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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 11, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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at the bottom. cotton, polyester, spandex, machine wash. here's another sign that's for a dentist called valley dental. can we zoom in here? >> open wide. >> all right. >> that's it. >> is no one double checking these signs? >> apparently not. >> it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> have a great week end, everyone. >> yahoo! narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tomorrow marks 15 years since the attacks that brought down the world trade center and tonight a community gathers in bucks county to honor the victims of 9/11. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown.
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tonight's gathering was a night of reflection and healing. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has the story from yardley. >> reporter: bucks county lost 18 people in the 9/11 attacks, several of the victims' families were here tonight and the community came together to show them that their loved ones will never be forgotten. >> it is so important we never forget the sacrifices made that day. >> reporter: at dusk they gathered at the garden of reflection on the eve of a somber and painful anniversary >> ♪ (taps). >> reporter: by candlelight with tears in their eyes, they remembered. >> ♪ let that be peace on earth ♪ >> reporter: the 200977 victims of the september 11 at tax, 18 from bucks county. >> joshua reese. >> reporter: jennifer reece was just 11 years old when she lost her older brother josh who was working in tower one. >> it's so important that his memory lives on, that, you
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know, i take that painful situation and i expose it to the world because i don't want him to be forgotten. >> reporter: every year the community gathers in this place of peace to make sure that never happens. >> we will never forget. we will always have the scars but it's now a scar, no longer a wound. >> ♪ god bless america. >> reporter: to close the ceremony, they sang in unison to honor those lost with hope in their hearts for the future. >> peace is among us and even the like little kids who weren't there or anything, they know that there is peace among our country and there is light after the darkness. >> reporter: on the 15th anniversary, there will be two remembrance ceremonies here at the 9/11 memorial, one at 8:30 a.m. and another at he 7:00 p.m. n yardley bucks county, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the pentagon site is the only one that does not have a visitor's center or
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museum to help people learn about what happened on september 11th. victims' family members though are trying to change that. there's a plan in the works to build one on a lot next to the pentagon memorial in arlington, virginia. so far the group has raised $6 million out of the $25 million it needs to get the project off the ground. our coverage does continue online for you. visit our remembering 9/11 page at now from the shore to the city, everyone is looking to keep cool as the excessive heat blankets the region. bristol's lion's park was a popular spot to enjoy the outdoors without get together hot. the breeze off of the delaware made temperatures tolerable at least. nearby the bristol lions club 33'd annual italian day festival went on as planned at the water front park but the excessive heat did have an impact on the event. >> we get thousands of people here every year. unfortunately this year it's a little hot and it's keeping the crowds down a little bit.
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>> organizers made sure there were fans and water for the volunteers manning the grills. the heat could fire up some thunderstorms, though, in our area later on. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking our chance of storms at the cbs3 weather center tonight isn't hey, natasha. yeah, we had that brutal heat and humidity once again today, high temperatures soaring about 10 to 15 degrees above our average topping at 95 in philadelphia, 97 in trenton, mid 90's in the lehigh valley. we topped at 88 degrees today in ac but that was actually improvement from yesterday when we hit a record high temperature destroyed it, 97 degrees the high temperature in ac yesterday breaking that old record of 92 set back in 2015 and temperatures at this late hour are extremely mild still 81 degrees in philadelphia, still in the low 80's in the lehigh valley, upper 70's down the shore right now and we also have those dewpoints telling us when they're up into the low to mid 70's, it is so steamy outside but all
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of that is going to change on the backside of a cold front that comes through early tomorrow morning but for right now still dealing with the steam, feeling like 86 degrees in philadelphia, 85 the end ton, 88 in allentown. ac going to get a workout again overnight. we have a cold front generating a line of showers and a few embed thunderstorms across parts of western pennsylvania that will continue to move its way eastbound and generate a few showers and thunderstorms for us overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning so we'll talk more about that rain chance and when that cooler drier air will arrive. will it be in time for the eagles game? i'll have the answer coming up. >> lauren, thank you and speaking of the game, countdown to kickoff here on cbs3. eagles fans respect getting ready for tomorrow's season opener against the cleveland browns at lincoln financial field. die hard that we spoke to tonight they're pumped up for the birds' first game. >> i think what the eagles are going to come back strong and have a really good game tomorrow and i'm going to be rooting for them at home when i get home from work.
