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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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i look forward to take cover in this area as it continues to move. >> dangerous weather rolling through the south, tornado ripping apart buildings leaving several people injured we will show you more damage coming up. and a daring rescue on the septa platform hear from the good samaritan who saved a man from yum pink in front of the train. >> donald trump is defending himself from the fire storm of criticism for his remarks on borings i'm weijia jiang at the white house with his explanation, coming up. today is thursday, march 31st good morning i'm jim donovan. we are getting your day started with the check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha. good morning, ladies. >> good morning.
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yes, gateway to our weekend. roads are looking good. the nice and dry. a lot of construction but that seems like the entire past couple weeks it feels like, katie. >> don't you feel lake a broken record when it comes to construction. >> that is not the kind of broken record i want to be. >> they will be picking up cones in a couple hours, things will clear out n terms of the weather i don't think you have to worry about wet weather here. next warm front lifting in. we are sitting technically in the warm sector of the storm system. the very same storm that brought all that damaging weather back across oklahoma. that is where we will turn our focus, start off with a wide zoom on storm scan three this storm system in the last day and a half didn't look that menacing. now it is starting to blossom. heavy pounding rain right now back through western tennessee and kentucky as well as down toward mississippi and this is the cold front that crosses our area and brings with it the some heavy rain. again that will not happen just yet. storm scan three at local level is very, very calm and
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collected. a at this point it is light wind. we have clear skies but just one zoom out on storm scan shows that wet weather, already starting to creep closer to places like erie and that will be heading our way with time. the since we are in the warm sector of the storm it is warming up big time. look at the temperature change in the last 24 hours. we have spike 20 degrees from that same time yesterday. millville, in reading, if you will recall we were in the 20's in the outlining suburbs yesterday morning. now it is a lot warmer. you notice it. it feels more like springtime. fifty-three in ac. fifty-one in philadelphia we will drop a few more degrees but look the a the spike, 71 later on today. sure sign that we have got that southerly wind flow picking up. we are calling it partly sunny. any wet weather will hold off until later on tonight. i will track that for you and when heavies window of time comes along all coming up throughout the show. >> great to know, thanks, katie. all right. you heard it. right now we're nice and dry.
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roadways are looking good. we're dealing with some construction and we will deal with that for better part of the morning this get cleared out by five or 6:00 a.m. everything right now is still out there starting to clear on 422 westbound between 76 and oaks. the eastbound side just cleared. now we are left with the westbound side between 76 and oaks. that left lane compromised. you can see flashing lights. boulevard southbound between wissohickon and ridge avenue, let me back out of the way. it looks like that is clearing at this point as well. also, construction here, thinks all been cleared 95 north between betsy ross bridge and bridge street that is cleared. great notice for those in and around that away. more construction in delaware 95 north bound between church man's road and route 141, three lanes blocked until will 5:00 a.m. the route 141 southbound between 95, and airport road that right lane is block a lot of construction and water main break in west philadelphia amount walnut the street closed at 6:00 a.m. to
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6:00 p.m. between forty-ninth and 50th the for those water main brake repairs. jim, back to you. severe weather in the south as powerful tornadoes tear through oklahoma injuring at least nine people. >> it is on the ground. we have a tornado right there. >> reporter: helicopter reporter described the scene over a tulsa area as severe weather stormed through the area. debris flying in the air, several buildings including a church were damage, power lines toppled and metal twisted around trees. daylight will help crew is a zest the damage. this morning mystery surround death of the delaware county woman some one found a woman's body in the new orleans park apartments in see kane last night. delaware county medical examiner is investigating. the so far, no comment from the investigators. meanwhile subcontract workers are continuing to strike this morning the at philadelphia international airport. the strike by service employees international union in november, members are unhappy over wages. they claimed prime flight and
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mcginn security are not paying the 12-dollar an hour minimum wage or complying with the city's sick day law. the walk out is not the a affecting operations. the hero on the tracks a good samaritan saves a man from jumping on the rails at a broad street subway station. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with the quick thinking smart tan. >> reporter: surveillance video shows a panicked wife trying to keep her husband from jumping on to the tracks but authorities the say he wanted to kill himself. >> lucky i was there to help. >> reporter: out of the blue enter philadelphia resident calvin wilson who was original willly on the other side of the tracks but made it over in just seconds to save the suicidal man. >> he tried to yum seven on the track. i was just trying to grab him, and first time i grabbed him, he kind of came out of his coat a little bit but then again, i grabbed him again. >> reporter: wilson continued to grab the man doing everything possible, to keep him from a way the from the
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dangerous third rail a rail that would have electrocuted both instantly. wilson began begging the man to move away from the track. >> i said what is going on, a talk to me. focus on me. lets getaway from the track. he said let me go, let the me go i want to kill myself. >> reporter: wilson pulled the man to safety. the officers were on the the scene moments later. >> an angel dropped down on ray fines station today, that man, a cyst ted the wife of the disponent person, the angel is huge. >> reporter: 6 feet, 7 inches to be specific. how does it feel to know you saved somebody's life. >> i feel g i feel like i accomplished something that i did something, to help someone. >> reporter: and he thanks his years overseas, for helping him, help save someone else. >> this is the thrill instinct that kicked in. i was in the military. just kicked in. it just came over me.
