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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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republican many in minute knee. what does that mean in our region and in philadelphia which typically votes democrat in good evening i'm's ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. for more we will turn to alexandria hoff, and election central, alex. well, think back on that first crowded debate, it took two different stages, two different time slots and to think that on the republican side is there a nominee and not in the democratic side, that is just where we are right now. the two candidates who moved the team up against trump have now both tapped out. >> he earn 57 percent of the vote statewide and then, also 57 percent in philadelphia a county. you know he is presumptive nominee and pennsylvania voted for him. >> pennsylvania republicans that is. allison young is former special assistant to president george w. bush and says this interesting election cycle has made waves. >> pennsylvania historically has a low voter turnout, somewhere around 28 percent n they lex we are turning out more and more people showing
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up at the poles. >> reporter: former pennsylvania governor ed rendell thinks republicans didn't give governor john kasich a chance that they should have. >> he was a very good governor, very smart, very bright and he never got a real hard look from any of the voters except in his home state. >> reporter: he doesn't hold back in describing the presumptive republican nominee. >> at best an eradic, blow hard show man. if you look at african americans voters, hispanic voters and women particularly single woman, that probably is 65 percent or maybe even 70 percent of the voter base in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: but's grease that some working class democrats could cross party lines and support of trump's strongly worded stances. >> but i think for everyone of those he will lose one or two suburban republicans. >> reporter: so trump's move now. >> because we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> i think a lot of people
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were interested in what will happen in the conn kes ted convention and now without that happening it is more like typical coronation of the presumptive nomination. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton still holds a strong lead over senator bernie sanders but he says he is sticking with this until the democratic national convention, here in philadelphia a. reporting live from election central i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey has yet to have its say in the race for white house, voters in the garden state head to the polls on june 7th. search continues tonight in ocean county for an escaped prisoner. this is surveillance of arthur buckle going in to a cvs store in barnegat township today. police say a stolen pickup truck buckle was driving with found outside that store. he has been missing since 6:00 e escaped from a prison facility in wins le township camden county. >> crazy, just nuts. never seen anything like it.
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lived here my whole life and hopefully they will catch him soon. >> reporter: schools in barnegat township went into will be down and those in the area were told to lock their doors and extra home if possible. philadelphia police are investigating circumstances behind a officer involved shooting that left a man dead. it happened in the early morning hours near overbrook and lancaster avenues in overbrook. investigators say unidentified driver allegedly tried to pull off, as they attempted to question him. one officer fired, several times, the driver was rush to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> somewhat concerned about the tactics i will be honest with you involved in this but we have a lot of work to do on this investigation but it is an unfortunate incident all the way around. >> neither the driver nor the officer have been formally identified by police. we are getting a bet lear at three suspects accused of attacking two police officers outside northeast high school, investigators say two suspects first attacked a student, when the school police officers broke up the fight, two suspects turned on the
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officers and then a third joined in. this all happened on the 1900 block of cottman avenue on monday, the suspects all ran away when philadelphia police arrived. taking a look at the weather now where no surprise, we're tracking more rain. kate bilo is in the weather center and kate, we're starting to sound like a broken record here. >> i know, we must be sick of hearing about it because i'm sick of talking bit but we have more gray days on the way, more wet weather on the way, and especially as we close out the workweek. shore got hit hard, this rain has push off the coast still a few hours erupting over central pennsylvania. a couple those could drift in tonight but nothing more than a stray shower, maybe some drizzle will overnight. lets go back six hours and look at what happened. notice these storms lined upright along the coast from cape may county right up to ocean county. they had high wind, hail, and heavy rainfall. some spots checking in with an inch of rain, this afternoon down the shore, flood advisory has just expired. that is good news. now here comes our next
