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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight a second night of ununrest in charlotte, north carolina and national guard is being called n dramatic move by governor and how one person was left seriously hurt. a main line convenient stories shut down police say overnight after a violent robbery. we will show you where it all happen and let you know how badly police say the robber left the store clerk. >> donald trump makes a campaign stop in the delaware valley, findings of new national pole of likely voters as we get closer to the first presidential debate. it is thursday september 22nd i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. fall arrives in just a few hours. >> people were out enjoying last night of sum inner olde
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city yesterday, take a look at fifth and market a few people with wearing long sleeves, and we will be seeing more of that soon. >> let's start with the forecast for the fall, katie, meisha as always keeping track of the traffic. >> yes, i am, good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome back, katie glad you are feeling better. we do have a a couple accidents one involving a motorcycle fire. that will be a lot of construction. >> weather is still very quiet, tranquil out there and fall officially does begin so hours are winding down as we go along and video we saw there were still people wearing shorts as well. it is still a mild beginning to the season as autumnal equinox takes effect. the it is just when sunnies most direct and, falling in the traffic of cancer. and, officially question it was taking grip and we will see some cooler air take
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effect as well. storm scan was quiet, nothing more, at the moment. moisture off, basically southeastern corner there and that won't necessarily have any impact, on us. we have a couple clouds, 65 at the airport. sixty-one in trenton. and handful of spots in the 50's at this hour. it depend where you are, whether it is cooler or mild tore start the morning but regardless as day progresses, happy fall, welcoming it the in here with the very mild beginning. eighty-six the spec high in the city but regardless nothing but sunshine. a few clouds at the shore but still a nice day and really pleasant day as well up in the mountains. now back over to you. beautiful fall start. thanks very much. looking outside this is where we have a motorcycle fire we were talking about. spring garden westbound at broad street in center city, we can see flashing lights, out there, crews are out there trying to work to get this cleared out of the way. it is, i would say blocking almost all lanes and that is squeezing all the way over to the far right shoulder. make note that it is out there
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for those traveling by, 95 south at aramingo avenue is closed big construction project we were talking about yesterday. this will go on for next nine months until june of next year. so this is just live picture, we will talk bit, reminding you all morning long. then we have construction also, 95 north, between 420 and bartram avenue one lane is opened there, the the vine is also, closed this morning and then we have an accident, new jersey turnpike southbound before route 32 2a vehicle went off the road in this area. also got, let's see, construction, 42 northbound off ramp to 295 north bound is closed until 5:00 a.m. jim and brooke, back over to you. thanks, meisha breaking news overnight north carolina governor declares a state of emergency, in charlotte, and national guard. >> that is after second night of protest after fatal shooting of the black man. correspondent hena daniels is live in new york and tells us that the demonstrations began peacefully, good morning,
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hena. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. what began as a peaceful marches lated quickly. chaos stretched well into the overnight hours as protesters faced off with heavily armed officers. police did use tear gas to disperse crowds and one flash bang exploded, as officers moved into clear the streets, and the scene played out as anger over deadly police shooting of keith to the, spilled on to the street, for a second day. some demonstrators were arrested peacefully but damage to businesses and stores, in charlotte, vibrant uptown area mounted. windows were smashed in several businesses. we have learn that four officers were also injured, during last night's demonstrations. brooke and jim. >> hena, i know some were saying some were seriously hurt last night. >> police were saying one person was shot in the head wednesday night, cord to go police that person was shot by another civilian, and now early the city had tweet that had person had died but later
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said that the person was not identified but is in critical condition and is on life support. fueling unrest here in charlotte are different narratives of what happened, leading up to keith scott's death tuesday. police say the four three-year old ignored demand to drop a gun, when they confronted him at his apartment complex. the family members insist he was holding a book and not a weapon. back to you. >> thanks so much, hena for that update. new this morning police say the clerk at a main line convenient store was roughed up during a robbery, overnight. >> officers say it happened shortly before 1:00 this morning at this 7-eleven at city and haverford avenue. lower merion police say clerk suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital. the 7-eleven is closed this morning while police investigating. so far no word on the man's condition, or a suspect. this morning we're expect to go learn more about a vine plant police officer stabbed in the face and head while responding to a call.
