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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 31, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, there are only a couple weeks left to file your taxes and many of us do so electronically. but is that safe? good questi question. nicole brewer heads to the experts for the answer. >> temperatures heading for the 70s but the warm weather is not here to stay. i'll tell when you thunderstorms could disrupt one of our commutes and when temperatures head back to the 30s and 40s. and developing now at 11:00 a woman is found dead in her delaware county home.
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police responded to the new orleans park apartments tonight. the circumstances surrounding the death are unclear. we do know police are investigating. we're also working to get more information for you. also tonight, a hero on the tracks. good evening i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. we are hearing from the good samaritan who saved a man from jumping on to the rails at a septa station. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in center city with this incredible story. david. >> reporter: jessica, what a story it is. officials here at septa headquarters are praising this guy for his bravery and courage. i asked them about the rescue he said he would do it again tomorrow if he had to. the surveillance video yo shows a panicked wife trying to keep her husband from jumping on to the tracks. authorities say he wanted to kill himself. >> lucky i was there to help. >> reporter: out of the blue enter philadelphia resident calvin wilson. he was originally on the other side of the tracks but made it over in just seconds to save the suicidal man.
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>> he tried to jump on the track i just tried to grab him and the first time i grabbed him, he kind of came out his coat little bit. but then again, you know, grabbed him again. >> reporter: wilson continued to grab the man doing everything possible to keep him away from the dangerous third rail. a rail that would have electrocuted both instantly. wilson began begging the man to move away from the tracks. >> talk to me. you know what i mean? what's going on? talk to meme focus on me. come on let's get away from the tracks. he kept saying no, let me go, let me go. i want to kill myself. >> reporter: wilson pull the noon safety. officers were on the scene moments later. angel dropped down on race fine station today. that man assist the the wife of the despondent person. the angel is huge. >> 6 feet, 7-inches to be specific. >> how does it feel to know you saved somebody's life? >> i feel good. i feel that i accomplished
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something that i did something to help someone. >> reporter: he thanks his years overseas for helping him help safe someone else. >> that military instinct kicked energy you know, i was in the military, and just just kick in. came over me. said go. >> reporter: calvin wilson was in the navy for eight years meanwhile the suicidal man was taken to hospital for a mental val weighing. he's said to be doing okay. reporting live in center city tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. you can feel the excitement in the air tonight. villanova wildcats are now in houston getting ready for their final four matchup against oklahoma and sports director don bell is joining us with more on how the team is getting ready. they've got few days now, dawn. >> not only getting ready for the actual game but also the pressure that comes along with the game. a lot of eye balls on villanova right now. wildcats have 33 wins this season. that's tied for the highest total in school history. they've been flying high since the tournament began and tonight
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they hope to hit the ground running. this video just in to our newsroom. the cats are in houston after four hour flight. they'll play oklahoma saturday night in the final four. the world will be watching them over the weekend. the magnitude of the situation is starting to set in. we spoke to jay wright about that moments after they landed. >> as soon as you land here and they have the military reception and all the american flags and the military people welcoming you, and the police escort and you come to the hotel and it's pack like this they're starting to see how big this is, you know, it's a good start for them to get a feel for everything that's going to be going on around them. >> reporter: coming up in sports, we'll have more from emotional jay wright and the flyers with a huge game in south philadelphia against the cats but getting back to villanova listen when you play depaul in the middle of the season you don't have police escorts. >> you don't? >> it's a little different. this time of year. so those guys really got to focus in.
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>> that's right. you can let all the noise knock your concentration. all right, don. thanks so much. lesley van arsdall has been with the wildcats every step of the way to the final four. and her live reports from houston start tomorrow on cbs3 "eyewitness news". a large brush fire burns dangerously close to the garden state parkway in south jersey. chopper three over the smokey seen in port republic atlantic county. firefighters had it contained by 6:30. in all 50 acres burn. the exit ramp 48 was closed now it's now back open. no homes or businesses affected. the cause is under investigation tonight we are hearing the 911 call that helped lead police to a suspect the hit-and-run driver in camden county. susan highland was arrested yesterday and police say highland was behind the wheel when she hit and killed 16-year-old quasan turner late monday night near route 130 and 49th street in pennsauken. here's a portion of that call.