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system, right here over great lakes. you can see that swirl that comma shape will dive south tomorrow and then redevelop along the coast on friday bringing us another round of steady rain. the here's a look down the shore over an inch of rain in portions of burlington, atlantic, cape may and ocean counties in the past six hours and it has been cool thanks to the system off the coast. temperatures only in the 50's. we have north east flow, wind off water, ocean walter temperature is 53 and we're no further then that this afternoon thanks to that northeasterly wind stuck in the muck for next couple days but i do have better news in the seven day forecast. i will bring thaw coming up. back over to you. on the healthwatch tonight a philadelphia man has been paralyzed for almost two decade took a walk today showing off some space aged new technology. >> wow. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there for history making first steps. >> i was excited to be there, yeah. this is giving new hope to millions of patients and their families, people told that they would be confined to
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wheelchairs are if thing a a boost from a very cool row about on the. >> reporter: frank is standing eye to eye with his daughter and family, something he hasn't done for 17 years. >> it is amazing, great feeling. >> reporter: frank was paralyzed from the chest down after a motorcycle will accident and told he would never walk again. oh, yeah, check this out. frank is walking with the help of the new exo skeleton a wearable robot donated to magee rehabilitation hospital by soldiers strong a veteran group. >> you have in the back of your mine you want to walk and is there that hope they will find a cure. >> reporter: it isn't a cure but it allows people like frank to stan and walk, and it can also be used for stroke patients. >> it has evolved into a system where we can train individual who are getting neurologic recovery back as well as it can be substitute for people who do not get paralysis overturn and do not get recovery back.
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>> reporter: physical therapist programs exo with a variety of positions and movements. it will provide magee patient was state of the artery happen and briefly let them live a dream. >> it makes you feel almost normal again. >> seeing them up for so long and you can be eye level and feel he is whole. it is amazing. >> reporter: frank's girl friend, little girl and mom are beyond excited. >> give you hope. >> oh, yes, he is getting there, you know, i just always get emotional. i just can't help it. >> reporter: look at frank beaming. magee says exo donation will allow them to treat more patient was different sorts of conditions. by the way there are some models that can be used outside of a hospital setting in homes but that they cost $80,000. frank says he was thrilled to be the guy chosen to demonstrate that today at magee and, wow. >> i had to applaud to. >> yes, something that was impossible. >> that is great. >> thanks, stephanie, good stuff.
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still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> a 300 year-old letter talks about buried treasure here in society hill, i'm greg a argos with whether or in the x marks the spot. >> cutting the ribbon on the brand new exhibit, surprising display, we will soon see inside historic eastern state penitentiary. you'll like it, up next we will take a closer look at delightfully ways of the phillies pitching staff. we will raise a glass to toast carli lloyd how u.s. soccer star is making history without stepping foot on the field, sports is up next. eighty six million americans have prediabetes a serious condition
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well, new at 6:00 treasure hunters get ready there could be a fortune, buried under a philadelphia neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tells us the clue to to finding it is 300 years old. >> it seems like i was always looking for treasure. >> reporter: that is what historian doctor daniel rot came across this handwritten card from the library catalogue from the historical society of pennsylvania. >> unknown person in jamaica describes its location, you know, of the treasure. >> reporter: he went in the archives and found that original letter dated may 14th, 1716. >> south end of the town of philadelphia is a gut of water. >> reporter: he says that the letter is written from brother to brother. >> little will south of that is a rising ground called society hill upon which is a pretty good brick house with a apple orchard. >> reporter: it describes location of the massive
