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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, you guys. roadways are looking good, nice and dry, vine was opened overnight. vine looking good. construction cleared out of the way. big question is when is the rain coming. >> it will be knocking on our doorstep for tail end of the morning drive. we have a window of opportunity here. >> yes. >> perfect for us. >> but for anybody hitting the roadways in the the next couple hours weather will cooperate but it is on the way. we saw it. let's zoom it in. that looks menacing, right. what is good about the track is it looks like the main threats of really heavy rain ace worst of the severe weather will bypass, grazed philadelphia off to the south. we are just starting to see these clouds rebuild, one more zoom out and there is really heavy duty thunderstorms rumbling through here outside 77 corridor this will track just like this through this corridor so southern delaware, southern del marva, most of the del marva peninsula getting hit with the heaviest then are storms and
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southern most new jersey. couple of counties in not just delaware but also southern new jersey sit in the slight risk for severe weather today. cape may, atlantic, salem, cumberland counties and most of the state of delaware, northern most edge of new castle you are only ones at least, being spared the worst of the severe potential today, everyone is likely to see a shot for thunderstorm here. seventy-one is our current temperature at the airport. we have a couple 60's, 50's but wind is still calm for now, when those storms rumble through they will likely bring with them some heavy rainfall as well as some very gusty wind. temperatures do get a chance to rebound to 80 degrees. it is cooler then average. cloud cover and storms will limit that warmth, regardless we will see the storms rumbling through here by late morning at the earliest and then with us for basically the rest of the day. >> okay, great to know. >> right now roads are looking good, that is good. get an earlier start to the day if at all possible as
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katie said rain will come maybe tail end of the morning commute. we are looking at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction looking quiet. we have our early risers. we typically start to see them coming out at 5:00. the we are seeing that now. admiral wilson boulevard eastbound is where we have construction, in the far left lane, as you can see marker blinking. it will not cause too many slow downs but it certainly will once we progress through 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock hour. forty-two freeway north bound first look into new jersey right now, at creek road, 295, this is typically what it looks like in the morning. speaking of 41 we have construction 42 northbound between route 55 and 295, three lanes are blocked until about right now, especially right about now, 42 southbound between route 130 and 2951 to two lanes are block until 6:00 . i will let you know when that lifts. we have a down pole at route nine hammington road all lanes block use an alternate garden state parkway or green bank
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road is your best bet. we will let you know when that clears as well. seventy-three southbound between route 322 and 54, more construction, one to two lanes are blocked and this is until 6:00 a.m. jim, over to you. uniformed security guard is recovering after being shot in the huge gun battle will overnight. >> crime scene includes at least two dozen bullets. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live where investigation is still continuing right now, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, east detectives are heading up this investigation and they have been on the scene processing evidence, in the meantime behind me here on rising sun avenue that getaway car that has been ditched in the middle of the street but i want to show you where this started early this morning. it started just around the corner here and one block just down the street. it was a huge gun battle in the middle of the wyoming avenue. police say suspect was the left side of the street shooting from behind the getaway car, security guard across the street returning
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fire. police found at least 27 spent shell casing is here so you can imagine how intense this scene was and after the smoke cleared the suspect was gone and security guard shot once in the leg. gunfire erupted here just before 2:00 this morning. a 22-year old security guard working at bar on the corn are of wyoming and north front street said he hears that gunfire and stepped outside to see. the security guard in uniform, and license to carry start to shoot back in self-defense. he is hit and then taken to temple hospital in stable condition. meantime shooter hopped in the getaway car with two other people and flees the scene shooting. strangely enough they decide to ditch that car around the corn are a block away at rising sun avenue. police say it was hit at least five times. >> for some reason the driver, purpose traitor and another passenger all abandoned that 2015 chevy malibu and fled on foot and got in another
