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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  April 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> another rainy morning, storm scan3 showing wet weather headed our way, katie tells us when it will clear, will you storms damage down south. >> water safety concerns in two mercer county schools , steps their ' taking. >> verizon workers, where the sides stands in their negotiations this morning, plus, precautions being taken to make sure customers aren't impacted. >> today is tuesday, april 12th, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, getting your day stat wad check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. good morning. >> happy tuesday, everyone, well, we have jackknife tractor trailer in jersey, overnight construction, i'll touch base in just a moment.
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>> we obviously have wet weather to track here, that's something we'll take a look at right away. we'll show you what's going on out there. yes, rain on the way, at least the western subs, already moving in through the lehigh valley, berks county, lancaster county, just the beginning, this will all be crossing through as we go through the next couple of hours, so yet another morning drive impacted by this. we are sitting between front right now, in the warm sector of this storm system, so temperatures currently in the 60s, in a lot of spots, as well, it is a very mild morning, but another day that's going to feature wet weather. so let's take a look even northern counties, northern communities, here in the mid or at least up ear's, very mild beginning to the day, as the day progresses expect that, again, there will be wet weather to dodge here, for the first couple of hours of our day, morning commute hopeful have i a chance to set the alarm extra early, if you get stuck it could slow you down here, dealing with periods of rain as the day goes on, much like yesterday, clouds should begin to break. today looks like not just light rain scattered shower
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situation. it will likely ends up being heavier rain that pushes through. so, i would say, today, from yesterday, at least the weather of the two days, but much like yesterday, again, it is breezy, it is seasonably cool, and we expect to see any of those clouds to eventually break for yet some more sunshine. and eventually, there is an even drier and quieter stretch coming up which we'll discuss coming up later in the show. >> great news, thank you for. that will good morning, happy tuesday. all right, well, we have construction cleared here, 59 north between route 413, business route one, looking good, there so right now seeing some early risers out there basically anywhere i look. we can expect that at 4:30, see it increase as we push toward the side. talcony palmyra scheduled to open 4:40, about ten minute or so, make note of that if you are just leaving your homes. southbound direction past cottman looking good here, like these open roadways, enjoy those while we have them. those are change in the 5:00 hour. jackknife tractor-trailer, delaware memorial tolls, the right lane blocked, this is
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right before the delaware memorial bridge, make note of. that will the right lane again is blocked, so hopefully that doesn't get any worse than that area, i'll let you below it does clear. construction pa turnpike westbound, between bensalem, willow grove, lane still block, over night construction wait to go get it cleaned out of the way. over night road con interest struck sean between 320, and madison street closed. new fire commissioner today announced. adam keel most recently served as virginia deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security, before that, he was a fire chief in alexandria, virginia, in addition, kenly announce blanch carney as the city's prison commissioner, deputy commissioner since january, 2015. >> school officials in hamilton township mercer county are taking action because of water safety concerns at two elementary schools. evaluated lead levels found in several contaminated sample at the william b morgan elementary school.
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officials there have turnoff all of the water fountains and giving bottled water to student and staff. food preparation also moved off site. over at greenwood elementary, one water fountain has been shut off. no word on how many of the 24 district schools have been tested. >> thousands of verizon workers could go on strike this week while the two sides return to the table today. verizon says they are hopeful the possible strike tomorrow morning could involve more than 39,000 east coast verizon land line phone and cable workers. the union members have been without a contract since august of 2015. union leaders say verizon wants to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely on more contract workers, verizon said it has been moving the bargaining process forward and strike threats are not constructive. >> what the company is trying to do take the work call, move it out of state or even out of the count troy have it done by someone else, not return the invest tonight their local communities. >> verizon released a statement reading in part,
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quote, we have trained thousands of non-union verizon employees to care out virtually every job function handled by our represented work force, the company says they are fully prepared to serve their customers. >> well, "eyewitness news" has learned there will be a private funeral for flyers owner educated snyder. >> but the team says the wells fargo center will hoped sometime in the futurement snyder died yesterday after two-year battle with cancer. he was 83. >> in 1964 the washington dc native came to philadelphia, to become part owner of the eagles. snider left the evidence to bring who can toy philadelphia and won the franchise in 1966. he also created the spectrum, to house both the flyers and 76ers. >> it is said that he thought he would make a go of it here in philadelphia because he had a feel for the fact it was a great sports city. he had been with the eagles and saw what happened there in the nfl. and said that we were ready for it here, and i'm sure glad he d he meant a lot to me.
