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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well a would-be robber targets the wrong family overnight. we'll tell you what a protective mother did when a gunman tried to rough up her husband. >> president obama makes cameo in the campaign, not on the trail, but as a subject of conversation. the reason hillary clinton and donald trump are both talking about him and the one word they use to describe the both of them. >> own olympic athletes, ali you recognize here, will be recognized today along with other olypians from philadelphia. good morning, everyone, today is friday, we made it, today is september 16th. >> or my monday. we get to all of that in a
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moment. first, we check in with lauren in for casey and a check on the roads. >> oh, we have the guest stars, good morning to both of you, tgif indeed. it is friday, and monday, rahel, sore bye that. friday's tends to be a little quiet e. a lot of construction crews still out there. it will slow you down. >> and the weather extremely quiet. what a beautiful day yesterday. feeling fall like again today if you liked yesterday boom, it will be looking good, a lot of sunshine, low humidity before we do have rain chances much needed rain as we head into the upcoming weekend. temperatures are cool this morning, might even be reaching for the jacket in the lehigh valley, current temperature 49 degrees, we're at 41 in mount pocono, little temperature gradient, philadelphia, 60 degrees, right now, but cooler in millville at 51 degrees. temperature change over the last 24 hours, pretty dramatic with the drier air in place, down about five to in some places 20 degrees cooler this morning, than yesterday
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morning. storm scan three showing us, very quiet conditions, hoo i pressure in control, so crystal clear skies, giving you nice view of the full moon this morning, as we head throughout your day today, beautiful conditions, bright sunshine, extremely comfortable, as we head into the second half of the day, high temperatures topping off in the upper 70s. as we head into the next couple of days, your seven day spoiler looking forward to today. it is friday, gorgeous day in store, tomorrow, not going to be bad to kick off the weekends, we are watching sunday meisha for the potential of some showers and thunderstorms and talk more about the timing on that in your full forecast coming up in just a few. >> lauren, thank you so much for the heads up on that, especially for sun day. looking outside right now, looking pretty good at the vine. it is closed, the vine, over night construction, used to this between the schuylkill and broad. still wait be on the eastbound and westbound side. construction 95 north between betsy ross and the bridge street, two left lanes are blocked here, again, moving in the northbound direction on 995. also disable vehicles vehicle
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on the commodore barry bridge, one lane block, also 25-mile per hour speed limit in plates because of that. and, speaking of around this area, take a look at this, 295 northbound, southbound, both directions between the commodore barry bridge and route 45, one to two lanes blocked there. that lift around 5:00 a.m. of course we'll let you know it does. jersey admiral wilson eastbound ramp construction to federal street, campbell's place, that's closed, also scheduled to lift around 5:00 a.m. i have even more coming up for construction coming up in about ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> thanks so much. new this morning, police say a would-be thief picked the wrong family to rob in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. >> the scary moments unfolded just as a family was returning home. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in frankford, where jan, you just spoke with father, good morning, what's he saying? >> rahel, jim, good morning, that's right, pastor one of the victims here, this morning, we just spoke to him moment ago, we'll hear nor from him in just a minute, his
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church is right behind me, first i want to go over what happened here last night. this pastor arrives home, wife and child, only to be approached by man with a rifle, who demands mine, but turns out, his wife has a license to carry, pulls out her own weapon, shoots in defense of her family. take a look at this video, 1,000 block of pratt street, in frankford, police say, a 48 year old man, his 38 year old wife, and their 12 year old son, all came home from a concert just before 11:00 last night, as they exited their car and were about to walk-in side their home. police say, they were approached by man with a rifle who demanded money. now the pastor tells us he struggled with the suspect. he had hands on that weapon. but he back off because he didn't want his son to be shot. he says then the suspect struck him in the head with the butt of the rifle. meanwhile the wife comes out with a gun she is license today carry, shoots the suspect in the leg. he runs, ditches the rifle under park car, jumps on to the driver side running board
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of passing suv. police say that driver likely had nothing to do with the robbery. now, police say the suspect was described wearing orange shorts, white stripe, so they decided to check the frankford hospital with just mile away, and guess what, they found that suspect right outside the hospital. so, he's under arrest this morning. meantime the family is shaken up, but okay, i want you to listen to what the pastor said happened moment before his wife opened fire. take a listen. >> he tried to grab my wallet. and i turned like i was going to get my wallet but i was just stalling. and he hit me really hard in the back of the head with the gun. swung it like a baseball bat. and then everything looked like lightning for a minute, then i heard my wife saying drop the gun, drop the gun, she's got her gun. and he turned toward her, and i said shoot him. shoot him. and she shot him. >> now, that suspect is under arrest this morning, being treated for that gunshot wound to his leg. he's only described as a 66 year old man, northeast
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detective is investigating, and coming up at 5:00 we'll hear more from this pastor, hear how his family is doing, turns out it isn't his fishes brush with danger. for now report being live from frankford, jan carabeo. >> jan, see you then, thank up. meanwhile in other news city official targeted by the f.b.i. has stepped down. doctor jim moylan has resigned from his position as chairman of the city's zoning board of adjustment. federal agents raided his south philadelphia home and chiropractic office. "eyewitness news" caught up with mayor jim kenney who appointed moylan to the board. >> he decided for the good of the zoning board, good of the city he would step aside while all of this played out. as long as there is tv news and reporters they're going to continue asking the same question about something he can't talk about and don't know about, i think it would distract from the process. >> moylan is friend of ibew union leader john dougherty.
