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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 27, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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hillary clinton and donald trump cement their status as front runners in the race for the white house. dominating wins and new fight between the leading candidates. good morning i'm brook thomas. i'm jim donovan. we will break down results from yesterday's big races but here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> three people are in police custody after a home invation and standoff in southwest philadelphia. police say that the men held up eight people inside a home and pistol whipped a man and woman. thank you, pennsylvania. >> hundreds of the supporters celebrated a double digit victory in the state of pennsylvania, helping solidify the presidential hopefuls
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chances at becoming the democratic nominee. >> i'm winning. it is over. >> clean sweep for donald trump he won all five states up for grabs. >> if hillary clinton were a manny don't think she would get 5 percent of the vote. >> reporter: new jersey's first lady had a reaction that has gone viral watch as she glanced at her husband's direction, she just smirks and looks at the ground. >> everything that you said in the campaign up until now is. >> a show, a show. >> which trump wille see from now on in the campaign. >> neither, steven, this isn't my final form, check it out. >> be hold, your new president, i'm boot full. >> colbert has way too much fun with him. >> way too much fun. well, katie is outside the sky deck, a lot cooler then yesterday. >> at least for now temperatures are steady with where they were this same time
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but we will be essentially dropping about 20 degrees from this same time or rat are for daytime highs from yesterday. we ended up over achieving and we hit 86 degrees yesterday. but now, we are really starting to see a dose of reality settle in here. so while all we can do the last couple days was heat up with every passing day, now here comes the drop off. it was a cold front that lives up to its name the looking at storm scan three the front hasn't completely cleared out just yet. we are seeing included cover here over where i'm standing at our cbs broadcast center in spring garden section of the city but in the south you can see a couple showers rolling through some neighborhood. central southern del marva and will not be shock if you see some of that off and on through better part of the day south of the city today. it is in the umbrella weather but enough to flick windshield wipers once and twice the further south you go. further north it is clearing out nicely, very chilly start to the day and we have a frost advisory in northampton county until 8:00 this morning where
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we will see more sunshine. totally different variety pack depending where you are heading today further north, more sun then anything for poconos, upper 50's, mid 50's down at the shore town and that is where you can see a spotty showers. we will split difference and call it partly sunny in philadelphia a today but a very far cry from those mid 80's we will were telling you about yesterday. >> it certainly feels different already this morning. all right. thanks very much. good morning, happy wednesday to you. looking at the schuylkill, a look at the flow of traffic. taillight in the eastbound direction, just past girard, we saw that in the 4:00 o'clock hour trickling in the 5:00 o'clock hour as well. it will be a busy one. construction here is all clear 422 west off ramp to 422 west is closed. this has been since cleared. you cane that traffic flow, volume levels thaw are working with right new if you you are thinking of heading out the door right now. the disabled vehicle here blocking off the median. very, very dark. it is hard to see. just be careful.
