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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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trang. >> reporter: this was an all day ordeal here at cedar and madison street with the victim family and police waiting since this morning for a search warrant to be your you'd. that happened and 4:00 p.m. and that is when police took that man in custody. attention here was very high as man who took into custody as well as victim's family was within a few blocks of each other. >> reporter: police led a man in the back of the cruiser after hours outside this home on the the 3200 block of cedar street. a person of interest in a deadly hit and run. the his neighbors, stunned. >> he was one the of the first, wow say hello to you when i moved here. he was always very like nice, always said hello. how are you? >> reporter: last night police towed away a pontiac aztech believed to be involved in the accident at intersection of the aramingo and lehigh avenue. family identified rick tim as 35 year-old tommy dunbar, junior. dunbar was riding a motor scooter when police say he was struck and dragged 200 feet the by the suv.
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suv did not the stop. in the tight knit port richmond neighborhood many knew both man in custody and the victim. >> he was a nice guy, like everyone in the neighborhood knew him. everyone knows his family. he was the neighborhood guy. >> reporter: attorney representing the man taken away by police declined to provide his client's name but said he was wrongfully arrested. >> he maintains his innocence. did he nothing wrong. he does not understand why police detain him in his house. >> reporter: family tells me he was on his way back from getting groceries when struck and killed. he leaves behind his parents, younger brother and large extended family. for now we are live from port richmond i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. homicide detectives are investigating the death of the eight three-year old woman in east germantown. she was shot and killed inside of a home on the 400 block of cosgrove street. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this have afternoon. police say there is no danger to the community.
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breaking news right now is what being called today of rage protests are popping up and causing traffic jams in center city a and north philadelphia members of the philadelphia coalition for racial, economic and legal justice are marching from broad and girard to dilworth park at city hall. they are calling for an immediate end to the police department's stop and frisk policies. this is now a live picture of the protests, they just a arrived at city hall, and members of the fight for 15 group is also part of this demonstration, and they are pushing for the minimum wage to be increase todd $15 an hour. they are also supporting union rights. and many of these protesters started on the campus of the temple university this afternoon. there they shut down intersection of the broad and cecil b more, some students are outraged over temple university's plan to build a foot the ball stadium, they say the university has bigger issues to address. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: this morning day of rage protesters block
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traffic near fourth and market in olde city, they called the police department's stop and frisk policy racist and an example of police terrorism. three people were arrested, and today's protest also commemorate upcoming one year anniversary of the freddie grays death in baltimore. six people are injured in an accident, involving a hum vee on the new jersey turnpike. the accident happened in the southbound lanes, just north of exit 8a in south brunswick, middlesex county. eyewitnesses say four of the injured are soldiers, who were aboard the hum vee. they say the hum vee lost a wheel and then overturned. medical helicopter landed on the turnpike to transport some of the injured. the accident led to a huge traffic backup, on the turnpike. fifteen gang members have been arrested in the spree of violence in north philadelphia one of the gangs was known as tnt which stood for tenth and thompson. many members had tattoos to identify themselves. police say that gang, and another, turned to
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neighborhood into a war zone for four months in 204. they were 13 separate shootings, nine people the shot and one person murdered. >> the information we receive listening to them boost about the party last night in conference to having shot people, or someone passed a test meaning she not someone at least six times. just ruthless, heartless, and just unconsnable. >> ten guns have been confiscated so far. we are told origin of the violence between the two gangs started with a fight over a woman. taking a look the at the weather now we are enjoying another beautiful day. certainly looks like spring, at the belmount plateau in fairmount park a lot of sunshine out there felt more like spring today compared to yesterday. kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with more on the warmth, kate. >> jessica, beautiful evening out here in philadelphia, clear skies, and not too much wind either but to temperatures will be dropping tonight because when we have a clear sky when you don't have wind that is a recipe for
