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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, june 8th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." >> we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. history for hillary clinton. the presumptive nominee praises the moment, facing donald trump in the election. >> donald trump is temperatu temperamentally unfit to be president. >> he's facing backlash from republican leaders over racist remarks. >> i do think that those comments are racist comments. that's why i've disavowed them
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completely. and sanders' bern might have faded away, but his campaign won't, continuing to fight on despite massive losses last night. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. eight years to the day she conceded to barack obama, a triumphant hillary clinton claimed the democratic presidential nomination. the first woman to top the ticket of a major american political party, clinton lashed out at donald trump and complimented bernie sanders. clinton won the new jersey, new mexico, and south dakota primaries. sanders won in north dakota and montana. clinton appears poised to take the biggest prize of the night -- california -- despite sanders' extensive campaigning there. last night, clinton addressed an emotional rally in brooklyn, new york. >> it may be hard to see
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tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. >> reporter: not just standing under it, but hillary clinton shattered the glass ceiling of politics last night. >> thanks to you, we've reached a milestone. the first time -- [ cheers ] the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nomination. [ cheers ] >> reporter: with her nomination a lock, the former secretary of state applauded her primary rival, vermont senator bernie sanders, on the incredibly fierce fight he waged. >> let there be no mistake, senator sanders, his campaign, and the vigorous debates about how to raise incomes, reduce inequality, increase upward
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mobility have been very good for the democratic party and for america. [ cheers ] >> reporter: with that, she welcomed sanders' support force get behind her campaign as it enters the next and ultimate phase, taking on donald trump in the general election. >> when he says let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. [ cheers ] it's clear that donald trump doesn't believe we are stronger together. he has abused his primary opponents and their families, attacked the press for asking tough questions, denigrated muslims and immigrants. he wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds and reminding us daily just how great he is. [ cheers ] >> speaking on our digital network, cbsn, former "face the
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nation" moderator, bob schieffer, broke down clinton's speech giving her high marks. >> i thought it was quite a good speech, frankly. you know, people vote for presidents very a different reason than they vote for the city councilman. you vote for the city councilman because he's for letting mini warehouses exist in your neighborhood or not. those are real issue campaigns. people vote for president because they choose the one that they feel most comfortable with in a time of crisis. and i thought tonight she was calm, she was moderate, she kept her tone at a very businesslike but kind of a sincere level. i think sometimes during this campaign when she has made speeches that i didn't think were effective, it was like she was trying to scream above the
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crowd. those are not very effective. this was very much like the speech she made last week when she went after trump on foreign policy. she didn't get into name-calling and all that kind of thing. she said some pretty tough stuff, but she was calm and moderate in her delivery. in a funny kind of way, i think tonight her delivery was as important as what she said. i think she did quite well tonight. >> that was bob schieffer on cbsn. president obama congratulated his former secretary of state, and he also spoke to sanders, thanking him for engaging and energizing millions of voters. sanders and the president will meet face to face thursday at the white house. last night, a defiant sanders says his campaign will continue. >> we are going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. -- [ cheers ]
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and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania! >> sanders says the mission, as he calls it, is about more than defeating donald trump. it's about transforming the country. "the new york times" reports sanders plans to lay off half of his campaign staff in the coming days. donald trump heads to the convention with more than enough delegates to be the official nominee. his comments about a federal judge's mexican heritage sparked a firestorm of criticism that snowballed yesterday. brook silva braga is here in new york. >> reporter: trump said his statement yesterday would be his last word on judge gonzalo curiel. trump didn't apologize but
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backed off the racially charged comments about rur yell, who's presiding over a case at trump's university. he wrote, "i do not feel that one's heritage makes them incapable of being impartial." trump had said curiel's heritage was an issue because he wants to build a wall on the mexican border. the deluge of criticism included the nation's top elected republican. >> claiming a person can't do their job because of their race is like the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be absolutely disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: speaker paul ryan says he will still support trump. other republicans took a stronger stance like illinois senator mark kirk, up for re-election, who said he's changed his mind about supporting trump. >> i thought it was time to come out and condemn a statement that was bigoted and racist and did not reflect the party of lincoln which i represent. >> reporter: other republicans condemned trump's remarks. >> it's time to stop attacking
