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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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opener. hey, pat? >> lilt drizzle, hopefully clears out for 3:00 #, a the phillies open things up against the san diego padres, coming up, all of the fun stuff coming up at the ballpark, some eats down here. >> also this morning, what police hope to learn today as they investigate the sudden death of a local college student. >> today is monday april the 11, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> headed down to the ballpark today, katie, we all want to know, will i need a poncho? for first game today. >> i don't think do you have dawn the giant garbage bag style poncho. i don't think it will be an option. >> i know, something that looks little cuter than that, right? >> but, that said, dow think that we are at least going to start to dry things out, thank goodness in time for first pitch. we will talk much more about that throughout the course of the show here, but taking a look at the nice wide zoom,
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from across the river, at palmyra cove nature park it, doesn't look all that wet, you can tell it looks dreary. do you have that cloud cover overhead. we do obviously have wet wet their we are tracking, as well. these are generally coming through as light rain showers, some of you aren't even seeing a drop. expect that the next couple of hours, through the typical morning rush, could get damp out there. thirty-four mount pocono chillier by comparison, reports from the weather watch he is up that way seeing in a couple of flurries mixed in, but regardless, primarily rain showers traveling further south everywhere else. throughout the course of the day, rebound toward more seasonable territory hey look at that, little bit of sunshine on the icon by 3:00 p.m. so good timing it, does look like there might be the spot yes, sir of spotty showers still out there.
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>> i would rather have rain monday or tuesday than a thursday or friday. >> i'm with you. >> so looking forward to sunshine, then i'll take it. happy monday to you looking at 95 south at cottman, what you are looking at, surge starting to see some slow downs right now, specially coming around the s curvement spec that, right around this time, i would say, monday. it is still little early, but i'll say on monday even on tuesday this is casino whatever we expect. so, that just lets us know you're dropping little bit less than posted speeds and we will of course see that even just increase, unfortunately, moving toward deeper into the 6:00 and then toward 7:00. now where we had this kind of pesky disable vehicle, little out of the way, was right here, got told little bit. ninety-five south to exit bartrum avenue. i can tell you parked right here thrown having to try to zip around it, now here, see the flashing lights, trying to
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make this go away. make note of it, still so dark out there, jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much. meisha a lot of questions about the death of cabrini college student then the morning. >> jan carabeo is live at the west conshohocken police department. >> what do we know this morning? >> brooke, jim, good morning, awaiting more information from the police chief this morning. but at this point, police really aren't re leasing much information about this death investigation. and neither is cabrini college. the school however has released a statement saying that it is sat toned learn about the death of one every it students, and with the family today as the police investigation continues. we have great nature or, and really the only college house, but this house has been, you know, they're nice kids. >> neighbors watching and wondering, what happened here this weekend as is as west conshohocken police investigate a death here at morehead avenue.
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>> at least four, five ambulances here, emt's everywhere, i couldn't get down the street this way. >> throughout the day sunday police investigated and conducted interviews, sources say 22 year old collin student found un response enough this home, taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. an autopsy will determine the cause. >> unexpected. >> i've never seen anything crazy go on in this neighborhood since i've been here. >> just normal college kids that are good kids. >> as the investigation unfolded neighbors reflected on group of student who live here, meanwhile, cabrini college released a statement school officials say they've no other details at this time, they say their focus is on the student's family, and supporting the community through this lost. >> i've got tone know them. we help shovel their cars out. very sweet, never disrespectful or anything like
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that. >> er. >> ' not commenting on possible cause of death, autopsy could be performed as early as today, we'll keep you to up date. for now live in west conshohocken, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, back, book into you. >> thanks very much, jan. >> what a rude awakening for family in ben cell em when driver crashed its suv right into front of their home got out, ran away. it happened yesterday morning, on the 2200 block of monroe avenue >> we could have been dead. >> told us his wife just got out of the hospital but not back in there, because of stress, from this crash. we are told, she will be okay. new this morning, crash off of route 55, in depford
