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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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street, people walking out in the city just enjoying a friday evening that will turn into a great friday night to be out and about and fantastic weekend as well. looking at storm can we are clear and as far as the eye can see. northeast protected by big dome of high pressure that is keeping any bad weather at bay, you can almost see that dome, i put in for you, there it sits and keeping all of the rain, kind of relegated to the outer edge of that high. so we are sitting pretty through the next several days and it will be a gradual warming trend, where it is at 65 degrees right now. that is our high today. sixty-three reading. cooler down the shore, south jersey and delaware in the 50's thanks to an a on shore flow off the cooler ocean and bays and we have been climbing all week. i have to update. we have just hit 65 today. sixty-five again tomorrow. seventy's hit on sunday, coming up i will tell you how many days in the 70's we can expect and if there is any rain in the forecast at all? i will answer that as well. back inside to you. >> kate, thank you. replay in the lesean mccoy
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assault investigation, pennsylvania attorney general, is now reviewing the decision in the the case, involving the former eagles running back. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at central detectives with more on this, walt. >> reporter: well, jessica, as they say it ain't over will until it is over and apparently involving this investigation here at central it is not over just yet. the solicitor general, bruce castor who works in the ag a's office now verifying that he was here, with his state attorney general's detectives this week, examining evidence, and videos, looking at the decision by the district attorney, not to file any charges in a bar brawl, that a allegedly involved lesean mccoy, companions, and as many as three off-duty philadelphia police officers. twelve days ago district attorney seth williams announced no criminal charges will be filed against lesean mccoy, his companions or anyone else in a february bar brawl that left two off-duty philadelphia police officers beaten. >> my office is investigating
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that there is insufficient evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal offense. >> reporter: but now in this letter from the state attorney general's office, in response to a request from fraternal order of police president john mcnesby for a review, solicitor general bruce car for says that the district attorney's decision, in fact, will be reexamined. >> we are deciding now whether the evidence is so compelling that a court should review the decision made by the district attorney. >> reporter: castor says he and attorney generals investigators are already examining the evidence on which the d.a. based his decision. >> we met with the detectives who were investigating the case, got a copy of the case file, got copies of the videos. >> there is a lot the there that people don't know b we wanted to make sure we get another set of eyes looking at it. >> reporter: castor says action toss reverse
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prosecutor's decisions are extremely rare, requiring overwhelming evidence, that would then of to be taken into a judge for further consideration. but, mccoy's attorney dennis cogin telling cbs-3 in a phone interview, i have a high regard for bruce castor. i am confident that he will find in abuse of discretion in the d.a.'s decision not to prosecute. district attorney seth williams adding in an e-mail statement that reads in party stand by my decision not to issue charges against anyone. my office work diligently to investigate this matter and, in the end, there was not adequate evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal offense. coming up, live at 6:00 we will have more from mr. castor, on just how difficult and an unusual it would be to take any action, potentially that would overturn the d.a.'s decision. more on that part of the story
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when we join you at 6:00. live from central detectives division i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt we will see you then. six two-year old ramone marrales is charged in connection with the hit and run in port richmond that killed 36 year-old tommy dunbar. police say a suv hit and dragged the rick tim at aramingo and lehigh wednesday night. suv was found empty about a mile away a few hearst later. morales is facing several charges including murder, homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. murder investigation is underway in willingboro, burlington county. chopper three over 600 block of woodhaven lane there. that is where police discover the body of 31 year-old colby rodgers inside a park car. investigators say gunshots were reported in that area overnight. so far no arrests have been made. chopper three over a fire in bridgeton cumberland county this afternoon. this two alarm fire broke out in the vacant home on south giles street. there are in reports of any injuries, and the causes under
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investigation. a georgia mother says that she regrets giving school administrators permission to physically punish her five-year old son. the mother secretly recorded what happened when the boy was held down and then threatened with a wooden paddle at his school near atlanta. >> what happened at that school, wednesday was not a paddle, it was not a spanking but it was abuse. >> one time. >> unless you move around, right. >> one time. >> reporter: principal and a cysttent principal said they were punishing the five-year old with a paddle because he got in the fight and spit on another student. the two administrators from jasper county primary school tried to get the kindergartener to stand still. thomas's mother sheen a perez secretly recorded the video, she said she was told to allow the punishment or he would be suspended. >> let them paddle him or go back to jail for truancy. >> reporter: she was arrested earlier this year because her