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i said go. >> reporter: calvin wilson was in the navy for eight years when he talk about the rescue. he told me wow do it all again if he had to. reporting from septa headquarters this morning, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we are hearing 911 call that helped lead police to to a suspect hit and run driver in camden county. the susan hyland was a arrested tuesday. police said she was behind the wheel when 16 year-old quason turner was struck and killed late monday night near route 130 and forty-ninth street in pennsauken. here's a portion of that call.
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turner was a student at pennsauken high school. hyland faces a list of charges including leaving the scene of the fatal accident and driving with the suspended license. happening today, a man charged with ambushing a philadelphia police officer returns to court for his formal arraignment. judge has already ordered edward archer held for trial in the shooting of officer jesse hartnett. police say archer shot at point blank range while officer hartnett was in his patrol car january 7th. charges a begins archer include, attempted murder. the trial also begins today for former philadelphia police officer edward is a wick i the third, who was charged with an incident off-duty october 202,013th. prosecutors say sawicki yelled at a man yelled racial slurs and showed off a gun after striking him in the knee with
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the car. in campaign 2016 donald trump is in the center of another fire storm this time over comments over abortion, remarks he later recanted but as cbs-3's weijia jiang tells us rivals on both sides have seized on the issue. >> reporter: donald trump ignited controversy while sparring with ms nbc christmas yous over how to endorse a hypothetical ban on abortion. >> should a woman be punish from abortion. >> this is not something you can dodge. >> reporter: matthews continued to press the pro life republican front runner. >> you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principal. >> the answer is that it has to be some form of punishment. >> to the women. >> yes. >> reporter: trump campaign quickly tried to do damage control issuing a statement that the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. condemnation came from the right and the left. >> what he said today is just
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among the most outrageous, dangerous statements that i have heard anybody running for president say in a really long time. >> reporter: governor kasich has limited women's access to a borings in ohio. >> i do have exceptions for rape, life of the mother but women shouldn't be punish. >> reporter: in a statement senator ted cruz said trump has demonstrated he has another justly not gone through the issues. this wisconsin voter says this women is still voting on tuesday. >> trump is 15 points behind cruz in the the latest survey of female g.o.p. voters in wisconsin. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", the white house. is there a role reversal in legal battle. apple now wants to necessity how fbi hack in the phone of the one of the san ber nature dino shooters. the company is worried about a potential vulnerability in the operating system. after break go into the phone without apple's help the
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government dropped its legal action against the tech giant, however, there is a a similar case pending in new york, and experts say that apple may try and force the government to explain, how the phone was hacked. well, just two days away from the final four the villanova wildcats have landed in houston, and head coach jay wright says that the team is all ready getting a sense of the mounting pressure. plus new information about the local horse hit with american a hundred paint ball pellets and charges against the owner, coming
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well, the villanova wildcats are in houston where they will practice for their final four match up against oklahoma a a last night their bus arrived at the hotel, after a four hour flight. the game is saturday night. this season wildcats have 33 wins and tied for the highest total in nova's history. cats coach jay wright spoke to "eyewitness news" after their arrival. >> i think as soon as you land
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here and they have the military reception and all of the american flags and the military, people welcoming you, and the police escort, you come to the hotel, and it is pack, they are starting to see how big this is. the it is a good start for them to get a feel for everything that will be going on around them. >> our leslie van arsdal continues to follow villanova a to the final 46789 she will begin her live reports from houston later today on "eyewitness news". well, to the flyers who usually aren't very good in shoot-outs but last night sam gagne scored to beat capitols two-one. flyers now lead red wings by two points in the battle for their last playoff spot with six games left in the season, the flyers host senators saturday afternoon. time is 4:44. katie has another check of the forecast. >> we had nasty weather off to the west here but thankfully pretty quiet for better part of our day. eventually that wet weather is heading our way.