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township, critically injuries the driver, and new jersey state police say a truck was northbound on the highway when it left the road just before midnight and crashed into the woods. the cause of the crash is under investigation. another crash this one in west philadelphia. around 12:30 this morning, car lost control at 53rd and jefferson, and hit a fence. there are no report of injuries. but the accident is under investigation. take us out to the ballgame. >> the phillies home opener just few hours away, what goes better with baseball than all of that ballpark food? "eyewitness news" reporter pat gal send live at citizens bank park, pat, long wait, but time to play ball. >> it will be soon, jim being brooke 3:00 # five, first pitch here today, phillies take on the san diego padres, tell but food in just couple every minutes, yesterday they got win against the new york mets, kind of odd opening week zero and four to start,
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back-to-back games up at city field, and yesterday they took on matt harvey and the new york mets, and did pretty well, actually started with a homerun by herrera getting them on the board, and he's one of those young players you need to look out for this year when you come out to the ballpark, also ceasar hernandez, michael franco had two hit, jeremy pitched well again as the phillies beat the mets by score of five to two on sunday, but they come back here today, and now we will tell you about all of the things that come along with opening day down at the ballpark. , bat being practice, 2:13 p.m., on the dot, phillies line up on tenth strewn make their entrance into the ballpark and at 3:00 # five it is first pitch, aaron nola, good young righty on the hill for the philadelphia phillies. also today, as i said 30:51 pitch, before that handing
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offer the game ball, us navy shoot team, leap frogs, will leap into the stadium, will hand off the first pitch, the opening balls here, and it is a thing that they've done in the past here pretty cool to see these guys parachute into the ballpark. looks like the weather will be just fine. little later on for that first pitch. >> best things about the ballpark, that's the food. so, you take a look at the new hotdog menu they've got here, i would say pretzel roll ride, there something to get excited about, you have aureola teeth own dog, onions, peppers on there, then the bond me dog right here all natural casing hotdogs, makes them different. also, next week, get yourself one of these bad boys right here, i mean, that's a good looking hat right there. how do i look? you think? >> you lock good. i was identifying that hat. ya. >> very dapper. >> jim, brooke. >> very dapper, indeed. >> is dapper the word? >> you wanted this hat, flight.
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>> no, i want the hotdog with the pretzel bun. i'm hungry right now. save it for me. warm it up. >> i got you. >> thanks, we'll check in with you in a little bit, pat. >> philadelphia police officer who was shot in the line of duty will have a special role in today's home opener. officer jesse hartnett will throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches before the game >> a look at the local headlines in our lil newspaper. if you went grocery shopping this weekend, chances are you bought too much and ends up throwing a lot of it away. coming up little later, checklist of things you can do to stop wasting food and money. >> lost in space, the search for toy dog launched into space as part of school project. where he could be next. >> ♪
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>> jim donovan, brooke thomas, katie fehlinger, and meisha johnson. >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone, you know those attractions called moon bounces? >> well it, looks like nasa is actually getting into the act. it is the world's first inflatable room for astronaunts, a space ex cargo ship docked with space station yesterday to deliver the pod,
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size of small bedroom, and the module could some day play a role in deep space exploration. >> meanwhile, group of english school children have launched an international search for the missing pilot of their space black on. sam the dog was equipped with gps and camera and launched into the stratosphere last tuesday. the balloon popped at an altitude of 15 miles. the children located no sam. experts say sam is likely within a few miles of where they found his equipment. he even has his own hashtag find sam. >> oh,. >> hopefully they find him. put out a search crew right now. >> hopefully. cute, weird, kind of scary. >> sam is not a real dog. >> that's what i would say, cute and really weird. >> little much for me. >> poor thing. >> but it makes me smile at 6:13 on a monday morning, right? >> yes. >> what i have to talk about may not make you smile. we've got some wet weather to deal with today as well as tomorrow. actually going to start things
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off by looking at few stats here in the month of april, so far, very strange one. that said, you want cute and weird, maybe not so cute but definitely strange. april thus far trending just shy of 3 degrees below seasonable. now, in terms of snowfall, officially at philadelphia international airport, we've actually had .3 of an inch, that primarily came obviously from the weekend snow that we just had, but we've been everywhere from 29 degrees, all the way up to 80. and it is only april 11. so a lot of strange things that have been going on for shy of two weeks into the month already. storm scan3, at the moment, showing also, some signs of life, but all rain showers folks at this point. now that the sun's about ready to pop over the horizon, temperatures will climb, also what's great there is wet weather will gradually be clearing. so, when you zoom it out once or twice, what you notice here off to the south and west is that things are starting to dry out little bit. this is the warmfront lifting north. i do think that you are going to see nothing more than a spotty shower, at worse, in time for first pitch for the phils, however, it is obviously very damp start to the day.
