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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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again, i can the not really under score enough how much of a crime this vandalism was. >> a joy ride with devastating consequences, police say a youth football field destroyed and that is not the only act of of vandalism being investigated tonight. officials say field in camden was torn up by a driver doing doughnuts. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporterral sand that hoff is live in camden with what police are using, to catch these vandals. alex? >> reporter: well, first want to say repairs to the field have been taking place all day but it is still not safe to play on so right new you might be able to see behind me camden raiders are forced to practice in small patch of grass off to the side. it was never the finest field by any means, but it was their home turf and for that the camden raiders football
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program was proud. >> a lot of them don't have that in their household or where ever the kids is and to be out here with a bunch of men, positive people, it is a great thing. here's something you don't want to mess up. >> reporter: someone or some people didn't much care about that when practice rolled around on hon the boys arrived to find their fields an unsafe mess. >> we had a deluge of rain over the weekend and that rain played a great role in someone thinking there was an opportunity to use their four-wheel drive vehicle out here. >> reporter: it was more than just a few tire marks, field was dug up, destroyed by a vehicle. so last night players were forced to practice on a small patch of grass, not knowing that they would be hit again. >> from the field and then we find out today that they put some kind of things in the back of the field house. >> reporter: the on the first day of yom kippur a swastika appeared spray painted on a team building. >> at this point in time we don't know if there is a connection. we're still looking at it. we're still retrieving tape
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there last night. >> reporter: security footage also captured a vehicle responsible for tearing up the field sunday night. police are now pursuing leads. still, none of that will fix the field in time for the raiders game on saturday. >> we will just move forward on and just keep on doing what we are doing. we are not stopping. we will keep moving. >> reporter: police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. reporting live from camden, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, alex, thank you. upper darby police superintendent expresses frustration as police try to get justice in a series of carjacking is a begins women. they have identified five juveniles but have not yet brought charges in several incidents which all happened this month. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in upper darby with more, joe. >> reporter: jessica and chief mike chitwood here in upper darby township is never known to mix word and today he said they will make arrests in these violent carjackings and
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he didn't just stop there. >> in my opinion, genetically they are doom. he is doom. >> reporter: holding nothing backupper darby police superintendent says he is working hard to arrest teens behind violent carjackings and get this their parents too. >> why do you not know where your 13 years oldies at 2:30 in the morning? i could lock up parents i would lock up the parents. because, this is a disgrace. >> reporter: police say that 13 year-old was armed with this rifle, and, wearing this black cap were four other teens terrorized women, carjacking them late at night. detectives say one woman was hit over the head, another had been trigger pulled on her but none of the teens have been charged in direct connection to the carjacking. here's why. investigators say parents of the teen stone walled police, preventing them from interviewing their children. that has drawn an angry response from chitwood. >> victims november rights in this case. victims november rights but
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the five thugs have all of the rights in the world. >> reporter: reaction from the community appears to backup, the police department. >> the parents fault, you know. they need to take hold of their kid. >> everything starts at home with the parents, you know, if there noise guidance this is what will end up happening. >> reporter: now at this point we should point out there are some indirect charges related to these violent carjackings a 13 year-old with that rifle he allegedly was carrying is facing weapons charges and is in a juvenile detention facility. another teen is charged with receiving stolen property. now, the superintendent of police tells me that he intends to pursue this and they have cell phone evidence that he believes will connect the dots and help place these teens in the the township. live from upper darby township joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police need your help finding suspects in the home invasion, caught on camera. one suspect you see walks right in the home on the 1300 block of heller man street in
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oxford circle as owner sits on the couch, then chases her from her seat. in the long after that second suspect comes through the door. victim who did not want to be identified spoke to "eyewitness news" off camera. >> just really wish they would catch these two guys quick and i wish that they would be swift hi prosecuted. i don't wish any ill will on them because i go to church, every sunday. i just pray for them. >> if you have any information you're asked to call police. tomorrow will mark one year since police found body of a three-year old haddon township boy. >> his father remains behind bars, accused of killing him and his mother is sitting down exclusively with "eyewitness news". >> our david spunt joins us on set and you spoke with brandon creato's mother about her son. >> reporter: it has been a extremely painful year for samantha, she has never given an interview about what happened but as we approach a year tomorrow she want people to know about her son little