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let's give you a sense of severe round of wet weather coming our way, when does it get here, all of that good stuff. >> being that i want to know. >> yes, i'm here toa the questions for you, that is my role. the let's talk bit. at least initially things are just quiet. we will see the breeze pick up with time here today and that is just courtesy of the fact that we're sitting in the warm sector of the storm system. when we start off by going out to storm scan you three will notice that still dry here, but just off to the north and west, sits some wet weather. that is rolling through. if you look closely maybe you can track the way that precipitation is moving, you can tell the flow of the wind. it is coming from the southwest and that will shove warmer air into our weather area. that will help temperatures rebound nicely here today. at this point i don't think it will get wet at all until tonight. we have a nice little window of spring-like opportunity to enjoy. look at this wide zoom. here's your storm system showing more signs of not just life but also organization, energy, and strength.
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very heavy rain, right now it looks like the heaviest, is the most severe round of the thunderstorms likely to pop upright in this zone where we have heavy rain currently moving through. the eventually that severe weather threat will shift east but we don't sit in the brunt of it. we might the see a then are storm. you can see the clash in the atmosphere. we have got purple and blue off to the west, that is a sign have of colder air. a lot warmer in advance of it and that is where that clash with mother nature will take place and bring in severe storms. for us, again i don't think it will be a severe weather threat. we will take you into 1:00 o'clock today clearly nothing to see here, folks. we should have a decent day. more clouds then yesterday but dry. tonight is first sign of life on the radar with speckles on the radar, a couple of showers. tomorrow more active. by this same time we will have more to track on storm scan, there will be one round of steady, heavier rain that comes through later in the morning and another round in the the afternoon or early evening. so that is the window of time you will need to keep umbrella
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at the ready but doesn't look like a totallal wash out but just most active day. partly sunny, 71 degrees. the nice and warm out there mid 70's tomorrow with a digsal showers and then by the weekend, a big drop on the thermometer. jim, back to you. >> thanks very much, katie. encouraging update the about the neglect horse hit with more than 100 paint balls. the horse, now named lily, is recovering in chester county and she's now available for adoption. meantime authorities in lancaster county of charged six five-year old philip price of the rhode island, those prices for neglect. horse's transport to lancaster county and horse being offered for sale. it is still unclear who actually shot the horse with those paint balls. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning something necessity for tezsla, what the electric car maker is rolling out later today. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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people in oklahoma are a sessing the damage after severe weather moved across the state. the nine people were hurt when the the powerful storms spawned for to made owes. an investigation is underway to the woman's body found in delaware county last night. right now there is no word on the women's identity or the cause of the death. and donald trump to continues to draw criticism following his controversial abortion remarks, on wednesday, the g.o.p. front runner said women who have a portions should be punished, if abortion were to become illegal. he later recanted. rivals ted cruz and john kasich condemned statement while democrat hillary clinton and bernie saunders called it outrageous and shameful. it is 4:50 a.m. time for a check of business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good
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morning, jill. i understand a big day for tezsla, some things rolling out that is new. >> reporter: that is right good morning, jim. tezsla is rolling out the long awaited model three later today. this is company's first mass marketed electric car, price tag is around $35,000, and it is half the cost of the current model, and so far people seem to want it. the ceo elan must being tweeted out a picture of people lining up in australia to place the order. like the frenzy with the iphone. >> switching gears, chipotle still trying to recover from thee coal lie out break last year we hear it is something beyond burrito, what are they unveiling. >> chipotle plans to open up a burger chain. they applied for a trademark for the name better burger. the company is still trying to recover from the e-coli out break and noro virus out break from last year. betterberger would go head to head with chains like shake shack and five guys.