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cold, so another chilly night on the way through the case as well, cool night and warm afternoon, springtime and nice stretch. taking a look at storm scan three you can see not a whole lot, the area we don't find anything across greater northeast, everything quiet, chopper overhead thanks to the protesters out there at city hall. 62 degrees in philadelphia a warmer then yesterday by a few degrees. sixty-two in reading. fifty-six in millville. sixty in trenton. a frost advisory in effect for greater part of the area, right through tonight and into tomorrow morning. the delaware and lehigh valleys, as temperatures head to the mid 30's, and cover up those plant at least one more time, the warm up to continues in the weekend we will tell you when we will hit 70's coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. turning to campaign 2016, new cbs news poll find donald trump still lead the republican race for president. 42 percent of g.o.p. voters
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nationwide support trump compared to 29 percent for ted cruz, and 18 percent for john kasich. also trump is viewed more positively among republicans, the broader election views him less favorablely then his rivals. poll find 63 percent of registered voters overall have a negative view of trump, 48 percent have a unfavorable opinion of cruz and 21 percent view kasich negatively. on the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton are squaring off in another debate tonight. new the candidates are vying for last minute votes, ahead of the new york primary next week. correspondent jamie youkiss is in brooklyn with what is at stake in this battle for the big apple. >> reporter: brooklyn native bernie sanders and former new york senator hillary clinton can both claim home field advantage tonight the in their ninth presidential debate. this this one coming just five days before voters here head to the polls in the states primary. caitlin burns a none in part
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sin group real clear politics lays out what to expect. >> hillary clinton is really focused on stopping sanders momentum. bernie sanders has been hillary clinton over his qualifications, over her ties to wall street. >> reporter: both candidates have spent a love of time courting new york city residents to this week and with good reason. 70 percent of presidential primary voters come from the city and its suburbs. >> i grew up in brook lynn... >> i think new york values are at the core of american values. that is why i'm proud to be a new yorker. >> sanders has been drawing big crowds, 27,000 turned out to hear him last night in greenwich village but clinton is drawing bigger numbers in the polls. the she's up by at least ten points. but the race could be much closer that is because both candidates have a strong core audience among new york voters. >> if hillary clinton does well in diverse areas which new york has to offer and bernie sanders does well among white working class voters
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which we have too. >> reporter: other issues guarantied to come up in new york, wall street regulation and terrorism. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our local primaries are fast approaching, primary day in pennsylvania and delaware is april 26th, and new jersey will hold its primary on june 7th. well, for months, it was if they make the playoffs. they made it. round one starts tonight. >> there is nothing better than playoff hockey. leslie van arsdal joins with us flyers/cats game one. >> i love this time of the year. the flyers are in the playoffs. flyers post season begins tonight. the flyers are ready for the series to go the distance. the flyers also have numerous tributes planned in memory of the the late team founder ed snider, thinks his mural in kensington in his honor painted on the side of the home owned by a graduate of the ed snider youth hockey foundation and simply said ed snider, thank you. players will be wearing a special jersey patch, with his
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initials. here's a look at xfinity live, this is the flyers playoff watch party. a little bit of the crowd now, ready to pick up later tonight. they are expecting to have thousands of fans and they will be pumped for game one. phillies with an amazing performance on the mound this afternoon. we will have highlights coming up at 6:00 but they will be without one pitcher for half the season. phillies reliefer daniel stump f has to set out 80 games for violating the policy on performance enhancing drugs. this is first ever year with the phillies. that suspension affectivee immediately. vince convenient velasquez, a shoot-out. >> he looked strong today. >> yes, sure does. >> wright spot there, thanks. celebration of the wawa day took place at wawa flagship store at broad and walnut in center city. >> wawa day is celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the first wawa opened up in 1964. the as well the wawa, the wawa foundation which gives money