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then, we see our cold front come tomorrow, primarily in the morning, and it does look to me like could you ends up with pretty heavy rain along the leading edge of the front. regardless, wet weather for everyone, as the front crosses through. and we're back into the up ear's on wednesday, so the front doesn't knock us back all that much, but at least bringing us wet weather, back into sunshine that's wednesday. that is thursday, and high pressure hooking us i am friday, too. look ahead to the seven day forecast, notice once we get past tomorrow and skies start to clear, it is looking like it stays that way for awhile. which we haven't been able to tell you for a long time. so this is some good news coming up. yes, front loading the forecast with dreary weather, but eventually, it just gets nicer, and it will stay that way looks like for the tail end of the week. >> i like the weekend forecast. i just zip through the whole week. even on a monday. talk about sipping, how is traffic? >> no longer sipping. i'll tell that you, starting to slow down little bit.
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around 6:15, especially monday, maybe tuesday, wednesday, start to see things slow down. also couple every accident out, there some slick conditions, one of the areas that were heating up. no accident here, the boulevard looking pretty darn good. i would say, for busy monday morning, you are holding steady here at the roosevelt boulevard. and then once you get on to the schuylkill, westbound, at city avenue, this is basically what you are looking at. so plenty of headlights out there this morning, we can expect that on monday morning, make note jump on to the schuylkill, what you are looking at. this is where we have that disable vehicle, it just will not get towed out of the way causing a loft to you put your brake light on. bartrum avenue, slamming on your brake trying to maneuver around. dark out there. make note that's still there. police activity from earlier accident in douglas ville, there you go. 422 eastbound between monocacs street road, you will have to use this alternate to get around center road, 724 to river bridge roll, loom back to 422, make note that far. that will slow you down just
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little bit. guys, back to you. >> thanks, meisha a now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the times, princeton university apartment left several student displaced on sunday two, student living in the apartment on edward place escaped unhurt. the fires' cause under investigation. and in the news journal of delaware, nearly 140 delaware air national guard members were welcomed home this weekend at the new castle air national guard base. meantime, 14 area owe medical members will deploy next month to undisclosed location in southwest asia. they're going to help care for those wounded in combat. >> from the bucks county courier times, workers at deborah farm in hill town have been keeping 180 small fires glowing on the 8-acre property. they are trying to save cherries, peaches and plumbs from the cold temperatures that have hit in the first half of the month. above average temperatures in march woke the trees from dormancy, leaving them now
6:18 am
susceptible to the now chilly temperatures. and, that is your look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. so here is a question for you. who do you trust more, donald trump or hillary clinton? result of new pole coming p. plus this: >> ♪ i love you ♪ >> cute. oh, if that didn't put a smile on your face this monday morning, i'm not sure what will. this video is going viral. and we love it next.
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>> many of you are just waking up, it is early, we need something easy, fun loving. how many paren out there find themselves cuddling their little ones before having to get ready for work or for the day, right? even if that's not you, i think you can appreciate this video going viral. take a look. >> i love you! >> (baby). >> i love you! >> baby! >> oh, my god, look at that. a five month old baby in the imitating mama. she doesn't just repeat after her. the little baby actually mimicks her mommy exactly,
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copying her in the exact same sing song voice. so darn cute. the baby doesn't even seem real, right? seems like battery operated dole. little alien baby. these are definitely the moments you just want to bottle up and take with you. so darn cute. so precious. so, there is your monday morning dose of add or, make you smile this morning. i just love. that will am i not right, like little robot baby? >> i can't believe only five month old. >> i thought little bitty year old baby or something. >> i love it. those videos that go viral, sometimes the dogs imitate their owners? jim we're working on your dog, we'll get you some creepy weird dog that imitates you. but that is kind whatever it reminds me of. >> alien baby. >> , we'll get a cute dog. >> okay, we need to move this one along. yikes. still ahead, heads up for netflix customers. when and why your bill will be going up. >> plus, good news for janet jackson fans. we'll show when you she will get back to touring again,