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>> 911 what is is your emergency? >> um -- um, i was a passenger in an accident, a hit-and-run. >> they hit someone like a person? >> yes. >> or a vehicle? >> a person. >> okay. it was in pennsauken by any chance? >> yes. yes. >> the person who did the driving, do you have their name? >> susan highland. >> what is it? >> susan hyland. >> turner was student at pennsauken high school. hyland face as list of charges inn clueing leaving the scene of a fatal accident and driving with a suspended license. we're getting new perspective on a tragic story that's back in the headlines. a family sickened by a pesticide on a trip to the us virgin islands in march of last year. this week terminix was ordered to pay $10 million fine for its
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role in the debacle. tonight we're hearing from local man who also knows first hand the dangers of that pesticide. he spoke with our alex hoff we first met with jason patrick and side his home year ago. i barely do much of anything. >> according to expert testimony in april of 2005, hit nervous system had been destroyed by a pesticide he was using on a fumigation job in gloucester township. >> it's like a neurological nightmare. >> the chemical methyl bromide what epa says they are minis was using hotel in the us virgin islands. causing four members of the family of delaware to be severely injured. >> three including two teenaged sons remain critical. in 2004, they are minute 96 commercial in pennsauken was cited after group of workers were hospitalized after being exposed to meth they will bromide. they were removing a tarp from a
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stack of cocoa beans that had been treated with the chemical. jason says he was told to do that often while working for western fumigation now under new ownership. they did not provide comment. he says he's still fighting for workmen's compensation. >> that's what bromide look like. >> largely banned meth they will bromide used under critically use exemptions for treatment at 167 facilities throughout the s31 of the top users are local according to u.s. da records. term 96 find 10 mill i don't say die the epa and stopped meth they will bromide usage in the us and territories but jason fears without all companies on board, nothing will change. >> i just think there's too much money and it's more efficient to be unsafe. terrible as that sounds, i seen it first hasn't. >> alexandria half off cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> role reversal in the legal battle between apple and the f fbi. apple now wants to know how the fbi hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the company is reportedly worried about a potential vulnerability in its operating system. after breaking into the phone without apple's help the government dropped its legal action against the tech giant. however, an unrelated case that's similar is pending in new york and experts say apple may try and force the government to explain how it hacked the phone. tax season is in full swing that april 15th deadline will be here before you know it. and that brings up tonight's good question. is it safe to electronically file? nicole brewer joins us now with the answer. e file. >> yeah. it's been around since the 1990's which i didn't realize. it's been around awhile. last year 126 million americans used irse file it's really not surprising that steve from aston wants to know how safe is e file? it's a good question,
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steve, especially as more and more people opted to their taxes online. >> have you done yours taxes yet. >> no, i haven't. >> i know. shame on me. >> you put it off until the last minute. >> not something most of us look forward to. >> what does it rank up there with. >> going to the den at this time. >> putting money in my ira. >> like eating stale bread. >> when it's time to file your taxes most people look for ways to make it, well, less taxing. take electronic filing, for instance. >> it's more convenient. >> but how safe is it e file? >> i think it's pretty secure. >> i don't know. >> i assume it's safe. you think it's secure? >> i hope so. >> yeah, i don't trust it. >> looking for totally secure way to file your taxes, let me let you in on a secret. >> rob dividio is a cyber security researcher at drexel university. there's always vulnerability on the web but believes e filing is your most security option. >> updating your software on
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your computer weather it's the tax software you're using to file your taxes, your window software, your anti virus software, spyware. >> then there's your network dividio says your best bet hard wire connection but if you must work on wireless, make sure it's a secured connection. with up to date encryption. look for the letters wpa2. >> you don't want to use a public access computer. you don't want to use a public access network. >> also, beware of fishing schemes and don't use a search engine to fine irs website. >> do not respond to an e-mail. go to your browser, type in >> how does e file stack up to the paper route? >> never in a million years file paper base tax form now a cages it's too risky. your social security number, employee id is all out there. at least when you file electronic your data are encrypted. >> you don't worry about anybody opening that envelope. >> no, i don't.