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to charities. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among those on hand today, wawa also announced plans for another philadelphia store, at 1900 market. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, medical mar juan ace something many parents have for the for and for very long time. >> you are so hurt, that your child has to go through this on a daily basis, and there is nothing that you can do. >> health reporter stephanie stahl tells you what is next for a family now that the bill to legalize it, in pennsylvania has passed. they say diamond are a girl's best friend and now a company has developed a way to grow them in the lab. how they do it and what experts say about the manmade stones, plus this. i'm pat gallen at holy ghost prep, what is forensics? we're not speaking for bodies, ghost prep, what is forensics? we're not speaking for bodies, i will debat prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
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more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by nacdd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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the sometimes you can't even graimagine.h. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, on healthwatch tonight, medical marijuana ace coming to pennsylvania. the bill passed yesterday, and
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will be signed by the governor on sunday. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here new with reaction from some of the families who really pushed for this medical marijuana. >> reporter: lots of families involved with this. medical marijuana legislation will take effect 30 days from being signed in the law this weekend. then the department of health will have six months to put together, some temporary regulations. it is something advocates have been waiting for a long time. >> can i have a kiss? i love you. >> reporter: eighteen year-old diana has epilepsy and suffers from chronic seizures. >> you are so hurt, that your child has to go through this on a daily basis. and there is nothing that you can do. nothing. >> reporter: she takes care of her daughter and says for two years medical cannabis has helped diana's condition. >> procedures are shorter in duration, she has no downtime after the seizure. >> reporter: she said she had
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to order medical mar yawn a from colorado and other states and now that it will be legal in pennsylvania she's relieved it will be easier to get and she will have have more choices. >> there will be different strand that i can try and i don't have to search, you know, on the internet looking for things to help her that i can find it right here in the states. >> reporter: in pennsylvania patients will be able to get pot with the recommendation of the physician if they suffer from one of the 17 qualifying conditions, such as cancer, ms, seizures and autism. >> they could basically make her life a lot better, give her a better quality of life and it has so far. >> reporter: now doctors in pennsylvania, who want to treat patient was medical marijuana will have to take a course and apply to be registered to prescribe the drug, in pill, oil or ointment form and patients or caregivers will to have get certified identification cards from the state department of health. there is a lot of regulation involved and it is going to go take a while until it gets running. >> yes, from yesterday, it
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will take a while to get going. stephanie, thanks very much. well, if you waited to do your taxes there is some good news, this year everyone has three extra days to file because of the washington d.c.'s annual holiday. the d.c. government shuts down every april 16th as part of the celebration of emancipation day commemorating the end of the slavery. well this year the holiday falls on a sat the day which means it will be observed on friday, april 15th, tax day. as a result, that changes the tax filing deadline for everyone across the country to april 18th. so, you have a few extra days. have you done your taxes yet? >> just go wow. >> no, i'm cool. but if you haven't you better get moving. time is wasting. that brings up a good question, what happens when you do not do your taxes? we all have this idea that the government is waiting for for us to file our taxes. now the deadline is hard and fast. so what does happen if you miss. >> yeah, what happens?
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>> what do you think happens. >> the irs comes and gets you. >> i'm not sure they will be knocking on your door on monday but find out what really happens if you don't pay your taxes, nicole brewer has the answer to tonight's good question a at 11:00 o'clock. do you have a good question? log on to cbs question or tweet us using had #cbs-3 good question. kate bilo joins us now, live back inside from the outside and it looks very nice out there. >> beautiful out there. >> ballgame, folks the a the watch party having a great time outside a lot of people out and about doing whatever you do on a beautiful spring day when you are taking a jog, maybe even protesters they got a nice day, for all of these demonstrations going on in the city.e day, for all of these it is a great day to be outside no matter what your reasoning is, get outside and enjoy it. blue skies and in problems. the wind is light. temperature are seasonal. nothing bad to to say about this seven day. only problem heading in the overnight hours temperatures will really drop and as they