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>> flex application said it would raise it 7.995 month to 9.99, customers who already had the service like i did were allowed to keep paying the seven-point 99 for two years. time is up. starting may, us subscribers will pay the extra $2. >> oh, oh. going to keep them flex? i have to cancel some of my coffee runs or something, times are tough. >> the thousands of fans with tickets to bruce springsteen canceled show in north carolina can't get their money back today. >> the boss scrapped last night's concert in greensboro to protest the state's house bill too. the new law bans transgender people from using public bathrooms of the gender they identify with. the greensboro coliseum says the cancellation costed whopping $100,000 in revenue. with some good news, casino of, for january janet jackson fans, performers has confirmed it won't be long until she returns to her tour. recently she kind of disappointed fans when she
6:27 am
postponed part of her unbreakable tour for plans to start a family. her north american tour will take place next year, and ticket hold kearse use them then or get refunds. jackson was slate today perform in fill any august, no word yet on when the exact new date will be. i think just in a year. >> yes. >> i mean, hey, it is coming. she'll be back on stage. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", wasted food, many of us are guilty of it. we buy too much, can't use it before it goes bad. three is on your side with simple ways to cut the waist and save your money. plus: >> accusations of poor judgement and even cheating are part of the race for the white house with new york's big preliminary coming up next week. i'm brian weeing web in new york, that story
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. >> allow yourselves some extra
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time this morning, we are dealing with a death commute. >> will the sky clear up in time for the phillies home opener? katie is timing it all out for us, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, it is 6:30, what you need to know today in your morning minute. forty-five ambulances here. >> sources say 22 year old collin student was found un response enough his home, taken to the hospital pronounced dead. >> an autopsy will determine the cause. >> police in been cell almost still looking for the driver who smashed his car right into the front after house, then got out and ran away. >> how about that stupid boston globe? >> what page one would look like if the donald became president. >> what we did was take donald trump's words, quoted him veer bathe em. >> opening day here, the phillies will take on the san diego padres, hopefully warms up little bit.
6:32 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> the melt-down, by jordan spieth, on the 12th hole was fane painful. >> ultimately have your a game with every part, i just didn't have the iron swings. >> spieth is out there playing like jim donovan. >> oh,. >> it is accurate, though, it is very accurate. >> katie, what's the weather like out there? >> just spitting on the radar, always over our area, some of you finding little will light rain bit more intense i have than what i am finding here, but definitely running into damp roads traveling out and about, do watch for that. but the eyes are all on 3:05 p.m. will it be clearing out in time for that? and i am pretty confident that other than a spotty shower, things are really going to
6:33 am
start to dry out. on as i speak the rain picks up more. on to the map, show you what's going on here, i step inside to grab my umbrella because dow not want to mess with this hair. we are expecting these showers will clear out with time, on baby tour hereof where we've come from temperature wise, definitely been chilly since this past weekend, with the snow that came through. we expect to hit 63 degrees, today, and here is a look at the showers, forgive the background noise, just opening the umbrella as we go, if i can, it seems like it is stuck, there we go. and again it, looks like this will be clearing with time here today. moving forward, we take a look at the area temperatures being in the low and mid four's currently around the region as a whole. so it is a technically mild start to the morning. feels chilly. rain time line is as such, we will see scattered light showers through the rest of the morning, later this afternoon, clouds will be breaking, i think you should see little sunshine, but then tomorrow we expect another rounds every rain, likely
6:34 am
steve year, heavier, will come through in the morning specially. so we track that system tomorrow. for now light precipitation, can come up quickly. so i would say keep the wet weather gear ready at least for the first half of the day. >> absolutely today. and sounds like tomorrow. all right, thanks so much, katie. morning, everyone, happy monday to you, we do have accident outside 95 north past route 320 before the blue route paying of this accident right now, you can see, we do have crews out on food, and pedestrians, as well, take a lock at these backups. this is your back upshot, 95 north at the commodore barry bridge, what you are going to be sitting in not only that but when you get funneled all the way out there you have to condense in one lane passing by, everyone passing by is putting on their brakes and taking a peak waist going on, we call that gaper delay,
6:35 am