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it is pulled off, so not will disrupt flow of traffic at all but just know it is there just in case you weren't paying attention. it vice hard to see with these dark road out there. the accident in north philadelphia, parish street between 15th and broad this is where one accident happened earlier and another accident happened because of that accident. it is still lingering out there they are trying to get this cleared. make net of that again in north philadelphia construction here huntington valley county line road between centennial road and second street pike. make note that is out there still this morning. jim, over to you. well, hillary clinton and done will old trump are focusing more on each other as they inch closer to the parties nomination. >> clinton easily won over bernie sanders 56 percent over 44 percent. >> trump gained moment um in the keystone state getting 57 percent get ted cruz ace john beyond kasich. >> clinton also did well. she got 60 percent. >> trump won republican primary in the first state, kasich, placed second. trump swept through all
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five states holding primaries, others are maryland, connecticut and road island. the as last night's victory speech in manhattan trump declared the battle over. he also declared himself the winner. >> look, i started off in 17th, i'm down now and it is winning. as far is a i'm concern it is over. these two guys cannot win. there is no path. >> ted cruz campaigning in indiana avenue john kasich, gave him a clear path, it is part of the joint a agreement to block trump and have an opened convention this july. trump claim hillary clinton was winning because she is a woman. >> reaction from the wife of the new jersey governor chris christie, of course has gone viral. >> i think only card she has is woman's card, she has nothing else going. >> watch as she takes a eye role that lit up twitter. this is the second time christiees family has been focus during trump speech in march, governor stood stone
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face during primary night victory speech. hillary clinton stood up and took notice of trump's remarks about her gender. last night she claimed victory in philadelphia, while speaking to supporters at pennsylvania convention center she responded to trump's remarks with this message. bring it on. >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave, and equal pay is playing the women's card then deal me in. >> bernie sanders won rhode island despite losses in the four other states. he says he is in the dropping out. of course, our coverage of the campaign 2016 continues on line at cbs philly to the come. check out our web site to find out who won all of the races. time is 5:36, in business news this morning hershey is working with an unusual ingredient and dysonnies debuting a new product. >> what is going on with interest rates? money watch's hena daniels joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, hena. >> reporter: good morning, brook and jim. wall street is a waiting this afternoon's announcement by
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the fed on interest raise. experts widely expect the central bank to keep the rate steady but making a rate hike in the future more likely. to you jones gain 13 points, nasdaq dropped seven. chip potly posted first quarterly loss as it tries to bringing back customers following a series of food scares. mexican food chain reportedly sales fell 30 percent in the first quarter. it recently launched a campaign offering free meals to lure back customers giving away 5 million entrees. and hershey is going to start selling a new product, meat bars. check late maker will start selling protein barred made from dried meets and other ingredients like cranberries and qu inoa. it is an effort to keep up with america's changing taste. bars are expect to hit stores in august. dysonnies jumping in the hair care game, the company known for vacuums has unveiled their first ever hair dryer.
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the super sonic features a digital load their minimizees noise and dries hair fast. super sonic is expect today buy in september and will set you back $400. brook and jim. >> oh, come on, $400. >> it it was my dream vacuum cleaner and now i can have have my hair. >> appreciate it. in other news bill cosby knows next time he will appear in the montgomery county courtroom, a judge set cosby's preliminary hearing for may 24th as he is facing sex a salt charges over an even counter with andrea constand in 2004. she said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. the cosby calls it consensual. earlier this week an appeals court reject cosby's attempt to have the case thrown out. former house speaker dennis hat territory will find out if he is going prison. he pleaded guilty to breaking federal banking rules to cover
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up decade old sexual abuse claims. he a greed to pay three and a half million-dollar to a former student to keep quiet. now he faces up to five years in prison. the statute of limitations on the sex crimes ran out decades ago. a tragedy behind the wheel in wisconsin, woman is death after police say a child shot her. investigators say the woman was driving on the milwaukee highway when the child found a gun in the back seat and fired it. bullet hit the 26 year-old woman in the back as she was pronounced dead at the scene. dramatic moments captured on police cruiser dash cam, new jersey officers stopping a man from jumping off an overpass. >> don't move, don't move. >> this happened monday morning, on route 287 in river dale, morris county. sergeant greg, made a split second decision to run after the man and tackle him. thanks to the sergeant's quick thinking the man ace live today and so are drivers below
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who could have crashed into him. >> i'm a little overwhelmed. we are not used to this many thank you, the public has been outstanding. >> thanks keep pouring in from cards to breakfast the comments on social media. it is the beatles like we have never seen them before. got to tell you about new released video on fab four. >> pounded by powerful storms major damage left behind in the area under threat of more severe weather to take. and it is a true story of brotherly love inspirational message between a teen's epic blog with his brother on his back.
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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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hail, hitting the patio of a pool in mid land, texas. do you see that? severe weather in parts of the central plains this morning. >> what a mess, folks in kansas, oak, texas, missouri are waking up to assess the damage from the fright of intense weather. don champion is in oklahoma where one reported tornado hit. >> it came in strong. >> reporter: severe storms drench parts of the middle of the country overnight, rain is turning stairs in waterfalls in kansas city and flooding the streets. >> water, hydroplaning all over the place.