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>> i predict the eagles are going win in a convincing manner. all right. wentz is the man. we're going to grab them, going to destroy them and we're going to rug them. get ready. eagles baby. >> all right. our coverage of tomorrow's game begins well before the first snap starting at 11:30 on toyota sunday kickoff. sports director don bell lesley van arsdale pat gallen and merrill reese will all be live on the field at the linc and then it's the nfl today at noon. the birds and browns kick off at 1:00 p.m. followed by the cure insurance postgame show. and now to an art museum mystery a woman says a catfish fell from the sky and smacked her in the face. this bizarre incident has everybody talking as you can imagine. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh actually spoke to the victim. >> reporter: usually you find catfish in there water. this one came straight from the sky. >> within a few seconds you a
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slammed in the face with something. i think it might have been head face and neck 'cause i smelled so bad afterwards. >> reporter: it's definitely not the morning lisa expected during her walk to a labor day boot camp class at the art museum. >> i'm like i'm more likely to get struck by lightning than hit by a fish falling from the sky. >> reporter: early monday morning that's what happened. >> a bird had a fish in its beak or feet and dropped it right on lisa's head. >> i immediately freaked out and fell to the ground. >> she believes the fish fell from about 50 feet overhead measured up to 18-inches and weighed about 5 pounds a little under a balance of milk. it might sound funny but whether from the fins or from pure shock. >> it was swollen down to here, hurt down into my neck. >> reporter: the encounter left its mark a scar under her left eye and perhaps an emotional one too. >> i was really upset actually. >> reporter: the next day a doctor gave her a tetanus shot
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recommended ice and prescribed antibiotics. lisa says the best medicine now is laughter. >> like i think that of all things to happen like -- it was traumatic at the time but it's funny and there are just so many worse things and bad things that happen. >> reporter: anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> glad she's okay. take a look at this. a water main break flooded out the back loading dock at the monster pet store in philadelphia today. you can see the water nearly up to that man's chest. there was no damage to the inside of the store and no animals were in danger, either. now, robbinsville, new jersey, is remembering steven mayor the late superintendent of the school district. today the district renamed the high school athletic complex after mayor during a special ceremony. plaques engraved with the phrase he used to say all the time "make someone's day today" will be hung in each school. mayor was killed by a car while jogging back in april. new airstrikes on rebel
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held parts of syria have killed at least 45 people. the bombs fell hours after the united states and russia announced a ceasefire deal for the war torn country. syrian president bashar al-assad has agreed to stop bombing u.s. backed rebels starting monday at sundown. the agreement would allow much need heed humanitarian effort to reach syrian towns. and we're turning to the race for the white house. we are now just 58 days away from election day and it is a war of words in the presidential race. hillary clinton gives her take on donald trump supporters and struck quite an uproar on the campaign trail. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has more. (applause). >> reporter: hillary clinton says she regrets remarks she made about donald trump supporters at a fundraiser friday night. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] >> reporter: clinton released a statement saturday that says "last night i was grossly generalistic and
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that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that was wrong. she addd that many of trump's supporters are hard working americans. trump tweeted, wow, hillary clinton was so insulting to my supporters. millions of amazing hard working people. i think it will cost her at the polls. the republican national committee said clinton's comments showed her disrespect. clinton held one private fundraiser just outside new york city saturday. about 15 people paid at least $100,000 each to attend. clinton will be here in manhattan sunday to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. trump spent a somber saturday at the funeral of friend and supporter phyllis schlafly in saint louis. the 92-year-old died monday. she was a conservative actor 50 lawyer and author who opposed communism abortion and the equal rights amendment over the course of her life. >> phyllis was there for me when it was not at all
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fashionable. trust me. >> reporter: trump has no other scheduled public events until monday. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, some lucky local students embark on the trip of a lifetime to the white house. the kids all live in aborts ford homes a public housing site in northwest philly. the trip is to let youngsters know that if they work hard they can achieve their dreams. they were accompanied by adults from the community totaling about 30 people. stay with us. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" a look at mars that we've never seen before. what we can learn about the red planet through these new high definition images. plus jamming with the boss, a luck he key fan gets up on stage during last nice night's bruce springsteen show in south fill. what he had to say about this awesome experience. lauren. >> and we'll have two cold fronts in the next five days to bring us two welcome cool downs. when to expect high temperature in the 70's and your full forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports a wild finish between
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central michigan and oklahoma state. that's all coming up in sports. stay with us, everyone
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>> welcome back. a mother in ohio facing jail time after she and a man overdosed on heroin in a car while her four-year-old son was sitting in the back seat. the town of east liverpool posted pictures of the couple on facebook. a judge sentenced james accord
