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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> i will be your voice and i'm going to fight so hard. >> it's about fighting for a future where everyone counts. >> pelley: it's election night on cbs and we have breaking news. polls are now closed in every state but alaska. cbs news projects hillary clinton has won california. and 55 golden states electors. donald trump gets idaho's four electoral votes, and with that clinton retakes the lead from donald trump in the race to 270 electoral votes. she has 186, he has 172. but 10 of the 13 battleground
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states still have no winner. >> it's an incredible night. we're going to go now to the battleground. let's take a look at florida because we've made a change in the sunshine state. 99% of the vote in the state of florida and cbs news now estimates this as likely republican. john. >> donald trump needed to win florida, ohio. he has won ohio, if florida goes his way. his stratus path he's picking up the state for that path and we still have the question mark with red belt states, wisconsin, michigan and of course pennsylvania. >> we should just point out that the electoral vote number just jumped to 190 for hillary clinton because we just called hawaii, the state of hawaii the allo lathe
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aloha state. let's talk about florida for a moment and some of these additional battleground states. i think if you've been watching cbs this morning or cbs evening news or face the nation you would have heard the clinton campaign saying she felt very good about that state because they had turned up the hispanic vote. theyn't said their modeling show, they found a large portion of that new vote hispanic, over 900,000 hispanics voted early. >> and they banked some voits. >> they told us they had banked those votes particularly in the miami-dade area. if that would offset any large turnout by donald trump on election day. so john does that mean that trump supporters came out in droves today. >> they did. it's al society clinton coalition is minorities plus women, white women with a college education. she didn't get that vote in florida. that was not available to her because of the way the florida
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electorate is shaped. she was not able to, she did turn out the latino vote but not as much as donald trump turned out his vote. >> do you know john, so much during this campaign we kept hearing that both candidates are very unpopular. they both have high negatives. but on election day it would be people voting against someone as opposed to voting for someone. when you look at the results that are insofar, does that tell you anything about that theory. >> it might be both. i mean it might be both voting against and for with both groups being motivated to turn out. i mean what we aren't seeing is what i was running into a lot with voters who were just saying, i just, we thought they might stay home. >> let's bring it up to date on the electoral map just quickly because hillary clinton for the first time tonight has jumped into the lead with that big haul that we were expecting of course in california. she has now vaulted ahead in the electoral college vote.
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270 needed to win she has 290 now. >> we were talking about donald trump pathway to victory that includes a win in florida. etcetera now likely republican. a win in ohio also would include a win in north carolina. let's look now at where we stand in north carolina. cbs news is estimating that the state of north carolina is leaning republican. now this has been a republican state. it has enjoyed battleground status recently because barack obama was able to put it in the democratic column in 2008. he lost to mitt romney in 2012, but this is leaning republican. >> leaning republican. >.this would make you even more nervous if yo you're a drark tht wisconsin has just moved, sorry, it moved and moved back. never mind. >> how about michigan. >> those are all still toss ups. there was a brief moment where
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wisconsin moved but it's back to your point about north carolina. you know, donald trump needed to win. that's one of the states he needed to win. >> in addition we talked about picking off -- >> we're just now making a projection for north carolina, cbs news is estimating that donald trump will be the winner in north carolina. this is a critical break through for the trump campaign. john dickerson. >> yeah. i mean when we talked about the fact that the republican is behind based on the traditional states that go republican and democrat. he needed to win a bunch of these battle ground states and now he's doing it. >> charlie you know this so well, i would love to hear what you're thinking right now. >> you got to remember for a long time north carolina was conservative because of jessie
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helms and north carolina has a governor who was republican. that was always there. that was the african american vote that obama had to come for him in 2008. we thought with the president there, it might make a difference this time and get the level of african american votes. there may still be that level of african american vote but those people in eastern north carolina who are conservative are coming out in strong numbers. >> we keep talking about pass the victory. i think it's fair to say now that donald trump has a realistic path to victory at this point in the night. we're seeing all these divides tonight. men versus women having different attitudes. and another divide we're seeing over and over tonight, rule versu --rural versus city. >> he's going from long shot to real shot. >> yes, exactly. >> he may in fact have more
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paths now to get to 270 than she does. we have to see how wis consin, wednesday and michigan turn out. we have to obviously wait to see the way things go in florida. if they continue to trend his way in florida, that will along with ohio and north carolina. >> john, you know as i do because we've talked about sides, both sides thought if he was going to win one of these big battle ground states, probably his best bet was iowa. and we still haven't called that yet. >> nancy cordes who is at the clinton headquarters. nancy. >> well norah, the fact that north carolina and ohio now appear to have ended up in the trump camp is a bitter disappointment for the clinton campaign. they literally spend tens of millions more dollars in those states than donald trump did. they have been airing ads in the states for month. hillary clinton went back to north carolina one last time at
