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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 23, 2016 3:38am-4:01am EDT

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the big question now, especially
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president obama wrapped up his historic visit to cuba and has flown on to argentina. the president and mrs. obama will be guests of honor at a state dinner hosted by argentina's new president. lesley stahl has his story for "60 minutes." >> we met mauricio macri in argentina's version of the white house, the pink house, called casa rosara. he took over a country ruled for eight years by a left wing populist, who allied argentina with anti-american regimes, iran, venezuela and cuba. here argentina has been in this
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almost a bloc that takes almost all of south america, left leaning. >> not any more. that was, but not any more. >> reporter: not anymore, he made a u-turn in the country foreign policy. in a flash, argentina has become pro-american. macri and vice president biden were all smiles at the world economic forum in january. when macri went seeking closer ties with the west and foreign investment. he brought one of the men he defeted in the election with him, which impressed the vice president. >> i want the american press to observe something. the new president brought along the leader of the opposition with him. that's what we got to do at home. >> i really believe the 21st century demand that we have to be open and not put in any more ideological differences in front
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of the best solutions. >> reporter: he is a pragmatist. trained as an engineer. macri started off an outsider in argentina politics. the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country and worked at first in the family real estate and construction business. once making a deal with that other scion of a real estate empire. >> i heard that you actually have a relationship with donald trump? >> it is a long story, long away. >> reporter: it was more than 30 years ago. macri told us his father invested in a real estate venture in new york city but ran into problems and asked him to arrange a sale. >> we are going to go forward. >> to donald trump. >> it was a very unique moment for me. i was only 24 years old. >> reporter: you negotiated with the guy who says he is the best negotiator in the world, yeah? >> he thinks that, i am not so sure. >> did he win? >> we were in a weak position. he was local, having the support of all the banks. i could say that we tied. >> reporter: now at 57, he is
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happily married to fashion designer julianna owata. watching them play with their 4-year-old daughter, you can't help but think of the kennedys and camelot. the comparison has been made in argentina. when macri ran for president, no one thought he would win. partly because of his image as a wealthy businessman, unable to connect with the people. but that image was softened by campaigning with his wife and young daughter at his side. and by their openness about their relationship. >> i never imagine i was going to end with him and when i have the opportunity to, to meet him i fall completely in love. that was seven years ago. he had already been married twice and had older children as did she. >> my best friend, i told him i am going to marry again. no, come on. you can't do it. you have just finished a relation two months ago. the lady of my life.
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i want to be with her the rest of my life. i am sure that this is the correct decision. >> reporter: at their wedding the following year, macri revealed a hidden talent. >> i am a great singer. >> reporter: a great singer. he set out to prove it at their wedding party. he dressed up as his favorite rock star, freddie mercury, of the band queen, complete with a fake mustache, and started serenading julianna. it almost killed him. >> in the moment i was breathing to sing the, the up part of somebody to love, i swallowed my mustache. >> swallowed the mustache. >> he started choking on the freddie mercury mustache. >> it end up here. didn't go down. >> spent like 20 minutes. thinking that i was going to die.
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i couldn't breathe. it was funny, but, a moment. >> you have had a couple of brushes with death actually. >> no, no, this was quite funny. the other one wasn't so funny. >> the other one happened when he was 32. he was grabbed off the street and kidnapped. >> reporter: is it true when they kidnapped you they put you in a coffin? >> yes, to take me to the place. and then in another -- a bigger coffin, it was a box. >> he was held for 14 days. >> reporter: did you think that you would never live through that? >> you keep thinking, because, you are trapped there with nothing to do. so, you think i am going to die. i am not going to die. because the in many cases, the group of kidnappers kill the victims. >> reporter: but he was released after his father paid a $6 million ransom. the incident changed the trajectory of macri's life dramatically. it persuaded him to leave his father's business and set out on
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his own. first he became president of one of argentina's most popular soccer teams. boca juniors. he then tried his hand at politics. he created his own third party, and eventually ran for mayor of buenes aires. on his second attempt, he won. that's when a whole new macri emerged. ♪ ♪ dancing has become a macri trademark. >> you are known for this. >> you know, dancing is, it is another way of communicating, no? >> reporter: you know i have heard it said, no offense, dad dancing? >> older man dancing? >> no, no. >> i have heard that. >> you have to watch it. you have to watch my, my, my, my performance. because it is, it is, advanced dancing. it is so innovating steps, i am doing them. first i am doing them. then i perform them. >> reporter: macri got to live
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out two dreams in december when he danced on the balcony of the presidential palace at his inauguration after a close, hard-fought elect, that left the country bitterly divided. even the transition was contentious. breaking tradition, the outgoing president, christina kirshner refused to attend the swearing in. she had been a charismatic leader in the style of the popular eva peron who shared the spotlight with her husband, president juan peron whose legend went all the way to broadway. ♪ don't cry for me argentina >> the party has dominated politics on and off for the last 70 years. kirshner was a peronist whose policies, subsidies on electricity, high taxes on
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agricultural exports, burdensome regulations, a bloated bureaucracy, and currency controls, all in combination cripple the argentina economy. >> she left an economy that has not been growing for four years now. a stagnant economy. >> alfonzo pratt guy is the minister of finance. >> high inflation. eight years in a row, more than 25% inflations. fiscal deficit. running out of reserves. >> reporter: what you walked into? >> absolutely. >> making matters worse, the government bureau of statistics indec had been minimizing the problems. >> national statistics institute, an institute that was basically look to us and to the rest of the world. they weren't issuing -- wrong numbers. >> reporter: fake numbers. phony numbers. just made up statistics. >> exactly. what the president wanted. >> it wasn't real. >> that's not the way.
