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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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again. low 50's currently to report up and down i95. the only oddball, up at mount pocono, it is little cooler by comparison, even there, 44 degrees, isn't a bad way to start. and the outlying suburbs surrounding philadelphia are looking good right now, too, low 50's, but here is the thing, guys, won't see the temperatures rebounds all that much, at best, we hit 606 degrees, so there could be a solid several hour window where the thermometer only nudges up 1 degree, just because the cool air is catching up to us, the balancing act, goes into effect here, yes, sunshine to help warm things up little bit. cold air will do its work, so by lunch and recess, yes, still returned for the kids out there, although walking out the door today very likely have the very same outfit on, meisha. >> absolutely, katie, thank you so much for. that will will feel chilly. certainly did this morning. i know did on my ends, as well, looking outside the roadways, accident eastbound schuylkill at south street. pulled all the way off, blocking right lane. what we are starting to see more brake lights go off, starting to see little gaper
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delay around the area. give yourselves maybe an extra 15 minute or so. then keeping our eye on interstate 95 in the southbound direction, just waking up with us, good morning, by the way. tgif. around the same time we saw accident, northbound side. keeping our eye on here, actually looking okay, you can see how many vehicles are getting out there now, and just cracking into this 6:00 hour. why? a lot. because people have learned over the week that they need to give themselves extra time, just because of the veer volume of vehicles jumping on the roadways because of septa strike. day four now, what we're looking at, striking in the interstate hour, interstate 95, little busy still looking okay in that area. then accident cheltenham, cheltenham avenue at broad street, just heads up on that. another accident that's been lingering throughout in new jersey, overturned tractor-trailer, with minor injuries, 295 northbound at route 66 pulled off to the shoulder, is he back to you. >> day four of the septa strike, and deal can't come soon enough. >> unfortunately, though, talks broke down again last night, i feel like broken
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records saying. that will "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live now at the sheridan in center city where two sides will once again try to hammer out a deal. good morning, justin. >> january, jim, good morning, yes, talks will resume at some point today. but time is of course making a deal before election day, if no deal reached soon, septa could go to judge, to get an order to get workers off the pick line and into work for one day only. but, first, on strike day four, the issue is getting the service shutdown over with. locals 234 president willie brown, and septa officials, issuing dueling statements, describing tense closed door talks. septa board chair pat dion has called out local 234 which backs close to 5,000 bus, train, trolley workers, saying its reps are prolonging the strike by refusing what septa called a deal back on wednesday. union counter was reportedly rejected. president brown sums up dion's accounts as quote past, saying
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he is refusing deals that leave them earning less money and benefits. issue, workers pension, health care, wages, working conditions, and so now for a fourth day thousands will once again find themselves tied up in contesting regional rails, roadway commutes, especially here, in the center city area. now, back live, we do know that talks went into early this morning, will resume at some point today. and today of course will be critical as everyone involved now looking ahead to election day. jan, jim, back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> stay with us here on "eyewitness news" as we bring you latest on the negotiations in the septa strike. if anything develops during the newscast we'll be sure let you know. also be sure to track updates on our website at >> fast moving house fire in philadelphia's olney section sends two children to the hospital in critical condition. philadelphia firefighters were called out to the 300 block of east sheldon street before
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10:00 last night. when they arrived rescuers found two young boys, six year old, and 11 month old, and pulled them to safety from a second floor. >> just want to reiterate the out standing job our firefighters did to make this rescue under very difficult fire conditions, and absolutely the incredible work of our paramedics, as they do every day, hundreds of times a day, almost thousands of times a day, 24 hours a day, 36 a. >> fire marshall investigating the cause, unclear if the home had working smoke detectors. >> happening today, convicted child molester jerry sandusky appears in a courtroom. he says his lawyers were inch effective and wants a new trial. one of the victims expected to testify at today's hearingment greg argos will have reports from the courthouse later today. court date comes as penn state has been hit with record $2.4 million fine. it is the result after federal investigation into how penn state's officials handled complaints against sandusky.
