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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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congratulate them and thank them. our walt hunter is right there in that caravan. >> that is a wow, too. that is i-95 at 6:00 o'clock on a tuesday, so how about that, and not any other cars on the road, they are cruising on down. >> it looks like somebody pulled over and gave them a thumbs up. >> you have to wave to the national champions. >> no doubt bit. >> probably on the blue route right now, making their way slowing down a little bit but still on their way to lancaster avenue and villanova university. >> lets get to walt hunter with them in a radnor squad car, hi there walt. >> jessica and ukee the ride of my life we are behind the champions just exiting i-95 on to the blue route north bound, some of the scenes i have witnessed in the last few moments riding in this radnor police car in this incredible caravan almost beyond belief.
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you might think that drivers who were shuttled over to the side of the roadway to let the motorcade to go by in typical rush hour, right? those drivers are out cheering, out waving, they are out taking pictures. we just went under a under pass right above the boeing plant here on i-95, cars stopped in rush hour, people standing at the overpass, cheering and waving. we're behind the three buses holding villanova team up ahead of them the radnor police met or cycle team, philadelphia highway patrol. they have cleared the highway for us, i-95, virtually shut down below airport right now. we are now moving on to the blue route, northbound blue route on ramps here at ridley park being shut down. we are having a rush hour ride just like this team like we have never ever seen before. we are moving northbound, toward villanova campus right the now, far up ahead and this is not that farrah head, we have the motorcycles from the
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radnor police departments their lights flashing even motorist coming in the opposite direction waving their arms out the windows. you can see some people pressed up against the windows trying to take pictures as it goes by. here we come up to another bridge, that we're going under just above ridley parkas i look up at that bridge, right now as we roll underneath in the motorcade there is people cheering, they are clapping, they are waving, they have villanova shirts tight on the fences up above and it is a wonderful inspiring thing to see. also above philadelphia tack air, philadelphia police helicopter providing an escort keeping an eye on the traffic up ahead giving directions to make sure that everything is cleaned and green. for those of you who may be waiting out on the campus people have been waiting out at the stadium, everything is running behind this afternoon. team landing at 5:05 at philly international but by the time they loaded up their bags got
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out on the runway and came along with the motorcycles and buses, it was now 25 minutes ago but we're making good time and in a rush hour like none other, we are moving up the blue route into southern delaware county. we are about to enter springfield and for people who are riding southbound right now an incredible treat i'm sure it is immediately apparent when they follow the amazing exploits of this team exactly what is going on, those people now hanging out their windows, waving here we go on to 320 bridge, another seven or eight people there. also waving now a car on the right is stopped and a big villanova flag waving out the top of the suv. it seems like just about everybody on this highway knows exactly what is going on. everybody thoughts are with the villanova team but we're with the mote of all we're riding with the radnor police right behind the three cars holding the team and we will be closing in on that campus in and in a, and, 95 and blue
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route, were not a single will car, inside, and, >> that is walt hunter for us. and, since how often do you get to have a celebration event like this. >> with the police, cheer and wave to everybody. people pull over on the side inn instead of yelling and being mad and to think about all of the hard work, these kids and these coaches and their families and fans put into this to have this kind of welcome home, it is just a nice inspiring moment. >> it is moving as well. >> moving as well. >> great community moment. it business family. >> through go. speaking of family you see a little gaper delay because people are going southbound and see what is going on on
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the northbound side and they are slowing down and getting a way from their cars, being very careful hopefully obviously of course but this is a beautiful sight. we will get back walt as the team get closer to campus but i came home in 86, year after villanova's first, i want to ask walt his impressions of have this compared to 85 and i'm sure he was here for. that we will death back to walt in a bit. >> lets go to greg argos on campus with the students who are anxiously awaiting everyone's arrival, greg. >> that is exactly right there jessica and ukee. walt is in the motorcade. we are on the walk where the team will take. you can see all of the fans they are waiting in anticipation for the national champions to come walk right by here where they will pass all of the cheerleaders and pass the thousands of fans. we're talking, alumni from multiple years. some folks even here from
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1985, the previous win and, of course, you have the stage right now. you walk around real quick and see ban playing waiting for, the national 2016 champions to arrive. last night game that buzzer beater that created such a excitement on campus. this crowd has been waiting for two hours, children, adults, alumni, current students, everybody here just so excited, to see the national champions arrive and then back of course and our walt hunter is with the motorcade and all of these folks right here, we have cow bells going. these are the guys that are waiting in anticipation of this incredible team. no one expected quite perfectly just a few minutes ago. there is no animosity, it is excitement, smiles, hugging.
