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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. huge winds in the intern primaries, hillary clinton wins four key states while donald trump squeaked all five. >> i'll never change make america great again. i will never change that. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention from national races to local races, tonight our area takes center stage and we got the primary election results for you this evening. good evening, to you, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. right now all primary results are scrolling at the bottom of your screen, let's start with the winners of the presidential primaries. hillary clinton declared the winner of pennsylvania, beat out bernie sanders 56-43 percent with 81 percent of the votes in. on the republican side in pennsylvania, donald trump won over ted cruz and john kasich with 80% of the vote in.
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trump with 58 percent, ted cruz 21 percent. john kasich 19. >> let's go to delaware, hillary clinton winning there 60 percent of the votes. bernie sanders 39% of the votes and that's with 100% in. on the republican side, presince reporting donald trump coming in with 61 percent to jafshg's 21 and ted cruz's 16%. >> our area seen plenty of campaigning by all the candidates leading up to the primary but the only one left in the area tonight is hillary clinton. natasha brown is at the pennsylvania convention center now where clinton gathered with her supporters about an hours ago. natasha? >> reporter: as you can see behind me the party is actually wrapped up here at the pennsylvania convention center. not without much fanfare for hillary clinton, she won big here in the state of pennsylvania and throughout the northeastern primaries. the party began the moment she hit the stage. hundreds celebrated a double
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digit victory in pennsylvania, helping to solid fi at becoming the democratic nominee. >> our campaign is about restoring people's confidence in our ability to solve problems together. by delivering results that help people volunteer their own dreams. that's why we're setting bold progressive goals. backed up by real plans. that will improve lives. >> reporter: clinton rallied the crowd. he health care, education, raising wages and protecting civil rights. she even rallied bernie sanders supporters on the heels of her major primary victories. >> whether you support senator sanders or me, there's much more that that unites us than divides us. >> we're here to support hillary all the way in november. >> absolutely fantastic. >> we kicked but.
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>> most importantly, the speech tonight was so -- was focused on unifying the country. >> again, that would be four victories tonight for hillary clinton with connecticut projecting her as the winner at this hour. meantime cbs3 news exit polls show clinton did very well here in the state of pennsylvania with women, people over 45 years old and nonwhites. she told the crowd tonight she's excited about getting back to philadelphia to clinch the nomination this summer during the democratic national convention. reporting live, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a reminder voters went to the polls in a total of five states tonight in addition to pennsylvania and delaware. clinton also won connecticut and maryland. vermont senator bernie sanders also scored a victory. he won in rhode island. but many political analysts say the losses in pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut could mean trouble for his campaign. he addressed supporters during a
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rally in huntingdon west virginia tonight and he says despite the results, he is in this race to win. >> all every national poll in every state poll has us defeating trump in that margin for us is significantly larger than that of secretary clinton. and the reason that we are generating this enthusiasm is because we are doing something very unusual in contemporary american politics. we are telling the truth. >> sanders will campaign at indiana's per due university tomorrow. as we mentioned at the start of the broadcast on the gop side it was a clean sweep for donald trump. he won all five states that were up for grabs. the billionaire businessman won in pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, maryland and rhode island. our david spunt is in our election central with more on a big night for trump. david. >> reporter: a big night for trump and his supporters, donald
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trump used the word presumptive nominee. he is ready for november. he wants to put the campaign aside. his opponents say they're not ready to do that. >> in a clean sweep, donald trump picked up wins in all five states tonight. >> i just want to tell you for the five states i am so honored. this was to me, our biggest night. because. >> trump is poiseed to win the republican nomination. he won big in pennsylvania. specifically philadelphia. we joined republicans for a watch party tonight in northeast philadelphia. >> people wanted to come out and vote for donald trump this evening. >> but senator ted cruz is hoping for a brokered or contested convention. >> thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: a pash cruz spoke from indiana before the polls closed. he'll spend much next week campaigning in the hoosier state. >> the chosen candidate of washington, the chosen candidate of big money and the lobbyiest, they are not going to decide the republican nominee, it is going to be we the people.
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taking our country back and doing it together. >> reporter: jaifk had no public events tonight. he and senator cruz announced a pack over the weekend. cruz would campaign in indiana. kasich in oregon and new mexico. they call it a way to stop donald trump. the front runner made fun over the packet trump tower this evening. >> i think that's good because it shows weakness. it shows ineffectiveness. shows failing campaign. >> reporter: despite what the candidates say, delegate map does matter. donald trump has 937 delegates. ted cruz 555. john kasich 147. ukee and jessica, interesting to point out. there are 71 republican delegates up for grabs in pennsylvania. donald trump only took 17 of those 54 of those they're considered a wild card or free agentdelegates. that means those delegates at the convention in cleveland can vote for other candidates if they want the.