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well, the eagles have officially dropped josh huff, days after he was arrested on gun and drug charges. huff practice dollars with the team wednesday with coach doug pederson initially saying he would play handcuff against the giants this week. but the decision to let him go came day later from organization members, including pederson, owner jeffrey lurie, and howie roseman. press conference yesterday, roseman expressed the team's need to move on. >> it is disappoint that we have to stands up here and do this. but we're trying to build something. and we're trying to build something that lasts, and some that far means that we will have to make some hard decisions, and all we can do is do what we think is right for the philadelphia eagles. >> now, huff released this statement saying first i want to apologize to mr. lurie and his family, my coaches, and teammates, and all eagles fans. i'm sorry that any action by me brought negative light to this organization. i want to thank the lurie family, howie, this community, and the entire eagles organization for the opportunity i've had for the
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past three years, most important, i want to let the fans and community as a whole know that i understand the responsibility i have as a professional athlete. and i will take all measures necessary to correct mistakes i have made. breaking news, now, cbs news is reporting information from us intelligence officials, on a possible al quaida attack on three states, the day before election day, according to law enforcement officials, they've received a threat about information about attacks on new york, texas, and virginia, set for monday. there is no word about specific targets, or other details, the credibility of the intelligence has not been confirmed just yet, but joint terrorism task force has been notified. now, to the campaign trail, where four days away from choosing next president, bowl hillary clinton and donald trump are using surrogates, and star power, to stomp in key battleground state. cbs news poll shows hillary clinton now leads donald trump by three points nationally, among likely voters.
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meantime, donald trump will be back in pennsylvania today, he has a campaign event scheduled in hershey. trump got rare booze from his wife melania in berwyn, pennsylvania, tried to appeal to suburban women with anti-bullying message. trump spent yesterday rallying supporters in selma, north carolina today hillary clinton will be in pittsburgh, while stevie wonder inspires philly voters tonight with concert. also hearing that beyonce, husband jay-z will perform in a get out the vote concert tonight in cleveland, ohio. katy perry will be stomping for clinton tomorrow in philadelphia. yesterday, clinton courted voters in north carolina with help from music producer pharrell, and bernie sanders. >> in the race for pennsylvania's senate seat, katie mcginty and senator pat toomey basically tide. new quinnipiac university poll shows mcginty at 48%, while toomey is at 47%. the margin of error is plus or minus four points. just four days away until election day, and you can
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count on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. >> well, the men's soccer team at harvard is ranked number one in the ivy league, but the university just benched the entire team. the reason why, and what student are saying about it coming up next. >> plus, a woman who went missing back in august is found alive. chained up like a dog and kept inside a metal storage container. finds out how authorities found her, and what they fear the most. >> we'll tell you why popular hotel in vegas will force thousands of guests to leave. and won't let them back into their rooms. coming up next.
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judge terrifying discovery, a woman found, claims she was locked in a metal container for two months, her boyfriend missing at the same time she was missing has yet to be found. he will likely be charged with kidnapping. >> harvard university has suspended entire men's soccer team after uncovering what they call evidence of vulgar, ex police it de bay who are. found team members continually took part in sexually explicit scouting report where soccer players rated incoming freshman joining the women's teams. the decision to suspend the team is getting mixed reaction on campus. >> cross the line a lot, i think this is one of the instance. >> severe measures had to be. to be taken, might have been excessive to call off the team. >> really kind of speaks a commitment to making to this cam us. >> scandal originally reported by the school's newspaper the harvard crimson. six women identified as 2012
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scouting report have raised their voices saying they cannot change the past but hope to change the future. >> well, a pour outage forces thousands of guests and employees out of their las vegas strip hotel. >> that's right. the paris las vegas still in the dark this morning. this was a scene inside of the casino. a spokesperson says the hotel lost power yesterday morning when a contractor working in the basement cut into the main power line. the fire department had to help 11 people get out of five stopped elevators, about 3,000 guests had to find another hotel. >> my worse nightmare, to get stuck in a elevator for extended periods of time. >> but isn't it ironic that the hotel named after the city of light loses the lights? isn't that iron snuck. >> it is. >> jim liked t thank you. >> i'm still thinking about what food i would need in the elevator if i was stuck, though. >> we will come up with a little list for you during the commercial break. looking ahead, guys, to very quiet stretch of weather.