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son had 18 unexcused abens ises. jasper county schools, said that quote, when corporal punishment is used it is with parental consent. the district is investigating the incident and looking into its discipline policies. >> in the saint george corporal punishment is not a crime. >> reporter: nineteen states allow children to be hit in public schools and many places, parental permission is required. >> i'm not leaving here. >> i shouldn't have been worried about going to jail but should have been worried about spanking my child. i didn't know it would happen like that. >> the facebook post of that incident has about 2 million views, so far. >> today marks three years since boston marathon bombings. massachusetts governor charlie baker and boston mayor marty walsh join dozens of other for wreath laying to remember the victims this years marathon is
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on monday and cbs reporter michelle miller has more on what is in store for both runners and spectators. >> the daffodil in blooms are around boston marking more than just the change of seasons. >> daffodils symbolize hope, rebirth, they are incredibly cheerful. >> reporter: dianne valley started daffodils project after the bombings in 2013. more than 100 volunteers from the eight towns along the marathon route pitched into plant as many of the perennials as they could. >> the idea grew from a few, to a hundred thousand, from washington to boston. 26.2 miles. >> reporter: potted daffodils grown and kept cool will in a greenhouse south of the city, they are timed to bloom just before the race. more than 2,000 will go to businesses along the route like marathon sports, the finish line storefront where the first of the two explosions took place. shane o'hara was there three years ago, sheltering
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survivors intending to the wounded. >> how did you know what to do. >> i don't think i did know what i was doing, before it was all reactions. >> reporter: o'hara's fielded questions about what happened in front of the store since the bombings took place. when the daffodils arrived, he gets to share a different story. this one. >> when we light them up, it is a nice gentle light and just like the sun. who doesn't smile when the sunnies out. >> reporter: all of these daffodils are being trucked out to their spots long the parade route, and i'm told minute they hit the sun, they will be popping. michelle million are for cbs news, massachusetts. >> everyone pitching in on so many levels. well, phillies a and major league baseball are celebrating jackie robinson day. on this day in 1947 robinson made his major league debut breaking the color barrier. >> "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh has more on how philadelphia is paying tribute to the icon. >> only number retired in all
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of professional baseball is the number 42. >> reporter: on one jersey, that changed countless lives. >> jackie robinson an african-american who played baseball and break the color bar or. >> reporter: robinson broke the california or barrier. >> it the is important to be here because of what jackie robinson has done to how me to become an elect official but my uncle was able to to try out for the brooklyn dodgers. >> reporter: same team robinson played for. his name on that roster tore through decade of baseball segregation. many in the community gathered at the philadelphia stars memorial park to honor robinson, full a city council leaders also spoke after passing a resolution last month apologize to go robinson for the raza abuse he faced decade ago. >> honoring our history means confronting our past. part of that can start with an apology and acknowledgment of the shame and hurt that it caused. >> reporter: robinson's story
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pioneered the way for players like gary matthews the former left fielder for the phillies. >> the philadelphia phillies is last major league team to have a black player on, because of the the way he played, really paved the way for us to be able to to come out there and play. >> reporter: forty-two, two digits on one jersey, remind their beyond the home runs, beyond the hall of fame, robinson's lasting legacy is the day he first went to bat for the players who would come after him. at the philadelphia stars memorial park. >> take me out to the ballgame. >> reporter: anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it all of the games, everyone will be wearing 42. well, down but not out, flyers fans are hopping aboard the playoff band wagon. >> yeah, go flyers. >> a big crowd turnout for flyers block party and pep rally a at bala cynwyd, carnival atmosphere this afternoon as fans broke out orange and black, got flyered up with free giveaways, games
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and meet and greets with flyers alumni. the flyers are back on the ice for game two in washington tomorrow. >> got to steel that one. we need that one. coming up on eye witt the necessary news tonight texting in theaters, official from his one local movie chain are discuss ago allowing people to text while watching a movie. what they decided after hearing from customers. plus a new device that could help fight a debilitating disease you wear it on your wrist like a watch and health reporter stephanie stahl will show you how it works. police didn't have any trouble keeping track of this suspect he tried to get away on a moped, how this low speed suspect he tried to get away on a moped, how this low speed chase ended prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but ninety percent don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes.