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do we will start to feel the frost threat, reemerge kind of like last night. lets look at our live neighborhood network and all across the region nothing but blue skies, as far as the eye cab see. the here's kutztown, blue sky, broad headsville, nothing but blue skies. burnville, no problems there blue skies. down the shore cape may courthouse, beautiful not a cloud there beach patrol in margate, that is five spots we have moved all across the region and they have not seen one cloud, it is a few mini puffy ones over center city that is about it. perfection today. storm scan three shows how clear it is outside, in problems here as we zoom out you can see no problems across the entire eastern half of the country. we have rain from the portions of the mississippi all the way across florida and georgia we are seeing rain and thunderstorm activity right now. that is missing our area. with high pressure dominating the pattern there is a big dome of high pressure centered over the region. that will stick around throughout the weekend and into next week abe it will keep nice weather, coming. we will get blocking pattern
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like this where weather isn't moving much at all, we have winners and losers some people get stuck in the stormy stuff for days and days, others get stuck in the nice stuff and that is where we will be heading in the weekend. sixty-two at the airport. that is where we should be for mid-april. fifty-nine in lancaster. fifty-six in millville. cooler down the shore and that is the case as we head through weekend as well thanks to the on shore flow. tomorrow morning when you wake up you can see spots in the mid to upper 30's here, and that is cold enough for frost. we mentioned frost advisory outside. generally speaking last freeze we will get this time of the year is mid-april here in philadelphia, late april in our far north and western suburbs. so we are right on target for last freeze or frost this week and then hopefully that threat will be eliminated in the coming weeks. so again right on target for mid-april, final frost or freeze here in philadelphia, we have got a nice weekend on the way, bright and sunny sat the day in the 60's, high pressure still overhead sunday, but turns warmer in the 70's. next few days sunny dry, cool morgues, warming each day and
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then gorgeous weekend. doesn't about every much better than. that we have clear skies, areas of frost. 42 degrees. tomorrow sunny skies, light wind 64 degrees for your friday. weekend a bit more of the the breeze but turns warmer as well. so 67 on saturday. seventy-two on sunday, and if you don't have any plans for this weekend, i would suggest you mike some, maybe a cook out, little league, one thing to note it will be cooler down the shore. if you are debating you may want to stay in the city this weekend. >> good idea. >> that sound great. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a local 911 operator spent her life helping people saving lives year after year and now she's in need of help of her own. we will tell you how a community is coming to her aid, plus. >> how do you feel, sir. >> happy. >> our pat gallen goes head to head with the holy ghost prep forensic team, not csi kind but the speech and debate kind
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when we come right back.
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another championship celebration for our area students from the holy ghost prep school in bensalem recently won the state title in a unique competition. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has more on the journey. >> what is so difficult about forgiveness? forensics is the application of science in law but it is art of the something completely different. >> it is speech debate and drama, all right. people write speeches, people debate issues and usually one topic a month. some people just don't get what we do. we are different kind of people. we are not feeder kids because they are really big. we're in the sports guys because we don't do sports. >> but, we most certainly speak and act and it is just awesome. >> reporter: tony is the forensic coach at holy ghost prep in bensalem. he is teaching students how to findly tune their
5:25 pm
communication skills. he and his crew won another state forensic title last week adding to their impressive collection. >> we have won 18 state titles. >> what it like to act and debate with the best? they let me into their exclusive club for the day. >> you get out, your chest goes out, your shoulder backs and hand like this. >> one, two, three: >> i'm out. >> three, yes. >> mop that deck, faster. >> please, sir, come on, it is a wooden leg. >> i'm give you another wooden leg if you want. >> you just won the world series, sir, how do you feel, sir. >> happy. >> thank you, i really appreciate what you do, and everyone out there thank you for voting for me i appreciate it. >> as a member willie be in
5:26 pm