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reporting live tonight, david spunt. >> thanks so much. it is the end of an era in philadelphia as voters have unseeded indicted congressman chaka fattah after two decades of service. he's facing trial next month on racketeering and conspiracy charges, he was defeated by dwight evans, you see there 42 percent to fattah's 35 percent. that's with 96 percent of precincts reporting. "eyewitness news" greg argos is live at the fattah hdquarters in center city tonight. greg? >> reporter: jessica, it was a very somber scene here at the campaign headquarters for the congressman. he took to the to stage in the podium about an hours ago speaking for just five minutes and conceding both the primary race and the seat he's held more than two decades. >> it appears that we will not have the numbers add up in the way that would return me to the
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congress. >> reporter: with that congressman chaka fattah who held the congressional seat since 1995 conceded the primary race to dwight evans. >> i think that the gentleman who has a greater amount of votes at this moment a state representative evans is obviously qualified to take on the responsibilities of representing what i think is the best congressional district in the country. >> reporter: fattah campaigned for a 12th term and planning for a federal trial on charges he miss appropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, ratty charitible and campaign funds, charges he denies and were his trial set to begin next month. we caught up exclusively with fattah as he left campaign headquarters. is the focus on your trial next month. >> i said all i had to say tonight. >> reporter: is there anything you want to say about the preparations for the trial. >> i said all i'm going to say tonight. i'm thankful for those who supported me.
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how are you doing? good to see you. and we think that it's time for the spotlight to turn to those who won elections this evening. >> reporter: congressman's fattah's opponents did not focus on the upcoming trial. rather were trying to change the status qua. it appears they did just that, live in center city, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks so much. we go live now to trang do at dwight evans headquarters in germantown. where he is declaring victory and trang, a different mood there? . >> absolutely. jessica, just the opposite here. the party is still going on. you can see dwight evans still hugging every single person in this room. he has 11 term chaka fattah and and 11,000 votes. evans took the time to thank fattah for his service. he tried to focus on the issues in this race and did not ever
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bring up fattah's legal issues. he says he has the office of state representative 36 years. he's run for a number of different offices unsuccessfully and now is his night. >> this has been a long struggle. there's a lot of work to do. i really want to get something done and i really want the people to work together because it's not good for the image that we have for the institution. it's not in the people's interest. it's not in congress's interest. we need to pull together. that's what i want to do. go there and figure out how to work with people. i think that's so important. i'm not interested in the pettyness of the political process. i want to get results. i think we got the opportunities to do that. that's what i'm doing. i've been a problem solver. i intend to try to be a problem solver in washington, dc. >> reporter: evans will face republican james jones in
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november. because the seat has been democratic since 1949, this is concluding this job. trang do. cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> more primary coverage still ahead for you here on "eyewitness news." we'll tell you who will be taking on pat toomey in november's u.s. senate race. in honor of the primary we decided to put a twist on tonight's good question. if you had to vote, who would be the eagles 2016 starting quarterback? nicole brewer tallies up the results. >> in the wake of tonight's strong thunderstorms we're finally seeing everything clear out. now much cooler air moved in. we'll be with us through the end over the week. few more rain
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. back on "eyewitness news," another big race was the democratic primary to determine a challenger for pat toomey. >> katie mcginty is the former, she has defeated former representative joe sestak. there are the numbers 42% to 32%. mcginty spoke a short time ago. >> just had the opportunity to speak to congressman as you say tack and mayor fetterman and i want you to join me in graduating both of them for the principle ideas base debate we just had. >> take a look in the resource attorney general kathleen kane this is the dramatic side and josh shapiro has been declared the winner with 47% of the vote. steven zappala at 38% and john morganella at 15 hour. on the republican side. >> john rafferty junior was declared the winner beat out joseph peters, 87 percent of the
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precinct's reporting. next up for pennsylvania, the democratic national convention in the philadelphia this july. as it draws near, stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 16. in honor of primary night. we thought we'd put a spin. >> with the talk of eagles move to number two in the draft, the reason we asked eagles fans who they'd vote for as the team starting quarterback. nicole brewer is here with the results of who eagles nation wants as it's signal caller out there. >> if eagles nation was a did democracy, i think we'd see pretty high voter turn-out. a lot of passion in that crowd. if you had to vote today, who would be the eagles 2016 starting quarterback? it's a good question. especially on an election night. >> did you ladies vote today? >> yes.
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>> you feel like you have a voice in the system. >> i'm part of the process. >> what would it be like if you could vote for the state of eagles nation? . >> reporter: if there's one thing eagles nation has is a voice. on this primary day we put together an unofficial poll asking fans if you had to vote today, who would be the eagles 2016 starting quarterback? >> i think i'd have to go with carson wentz, he's young, new. >> as a starting quarterback for 2016. >> sam bradford. >> sam bradford or carson wentw. >> to be honest i don't know who carson wentz is. >> my vote is for sam bradford. >> you know, he knows the sport. he's not always right. >> it's like a political process. >> a voice of the eagles for nearly 40 year, merle reese knows his birds. he wanted to to know his political strategy. >> why is bradford the perfect
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candidate. >> i think that the offense to doug pederson is putting in more of a coach offense is tailored to his ability. >> he got experience and a contract. >> reporter: why can't wentz be the starting quarterback? what doesn't he have. >> experience. i'd rather have him get broken in than get broken. starting when he's not ready. >> reporter: it became clear bradford would not win the popular vote. >> big baby. if i'm not the number one, i'm not going to play, i'm taking my toys and leaving. >> reporter: brings up a good point. if bradford want to be traded should he concede. >> just man up and play. >> now, based on our unofficial poll results, cbs3 has projected carson wentz the winner of the popular vote. but technical, but before he declares victory, we're going to have to get through thursday's draft. >> that's right. do we get to vote.