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to nearly one year in prison. but rhonda pasick has pleaded not guilty. officials say the picture shows just how heroin affects not only its users but also their kids and families as well. the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan has been rehe leased from a psychiatric hospital more than 35 years after the shooting. john hinckley jr. left the washington hospital today. he he will live at his mother's house in williamsburg, virginia. hinckley shot and wounded president reagan and three others in 1981 and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. and an amazing new image here from the surface of mars gives us a never before seen look at the red planet. these pictures were sent back by nasa's curiosity mars rover and they're in color. curiosity first reached mars back in 2012 and it's been investigating its surface ever since. tonight we are hearing from the very lucky college student who received the gift of a lifetime at the bruce
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springsteen concert last night >> ♪ matthew aucoin played no surrender with bruce springsteen at citizens bank park last night. he's from houston and he told "eyewitness news" how this happened. >> and at the end of rosalita i just stuck this sign in his face and him and stevie both read it and bruce was just kind of like -- like he was thinking about it, thinking about it. then he looked up to my dad and he said, can he play it? can he play it? and my dad said he can play it and i was saying i can play it, i can play it. and so after that bruce just kind of gave me the wave and i hopped on stage and it was incredible. >> wow. well, aucoin took a selfie with springsteen after they played together and posted the pictures all over social media. i'm sure that's going to go viral.
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heck this out. this is my buddy -- there's our buddy there ukee washington riding in the tenth annual strawberry mansion day parade. he was the honorary grand marshal. the parade made its way along diamond street this morning. the event also included a festival a 5k and concert. great job ukee. looking cool though despite the heat. ukee always looks cool. >> he always looks cool no matter how hot and humid. >> he's always got the cool swagger going. >> uh-huh. >> even though it was hard to stay cool today. it was brutal out, so humid. >> still brutal. mother nature, let's get it together. we want some cooler air. i think everyone is sick of this heat streak and it is about to break but it's still another steamy evening getting a live look on our neighborhood network. palmyra nature cove looking at center city philadelphia out there in the distance. 80 degrees right now our current temperature and getting a closer look at center city philadelphia, lit up in eagles green. yes, 81 degrees right now. little bit of a breeze out of the south at around 9 miles
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per hour but that breeze not helping out at all with that humidity factor feeling like 86 degrees right now. we're past the 11 o'clock hour so ac on overnight tonight, 83 degrees still in allentown, 81 in wilmington, but check this out. upwind cooler, drier air and it is moving eastbound on the backside of a cold front that is finishing right now in western pennsylvania and that drier air is going to start building in as we head late tonight and through the day tomorrow. so, future dewpoints as we head into the next couple of hours still steamy. up there in the low 70's but check this out. cold front comes through early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, dewpoints down into the 50's. i-95 corridor points north and west still a little bit muggy down the shore but that drier air will build in for you during the evening hours and then enjoyed by everyone as we head into monday with dewpoints in the 50 and in that cases in the 40's so that drier air is in store for us and it will be filtering in for your eagles game. so much nicer conditions,
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comfortable as the birds take on the browns at 1 o'clock. it's here on cbs. 84 degrees with a lot of sunshine. good looking conditions for the season open. storm scan3 showing us clouds streaming in. there's our cold front with showers and a few embed heed thunderstorms being generated with that frontal boundary. still pretty quiet in the delaware valley although a few showers starting to pop up right now northwest of mount pocono. as we head into the overnight period that cold front continues to move east and will fire off some showers and a few embedded thunderstorms for us as well into the 4 o'clock hour. moving into the lehigh valley berks county up into the poconos, i-95 corridor very early tomorrow morning and sunday so we'll still be sleeping. as we head into 7, 8 o'clock few showers and a few embedded thunderstorms mainly east of center city philadelphia stretching towards the shore. could still see a few lingering showers into the late morning hours but then i think after lunchtime it's clearing skies and sunshine takes over but overnight tonight a hit or miss shower or thunderstorm. still muggy, 75 degrees. and then tomorrow improvement. an early morning shower to
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mostly sunny skies, less humid with a high temperature at 85 degrees. and high temperatures will be cooler especially cooler north and west of the city. a high of 80 tomorrow in allentown, 82 degrees the high temperature in reading and a beautiful day in store for the poconos where that cooler drier air arrives first. mostly sunny, less humid with a high temperature at 75. watching out for a morning storm down the shore but then nice conditions as we head into the afternoon with clearing skies and that humidity dropping off by the evening hours, a high temperature better along the coast tomorrow in the low 80's and then a beautiful day on monday. comfortable, bright sunshine, 80 degrees. not bad into tuesday. a bit warmer, up to 84 on wednesday. we'll see a secondary cold front move through, few isolated thundershowers possible but behind that second front comes another cool down. feeling cool and and crisp by friday. thursday and friday check out our high temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. that's more sente i think. >> yeah, that's more like it.