jail next year. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you have one. >> thank you. pat, man of many voices. >> eighteen state titles. bravo. >> way to go to those students. >> outstanding work. >> indeed. coming up next, help for a 911 operator. >> she has answered thousands of calls for help in her 28 year career, but now, fighting a cruel disease, she's getting more help then you might ever have imagined. a story of love and hope, from the emergency communications center in montgomery county coming up. then, did you say yes if you were proposed to with a diamond grown in the lab? it is a thing. how the new machine made gems compared to the natural ones. and new at 6:00, how about that view? our greg argos gives us a sneak peak at the most expensive home in center city and you'll have t
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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she's been there for many, in their time of the need and now co-workers are rallying the community to answer the call for a 911 dispatcher. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. this dispatcher did not have to dial 911 for help in battling a debilitating disease. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is in eagleville, montgomery count which that story, walt. >> reporter: she had dedicated her professional life to answering calls for help here in montgomery county's 911 center, 28 years. now, attacked by als, incurable degenerative disease, she find that she doesn't have to call for help because her co-workers and her community are busy rallying to
5:31 pm
help side. >> do you know what road you are off of. >> reporter: she calls for help with her fellow 911 dispatchers, it has been her life for past 28 years honored many times for saving lives, and at least once she recalls, helping bring a new life into the world. >> the father called to thank me for helping deliver the baby. so that is a really good feeling report report last october uda found that she was one who needed help, diagnosed with als, lou gehrig's disease. >> it is a cruel disease. i lost the use of mote of my right side. >> reporter: that is when hugs and help started to pour in from her fellow dispatchers, no need to call for help, she just looked up, and they before there, 24-seven. >> it has been heart breaking, to see what, the way that she was before the diagnosis and to see how she is now. >> i love her to death, and i will never let her be alone.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: suddenly even routine things like putting on her head set or getting out the door to work became a huge challenge but her friend were always at her side. >> you have angels, i have angels, beside me all along the way. >> reporter: with specially monogrammed t-shirts her friend are planning a may seventh fundraiser so they can make crucial changes to her home to how her to get around. she knows her als is incurable but she also knows, that now a much deeper truth, her friend will be at her side, through every moment of this terrible journey. >> he didn't to have dial 911 for help, it was sitting right next to her. >> no, she didn't. >> we're there, we're there for her. >> so this time the call isn't coming into the 911 center, the call is going out, a call, to help ud thea and it is a sure bet that a lot of people will be answering it. may seventh in royersford for more information, go to our web site. live from eagleville, walt
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hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hugs and help go a long way, walt, thank you. another 40,000 unionized verizon workers are walking a picket line important secretary day as contract negotiations hit a impasse. strike in philadelphia and along east coast affect verizon's land line and internet service and in the wireless. the the train non-union workers to fill in during the strike and company expects minimal service disruptions. judge ordered mohammad abrini and six other suspects connect water or attacks in paris and brussels, behind bars for another month. abrini has admitted to being the man in the hat seen leaving brussels a airport march 22nd after two suicide bombers, detonated explosives there. but french media reports that abrini told investigators he quote wouldn't hurt a fly. it has been two years since islamic militants kidnaped 200 school girl in nigeria and new video surfaced which shows some of the girls in captivity. video believed to be from the
5:34 pm
terror boone boca hard ram shows five of the 276 students, kidnaped two years ago. some others cried, as they recognized their daughters in the video which was reportedly recorded, in des. >> that will prove to us that these kids have a life. >> reporter: 219 girls are still missing after the original abduction which occurred in april, 2014. a strong earthquake rocks southern japan and all captured on video. two people were killed and 45 were injured, by the magnitude 6.4 quake. japanese officials say at least 19 houses were knocked down and some road buckled, they were strong after shocks as well, quake did not pose a tsunami threat. engineers are using chemistry and what they call gross chambers to make diamond. these are not kuhn i can, but
5:35 pm