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another earthquake, strikes southern japan, this one with a magnitude of 7.1. it comes barely 24 hours after a magnitude 6.6 quake in the same region yesterday. that quake left nine people dead and more than 800 injured. there are reports of people trapped from today's
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earthquake, which was followed by some strong after shocks. a tsunami advisory was issued but lifted an hour later. some tense moments in uruguay thanks to some dangling concrete. three blocks together weigh 7 tons and they were the counter weight to a crane. something went wrong and they nearly fell to the ground. luckily fire department came in diverting people and cars from that area and the blocks were safely removed. video of the michigan, are going viral on the web. the driver tried to out run, police after taking off during a traffic stop. he raced down a few streets and under tree branches before he was derailed by train tracks. he took a nasty fall. the chase continued on foot, until police caught up with that driver. he was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license and a looting police. amc is changing its tune on experimental plan to allow texting in some movie theaters this idea was met with swift criticism from both consumers
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and hollywood creatives. chain initially said it considered having text friendly theaters in hopes of attracting millennials but in the wake of the backlash, amc decided to leave that idea on the cutting room floor. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> imax is taking its super size movie experience to another level. >> company is inviting people to tune in, and break a sweat, imax shift is $34 and it combines indoor cycling with the wall to wall screen and sound. the company hopes this combination will change the way people think about exercise. right now the class is in the testing phase in brooklyn. here's a great idea gym for people, and their pets. it started out as a shelter in kentucky but then owners noticed a lot of overweight pets, so they decided to add a gym, where homeless can work out, with their pets. takes care of two things at ones. they have a doggie day care as well, fat it the is is located near fort knox, so they take care of pets while their
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owner, soldiers are overseas. you may not see many cats at the gym, exercising isn't really their thing. >> no. >> cats are actually known for being pretty lazy but you know the saying they have nine lives. what is that all about. it is tonight a he good question. christie c says why do we say cats have nine lives. it is a myth that goes back to anxious egypt, shakespeare even wrote about it. but where did it come from and why that number nine? >> it is an old myth. >> i think cats are very clever. i think they goat out of danger lot. >> because they always london their feet. >> they do seem to always land upright but why nine lives? our nicole brewer answers your good question tonight at 11:00. if you have a good question log on to cbs question and tweet us, just be sure to use #cbs-3 good question. >> check it out good kate bilo joins us with the forecast and there is a big h over our region and that stand for happy for me. >> happy, high pressure, kind
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of the same thing, they do go together. they go hand and hand. >> looking good. >> it will be a beautiful weekend. so excited get your weekend plans made right now, whether it is little league games like i'm doing, a cook out maybe, a jog along maybe forbidden drive, maybe the kelly drive, anywhere you go this weekend the weather will cooperate, cool mornings, cool nights, warm afternoons, nothing but sunshine, wall to wall sun the whole weekend long doesn't get much better then this. we will take you through a few live neighborhood network sites and just a shame what a beautiful day it is, every where, kutztown, deep blue sky, broadheadville great story looks great, it looks like they are old from yesterday. they looked exactly the same. can't complain about that. it has been a wonderful stretch the second half of the week. cape may courthouse looking good. margate looks like you will want to put your umbrella in the stan stake out i claim but may in the wanting to in the ocean without heavy duty wet suit. it is definitely still on the cold side. let the look at storm scan