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there is not even much to report at the moment on most of the nationwide maps. you have got little bit of moisture creeping into the lone star state, four corners, not going to be a problem for us. here is the cold front that crossed through yesterday, that continues to retreat off the southeast and high pressure is really going to just take its place, very, very quiet weather, essentially nationwide, through the next few days. soap, this is a very nice november pattern for us. it will be cool, don't get me wrong, we look ahead to tomorrow. even little cold front that might try to nudge through. doesn't do much more than perhaps bring few clouds in. but high pressure is our overall theme for the weekends and well into next week. so with it and building and expanding over the next few days, won't necessarily see substantial warming trends but will keep the sunshine around. at the moment, if you recall, this same shot from yesterday, a lot cloudier, a lot more difficult to see, the visibilities were very low, around much of the delaware valley. but, from palmyra cove nature park all the way across the delaware river, i would say, talking maybe about 9 miles a way off to the south here center city skyline clearly
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visible, with very light winds, at least for now. fifty-three is the current temperature, meanwhile, walking through the rest of today, spec the wind picking up though i would say the wind gust easily peaking into the mid 20's, perhaps see 30-mile per hour gust at some point. but it is cooler. nothing better than 06 degrees, so noticeable change from yesterday. even though we're off to relatively mild start for now, we don't evening out much more on the thermometers through the dayment patchy frost tonight as long as winds tapers off. looking forward, don't forget, time to turn the clocks back. up ear's continue into monday. then we get nice spike on the thermometer in time for election day, meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. looking at interstate, southbound direction on 95, right now. because we have another accident. so it is blocking left lane right around cottman. we saw this in almost the same spot yesterday. both an accident on the northbound side, southbound side. take a look at the backups now, starting to back up behind that accident, again, around cottman, interstate 95
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in the southbound direction, we know how many vehicles are out there now, has been all week, we know certainly will play a role and it will. right now give yourselves at least extra 45 minute in this area. i'll let you know as soon as the accident clears, but phone it does clear, i have to say this is backups, not going to decide any time soon just because pushing toward our main hour of rush hour, heads up, give yourself extra time, 422, what we're looking at here, overall, 422, actually looking okay, we still have this accident out here eastbound schuylkill at south street. pulled all the way off to the right. seeing little bit of gaper delay, brake light going off in the area, give yourself little extra time there, plus an accident in cheltenham avenue at broad street. so right now just starting to get butts i. jim over to you. >> well, thanks, meisha. dangerous items that could be in your home, we'll tell you what to look out for in this week's "3 on your side" recall round up. >> in the health watch, the one thing that could prevent more than 650,000 deaths from
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smoking over the next 50 years, that's next.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us,
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i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. >> three on your side recall round up. here's what you need to know.
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>> first up, dangerous dehumidifiers, 3.4 million dehumidifiers being recalled, can over heat and catch fire. report of this happening already, resulting in about $5 million in property damage. here's what you need to know. these de humidifiers made by madea, sold under dozens every brand names such as comfort air, frigid air, ge, honeywell, kenmore. from january of 2003 through december of 2013 stores like lowe's and pc richards. visit recall round up dehumidifier ers. customers given either replacement or partial refunds. next up, knob concerns. 140,000 glass knobs are being recalled, the problems can break while in use, posing laceration risk from broken glass pieces. seven people have been injured so far. the recall involves peer one
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basic glass knobs, sold at peer one from september of 2011 through october of 2016. stop using these blab knobs, and return them to any peer one store for a full refund, or merchandise credit. finally toy trouble. about 3,000 atv style ride on toys are being recalled, a circuit board failure could cause the motor to over heat and ignite. this happened three times already, and one person has been burn. the recall involves the peg pal aris sports man ride on. it is operated using a 24-volt vat are you, intended for children ages five to seven. they were sold on line, from september of 2014, through april of 2016 bee retail earls. number every codes are involved with this recall. contact per eggo if your products is among those being
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recalled, if so, for a replacement circuit board. >> post this information on all of the recalls on clock news, consumer, or check out my facebook and twitter feeds. i'll be posting the information later on there, today, as well. so, study shows using graphic images on cigarette packs may be helpful if reducing smoking related deaths. scene from george county says the disturbing pictures could prevent more than 650,000 deaths over the next 50 years. these images would also cut back on the number every infant with low birth weights, and pre term births. election day is just four days away, and one count any pennsylvania just extended the deadline to file an absentee ballot. finds out where voters are impacted coming up next. >> coming up a little later as well, fun dream drive for the fall. meisha shows us where to find kid friendly ride and many other.