real deal. but how do they compare to the natural counterparts. >> they are making diamonds. jeremy schultz, the chief technology officer of the diamond foundry carefully shows off what they have created. >> for us, and just a few weeks, we have produced a one carat stone with plasma, and with chemistry we're accelerating the same process that happens in the earth. >> reporter: to protect their secrets from the competition they provided only glimpses of the machines that at 10,000 degrees fahrenheit rearrange carbon adams into precious gems. >> so to the lay person it would be very hard to see some of the differences. >> reporter: john king is chief quality officer of the gem logical institute of america. he grades diamond and says that there is little difference between those mind from the earth, and those grown in the machine. >> they have the same chemical properties, the same physical properties. >> a die machinist forever.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: world's leading diamond producer debeers told cbs this morning the quote finite nature of natural die manned makes them valuable, sib this i can diamond can be mass produced and will not retain value overtime. but whether diamond are coming from the earth or silicone valley don't expect a bargain. they only cost 15 percent less than the real thing and another interesting note, one of the foundry's first investors leonardo dicaprio. >> yes, he is very passionate about all that. >> that was something. >> legal trouble for one of the disney's biggest stars, why she was arrested. also this. i'm cherri gregg they never had a prom but now they are getting one, more on who and why this milestone is life changing. also, a high altitude chase when a chimpanzee climbs a utility pole, how officials finally captured the escapee. kate? a chilly night ahead, even
5:37 pm
a frost threat in the area but then we're talking about a nice warm up through the weekend, i'll tell you when we hit 70's and could be pushing 80 with the eye witt the necess
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narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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budget carrier frontier airlines launches none in stop services from philadelphia travelers can fly direct to cleveland, nashville, indianapolis, are in orleans, raleigh-durham and st. augustine, florida. in addition, frontier reinstated seasonal non-stop service from philadelphia to charlotte north caroline, houston and chicago. snap chatties tops when it comes to teens in the new survey, snap chat over took instagram. twitter is third followed by facebook and tumbler. instagram has 400 million monthly users overall, snap
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chat says it has 100 million daily users. so, are you a snap chatter. >> i have dabbled in snap chat. >> i have no idea. >> people are much faster then me but it is much more natural for them. >> i have no clue, one day. >> yes. >> we will all be on peoples phones before we know it. coming up gwenn stephan i's divorce drama, insider tells us how their deal compares to
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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the chimpanzee is back at home after leaving handlers on a wild chase through town. it is not clear, how cha escaped but handlers say he was on the loose for about an hour running on rooftops and climbing up utility poles. pretty much causing pandemonium. experts were able to carol him after shooting the 24 year-old chim one a sedative, but again, that is his home and he is okay. >> he just need a break. >> he made a run for it. philadelphia size always a popular place on a beautiful sunny day like today. >> john mcdevitt the with our sister station kyw news radio tells you even animals looked like they were enjoying the
5:45 pm
spring weather. >> reporter: signs of the spring were evident all over the place with flowers, trees in bloom, the swann boats have been dust ted off and visitors are paddling around bird lake. animals spending more time outdoors, and, including boats, una and cindy having tons of fun, and munching on melons and splashing around in their pool. zoo keeper ellen, tells us about the popular residents. >> now they came here as within year-old. when they came they were only 500-pound. now they both the way way about 4,000-pound each. so, they grow pretty quickly. they are full grown, 4,000-pound, and in captivity, hippo can live into their 40's. so hopefully these girls have have a lot of happy, healthy years ahead of them here at the zoo. >> reporter: the food motivated animals are trained to come to a spot, open wide and get fed. >> come on over, girls. >> reporter: in addition to
5:46 pm
hey, the girls get 10-pound of lettuce each day. there you go. many visitors say there is in other place they would the rather be at the zoo on such a beautiful spring day. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is amazing. >> that was great. >> their mouths are just so big. >> they are. >> everybody out theringing 4,000-pound. >> wow. >> makes me feel better about my diet, they are still eating salad all day and they still weigh 4,000-pound. >> look at you. >> kate joins with us our forecast, beautiful day today and that seven day or five day. >> lots of sunshine. looking out in the middle of next week it is sunny every day. beautiful. there are a little ups and down as far as temperature is concern over the next few days, we will rise up, maybe some will back a little bit but still we are looking at or above average temperatures for next seven days and looking at very little if any precipitation for next seven days as well. just a fantastic stretch. we will take you outside to
