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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  April 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> dragged and left to die. philadelphia police are searching for a driver who hit a man on a motorcycle then kept ongoing. the victim was returned to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> this deadly hit-and-run happened on aramingo and lehigh avenues, port richmond last night. an hour later, investigators found an s.u.v. they think was involved, about a mile away,
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but no sign of the driver, and that's where "eyewitness news" reporter trang do picks up the story. trang? >> well, brooke, this is the intersection of cedar and madison streets, where police located the suv, involved in that accident last night, and take a look, still a lot of activity going on here, as group of neighbors has formed, just trying to figure out waist going on here. also, police are on scene, talking to a family, we are told that the owner of the car lives on this block, and detectives are just trying to determine who lives behind the wheel. now, this accident happened around 9:15 last night, near the intersection of aramingo and lehigh avenues. witnesses told police, that a pontiac aztek traveling south on aramingo, turned on lehigh, striking a man riding a vespa-like motor scooter. man dragged about 200 feet when the driver of the aztek kept ongoing. the 35 year old victim was returned to hahnemann hospital. he died short time later from severe injuries to his head and torso. overnight police found the suv
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with new york tags parked on the 3200 block of cedar street. they say the driver could face some very serious charges, for not stopping. >> we're certain that the driver of the vehicle realized what he did. and the fact that he didn't render any aid, and that you drove from the scene after causing this fatal auto accident, now looking at some serious charges. >> and those serious charges could include vehicular homicide. police have not yet released identity of the victim, meantime, they've taken the suv to the police garage for fingerprinting and collecting any dna evidence. and they're also canvassing the area for surveillance video. for now, live in port richmond, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, tray. >> traffic on southbound i-95, near cottman avenue, take a look, it appears, one car flipped, another car crashed into it as well as traffic sign. police say motorists stopped to help release one man trapped, we're told two men were taken to nearby
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hospitals, and no word on what caused the accident. we have just learned all lanes are open, but traffic is still slow. >> the phillies are down an arm after one of their pitchers is suspended for half the season. >> major league baseball revealed today daniel stump will sit out 08 games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. they say he tested positive for performance enhancing drug. this is the pitcher's first year with the phils, suspension effective immediately. team released statement saying the phillies support major league baseball's joint prevention and treatment programs. and they're disappointed to hear today's news of daniels' violation. it could be the ends after rain of terror in one north philadelphia neighborhood s a law enforcement task force arrested several alleged gang members responsible for shocking violence. our own walt hunter spoke one-on-one with philadelphia's district attorney, walt? >> reporter: that conference by the da just ended few minutes ago, he was talking with media here about very
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scary skin over yo, two north philadelphia gangs, shooting, and basically turning entire neighborhood into war zone for four months, in 2014. the toll, 13 separate shootings. nine people shot. one person murdered including an innocent victim with the two gangs allegedly just opening fire on each other, whenever they saw members that they thought deserved to be shot. take a look at these pictures, provided by the district attorney, just moments ago, the gang members using tattoos, and t-shirt to identify the members of each respective gang, one of the gangs, known as tnt. that stands for tent and thompson street. district attorney told me, just how scary this violence really was. >> all of them working together resulted in these 15 people being taken off the street, for 13 just horrific crimes, and the information we received, listening to them, bows about the party last
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night, in reference to having shot people or someone passed a test, meaning they shot someone at least six times. just ruthless, heartless, and just unconscionable. >> reporter: now, the district attorney says that 15 suspect apparently could get as many guns as they needed. ten guns confiscated so far, and at base, the reason for this violence, the d.a. says back in 2014 apparently one gang member felt insulted by another in a fight over a woman at a bar during the nba playoffs. that is where the violence began. today the d.a. says the violence ended, 15 suspect under arrest, massive conspiracy charge, all charged with murder or attempted murder. some very serious charges for the suspect who range in age from 18 to 38. we'll have much more on this developing story later liver at the district attorney's offers, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much, walt. meanwhile, three people under arrest after demonstrations in