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three because here again clear skies across north east and midwest. the is there that big dome we were just talking about. you can see rotation, showers, cloud rotating around central point. what is that? that big h we were talking about. it is like a dome, bubble keeping us protected. so any rain, even some snow for colorado that is all staying put, rain, showers, cloud in the deep south as well but that system off shore that we will watch over canadian maritime will dive further south through weekend. but this is all staying away. we're protect. nothing permeate ago this bubble this weekend. temperatures right now comfortable 65 in philadelphia. sixty-five allentown as well. sixty-three in reading. this ace phenomenon we have seen in the past few days, east wind keeping cooler areas around the delaware bay and south jersey. we are only in the 50's in delaware and south jersey. mid 50's in the lehigh valley. when we wake up tomorrow morning not as cold as recent mornings. we don't have frost advisories yet to tell but but a few 30's here and there can't rule out scattered patchy frost in
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interior south jersey but just a gorgeous weekend. there is that high, 60's tomorrow. seventy's on sunday. we are in the 70's again as we head back to work next week. there is that big ridge in the jet stream, slight cooling coming in by next tuesday and when i say slight cooling it will be the at or above average through the entire seven day forecast. overnight tonight clear, cool star lit sky of 43. sunny and seasonal, spring perfection, for your saturday, so excited my text went right off the page there last sat the day, 43, 43. this sat the day 65 degrees. not only nice in the city but it will be sunny in the poconos as well. so three big sunshines, sat the day, sunday, monday. we have something for everyone. crisp spring day, a nice warm summer-like day. >> um, um, um. >> sunshine across the board. >> great, thanks kate. >> wonderful, thank you kate. let go out in space. look at this this new nasa photo. it is of the space zone known
5:21 pm
as the spike. there are clouds of gas and dust where stars can form. the spider looks like it is glowing green but that is just because the image was taken with an infrared camera. by the way, it is 10,000 light years from earth. >> that is incredible, wow. well, ready for some baby pictures. >> elmwood park zoo is welcoming two new porcupines, look at them, coming up, how you can help name them, pat. >> jessica, phillies are in action can they get yet era macing pitching perform a answer tonight, i've got that and flyers they are down a game to the capitals. they are also down one of their best players for the series, we will tell you who, and how, up next in
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all right. dealing with the most complete team in the n hl the flyers will have rebound from a one to nothing deficit from the capitals without their best forward. center sean couturier is out for two weeks with the upper body injury and two weeks
5:25 pm
would mean remainder of the series fittings seven games. reports say he has a sprained ac joint in his left shoulder after taking a hit from alex ovechkin in the second period of last night's loss. the teammates talk about what they will be missing moving forward. >> everybody has to step up, even more. obviously. co ot s had an outstanding season. he has been outstanding for us over the last few years. we have to find a way, different guy has to step up. >> huge, co ot s is our defensive anchor. such a good defense i have forward. we will miss him. but it is next guy in line mentality and hoist up next. >> beautiful night for baseball as phillies open up a series with the nationals at 7:05. jeremy hellickson will mirror vince velasquez from his incredible performance, you know, 16 strike outs, zero, and a shut out. pretty simple for jeremy hellickson. >> that was fun to watch. lets get another one tonight. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate
5:26 pm
it. bernie sanders is at the vatican and hillary clinton is returning to philadelphia we will have the latest from the campaign trail, next. tragedy on the farm. coming up how a pillar in the new jersey agricultural industry died while working in the field. and new at 6:00 o'clock, 100 million-dollar sitting around waiting to be claimed this tax season. thousands of dollars could be in your pocket thanks to a credit many people don't know about. we will tell you how to wash in at
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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he was called a giant, in new jersey's agricultural community, and tonight family, friend and customers are mourning the loss of a burlington county farmer. he died yesterday in what his family says was a tragic accident on the farm. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. anthony loose owe owns russo's fruit and farm in tabernacle.