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chopper three over the scene yesterday afternoon on south valley street, now two officers were checking on the well-fair of 26 year-old johnny flores when they got in the fight with flores and he allegedly stabbed the officer several times. a neighbor watched everything, unfold from his driveway. >> the fact that he did that it shocked me. i mean i'm sure everybody around here is baffled, because that is annex stream length to go to and i mean everybody, everyone around here i know they have all been turning their heads and they have seen police cars and we're all wondering what is going on. >> injured officer is in the hospital in stable condition, and the other officer was treated and released, flores faces several charges including attempted murder of a police officer. a man is in custody after police say he barricaded himself in the home this happened in the 1600 block of pratt street, that is in philadelphia's frankford section. police were able to get inside and arrest him without the any incident. they say he may be connect to a shooting near the frank for
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transportation center, now that happened, during a a 5:00 . a man was hit several times and taken to the hospital in critical condition. a second woman is charged with hindering the investigation in the fatal shooting of a child in camden. police say that the tasha gerald provided a false alibi for person of interest in the death of the eight year-old gabriel carter. another woman was arrested last week on the same charge. police say carter was shot near her home near south eighth street last month. there is still a $76,000 reward, for any information leading police to her killer. in new castle county one person is dead and another is in the hospital after part of the town home collapsed. chopper three was on the scene on the brookfield drive-in christian a authorities say the collapse happened around 8:30. they said a water leak caused a ceiling or floor to give way. one person was found dead at the scene, woman was transported to a local hospital, and in stable condition. a popular hoagie shop, on
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jeweler's row is surprisingly closed. spinning's hoagies closed a week and a half ago. the sign on the door says new hires house be exceptionally clean, and always on time. they need the ability to read and understand menu and be drug free. sudden closure was a surprise to their land lord, joseph bonefillo. >> not only was i advised but everybody coming for a sandwich. turnout is pretty enormous for this kind of a set up. it is little. >> cbs-3 reached out to dennis fink but he has not commented. on social media fink's management it says closure is only temporarily until they will get the right team in place. severe weather makes a road impassable, literally. look at the this, street gave way after non-stop rain. we will show you place that is dog with too much water. plus can you imagine most
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of an entire area being in the dark. that is what is happening right now, we will show you where more than 3 million people are waking up in the dark this
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campaign trail passes through our area today. donald trump making a stop in aston, delaware county heating with reporters at sun center studios. yesterday, trump met with black pastors in cleveland, ohio. he told audience that african americans are in their worst shape they have ever been in. head of the naacp slammed those remarks on cnn saying they ignore history of segregation and slavery. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail, she's getting ready for monday's presidential debate with trump. she told supporters in orlando she plans to provide more job opportunities for people with disabilities. she also said that she pledged to increase their wages.