that's no good. causing all every these backups, if you can avoid this area, i would suggest doing so until they get that accident cleared up. if you can't and you have to go out there just know do you have allow for extra time. this is moving very, very slow, in fact, not moving at all, more like parking lot at this point. accident here as well. we have been talking about this all morning long, police activity from earlier accident that happened around 4:00 a.m. this morning, douglas ville, 422 eastbound between monocacy creek road and old swede road, all lanes blocked, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a police are not saying much this morning about the death after cabrini college student. twenty-two year old student was found unresponsive, at home on the 200 block of morehead avenue in west conshohocken. police took evidence but not commenting on possible cause of death. cabrini say they have no details at this time. >> new this morning, one man rushed to the hospital, after being stabbed, in north philadelphia, this happened at
6:36 am
ridge and cecil bill moore avenues. police tell "eyewitness news", the victim is at hahnemann university hospital. but no word yet on what led to the violence, and there are no suspect in custody. police say road rage led a man to shoot and kill former new orleans saints player will smith. it happened over the weekend in new orleans, when car driven by cardel haze rear ended smith's mercedes, haze shot smith and his wife are kel while police are still investigating haze attorney says the situation started when his client's car was hit first. >> in an effort to get a license plate number, in an effort, to report an accident. >> i think this is just wrong place at the wrong time. >> , no way you could explain what happened. >> haze is facing second degree murder charges, and he's behind bars on $1 million bond. smith's wife is expected to recover. when it comes to trusting presidential candidates, hillary clinton holds the edge
6:37 am
over donald trump. that's according to new associated press pole out this morning. and as brian web report, most of the candidates are focusing on the next big prize, new york. >> donald trump says there is something wrong with the way republicans choose their presidential nominee. >> we've got a corrupt system, it is not right, we're supposed to be adeem being rays. >> i trump's campaign said ted cruz using underhanded mets odds loyal to the texas senators. cruz's campaign caused the accusations lies, he says, he'll be ready for a contested convention. >> you know, it is easy understand the principals and values that made it -- >> both double digit leads in the polls in new york, clinton went to several churches sunday before campaigning in
6:38 am
baltimore where she slammed sanders record on gun control. >> he voted to make it more difficult to shut down gun dealers sold guns that landed in hands -- >> sanders at coney island no longer questioning clinton quality cases just her judgement. >> a candidate who voted for the war in iraq, a candidate who voted for virtually every disastrous trade policy, cost millions of jobs. >> the new york primary is april 19th. brian web, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> so did you go grocery shopping this weekend? how much of that food that you bought will you actually use? let's face it many times we buy more than we actually need. we ends up with wilted lettuce, expired yogurt. in today's "3 on your side" report i take a look at things you can do to stop throwing away food and money. >> food scraps add up fast. according to the most recent estimates, from the epa, americans ways 37 million tons of food and that is just for
6:39 am
one year. the money you spend on that food could be considered trash too. to help the environment and your wallet, shop smart. before going to the grocery store, check out what is in your fridge. cook or eat what you have before you buy more. make a shopping list and plan menus. buying in bulk can help you save money but only if you use what you buy. before produce goes bad, cook it. take home your leftovers, you maximize your spending, and cut down on waste. before you clean out your pantry, think about donating untouched, non-perishable food. that will can help a food pantry keep it shelves stocked. and instead of tossing your food in a trash bin, start a compose pile. those scraps, skins, peels, and grounds, can de compose into rich soil, which is great for your garden. taking some simple stems to reduce your food waste improves the environment, bottom line, and yours too.
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>> thanks, jim. appreciate. that will we were just talking about grocery shopping. so, listen, jim is always helping me out i'm like so what should i buy? >> help you with a shopping list. >> all right, there is nothing like the bond between people and pets. >> and today is national pet day. well, we celebrate the unconditional love our pets give to us. the centers for disease control quotes studies that show pets can lower stress, cholesterol level, and make others happy. >> this is sebastian, my stuffed dog, i carry him on the news room on stressful days. he makes me feel better even in the news room borough him. >> no, he will really cudley, i think they're talking about real pets, but sebastian works, in. my eyes, he is a real pet. give me my dog back. >> still ahead, it is phillies opening day. >> and pat gallen live at the ballpark, pat, save us.