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treasure. >> there you will find a stone post, in the ground, 3-foot or perhaps 4-foot, west from the said stonies a chest. >> it does talk about the balloons. >> reporter: he says that he believes the treasure was buried years before 1716 by a member of the free society of traders. >> they were involved, you know in mercantile business and economic. >> reporter: that organization went bankrupt in 1723. >> i wonder if this was one of the members of the society of traders and he sees writing on the wall. >> reporter: some say treasure must have been recovered years ago but there were strict instructions to destroy that letter. >> but for some reason it wasn't. you wonder was it because a man passed away, he never recovered the treasure, somebody else had found it. i mean what? what happened. >> it should be something. >> i refuse to believe that. >> reporter: so many people who live and work in society hill. >> there is a lot of mystery,
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things that happened, 300, even 350 years ago. >> maybe they will turn it up, you you know, they will turn up some chest and then the balloons and the reals fall out and it will be national news. >> reporter: ukee and jessica all afternoon my photographer and i have been searching for this treasure. obviously we are still here. we did in the find it. but difficult speak with the position aal treasure hunter this afternoon. he has also looked at the letter and says the treasuries buried at least 6 feet deep. if you search for it yourself you will need something much more powerful then one of these. live from society hill, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, go back to the beach with that one man, you you know what i'm saying, with the glasses. >> good stuff. >> philadelphia's eastern state penitentiary is making history again. >> officials cut ribbon on a ground breaking new exhibit called prisons today, questions in the age of mass
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incarceration. it is the first major museum exhibit to tackle this subject matter. "eyewitness news" got a preview today. you can get a chance to see it when the exhibit opens to the public on friday. don bell joins us right now work some look at sports world today. >> talking baseball. this team is, yes. >> that pitching staff is hot. >> smoldering hot right now. this budd's for you. ryan hurt loves bush stadium in st. louis. his home run gave phillies a win last night against cardinals. he is batting .331 in that state. he grew up in st. louis. phillies and card tonight at 8:15. fightins are the talk of baseball right now including last night's one to nothing win. and the pitching staff has six shut outs, most in baseball, last year, they didn't reach until september. overall, the phillies have won ten out of 12 games. giant visiting red last night check this out, adam
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duvall with the home run to center field. now, fan catches the ball, but drops his wallet on the field. center fielder dennard span goes over, takes the wallet, like yeah, bro, it is okay. >> okay, i make enough money, it goes back to you you in the stands. >> for the second time in this find sport cast we have a mention have beer kind of sort of. world cup champion carli lloyd is now first ever female athlete to be a spokesperson for a beer company. the delran, new jersey native is now kicking witt heinikin, the brand's soccer is here campaign launched in march but commercials featuring lloyd are now on the air. lloyd is also a two time olympic gold medalist, cheers to carli, well done. dude from his villanova a continue to hit clutch shots, last night it was kyle lowery of raptors. he hit a half court buzzer beater against miami heat to send the game into overtime.
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kate bilo was all over it sharks he was excited. but lowery, that is where dwayne wade and heat took over in overtime. miami wins the game by six points. joe madden is, one of the better managers in baseball, he is a manager of the chicago cubs. he encourages his guys to have as much fun as possible. the cubs are taking their suit game to another level. >> oh, my. >> we got swag on top have of swag. >> yeah. >> wow, wait a minute now. >> the shorts. >> a pink jacket. >> that looked like the riddler right there. >> i mean, ukee, we have got some work to do right there. >> yes. >> we've got some work to do. >> not going there. >> we're not there yet on that level i'm not going there. i can't get there. >> you can. >> if the phillies win world series you have to win a pink short suit on the air. >> are you you can talking to
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don or me. >> if they win the world seer thinks year, i'm in. >> if you are in, i'm in. >> all right. done is done good now we have settled that. >> a a to that. >> phillies are hot. >> really hot. >> kate has your forecast. >> the forecast is not so hot. >> in. >> it hasn't been hot for a long time not since last tuesday when we got to the 80's. since then temps have been below average. it has been glummy, gray and lack of the better word just down right miserable but there is hope on the horizon. lets take a look at down the shore, shore got hit with pretty steady rain today. i will show you in a moment. heavier thunderstorms and hail. now it is quiet, cloudy and chilly with a wind off water. ocean water temperature at 53. not warming up too much. another damp scene here in our live neighborhood network in rehoboth, 50 degrees, waves are rolling in. look at that wind north east at 17 miles an hour, that is a chilly win off water, one of the the raw days you don't want to be outside more than you have to be.
