i have to say, when she went to the vanity fair party, she changed and really made um fp f it, it was stunning. >> who was your worst dressed celebrity? >> i have to tell you, i have to start with heidi klum. she was wearing something straight off the runway, but it looked too much like tissue wrapped cupcakes, but here is how i would focus it. i would remove the sleeves. the minute remove that and see
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her arms it looks young and fresh. and i would replace those flowers with a vintage brooch. and that takes it away from brides maids to red carpet. >> kate winslet was getting mixed reviews. she explained why she chose the look. >> my son told me i looked like an lt. >> i think that's a good thing. you're breaking records. >> but this is ralph lauren, and i fell in love with the fabric. >> what is the fabric? >> i don't now, but it looks like liquid. >> she can keep a lot of the shimmery la shimmeryfe feel, but i would e remove some of it and cut the neckline down a little bit so it's not so straight across. and lastly, i would want to give her a little more waist, because
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she has a great figure. i would color block the dress. >> wow, look at you. >> and have a portion of that silk there, so it's not all encompassing, but a lot more subtle. >> can i just say that josie's fashion fixes are becoming my favorite thing? fix me! we talk about the uncoupling of mar
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watching "baywatch" news, david hasselhoff is joining the reboot. >> i don't know if the world's ready for both of us. are you ready? >> i was born ready. >> dwayne johnson let the world know this week. >> he was born ready. there ain't no bay without the
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hoff. get ready, world. >> that after the visit to the set where he hung out with the rock and zac efron. >> is there a better movie to be on than "baywatch"? >> no, there is not another movie better to be on that "baywatch." look at the shape this guy came in. >> this guy motivated you to work out. i followed him on instagram, and he's an animal. >> you're playing the character of david hasselhoff. did you talk to him? >> yes, and he has been amazing. he's been so supportive. if there's one guy who could play me, only one guy? yeah, it's the rock. >> i love that. tell me about your character? >> i play matt brody, the young recruit. he doesn't see eye to eye with mitch. >> no, i think he's a prick. >> did you have on a red, white, and blue all american bathing suit? >> yeah, i would flash you guys, but, nah, nah, nah.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's been more than ten months ago since gwyneth paltrow served him with divorce papers. >> we sat down to talk about life in the spotlight. >> you have to constantly let go of old ideas, old resentments. you have to put the kid ts firs. if you once loved the person enough to have children with them, you have to focus on what's beautiful about them and i acknowledge that we've done it in an unorthodox way, but it's work being for us. >> the first football game the kids ever went to was the super bowl and their dad was performing there with beyonce. >> i love the instagram posts with apple and blue ivy. do you guys regularly babysit blue ivy? >> it's really funny, my kids' dad and blue's mom are always
5:23 am
doing these incredible, mind-boggling things and i'm always with the kids and the snack bag and the baby wipes and juice boxes. that's pretty much how it is. >> she is working too, with her company. this year she launched a skin caroline. >> you want something to work with your fine lines and wrinkles. unfortunately in high-performance beauty right now it's full of toxic chemicals. apple is obsessed with makeup, which is why i've gotten interested in non-toxic makeup. i don't feel pressured to look young. i feel like i've earned my wrinkles and i'm very proud of everythingi've done through in life, the mistakes, the wonderful things, the not so
5:24 am
wonderful things, it's all there. i don't want to be 26, i would not want to go back there ever for a million year, bu but i th we want to look our best. >> martha stewart said gwyneth should be quiet and focus on acting. >> ouch. >> martha! >> she had her own brand long before gwen. and her brand has been around for more than 20 years. we got the expert opinion on one of the star ceremonies should look like. >> we have mariah carey, and what kind of a wedding do you think she should have? >> over the top, lavish, lavish, lavish. she's marrying one of the richest men in australia and one of the richest men in the world. >> they're not engaged yet, but gwen stefan epfani and blake sh.