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the these folks, everyone here is just so excited. this is a once in a lifetime event, the previous championship of course 31 years ago and now all these folks will live this moment now and remember this moment, for generations to come, passing it to their kid and grand kid, of course, so much excitement on campus. we are expecting champions to arrive here any minute. of course we will bring you their arrival live, walt hunter in the motorcade. i will be here in the stadium and we have alex hoff up there with the bird eye view of exactly what is going on. from the fans you are hearing and just minutes until the 2016 national champions arrive here, at villanova university. back to you guys there in the studio. >> all right greg, thanks very much. >> i love the signs now we're done. job well done. >> you're looking live from chopper three, met or cade three buses carrying the team,
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alumni, staff, players, everybody is there, won't be long trip home for the team is almost over. >> lets head out to alexandria hoff on the stands as greg said with the bird eye view, alex, the anticipation, builds and builds, it is almost here. >> you know it is getting real when reporter has to hold her ear piece in because people are getting excited here. ban has gotten everyone going. you kind of forget you are cold. and, adrenaline has just been keeping people, earlier in the student center and i heard students talk about how they have not slept. i can't imagine anyone slept since saturday. of course, we're looking overhead here with the stage facing this direction. team will be coming through right there on to the stage, lots of music. the best part about this, you know, we hear nova nation. this goes beyond just students. we all saw that great footage the of the students running into the street the saturday, last night, last night total number for that crowd was like
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7600. we will see that here today it appears. the lets look over this crowd. chick that scoreboard. the beautiful sight. seventy-seven-74, 2016. that has everybody really excited. like i mentioned this is not students out here today, these are families, you see kids doing cart wheels in the sunshine. this ace i nice day to bond everybody together. i have seen people on their phones hopefully checking cbs i heard some people following with walt. that is probably best way to keep track of that motorcade getting here and arriving. nobody is impatient. they have waited a long time for this and greg mentioned this is a once in a lifetime event maybe for some but i will invite mark over here because i have been talking to people here, in 1985 in lexington, where that was buzz you are not there, right. >> we were not there, here watching it and watching every part of that game and we had
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our own nova nation going on here and it was a magical moment and to watch them progress, through and truly remarkable and for them to bring it on again truly unbelievable, and, congratulations to all of the team. >> i another heard you talking about what you did in 1985. what was that did it involve a trombone. >> yes, what we did was as soon as they won we said come on lets go down to route 30 and let's celebrate so i brought my trombone down and we started playing villanova fight song right down here on route 30 and my older son said will we do that this year? i said trombone will stay home but we still came down to celebrate. >> wish you would have brought it. it is getting really exciting out here at villanova stadium. i think word has spread that the team is on their way. those people are ready and waiting as are we. reporting live, i'm alexandria
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hoff, we will send it back to you. >> trombone alex, thanks very much. a appreciate it. >> once again you are looking live at the team buses they left airport about 15 minutes or so, highway and byways have been cleared, for the national champions to make a sight where you came from alex and greg at villanova university and their football stadium. they will be up to the villanova exit would i imagine maybe five to eight minutes or so, make a right and straight to the campus where the festivity will begin. >> walt hunter is in that motorcade with radnor police. the let's hear from him now, walt. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, the ride of the north bound northbound on the blue route getting close to route 30 now and that means we are close to the villanova campus. i give it another 15 minutes, traffic on the opposite side in rush hour as you might expect jammed as usual but no
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one is complaining. people hanging out of their windows, clapping, cheering, as we go south... no >> we seem to be having technical issues with walt as they were passing broomall upper darby. they are about ten to 15 minutes away from their exit to go to the villanova campus. we a will guys for. that we will straighten that out. might be interference in the air. look at left side of your screen, the rush hour traffic, people out the windows, chopper is in the air, it is a all there you are watching a great celebration. >> we still see cars stopped on the side of the road with fans hanging out of those cars and waving at the buses, on overpasses. we see fans clapping as the buses go by. this is an incredible scene. i have never seen anything like it the. >> it is a neat thing to see, very memorable thing to see.