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>> would you like to? >> go ahead. you, what do you have for me. >> i'm going to put it right here. >> ukee has been working on this. great beg jay, ron gentleman wore ski. >> i don't think that's an option. you know what? anything a little bit more realistic. >> i'll stick with bradford. >> thanks nicole. what's your good question? log on to question or tweet us cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night at 11:00. we can't wait to hear from you. are you sure the food your buying a fresh, the company is developing a so-called food truth detect tore. the device shoots light into an item like fruits and vegetables. that information could ultimately show when the food
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was picked how new trishes but they don't word on when it will be available in stores. >> kate bilo joins us with the forecast. the storms have moved out. >> one lingers shower at the shore just about to move out to sea. then pretty quiet the rest of the night. good news. more shower chances through the rest of this week. let's take a look outside right now in the wake of the showers, we do have fog and low cloud still shrouding the buildings here in center city philadelphia. it was a bit of an active night especially in the 6:00 hour when the heaviest rain rolled through. the good news is we needed the rain to washington away the pollen. the allergy sufferers have been struggling. that helps a little bit. take a look what we saw in the wake of those storms, i got a ton of these beautiful double rainbow pictures. this is from coatesville and it looks great. double rain bows across the region tonight. stormscan 3 shows the front is well off to the south now as you can see it's down here, that's where the heaviest rain is. this front is going to stall close by through the day tomorrow. that means could bring showers
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and some clouds to portions of the area on and off through the day. again still one little shower at the shore, there it is and that is about to move out quickly here. live on the neighborhood network. temperatures depends on where you are. williams town is 50. medford lakes -- philadelphia airport 60. you could see most of the area picked up about quarter to half inch of rain today. which is more rain we've seen in some time and boy did we need it. heading through the overnight hours, you can see the clouds stick around tomorrow morning a couple of sprinkles then we'll try to see the clouds push to the south during the day. especially down the shore. we can have showers around at any time little bit of a break in the cloud cover in the afternoon. but turns out to be a mostly cloudy day. more sunshine to the north. in fact, it will be nicer in the lehigh valley than it will be at the shore and in southern delaware. back to reality. the temperature at 3:00 p.m. was 85. high was 86. tomorrow's 3:00 p.m. temperature
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will be 22 degrees colder. 63 degrees is what the afternoon temperature will be. with the clouds around it will feel chilly. still scattered showers and storms will move out. we're talking mostly cloudy 51. wednesday, clouds, maybe a few breaks blue sky. a shower to the south and much cooler at 64. "eyewitness news" seven-day forecast keeps it chilly thursday and friday as well. highs in the low 60's. showers return thursday afternoon stick around first half of the day friday. good news pretty nice saturday. bad news is we got more showers sunday into monday, april showers spill over into may showers as we head into next week. unfortunately we were spoiled a little while now we're back to typical april weather. >> think about the good news. thank you. >> don what's coming up next. >> nicole brewer says carson wentz wins the popular vote? speaking of bradford, he wants
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out of philly but there's one coach he wants no part of. the phillies did their part for eight
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you. welcome back. arms get weak, legs don't turn, national park is a house of pain for visitors, that's because the kids from dc won eight straight on home soil. enter the phillies, scrap pie team looking to reach 500. to dc we go, vince velasquez on for the fightins. early run supporters and the first with andre blanco, two-run shot off of matt scherzer, bottom of the fifth, ryan zimmerman knocked to right,
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scoring anthony rendon to tie the game up. seventh inning, maikel franco going back off the wall, a run will score and the phillies snapping the nationals win it 4-3, final score. flyers fell short of the ultimate goal but on a personal level, within a simmonds achieved many goals. 32 to be exact. that was a career high. requires that lost first round series against the capitols but overall it was a good seens for the orange and black, simmonds is a major reason why. this team, as he knows is on the rise. >> great group of guys, everyone likes each other. we're tight knit i think we built, and we got better and better through the year. i don't think we're too far off. >> the drama continues with the eagles poisoned to take a quarterback in thursday's draft.
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all the talk is about their current quarterback. here's the latest from the sam bradford rumor mill. the jets are not interested in bradford, and bradford is not interested in playing for chip kelly in san francisco. by the way, draft thursday night,
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. morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
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>> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean, steven >> bill walton! thanks for being my announcer tonight, man. necessary great. >> my pleasure, stephen. anything for you. but i've just got one request. would you mind mentioning my new book "back from the dead." >> stephen: wait, you mean this charming and inspirational memoir detailing a longtime grateful dead fan's remarkable journey to become the greatest n.b.a. player ever. i'm sorry, we don't have time, bill. >> okay, i'll do it anyway. but technically, i'm not an announcer. i'm a color commentator. is that a problem for you stephen. >> stephen: problem, i can fake the funk on a nasty dunk? it's not a problem. >> tonight, all the way from midtown. the "late show" starting


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