5:25 am
>> gwen is so beautiful. whatever she chooses to do will be just so amazing. she's a great, great beauty and very talented woman. and i think they're going to have a fantastic wedding too. >> not everyone can have martha consult on their "i dos." but the next best thing is her book. >> i don't like to use the word "bible", but it is the bible for brides. >> one of the things to couples navigate. >> you want to have a day smoothly without arguments, without glitches. we advise, if you can afford it, to have a wedding planner help you with lots of the details. >> martha says budget wisely. the most costly item, she says spend 40% for food, 10 to 15% for the rentals and the biggest
5:26 am
bridal mistake? >> overreaching is one thing. spending too much money is another. going into debt. and third, you get too nervous and be too angry and frustrated during the whole planning process. >> martha said if she were ever to get married again she would do an over the top ceremony. she got married in '61. and she helped make her own dress. >> up next. >> that's nice. >> real housewives stashr there giudice. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by
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about that. >> this week erin testified that the release of new videos online haunts her relationship with her boyfriend hockey player derek stahl. >> i want to be the dancing with the stars host three's proud of. >> she is now suing her stalker and this nashville marriott for $75 million, arguing the hotel never should have allowed him to get a room next to hers. number four, bobbi kristina's autumutopsautopsy. the drugs included were marijuana, cocaine, an anti-anxiety med and morphine. no morphine was in whitney
5:31 am
houston's body. >> it looks like she was imitating her mother's death. number three, is george sclo clooney retiring? he was candid about aging in hollywood and was blunt about what was next. >> it is my great love and i enjoy it a lot. number three, are katy perry and orlando bloom house hunting? and the number one story this week, o.j. was a possible murder weapon found at his home? only we talk to marsha clark. >> a knife was apparently found at the rockingham estate when it was demolished. what's your reaction? >> it's a remarkable development if it does turn out to be connected to the murders of ron and nicole. >> the lead prosecutor finds it all a bit baffling. >> it might be a hoax.
5:32 am
it might be somebody who planted it and then just pretended to find it. >> go to "e.t." online for the latest. >> and this couple has seen its share of headlines. theresa and joe giudice. theresa was released from prison just over two months ago, but later this month, it's her husband's turn. we got the first and only sit down before joe goes behind bars. >> have you said anything to joe yet to prepare him for what it may be like? >> the biggest thing is don't trust anyone. >> that's the easy part about going to jail. it's what they put you through before you go. they try to mentally and physically break you down, know what i mean? i think going to jail is the easy part. >> that will happen on march 23rd. >> theresa. >> amid a massive media spectacular, theresa, who made headlines for this table flip
5:33 am
served 11 1/2 months in prison. >> it definitely does change you. >> how do you think you changed the most? >> i'm definitely a lot calmer than i was. >> now? joe, the father of four, faces 41 months behind bars. >> listen, today the kids got computers. they know everything. my daughter melania tells me you're going away for a lot more months than mommy. >> i was upset, i never in a million years thought i would miss her 8th grade dance, and i did. it was heartbreaking. >> i'll probably miss her sweet 16. i'll make sure she has a sweet 16 party, if she wants one, i don't know. >> what do you miss the most about him not being around the house? >> him being so handy around the house. i'm going to miss being with him at night and cuddling with him. he keeps me warm. i'm going to miss his passion and i can't say that word.
5:34 am
>> the new jersey housewife says at least once a week, she'll make the hour and a half trip to see joe at the federal correctional institute in ft. dix, new jersey. >> kids are not allow-- conjuga not allowed? >> no. >> she fell in love with yoga and is trying to get joe will you guys be a maintain your living, your lifestyle? >> we have, we don't have the house anymore. we have restructured our finances. and that's it. mommy has to work. now i have to start all over again. pretty much everything that i was working on kind of died out. and so now i just have to rebuild. >> how supportive have they
5:35 am
been? >> they've been great. reaching out. >> jaclyn, dena and caroline. they've all been good. >> i haven't spoken to caroline, but it's okay. i wish her well. >> and this was interesting. during jennifer's interview at the hotel in new york city, joe was serious and kept up a brave face, but in what felt like a telling home, he wiped back tears during a break. it was after a tough topic, the lingering prospect of deportation back to his native italy, after he serves his time. >> yeah, there's a chance that that could happen to me. there's nothing that is certain, but i mean, we'll deal with that, you know, when i get out, you know? >> taking it day by day. >> right now, it's not an issue, you know, that's something that i have to deal with when i get out. >> now theresa be back on the real housewives.
5:36 am
after so many celebrity nanny stories, we're getting stories of real life nannies.
5:37 am
5:38 am
welcome back, everybody. ben affleck and jennifer garner, gwen stefani, they are two high profile couples who had to deal with scandals involving nannies.
5:39 am
we talked to a few. >> at celebrity nannies, we have all of hollywood's best-kept secrets. she is the author of "nanny confidential." she is the hollywood matchmaker. she says she's gotten some proposals from some of her employers. >> i've gotten every offer you can think of, from a celebrity high-profile mother, from a father. >> they revealed four major secrets. money is no object. >> a lot of toddlers need to go to starbucks every morning to get their baby cappuccino or they can't function. a lot of people want their children to be bathed in diamond water, water that has been run through diamonds to increase the ph level of the water. >> hollywood husbands and the nanny factor.