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the old-fashioned way. >> now to date irs has safely and secure particularly processed more than 1.3 billion e file tax returns sin the program began. the agency says it's not only more accurate in most cases it gets that you refund faster. >> a lot of people care about that. >> yeah. >> that's for sure. the bottom line. >> nicole thanks so much. >> you're welcome. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your questi question. you can also tweet it to us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. nicole will be here every night with the answer for you on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. donald trump is stirring up controversy again. what the republican presidential frontrunner said this time. plus, another papal fiat is on the auction block. and this one is about to score some big money. where you can go bid on it right now. kate? it's going turn mild tomorrow as this system approaches but once it passes april will start out very very chilly i'll tell you about the
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drop in the thermometer this weekend. the it will have us pulling out those winter coats yet again. >> and they're beautiful in bloom. our vittoria woodill discovers some of the best spots in philadelphia to take in views of cherry blossoms. why you'll want to get out and see them while you can. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ in campaign 2016, donald trump is at the center of another fire storm. this time over comments about abortion. comments his campaign is now walking back. trump ignited the uproar while sparring with chris matthews that town hall in wisconsin. matthews pushed trump on how a
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hypothetical ban on portion would be enforced. here's the exchange. >> do you believe in punish many for abortion. >> yes or no aspirin? >> the answer is that there has to be some sort of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> trump campaign issued a statement saying the doctor would be held legally responsible not the woman. all the other presidential candidates crit sided trump's remarks tonight. it happened here in philadelphia. now the big apple is auctioning off one of the pope's fiats used during his u.s. trip in september. the fee at 500 lounge hatchback is up for auction on charity that auction ends tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. right now the bidding stands at $250,000. proceeds will go to the archdiocese of new york to support schools and charities. in january, a fiat used during the pope's visit to philadelphia was auctioned off at the auto show for $82,000. it is certainly a sign spring has arrived. the cherry blossom trees and
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while you might associate cherry blossoms with our nation's capitol, there are many cherry trees right here in physical. our vittoria woodill shows you the perfect place for taking a peek at those beautiful blooms. we have seen them bouncing in the breeze blooming all over fairmount park. the cherry blossoms a celebrated tree in japan that is also celebrated here in philadelphia. through the doors of japanese house and garden. >> this is site that has had a japanese cultural presence since 1876. we're a little silo inside fairmount park it's a surprise to see a house and garden like this here. >> reporter: it's surprise for kim andrews executive director of the house that the cherry trees are peeking early. >> here in philadelphia we have a wide variety of types of cherry trees. it is peak bloom right now. this is the season we've been waiting for. all year long. it's earlier this year than i can remember. last year it was a month later. right now the cherry blossoms throughout fairmount parking
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loaded up with blooms. >> blooms of pink and white and 75-year-old whooping cherry tree overlooking the pond will be in full bloom by the weekend. >> in japan there's a culture around cherry trees. they picnic under the cherry trees. cherry tree snow when the tiny blossoms start to fall and it is, they flutter down like snow. it's beautiful. >> you better hurry. >> in japan cherry trees are valued because they represent the transitional nature of life. they're here for short time. they're beautiful beyond belief. this is the weekend we're trying to encourage people to come out and see it now. it's not going to last. >> pick yourself a seat, let nature greet you and watch this sweet side of spring while you can. >> right. seriously. and if you would like to celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom on april 17th the japan america
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society of greater philadelphia is holding the is a about rue cherry blossom festival which is an annual celebration not only of spring and beautiful blossoms but of january pan these cultu culture. >> i love cherry blossoms. just beautiful. you're right it's like this great sign of spring. >> yes. >> it's going to be warm. it's all going to thaw out eventually. >> and it is so beautiful. you are so transported and so lucky to have such an oasis in fairmount park. >> i've been there it is deed an oasis. >> think speaking of thawing out and things blooming kate. >> interesting you mentioned last year was a month later. cherry blossoms festival coming in march it's so. march has been very very mild so far and it's going to end much like it began. on a warm note. the problem april coming in completely different. the first day of april looks mild and then temperatures are going to take a serious hit over the weekend. let's get right into it start
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off with what's happening outside right now. we've got a few clouds drifting in tonight south wind meaning it's not quite as chilly as the past couple of nights have been. still a chill in the air out there. still march after all drop into the 40s through the overnight hours. take look how the day shaped up beautiful day from sun up to sundown. here's a time lapse video from our life neighborhood network. this is in cape may courthouse at the middle township high school looking out toward the ocean. nothing but blue sky and just high wispy clouds late this afternoon. storm scan3 shows a few clouds moving in at the moment and tomorrow though will be the warmest day we've had in couple of days it won't be sunny yesterday day we've had. beautiful brilliant blue sky for the past few days. but with the system approaching it will bring more cloud cover into the region i still think it's pretty nice day. in fact it looks like this wet weather going to hold off mainly until at least overnight tonight if not into friday morning. as we await the arrival of that system, we're in the warm sector of this storm southwest wind bringing that warm air in play. current winds you are out of the