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old city by the same group that disrupted a bill clinton appearance last week. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace. >> demonstrators say their day of rage protests are calling attention to the police tactic called stop and frisk, they say it is rape ills, example of police terrorism. philly coalition for real justice blocked traffic near fourth and market this morning, and they plan another rally in center city this afternoon. >> you know, can you not ask for more weather wise. and it is only going to get better. let's get first look at the forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the cbs-3 skydeck. hi, katie. >> good afternoon, brooke. what a beautiful day unfolding. this is first time so far in 2016 that i've been able to come out to the skydeck, without a coat. so, that's a big deal, it feels so, so comfortable out here, folks. you know, with the full sunshine, that stronger sun angle that we get this time of year, and the sun at your back, oh, feels so lovely. but we've got that bright blue
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sky for you today, and well into the forecast. let's take a look at storm scan3, you know what? it is not going to look too much different from this for the rest of the week, high pressure just hang order overhead. you can expect the full sunshine for days on end here. 57 degrees is the current temperature at the area point, and yes, it actually feels little warmer than that when you have got the sun at your back, pretty calm winds right now, the slightest after breeze, but at 55 in atlantic city, little cooler as you might imagine in the mountains, around, low mid 50's generally speaking the rest of the day, under full sunshine, little milder, and actually pretty seasonable, that said, in philadelphia. but we are only going to get warmer from here. gradually, granted, but it is a warm up with every passing day. now, i will tell when you we peak, how high we peak, when we check our full forecast bit later in the show. brooke and jim, back into you. >> thanks so much, katie. meanwhile, turning to campaign 2016, new cbs news poll finds donald trump still leads the republican race for president, 42% of gop voters nationwide,
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so poor trump compared to trump, john cruz, 18% for john kasich. cruz favored order among republicans, brought err lectorate viewed him less favorable that is rival. finds 63% every register voters overall have negative view of trump, 48% have unfavorable opinion of cruz, and 21% view kasich, negatively. >> on the democratic side, the tension is building, ahead of tonight's presidential debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, in brooklyn. meantime, donald trump continues his feud with republican party bosses. kenneth craig has more from new york. >> donald trump, appeared on fox news, accused republican party establishment of trying to derail his campaign. >> i could win pennsylvania by a landslide, get 17 delegates, and somebody else could get like 35 or 40, and they didn't even win, but they have connections into the machine. it is not right. >> the latest cbs news
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national pole shows trump maintains 13-point lead over senator ted cruz and john kasich. as for the democrats, the same pole shows hillary clinton, with a ten-point lead in the empire state. >> clinton will work to keep that lead, which faces off against bernie sanders, during a debate here tonight at the brooklyn navy yard. less than a week before the new york primary. >> later today, sanders will deliver a speech at a civil right summit. clinton addressed the same group yesterday and accused sanders of ignoring them. >> in we ask african-americans to vote for them, we cannot take you or your vote for granted. >> attacked clinton for her ties to wall street during rally last night in new york city's washington square park. >> if somebody gets paid 225,000 for a speech, it must be an unbelievably else zero extraordinary speech. >> 70% of the vote in new york's last primary came from the city's five burr ores.
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kenneth craig, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", massive earthquake hit japan. we'll show you the video. >> and phillies own, kobe bryant, played his last game. we'll have what he said about growing up that might surprise you. >> and it sounds like an atlantic city fiction movie, how scientists are now growing diamonds. more news when we come back. st modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. back now, on "eyewitness news" at noon, strong earthquake rocked japan and this was the moment it struck, caught on tv station cameras.
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preliminary reports say the 6.4 magnitude quake hurt 45 people and some seriously. there are also reports of damage, including homes, knocked over. and, there were strong after-shocks. >> a judge orders muhammad abrini and six other suspect connected to terrorist attacks in paris and brussels in another month. >> admitted to being the man in the hat seen leaving brussels airport, on march 22. that is after two suicide bombers detonated explosives there. but french media reports, told investigators, he would, quote, wouldn't hurt a fly. >> the theater set to reopen sometime later this year, the paris concert hall suffered the most casualties, during november's terror attacks. the venue announced british rocker, pete dougherty, will perform in november, but no exact date has been set. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", talk about a cool science experiment. >> using chemistry in what they are calling growth to
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make real dime, that's right, but what are gem on gist cents saying, katie? >> interesting. i look forward to hearing the answer. well, folks, obviously going to be on the track after warming trends the next couple of days, we'll tell you just how warm it will get. when do we see a cool down in the seven day coming up. sometimes you can't even imagine. grapple with. the woo that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children...
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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>> ladies love a bit of bling, you know what they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> but would you believe some engineers are now growing diamonds? and, as cbs news correspondent john black stone reports, these are no cubic zirconia's.