5:47 pm
start off and in center city philadelphia nothing but a deep blue sky across the region. the cant even find a cloud in the sky today. what a perfect day. chilly start to the morning but warmed up so nicely this afternoon and temperatures where they should be here as we head toward mid-april. our eyewitness weather watchers loving this day. lets check with them now we are looking at temperatures in the 60's, got 68-degree reading here at barbara lane's house in willow grove, full sunshine for her, 61 as we check -- 64 as we check with allen in delran. allen say fantastic spring day wouldn't you say, that sound like alan, he always rimes. sometimes i'm in the sure was they mean and then i figure it out later. alan is challenging me. christopher, is in saint david and he has sunshine there. he says, beautiful evening, burgers on the grill for dinner, i'm coming over, wayne is not too far i will there been very shortly. ed connor, chester, new
5:48 pm
jersey, 71 with the cool start here but warmed up to be a beautiful, dry afternoon. we have really nice temperatures. they sent us beautiful photos as well. phil sending this one of the gorgeous flowers here, spring flowers are blooming, not sure what kind those are. someone on twit other face bike will let me know. deep blue sky from ed connor as well. looking good across the region. lets look at storm scan three, not a whole lot of anything at all. we've got a storm off to the south, that is staying off to the south. we're getting in the blocking pattern in the atmosphere, with big dome of high pressure that is moving from the midwest, and, slowly toward the east coast as we head through weekend and next week. that will keep everything, stagnant. so we are under clear skies, and that will continue, storms to the west, storm out to sea as well and then this dome of high pressure keeping us protect from inclement weather over next several days. to the next week or two. temperatures right now, still very comfortable this evening, 62 in philadelphia 26 in reading. 56 degrees in millville and 58 up in mount pocono. there is that big high, notice
5:49 pm
it is not going anywhere for next several days. here's saturday, you can see system churning out in the open ocean. that will stay in the opened ocean but generating a gusty breeze down the shore this weekend. light wind tomorrow, wind do pick up the at the coast saturday and sunday. we may feel more of a breeze inland as well. is there omega block we talk about yesterday. the greek letter omega with the two storms on either side work that high overhead, that gradual warming will continue in the weekend and even look at this the end of the april we are still above average as far as the temperature outlook is concern. it does look like we have turned the corner, spring has return and it looks like it will stay with us even possibly through the end of april. overnight clear sky do watch for frost in the outlining suburbs. friday sunny skies, light wind at 64 degrees. your weekend forecast is a stunner, back in the 70's, by sunday but both days looking great, 40's overnight, so chilly start nice warm afternoon and look at all that sunshine. is there our stumbling block monday into tuesday but still in the 60's with sunshine
5:50 pm
through next thursday. we will send it back to you guys. >> kate, looking good, thanks. prom night is one event most students never forget but not everyone gets that experience. a philadelphia organization is working to change that. >> reporter cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio took a trip to north broad street where preparations are underway. >> reporter: from the formal gowns, jewelry and shoes to the suits, ties suspenders. >> with the dress. >> reporter: age 16 to 21 will get speak special night they missed. >> i had to recover. >> reporter: for siani jackson this day of choosing a prom gown is emotional one. mother of two just got her ged and now in community college after months of education, employment and educational center. >> we will work with them to stabilize their housing and work with them, for count assistance. >> reporter: tara is director
5:51 pm
of youth engagement and say the young people that come through have overcome obstacle like homelessness and parenting but they are back on track with their ged, and so why not just celebrate. >> i would went to rahm. >> reporter: thanks do donated dresses, make up and accessories, graduates, get free prom a tire, and for the first time they will get a special day on may 11th, here at the ethical society in rittenhouse square. >> we have got make up, artists coming, we have flowers coming. >> never thought i would have this moment. >> reporter: nicole reese started the journal which her best friend siani. >> peanut butter and jelly. >> reporter: she also dropped out but with a ged if the inner her cap she has a dress. >> your colors. >> reporter: she will experience the prom with her best friend by her side. >> let's do it. >> reporter: the a date they will never forget n center city, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". ladies, have a wonderful