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midnight last night with her final rally. her running mate tim kaine spent the entire day in the state yesterday. so that just shows you how winnable they thought that state was. as for ohio, she was in cleveland twice in the last couple days, she did that big concert and she went back just to give a coronation from king lebron james which shows you the kind of impact that they thought those visits could have. now they would never have said that they thought that they had a fantastic shot in either of those states. ohio they always ne knew becausf the demographics but north carolina they really thought today a shot. and they had a huge ground game there working especially to turn out african americans in the states. but it appears it wasn't enough. >> all right, nancy cordes thank you. we just want to quickly point out that wisconsin, the defibrillation continues, is that what we call it. >> fib lated into the edge
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republican. >> meaning some democrats may need defibrillation. >> the reason that's so important is that is a part of something, it was part of a firewall that the clinton campaign was supposed to have and western states traditionally go to the democrats. which means now donald trump is putting pressure in hillary clinton in pennsylvania and now in michigan and wisconsin. >> that is the home state of the chairman of the republican national committee rienls priebus. we've been talking about those inside. >> remember donald trump's second campaign manager someone still close to the campaign and who was talking to all significant republicans around the country. he has texted me just a moment ago that reince priebus the national republican chairman and a republican of standing says he eks pecks donald trump will carry the state of wisconsin. iowa governor said he expects
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trump will carry iowa as well and they're encouraged to what they're seeing in michigan. in this upper mid west aspect of the trump campaign they are seeing exactly what they hoped to see and they believe they are now for the first time seeing a solid path to victory paved in part by the industrial mid west. >> marriag major garrett thank y much. help the audience with the map and the path moving forward fuss, how does clinton put a victory together. >> she has to hold wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. all the states where donald trump is putting a lot of pressure on her right now and he's doing very well all three of those states. she has to hold all of them. that's basically the biggest challenge for her. >> what path to victory would donald trump have. >> well, he has to start picking off those, one of those states. if he got wisconsin that would put him, if he shook wisconsin
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and she held michigan and then held pennsylvania that would get it. then new hampshire comes very much into play. and then you start talking about the main second district of maine which has one electoral vote and in nebraska too. we start to get down to one's and to's in terms to getting to that magic number. >> let's not forget something else. georgia has not yet been called. our presumption was from the beginning that it was going to go republican. they haven't called it yet. >> i don't want to raise this, but i will. there is a possibility of a tie. this could be tied. there are ways that this could tie but not many. >> if they tied, without anybody reaching 270. >> yes, 269 to 269. >> then it goes to the house. >> it goes to the house of representatives where each state delegation has one vote. they would presume they would vote for the republican but we've learned tonight not to presume. >> but we haven't called new
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hampshire yet. it could come down conceivably to new hampshire. i also point out we haven't called maine yet noa norah where they split their votes. >> for those calling their therapists right now, the night is steel young. stay tuned because there's still a number of white states still on the map we have not called or predicted. >> on the west coast it's very late here. >> you're absolutely right. the clinton complain still believes they can win with pennsylvania new hampshire and nevada. we should talk about those states. we'll see. arizona is one that they had hoped would be in their back pocket. long shot of a state to think about arizona especially the way this night is going. since we just had donald trump's pathway i wanted to be fair and give hillary pathways. >> she has to hold wisconsin and michigan which is not at all certain at all that she's going
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to hold those two states. hold them by which i mean keep them in the democratic column because they traditionally voted for the democrats. >> that's why it ended up in the campaign last night in philadelphia. >> what if the independent ends up in utah. >> unscramble a situation here. we've got wisconsin up on the screen right now. we have estimated that donald trump has an edge right there. now there's about 64% of the vote in and he is ahead by about 50,000 votes out of nearly two million that have been cast. very close there. that's wisconsin. let's have a look now begin at florida. florida is a shoe that has not dropped yet but it is estimated it is likely to go donald trump's way. there is nearly 100% of the vote in and it is nine million votes roughly together and donald
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trump is ahead by just a little over 100,000 out of nine million. >> when donald trump was in wisconsin recently, i remember watching tv and him telling voters saying listen if you early voted and you want to change your vote, please feel free to do so. >> there's no indication that many people did that. but what they did learn in wisconsin is that they were able to, they had something like the airport hangar held something like 34500 people. they said they had tens of thousands of people but they couldn't get in. they clearly tapped into something in wisconsin. people doubted the trump strategy of going to wisconsin and michigan at the last minute. they said it doesn't make any sense but they saw something there. >> since he wasn't warmly welcomed by paul ryan. >> what are the numbers if we look now at pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania charlie, we still show as a toss up state, we show hillary clinton ahead there by 100,000 votes.