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we are back a at "eyewitness news" as motorcade continues to roll role on with the national basketball champions of mens basketball villanova wildcats heading home, the fans are waiting for them and we were just talking in the break what a special occasion and how moving, we a will guys for that we will come back on us right now if you can, how moving this whole situation is. when it comes to the championship and the celebration, inspiration, you can just feel it. >> yes. >> it brings people together and you and i we were just discussing this is press the eye rare, right. when you start to think about philadelphia sport and championship, man, 2008 especially with the phillies. but then before that we have to go back to 85 with nova again. call that the perfect game against georgetown that is an amazing upset one that goes down in college history as all time grates and talking about 83 with the sixers. new we're talking about, three previous occasions, and
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somewhat recent memory, that is it. >> that is rare. >> yes, it has been a while. >> hopefully this will kick off great things for sports in our area, because it has been tough. it has been tough in recent years. the this is wonderful. this puts tough times behind us. it has been a brutal stretch for this city in terms of the sports teams and success, but this remind you, why you go crazy, for sports. >> yes, moments like these. >> they bring you together. >> lets go to greg argos speaking of people who have been brought together, there are a few thousand of them with greg. greg, how are you. >> yes, jessica, it is crazy here in the stand. these fans, the 2016 national champions, in fact, i want to show you this guy right here. thinks your son, correct. >> yes good turn around. look at his head. he a has the villanova v on his head, as we will be live
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any minute. this is exactly where they will be coming in and they will go through this crowd of i would say at least two, three possibly 4,000 or more people. it will be quite the experience not only for the champions themselves but for all of these folks that have gathered here as they have been waiting for hours to see 2016 national champions. this is just an incredible time for this campus. but the faculty. but also this community. you right here you are not a grad of villanova but a huge fan. >> yes, huge villanova family fan. >> it is in the just students and faculty and those that graduated here in years past but members of the community that are here that are enjoying this incredible experience. of course, last time villanova won a championship was in 1985 and that is 31 years ago. the these folks can't wait to see the team and they are hoping for more
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championshipness a small amount of time. with once again national champions are expect to arrive here any minute. we will bring you live coverage, we have crews all throughout the field here, but for new guys back to you you in the studio. >> all right, greg, tell them they will be there, very, very soon. thanks very much. >> it won't be long now because buses where a minute and a half, two minutes from the exit to take them straight on lancaster avenue down to the football stadium. our walt hunter is in that caravan right now in the squad car with the radnor police. i have a question, i came home in 86, and i watch the 85 event on tell rigs when working in fort myers. were you here in 85. can you compare the two. >> imagine that you watching me, ukee, as a 20 something, i cannot even begin to repair. there was a great sense of excitement back in 85. we had a beloved character jake nevins long time trainer
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and locker room person for villanova who was part of the team. and the total joy, look at these people lining the highways. >> there have been people jumping from the cars in opposite lanes, popping out of the tops of the suv, waving, cheering, fist bumping, underneath the blue route but just ahead of us right the now, just ahead of us is villanova campus maybe only a half mile ahead right now. we are heading east bound on lancaster avenue to the campus, this caravan started 30 minutes ago down at philadelphia international a airport, live, behind the
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motorcycles of the radnor police department, philadelphia highway patrol. we are inside radnor police car but just ahead of us that is the team, that is villanova, you will begin to see people along the side of lancaster avenue right nows we pull on to campus. they are cheering. they are cheering. they are jumping up and down and clapping their hands as these buses pulled down lancaster avenue and they are about to enter the villanova campus. we are live with the motorcade with the team, we are at intersection have of route 30 and 320. now we are entering the campus on route 30. to my right a dozen, two dozen students, cheering, hand in the air. camera in their hands. traffic totally stopped along lancaster avenue. to my left people are out of their cars, they are out of their cars, they are waving, they are cheering. this is a parking lot. this isn't a street but none is complaining. victory signs, high in the air. everyone is so excited. now passing the chapel here at
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villanova campus where we're about to go by connolly hall. some other residences. we're about a mina way or two right now from the campus center from the heart of the football stadium, where thousands of fans have been waiting all afternoon for this their beloved team. it has been a extraordinary, journey for this basketball team, a journal that i began on the basketball court, came to philadelphia international airport about 30 minutes ago, and out with the motorcycles, on to the highway, traffic shut down, looking over now, across atville villanova a larger number of people, waiting and boy when we get inside the stadium i cannot even imagine what this will be like. where alex and our friend have