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dougherty known as johnny doc also caught in the middle of the federal investigation. in the next hour he sits down with our ukee washington for one-on-one interview. you can hear what the local 98 union boss has to say in this cbs-3 exclusive. >> and the investigation continues this morning, into a deadly head-on collision in dover. involving a delaware state trooper. this happened last night on route one southbound, near exit 98. they say a chevrolet driven by a 77 year old man was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes. his car collided head-on with delaware state police cruiser, driven by a 22 year old trooper. the driver of the car who was not wearing a seatbelt was killed. the trooper was air lifted from the scene, with non-live threatening injuries. mixed news on the job front in new jersey, according to the bureau of labor statistics. new jersey employers added 2200 non-farming jobs in august. still the state's unemployment rate kicked up to 5.3%. number of people looking for work in new jersey 63.9%. that's 1% hire than the
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national average. leisure and hospitality businesses experience the higher growth. >> and, this morning, we are learning hillary clinton is coming back to philadelphia, to campaign for the millennial vote. her campaign says she will be in town on monday and we will talk about things like free community college and student debt. >> meanwhile, some of had he remarks a fear have pushed donald trump's campaign to release statement on where president obama was born. correspondent hena daniels live in new york, good morning, hena. >> hena, what exactly did clinton say, and how is trump's campaign responding? >> good morning, guys. clinton returned to the campaign trail yesterday, following her bought with pneumonia in full attack mode. she blasted donald trump's refuse tool renounce the idea that president obama was not born in the united states during a washington post interview on wednesday. while a little later, campaign's campaign said they now believe the president was born in the u.s., encratite g trump for helping resolve the matter saying having
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successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate when other could not, mr. trump believed that president obama was born in the united state. rahel, jim? >> so hena there is morning, i understand, new pole that shows just how close this election is getting right now. >> yes, pretty amazing, with less than two month to the election, cbs news new york times pole has clinton and trump lock in a virtual tie. it shows clinton as at 46%, and trump at 44 among likely votersment and 51% of americans think clinton is a risky choice for america, while 67% feel that way about trump. now, according to the pole, economy and jobs are most important for registered voters, when national security, terror, very second close. and healthcare actually came in at third. back to you. >> all right, interesting to see, getting tighter and tighter. thank up, hena. >> meanwhile, in other news this morning, penn state will honor the late joe paterno,
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when temple takes on the nittany lions it, the tribute will commemorate 50th and verse rip of paterno's first game as head coach. the university says the celebrations are going to focus on paterno's commitment to student athlete and academics, plus highlight of the 1966 games. now, after 46 seasons, the school fired paterno following the public findings until the jerry sandusky scandal. >> well, happening today, philadelphia honors its home-grown olypians at city hall. >> that's right. me an ali seen here returning home from the 2016 olympic games, returned to a very warm reception at the airport. ali won a silver medal and 100-meter hurdles, 800 race also being celebrated today. both athletes of course represented the. s well at the olympic games in rio, and the ceremony start at 11:30,. >> making philly proud. heart broken pennsylvania restaurant owner takes to facebook, to tell his loyal
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customers, he's doing his best to keep the doors open. >> i love it so much. i'll do whatever i can to make it last. >> that as restaurant struggles to make money. but he had no idea what would come next. >> plus, a crazed manna tax a police detective with a meat clever in new york city. thousand detective is doing, and how authorities took control of the situation. we'll have that story when we come back. blank
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>> new york city police detective is expected to be okay, despite being attacked with a meat clever. and this happened during rush hour yesterday, near penn station. investigators say, the detective was helping officers subdue the suspect, who was trying to remove a parking boot from his car. authorities tell us the suspect slashed the detective in the face during the struggle. officers fired nearly 20 shots, shooting the suspect, he's in critical condition, another officer suffered a graze wound.
