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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: now it's a criminal case. the the tulsa police officer who fatally shot a black motorist is charged with manslaughter. >> a warrant has been issued for her arrest. >> pelley: also tonight, the national guard moves in to charlotte to try to prevent another night of violence after the fatal police shooting of a black man there. a cbs news investigation. did a general delay important intelligence meant for the president? more hack attacks. the white house is a target, and so are half a billion yahoo! accounts. and the president honors the man who put the mo in motown ♪ baby love my baby love ♪ i need you, oh, how i need you
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, an arrest warrant was issued for tulsa police officer betty shelby. she is charged with first degree manslaughter in the shooting friday of an unarmed african american motorist. shelby is 42, on the tulsa force five years. this is one of two cases this week that has reignited the national debate over the deathes of african americans at the hands of police. manuel bojorquez is in pulsa. >> reporter: after reviewing police dash-cam and helicopter video, county district attorney steve kunzweiler announced the charge less than a week after white police officer betty shelby shot and killed 44-year-old terence crutcher, an unarmed black man. according to the affidavit, the investigator found shelby
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reacted unreasonably, and that she became emotionally involved to the point that she over-reacted. terence crutcher's family responded to the announcement. >> but while we are pleased to learn that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act, we understand that nothing will bring him back. >> reporter: district attorney steve kunzweiler: >> i do not know why things happen in this world the way they do. we need to pray for wisdom and guidance on each of our respective paths in life. >> reporter: police say crutcher did not obey commands after they responded to a call of an abandoned s.u.v. footage of last friday's incident showed crutcher walking away from shelby with his arps raised. her attorneys say she firedded when he began to reach into the window on the criefer's side. but crutcher's family dispute
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that claim saying the window was rolled up. since the shooting, peaceful protests here have happened almost daily. officers shell pea's attorney did not immediately reply to a request for comments. arrangements are being made for her to turn herself into the pulsa police department. a charge of manslaughter carrieses a punishment of at least four years. >> pelley: the north carolina national guard moved into charlotte today after two nielts of violence sparked by the the death of keith scott, an african american shot by an african american police officer. today, video of the shooting was shown privately to scott's family, and david begnaud is in charlotte. >> reporter: clinton was holed up at their chappaqua, new york, home today with advisers and stacks of briefing books. >> pelley: well, we have a story out of order there. it happens on live television.
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we're going to have david begnaud's report from charlotte for you in just a moment as soon as the control room tells me that it's ready. in the meantime, the wife of the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings flew back to the united states last night from the persian gulf. she is cooperating with investigators. ahmad rahami is in a new york hospital hooked up and on a breathing tube as he recovers from a gunshot wound. during the bombing over the weekend, two men found a suitcase containing a bomb on a manhattan street. they took the suitcase and left the bomb, which failed to explode. these are those men, and the f.b.i. would like to meet them. there is hacking news today, as usual, but this time, it is chilling because someone was able to get the fine details of the travel movements of the vice president and hillary clinton.
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it is a serious security breach. jan crawford is following this. >> reporter: the hacked e-mails came from the personal gmail account of ian mellul, a former low-level contractor at the white house and a part-time staffer on hillary clinton's presidential campaign. posts on the web site dcleaks, the e-mails include travel schedules of leading political figures, including the vice president, and reportedly a scanned copy of first lady michelle obama's passport. the f.b.i. is looking into the praech. >> i think it should be a wake-up call for all of us. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh earnest expressed concern. >> obviously, we take any reports about a cyber breach seriously, particularly if it-- it may include some sensitive information. >> reporter: the leaked e-mails detailed travel movements for vice president biden, including his hotel information for a july trip to los angeles. it even showed where his room was located on the seventh floor of the beverly wilshire hotel. another e-mail included hillary
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clinton's schedule for a trip to florida last year, showing everything from her motorcade schedule to which hallway she would use at the event. now, it's unclear whether the staffer violated any government policies by using his gmail account. the hack comes after dcleaks, the web site, which, scott, by the way, has been linked to russia-- publicked the personal e-mails of secretary of state colin powell. >> pelley: jan, thank you. we know where hillary clinton will be on monday. she'll be with donald trump at their first debate. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: clinton was holed up at her chappaqua, new york, home today with her top advisers and stacks of briefing books while trump gave an energy speech in pittsburgh. >> i think i'm going to get one for hillary. >> reporter: and tried cheesesteaks in philadelphia. >> reporter: trump has rejected the traditional
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approach. he will do no mock debates. there will be no clinton stand-in. >> i mean, i've seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there they can't speak. >> reporter: he has opted instead for more casual sunday prep sessions and polling supporters for advice with new debate preparation survey that asks, for instance, "do you think trump should refer to hillary as 'crooked hillari' on stage?" >> crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton was ask abouted debates on the satirical interview series "between two ferns." >> do you wonder what your opponent will be wearing? >> i assume he'll be wearing that red power tie. >> or maybe, like a white power tie. >> that's even more appropriate. >> reporter: the expectation-setting game has already begun. the clinton campaign says trump needs to i can splay the same kind of platform specifics as clinton will on monday night, while republicans argue, scott, that it's her turn to turn in a near-flawless performance, given her vast experience.