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meanwhile an nbc/wall street journal poll shows clinton leading trump 48 to 41 y voters. cbs-3 is place to be for first presidential debate monday night, candidates will face each other but first time at hofstra university is happening at 9:00. our own jessica dean will be in new york ahead of the debate, look for her live report starting on "eyewitness news" on 5:00 on monday. federal law enforcement authorities say wife of the bombing suspect, ahmad kahn rahami is returning voluntarily to the united states. at a house here in wednesday, the chairman of the house home land security committee held up a copy of the the bloody page from rahami's journal. in the journal rahami talks about the sound of bombs in the streets, and praises osama bin laden. rahami is facing at least ten federal charges including use of the weapon of mass destruction, and bombing a public place. also, the fbi has released a photo of two men, who might
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have evidence, in the case. authorities say that saturday the men found a suitcase containing an unexploded pressure cooker just a few blocks from where the other bomb detonated in chelsea. they say the men removed the pressure cooker and walk away with the luggage. authorities want the luggage back for evidence. they say the men are not suspects. much of the puerto rico is still in the dark this morning after a fire at a power plant, blacked out the entire island. video shows cars driving through intersections with dead traffic lights, up to three and a half million people are affect. fire broke out wednesday, at the agear power plant. it knocked out two transmission lines. the fire is under control but officials say they hope to have service fully restored to all of puerto rico this morning. constant rain is causing problems down south this road got wash out in eastern north carolina you can sea water flowing and no traffic was getting by here. over the border drivers hit
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the brakes as they approached standing water in virginia, flooding advisory is posted for virginia beach area, driving conditions were near impossible with many vehicles getting stranded in high water. >> you cannot get stranded in high water if you don't drove through. >> that is what we always say never go through a flooded road. for one thing you could get washed away in just 6 inches of water, that is all it takes. >> people don't realize that. it is so dangerous. >> plus you never know what could be underneath there. there could be a sinkhole. we are starting off the new season a quiet note. i know you are a big fan of summertime, heat. we will tell you how many 90-degree days we had. give you a nice warm fuzzy, brooke. here we go. the summer, it was definitely a very warm summer. we had, five plus, 90-degree days alone in june, 16 in july, 17 in august, four in september so tar but it has been dry. the current deficit even
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despite the rain from recent days here is still just shy of an inch below what we can use at this point or is what on average. but, the the highlight of the summer has been the heat, there really was as a note, with that said we just talk about flooding in portions of virginia and north carolina, still pretty heavy rain circling and swirling in. this is limited moisture from what was julia, but regardless of this, even though there is some clouds, skirting around the outer rim of this we are too far north to get impact by it. with that said, today is a nice day, very warm, however, we do get to start the fall. 10:21, as we enter the new season, regardless 86 degrees is the high. we are well above seasonal average and dropping down to the mid 60's under mainly clear skies. still mild but nice night. as we look forward, craving that crisp feeling to the air we have you covered here. take a look, eagles game day,
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that will be great tailgating weather, 70's, and need for a high for most of the the day in the 60's but in the sunshine, it is again, perfect to fire up the grill out in the parking lot. what do you say. >> absolutely, i am there those athletes out there running around they will love playing in the 70's. all right. taking a look outside this is where we had a motorcycle fire spring garden westbound in center city. it has since been clear. we are looking nice, quiet the where we should, very dark outside, and i would say, that we see your neighbors passing by give a wave because we are looking nice out here, some construction 95 north between 420 and bartram avenue. they have construction only one lane was opened, now cleared. now look at the that looking nice. vine construction, westbound side, it looks like we are opening now, eastbound side usually volumes right afterward. hopefully in the next ten to 15 minutes maybe sooner eastbound side will open. right now between schuylkill
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and broad on the vine westbound side is open. we have an extent new jersey turnpike southbound before route 122, a vehicle did go off the road there. it is not slowing you down too much now but it will pushing 5:00 o'clock and construction, 322 off ramp to i-95 is closed until 5:00 a.m. jim, over to you. thanks very much, meisha. trouble for ice cream headachier blue bell. >> yes, company is recalling its products, overlies tear use worries.. we will show you two flavors involved and let you know whether states in our area are
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katie mcginty: franny, johnny, me, and colleen...een,, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. blue bell is voluntarily recalling two flavors of ice cream because of a possible listeria contamination. company representative says contamination may exist in chocolate chip cookie dough and cookie two step but they insist that the cookie dough came from a third party distributor. the recall has been in place for ten states but not