5:30 pm
cleve bryan shows how the farmer's family paid tribute to the his legacy. >> reporter: from the consistent flow of activity you would never know russo's fruit and vegetable farm in tabernacle is going through one of the toughest times in the 75 years history. >> family farm is four generations, going strong. >> reporter: thursday afternoon tragedy struck its owner as anthony russo was preparing to seed a corn field the seven three-year old was making adjustment to the equipment when person pulling it the with the tractor unexpectly hit the accelerator. he suffered serious injuries, and tied at the hospital, a short time later. tabernacle mayor steven lee is a a fellow farmer and friend. >> our families have kind of grown up together. we have been very close for a long time. it is a tragic loss for our family but also for all of the families, in the agricultural. they have been a part of the burlington county for a long time. >> reporter: especial ice necessary jersey fresh pro tuesday cultivating and harvesting hundreds of acres.
5:31 pm
their farming market offered baked goods to landscaping materials. russo's family members were too upset to talk on camera but they told meehan tony was patriarch in the truest sense. he kept family and farm business together for decade. >> they are one of the hardest working agricultural families in the state and it is a testament to their family after a tragic loss yesterday they put their boots back on, at 7:00 they were back to work this morning. >> reporter: family said in a message to customers as they have grief and pick up pieces after the death, they will continue to have the farming legacy he loved so much. in tabernacle, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in campaign 2016, democratic front runner hillary clinton will be making another visit the to philadelphia ahead of the april 26th, pennsylvania primary. clinton last campaigned in our area last week. she will be returning next wednesday, april 20th for a public event, right now no word on the exact location but campaign says she will discuss her plans to raise incomes for
5:32 pm
families. meanwhile new york primary just three days away and for the first time the republican race seems to be more subdued then its democratic counterpart. as candidates, exchange biting insults, cbs news reporter weijia jiang has the latest. >> i am very excited, to be here in the vatican. >> reporter: bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to visit the vatican but he did not stop delivering his message about income in equality. >> widespread financial criminality on wall street, played a direct role in causing the world's worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> reporter: hillary clinton visited a senior citizens center while campaigning in harlem. >> i know where to come when i want a good game of dominoes. >> reporter: clinton and sanders weren't playing games during thursday night's debate. >> unaudible. >> reporter: two candidates spared in their most heated
5:33 pm
debate yet. >> when you are both screaming at each other viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> reporter: republicans are focusing on new york too, hometown candidate donald trump hopes his roots will push him closer to nomination. >> i'm hundreds of delegates up, and i think we will close it the out before the convention. >> reporter: ted cruz and john kasich argued trump can't win in november. >> he has been winning state after state after state and it is why i believe we will earn majority of the delegates, win the nomination and beat hill willry clinton. >> i'm the only republican that consistently beats hill willry clinton in the fall. the only one. >> reporter: cbs news poll backs that up showing kasich beating clinton by five points. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learned tonight that camden county women tested positive for zika virus. on april 2nd woman visited health care provider with symptoms of fever, rash, fatigue and joint pain. woman, hoist not pregnant, return from a country where
5:34 pm
zika has been prevalent. well, there is no shortage of unusual names in horse racing but this one, might take the cake. >> yes. >> this is two-year old horsey mchorse face. his owner was inspired by a british poll that shows tabernacle to name a ship boaty mcboatface. >> he is expect today buy this spring. >> how about that. >> staying with the animal theme, meet some new baby american porcupines, both male where is born in the elmwood park zoo in norristown. baby porcupines have a different mother but same father. at birth their wills are soft but they harden and then grow as the babe matures. this zoo is holding a contest to choose the name of both. they are pretty cute. >> they are cute. >> little porcupines. >> when they grow up, watch out. >> coming up i'll take you hundred the scenes of the latest movie in the popular franchise but this version gets real, barber shop,
5:35 pm
tackling one of the biggest issues facing inner cities all across the country. plus a new device to revolutionized the treatment of the parkinson's disease. health reporter stephanie stahl will show us new technology that patients can wear right on their wrist, kate. temperatures on their way up even though we have a couple cold nights ahead, coming up, i'll tell you when warmest day will be and when temperatures take a tumble with the seven day eyewitness weather forecast when we come right back.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos -
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sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. some local heroes were in the spotlight once again today. >> all eyes, were again on the villanova wildcats. you see there, coach jay wright, ryan arcidiacono and
5:39 pm
daniel ochefu opening up the trading day on wall street. wildcats have been very busy since winning the mens college basketball national championship. team has also been invited to the white house later this year. >> stocks ended up the day on the down side, they lost 29 points to end at 17,897. the nasdaq fell seven points. s and p lost two points. gm's is recalling more than a million chevrolet silverado and gmc sierra pickup trucks because seat belts may not hold the driver in the crash this recall covers some 204/2015 silverado 1500 and sierra 1500 pickup trucks. a steel cable that connects the seat belt to the truck can bend when driver sits in the seat and overtime it can wear and separate. if that happens the belts can come loose. so far no reports of any injuries, due to that defect. gm says owners will be notified real soon. fischer price is recalling, tens of thousands of swings.