5:40 am
forget mary poppins. think the hand that rocks the cradle. you know, the nanny, as home wrecker. >> relationships between nannies and families do often get personal. you're working in someone's home and it's an intimate relationship. >> this week, susan sarandon's daughter describes what she says was her own almost nanny gate. she says her husband received an accidental text that read omg, girl, did i mention to you how hot my boss is? i would love to blank his brains out. h >> ben and jen's nanny prompted allegations which ben denied. and gwen's started dressing like gwen. but there's also a sad angle,
5:41 am
the nanny's connection to the kids. mariah carey says she lets them go when they get too close. >> if they try to make themselves more important than the baby's lives than me. >> there are some parents that want to become too close. they send you away. and i guess that's the reality of the job. you know, like every day, you go to school. and when the bell sounds, the child runs out with their hands out to see you, and you're so excited to see you. and one day you're just not there for them, and it's not because you've done anything wrong, it's just because the parent feels as though that child is taking, feeling too close to you and they're getting general g jealous of the relationship.
5:42 am
>> and finally, nannies versus the paparazzi. >> there i am turning the wheel. >> that's her with britney spears. at times, she was a britney decoy. >> they were running lights. you hear it, you see it. there was a time when we went to sunset tan. it's about me doing something. the paparazzi were trying to get a shot of her dress. so i did a nice back kick. not anything too hard. he wasn't, he kind of fell back into other paparazzi. i was like, you're pathetic. like let her live her life. i was security. if you've seen a lot of the videos posted, there's nobody else around. still to come, kim richards in tears over her ex-husband's death. >> he was glad it was him first. then from child star to addiction to a second shot at fame. we talk to a grown-up curly sue.
5:43 am
>> how much were you drinking and what drugs were your drugs of choice? that is ahead, but first, which of will smith's co-stars appeared in one of his music videos? margo robbie? whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene.
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antidepressants can increase these in those 24 and younger. elderly dementia patients taking rexulti have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor if you have high fever, stiff muscles, and confusion to address a possible life-threatening condition or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. high blood sugar was reported with rexulti and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death. other risks are increased cholesterol, weight gain... decreased white blood cells, which can be serious dizziness on standing, seizures, trouble swallowing, and impaired judgment or motor skills. don't give up on the progress you may have made with your current antidepressant. talk to your doctor about adding rexulti. and feel better about facing the world. you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. the real housewives of beverly hills has made kim richards famous again, but mostly for her struggles. >> the last time i sat down with
5:46 am
kim, she had just completed rehab following an arrest at a beverly hills hotel. since then, she has been arrested for shoplifting and lost her husband. kevin frasier checked in with kim to see how she's coping today, is she sober? and why on earth is she tackling yet another reality show. >> don't tell me what to do. i'm defending myself. >> walking into it was not what i expected. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] beverly hills? >> was there some kind of concern being in that environment? you're dealing with sobriety and are' cast in an environment where people are drinking and nadness going on. >> it wasn't tempting for me in any way. when you see something like that, you almost go like, whoo, thank kbagod's not me. >> it's kim repeating the reality cycle of chaos and bringing her mother into it in the mother/daughter celebrity
5:47 am
edition. this time it's heidi montague. >> she likes to stir the -- >> how are you going to stop from being pushed to that point? >> i didn't say i was. >> let's have an honest moment. >> there's no telling that i'm not going to go, like, ah! >> right now, kim's in recovery and goes to weekly meetings. she's trying to heal, but it's very clear, she's still raw from losing her ex-husband and best friend. >> he was 2k3w4rglad he was goi first. >> what were your final words? >> i said i love you. and then i felt him kind of leave. and it was shocking. i just, i didn't expect it. >> you were holding him? >> mm-hm. yeah. >> how did that affect you? and how did it affect your life,
5:48 am
urso bright? when was the last time you had a drink? >> i would say that my recovery's going amazing. it really is. >> is there a time when you say the price of fame isn't worth it? it almost killed you, let's be honest. >> people die every day, they die every day from this disease. >> how close do you think you came? >> i came very close. honestly, the depression alone, seven, eight years ago, the depression alone almost killed me. it was too much. it was really hard for me. >> what's hard? >> what it was like for the time i didn't talk to you. >> after nearly a year, kim returned to the real housewives last tuesday to face-off with kyle, but i used our exclusive sit down to clear up rumors. >> there's speculation that you were at one point homeless. >> i'm living in a $400 a night hotel overlooking the beach, and people are like, she's homeless, like, oh. hardly homeless. >> and while drunken cat fights
