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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: we're neck in neck in the homestretch. a new national poll shows hillary clinton just one point ahead of donald trump. also tonight, the intense backlash over the fbi director's bombshell announcement about the clinton email investigation. another powerfullette quake shakessitiesly, we're at the scene, migrants sleeping in the street after the camp known as the jungle is destroyed. cleveland one win away from baseball history and the presidential mask index, where halloween, the election and china collide. >> who do you like know? >> i think donald trump. >> why? >> because he's funny. >> he's funny. >> i think most of chinese like him better than hillary this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. with the election just nine days away, a late october surprise has shake enup the race. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows hillary clinton vus one point ahead of donald trump among likely voters. the race apparently tightened this weekend after fbi director james comey told congress he's reopening the clinton email investigation. cbs polling this weekend shows the political impact in key battleground states. for that we turn to errol barnett and cbs news election director anthony salvanto in washington. >> anthony hillary clinton has been ahead in the vote estimate the entire election, any of that changing. >> if you look at the map today, she has a lead, even a slight one in enough electoral votes to win in november. but it is by no means certain. >> and of course the big news right now is the possibility that there are more clinton server emails that could be
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investigated. let's just quickly hear how the running mates are characterizing this today. >> no one is above the law. >> the fbi director stepped forward, kept his word to the congress and the american people and told us there is more information and investigation is now reopened. >> i think it's now pretty clear that the fbi director doesn't know that there is anything. these could be duplicates of what has already been analyzed. they could be thing things that don't have anything to do with hillary cln ton. >> but there is still a lot of unanswered questions here. what impact -- impact might it have on the vote. >> the bullk of voters wouldn't change because partisans have largely already decided. there are very few unsure voters out there. however, what may happen is that it may hurt hillary clinton's ability to go beyond her base or pull in some of those voter whs had been unsure or on the fence rather than costing her support that she already has. >> now donald trump has struggled to galvanize republican support in reliably red states. what is new on that front.
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>> right. in arizona we find him in a tight race and narrow lead with hillary clinton. this is a state that usually does go republican. the story is actually similar in many other states. trump has a lot of republican support but not quite enough. so that's one of his challenges in the last week. >> his other challenge is winning over his must-win battleground states like north carolina. >> right. here we see in north carolina hillary clinton with a slight lead. this one will be about turnout. when we look at the early vote and many voters have already cast their ballots here as in many other states, we see that among registrants, democrats are tracking ahead of republicans. so donald trump does have some work to do. >> more than 20 million people have cast their ballots already. we don't know exactly who they voteed for but what other clues can we see in that? >> democrats in many places look like they are on pace with what they want their targets to be. however the election day vote, that might put more pressure on organizing for the trump
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campaign. >> it's not over yet. our cbs news election director anthony salvanto, thanks for your time, elaine, back to you. >> quijano: thank you. this weekend we learned fbi director james comey informed congress about the reopened investigation into clinton's emails against the wishes of his boss, attorney general loretta lynch. word is the investigation stand tonight? here's justice reporter paula reid. >> reporter: after obtaining a warrant tonight, fbi investigators are now looking at newly discovered emails related to hillary clinton's private server. the emails were discovered on a laptop belonging to clinton's top aide huma abedin and her estranged husband anthony weiner. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> congressman weiner has been at the sr of something something scandal, the most wean somethings with an undersaged girl promptedded an investigation. they digs covered emails between abedin and other aides during the sectioning proab. >> she had a-- sources tell cbs
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news that abedin had no knowledge of her emails being on that device. >> it is not clear whether these new emails contain classified information or if they are just copies of things the fbi has already seen. director comey's decision to announce this development, even he acknowledges may not be significant has ignited a political fire storm. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weinerment. >> donald trump praised comey's decision at an event in las vegas. >> the fbi is reopening their investigation into the criminal and illegal conduct of hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump previously criticized the fbi and its decision not to bring charges claiming the system is rigged. clinton did not directly address the issue today, but at a rally last night, she demanded more information from the fbi. >> voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we've called on director comey to explain everything
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right away, put it all out on the table. >> it is unlikely that investigators will be able to review the thousands of emails and make a determination about their relevance to the investigation before election day. paula reid, cbs news, washington. >> quijano: we're also following the battle for the control of the republican lead senate. democrats need to gain five seats or just four if clinton wins and tim kaine becomes the tie breaking president of the senate. john blackstone looks at the race in arizona. >> reporter: touring a high school this week, john mccain met the winning candidate in a student election. >> the election wasn't rigged. >> reporter: mccain has been trying hard not to talk about donald trump. >> no trump question. >> while trump is effectively tied with clinton in arizona, polls show mccain has a solid double digit lead over his democratic opponent kicker patrick, even she acknowledges his iconic status. >> i will be honest, i have