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vehicle. we are not certain. we have several witness that he is were transported to east detectives. >> so in the wake of the shooting what is lefties shattered glass and bullet holes and two parked cars hit by stray bullets. a shooter on the run. and a security guard shot in the leg recovering this morning. new that getaway car out here live on the scene is not stolen. it is registered to a home just 1 mile away so police are waiting at that home this morning. at least half dozen businessness this area have surveillance camera so investigators are hoping to find valuable surveillance video that shows suspect in the whole gunfight. in the meantime investigators are questioning witnesses and processing evidence. we will keep you up to date but for now we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke back over to you. developing overnight house of represent is officially off for the fourth of july holiday but sit in by democrats demanding a vote by gun control legislation is getting a lot of attention. justin finch is live from the
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sat center with the overnight developments, justin. >> reporter: jim, house democrats held that sit in for some 15 hundreds broadcasting on line after chamber mikes and cameras were shut off. even though house is adjourned democrats are committing to moving the gun law issue and tim line forward as republicans new dig in their heels. >> house will be in order. >> reporter: house republicans tried to get back to their legislative business, they were stopped by democrats unprecedented sit in on the house floor where lawmakers shouted down house speaker paul ryan and demanded a vote on the no fly, no buy bill, which calls for banning anyone on terror watch list from his buying guns. but republican congress members disagree. >> we have something that maybe is a little inconvenient, called the constitution and what it says is you cannot remove someone as right. >> we will be here the whole night as long as it takes. >> rise up, democrats.
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rise up americans report report led by georgia congressman john lewis, lawmakers took over the chambers afternoon wednesday. >> newtown, aurora, charleston, orlando, what is the tipping point? are we blind. >> reporter: speaker ryan calls the sit in a publicity stunt adding there will be no votes on gun legislation. >> we are not going to take away a citizens constitutional rights without due process. >> reporter: as sit in continues inside, demonstrators gathered on capitol hill, inside work came to a halt with republicans leaving the chamber. cspan cameras which were rolling were shut off so democrats used social media to broadcast their proceedings. democrats dug in deeper as the night wore on. >> if you don't think a bill is right tell us why. >> reporter: we're looking
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live at proceedings still going on in washington d.c. from the house floor. democrats again stopping very firm, on this issue here. we can tell you that before adjourning the house will take up issue of zika funding but there is no time line for a vote on gun control. brooke and jim, back to you. >> thanks, justin. pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is calling it quits but not soon enough for house leadership. fattah submitted his resignation effective october 3rd and that is just one day before judge has scheduled his sentencing. on tuesday, jury quick fattah in racketeering case that center around efforts to repay an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan. fattah has been in the congress since 1995. but in april he lost his primary bid for another term. republicans want fattah out of office immediately. in a state house speaker paul ryan says mr. fattah you has betrayed trust of this institution and people of pennsylvania. and for that he should resign immediately from the house of
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representatives. we hold members to the highest ethical standards and i hope democratic leaders will join me in seeking his immediate resignation. that is a quote. late last night fattah said in further consultation with house leadership we are working to identify an agreeable time frame which will relieve the house of any distractions, in carrying out the peoples business, jim. thanks, brooke. twenty people are out of their homes this morning as crews continue to battle a brush fire in burlington county, new jersey. more than 40 acres have burn on the property of the joint base maguire dix lake hers in pemberton township. chopper three over the flames burning late in the night as fire fighting efforts continue, authorities had this warning for nearby residents with respiratoryish yous. >> shelter in place. get those windows closed, if you have a respiratory problem don't go outside. >> they said we can come back but it is worse then what it was before. smoke is way worse. >> helicopters carrying 300-gallon buckets dumped
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water on the flames. officials are investigating whether training activities were going on at the time that the fire broke out. all right. now time for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the delaware county daily times a haverford podiatrist has been charged in the five million-dollar scheme to defraud medicare in what officials say was part of the national largest medicare fraud take down in history. the authorities say 59 year-old doctor steven monaco committed the fraud through his practice a foot above pod try on township line road. from the front page of the bucks county times, get 16.5 percent under a new five-year contract, approved by township supervisors yesterday. the deal, which is retroactive to the beginning of this year runs through 2020. trenton paper investigation find mercer park commissioner carrying special card played golf for freon mercer county courses.