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>> reporter: texas rangers fans scrambled for exits before the rain came down in sheets. in other area it was hail that sent people running. >> people wait for it to pass. we have been flaw this before. >> reporter: days of storm warnings have parts of the four states on alert, tornado wind damaged parts of the oklahoma, this doctor's clinic in this area was hit and so were several other businesses in the downtown area. >> chicona it was only city that received this much damage in concentrated area. there have been reports of widespread damage here and there but this day, you know, it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: this sped up rid yes shows spinning cloud never formed a twister. >> if these wind are not turning with height you will not have that wind sheer to produce widespread tornadoes. >> reporter: as storm moves east severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect from st. louis to houston. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> what a mess. >> crazy how normal that is. >> we were talking about this a couple weeks ago. you got so used to hearing tornado sirens after a while. >> oh, yeah good thankfully we don't have that incident of tornadoes here, thankfully and in the looking to any kind of severe storms anytime soon but very same system bringing in these storms right now, look at that, it is a classic, mid latitude cyclone with that comma shape and very heavy thunderstorms and bow echoes pushing through, squall lines, that is, you know, and, and, it is expect to bring maybe some scattered showers. looking at the storm scan here you can see we have to start yesterday, and brought in the stronger storms. that has been moved to the south. we are going to see things clearing out, the further are north you travel but don't be shock, guys in delaware and southern new jersey you still see a shower or two out here today. iowa than the to check with the eyewitness weather watcher
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network. we will go there next and take a look at what is happening with these folks. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. we will go further south and check in very quickly in delaware where we might end up with some wet weather later on today. jason reporting overcast in middletown. he is at 51 degrees. a bit further off to the north let's check in here 47 comes into us from barbara lane, she too is just seeing generally an overcast sky, we can get to one more, lets go further south, 48 comes in from bill, out in the carding ton area with more cloud, then anything. now, with that said we did talk about the fact that some of you will see some wet weather. you sort of split tonight half here. further north you go, the brighter it will be, it is cooler for everyone here really but further south you go, i don't think you have to have an umbrella necessarily but don't be shocked if a shower rolls through on the windshield on your drive-in to work perhaps, or anytime here today but that front is stuck off to our south. meanwhile, by thursday, the next system it is on the move bringing with it, not only a lot more cloud but some of
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those classic april showers and it looks like we will stay damp on friday. it is a carbon copy forecast for thursday and friday. weekend looking better for us here, saturday looks nice, partly sunny, we're warming up there. sunday at least starts with clouds, i'm sorry, starts with sunshine but then cloud rebuild and we are likely to see additional showers moving in. the pattern essentially here has become a lot more active for our area, but at this point, meisha, there are not any strong or severe storms in sight for now. >> that is the good news. welshing we will take it then. thank you, good morning. happy wednesday to you. looking at blue route north bound approaching route one, looking pretty darn goody would say as we are pushing toward 6:00 o'clock hour on a busy wednesday morning. ninety-five south approaching girard looking good, a lot of vehicles out the there on interstate 95. as we push through 6:00 o'clock hour this is what we will see around girard, cottman those areas. the disabled vehicles still out there but pulled out in
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that middle will mean yan, 95 south near route 322, pulled in the middle median. good news is ever since that sunnies slowly, starting to come up a little bit lighting up that sky, you can easily see that vehicle new which before when it was so dark you could in the see it at all. accident in north philadelphia where justin finch reported live from parish street between 15th and broad while we get that cleared out i would recommend staying out. it looks like crews and police officers with their flashing lights on. construction in huntington valley county line road and second street pike make note of that as well, jim, over to you. you'll like this one on the healthwatch, minister benefits of the mediterranean diet. new study found diet high in fish, fruits, vegetables is link to the lower risk of heart attack in stroke in people suffering there heart disease. study focused than 15,000 people in 39 countries as meisha would say experts say eating healthy foods is more important then cutting out
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unhealthy ones. >> got to tell but new video of the beatles we are seeing for the first time. take a look at this, that is the band right there having fun inside a make up room more than 50 years ago and ready to go on tv. entire clip is only 49 seconds licensing but just release by australia's national film and sound archive. clip was donated by photographer's daughter. disney is sticking with what works. movie studio a announced a series of have have sequels including a follow-up to the hit movie jungle book, angelina jolie will star in the sequel to maleficent and we have learned emma stonies set on star as cruela deville in the spin off of 101 dalmatians. disney has not announced when it will hit theaters. idaho family is celebrating a very unexpected gift. brand new baby ariela dollies
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first girl born into her family in more than a century. she made her arrival on april 12th, last girl in the family was born in 1914. baby girl is a big star in the family and mom ashland underd.a. hl says she's worth the wait. >> everyone was just rooting for a girl. she's so cute. >> girls are sweet. >> mom says she knew it had been a long time since a girl was born in her husband's family but didn't necessity how long until a father in law did gene logical research. good for them. that little girl will be treated like a princess by that family. >> so cute too. >> good for the family. >> jungle book, part two, we have in the seen first one. >> it its all about money. >> i know. before you leave home we have three to go, three things you need to know. >> and big ben is about to go silent, major mack over for famous clock and unusual items being added inside. stay with us.