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>> he also created spectacor, which turned wip into a sport radio station. of course it is now part of our parent company, cbs. >> we join the phillies in a moment of silence. >> phillies fans held a moment of silence in snider's memory at citizens bank park, phillies chairman said mr. snyder came to philadelphia with a passion to win. >> well, it turns out, the zika virus is more dangerous than scientists first thought. health expert announce their findings at the while house yesterday. they say the virus can result in miscarriages, premature birth, even blindness in newborns. zika also likely to be a problem during the entire lent of pregnancy, not just the first try messier. the cdc says the mosquito that carries the virus is now in 30 states, not just the 12 as originally thought. emergency zika funding yet to be approved by congress, so fund left over from the ebola
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fight will be diverted for now. doctor rob will join us in our 6:00 hour to discuss the new findings. >> with one week to go before the new york primary, donald trump and ted cruz continue to swap political jabs n albany trump told supporters the delegate system is rigged against him. his comment came after last weekend's loss of all 34 of colorado's delegates to cruz. the texas senator said trump is wining. >> hillary clinton is hitting rival bernie sanders on his gun control record. she says he's failed to take a strong stand against stopping the spread of firearm. meanwhile, sanders rallied more than 11,000 supporters in buffalo. he wants them to help create large turn out in the primary. sanders trails clinton among pledged delegate. >> well, still ahead this morning, the best beach in america is just a drive away. >> yes, we will show you which shore town got top honors. also this. >> we'll scholl you where this
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softball sized hail fell and the major damage it left behind. >> and storm scan3 showing a wall of wet weather headed this way. katie times it out and tells us when it clears. we'll be right back.
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>> judge rules the state of new jersey has the authority to seize ocean front lands in margate. the state can now acquire city owned land for the federal beach replentishment project. the state's department of environmental protection trying to's many recall vince of privately and city owned lands along the coast of dunes, emitting flooding and storm damage. margate says its wooden bulkhead enough to protect it from storms it sued to state to block the dunes. another march madness bracketed with our region coming out on top. coastal living magazine did a best beach in america bracket, and ocean city, new jersey, came up the winner. they received more than 100,000 votes, beating huntingdon beach, california
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in the finals. the shore town is set to be featured in the june issue of the magazine. >> crazy weather all over the country. would you look at that? in north texas, mother nature is responsible for shattered windows, pounded roofs, and even some totaled cars. >> cbs photographer shot this video from inside his house, as hail actually smashed through his windows. the national weather service even reported softball size hail in while i, texas yesterday. people there have to board up their home and clean up from this massive damage caused by the wild weather. homeowner tim taylor and his wife took shelter during the storm. >> we were being pelted with rocks, more or less, we were, but, you know, it was deafening. you know? so that's more glass falling. >> wow. >> that's terrible. meanwhile schools are closed
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thereto repair damage. no serious injuries were reported. >> well, the time now 4:42, meisha is watching the roads this morning. >> yes, first, katie here with another check on your forecast. >> that's the very same system headed our way. we are not talking anywhere near that today. >> it is the same system, but thankfully no where near that casino of severity. we'll have pretty heavy rain here this morning but that's about it, thankfully. it dice down. >> well, yes, basically it, you know, you tends to have severe weather season breaking out further to the south. we start to see ourself ear weather at least regularly into the summer months. so, at least we have that going for us, yes, same system, but won't get anywhere near that casino of severity out of any of the wet wet their comes our way. it will rain this morning, so i highly suggest you walk out the door with a umbrella if you plan to be out in the next couple of hours, here is a look at nice wide zoom. storms looking pretty nasty yesterday. still are through portions of the deep south. take a look here. alabama, mississippi, portions of georgia, very heavy rain
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anthony storms still rolling through the area. here we sit on the northern branch of the front you just don't have the clash in the atmosphere. so not going to get the casino of severity in the way of the wet weather watch we do have however is pretty decent amount of rain. by comparison to yesterday, we are still looking at essentially the same timing here for things to start clearing out, but probably going to have heavier rain as opposed to yesterday where it was just some scattered pocket of light rain. more like a line moving through with the cold front and some heavier rain comes along with it, so we time things out in future weather. generally it looks like things will fill into the radar in the next couple of hours, here is sort of the line. see it forming, but along with, that plenty of moisture to work with, means there will be heavy rain at times, future weather pegs that to pick up between 8:00 and 9:00, 9:30 or so, over philadelphia, right the typical rush packing up, see heaviest rain push through. hit the lunch hour maybe down near the shore towns still dealing with residual rain. kids get out of school starting to clear out for pretty much everybody.