5:40 pm
the cradle swings need to be fixed because of a peg that can come out causing those seats to fall unexpectly, again, so far in one has been hurt but we have put details and about the affect models on our web site at cbs we are back with kat
5:42 pm
american workers know how to fightso does we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ well, it is promises on and promise front center on the mind of many teenagers and their parents. getting to look just right for that day can be expensive and that is why an event in philadelphia today proved to be incredibly, valuable. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is on north broad street right the now to tell you what is going on, alex? >> reporter: ukee, since 2013, over 550 girls have been decked out for their prom, for free. i got some friend over here. just wrapping up, let me see your dresses. look at this? any issue, shoes. >> kept it simple. >> i like it. see how excited. the event is just wrapping up but we will take you inside,
5:44 pm
right now. fairy tail dresses, for what seems like a fairy tail price. meaning, that they and all of this are completely free, of charge. >> we figured if we could help out a little bit, make it easier on them by offering free, of charge, anything that they wanted. >> reporter: idea came from a simple conversation, now the philadelphia school district red carpet glam event is in the fourth year. >> i want to show at all because we're junior prom. everybody likes it a lot and i like it. >> i started out with district opportunities but after first five minutes, of the first event, whoever came, we let them in. >> reporter: from size zero to 30, new gently used dresses have been donated from individual, and even designers themselves. >> as far as i'm concerned i'm 95 percent sure i will wear this to prom. >> reporter: don't forget about the the bags, shaw, shoes, all details that will help a student shine, without the added stress. >> for those people who cannot afford a dream dress, this
5:45 pm
program is helping them get what they want. >> reporter: now, the district issued id to get in the event but it is opened to adult students as well. i was told there was a 79 year-old student who came in and got her perfect dress for this formal wear season. reporting from the school district building i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, alex, that looks fantastic. they better step up. it looks good. >> right. >> kate has the forecast, looking good. >> this forecast looks great. >> wonderful, wonderful. >> we have a shower chance in at the very end of the seven day forecast and little upset about that because it ruined what otherwise is a perfect forecast. >> you like that cemeteriy like it to be sunshine across the game. next chance for a shower is not until next friday and by then that sure chance could be not actually happening. but i had to put one in next friday. until then we have sunshine, all across the board. doesn't get much better then this the lets look outside, to the roof cam, blue skies over center city philadelphia, a
5:46 pm
beautiful evening to be out and about in the city. keep in mind once sun goes down after eight or 9:00 temperatures will start to drop. the it is still after after all and clear skies and light wind, temperatures like to plumet quickly. we will be in the 40's overnight and tomorrow morning if you are out early, getting up early, maybe a bagel run as i like to do or possibly even if you are, you know, more active, to get up and go for a run. you will need jacket tomorrow morning but not in the afternoon. center city looking great. weather watchers loving this weather as well. lets check with them right now. we are seeing a few spots close to 70 degrees on home thermometers this is in chestnut hill with phil at 7o phil send us great shots of the blue skies, flowers, take a look, blue skies with the beautiful trees here at morris arboretum, looking fantastic. what a nice place to go on a day like today. 64 degrees as we head up toward peter's house in lawrenceville, new jersey. sixty-four and a few clouds. he says it was a beautiful day. that it was. let's head down to delaware and check in near middletown
5:47 pm
68 degrees. we will check with jason in middletown, delaware. sixty-eight. he said cold start but turned out to be a very nice day. that has been the case all week, chilly starts to the morning, and then in the afternoon, things really looking up, nicely. we will head west to michael, in reading, sunshine, 64 degrees there. michael says dew .31 degrees, a very nice spring day out today. dew points in the 30's. very dry air. that is the case throughout the weekend. lets take a look at is what happening on storm scan three. clear skies as far as the eye can see, no problems outside in the northeast and again, high pressure dominant. you can see that swirl, kind of the bubble i have been talking about high pressure overhead and it is not moving. we are in a blocking pattern. we are winners in this blocking pattern because none of that nasty weather is able to move far enough east to permeate that high pressure zone and bring us any rain or certainly any snow, it was just last saturday some spots had 5 inches, of snowfall. sixty-five right now in philadelphia a.