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services.
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but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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>> the weekends is right around the corner obviously, looking look as though the chill will be settling in for time for what's to be a quiet weekend, but cool one. it is november. nothing terribly atypical. up ear's expected in the city as well as down the shore. you will see sunshine pretty much everywhere all weekends long, guys, back to you.
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>> now, for look at the newspaper headlines, from across our region. on the front page of the intelligence err, montgomery county judge has extended deadline to file absentee ballots until 8:00 election night. the deadline had been today, this comes after county officials in the election division said they had received more than 1200 calls from voters complaining they've not received their ballots yet. >> and the delaware county daily times, congressman patrick meehan says thousands of recently filed voter reg strays forms avoid to be duplicates or fraudulent. republican from chaddsford is calling out a democratic a line voter registration, and the pennsylvania department of state, for allegedly missing an october 11 deadline to file nearly 7,000 applications. >> from the kutztown area patriots music was in the air, kutztown university, the school's president, doctor kenneth, hosed free unity concert to help the school and community reconnect after the recent university strike across the state. >> and that's a look at some
6:26 am
of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up in our next half hour of "eyewitness news", two local malls where shoppers supply had their personal information stolen. plus this: >> the police just came flying from every direction. east norriton, whitpain, they were all here in a matter of minutes. >> chaos in montgomery county after police officer struck by a hit-and-run driver. we have an update on his condition and the search for that driver. justin? >> reporter: jan, on day four of the septa strike, still no words of close to a deal. justin finch coming up where things stands right now, where we could get one daybreak from the strike very soon. >> and, it is weather watcher friday. katie introduces us to our very special guest, that's coming up next, stay with us.
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, it is just about 6:30, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. the back and forth between septa and local 234 is only ramming up, on what's now day four. both sides accusing the other of tying up talks. >> a fast moving house fire in philadelphia's olney section, sends two children to the hospital in critical condition. >> the eagles have officially dropped receiver josh huff. >> this comes days after he was arrested on gun and drug charges. >> we're all typical of making mistakes. >> the only news that matters, the cubs won the world series. (cheers). >> what will push the cubbies over the top this year? well it, might have been their lucky steven column bert, because -- stephen colbert, because the cubs were casino enough to come here on my
6:31 am
show, and invite my friends, donnie francs, to go to wrigley field for the day. i'm just saying, to hang out with me, they won the worlds series, math. >> i like that sort of math, maybe we should get the phillies involved, sends them out to colbert. >> send them to new york city, we need little luck. >> indeed. >> katie has some company over there in the weather center today. >> indeed, if we're going by having guests, to having luck, weaver nice weather luck here. this is jeff moore, he came in from hat fields this morning, and he is one of our loyal eyewitness weather watchers, originally got involved and interested in the weather when he worked for the space shuttle program. yes, this is an interesting one, but also a competitive cyclist. >> yes, a lot of cycling, so weather is always important to us, according to what to wear, what to expect out out riding or training. >> all of that. and i know you also have a very interesting and complicated job of being an official with the philadelphia
6:32 am
international cycling event that goes on every year in manayunk. >> yes. so, the weather also big prediction there, somehow the last 30 years, never rained. >> that's great. >> but we need to know what the weather is going to be like, do we need to take more precautions with our riders, motorists out there, yes, luckily always been nice. but yes, keeps us very busy, looking left, forward, back, right, having multiple radios, talking at the same time. >> and not crash. >> and not crashing. so having no rain or any kind of weather, really helpful. >> definitely works in your favor, thankfully it, has been cooperative for you and it looks at least at this point as we turn our focus to the current weather like it will stay that way for us, as well. guys if you want to join our team, become an eyewitness weather watcher head to our website join our team. so, storm scan3, nice and quiet right now, looks like beautiful morning to take bike ride. certainly with all of the issues, not the worse idea, which meisha of course will