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information surfaced as state attorney general's office probed corruption at the mercer county park commission. that is a look the at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. all right. today is the day, sixers fans have been waiting for. the team has the first pink in tonight's nba draft. sources say sixers will take ben simmons from lsu with the topic. he work out this week. simmons spoke yesterday about the possibility of becoming the face of the franchise here in philadelphia. >> it is surreal. i'm looking forward to it. i feel like i have put in enough work to get to this point and everything else will take care of itself. >> team is celebrating tonight with the star studded draft party at eakins oval. our own pat gallen will be their life, with a look at what you can expect at the party. well, coming seven war of words heat up in the race for white house. >> hear the late's tax from the candidate. plus the brand new crash test results that are raising some concerns about how safe
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passengers are in suv's. also, they are assessing the damage down the shore find out what toppled those crews and when crews hope to restore power. we are bracing for chance of more severe storms, katie times it out to see when we are most likely to see thunderstorms, stay with
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welcome back, the time is 5:15. this morning more than 300 customers in cape may county still don't have power, after tuesday's storms. >> that is right. we now know this damage was caused by 70 to 80 miles an hour wind known as a micro burst. the national weather service made determination after surveying damage in middletown ship yesterday. more than two dozen homes were damaged by fallen trees and high wind. ac electric hopes to have power restored to all customers this afternoon.
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>> check this out, from a storm chaser in illinois, debris flying in front of the car as this tornado hit outside chicago. four homes and gas station were damage. there were reports of the minor flooding as well. we are, it looks like we will see the very essentially the same locations, being at risk for the strongest of the severe thunderstorms but we just talk about that micro burst that came through and we will give you details on what happened. that micro burst happening a couple days ago and after national weather service surveyed the damage they to determine as we mentioned that it was in fact a micro burst. the basically it wases this down burst of win, down draft, in other word, that would just, obliterate, anything in its path here. it was 200-yard wide. uprooted trees, down wires, that came as a result of that is in the middletown ship area and typically these will last
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57 minutes but doesn't take very long with those wind speeds to do some damage. in the meantime here's our latest system and it is moving into central portions of maryland. it looks like the actual track this will take is basically going to grace the southern tear of our area del marva peninsula, southern most new jersey you'll sit in the biggest threat zone for strongest of these storms. we will zero in. look the a the lightening, numerous lightening strikes starting to show up here. so while virginia, portions of maryland and down through d.c. area for example you will bear the brunt of or that area will have strongest then are storms we are still close enough to get on the rain and some of those stronger storms. we jump ahead to 8:00 a.m. when the west and southern most area of our region start to see first rain drops falling and we will see through entirety of the storm further north you go lighter it looks like that rain will be so further south you are expect heaviest of the rain as well as potential for strongest of the storms. it does look like gusty wind
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and certainly possibility of hail will be your main threat as well as heavy downpours. so not best day to hit the shore but you have an early morning window before things go downhill. by tomorrow we are seeing skies clear out, saturday looks awesome at the shore as does sunday. not bad in the city either. mid up toker 80's in the sunshine by monday, starting to turn steamy, as temperatures flirts with 90 by that point. >> i see that all right, katie, thanks very much. look at this gorgeous shot, hard to believe this will all turn into some crazy weather later. we are looking beautiful outside. try roadways. it will stick like this for better part of the morning rush. blue route taillights in the north bound direction looking good over in the southbound side, heating up as well, approaching mid county, overall anywhere i look this morning you're looking darn good. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden another gorgeous shot that will take a look at this moving in center city. travelers moving in the eastbound direction in center city looking good there the
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westbound keep my eye on that over there but westbound side, right to the water because this is a gorgeous shot. overall this morning we are looking darn good as well. 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction past oaks, see what you are working with there. looking good. beautiful, beautiful sky out there. so get out there early because we know you will contend with wet red ways in a bit. construction is oust there route 73 southbound between route 322 and 546-7891 and two lanes block until 6:00 a.m. we will let you know when it clears. it is still out there. accident at west philadelphia, 63rd and haverford avenue. possible injuries. i will confirm that in 15. jim, over to you. well in, campaign 2016 bernie sanders admits it doesn't look like he will be democratic nominee for president. donald trump is taking time off for a trip to his golf properties in scotland. yesterday trump blasted hillary clinton in new york. presumptive republican nominee says clinton does not have the judgment or temperament in to
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be president. presumptive democratic nominee responded to trum in raleigh-durham north carolina while outlining her own plans to fix the economy every american willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays enough to support a family. >> donald trump offers no real solutions for the economic challenges we face. >> she gets rich, making you poor. her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism, every where she touched. >> clinton also met with house democrats while trump met with evangelical leaders. did you hear about the new fast food snacks? >> we will show you unlikely combination that people can now wait to try. waiting all night we will let you know why they spent the night sleeping in the local parking lot and big reward they hope to get this morning stay with us. hey guys, thanks for coming. are we in trouble? no, you're not in trouble. i just want to set some ground rules.