5:49 am
and a mug shot are images everyone knows, we all hope her tough journey will turn and have a happy ending. >> i've told you more today than i'll ever tell anybody again. this is the last time i will discuss my recovery publicly. i want to get it out there for everybody to know, it's my recovery, and it's mine, and it's my business. >> do you think you'll find love again? >> maybe. >> are you dating? >> i am. >> really? >> mm-hm. >> and what do they think of all of this? >> oh, no! >> will we see this person in the future? >> nosey, nosey. the last question. you had to get it. i don't know. actually, we'll see. >> so we might see this person. >> maybe. maybe not. i'll come home tonight and there will be these people sitting outside my house. >> hmm. >> so who is kim dating? well, she would only hint that
5:50 am
it isn't anyone famous. now kim's dealing with more legal trouble. the court ordered her to serve 30 days of community service, but it was revealed last week that she hasn't completed any of t she says she hurt her knee and her foot, but she's been spotted out wearing high heels. the next hearing is scheduled for june 1st. let's take about another child star. >> remember that cute little girl who starred as curly sue 25 years ago? well, she's all grown-up and this year she pulled off a shocker on "the voice", amazing. her name? alison porter, and she went through some tough times. but she told me it was dream come true to fulfill the life-long passion of being a singer. ♪ >> how nervous were you? >> it's so nerve-wracking. it's insane. it's your shot, it's your time.
5:51 am
you have 90 seconds. >> with alison's future hanging in the balance, look what happens seconds into her song. ♪ i'm coming back some day >> were you aware of that? >> honestly i blacked out the entire time. i couldn't think about huge superstars staring at me. ♪ if i could only see >> the thought of coming back into the business and taking this risk, what if it didn't work out. >> alison is coming back to the business she started in as a toddler. this is what the then star search star told us. >> i would like to be on the big screen. the best thing i want to do so bad. >> what does that even mean? i want to be on the big screen. >> you did it! >> did she ever, at 8 starring in "parenthood", and at 10, starring in "curly sue." >> do you think you missed out
5:52 am
on childhood? >> no. i think my parents made a real effort in making me as real as possible during that time. ly friends. average, normal kids. i just had this kind of side job. after that things got a little wonky. >> things got wonky, as she says, when she made the move to broadway at age 225. drugs and alcohol took a toll. >> i did a little bit of anything and everything towards the end, anything that would numb the pain. >> what were your lowest times? >> i was deaf fitly drinking and using every day. >> she got the help she needed. she's now eight years sober, a wife and full-time mom of two. >> i pick christina. >> my children sort of grounded me. they brought me to a different place, and i would never be able to have created these lives if i hadn't changed mine.
5:53 am
>> allison is friends with jodi sweeten from full house. and she's also had struggles with addiction. and they've helped each other along the journey. >> i like to hear that. jodi is also on a competition show. she's been cast on the new season of dancing with the stars. and another familiar face, my partner. and i paid a visit to the new mom at home. >> what a cutie! >> she left the show in 2010 for motherhood. now she's planning a come back. >> i've been a mommy, and coming back would be such a challenge. >> the new season's cast will be revealed tuesday on gma, so how about a hint. >> i'll tell you this. everyone in america knows him, and he is the most charming smil
5:54 am
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travel considerations provided by there they are. look at all those birthdays happening this weekend. kevin conley is 42. connie britton's 49. which of will smith's co-stars
5:57 am
appeared in one of his music videos? that is eva mendez. monday on "e.t.." our shocking exclusive on the knife allegedly found at o.j.'s former estate. >> a murder weapon, a knife. >> did this psychic know in 1995 where the possible murder weapon was? monday on "e.t.." >> we are almost out of time, but for all the late breaking news, go to our website. >> but here's a song from dea. >> 7 million views, and she's only 17. she heard her songs on the radio for the first time while celebrating a big milestone of her life, what was it? >> getting her driver's license. >> i would have driven right off the road if i had heard that. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> taken at gunpoint. the terrifying moment that led to up a former philadelphia eagles getting kidnapped. >> and a busy weaken for campaign 2016. super saturday contest and five states with some victories being claimed over the frontrunner. >> today is sunday, march 6. good morning to you. i'm rahel solomon. let's start your sunday off with a check of weather. justin checking us out with a check on wetter. >> little cool. >> this could be when last pushes of winter we'll be seeing, maybe flu think morning, then once we start tomorrow, it is big time warm up. >> time to say good-bye? >> that's right. see if that's the trend. still early march. anything could happen. here you


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