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been all afternoon, with the camera, look at this crowd, look at this crowd at ethan avenue and route 30. villanova team about to end its long journey, after a tremendous victory, these buses, these team members, now returning to the school that they love, the campus they love, all of the cars in the opposite lane, they are stop, people with cameras in their hand and they are about to make one big final turn into the stadium where there will be an eruption of cheers, that i can only begin to imagine. i'm inside a police car following the team, but you you won't have to be able to have the windows down, to hear the cheers. we see little ones out there, and children with their villanova hats, they are waving, the police have all of the traffic blocked here on route 30 but again nobody is complaining. the the signs says, cats win, cats win and that is exactly what everybody is thinking right now. this is the team of destiny,
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this is day of destiny and they are just new coming to an end now, wow, what a ride, what a season, what a team we will send it back to you live as we enter the stadium and the celebration just keeps on going, back to you guys. >> that it does, walt. we appreciate that. thank you so much. you are right there. you are right there. so is our greg argos in the area where the team will be getting off the bus and going right down those velvet ropes. i know you can see them, give us your vantage point. >> they are right around the corner here, ukee, in fact, they are scheduled to arrive and enter the stadium any second. there is a crush of media and fans right through the entrance here to the stadium. we're expecting them, actually getting off the bus like walt mentioned, the motorcade walt was a part of. fans here in anticipation have been waiting here, for quite sometime and any second now the 2016, ncaa national
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champions villanova university, they will turn the corner and enter the a stadium. i have been showing you you, all afternoon. this is how they will enter, we turn around right now, here comes the team. here they come 2016 national champion, live here at cbs-3 as they enter the stadium, to these adoring fans. congratulations. >> here they are live right new 2015 national champions, to thousands of fans here at villanova university. alumni, their children, from all generations, welcome, the championship team, the last timeville know of mens basketball, won a championship was in 1985.
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here is right now as you you can see, walking through with the crowd. thousands of people. what an experience. all of these fans greeting them, and nova nation, as part of the team makes their way to the stage. what an incredible moment for these fans, for the alumni of this university, for the current students, the freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors, this is their team, the national championship team as they make their way up to the center stage here, thousands of spectators, thousands of fans what an incredible experience. this is what this university, this community, this nova nation has been waiting for.
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thirty-one years in the making the team on the stage right now, and now a celebration can really begin here on campus ukee and jessica. we all watched an amazing buzzer beater last night. seconds on the clock and again, north carolina, that three-point shot, waiting and winning 77-74. jessica, an incredible experience, for everyone involved, as the team remainder of the team make their way, on to the stage right now. there are thousands, and thousands of students here. i want to show you the actual trophy, there you can see. your 2016, villanova and ncaa mens basketball champions, national,
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i even spoke to a professor here, who, was a student in 1985, the last championship win and now you have, the 2016, champions on the stage, and it will continue. so the excitement, from the crowds, from the students, from nova nation, and really cannot describe it. walking down this velvet rope now the team on stage ukee and jessica. the bandies playing. it is unlike anything that the university has seen, in literally 31 years. and many of the folks i spoke with today hearsay, they are hoping that this is just a continuation, the more championships, more for nova
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nation. and quite the amazing experience and all of us, involved, and end upright here on stage. there will be a presentation. you will see the coach, and the team enjoy this momentous occasion here as we are's watching it live on cbs-3. quite an incredible experience. the team, the coach on stage here, on the 50-yard line at villanova stadium, everyone is absorbing this moment incredible time for nova nation guys. back to you in the studio. amazing time here on campus. >> sure is, greg. i could not help but look at arcidiacono when he got on stage, and open his use it, and read his lips.
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now the party is still going. will we will still go but we want to let you know as we celebrate the new national champions we want to remind thaw "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will air at 7:00 the "cbs evening news", with scott pelley will air, at 7:00 o'clock. we will continue with our coverage, of the welcome home for villanova university, national champion. so glad you are with us. it is 6:30. and many of the players, coaches, will talk to the fans, right now. can we take this. talking to the will folks in the control room, will we be able to hear this. >> the 2016 coach of the year jay wright. >> thank you you. thank you mark. >> let's see the first year they win the national championship mark jackson. how are we feeling


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