5:48 pm
36 degrees in wilmington and trenton. cooler in south jersey and delaware. temperatures in the 50's. you can see where warmth is, 77 in lexington and in st. louis right now, and all that warmth, gradually pushing its way east and then moving toward us. for the next few days, sunny, dry, got cool mornings but we are warming up each afternoon and what a gorgeous weekend, we can look forward to tomorrow and sunday, perfection. there is that high overhead, just out to sea bringing breezy conditions to the shore. we have the storm moving very slowly over central part of the country even some snow, to colorado, just not going to move out quickly enough. there is that block keeping us warm and dry, right through the weekend. allergy you have isers take note, pollen levels are high, we will continue to rise through the weekend. 10.7 today. less tomorrow. mapel, juniper and alder are your biggest offenders this weekend. overnight clear and cold with the star lit sky, 43 degrees is your overnight low. for tomorrow we will get a high of 65 degrees, take a look at all of these
5:49 pm
sunshines. wonderful cloud here on tuesday. that messes up cemetery as well. cooler as we drop 10 degrees from monday into tuesday. there is that sure chance next friday but until then, we are sitting pretty, temperatures at or above average and sunshine every single day. jessica. >> outstanding, kate, thanks very much. new sensation helping children's hospital in fill raise awareness about autism. alexander jackman visited young patient is today. new jersey high school senior created you tube video a teen's guide to understanding and communicating with people with autism. that video went viral last year and won film festival and humanitarian award. april is autism awareness month. cbs healthwatch tonight there is a new device that could revolutionize the way doctors treat parkinson's disease. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to show us and explain how it all works. >> this is an exciting research project underway right now. parkinson's is a nervous system disorder that effects movement and difficult to
5:50 pm
manage because patients can't always describe their symptoms. well, new this new technology, worn like a watch might help. richard is one of the first parkinson's disease patients testing this device which tracks his movement, every two minutes. >> it is hard for me to determine in my diary what i feel weak error stronger, and that is one of the problems i have is i'm asked these questions and i don't know the a answer to them. >> reporter: personal pkg is worn on the wrist and it record when richard takes medications, so his neurologist can see how his movement fluctuates with treatments. >> in many cases we have been able to adjust the medications and to really improve their quality of life or to recommend, maybe they need more aggressive therapy. >> reporter: researchers say device could be a game changer because patients can be monitored when they are not in the office. >> they can really give us information that otherwise would be almost impossible to obtain. >> reporter: richard has been living with parkinson's for
5:51 pm
one years. ninety-seven five-year old hopes pkg will better manage his symptoms. >> i have eight grand kids and i want to be able to play with them. i want to be able to be active with them as long as i can be. >> reporter: patients in the study wear device for six to ten hours a a day, enduring sleep, and so far the results look promising, but it is too early to say when this device might be available to more parkinson's patients. certainly hope for the future and for guys like him to be able to play with the grandchildren. >> that is what everybody wants, thanks, stephanie. coming up, some celebrity baby news. >> also movie goers are heading back to the barber shop, i will sit down with the stars of the barber shop the next class, up next.