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many of you further inland are likely to see sun before it is said and done. quickly check today and tonight forecast. again, starting offer with the rain. later today we clear it on out. afternoon temperatures about 60 degrees, close to where we should be, little modest drop, sun comes back, looks like nice quiet stretch from here. meisha? >> looks gorgeous, after today, we just got to get through today. feeling warm this morning, we know we will see the rain, but actually feeling little warm. so we do have accident here, let me back out of the way, 26th street southbound the ramps, westbound schuylkill, pulled all the way off to the ride side, seeing brake lights, make note it is there, 26th street, southbound ramp to westbound schuylkill right there pulled off to the right. i'll let you know there it clears. talcony palmyra bridge is up it, opened up just at about 4:40, make note of that, it is up, if you are going to be headed anywhere around this, any time soon, it is up right now, hopefully will go down within the next few minutes, vine looking pretty good when you move westbound, looking real nice. eastbound starting to heat up i would say just ever so slightly but overall the vine
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looking good. we do have this jackknife tractor-trailer new jersey turnpike southbound before the delaware memorial tolls, right lane block, this is right after the delaware memorial bridge, make note of that. overnight road construction chester, route 320, still there, it is closed between 11th and 14th street. you will have to use alternate. powder street will be your best bet to maneuver your way around that. and also, more construction pa turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove. that left lane is blocked, jim, over to you. >> thanks so much, meisha. phillies play the padres again, after disappointing start to the home schedule. >> phillies tied the padres in the six yesterday on strange play. this pop up is called an in-field fly. but when the infielder misses the ball, the phillies runners take off, and the tying run scores. but, the third out is made it third bales. manager pete says it shouldn't have been an infield fly. phillies rally is over, padres won four-three. we enjoyed opening day, though. >> a lot of fun out there.
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>> indeed. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, forget college. day care is costing parents big bucks. >> we'll show you how our area ranks in a new study. but first, here is a look on what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> adam teal, the city's new fish commissioner, former virginia deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security. >> officials have found elevated lead levels in the water at two hamilton township mercer county elementary schools. the student and staff are getting bottled water and food preparation has been moved off site. >> schools in northern texas are closed today because administrators say they can't guarantee a safe place for student after tremendous storms, the national weather service says hail the size of
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soft balls fell, buildings, prog, damaged but no serious injuries. >> time 4:49. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jig wallner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange. jill, good morning. >> another big bank is settling claims related to the financial crisis? >> well, that's right. wall street bank goldman sachs will pay $5 billion. >> to set many that goldman new were likely to fail, so this was part of the widespread mortgage fraud, that triggered the great recession in 2008. goldman is the last of the big banks to settle with the government. that part is a little bit controversial. >> jill, we know that college costs add up quickly, but in some places they've got nothing on day care prices. >> that's right. new study find that in 23 state it is more expensive to send a four year old to
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preschool or day care than it is to send a 18 year old to a state college. now in pennsylvania day care costs are about $8,000 a year. which still slicely less than college. but, incredible, brooke, jim? >> still a lot of money. thank so much, jill. we'll check in with you in a little bit. >> cheese, bread and butter. everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich. today is a day to appreciate the american staple. it is actually national grilled cheese sandwich day. and we hear the simple sandwich originated in the 1920's, we've been eating grilled cheese for a long time, we suggest celebrating the day with a little tomato soup on the side. i like thick tomato soup. >> we should celebrate with a day off. this is worth a day off. >> for grilled cheese day. >> exactly. >> coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic. >> we hear it will be a rainy morning, but katie will tell us when the sun is back. we'll be right back.