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voted for swron mccain in the past. and he's changed. >> reporter: mccain's famous name along with his ability to bring jobs to arizona and his moderate stand on immigration are seen as reasons he retains broad support in a recent poll, arizona voters gave him a 52% job approval rating. he even wins sport from 19 percent of hillary cln ton voters. kicker patrick's campaign has tried to tie mccain to trump who once dismissed mccain's time as a po-w in vietnam. >> i voted for-- obviously. >> reporter: i leaned on her like' [bleep]. >> after the release of the embarrassing open mic record he said he would no longer vote for trump. >> there was new ammunition in a radio campaign pledging more congressional gridlock. >> we will be united against any supreme court nominee that hillary clinton if she were
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president should put up. >> i would cross the aisle, and that's what arizonas want. they are tired the of the obstruction ism. >> arizonaans however do not appear to be tired of 80 year old john mccain. while he enjoys a significant lead in the polls right now, it is far below what he has had in earlier campaigns. john blackstone, cbs news, phoenix. >> quijano: another powerful earthquake rattled central italy sunday. the preliminary magnitude was 6.6. the strongest earthquake to hit italy in more than 35 years. it comes after a series of aftershocks last weak from an earthquake in august that killed nearly 300 people 6789 seth doane is in the ancient down of norcia. >> reporter: centuries old buildings that withstood the series of quakes that rocked this region finally collapsed in today's earthquake. nu ns fled for safer ground in norcia where the historic basilica was damaged and rubble filled streets. >> the earthquakes here never
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stop, lifetime resident guilio perla told us. among those displaced with this 88 year old we met with her caretaker. >> it's difficult when you feel the shaking olena ollie nick told us. she loses her bearings and doesn't know what to do the twin cakes on consequence and the one in august were centered not far from here. >> very, very strong. the most strong. >> reporter: so strong that today's quake cracked stefano boldrini's home and blew out windows withness after the august quake they move in addition a kanger in their front yard. >> very little space. >> reporter: for a vacation this van is good, he told us. but we have never been on vacation in it. tonight the historic center behind hee has been emptied out and is closed off. authorities are trying to keep people away from precareious structures. elaine, the italian phrase we keep hearing here is ho paura, i'm scared. >> quijano: seth doane, seth,
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thank you. the state department is organizing relatives of employees at the u.s. consulate general in istanbul, turkey, to evacuate because of security concerns. officials say extremist groups have been planning attacks on americans in istanbul. anti-american sentiments runs high in turkey which say nato ally. this week french authorities will finish dismantling the mie granted camp joan as the jungle, a symbol of europe's refugee crisis. the city of calais is the last top on the migrant route into britain. until last week the jungle was home to thousands of refugees, escaping war and poverty in afghanistan and north africa. jonathan vigliotti tells us where they are going now. >> reporter: the calais migrant camp or the jungle as it was called looks more like a landfill. it's a stark contrast to the make-shift city that stood her as a staging post for migrants trying to reach the u.k french police first moved in on monday and one by one cleared
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out the camp which had been deemed unsafe for people to live in. some were reluctant to leave. even setting fires in protest. but by wednesday the jungle was empty and the bulldozers arrived >> i don't leave the jungle, it's very bad, difficult to live here. we go to another place. >> abiche, annette yopian migrant was among the 5,000 people put on buses and transferred to some 450 reception centers around france. president holland said they would be able to apply for asylum. 16 year old afghan mie granted aziz la is among the unsuperviezed minors the u.k. agreed to take in. >> my dream come true because i want to see my brother. i miss him. but the dreams of more than 1500 other unsupervise minors were less clear. they were placed in a special
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shelter set up next to the calais camp where their cases will be reviewed. while the jungle may be gone, the migrant crisis and europe's failure to handle it is far from over. thousands of desperate people still make the dangerous journey to europe every week. and european countries are reluctant to take any more in. leaving those who will legally pass through often living on the fringe. >> and that's exactly what is happening now in france's capitol. elaine, officials say currently 2,000 migrants are camped out on the streets of northern paris. >> quijano: jonathan vigliotti, thank you. >> coming up next, china has the world's largest population. and second largest economy. what challenges will it present what challenges will it present to our next president?
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the oath. tonight margaret brennan talked to retired jenner, former cia director michael hayden about the dang-- dangers of china on day one. >> china is not an enemy of the united states of america. there aren't any good reasons for china ever to be an enemy of the united states. people of my background actually spend more time worrying about chinese failure than we do chinese success, chain ease weakness, than we do chinese strength. >> reporter: how would they be more of a threat if they are weaker rather than stronger? >> you've got these very extensive and frankly unfounded claims to the waters of the south china sea. so you see the chinese kind of reverting to nationalism, falling back on to nationalism to keep the party in power. that's what i mean when i suggest that a failing china might actually be more dangerous than a successful china. >> reporter: what's the worst-case scenario.