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>> yes. >> thank you lauren. appreciate that. i hear there's a game tomorrow. >> there's a little game. >> just a little one. >> not a lot of hype around it or anything. >> home opener. yes, lots of football to talk about. we have temple and villanova going for their first win of the season and the eagles and a wild ending between central michigan and oklahoma state. can the eagles compete for a
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>> less than 24 hours before the start of the eagles regular season at the linc against the browns. several story lines to watch out for. two head coaches making their debut and two starting quarterbacks, robert griffin, iii and carson wentz. the browns traded on wentz. he'll be the first eagles rookie quarterback to start
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the season since 1939. do the eagles think they can compete for a division title with a rookie quarterback. >> i don't see why we can't go out there and win every sunday. we're going to go out there and compete but i don't have any -- i missed a couple games. we don't have any concerns about that. it's just here going forward and we'll put our best foot forward. >> i don't come to work every day to not win. i think the goals for everybody here is to win a championship and in no way has those plans changed. >> and cbs3 is the place to be tomorrow for all things eagles. starting at 11:30 for toyota sunday kickoff sports director don bell pat gallen merrill reese and myself. to college football down at the linc temple hosting stony he brook. the owls looking to wash away last week's 15-point season opening loss to army. on the owls second possession they marched 51 yards on four plays tapped off by a 3-yard touchdown to give them a seven-nothing lead.
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still in the first quarter, philip walker finds keith kirkwood. owls with a 14-point lead never looking back. they beat stony brook 38 to nothing the owls first shutout in almost two years. penn state took on pitt. this is the 97th meeting between the schools, the first since 2000. fourth quarter of the game panthers up by shore shovel pass to james connor runs through the penn state defense for a 12-yard touchdown. pitt way 42-31 lead, 10 minutes left. lions respond. barclay scoring his fifth touchdown of the game. five minutes left under two left trace mcsorely his pass intercepted in the end zone by brian louis. panthers hold off the nittany lions 42 to 39. out on the main line villanova wildcats in their home opener facing lehigh. no score in the first. handoff to javon white for a 3-yard touchdown. white ran for 155 yards and
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two scores. wildcats beat the mountain hawks 26 to 21. okay, just 21 games left for the phillies. game three of their series against the division leading nationals in d.c. jerad eickhoff going up against max scherzer. no score in the fourth. josé lobato with the grounder. he's out at the plate. phillies were able to get out of a jam right there. eickhoff with a fine performance six innings with five hit baseball five strikeouts struck out bryce harper three times but in the eighth harper is not going to miss this one from pat shuster a fly ball down the right field line for a three run homer. nats beat the phils three to nothing. best finish of the day central michigan and oklahoma state. no time left on the clock. central michigan with one final play go for the hail mary. pass is caught by jessie kroll makes the lateral pass to corey mills. the chippewas upset the 22nd
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ranked oklahoma state 32 to 27. >> that was an awesome play. >> that was the play of the day for sure. >> just keep i
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>> welcome back. folks laced up their sneakers to raise money and awareness for brain aneurysms many "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia navy yard for the third annual aneurysm awareness event. this 5k run or mile walk helps to fund research and provide education about brain aneurysms. it was a hot morning as we
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know. congratulations to all of those dedicated fundraisers out there. we'l
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>> okay, so what do you call a fashion show he where the models hold kittens as they walk the runway? a catwalk of course. >> yeah a. >> that's a cat wasn't. a new york boutique held a unique fashion show to help some kittens find homes. all of the cats are from new york city shelters and i'm sure many were adopted. look at that cutie. >> put little heels on them. >> kitten heals. >> yeah, girl. >> all right, that's going to >> yeah, girl. >> all right, that's going to do it for us >> announcer: the following telecast of draftkings "fantasy football weekly" is a paid program brought to you by draftkings. >> today, we're talking about one of the big


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