6:33 am
have more on in a second. but it is quiet. our cold front has sin gone out, actually still relatively mild, low to mid 50's across most of the board here. but, don't expect too much more movement on the thermometer at best we only hit 60 today. you're very close to that already. even despite the sunshine, colder air is going to take over. coming up: little preview for you're election day forecast, looks sunny, miler, by that point. and overall, i come bearing pretty quiet weather forecast just in general. have more of the detail on it later in the show, meisha. >> in the worlds of travel, katie, you nailed t if you can take a bike, you certainly want to. we're certainly starting to heat up on the roadways even though it is a friday, and lushly -- usually leather travel day, we are seeing pretty significant backups, especially 95 southbound direction at cottman. why is that? we have an accident. it is blocking that left lane. and there are so many vehicles out there, at this point, around 6:30, start to heat up. specially because of the septa strike. so, heads up in this area. we do have that accident out
6:34 am
there, again, blogging the left lane. and the backups are pretty darn extensivement look at this, guys, extending back to academy. i would say even little bit beyond academy at this point. so just headed out your doors i would say give yourself at least extra 45 minutes, if it were me, because i err on the side of caution, go an hour, even hour and 15 minute extra, just because of how many vehicles are out here on interstate nine the a. we saw this happen yesterday. happened again today. right around in the same 6:00 hour mark. so we know that that's just heavy time. accident here in cheltenham, as well, cheltenham at broad street. heads up on that. plus another accident here in south philly involving a truck and parking authority tow truck. front street at oregon avenue. so a loft accident out there this morning. we have more coming up in just a little bit. jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you, meisha. day four and counting, the septa strike saga continues. >> that's right. septa and it workers have yet to reach an agreement. commuters are getting restless. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live outside
6:35 am
of the sheridan where negotiations are taking place, justin, good morning. >> january, jim, good morning, if no deal comes soon, we are told we could get a one daybreak from this strike. that's because septa may go to a judge. again, the emergency order, to get workers back on the job for election day only. meantime, the region will endure a fourth, maybe many more, strike days ahead, as talks here resume. let's take you now to vet yo here, because details of the closed door meetings are now spilling out. septa officials and local 234 president willie brown are now disposing tensions at the bargaining table in statement septa chair pat singles local 234 which reps roughly 5,000 bus, train, trolley workers, saying union negotiators are prolonging the strike after refusing what septa terms a deal back on wednesday, septa reportedly then turned down the union's counteroffer, now, brown, sets his account to half truths, saying, he is taking no deals.
6:36 am
that will leave members earning less money or benefits, at issue, workers pensions, healthcare, wages, and working conditions, and so far not much movement to report. the strike now on day four, has left thousands tied up on regional rails and roadways, and leaving many city student without a way to school. >> my mom wants me to go to school. but can't let me, because i can't walk. >> i hope that it will end soon so i can go to school. >> and by the city schools accounts, some 30,000 student rely on september after day and many of them now not making it as that student is there again, talks will resume at some point today, if there is no movement by tuesday, we can expect a court injunction to get workers off the picket lines and into work for reelection day only. jan, jim, back to you. >> thank you for the update. >> people struggling to get rides during the septa strike are getting help from the community group known as abc
6:37 am
men which stands for able bodied christian men. the free ride follows the market frankford line from the 69th street transportation center. they're providing transportation for school field trips, medical appointment, grocery shopping during and after the septa strike. >> and stay with "eyewitness news", as we continue to follow the negotiations in this septa strike. if anything develops during the newscast, we of course will let you know, don't forget you can always track the latest on in other news, montgomery county police officer recovering after being struck and hit by a hit-and-run driver. it happened around 6:00 last night at the intersection. north wales road, and pulaski drive in whitpain township. neighbors say the officer was out looking for missing dog when he was struck. he suffered a leg injury, san in stable condition. police say the driver stopped for a moment, then took off, going north on north north wales road. authorities are looking for small black sedan. if you have any information call whitpain township police. important warning this morning. if you have recently shopped