6:41 am
>> jim, brooke, a loft fun coming up today, fishes pitch at 3:00 # five, coming up in just a couple every minutes, i'll talk to the u.s. navy leap frog parachuters, plus, i hung out with the fanatic, and that's pretty much all you need to know. a lot of fun. stick around. >> also ahead, that's melissa mccarthy trying to get to the stage at the m tv awards, she received comedic genius award. see who else took home the popcorn coming
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sometimes you can't even graimagine.h. the world a preso that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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>> we are just hours away from the phillies home opener. >> our pat gallen live on the field with a look ahead, and a special look at everyone's favorite mascot, the philly phanatic. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> one of the most popular events in philly is underway, it is restaurant week. >> that's right. in manayunk, chance to check
6:45 am
out some of the great restaurant for a reduced price, the fun started yesterday with the annual spring street food festival. featuring 75-foot trucks on main street between now and friday, you can enjoy some great cuisin at manayunk restaurants, three course meals are 15, 25, and $35. >> katie, do you go to the restaurant week? >> i haven't -- down there yet, but when you said 75-foot trucks, oh,. >> add foon trucks are amazing. >> i feel like we need road trip, yes, let's do this. sounds like plan to me. off we go. fifteen minute from now we'll take sebastian, our team mascot apparently, step dog, guys, if you weren't with us before the break, a stuffed dog. real dog to jim, that's all that matter. let's take you out to the eyewitness weather watchers, generally speaking, so many pretty typical temperatures at this hour, temperatures mid who's in a lot of spotment take you up to the lehigh
6:46 am
valley, 44 degrees coming in from julia. just got clouds at the moment. see wet weather in a second, but just got the clouds for now. that's good news for her. we take you bit further off to the south here, see, to four p degrees, comes in to us from phil in north wales, with just clouds as well. saying he had to some rain overnight, at the moment just clouds, but isn't necessarily going to stay that way. we go to one more, 46, i mean, seeing the theme here with the temperatures, very, very system, one. folks that is seeing rain, in marshall ton, delaware, light rain, calm winds, not like winds driven rain but it is out there and slowing us down, which meisha will talk about obviously. here is a look at what storm scan is producing, pretty scat nerd nature, and a lot of this is a bark worse than the bite situation where it looks like it is falling to the ground but isn't necessarily, very moisture rich atmosphere as it lift north. will be scattered showers for the next couple of hours being looking forward in future rain
6:47 am
ability, not talking much, to 12:00 noon maybe couple hundreds of an inch on the ground, that's it, even into tomorrow night. >> next cold fronting moving through, basically done, by the time we hit the early afternoon in philadelphia, though it might linger later in the day for eastern new jersey, that's when that cold front comes through with the heaviest of the rain that's moving through the next two days. so, the bottom line is the next few days look wet, wettest day is tomorrow. start to clear things out, wall-to-wall sunshine. >> thanks so much, katie. just touching base on this, it is certainly causing some significant slow downs, some slick roadways, give give yourself couple every extra minutes this morning. where we have an accident, all lanes are currently block. this is not what we opportunity see, 59 north past route 320, just around the commodore barry bridge, seeing some very significant backups, as i'm sure you can imagine, because everyone pulling up to this comes to complete stop.
6:48 am
can't go anywhere now that the firetruck is, there trying to get this cleaned out of the way. you are at dead stopment back up, commodore barry bridge, what you are looking at, yikes, they are literally trapped in this. if you're at home listening to there is don't go out. wait until it clears, otherwise you literally going out there just to sit in your vehicle. unless that's something you like to do. i wouldn't. blue route past route one, left lane you can see pulled all the way off to the right shoulder now, what you are looking at, looking very slow, another accident in jersey route 130 southbound union avenue right lane blocked overall give yourself couple of extra minutes, brooke, over to you. >> thanks. are you guys buzzing on twitter and facebook about last night's m tv movie award. >> some extraordinary people and movies took home the golden popcorn trophy. star wars the force awakens won best movie of the year. fans there waiving their light sabres in support it, beat out avengers, jurassic worlds, dread pool, straight out of
6:49 am
compton to name a few. >> oh, straight out of of compton was good. will smith got an honor, got the m tv generation awards last night. he is joining the ranks of past resilience like sandra bullock, johnny dep. can you believe he is 47 years old? and this june he's had 30 years in the business. he kind of joked about his age as he accepted the award, too. >> when i first heard that m tv wanted to give me the generation award, you know, i thought that was like code for the old dude award. >> congratulations, best work behind you. have fun. >> and for the first time since 2007, these awards were not live. they were pre-recorded. >> well, it is now 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads joins us live, from new york, with the preview. good morning, charlie. >> hey, good morning, brooke and jim. saudi arab quake ya reports on the 9/11 hijackers, plus we
6:50 am
investigate how bus and truck drivers with dangerous medical conditions can still get behind the wheel. and this, doctor david august owes on the report that found a controversial chemical in some popular food cans. and a former stanford university dean shares some secret of choosing the right college. all of that and more, the news is back in the morning. and we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> all right, thanks a l look forward to it. meanwhile, baseball is back in town. >> today the phillies play their home opener. in addition to the fans filling the stadium, special guest razz scheduled to make unusual entrance. pat gallen live at citizens bank park, where the boys of sum letter have lots of company. >> guys, we tell you about the unusual entrance in just cep of minutes. look who is here, my buddy the philly phanatic. i got a chance to hang out with the fanatic. he taught me some of his moves. fanatic? not that good?