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people you've competed with or various minority groups in the country and get on message. >> reporter: trump has a message for his fellow republicans -- it's time to move on. >> there's a lot of anxiety there. there's a lot of anger, i guess, anger. they can't come back and get over it. they have to get over it ideally. as to whether or not they endorse me, it's okay if they don't. they have to get over it. >> reporter: republican senators libya -- lindsey graham and jeff flake also said they cannot endorse the party's presumptive nominee. trump says he'll give a major speech next week on hillary clinton. >> brook silva braga here in new york. thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll discuss the democrats, republicans, and upcoming election with cbs news political director and moderator of "face the nation," john dickerson. a bomb threat forced an egyptian passenger plane to make an emergency landing in
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uzbekistan. the egyptair flight was en route from dyer beijing with -- from cairo to beijing. everyone was safely evacuated. the threat turned out to be a hoax. no explosives were found on board. colin is no longer a tropical storm. it's weakened to a tropical depression this morning as it races away from the eastern seaboard. although colin has moved out to sea, it may still produce more rain across parts of north carolina. colin dumped as much as nine inches of rain on parts of florida, causing major flooding and power outages. the city of st. petersburg said it's pumping partially treated sewage into tampa bay because its sewer system is overloaded. at least five people were killed when a pickup truck plowed into a group of bicycle riders in western michigan. the cyclist were struck near a state pork yesterday. four others -- state park yesterday. four others are hospitalized with severe injuries. the truck driver is in custody and may be charged tomorrow. police say they had received calls about his erratic driving
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oscar winner meryl streep does an impersonation of donald trump, and a retired nasa astronaut is arrested. those are some of the headlines reports the filing of murder charges against former astronaut james hossel jr. he's accused of driving drunk and in a collision that killed two young sisters monday near tuscaloosa, alabama. the 59-year-old flew five space shuttle missions. the "washington post" reports the scheduling of dylann roof's first trial in the killings of nine black church-goers. his federal trial will start november 7th in charleston, south carolina. he will be tried for the same crimes in state court two months later. he faces the death penalty in both trials. the "wall street journal" reports doubts about the suspected suicide of an oklahoma energy executive. police say they can find no evidence that aubrey mcclendon crashed intentionally in march. he had been indicted the day before for allegedly rigging the
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prices of oil and gas leases. "variety" reports on how actress kerry washington faced stereotyping. she says she was dropped from two tv pilots because producers wanted someone more urban or hood. washington is the star of the hit political drama "scandal." "the new york times" is reporting reaction to meryl streep's imitation of donald trump. she wore orange face make-up and pompadour hair monday during a fundraiser for a new york theater. organizers say the bit was a surprise and completely her idea. i think she nailed it. still ahead, taking the plunge. we will take you to a cliff-diving competition where women are making a big splash. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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keurig pulls the plug on cold drinks, and more on snatpchat. jill wagner? >> reporter: stocks were mixed following a late-day sell-off. the price of oil closed above $50 a barrel for the first time in almost a year. the dow gained nearly 18, the s&p edged up 2, the nasdaq lost about 6 points. americans borrowed less money in april than they did in march. total consumer debt rose to a record level of $3.6 trillion. the federal reserve says total borrowing increased by over $13 billion in april compared to march when the number topped $28 billion. auto loans and student debt rose nearly $12 billion, and credit card debt was $1.6 billion higher in april. the clothing company ralph lauren is cutting approximately 1,000 jobs as parts of a restructuring plan. the stock fell more than 2% on the news.
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keurig is discontinuing production of its soda machine, keurig cold. it's been on sale for less than a year. it let users make soda using coke-banded pods. it cost as much as $369 depending on where it was purchased. the pods cost up to $5 for a pack of four, about 130 workers lost their jobs. snapchat is out with a new look and features that open doors for content producers. the messaging app added subscribe buttons for about 20 publishers including hearst and cnn. it addressed complaints from publishers who say they aren't seeing much traffic from snapchat's 100 million users. get ready for the next big thing in smartphones. samsung is reportedly looking at bendable screens. that is according to bloomberg. the phone would fold in half to fit in your pocket. another might expand to a tablet size. the devices could be unveiled as early as next year. anne-marie?