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south 9 miles an hour in philadelphia. starting to switch to little more of southwest wind. that's what we're looking for to bring the warm air in. winds about 10 miles an hour right now. warm air just off to the south near 70 still in nashville. 63 in st. louis. 63 in atlanta all that warm air will start to push into the northeast tomorrow as we start to see that jet stream lift to the north and our next system approaches but unfortunately it's on borrowed time. it won't be here for long. tomorrow starts off with sun. 5:00 p.m. looking at a few clouds notice the showers hold off until overnight tomorrow night. friday morning for the morning commute you may have run and thunder and could linger into the afternoon but clearing out. then we have to watch saturday because here comes our next little system little clipper system late friday night another one into saturday. you can see right here. could bring a shower to some spots saturday night what it's going definitely going to drag an arctic cold front threw the region saturday night and that usher in this big batch of cold air from the north and west on sunday and si sunday is down
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right cold for april. 62 on saturday. then 47 and windy on sunday it will feel like the 30s all day. that is more like late february than early april kind of weather. for your thursday, tomorrow beautiful day. enjoy the 70s while we've got them because after the weekend, after saturday, it really takes a turn for the cold. 47 sunday. 50 on monday then monday night into tuesday little clipper will come through and tuesday morning could start with rain and snow showers. >> i hate saying that word when we're going into april. mother nature little april fool's joke. >> that's right. >> kate, thanks so much. don is back with us. what's coming up next. >> we're talking about ice. and the flyers doing great stu stuff. very specific cliche comes to mind in order to be the best you have to beat the best. how the flyers went toe to toe with the top team in all of hockey. sports coming up next. ♪
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>> it's only a playoff preview the flyers hold up their end of the bargain. fly guys playing the capitals tonight in south philadelphia. washington is the number one seed in the east. the number one team in hock keep orange and black just trying to squeeze into the post season. south phil well go third period flyers down one to nothing. the captain let's it rip and brayden schenn with the tip in. that ties the game at one. and so we go into overtime. then a shootout. nick cousins nasty. nice move right there. then look at steve mason in the shootout. robs, sam gagne, what do you say sam? whoo! lights the lamp. peace, see ya, it's over. the flyers within foo two-one. they have two-point lead over detroit for the final wild card spot. clutch game tonight by the fly guys. want to seat wildcats play oklahoma in the final four saturday? the price of one ticket in the lower level is $312. and non-stop flight from philly to houston is 790 bucks.
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it's the cost of doing business. most fans will watch it from home meanwhile fans on campus watching the team take off for houston. it's the third send off the team has had this march. it's also the final hoorah for seniors ryan arf and daniel ochefu who kissed the floor before leaving. their college careers will end in a matter of days. >> the seniors are just incredible people, and i love the they take in this program. when those guys -- when they kissed the court today, that said it all to me. >> pure emotion from jay wright. on to baseball ryan howard opening day first baseman for your philadelphia phils manager pete mackanin confirming that news today. will he platoon with derr rin rough. pete is not saying. more evidence baseball right around the corner the phillies flying back north and arriving
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in tonight. they open the season in cincinnati on monday. now, before -- >> it's a nice way to end the spring having a winning record unlike the past few years and it gives everybody a lot of hope and hopefully gives us energy also. >> they had one more game to play in clearwater before coming back. they beat the houston astros eight-four. thanks to andre blanco's grand slam in the eighth but the big story was this guy and his dog in the stands together just chilling. >> just chilling. they kind of have similar hair. >> they do. he has the mullet. >> they've got flowing locks. >> that's right. >> that is the coolest dog. >> take that in everyone. we'll be right back
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>> was a nice day to go outsider and take a walk gearing up for a
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good cause. "eyewitness news" at cooper river park in pennsauken as susan g. komen three day participants kicked off their training season for the october event. it also happened to coincide with the national take walk in the park day. the world trade association of philadelphia hell its 11th annual autism speaks fundraiser night. "eyewitness news" at the foundation automotive museum in southwest philadelphia. this year's honoree was wayne pa recent knee of chasing classic cars our kate bilo hosted tonight's even. ♪
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our morning team is back from 4:30 oh 7:00. for kate, don and everyone here i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with eric stonestreet. thanks for watching. stonestreet. thanks for watching. have a great night. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. stay tuned. to celebrate the amazing success of the nuwave oven pro, with over 5 million sold, today we're offering an incredible deal. order right now and we'll upgrade your order to the all-new nuwave oven pro plus for free. the pro plus featu


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