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the world's most famous clock is going silent.
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this morning we're learning new details about the renovations coming to london's big ben. the 42 million-dollar make over is expect to take three years. in addition to repairs to the clock and bell, officials are adding an elevator, and in what you might call a royal flush a toilet, it is being put in the tower. >> sometimes you have to go. >> new residents of the national zoo in washington finally have some names. >> meet, freedom and liberty, they were hatched last month, the names were picked from an on line contest, other names suggested, stars and stripes, or maybe honor and glory. they are all good suggestions. >> i like the singular name, you know, one, oprah, you know. >> you don't want them. >> i don't want all these other names but they are cute. like the old song goes, he ain't heavy, he is my brother. >> michigan boy is carrying his nine year-old sibling on his back. hunter dandy is going on a journey of a hundred mile with
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his brother brayden who lives with cerebral palsy. hunt are is doing this to challenge himself and others. he hopes to draw a tension to the difficulties brayden faces. >> just seeing faith through everything and hard work that he has to get through and how it does witt a positive attitude. i want to just try to help him out. >> emotional moment brayden ditched piggy back ride and completed last half mile on his journey on his own. brothers hepp this will help make the world a more inclusive place. >> that story is a awesome. >> very good. >> great young man there. before you head out the door here's what you need to know three, to go. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are big winners in the yesterday's primary. trump won all five contests and clinton claimed four states. >> legal troubles catch up to chaka fattah. he lost his primary election as fights corruption charges. >> and philadelphia controller alan butkovitz will reveal new
5:56 am
information at problem at city's mail center. he found thousands of bills were sent late to people and that is three to go. coming up incomes, complete coverage of the primary results and is what next in the race for the white house. don't look now but your favorite sweet treats could cost more this summer, that includes cakes and ice cream. reason behind price hike come up. stay with us.
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does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at three car crash here at 15th and parish in the fairmount section, i'm justin finch, coming up the role police say this white car played in the separate crash involving its officers before it even got here. busy night for philadelphia a police, an hours long standoff, comes to than a end after a violent home invasion. we have technology that helped officers track down the suspect. huge wins for hillary clinton and donald trump in the primary but their rivals aren't giving up a look at how numbers shake out. today is wednesday,
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april 27th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brook thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, good morning. happy wednesday, road are looking good, nice and dry right the now. we have incidents this morning but those have been cleared out of the way. >> good on hear. >> thankfully that front that brought in strong storms yesterday, that is in the gone but at least strong storms are. what i mean is we will start off by going outside. it is damp on the boardwalk and right on cue first runner of the morning is out on the boardwalk in rehoboth. you can see it is damp out there. so with that said, what you will notice is as we take you to storm scan there is wet weather rolling through. this is your frontal boundary that is just stalled out and hung up, it is not retreating necessarily. further south you go more likely you will run into a sure once or twice throughout the course of the day. notice further north up a cross lehigh valley poconos areas things are clearing out. this is a half and half kind


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