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>> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. now, tonight, we have an investigation into u.s. military intelligence, and whether vital information was withheld from the president. our story centers on central command in tampa, florida, which covers the middle east. intelligence is always debated by analysts. it's supposed to be. but two federal investigations are looking into whether conclusions were spun to influence policy. jim axelrod and producer emily rand are looking into this. >> reporter: on a rainy kay in september 2014, president obama paid a visit to u.s. central command at macdill air force base in tampa for a briefing from general lloyd austin. >> throw the grenade in the bunker. >> reporter: among the topics-- training and equipping the fragile iraqi security forces to stop the explosive growth of isis. the cost of the program-- $1.2
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billion. >> i just received a briefing from general austin and met with your commanderses, met with representatives from more than 40 nations. it is a true team effort here at macdill. >> reporter: but at the time, centcom's intelligence operation was anything but unified. critical assessments of the iraqi security forces were regularly being altered by top intelligence brass, words like "slow," "stalled," and "retreat," changed to "deliberate" and "relocated" which had the effect of painting a rosier picture in final reports delivered to general austin and his staff. but it didn't stop there. in one instance, centcom's director of intelligence, major general steven r. grove, blocked a negative assessment of iraq's military from the president's daily brief, a top-secret intelligence summary viewed only by the president and his closest advisers.
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on february 19, 2015, the pentagon's defense intelligence agency concluded iraqi security forces wouldn't be ready to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city, before the end of the year. in tampa, centcom's iraq analysts agreed, but according to sources, general grove ordered the assessment kept out of the president's brief until after his boss, general austin, testified to congress about the iraqis' progress. >> isil is losing this fight. >> reporter: ...making the case for an additional $715 million for the program. to stall the meggative assessment from getting to president, centcom senior staff asked for revisions. >> we're about where we said that we would be in the execution of our military campaign plan. >> reporter: and on march 3, austin told congress the "train and equip "strategy was working and isis was on the run.
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>> the fact is he can no longer do what he did at the outset, which is to seize and hotold new territory. he has assumed a defensive crouch in iraq. >> reporter: last fall, after the pentagon began its investigation into allegations of intelligence manipulation. >> i don't want intelligence shaded by politics. >> reporter: ...the president laid out his expectation that intelligence never be distorted. >> we can't make good policy unless we've got good, accurate, hard-headed, clear-eyed intelligence. >> reporter: general austin retired earlier this year as centcom commander, but in a statement to cbs news he said he never directed anyone at centcom to adjust or delay intelligence, nor would it he have tolerated such action. his director of intelligence, general grove, declined to comment. he was rotated out of centcom past may. the investigation, scott, is ongoing. >> pelley: ji jim axelrod, thanks. now we go back to the the shooting of keith scott in
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charlotte. here's david begnaud. >> reporter: the second night of protest was more dangerous than the first. in the chaos, gunfire. a young man was shot and later died. police say he was not shot by an officer. today for the first time, the family of 43-year-old keith scott was set on to speak but they were overcome by grief, so attorney justin bamburg spoke for hem. >> this family has questions and they deserve answers. don't release some information, don't play hide the ball if you're going to release what happened, release everything. >> reporter: charlottte-mecklenburg police chief can the kerr putney says he will not let the public see the video because the investigation is ongoing. police say scott had a gun. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: witnesses say it was a book. >> the video does not give me absolute, definitive, visual
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evidence that would confirm that a person is ponting a gun. >> reporter: police claim they did recover a gun but didn't fiend a book. >> i hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: the chief has been criticized for taking 15 hours to accept more manpower. national guard and state police, offered by the governor tuesday morning. why did you allow things to escalate to point that they did last night? >> i don't believe i allowed anything. i believe what happened is people were violating the law. they were in huge numbers. and it's something that we can't anticipate. >> reporter: county commissioner vilma leake says charlotte has been ripe for this kind of tension. >> it's almost like a volcano that's beginning to schoad-- joblessness, education is not strong, in different communities. weakest teachers with the weakest children. this is a divided community. o a lot of this stems from that
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process from our young people who are saying, "we're not taking it anymore." >> reporter: and police are bracing for more protests tonight. 44 people were arrested last night. scott. >> pelley: david begnaud thanks. coming up next on the cbs evening news a massive e-mail breach at yahoo!. r the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement...