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well, the power of social media is not just for selfies and tweeting useless thoughts. >> one pennsylvania man actually used facebook to save his business. gary owns season's on me. now, fine dining restaurant in bloomberg. when vatican's business hit a financial rough patch, he took to social media for a final plea. the video ended upgoing viral, and help started pouring in. and says things have really turned around since posting the video. >> it was really hard for me to open that side of me and to be vulnerable, they're making reservations and seeing how they can help. i'm honored. >> and vatican said he's still taking in all of the support he's been getting. he and his customers of course now hoping the restaurant will stay open for a long, long timing. speaking every eating out. want to eat outside tonight, lauren? >> you do, indeed. it is going to be quite lovely. good for happy hour, dining outside, little date night on a friday night, yup. the weekends is kicking off on a good note. it is a little cool this
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morning, might even need that light jacket, 60 degrees, our current temperature in center city philadelphia. all is quiet. wind out of the northeast around 5 miles per hour, we do have down right chilly temperatures to kick off this friday. 49 degrees right now is your current in allentown, teetering getting close to 30's in the poconos, at 41 degrees right now, we're at 51 millville calling it at 56 degrees in ac. and we are seeing efficient cooling, clear skies overnight last night, and the drier air in place, dew points down into the 40's, 50's, showing us that air is nice, dry, comfortable, and fall-like. that will be the trends all through the day today. also, dry conditions on storm scan3, right now, high pressure in control, really couple every clouds off to the south and west. but we will have cold front moving through as we head into the upcoming weekends. for right now checking in on the tropics, do have tropical storm julia off shore, southeastern coastline, will hang out, there kind of me around err around the next couple of days, before dissipating, not going to be a threat. also not threat, tropical
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storm ian, will continue to move up to the north and east, out into the open waters of the atlantic, but something to keep an eye on in the long-range of course, west coast of africa. tropical storm karl, likely to strengthen over the next couple of days, becoming a hurricane, something we have to watch in the next week or so. just watching a lot of sunshine for today, mostly sunny, another beautiful day in store, 79 degrees the high temperature, owe over night tonight looking good for friday night plans. mainly clear, cool, falling back to 60 degrees. for the upcoming weekends, tomorrow not bad. start off with sunshine, increasing clouds up to 83 degrees, watch out for chance of much needed rainfall, we head into sunday. more humid, high of 85. meisha, sunshine returns, we head into tuesday, and fall officially begins next week. >> all right, laura, i'm looking forward to the rain, we need it, like i say, the bunnies and the frogs and the birds need it, too. good morning, guys. construction northbound between betsy ross and bridge street. two left lanes were blocked, looks like crews are out there
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all getting cleared out of the way. seeing couple of brake lights, through this area, overall still traveling at posted speeds, so looking pretty darn good. vine was closed, is still closed, westbound, and eastbound, see our officer set being up posts right, there he is a going to be sitting there until this opens. westbound side might just now be opening, see what happens, there eastbound side still closed so we'll have update coming up in about ten minutes. also, construction here in jersey, 42 southbound between 295 and creek road, two left lanes block here until right around 5:00 a.m. make note of that. another place here, admiral wilson boulevard eastbound ramp to federal street campbell place still closed, it should be opening up in about ten minute or so. and another place of construction here on 295, northbound southbound between the commodore barry bridge and route 45, one, two lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks so much. meisha really interested in this next storiment olive guard on pasta promotion has been incredibly popular. >> you may be surprised just how quickly the pasta pass sold out. that and money watch when we
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welcome back everyone, the time now is 4:50, time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. jill, the markets rallied yesterday. what's behind that? >> so, americans, believe it or not, cut back on spending in august, retail sales fell for the month, they dropped .3%. the reason that the market rallied, though, this is some of the last economic data the fed will look at during it meeting next week, when it will decide whether the economy is strong enough for another interest rate hike. so a lot of analysts say this weaker data makes it less likely that the fed will raise interest rates. jim, rahel? >> interesting. jill there is morning, meisha, rahel, lauren, they came in so excited because of olive garden's popular pasta promotion. i think they ought bought into this thing, and it's already sold out? >> reporter: it is true, they're not alone, cue the