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brandon creato was found dead in the wood half mile from his dad's apartment in haddon township around 6:30 in the morning on october 13th, 2015. no signs of foul play. in fact an autopsy and toxicology report came back with no clear cause of death a lot of questions there. police charged his dad dj creato and camden county prosecutor's office admitted that the case is largely circumstantial, brandon's mom samantha invited to us learn about her son. it was tough to open up and talk but she said it is important to know about the life that he led. >> people who don't know him knew who he was, they still you this he was i great kid. he was being crazy, ball of joy. >> i will have more tonight from brandon's mom at 11:00 on cbs. she showed us his favorite things and previews a permanent memorial, currently under construction in brandon's that i am. jessica and ukee, there is so many questions, people don't know it has been a year but she's glad she opened up and spoke to us. >> tough year in doubt. to daze pennsylvanians
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auditor general released final audit report of the child line, pennsylvania's child abuse reporting hot line. officials say the department of human services is addressing ongoing issues in the system, including unanswered calls to the hot line. but the report says that more work needs to be done to ensure children are well served, and protected. >> in addition to the 24 recommendations in the report the department should immediately appoint an independent child protection, who would review complaint, recommend system improvements. >> in the statement pennsylvania department of human services says it shares auditor general's commitment to insuring the safety of children. a federal bill that would make it harder for domestic abuse tears buy a gun is getting support from pennsylvania senator bob casey. in norristown today he said one weakness of the current law is how it defines a interest math partner. >> we know current law prohibits the purchase of a firearm to any intimate part
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inner with a domestic violence or stalking restraining order but defines an intimate partner too narrowly. we want to expand that definition. >> senator attended a round table discussion at laurel house and heard victims of domestic violence. senator also says that people who are in dating relationships should also be considered intimate partners under the law, the bill would also prevent anyone convicted of misdemeanor stalking from being allowed to buy a gun. philadelphia's marries speaking out, developers plans for philadelphia's historic jewelers row. as greg argos shows us tonight owners are waiting to find out the future of their storefronts. >> reporter: in these stores craft people have honed their skills for generations but a new project planned for jeweler's row in philadelphia could change the entire essence of this community. frank schaefer has work on jeweler's row for more than 25 years. >> actually taking a large
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trip out of the diamond. >> reporter: past nine right here at 708 sansom street. >> how do you cut the hardest substance on earth? welshing with the same substance. >> reporter: at time of the country's oldest jewelry district may be coming to an end. >> very concerned. >> reporter: proposed plans for luxury condominium on this block take shape. >> i was numb, just thoughts of what now. >> reporter: toll brothers plans to build 16 floor, 80 unit luxury condominium on the site of the building. spokesperson says it will be demolish but plans call for creating a fisod which copies the same storefront. >> it would be a loss for the entire city. >> reporter: that is paul, executive director of the cities preservation alliance who says he is still waiting for final plans from the toll brothers company will do. >> we are looking at complete demolition and then building something that kind of looks like what was there. that would be a real problem. >> we need to recognize this is a problem we're working with toll brothers and community to try to keep the
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integrity of the first, second, their floors intact. >> reporter: not everyone agrees, owner of this jewelers, one of the stores which could be demolish hangs this blue sign. he didn't want it on camera he said he says new resident in this area could be good for business but he is in the minority as many think new construction means generations of history could be wiped away. >> when you start removing the jewelers row, you are destroying philadelphia. >> reporter: on jewelers road, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in campaign 2016, presidential nominees are under fire. donald trump is stumping in must win florida today. republican nominee continues to battle with members of his own party, many g.o.p. leaders are distancing themselves from trump after 2005 video show him making lewd comments about women. tomorrow ivanka trump will be campaigning for her father in malvern, drexel hill and bucks county.
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hillary clinton is campaigning in colorado. democratic nominee is trying to win over disgruntled republicans. clinton campaign has its own issues as media is sifting through hack e the males from campaign char man john podesta. owe pope are calling it anti catholic. u.s. intelligence officials say that the hacks came from russia. little more than 26 days until voters head to the polls to elect the next president of the united states, be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" here on tv and also cbs as we get closer to election day. most philadelphians, know the pain of potholes especially in the winter season. in just a few minutes way one politician wants to improve the way those pesky road bumps are fix, kate. it has been a great fall stretch, it has been dry since weekend but we will track chance for showers tomorrow and another chance early next week, we will tell but a cool down and wrapped warm up, we will take a closer look at hurricane nicole heading
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toward bermuda in weather. rookie tossed in the lime light how 164th pick in the draft is new partly responsible for protecting the number two pick carson wentz, the story of big v coming up next in sports.
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philadelphia city council holds a hearing aim at improving the cities pothole repair system. >> "eyewitness news" was in council chambers today for that hearing called by city councilman david oh, he thinks private contractors can do a better job but cities streets department says the city has been effective at pothole repairs. he said crews filled 25 to 35,000 potholes in the spring and 58 percent of them within three days of their being reported. and education secretary, pedro riveria delivered the opening remarks today at a conference in philadelphia.