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storm scan three does show showers forming over central pennsylvania, those are far away and likely will die off before they get here but can't rule out a stray shower or areas of mist and drizzle through overnight hours tonight. storms that rolled through shore points earlier push out to sea but they did get briefly intense lightening, thunder and reports of the hail. we have had flood advisory that since expired. the next system will dive southward and then head back to the north. just when it looks like it will miss us it does opposite it comes back over coast and will bring us threat for steady rain on friday. two more cloudy, cold, gray days thursday and friday, friday looking like a much wetter of the two. right now only 52 in allentown. look at mount pocono 44 degrees, philadelphia five 36789 our high in the city is a 54, that is average high for march, 19th, and that is still winter, by the way, it felt like a late winter's day. mainly off to the south through tomorrow, just some cloud all day tomorrow, generally dry but clouds hang
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on and will stay chilly. that storm redeveloped, lifts back to the north pulling moisture in and we have waves of rain all day friday, on and off, even into the afternoon and saturday, doesn't look great either. we have to wait for this front to clear. the pattern breaks up, we will see more sun, but we have the threat for scattered showers at anytime, that front comes through sunday morning and that should help break pattern finally completely. overnight cloudy cool shower, drizzle, 49 degrees. tomorrow cloudy and cool as well. the race for the cure forecast once again front comes through sunday morning with passing showers and then sun will peak out mothers day afternoon. we are back to 72 for mothers day and then nicer weather next week back the to the 70's with sunshine monday and tuesday. ukee and jessica back to you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news". >> reporter: prepare to be amazed as ballet and circus comes to life in the magical performance. did i mention toys come to life.
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new at 6:00 planting for the future. >> "eyewitness news" at sj myers recreational center at kipping sessing avenue today. preschoolers a inn their teachers took part in the home runs for trees, kick off, for each home run hit by a phillies player a tree is planted in locations around the region. more than 550 trees have been planted since the program started and since ukee will now wear that short suit if they win world series there will be more trees to come. >> bring it. coming up local perform a answer that brings toys to life. spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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here we go, bringing toys to life, with the magic of dance. >> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is in upper darby where a dazzling display is coming soon, vittoria. >> ♪ >> reporter: absolutely, opening night of the magic toy shop, upper darby performing art center is this friday, and, these dancers, they have a lot of heart and two hearts are actually beating at once. lets check it out. take your seats and prepare to be dazzled. mystified. marveled by magic toy shop at upper darby performing arts center. >> the ballets, that the toy
6:28 pm
maker didn't have enough hearts to make dolls so help had to split a heart in half between the two dolls and the little girl, is only one that understands that. >> reporter: i asked the girl being played by 11 year-old aerialist sophie why the heart cannot be separated. >> can't really take apart things that really need to be together. >> reporter: moral of the story synonymous with the fusion of ballet and circus arts, why separate the two when these hearts beat as one. shane kennedy executive director of philadelphia school of circus art. >> we brought circus kid and ballet kid together to do a show. we're using circus skills to illustrate characters, to just do amazing things. >> reporter: from the pennsylvania academy of ballet choreographer brian pullman. >> there are sections of production where it is strictly circus performers and dancers but we have done certain parts where we try to have them on the stage at the same time.
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>> it makes feel people feel really good. >> it is wart of the goal was to do this but in the only to do the show but kid can experience each others culture. >> reporter: bring everyone under the same circus tent. >> exactly. >> reporter: and that is what you will a's find under this issuing is us tent this weekend as the dancers, well, circus performers are getting ready for opening night you will see juggling, ballet, and aerial is, there is a lot to see, for more information visit cbs let me tell you something, you guys, they are amazing. >> it looks like it bravo. >> yes, they are very nice. bravo indeed. >> thanks, torey. >> and thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight president obama pay is a a visit to the people of flint as michigan tries to tiehl with their water crisis. from new york here now is scott pelley, take care we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: kasich follows cruz to the exit. trump will be the republican nominee. also tonight, bernie sanders on his future. do we have your word in this interview that you're not going to drop out before the democratic convention? 90,000 residents flee a wall of flames that has devoured their city. >> we lost everything. >> pelley: and remembering one of america's finest gunned down by isis in iraq. >> he had a big heart, big smile, happy-go-lucky kid. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: an outsider who read the mood of republican voters better than anyone now controls a party that fought him every step of the way.


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