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elase dollars ways pants. olive garden said its never ending pasta passes sold out in a minute. about 21,000 were available this year. compared to only about 2,000 last year. the pass costs 100 bucks. it is good for seven weeks of un limit the pasta. i should know so. if you missed out and you still want to get this unlimited pasta pass, 21 of them will be available on ebay, and the proceeds for that go to a charity. rahel, jim? >> that's good news. >> i don't like pasta that much, but those bread sticks, those are real good, jill. >> those will get you. >> rahel, did you get one? >> no, unfortunately, you know, i didn't get in line early enough. >> meisha did. meisha got ten! >> she bought ten, because she does lots of cardio, she needs to burn that off. >> she needs the carbs. yes, jill, we'll check in with you in the next hour. >> it has been pretty dry in the delaware valley. lawyer len tell us which day lawyer len tell us which day this weekend that may
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>> welcome back this friday morning, your time 4:54. temperatures much cooler than what we he ache woke to yesterday morning, might even need a jacket in some locations specially up toward the lehigh valley, berks county definitely in the poconos, might even be reaching, dairy say, a winter coat. 41 degrees right now your current temperature in mount pocono, 49 degrees, in allentown, 50's right now in reading and waking up to 60 degrees, in philadelphia. this northerly component to the wind flow, ushering in the cooler, and drier air, but wind speeds are calm to light as we head throughout the morning hours, a we head into our day today light breezes, and a lot of sunshine, beautiful day across the region topping at 79 degrees in philadelphia, under tons of sunshine, down the shore, a gorgeous beach day, low humidity, breezy, high temperature at 74. and awesome for hike today in the poconos, high temperature at 70 degrees. if you're headed out to state college tomorrow, big game, temple taking on the nittany lions, partly sunny, humid,
4:55 am
watching out for stray shower late, maybe pack along the umbrella in case, meisha, high temperature at 78 degrees. but otherwise, looking pretty good for some football weather. >> i've got it, ready and handy, about six of them, lauren, everywhere, my desk, my car. thank you so much. good morning, everyone. we're in a great mood. why? because we're waking up and it is friday, ben franklin bridge looking great coming from jersey into center city. looking quiet just as it should, the vine closed overnight for the construction, between the schuylkill and broad. and it still is. so westbound side still closed. eastbound side still closed as well. westbound side, we usually see it start to open up sometime fairly quickly, then eastbound side will follow. this is where we have construction this morning 95 for the between the betsy ross, two lanes block, there not so much any more. cleaning out of our way now looking good, in fact, 15 minutes ago looking at this, actually look slower than it does right now. some that far tension has alleve ate dollars, southbound side 95 you can see it starting to heat up. construction jersey northbound, southbound, both directions between the commodore barry bridge and
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route 45. one to two lanes are block, block until 5:00 a.m., the next five to ten minute, hopefully out of your way, admiral wilson boulevard eastbound ramp to federal or campbell place is closed again. it should be lifting right around five armor so. more you will updates coming up in a limb bitment for now, rahel, jim, back to you guys. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nearly six weeks after federal agent carry out series of raids across the region, man caught in the middle of the investigation opens up and only to "eyewitness news". >> and caught on camera, frightening video, see how a man risks his life to save a small animal from oncoming traffic. back at the top of the hour. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans?
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>> liver from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news", this morning. a pastor held up and robbed at gunpoint in front of his own son, but, here is what the thief didn't know. the pastor's wife also had a gun. what she did next may have saved their lives. donald trump's campaign says he now believes president obama was born in the united state. after hillary clinton blasted the republican rival for his beliefs. i'm hen a daniels, coming up. >> iphone fans lining up for the knew smart phones to go on sale today. if they have their heart set on one particular model, they may be wasting their time. well, today is friday, september 16. alleluhia, everyone, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon in for
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brooke thomas. katie also off. lauren casey, meisha johnson, joining thus morning, very lappy friday to you all. >> yes, rahel, it is your monday, we won't talk about that any more. the roads are looking pretty good, guys, a lot of construction out there, i have to say, crews hard at work, hopefully a lot of this is coming out of our way coming up in the next 15 minute or so. >> weather extremely quiet. remember high temperatures yesterday, boom, gone, out of here, beautiful conditions. so much cooler. and feeling more fall-like, and there is a fall chill in the air this morning. specially, north and west of the city. up toward the lehigh valley, temperatures upper 40's, right now, getting close to 30's in the poconos, 41 degrees your current temperature in mount pocono. berks county, cool, as well, down to the low 50's, waking up to 06 degrees right now in philadelphia. the air, so much drier after hot and humid start to our work week. nice closing, ends, with this dry air in


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