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there have been more than four million cast. she is ahead by a hundred thousand votes. 81% of the vote has been counted so far. so still a toss up there. another toss up assignor awe was noting is -- as norah was noting is this is a campaign they fully expected they would carry and with 55% of the vote in, donald trump is ahead by about 58,000 votes out of two and-a-half million that have been cast. so this is coming down to very small numbers. >> one of the interesting themes that we talked about earlier on in this night that would give us some clues about how this election was going are the suburban women. white non, excuse me, white college-educated women. and you see in the states that donald trump is doing well such as florida.
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he won white college educated women. that has helped fuel that coalition has fueled him doing so well in the state of florida. it has broken in different places in different degrees. >> those are the 13 battleground states that you're looking at on the screen now. blue for hillary clinton, red for donald trump. as you can see, of the battleground states, there are only four of them that we have been able to estimate because the race is so tight in all of the others. the polls are now closed in all of the 50 states save one, and that is alaska which will be closing very late tonight. >> i think we're going to be here very late tonight. >> we may be waiting for alaska. the popular vote as everyone knows doesn't count for anything. it is the electoral vote that kowndzcounts but it is interesto
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note that donald trump at this point in the popular vote is ahead by more than two million votes. he has 49% of the popular vote to hillary clinton's 46%. >> let's take a look at the state of new hampshire. new hampshire had al gore one, new hampshire he would have won the presidency. new hampshire is a small number of electoral votes that could be critical tonight. look at this. we're calling this a toss up state 47 to 47%. there is just 67 percent percent of the vote there. >> we need to interrupt because cbs news is estimating that in the state of utah, donald trump is the winner. in the state of oregon we are predicting that hillary clinton will be the victor at the end of the night. so we should go back to our electoral vote board and show you where things stand right now. hillary clinton with 197
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electoral votes, donald trump with 193. 270 needed to win and now it is coming down of course to these battle ground states, like florida. assignor awas norah was saying,w hampshire, pennsylvania, wisconsin, minnesota, just too close to call right now. >> major garrett has been talking with his forces inside the trump campaign what they believe at this hour is their pathway to victory. major. >> we haven't projected florida but the trump campaign counts florida. they are also beginning to count pennsylvania he 240 though it st been called. they are encouraged about wisconsin because just as i reported a few moments ago, the republican national chairman ricprince rehabprince rehabes.