6:38 am
at a primark store at either the king of prussia or willow grove mall, credit cards skimming device haves been found on cash registers at the stores in both of those locations, primark says the skimmers have been stealing information from customers for almost three months now, store reports it is working with law enforcement. the philadelphia parking authority is on the hot seat now, with the state of pennsylvania. the attorney general, and the auditor general, announced yesterday, that they're launching joint audit into the ppa finances. the audit will focus on contract, parking prices whether the school district is receiving its proper share of revenue. this comes in the wake of a sexual harrassment scandal at the ppa. >> switching gears now, parade celebrating world champion cubs sets off in just a few hours in downtown chicago. >> cubs fans have been waiting for this party for 108 years, the worlds champion cubs will leave wrigley fields 10:00 a.m. central time on their way to grant park. the big rally is there at noon, street closures started in the last hour, cubs won
6:39 am
their last world series in 1908. and, that thrilling seventh game of the world series, it was the most watched world series game in more than 20 years. the neilson company says 40 million viewers watched the game wednesday night, between the cubs and the cleveland indians. the whole series averaged 23 million viewers per game. >> incredible. well, it is time for meisha to take us on another dream drive. she is taking us on a stroll set up for kids to learn, and for adults to enjoy, one of our best water spots. that's coming up. >> and, pat is at the special olympics. pat? >> good morning, guys. live inside the pavilion and villanova university for the special olympics fall festival. and the backdrop hearsays it all. journey together. we will discover the special olympics fall festival coming up.
6:40 am
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat]
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>> villanova university will welcome athletes, coaches, volunteers with the special olympics. the campus this weekend. >> that's right. the 28th fall festival is the largest annual student run special olympics event in the entire world. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live on campus there where preparation also already underway. morning, pat. >> good morning, guys, we got here around 5:00 a.m. on the campus every villanova university. and and it is the energy from the student was outrageous. i get up around 3:00 in the morning, i've got no energy. so, stepping into the campus, and into the pavilion where we are right now, it just gives you that sense of energy. it is amazing, it tells you little bit more about what's going on here, this entire weekends with the special olympics, is gina reid, hello, gina. incredible event. thousands of volunteers. over a thousand people taking part in it. give us little backgrounds of this.
6:44 am
>> this is our 28th annual fall fest here at villanova. this weekend we have over 1100 athletes, coming to compete. excited to welcome the athletes and their families here. so they'll be competing in six different sport. we've got long distance running, walking, power lifting, roller skating, soccer, volleyball, so they'll be coming from 39 different cutest, excited to have them here at villanova over the weekend. >> i imagine the energy of the students,, incredible just house jack up they are. hundreds of committee members in a room, everyone getting ready, everyone on the same page. incredible to see. >> amazing, that's really the energy that the athletes feed off this weekend. so, seeing them really as the spotlight and the superstars that they are this weekend, and the villanova student and the spectators that come out really make that possible for them. >> you mention superstar. we've got superstar right here. special olympics superstar, dan, good morning. >> morning. >> you've been doing this for a long, long time, just how long? >> my 48th year.
6:45 am
>> forty-eight years with special olympics. so what are you doing now? playing tennis now? >> i am playing tennis, practicing in january for summer games. and then i come here every wednesday to help with the fall fest with all of the grade students. >> what is it that you'll do here? because you are not taking part in the games right now. you are getting ready for the summer. but what are you doing? >> make sure there are nor problems, mediate, resolution if there is a problem, if there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. >> so you -- you've seen so much in 48 years. what's your favorite part of this? >> my friends, my family, being here, seeing people that i haven't seen in a while. >> so ten cyst your sport now. what's your favorite sport to watch? >> soccer. >> sock snore. >> are you a soccer guy, too. >> i am. i can't play any more but i like. >> oh, we'll play, we'll get out there and play. this is dan, the legend, he will eastbound out here if you come to the villanova fall festival, so everyone come out, also volunteer, if you come down here, figure out how to do, that as well. so so much happening here,
6:46 am