6:51 am
really? >> here with the philly phanatic. >> make kids smile, make every day enjoyable for so many. he let me into his fan at i can world for a day to find out. >> ♪ >> all right, fanatic, the dugout, one of your key moves i've always wanted to do it, how do i do it? >> ♪ >> just like that. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> really fanatic, really? >> that's it. >> what's this? is this the lounging portion? >> perfect. >> ♪ >> can get used to this. >> i need a ride. can you give me one? let's do it. >> ♪
6:53 am
>> so, my moves aren't that great. but the philly phanatic, i want to thank him for letting me try to keep up with him. although did i get one, one arm push up. so i feel pretty good about that. here with these crazy gentlemen. they'll be jumping out after plane later, us navy leap frog parachuters. brennan, i'm going to just toss up softball question. what's like jumping out after plane. >> awesome. no, it is a blast. yesterday we jumped out, got little practice jump in. so yesterday jumping out of the plane it was breezy. 30 degrees, doing 140, so it is a good rush of air in your face, every time it is fun, jumping in a crowd of 50,000 people. flying an american flag, and hearing people roar for the good old red, white and blue, so good time. >> so you have like a small window that you can get into the ballpark. what's the set up before that like? >> our time lines, windows,
6:54 am
252, we're in the air about an hour prior circle, waiting for air traffic controllers hey you guys are clear, we'll any in, jumping in at 252, then we have until 259 to do our performance, hoping to jump out around 5,000 feet f we jump out at five grand takes more or less five minutes to do our performance. >> look like the wet letter hole off. that's good thing. >> i hope so. little rain, but the winds, we'll see. >> enjoy. see you jumping on the field. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you, sir. these guys jumping out after plane later, the philly phanatic will be here, all of the funs starts at the block party at 12:00. that leads into fishes pitch at 3:05 for the phillies and padres. live from the ballpark, pat gallen, "eyewitness news", back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, pat. >> we'll be right back with three things you need to know before go. >> it is three to go next.
6:55 am
acidity was in my diet...much that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel.
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he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live.
6:58 am
>> before you head out the door three to go. >> three things you need to know today. >> autopsy could be performed today on cabrini college student found dead over the weekend in west conshohocken home. >> new pole released overnight find more americans trust democratic frontrunner hillary clinton, than they do gop frontrunner donald trump. >> it is opening day at the ballpark, phillies hope to continue their two game winning streak as they face the san diego padres, first
6:59 am
pitch 30:00, a now less check on weather and traffic. >> yes, looks at though the wet weather should hold off in time for first pitch. so, while you're going to be running into as you walk out the door now are scatter showers, should be winding down into the afternoon, so, with passage of time, meisha, a things will just gradually get better and better. >> thanks, we have an accident, 95 north past route 320 all lanes are block, kind of sing around the camera, make note, it is all lanes are still block, your back upshot, all the way extending 95 north at 452, and then another accident the blue route southbound past route one, right shoulder and also one on the schuylkill westbound belmont left lane. >> next on cbs this morning, danger on height way, how some commercial drivers with serious medical conditions. >> join us dark and early each weekday morning starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, april 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." saudi arabia responds overnight to explosive allegations in a "60 minutes" report about the 9/11 hijackers. what is hiding in 28 pages of classified material. a u.s. navy officer is accused of giving military secrets to china. donald trump says the republican nominating process is crooked after ted cruz grabs all of colorado's delegates. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. one of the country's most sensitive documents, the 28 pages, they have to do with 9/11 and the possible existence of a saudi support network


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