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to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. hackers stole the personal information in half a billion e-mail accounts. it may be the biggest hack ever. the f.b.i. is on it, and so is ben tracy. >> reporter: if you've got mail from yahoo!, chances are, you've been hacked. in a message posted online, the company said it believes that information associated with at least 500 million user accounts was stolen. that includes names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and even security questions and answers. the company says the hack does not appear to include credit card or bank account
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information. >> even with the best monitoring, companies don't even know they've been hacked. >> reporter: connie guglielmo is editor in chief of cnet news. >> just because your bank account information wasn't stolen-- "oh, it's just my e-mail and my password. what could they possibly have?" well they have access to your entire circle of friends, all of the businesses that you do business with. anything that you've put in e-mail, all of that stuff is now vulnerable. >> reporter: yahoo! says the hack happened in late 2014 by an unidentified state-sponsored actor. the company has not said when it first learned of the massive data breach and why it's alerting customers now, but it is working with the f.b.i. yahoo! is the third-largest e-mail provider in the country. at one time it was worth $100 billion. but the latest c.e.o., marissa mayer, is in the midst of selling the company to verizon for about $5 billion. yahoo! is telling the users to immediately change the passwords on their accounts, and, scott, that includes the security questions as well. >> pelley: ben tracy in l.a.
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. >> pelley: for many, the shootings in tulsa and charlotte are proof of police bias. but research confirms it's not just the cops. here's dr. jon lapook. >> most people are biased. to our research, the majority of americans show some degree of unconscious negative attitudes towards minorities. >> reporter: n.y.u. psychologist david amodio studies the science of racial bias and prejudice. in this test, subjects are shown a picture of a black or white male carrying either a gun or a harmless object and must make a quick decision to shoot or not shoot. >> and now you are the in role of a police officer, and what's been found is that if the person who appears is black and they're holding a cell phone or a soda can, people are more likely to accidentally shoot them than if they were white. >> reporter: one study found subjects were about 30% more
6:52 pm
likely to shoot an unarmed black person than an unarmed white person. >> when we viewed eye tracking in that task what we find is the eyes always go to the person's face first and then tracks down to see what's in their hand. >> reporter: so they see their color first. >> yeah. >> reporter: and they may make a biased decisioned based on that. >> and it's automatic. it happens in one or two millisecond. >> reporter: can you be trained not to look at the face. >> we tried that in the laboratory and found it is effective in reducing bias. >> reporter: in the lab, focusing on the object rather than the race, reduced shootings 45%. >> oftentimes we need to make a snap decision, and it can take effort and some time to overcome an automatic bias. >> reporter: one big question is how research like this in the controlled setting of a lab applies to real-life situations in the field where so many unpredictable things can can happen. >> pelley: fascinating. doctor, thank you very much.
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>> pelley: today, president obama honored 24 individuals and institutions for their contributioning to the arts and humanities, including mel brooks for making us laugh, historian ron chernow, audra mcdonald, for lighting up broadway. chef jose andres for cultivating our palettes. and producer,-songwriter berry gordy. chip reid on the man behind the motown sound. ♪ signed, sealed delivered i'm yours ♪ ♪ ain't too proud to plead, baby, baby ♪ ♪ stop in the name of love ♪ >> reporter: berry gordy revolutionized popular music. >> in those days it was black music, it was white music, and i
6:57 pm
wanted to make shiewsk for all people ♪ sugar pie honey bunch you know that i love you ♪ ♪ a.b.c., easy as 1, 2, 3 >> reporter: at 27, he quit his job on a detroit assembly line and started writing songs. "to be loved "sung by jackie wilson was his first big hit ♪ what a feeling to be loved >> reporter: his career as a producer took off after signing performers like smokey robinson ♪ if you got the notion i second that emotion ♪ >> reporter: and the contours ♪ do you love me i can really move ♪ >> reporter: over decades created a music empire called motown, groups like the temptations ♪ i've got sunshine on a cloudy day ♪ >> reporter: the jackson 5
6:58 pm
♪ oom-oohbaby i want you back ♪ >> reporter: and stephen wonder ♪ i just want to say i love you >> reporter: gordy's focus was love songs. >> motown was built on love. >> reporter: with so many superstars, he refuses to play favorites. >> whichever artist i'm with at the time, i sing their songs, and they're my favorite artist when i'm asked. if i'm with diana ross, i hear "sympathy" or "my man." ♪ oh, my man i love him >> if i'm with smoky it's "tears of a clown," or "tracks my tears." >> reporter: on this day, the only tears were tears of joy. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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