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>> the worst-case scenario is that china does not act with patience with regard to those territorial disputes in the south china sea. am some inadvertent incident, ships banging one another, aircraft hitting one another, all of which have happened in the region. >> reporter: so when we see these reports of chinese jets buzzing american aircraft, we should be very concerned. >> i am personally very concerned. because it doesn't take much, it doesn't take much human error to turn that excess of emotion, all right, into an international incident. >> reporter: what's the best case in. >> we're talking about an increased american presence in the island chain that surrounds china. what that is from my point of view is making it more difficult for anyone to do something stupid in three, five, or ten years, in trying to convince themselves that a military option is actually a useful thing. >> reporter: is america paying enough attention to china? >> the single most important issue we have is the sign of an
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american relationship. day to day it doesn't look like the most urgent one. but it is by far the most important. >> reporter: here's where the candidates stand. hillary cln ton vowed to curb china's military expansion, support u.s. allies pushing back against beijing's land grabs, and confront china about its unfair trade practices. donald trump says he will build up america's military presence in asia, slap fines on chinese made imports and make it cheaper to produce goods here by lowering the corporate tax rate. margaret brennan, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: still ahead, cleveland on the verge of busting a long baseball draught.
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because great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. >> quijano: tonight cleveland is heaping to party like it's 1948, the last time the cleveland indians won the world series. game five is in chicago where the cubs are trying to break a century plus championship draught. here's tony dokoupil. >> one-two. back to otero. the indians are now up three games to one. >> reporter: empathy isn't usually in the area around chaip supports but with big wing swings like that one, the indians are one cool away from et boob the cubs, a team with
6:22 pm
the longest title drought in major professional sports. the result is excitement for cleveland which suddenly seems like a sports powerhouse after an nba title too. but also pity for so many cub fans like these. >> we're not out until we're out. >> the cubs strike first. >> reporter: only six times in world series history has a team come back after falling behind three games to one. but cub players are still putting up a fight. >> if you hang your head you're going to be sitting at home. >> reporter: the indians aren't ready to plan a victory parade either. they too have one of the longest championship draughts in sports. though this time they're getting help from an unusual source. all-star second baseman jason kipnis grew up in chicago dreaming of wrigley fields and winning the world series for the cubs in the bottom of the 9th. but tonight he's batting in the top of the first as a advicitying team dreaming of something different, adding to the misery of his boy hood club, con frictded. >> there is zero conflict at all.
6:23 pm
yeah, well, why do i have to beat the cubs but that is more of not why does it have to be verse the cubs y do i have to go and beat the cubs. there is not one part of me that doesn't wish this curse keeps going. >> reporter: and the cubs have one more chance for a written at wrigley tonight before the series moves back to cleveland. elaine. >> quijano: all right, sending the cubs some positive vibes, tony, thank you. >> up next, who is wing the election? the presidential mask index may hold the answer. is .
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>> quijano: what better night than halloween eve to look at this year's presidential mask index. it is a poll put out by the retail chain spirit halloween which tracks the sales of its presidential candidate masks. over the past 20 years the poll has correctly predicted every presidential election winner based on the top selling mask. this year the mask index has donald trump ahead of hillary clinton. 55 to 45%. now adriana diaz takes us inside a factory in china that makes some of these maskses the. >> reporter: beyond the zombies and ghouls, this halloween's most popular masks are two people you probably recognize. >> do you think this looks like him? >> yeah, a little. >> reporter: forbes yang is the sales manager at the jinhua latex party mask factory. where workers carefully design,
6:27 pm
stretch, thin and spray tan america's presidential candidates. >> was it difficult designing his hair? >> yes, it is not easy. but we're full of experience. >> reporter: some people think his hair is fake. >> also we can make a wig. maybe buy a wig from us. >> reporter: every four year political masks become a halloween must-have. they are largely made in china and mexico and shipped to the u.s. where voters get to try on our candidates. >> without do you like more? >> i think donald trump. >> why? >> because he is funny. >> reporter: he's funny? >> i think most of chinese like him better than hillary. >> reporter: both candidates have attacked china on the campaign trail. >> china is a currency manipulator. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems we have with china is the illegal dumping of steel and aluminum into our markets. >> reporter: so we took the masks to the streets of beijing to get people's reactions.
6:28 pm
some recognized them instantly. >> this is trump and this is clinton. >> others not so much. >> i would have recognized obama. he is handsome. said this woman. >> reporter: and while a majority of the chinese support a clinton presidency, this man is backing trump. >> he is a bit crazy, he said, but i support him because he has better ideas and logic. >> for forbes a trump loss would be good business. >> so you want him to run again in four years. >> yeah, so next time. >> reporter: and a second opportunity to scare up some votes. adriana diaz, cbs news, jinhua china. >> quijano: fascinating. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, 60 minutes. the news continues now on our 24 hour digital network cbsn at cbs i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs
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