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>> at the silicon valley start up, engineers are doing in weeks what takes nature millions of years. >> just like out of mind, our growth chambers produce rough diamond. >> they're making diamonds. jeremy scholl, chief technology officer of the diamond found dray, carefully shows off some whatever they create. >> in just a few weeks we produced one karat stone with plasma and with chemistry, we're accelerating the same process he is that happen in ther. >> to protect their secrets from the competition, the diamond foundry provided only glimpse of the machines that had 10,000 degrees fahrenheit, rearranged carbon atoms into precious gems. >> to the lay person it would be very hard to see some of the differences. >> john king, chief quality officer of the gem logical institute of america. he grades diamonds, and says, there is little difference between those mine dollars from the earth, and those
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grown in the machines. >> they're both diamonds. they have the same chemical properties, the same physical properties. >> a diamond is forever. >> the world's leading diamond producer de beers told cbs this morning the finite nature of natural diamonds makes them inherently valuable, synthetic diamonds can be mass produced will not retain value over time. >> but whether diamonds are coming from the earth, or from silicon valley, don't expect to bargain. foundry diamonds cost only about 15% less. john black stone, cbs news, san francisco. >> get this, when actor leonardo heard about the diamond foundry, he became one of the first investors. >> interesting. >> all right. >> had no idea he was such a diamond connoisseur. >> who knew? >> trying to get 15% discount, that's what he's looking for. >> well, you know, the weather is definitely looking lovely. i mean, we've had the sunshine now for couple of days, think back to this past weekend with the snow, what a difference, right? starting to really see these temperatures warm up nicely,
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and the weekends looks phenominal. make some outdoor plans. start scheduling, pencil things in the calendar now, guys. take you outside, show you what's happening, why is this beautiful pattern here? i mean, we're not going to fault it, but you remember, when we go back to what happened last saturday, it thankfully nice distant memory, but could only muster up 43 degrees, and we had the snow, and what a mess, snowy look ahead to this saturday, and temperatures into the upper 60s by this point. under full sunshine. here's what's up. you have got area of high pressure, setting up what we call owe mega block simply because the way the pattern sets up in the jet stream, kind of looks like the greek letter owe mega, when you look at this on radar satellite, clearly nothing out there, across the midwest over the northeast, that's because high pressure is settling in. you have got wet weather to the south. you have got wet weather to the west. even disturbance out to sea will keep riding around the rim of the area of high pressure, and the high will block any disturbance that is try to come through from actually making it here, so,
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we're just sheltered with sunshine for the next couple of days, and that includes the upcoming weekends, so absolutely beautiful conditions with every passing day, warming up by couple of additional degrees. so eventually you hit the 70s, that happens we think sunday when we get to the low 70s and even little warmer by monday. you will see ' see in the seven day for now, temperatures holding tough into the upper 50's, tack other another 5 degrees, meanwhile to the south, little milder some of the warmth getting push our way with time. so it is a slow creep up on the they thermometer but increae nonetheless, outside to one of the live network, palmyra nature park, different angle from the camera. see nothing more than couple of clouds out there nice brit brew sky, perfect baseball weather. bright and sunny over the course of the next hour, keep the sunshine throughout the teen tire game out at citizens bank park, and for everyone else throughout the rest of the day, we look forward in the forecast this is good stuff. check out monday, 77 degrees,
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nothing more than couple of clouds, nice and warm, probably feeling more like about 80 degrees or so, when you factor in that nice warm sun angle. and then cold front does come along, but kind of looks whimpy, will knock the temperatures back, granted, but a lot of times you get nasty weather as fronts, doesn't look like that will be the case. snow is nice forecast, let's just enjoy it, drink it all in whimpy cold front, my kind of colds front. >> i'm with you. >> listen to this, cha-cha the chimp, is back in his home, wildlife park in japan. after leaving handlers on white chase through town, not clear how the chimp escaped from the park, but handlers say on the loose for about an hour running on rooftops and climbing up ooh till till polls, experts were able to coral him after shooting the 24 year old chimp with a sedative. >> oh. and what about another escapee this noon? this is inky the octopus. apparently found a weak spot in his town in new zealand
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aquarium, got away through a pipe. we all know they're very smart. and experts say inky probably headed back to his natural habitat. officials say they're just going to let him go. >> oh, my goodness. >> he hope he has better luck than cha-cha. keep running, inky, keep running. >> or swimming. >> what kobe bryant said about his time growing up after he
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>> coming up "eyewitness news" at noon, medical marijuana many parents have fought for very long time. >> you are so hurt, that your child has to go through this on a daily basis, and there is nothing that you can do. >> health reporter stephanie stahl tells us what is next for families, now that the bill to legalize it has passed in pennsylvania, that is today at 5:00. the flyers return to playoff hockey tonight. >> they take on the capitols in d.c., the team had warm up yesterday at the skate zone, several players on the team have never even been in the post-season, this will also be coach dave hacks he will's first time in the playoffs, good luck to the fly guys. >> superstar kobe bryant is calling it a career. >> the sure fire basketball hall of fame put on quite a show in his final game. scored 60-point last night. the most in the nba this season. and leading his lakers, the
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utah jazz, won mvp award, retires as the third leading scorer in nba history, of course the son of former sixer, grew up in lower merion, kind of reminisced before the la crowd. >> you know, i grew up, i grew up a diehard, i mean, a diehard laker fan. diehard. and to spends 20 years here, i mean, you can't write something better than this. >> in addition to kobe's family there were no shortage of superstars, including snoop dog, and jack nicholson, lots of former team mats, cool stuff. >> whether you like him or not, he had an impressive career. good for him. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. for katie and all every us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line for you at the young and the restless is next. ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone.
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> summer: i just wish i could wake up and it would be tomorrow morning and this would all be over. >> luca: go with the truth. you'll be fine. >> summer: okay, and my mom and billy? how do i live with myself knowing that this could do something to them? >> luca: how will you live with the lie? you know in your heart honesty is the right thing to do. it's who you are. >> phyllis: who are you, luca? certainly not an expert on doing the right thing. >> luca: and who here really is an expert on what's right and wrong? >> phyllis: i'd like a moment alone with my daughter. >> luca: i'll get us refills. >> summer: thank you. >> phyllis: you're choosing the wrong side of this battle, starting with your new bff. >> summer: luca is the only one who understands. he is not forcing me to choose sides, and he is not trying to


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