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pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. you may remember blue bell stopped production for a while last year, because of listeria concerns. well, time is 4:50. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live in front of the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. the let's talk interest rates. i know fed weighed in. >> reporter: that is right, as expected fed decided not to raise interest rates after its september meeting. fed chair janet yellin if the job market and economy continue to improve central bank will raise rates at some point this year. most economist expect the rate height will come in december. brooke and jim. jill, i understand chipotle is trying to reassure customers that its food is save, so what are they doing exactly right now. >> reporter: chipotle ceo steve else appears in a new video, touting safety improvements they have made. one of those improvements is a system that tracks all of their food and ingredients as
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it makes its way in the specific restaurants. as you know chipotle sales plunged after noro virus and e-coli out break last year. i see long lines at chipotle again so i i have to say they are headaching a come back. >> i went on i think it was tuesday after work and the place was not very busy, and usually it would be. it depend on the location but they have some customer confidence building that they have to do. >> absolutely. thanks, jill. in other news, the start of fall is just a few houours away. >> but katie, it won't feel like fall that soon. >> yeah, exactly we are going to continue to feel the warmth out there at least for a few more days but there is eventually a crisper more fall like air mass that takes grip and i'll tell you when we will cool down
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. good morning, welcome back, as we take a live look facing south from center city
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studios here in the syringe garden section of the city, in problems with visibility, nice clear sky, it feels good outside, not too breezy, and nice day on tap and even as we are kick starting the season of fall it is another very summer-like day. so what we can look forward to here is more easing into the season as a whole, and again nice bright sunshine overall very tranquil forecast. we have a cold front scheduled to cross through later this week but storm scan is nice and quiet off to the south east and hence clouds that are rolling through our area. it does stay dry here, and temperatures, as i stopped currently depend what you are looking at. the it is cooler in the highest terrain. we're talking 40's there and mid 60's in the city. we're at 60 in atlantic city. fifty-six in will allentown. outlying suburbs are on the cooler side. depending where we are starting our morning you may want to look at an extra layer sending kid out with the sweat shirt as we head tout in the
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school bus. regardless warm afternoon. dress nothing layers isn't the worst. we are in the mid to upper 80's for next few days and then by this weekend cold front crosses through, does it job to cool us off and we are flirting or just barely hitting 70 degrees come sunday. >> measure of the 60's are here, crazy thanks very much. looking outside we are looking good. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery looking from the eastbound and westbound side looking nice, looking quiet, looking just as it should on a very early thursday morning. vine street expressway was closed, eastbound ramp was only part still closed and it looks like that height be opening right now. westbound side is opened and looking g vine is looking good right now clearing out, an accident here in new jersey, new jersey turnpike southbound before route 12 2a vehicle did go off the road there. make note. construction commodore barry bridge westbound one lane is blocked there this morning, and then that condition trucks here on lincoln drive southbound between green street and wayne avenue one lane opened until september 30th that will so
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you down during rush hour as well. make note of that. jim, over to you. heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. ways has a plan to keep you connect when driving through tunnels. it has installed beacons and continue else in pittsburgh to help your gps signal staying on even underground. tinder is partnering with spotify to help users see if they are possible matches share their musical taste. kyw movie review on snowden, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. in the next hour of "eyewitness news" the latest on the condition of south jersey police officer stabbed in the line of tooth i. also we are live in charlotte north carolina where a state of emergency is in effect. we will hear from ben roethlisberger the man carson wentz is compared to when we come right back, stay with
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after another day and night of protests, we're live there with the latest, coming up. new this morning police say a clerk was robbed and inside a convenient store on the main lined are line. we will have an update on the investigation. live look at center city where in just a few hours, falls will officially begin. katie will tell us when it will feel like fall. it is thursday, september 22nd, good morning i'm jim donovan. aim brooke thomas. katie and meisha are both here keeping an eye on things. the team is all back together again. >> yes, we are. >> definitely feeling better. >> i don't sound better but i feel better.
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>> all right. well, looking the at the roads, you guys, it is looking good. just waking up with us, this morning thumbs up. >> i say thumbs up for weather too. definitely warm start to the season. the it will not feel like fall. more like midsummer, really. >> exactly. >> as fit is end of the july we're talking 86 for a high. really warm for standard but storm scan is nice and quiet. we have moisture to the south bringing in a couple of clouds across portions of the the area but overall this end up being a nice, mostly sunny day and courtesy of high pressure we can bank on nice warm air, to settle in here as well today. since last night we have actually seen temperatures dropping off more readily especially through atlantic city, pine land area, mountains, 11 degrees cooler since this same time yesterday morning, but relatively even as we go up and down i-95 for example. with that said how we reflect on the thermometer, 65 current temperature at


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