jim, jan, great event. >> i bet dan can still play. >> what a commitment. >> dan can absolutely still play. i know he can. >> pressure up a little bit, pat. >> thank you, patrick. well, speaking every commitment, we've got katie commit to go our forecast. >> i was going to say, commit me somewhere else? where are you going with there is buddy? all right. good morning, everybody. let's check in with the eyewitness weather watchers hard at work this morning up and adam reporting for us, finding temperatures generally flirting with or just over the 50 degrees mark in most locations, so it is a cool start. but maybe you're wondering, okay, scratching your head it, have cold front crossing through, why isn't it colder than this? in short because the transition hasn't completely finished yet. so we have temperatures still not terrible. you walk out the door, 49 degrees, out in richboro, just few clouds at the moment. calm start to the day overall. starting to see more of the clouds break apart. there is a chill in the air
6:47 am
obviously. we go to another report. let's take you further off to the south, go into delaware, it is 48 coming in from john this morning. he is actually clearing up pretty nicely at this point. because again the cold front still retreating completely, so, it needs a little bit of extra time before we go a completely clear overhead, and b, feeling that chill take back over. at the moment, also looking at some of the winds speeds coming in from the watches, pretty light right now. that's another thing that's changing with time. so you see cold front crossing through, there it is, retreating, that's low pressure retreating, high pressure taking its place. and with this, the way of the winds direction, it comes in here, it sets up this winds tunnel effect essentially, so going to be dealing with gusts that peak with no problem probably into the 20's here throughout the day. some of you may be ending up with 30-mile per hour winds gust, it is friday, that means friday football time. friday football frenzy game of the week, and this week it is upper moreland taking on marne he will newtown, 50 degrees or so at kick off. it will be still pretty brisk outside. extra blanket is good idea, to
6:48 am
layer over your legs, sitting in the stands for any of the high school games tonight, remember, it is time to fall back. i don't know when it became the meteor july -- meteorologist job, but we have no problem telling you, the sunset time after we turn the clocks back, 4:52 in the evening. which is wonderful news for people that wake up at the god awful hours that we do. but regardless, it is going to be a much shorter day obviously, as the sun goes down even earlier. over time we keep the sun in the forecast right through the forecast, and moderating up nicely in time for reelection day, but sunshine, meisha, looks good. >> yes, certainly does look good. all right, thank you so much. sunshine is a great thing. still dark outside. and we have live chopper three over interstate 95, so we had accident little earlier, around cottman, moving in the southbound direction, block that left lane, that accident has now since been cleared. i would like to say that this is all residual, really not. just heating up toward our main hour of the rush hour. and what we're seeing is all of those people that would maybe wait until around 7:30,
6:49 am
jumping out there little earlier, which is really backing things up. so, if you have to get out on it state 95, move in the southbound direction, i would say, give yourself at least at least 45 extra minutes, but if it were me i would give myself an extra hour, hour and 15, maybe hour and even 25 minutes, around that area. we have an accident, here in cheltenham, cheltenham at broad street. plus an accident in south philly, front street, oregon avenue, involving a truck. and a parking authority tow truck. heads up on that. plus another accident new jersey overturned tractor-trailer here, on 295 north, at route 656, you guys, pull off to the shoulder so heads up on that, as well. going to the wait, show you what's going on, you can see all of the zones, i would say, interstates, highways, all of that, dropping less than 55 miles per hour, so give yourself extra time, day four of septa so it will be busy, overall, for the rest of the morning, give yourselves extra time, no matter where you are. >> yes, well, the traffic has been a mess. but the weather has been pretty decent. just get outside, enjoy fall.
6:50 am
>> enjoy, walk, and bike like kate had i pointed out. >> also one of good times for one of your dream drives. >> certainly is. so we went to charm in chester county where visitors can take on different kind of shooting challenge that weekends, i also found it interesting, prices all along the way, take a look. >> i'm getting out of the city and into nature. heading to downingtown, then to coatesville. >> with fall foliage right around the corner, we are heading to some hiking trails, downingtown. >> we are on the schuylkill trail, southbound, downingtown borough. >> this trail in chester county runs two and a half miles, attract more than 150,000 people a year. regional park superintendent, owen crew sack. >> soap, we've got the bikers, it is obviously a family day. >> today's a very typical day. you will find people walking, jogging, just beautiful place to come.