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a camp out for a chance of free chickens. >> only the best in the accommodations will do, right. so, tenth and sleeping bags are out at new chick-fil-a at 4600 roosevelt boulevard. there are 100 adults in the grand opening at 6:00 this morning will get chicken for a year. >> chick-fil-a says new store will bring hundred new jobs to the area as well. there are people who travel the country to do this because they do this every time they open up a store. >> do they get waffle fries that is what i want to know. solar plane flying around the world made history again, you're looking at new video of the solar impulse plane landing in seeville spain earlier this morning. the first time a, sol are plane has flown across the atlantic ocean, it took 70 hours, that is a long flight, live from insuring to spain. next up for the plane is a trip back to abu dhabi where around the world journey he again last year. and a new crash test study just released overnight points out descrepancy when it comes
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to safety protection in small suv. as correspondent everette lawrence tells you the city find some drivers and passengers are are not equally protect. madeline gomez bought her honda crv based on safety record. she had no idea there might be an issue for passengers. >> i think of other people shopping, women, my friend. >> new crash tests conducted by insurance institute for highway safety, show a number of small suv's, including honda crv may in the offer same protection to passengers and drivers in certain types of frontal crashes. only 12016 hyundai tucson passed with a grade of good in tests involving right corner of the the vehicle. the 2015 toyota rav4 received only poor rating, institute says safety structures on the driver side are not always the same on the passenger side. >> we want them to provide the
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same protection for passenger side as they did the driver. >> reporter: institute says this is a problem that need to be addressed, more than 1600 passengers, died in frontal crashes, in 2014. he hopes auto makers make necessary changes. >> i'm a very careful driver. now i'm very conscious of that which is no the a good way to drive. >> reporter: institute crash tested seven times of small suv. in new jersey, edward lawrence for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will let you know how a security guard is doing after getting caught in the overnight gun battle. justin? in washington democrats and republicans are squaring off on gun control we will tell how stage a sit in on the house floor and who has adjourned for the fourth of july holiday, brooke. plus drivers in new jersey, can fill up with some of the cheapest gas in the country but that may in the last for long. we will show you why prices at pump could jump in the garden
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state. we are looking ahead to the unsettled day, dry for now but our latest storm system will bring back threat for severe storms so we will track possibility for you, biggest impacts and talk about nice weather trade off that comes our way details straight ahead. road are dry for now but you there are still some slow spots out there meisha will let you know about the areas to avoid as you get ready to head out the door stay with us
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we are keeping an eye on storm scan three, rain is heading our way and katie is a some could be severe. she will show you where the heaviest rain arrives. i'm brooke thomas. i'm's jim donovan. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. a total of 27 shots. >> gun battle on the streets of the philadelphia. >> east detectives are processing the evidence after the smoke cleared the suspect is gone. security guard shot in the leg. >> how democrats pulled an all neither demanding votes on gun control bills. >> it is just smoke every where, ash is falling. >> two dozen residents remain evacuated firemen battle a brush fire burning at


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