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>> "eyewitness news" at the sheraton downtown hotel for association of latin o administrators and superintendent's educational summit. it is conference that brings in latin o educators there around the nation. secretary riveria encouraged them to get close to history. >> when you are here and you are having conversations of in equity and access and having conversations around education , remember that you are the city that gave bit to so much of what you have learned through history lessons. >> the association of latino administrators and superintendents summit runs through saturday. and the good news, that everyone who is in town for that conference, and is having excellent weather, philadelphia is sitting on a excellent show there. >> city, chamber of commerce kind of weather, isn't that what they call it. welcome to our city. it is beautiful outside. december site maybe a stray shower tomorrow it looks like that will continue, as we head toward the weekend and even
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into next week. the just a couple shower chances here and there but it is a pretty fantastic fall stretch. temperatures go up and then head back down but then they are up again next week. here's a look at a beautiful evening. we will see sunset colors invade sky and see center city a lot of work, construction, making our sky line better then it already is. blue skies with a few clouds, quick look the at storm scan three it is quick because there is in the much to show you here. we still got clear skies and high pressure in control for now across the northeast but two things to show you here. first we have nicole, right here this storm will take a closer look in just a home but system that will impact us nicole out to sea but this storm and front moving through great lakes is coming through tomorrow. temperatures really warming up ahead of that front as we await it tonight and tomorrow but after it, welshing we will see a drop in temperatures for friday and weekend. talk about a big rebound, it was chilly, chilly enough to see your breath out in the air at least in my house. my son was doing that at the
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bus stop. 41 degrees the low this morning but in the afternoon look at our high 72 degrees, today, a big swing with all that sunshine and that warm air coming in out ahead of the front. seventy-two our high to take. temperatures fallen off a bit from the daytime highs of 68 in the city. sixty-six in allentown. sixty-six in trenton. sixty-two in atlantic city. nice fall heather continues. we are looking at 70 degrees, lower 70's for mixture of sun and cloud. that front coming through in the afternoon and that will bring in some changes in the form of showers and a drop in temperature for friday and the weekendment focus on nicole because this is a very strong storm, it is third longest lasting storm this season, we can see a very, very well define eye, in fact, time ter of that eye is almost twice the length of bermuda, so this will produce very interesting pictures if the eye happens to pass over that island. you can see that little black dot as this storm bears down upon bermuda and it will be strengthening as it does so. it is a category two hurricane
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wind sustained at 110 miles an hour moving north at 10 miles an hour but we expect this to strengthen, briefly to a category three before moving across bermuda into early tomorrow and then starts to move away tomorrow afternoon. it will weaken back to a cat two but this is very dangerous for bermuda the in the form of strong gusty wind. wind damage around that eye wall. overnight partly cloudy not as cool as recent night, low of 64. for your thursday partly sunny and stray afternoon shower, mainly around two or 3:00 p.m. and then cloud will clear out in the afternoon, we are back to full sunshine friday and saturday, temperatures in the mid 60's. sunday 69 degrees, monday looks okay with chance for showers but next week if you like it warmer, we are back to the mid 70's. so something for everyone mid 60's, 70's. don is sporting the cardigan this weekend. >> you guys are coming over we will carve a pumpkin. >> i need video. are you going to carve.
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>> video i guess you are not showing up. what a vice, thanks, ukee. we will talk about the bird. eagles will be starting a rookie right tackle on sunday we will hear from big v and tim tebow a miracle worker, like no seriously that is a real question that story is up next in
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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a fifth round draft choice known as bill v protecting right side of carson wentz. get to know him his real name is ukee, jessica. >> halapoulivaati. >> halapoulivaati vaitai. >> i can say vaitai. >> was drafted out of tcu. we will call him big v. well, first thing he is 6-foot six, 330-pound, secondly nobody can pronounce his name kind of had we just did. big v steps in because lane johnson is serving a ten game suspension. >> you know, i got the call, you know, to start. other guys took he under wings to help me prepare. >> v does a lot of good things, young guys, you know, always with the coach to get all of the looks down.
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you know, where the blitzes are coming from, athletic by, works well. so next guy up mentality. >> yeah, big v. the flyers are waiting in the wings, they start their season friday night in l.a. against kings but nhl season opens up tonight were four games. sixers last night in home fist a very solid night for joel embiid, 13 minutes, 13 points, five boards, a block for sixers big man. he also went seven for eight from the free throw line. sixers were shorthanded and got blown out by grizzlies 121-91. >> former nfl quarterback tim tebow comes to the aid of a man, suffering a seizure, mets minor leaguer assign to the arizona fall league in scotts tail, tended to a man who appeared to be having a seizure yesterday, according to some at the scene, seizure stopped after tebow placed his hand on the fan and then
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prayed. tebow stayed with the man until paramedics arrived. >> all right. >> how about that. >> indeed. >> big v. >> big v. >> what did you say 6-foot six. >> 330. >> call him mr. v. >> mr. >> mr. v. >> that is it. >> we will not try his name again, are we. >> probably, maybe. >> halapoulivaati. >> "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead to that. >> scott. >> hi ukee and jessica. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight, g.o.p. leadership heighting running there trump but trump's money is still rolling in. plus for the first time, rickea scott speaks out and tells gayle king about the controversial police shooting that killed her husband. a look at the photo phenomenon, all that just ahead on the "cbs evening
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight wife of keith scott speaks out for the first time. what she told gayle king about the day her husband was shot by charlotte police. scott pelley is next from new york. take care family, we will see
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: 27 days to go. 27 days of this: >> his campaign said today tathey're going to use a "scorched earth" strategy. >> this wikileaks stuff is unbelievable. they attack catholics and evangelicals. >> i think the most important thing in the next four weeks is that we let trump be trump. >> pelley: also tonight, north carolina braces for a new round of flooding. >> there's nothing i can do. i mean, just stand here and watch and wait and pray. >> pelley: gayle king with the widow of keith scott, fatally shot by charlotte police. >> he had no gun. he was not a threat. >> pelley: and sch


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