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shake shack stock dropped yesterday on the news, jim. >> i will give it a try. i like my burrito's but i will try their burger. >> put a little quack on that. >> exactly. >> talk to you in a little bit, thank you. meanwhile everyone stay with us, coming up, we will get another check of weather and traffic, stay with us.
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i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change. we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with ed rendell and leaders across our area in supporting josh.
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josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice. good morning everyone we are tracking a large springtime storm system that has already been responsible for widespread severe weather back through oklahoma. that is the same storm system heading our way. i want to give you a sense of how severe of a threat is it when it comes to our local area a a the moment very heavy rain and nasty thunderstorms breaking out down just east of the mississippi. today there is an enhanced risk for severe weather in that zone. we will see a marginal risk a very low risk for severe storms come tomorrow but for now, this is where you will definitely have worse of what
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that storm has up its sleeve, a tornado watch in effect down that way. we will look forward to the forecast, very mild before the storm gets here. tomorrow is a wet the day we will be down to showers and thunderstorm and i wouldn't be shock to see heavier rain moving through. tomorrow will be a day to have the rain gear ready to go. >> it sound like that, okay. thanks very much, katie. all i can say is i have a dream drive tomorrow too. oh, boy. it will be a wet one. good morning. happy thursday to you. gateway to our weekend. that is good news. most construction we are looking at is there still some out there but one of the points we look at is 422 westbound between 76 and east and westbound been cleared. ninety-five south at cottman looking great, nice, and calm. that is what we want to see as we just break in the 5:00 o'clock hour. forty-two freeway north bound is what you are looking at in new jersey, creek road a approaching 295, jim, over to you. thanks, meisha. heading out the door lets get katie's updated forecast from our sister station kyw news
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radio 1060. a lot of instagram users are not happy about the company's plan to roll out a facebook-like algorithm for photo and rid yes feeds. plus confirmation of the link between diabetes drug and bladder cancer. a comic book made in philadelphia hits store shelves. what it is, where you can find it? check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", philly fashion, we are taking you behind the new exhibit, looking ate century of style, in philadelphia. plus, a midair mid take, a freak accident that left a sky diver paralyzed. do you feel like you are glued tour gadgets? the impact, all of that screen time is having on your skin, we will be back at the top of the hour.
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oh, look at that. >> a sleepless night for many people in oklahoma after several powerful tornadoes blow blow through the tulsa area. see widespread damage left behind abe the other problems caused by that same dangerous storm. i feel good. /feel like i accomplished something and i did something to help someone. >> he is a humble hero how that man saved a stranger from certain disaster on the train tracks. and a warm welcome in houston for the villanova wildcats how they are handling all of the hoopla surrounding the final four. today is thursday march 31st i'm's jim donovan, get ready
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for a roller coaster ride with the weather, katie outside on the skies deck and meisha is watching the morning commute, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, happy thursday you guys. roads are looking g construction is getting cleared out, we still have some out there but no accidents to report. i guess the main, main topic of conversation is we have got tornadoes. >> thankfully we don't to have worry about there. never said t word unless we say it is on the way. i don't think that is a concern the at all, but what we are going to say is some wet weather that crosses in the area all courtesy of the same storm that, did bring tornadic activity across the central plains. that is where we will start our focus where we have got very heavy rain, very nasty thunderstorms currently erupting a cross mississippi, western tennessee, kentucky. that will be the hot bed of severe weather activity here today. but this storm isn't here just yet, at the moment, totally dry at the local level. we don't to have worry about wet weather throughout


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