6:51 am
>> this is beautiful. >> this is the eighth branch of brandywine creek, infinite number every places you can she from. just parallel to the brandywine creek. >> and i'm seeing all of these markers here on the side of the trail. welcome to the learning trail. what's that? >> the purpose is to provide under-privileged families with a opportunity of preschool learning that they may not be able to afford, and also the free library here. >> so where is the library? >> right behind us, meisha, right here. that is the free library. that's it. >> cute. >> this is a bring one, take one. >> so it is all in a trust basis? >> exactly. >> we're in coatesville on our way to farm where i hear they have a pumpkin patch, corn
6:52 am
maze, and corn could be where if you win you win a golden pumpkin, i'm up for this challenge. >> ♪ >> hurricane hill farm has been in the family since 1897. teacher kim brings her early learning cool kids here. >> it is great. it is hands on, it is small, clean, not overwhelming, especially for young ones. >> owner steve gave me a tour. >> i'm the fifth generation to the farm here. we have slides, farm animals, bounce houses for the kids, take a hey ride out to the pumpkin patch. one of the best crops we've ever grown. weather was perfect. >> you want a baby pumpkin or big pumpkin? >> baby. >> baby pumpkin? >> ya, ya, baby. >> oh, thank you. what's this, the corn cannon? >> golden pumpkin you can win if you hit the target.
6:53 am
>> yes! look at this beauty. it is well deserved. >> oh, okay. oh, ya. >> i like that gun noise. okay, this is definitely the weekends to check out hurricane hills, because it closes for the season after this weekend. so, thanks to all of them for helping us in the chester county parks and recreation, now, what about that? >> why do people keep giving you weapons? every dream drive involves weapons of corn cannons: >> i was one shot wonder. i got that. >> where is this? i want to see it. >> what doreen. >> where is the goal end pumpkin? >> oh, well it kind of rotted! >> oh, no? >> it was sitting on my desk for too long, ted for so long, we shot that dream drive little while ago, it was sitting there as my gold centerpiece, the only golds thing i own. >> oh, that's what that smell was over there?
6:54 am
>> yes. and it pulled off the wood stain, but that's another story. >> thanks, we'll be right back, three to go.
6:55 am
when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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day four of the septa strike, still no deal in site. >> talks continue, but if there is no agreement soon, septa may file an injunction, to suspend the strike on election day. >> court appearance today for
6:58 am
convicted child molester jerry sandusky, former penn state assistant football coach wants a trial and charges against him dismissed on grounds his past lawyers were ineffective. president amount campaign swings through pennsylvania again today. donald trump heads to hershey, hillary clinton will be in pittsburgh. and that's your three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> looks pretty good. it will be windy day, but sun will shine, you can still see residual clouds outside, up there monroe county, as the day progresses more sun than anything, don't expect too much more mover on the they thermometer. quiet day, meisha. >> looks good with the sunshine, live chopper three over outside right now, no sun, still dark out, there but very busy on the interstate 95 in the southbound direction, guys, give yourself at least a extra hour. >> thanks so much, meisha. ukee washington put on the head set, watched recent take of the dinner scene on the brooklyn set of the hit cbs show, blue blood. >> this is one of the favorite parts of the show, for many fans, and as ukee found out, the actors are quite fond of
6:59 am
it, too. >> the best part about the family dinner scene, it is the one scene that we're actually altogether. so, we get to catch up on our personal lives, we get to see each other, we get to talk about the next script. it is really the only time that we're altogether. >> now, ukee also was told few secrets on the set, like what they eat and if they actually eat it. even suggested a certain soul food to try, so he did, well, a behind the scenes look at the family dinner scene tonight at 11:00 right after the airing of the blue blood at 10:00 on cbs-3. >> i'll certainly be watching. next on cbs this morning, what law enforcement sources are saying about a new terror threat made against three states, just before election day. >> yes, we'll have that, see you at noon. from all of hires at cbs-3 "eyewitness news", have a great day, and a wonderful weekend.
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, november 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." four days to go. hillary clinton makes a big city push for votes, while donald trump rallies small town supporters. we will show you each candidate's path to victory. sources tell cbs news police in three states are being warned about a potential terror threat. they are all concerned about attacks before election day. >> only on "cbs this morning," the former wife of subway pitch man jared fogle tells us why she is suing the sandwich chain. she claims subway knew about potential problems with her husband years before she did. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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