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lysol that. more than 100 accidents blamed on a high tech gearshift. standard equipment on nearly 1 million vehicles here in the united states. the government is investigating and so is kris van cleave. >> reporter: gary titus leased a
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2014 jeep grand cherokee with a new electronic transition that changed the feel of shifting gears maybe too much. >> if i don't hit it just right and get night drive i could get into an accident because of that. >> reporter: the new shifter is a monostable electronic gearshift or e-shift. it lacks the typical grooves and sensation of moving the car into park, drive or reverse. that lack of familiarity, nearly resulted in a serious injury. >> i got out of the jeep. thought it was in park. it was in reverse still. as i walked back toward the garage. i noticed the car was moving a little bit. i didn't want to ruin the car, after having it for a few months. got between the car and garage. i was able to yell for my son
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and stop the car. >> reporter: titus isn't the own one confused. hundred filed complaints saying their vehicle rolled away after thinking it was in park. national highway traffic safety association is investigating, 850,000 vehicles, most are 2014 and 2015 grand cherokees equipped with e-shift. government investigators found it is not intuitive and provide poor tactile and visual feed become to the driver increasing potential for unintended gear selection. the investigation claims reports of 121 accidents resulting in several people being hospitalized. >> these new technologies coming in the cars are creating all kind of new problems. >> sean cane, president of safety research and strategies wants stricter safety standard for technology added to vehicles. >> you get into a car today if you haven't been in it. hard to understand how to start it, shift it, seeing all different control systems. that's creating problems for consumers. new ways people are going to get killed and injured as a result
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of poor design. >> we drove a 2014 grand cherokee at consumer reports test track in connecticut. >> here because there is also not, like i pushed all way forward. >> it is confusing and odd. it doesn't have any safety mek nimz. >> a deputy auto editor. >> what we would look to see, there is a fail safe. end of the day you don't have a problem where the car is going to launch forward. roll back and move some way that the consume r is not expecting it. >> the fiat chrysler shifter lacks a fail safe. >> lacks a fail safe if you leave it in drive or neutral. open the door or press the button to turn off the vehicle it stays in the mode doesn't go directly to park. >> bmw and mercedes added the fail safe after adding similar transmission technology. >> shifted because i turned off the car. >> if you open up the door it goes to park. >> reporter: that's the safety feature. >> jeep drivers do get a warning on the dashboard. fiat chrysler is cooperating fully with the on going investigation. as of the 2016 year they changed the vehicles. but has not recalled any existing models. auto maker says it was due to customer satisfaction not safety
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reasons. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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on this 100th anniversary of the national park service we have been taking you to national treasures you may not get a chance to see. this morning, connor knighten visits the everglade national park. >> reporter: they call it the river of grass. and to truly get your feet wet exploring the everglades, you need to actually get your feet wet. you can't really understand it just by driving by. like you can if you are standing in it. ranger allen scott has been exploring the over 1.5 million acres of south florida's everglade national park for 20-plus years. >> the trees have lost their leaves. but i am noticing the little ones are starting to leaf out. the first national park set aside by national park service,
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people of the united states for what is alive, the plants, animals and habitats. >> reporter: the different variety of plant and animal life found in the park are staggering. with over 1,000 species of seed bearing plants. and more than 400 species of bird. everglades is an international biosphere reserve. some species like the endangered florida panther are hardly ever seen. and some, like the lovely mosquito can be all too common. if i slap one on my wrist am i going to got a fine from the park service. >> yes, you are. give me $1 every time you do that. >> reporter: you don't need to track deep into the habitat to find the everglade's most famous inhabitant. just drive down one of the park roads. you are bound to spot one. the american alligator can be found throughout the everglades. in the water and on the trails.
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but, keep an eye out, and you might also spot a crocodile. and that combination is especially rare. >> there is no place else in the world where crocodiles and alligators overlap. florida with salt and fresh watt r is just warm enough for crocodiles and just cool enough for alligators. thanks to conservation efforts in the park, the once endangered american crocodile has been downgraded to threatened in florida. back when everglades was established in 1947 the idea of creating a national park to protect plants and animals may have seemed revolutionary. but today, the habitat still has a lot to offer people.
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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the hunt for a terrorist. belgium and the rest of europe on alert after tuesday's bombings in brussels. this morning, the search is on for this man believed to be one of the bombers who carried out the attacks. we should not be allowing anyone to come to this country that we cannot vet to make sure that they are not radical islamic terrorism. >> the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear. and terror becomes the focus on the campaign trail, as voters in three states heo


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