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that's the path. that's the path that donald trump has always imagined might be possible. an anchor in the industrial mid west with a conversation with the country for the first time in a very long time challenging the underlying economic assumptions of globalization and free trade because he believes and these results tend to reinforce that voters in those states either have fur gotten or out of the conversation are left at the economic margins of this country. and when he appealed to them they have responded in numbers that did not show up n exit polls entirely and certainly did not show up in the pup polling before this election day occurred. so that's the path they see. they're assuming florida, north carolina and then pennsylvania michigan, or wisconsin, possibly all three. >> john dickerson, we're curious about the role paul ryan might have played in wisconsin since he certainly didn't embrace
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donald trump. >> he didn't embrace donald trump and got a lot of grief for it from the voters of wisconsin. what i was told by republicans in wisconsin is actually, jowns ijowns -- johnson in the state, trying to keep his seat, they were trying to see how many would support him or not and ron johnson supported him because donald trump they thought was doing very well and would help the republican senator in that state, not be a weight for him. and that looks like that might very well be happening. >> how is the senate race in wisconsin. >> it looks like it is leaning towards ron johnson. this is of course an epic match up between him and russ finegold who many people know him from mccain fine gold. there was a rematch there and it looks like we have not made a call yet in that particular state but ron johnson appears to
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be holding on at this hour. we stand here now at 11:20 and we take a look at which bat grounds are still yet to be called. those are those white states that are on our electoral map. what were you watching. >> well i think pennsylvania number one. i think at this point it is absolutely crucial for hillary clinton to win pennsylvania which she was favored to win pennsylvania. that was going to be her best battle ground state. i'm just hearing that they just calderon johnson as the winner of that senate race out in wisconsin. >> juliana goldman has been covering those races for us. >> with ron johnson holding on to this senate seat in the race against former democratic senator russ feingold is that this win has essentially cut off democrat's path to an outright
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majority in the senate. the democrats have only had one pick up so far because republicans have held on to indiana, florida, north carolina and wisconsin. so at this point the best the democrats can do is get to 50 seats and then to get control of the senate, they need hillary clinton to win because remember under that scenario, then as vice president tim kaine would be the tie breaking 51st vote. so again the big news here out of the win for senator ron johnson is that essentially caught off democrat's path to an outside majority in the senate and you've got that combined to our own projection that says that republicans are also going to be holding on to control of the house. >> all right, jo in terms of congress it looks like a very good night for the republican party. >> it certainly is a big night for the republican party and it's been an amazing night for
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donald trump so far. let's have a look at the battle ground states again. we have a graphic for you that shows you the ones that we have projected and the ones that we have not been able to project. remarkable that georgia is still out there. the states in red of course are donald trump and in blue hillary clinton. but look at the rest of them. new hampshire, pennsylvania, florida, arizona, miss conson, michigan, iowa, nevada all too close to call at this point. remarkable turn about as we mentioned before a candidate donald trump who never led in the cbs news poll from the point that he was nominated to this night, he was never in the lead against hillary clinton and now he is running neck and neck with her. the electoral college count right now is hillary clinton 1 97, donald trump 193.
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>> when we first started with 17 candidates everybody kept saying in the end it will be hillary clinton and jeb bush standing at the end. everything about him has been unconventional from the very beginning. he kept winning and winning and winning and here we are tonight. >> it could go either way. that's headline right now. >> in 2012 and in 2008 we had made a call about who won the presidency of the united states. >> at this time. >> yes. tomorrow we're not able to make that call because pennsylvania is still a toss up, new hampshire is a toss up, nevada is a toss up. michigan is a toss up. all those states. >> and yet there are several, norah, as you see here on our computers, several that are edge republican or likely republican as we head deeper into this night. we will have the very latest on this election coming right back for you, some of you are going to your local returns, the rest of you we'll see you right here
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for more election night on cbs. now we are backer for campaign 2016 election night coverage here on cbs. norah o'donnell the battleground states still hanging out their shoes left to drop principally florida, the biggest of them all and still unable to estimate the winner there. >> that's right. it is going to be a late night. the republicans are having a very good night keeping control of both houses of congress. we have not yet called the state of florida but we do have it likely republican. donald trump has also won the state of ohio and north carolina. john, where does that put him? >> , it puts him in very good shape and what puts him in better shape is the fact he's pressing hillary clinton so hard in the states of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. it looks at the moment as though
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his advantage is a little bit better in wisconsin than michigan. again the thing to watch for in these states is the beg urban areas, the cities. that's where a big vote could come in for the democrat late in the process. sometimes what happens is the candidate is down and their vote comes in. >> do you think there are some double guessing going on right now in the democratic party that they neglected the states of wisconsin and michigan. >> i talk to do a democratic operative this week and they said when i was asking about michigan and this person said yes, they stopped thinking about that mandate foolishness which was to say trying to win in all kinds of different places to run up the score and suggest she had a mandate. they had to go stick to their building that blue wall to defend from attacks from donald trump in the red belt which is what we're watching unfold tonight. >> wisconsin when it comes to non-college whites donald trump is up 59% compared to clinton's