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>> i used to have a phone that folded in half. it was called a flip phone. it was the latest in technology. >> i liked them. >> a lot of people liked them. everything old is a little new again. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot. still to come, royal rumble. the royals and the orioles get into a bench-clearing brawl. we will tell you what set it off. (rothat cigarette smokingght just messed up your lungs. i never thought that at only 45, it would give me a heart attack. my tip is, do your heart a favor and quit now. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato...
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ new york looking beautiful. a different kind of sudden death game for the nfl. the league's twitter account falsely reported yesterday that commissioner roger goodell had
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died. hackers were to blame. they claim they simply stole a password. goodell laughed it off tweeting, you leave the office for one day of golf, and your own network kills you off. head-spinning plunges that are dizzying just to watch. forget about actually doing it. competitors tumbled from more than 90 feet up during the women's redbull cliff diving event last week in texas. it is the only u.s. event in the nine-stop world tour. here's manny -- and he's drilled and manny's going after him. and here we go. and manny going at it on the mound. >> whoa! bad blood leads to a bench-clearing brawl in baltimore. manny muchado charged mann after he was hit by a pitch. kansas city's player had brushed him back a few innings before. they were both tossed. baltimore won the game 9-1. play nice, boys. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," food
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a new report says more than 40% of american women are obese. 35% of men. as vinita nair reports, many experts say sugar is the enemy. >> reporter: across the country, the obesity epidemic is on the rise. in the city of baltimore, one out of three kids is obese or overweight. city health commissioner dr. lina wen. >> it's our duty to make sure that parents have the most accurate information to make the best choices for their kids. >> reporter: it's why wen supports a bill that would put labels in stores and tlaunt sell sugar-sweetened drinks. it's not the first time the soda industry has been targeted. in july, san francisco will be the first to require health warnings on advertisements. in 2014, berkeley, california, became the only city to impose a
4:26 am
one-cent-an-ounce sugar tax. philadelphia wants to go even further. mayor jim kenney is proposing taxing soda at three cents an house of representatives. >> they have been selling a product for generations that have made them multibillionaires. and we just want a little piece of it back. >> reporter: the plan says you could raise $400 million in the course of five years. where would that money go? >> that money would go to expanded quality pre-k for about 8,000 to 10,000 kids in our city over the next four years. >> experts say it would resulted in a 55% decline in benchl sales. >> reporter: the american beverage seas has spent more than $3 million fighting the philadelphia sugar tax. they say the bill will cost jobs and unfairly impact low-income families. ellen valentino is executive vice president of the maryland beverage association. >> the beverage companies are taking the lead in educating the public. you know, you have calorie counts at the tip of your fingers. do we need government mandates, do we need bans and restrictions
4:27 am
on popular products? we don't. >> reporter: illinois is considering a similar tax to offset state debts. soda company is at a 30-year low. cbs news, new york. here's another look at the top stories -- donald trump says his comments it a federal judge -- about a federal judge's mexican heritage were misconstrued. fellow republicans blasted trump speaker paul ryan said the attack was the textbook definition of a racist comment. ryan says he'll support trump. illinois senator mark kirk now says that he will not support trump. speaking to supporters in brooklyn, new york, hillary clinton claimed the democratic presidential nomination. she told supporters it was a historical moment. she praised bernie sanders for energizing the campaign and had harsh words for donald trump who she said is taking america backwards. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the primary results. we'll get analysis and speak
4:28 am
with democratic senator claire mccaskill. plus, a shoplifting crackdown faces controversy. a city attorney shows us why he considers one company's answer extortion. and we'll meet the women of the hit broadway show, "hamilton." that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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new this morning bullets fly in montgomery county a victim is shot and left to die in the mcdonald's parking lot we will have have details straight a head. first time in our nation's history, that a woman will be a major party nom minute knee. >> hillary clinton makes history but bernie sanders is not dropping out of the race. we will tell you why sanders is heading to the white house tomorrow. i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and i will never, ever let you down. >> donald trump addressing supporters after his primary wins, we will tell you why this speech was different then most of his o


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