5:52 pm
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i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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superstar couple ryan reynold and blake lively are expecting again. couple's second child will join 16 month-old sister jameis. ren old 39 and lively have been married since 2012. it has been 12 years since the gang at barber shop last opened its doors on the big screen. >> a now they are back not only looking for new client but they are on a mission to help create a new neighborhood. i talked to the stars in town recently to help me preview their next cut. >> just who is back? welcome. >> back in business and on the big screen, where? >> barber shop. >> it is a social club, you
5:56 pm
know, a lot have guys can't go to the country club, but they can get to the barber shop and you feel better walking out of there. >> i tell people today, our barber shop is cnn. that was our cnn. it still is. >> okay. >> the ladies are broadcasting their thoughts as well. >> excuse me, but i don't like to get involved in petty arguments. >> that is primarily what you do, all you do. >> reporter: everyone inside get equal time and so does serious topic that is heart of the project. >> stop. >> quit it. >> take me too long to get backup. >> it went take long though for message to come through, film makers are placing a close eye on collective efforts to keeping the peace and stopping the violence. it will start with two rivals, who happened to be in the right place, but at the wrong
5:57 pm
time. >> we have to fix our problems ourselves. >> barber shop is pillar of the neighborhood so we turn it to a safe place with free cuts. >> reporter: featuring positive discussions. >> each one of of us, got a host of people we influenced from nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, whatever and those are your responsibility to get them on the right path. >> reporter: the blending of an all-star cast tells the story, in one takes the lead, the guy known as the entertainer, made that men from the start. >> we had a dinner, at the top of the movie and cedric did a toast and wanted to welcome all of the new members to the barber shop movie. this is our third one, and just don't mess it up for us. that was the only thing said, and i think from then, it just put people on like, come with your a game. >> game on, in theaters, right now. >> i got so much love for everybody in this neighborhood. >> turn that up.
5:58 pm
>> it is so much work. i bet you will be not talk back to momma no more. >> no, no, no. >> it is in theater right now. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 it may not be over. philadelphia's district attorney says no one will face charges in the alleged bar brawl between former eagle will lesean mccoy, his crew and police officers but the attorney general's office says it is taking a second look. how does free money sound? some 40,000 philadelphians can get free money, there are millions, just sitting around, waiting to be claimed this tax season. pay attention, gang, the deadline is coming. brain power on display at a science fair where elementary students get to judge grown up neuro science projects. >> do you think it is cool. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm health reporter stephanie stahl with the science switcharoo, coming up. and perfect spring
5:59 pm
weather, bound ant sunshine, comfortable temperatures today, how long can this weather probably last? we will get warmer, before it gets any cooler, i'll tell you when we're heading back to the 70's for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 which starts right now. ♪ prosecutors are once again, huddling up in the lesean mccoy assault investigation, a new review of the case is underway. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. philadelphia's district attorney issued no charges against the former running back or anyone else allegedly involved in the nightclub brawl. >> now path attorney jennies reviewing, that decision. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is at central detectives with more details, walt? >> reporter: well, ukee, solicitor general bruce castor says he and investigators have visited central detectives here in the last few days, and
6:00 pm
looking at the evidence, and videos on which the district attorney based his decision, not to charge lesean mccoy or anyone else in connection with the bar brawl. the ag's office will now have to decide, if based on what they find, they might ask a court, to reverse the district attorney's no charges decision. >> i think it is absolutely correct to say that mr. mccoy and anyone else who was involved with him in this incident is not totally cleared. >> reporter: solicitor general bruce castor says that the state attorney general's office is now reexamining district attorney seth williams decision, 12 days ago, not to file criminal charges against lesean mccoy, his companions or any would be else in a february bar brawl that left two off-duty philadelphia police officers injured. >> my office is investigation has found that there is insufficient evidence to prove that any individual


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