5:52 pm
time. >> studying all of the julyry you have to get it right. >> they will never forget it. so true. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a big did it knee star is in trouble with the law. we're learning more about gwenn stephie i's divorce drama. we will look at the closer look at the deal and who got what, that is up next.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
a disney star ace pol guys to go her fans avenues broke of her dui arrest. debbie rye on was arrested last week, the 22-year old jesse actress was driving around l.a. last week when police say she crashed in the car injuring a person inside, and failed a field sobriety test. ryan is scheduled for an arraignment on those charges next month. it is a boy named wilmington for pop star kelly
5:56 pm
clarkson. she and her husband brandon blackstock welcomed their son tuesday. clarkson says he's healthy and they are in love. remington alexander joined big sister river rose. telling new details from inside gwenn stephani and gavin rossdale's divorce settlement. who is the big win are. did he really walk away from millions. >> insider lou agear joins us from los angeles with more, louie. >> we are learning so much about their divorce drama tonight we will go inside to break down how their divorce deal compares to other million dollar splits. >> it fell apart last february, right after the grammys. i woke up that morning. it was that was it. my life changed forever. >> ♪ >> reporter: nobody knew what was happening. they had a big secretment that was gwenn describing demise of her marriage as she were her current hit album but today as headlines suggest her current bow blake shelton, details surfaced about her divorce
5:57 pm
settlement from ex-gavin racedale. >> what is so interesting about the divorce settlement is gavin rossdale hasn't sought a great deal of gwenn stephani's money. >> reporter: judge has not signed off that will split custody of their three children 50/50. gavin will end up with the boys a bit more because of gwenn's schedule but without, asking for any child support. attorney julie, says rossdailys walking away from millions of dollars he could have persued. >> gwenn stephani the has won big in the settlement. she could have lost 50 percent, and she hasn't. second, she could have been required to pay child support to gaff up rossdale and she doesn't have to. >> reporter: hollywood has seen many superstar couples expensive divorces, but madonna's break up with husband director guy richie reportedly cost her up to 92 million. chelsea grammar's divorce from his real housewives of beverly hills cost him 30 million. and we will have so much more on this story tonight on the insider, back to you.
5:58 pm
louie, thanks. watch insider tonight and every week night at 7:30, right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, flight frustrations, stranded passengers stuck in long security lines. officials say people are enemiesing flights due to increased security. how tsa is responding to the issue. >> it was a lot. i feel like i lost myself. >> a missed diagnosis this philadelphia moon says it a has ruined her life. our stephanie stahl shows us the false positive she received and traumatic events, she has got. >> luxury living, inside the city a's most expensive property currently on the market. we have the amenities, the price, and the view, and why this may be a great deal, for certain people. we begin at 6:00 with
5:59 pm
continuing coverage, of is what being called, day of rage protests, in center city. chopper three is live at this demonstration causing grid lock around city hall during the evening rush. dozens marched from temple university to city hall, and then back, then to broad and arch. they are demanding that powe department end that stop and frisk policy this that they are calling racist. protestors are pushing for minimum wage to be increase todd $15 an hour. also tonight, flight frustrations, passengers at airlines alike voicing their displeasure after long lines caused people to miss their flights. tonight the tsa is responding, good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live at philadelphia international airport with more, alex. >> reporter: the transportation safety administration is now advising, all travelers, a live two hours before their flight. that is twice as much as their previous suggestion, and it is to help ease growing lines
6:00 pm
around the country and right here in philadelphia: in just one week last month american airlines says that a record number of passengers, about 6800, missed their flights, because of long wait times. >> security line in like an hour. >> look at what they were just slow as well but they were doing extra work. >> reporter: federal provisions installed any further tsa staffing cuts for, 2016 but atlantic city international the has scaled back work hours. without growth, tsa has struggled to call for bypass eveningers and legislators. >> the recent terror attacks and terror attack i should say in brussels was a reminder of the dangers that exist, and in fact, there have been at least 51, 51 hijacking attempts around the world since september the 11th, 2001. >> reporter: in a statement to "eyewitness news" a spokesperson says the that


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