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>> dodging some rain for the morning driver, feels like grand hog day today. i think you'll see the skies clear out for some sunshine before it is said and done. so overall, not a bad forecast as the day goes on, you're in the thick of it right now. so actually today, providing some heavier rain than what yesterday produced, this is just because we're on the leading edge of the front. lots of moisture build up in the atmosphere, though you can see there is at least somewhat of a back edge to there is back across central pennsylvania. there is rain to dodge again this morning, could ends up with half inch out there. obviously will slow you down, later today the skies will clear, will allow the temperatures to drop off tonight. so tonight, starting pretty late, freeze watches take effect, not necessarily for the the urban corridor surrounding i95 but definitely outlying suburbs, pinelands,
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upper box, that kind of locations, so anything shaded in blue expect it will get awfully cold tonight, and then we look forward in the forecast, hey, this is good stuff, after we get past today's rain, we break for sunshine, with a modest, you know, rebounds on the thermometer, every single day tacking on few additional degrees for the daytime high, to the point sunday, monday, good stuff. low and even upper 70s the expectation, meisha, a forecast i can absolutely get hine. i know you would agree. >> i know, my eyes were just glazing around the big sun balls. >> so lovely. >> specially get couple of days of rain, you just crave that sunshine. >> well, that's great news. we can get there, absolutely we k where we had an accident, just cleared, 26th street northbound, the ram top westbound schuylkill, it was block that right side. all clearedment tac-pal bridge coming back down, we will see some traffic drying through there very shortly. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road, a look in jersey, your first look of the morning.
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looking good, looking actually quiet, i would say, more quiet than what we would tip he cannily see on early tuesday morning, usually, even at this time, starting to heat up little quicker. looking good on the 42 freeway approaching 295. exactly what you are looking at. when we look at the ben franklin bridge, again, beautiful shot, looking good, looking nice and quiet for those of you headed out on the roadways any time soon. you're in good company this morning, because it is looking good out there. now we do have jackknife tractor-trailer still there, new jersey turnpike southbound before the delaware memorial tolls. that right lane is blocked, make note of that, this is just after the delaware memorial bridge. so make note of that. it is going to probably cause little bit of slow down. not too much yet. the volume levels just aren't there, certainly will if we don't get it cleared out of our way. overnight construction chester just cleared, route 320 closed now again we are all open there, then we do have some construction here, so lingering around, pa turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove. left lane block. so overall what you are dealing with this morning, basically, jackknife tractor-trailer still out there, couple of construction
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spots, the accidents that we had earlier this morning, a the low of those are getting moved out of the way, jim, back over to you. >> thank, meisha a headed out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 106o also, a bill legalizing medical marijuana could get governor wolf's signature this week. the european union may be ending visa free traveling for us citizens, and new trends in tech companies. providing alcohol at work. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news laid yo 1060 on your a.m. dial. meanwhile, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", campaign trouble for donald trump. >> we'll show you why two of his own children can't vote for their dad. >> plus listen up, coffee lovers, there are big changes coming to starbucks rewards program today. >> and brand new crash test results released overnight. which pick-up trucks aren't as tough as they look coming up at the top of the hour.
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>> don't leave home without your umbrella today. katie tracking storm showers on storm scan3, she'll let you know what part of the day will be the wet. >> also, breaking right now, a disturbing discovery, after a man is found murdered in his car. why they were suspicious long before police ever showed up. >> looking back at the life and legacy of flyers owner snider, the impact it will have as they make their playoff push. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here. keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> hey tuesday, roads looking okay, we do have overnight construction, and jackknife tractor-trailer not moving out of the way.
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causing some slow downs now. >> we can understands that, definitely wet weather will be an issue for us, as women. definitely, have your umbrella ready to go, especially for the first half of the day. so we go outside right now, overlook center city, normally our shot, where you can see the city skyline, really bright and clear. it is a little hazy right now, so it is moisture to work with here in the delaware valley definitely a lot of rain on the way. you can see that starting to bubble up already, some of you already getting hit by the rain, steadier pocket of it, up toward monroe county specially, but this will be rolling through over the next couple of hours, i would say the wettest window of time really happens for the tail end of our typical morning rush. late morning, but at this point we're in it, you know, don't be shocked if you see the rain picking up at any time from now, until, say, lunchtime or even early afternoon down near the shore towns. temperatures where they stand at the moment are nice and mild, low six 60s in a lot of the spots, pair of five's both wildwood and ain


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