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35% which plays again john to what you were saying make america great again that menial was with this group of voters. >> wisconsin has again that high shared of population about 50% of non-college whites in wisconsin. that's more than ohio, more than michigan and pennsylvania. >> now that's the cbs news decision desk we're looking at there. and the jackets are off. we are looking at the data coming in second by second. these are the men and women, our, perts in political science who are watching the vote totals come in precinct by precept. precinct. watching the information we get from the polls and they get the estimates which way a state is leaning or whether we can project a winner in a state. right now the presidency of the united states is on the line. they are watching the states
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that are going to make or break hillary clinton and donald trump. >> were you supervised john in the polling numbers from when we started in the beginning of the evening and what we've been predicting all week. were there supervises. >> if it would be this tight this late all along. yes. even somewhere like virginia took longern't it went with hillary clinton and that's where the polls were showing it was tighter and delores than we had ex-- cler closer than we had expected. >> nothing from georgia yet. >> the way the night's going you would think that would tip towards donald trump. >> we are watching these states closely. we're going to be back in just a moment with the very latest information on which way these battle ground states are going. as election night in america continues right here on cbs. ♪
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>> breaking news, cbs news now estimates that dwrud will b donl be the winner in florida. this was key to the trump campaign. he virtually could not win the presidency without florida. he has now racked up florida, north carolina and ohio by our estimates among the battleground states. there are several other states in the battleground states that we're looking at that haven't been called yet. >> that's right. we should take a look now at the state of pennsylvania which now bookbecomes crucial for hillary clinton to keep in the democratic column. >> that's 20 electoral votes in
11:31 pm
pennsylvania and 29 in florida. >> donald trump is now 48 votes from having the presidency. >> let's look at that electoral college map. we'll show you that hillary clinton has 197 electoral college votes. donald trump now regaining the lead with 222. trump has had the lead most of the night. hillary clinton vaulted ahead when california and oregon came through but now trump is beginning to color some of those swing states red on our map. >> let's also take a look at the state of wisconsin. one of those states in the blue wall that is john dickerson said the republicans hope to pierce tonight in the state of wisconsin, home to the speaker of the house as well as the chairman of the republican national committee cbs news now estimates that donald trump has the edge in wisconsin.
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>> this night has gone much differently than anyone predicted. >> what we thought about the possible scenarios and we'll see what happens in the mid west. we'll have to see whether how far donald trump goes into democratic territory. how far that what he was calling the client silent majority the h of that blue color voter. how big that becomes. but for the moment it's beg enough to have won in those crucial states of florida and north carolina and ohio. >> we should also pull up the state of nevada, a state that had a large early vote turnout, we have now cbs news is now estimating that that leans democratic. the state of nevada lean democratic, that had also been a state with a heavy hispanic turnout in the early vote. donald trump went there in the final days of the campaign hoping to drive up turnout on election day. we are currently stmenting that that state -- estimating that
11:33 pm
that state lead hillary clinton. how does this affect, john, the pathway to victory. >> well obviously he's got, if the traditional republican states come in, then he's got and arizona is out, there was talk about how that might be a state that was the heady days of hillary clinton's best moments i think the way the night is going you would expect arizona to behalf like a republican state. so that's other electoral votes and that really means the path for donald trump is through pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan and he doesn't have to win all of them. so it's really a question i of e mid west for the moment. >> for hillary clinton. >> hold toast states. those states. and she al to keep maine which is one of the other states which is part of the blue wall. maine with its four electoral votes. she has to hold that too.
11:34 pm
in a night where wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania are in the balance, simply holding what democrats traditionally hold is not a certainty. >> john, his campaign predicted he would win the red belt area. seems to me they were exactly right weren't they. >> they were. they kept talking about the enthusiasm and turnout at his rallies. anybody whose covered the politics knows sometimes a big rally is a bit of a foorl because you can get a lot of people super enthusiastic in a rally but sometimes, that's all you can do is fill up a rally and you can't get the rest of the coalition. but here -- >> they rallied and then they went to the polls. >> look at the supporters there at clinton headquarters. listening intently as the results come in. some of the people look almost crest fallen. >> certainly not what they were expecting at the beginning of the evening. >> we had called pennsylvania four years ago at 940.
11:35 pm
>> now it's too close to estimate. >> we should reset the map here. >> there was so much talk about hidden secret trump voters who would say one thing publicly but then go in the voting booth and do something else. do you think that's what's happened here, john. >> i don't know. we'll have to check. the places you would look for that is in the white college educated voters and the suburbs. they seem to be turning out in some places certainly in pense very heavily for hillary clinton. >> this is the clinton campaign. the watch party of the clinton campaign, clearly a great deal of concern there at this point in the evening. charlie rose is with our political panel. charlie. >> thank you scott, with me michael


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