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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things as always. katie, tracking some showers it, looks like. >> indeed i am. >> we look like assorted grapes. >> i like grapes. >> we're in dif event versions of purple. >> and as delicious as wine, you guys. >> oh, i just had to point it out. you know people at home why are they all dressed alike. it was not planned. >> i agree. we no, we're all good. i will tell you that we do have a tractor-trailer fire that is going to cause you some problems in mouth laurel. we have string of other accident, in a moment, so despite the fact it is dry on the roadways. >> in many locations, but there are spots, yes, where it is the exception. so this is a forecast that is kind of splitting the region in two, when you look at what's going on, to put the storm scan tri-state sweep right now, obviously, your eye gets drawn out to eastern new jersey where we still had the steadiest rain, most widespread rain. not really heavy rain. it is steady granted in a handful of spots but obviously enough it will certainly slow down the commute. you have to break out the
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windshield wipers, out that way, if you are about ready to hit the road, fine yourself waiting for bus, train, not the worse idea to have some rain gear. but, the further inland you are, scattered, guys, i would say you could get away without the umbrella so very much location dependent, as to how you want to prepare for the day ahead with your weather accessories, anyway, but eventually, everybody is going to clear out. that will will happen this afternoon. so the p.m. drive should be okay. fifty-one the current temperature at the airport, in the 40's, generally everywhere else, still holding tough though low 50's, been doing so now for couple of hours, in wildwood, atlantic city, because of, a, the fact you have more cloud cover, more wet weather overnight to limit the cooling but also right next to the ocean, that's going to help moderate your temperatures, too, school planner headed out again to the school bus with the kids, depending on location, you may want to either have something with a hood on it, or at least, you know, the heaviest coat. chilly start to the morning. not as cold as recent mornings, meisha, but again, some of it, folks, seeing rain, others just not. >> yes, and that's really good
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to know point out, katie, what we're seeing, seeing some spotty areas, some accidents, some where there is possible rain right now, though not seeing our camera in other areas looking dry. so, overall, it is going to be a slow commute. take it easy, give yourselves extra time. ninety-five taillights southbound direction past betsy ross, pushing in the southbound trends, slow, brake lights going off there, also in the northbound side as well. and new jersey 42 freeway northbound at creek road, take 295, look how busy this looks, give yourselves extra time there. i want to purr your -- pull your attention, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, all lanes block. you will have to use alternate. 295 is going to be your best bet. avoid the area, if at all possible, if you can, because we just got tweet little bit frag guy saying richard was actually saying hey i'm stuck in this, not moving. we have another accident right here upper darby. bear road between clear brooke and beverly boulevard. and there is more to discuss when we come back in about 15 minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you, we want to
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update you on a.m. bert alert, little girl abduct in the virginia could be heading to new jersey. >> take a close lock at your screen on the right there, four year he'd annabell theresa hope richardson last seen with her father 24 year old dillan james richardson in charlotte county virginia. police want you to be on the look-out for 1995 burgundy chevy van with virginia license plate vmg-2332. if you siena bell, her father or that van call police right away. >> update on breaking news we've been following all morning out of mt. holly new jersey. >> woman beaten so badly she had to be flown to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in mt. holly where investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. jan, good morning. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, i just spoke to officials here in burlington county, they tell me that woman is in the hospital, is alive this morning, but they don't have have an update on her condition, and aren't too long talk about what transpired here overnight. you can see live behind me on
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scene in mount hole that i there is still an active ongoing police investigation, you have a home on the right with the light, and home on the left. that's where officials have been stationed all morning long. and we've seen investigators walking inbetween the two homes, in that alleyway or breezeway, taking a lot of pictures and collecting a the love evidence. this is actually quite a large scene, police have just about a block taped off here on west monroe street. but if you take a look at the video, you can see better idea about what police have been doing here overnight. police were called to this home at 13 west monroe street around 1:00 this morning. that's when they found a woman, assaulted, and bleeding from her head. her injuries were so severe, she had to be airlifted to a hospital in trenton for treatment. so far, again, no word on her condition, this morning, and at this time police aren't yet saying exactly how this woman was assaulted. they're not saying either if detective have any suspect. so, this is very early on, in this investigation, it is still active, and ongoing, police still out here there is morning, and they've been working overnight for hours,
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collecting evidence. they've also we've seen talking to neighbors in the area, again, still working on if there are any suspect, and working on getting you this woman's condition. her name has not yet been released. but for now live in mt. holly, new jersey, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back to you. >> jan thanks for the update. >> new this morning, 35 year old man shot dead in philadelphia's fairmount section happened about 10:30 near ridge avenue and cambridge street. we're told the victim was struck several times in the face. police tell "eyewitness news", they did not finds any weapons, and so far, no one is in custody. teenage boy is rushed to the hospital after he stabbed multiple times in kingsessing. this happened near the 1400 block of south rogers street last night. the victim either 15, 16 years old, he has so in stable condition with stab wounds in his arm. as of now police have no suspect. >> happening today former philadelphia eagle josh huff said to appear in court. arrested earlier this month in
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gun and marijuana charges after police pulled him over for speeding on the walt whitman bridge. police found a gun, loaded magazine, with hollow point bullet, and marijuana in his car. days after his arrest, hoff released from the eagles he had added to the tampa buccaneer practice squad. >> paren meade behind closed doors to talk about vandalism. parent of council rock north will gather to talk, last night they talked about the racist and homophobic images found inside the school. while some parent found encouraged after the meeting, some believe more needs to be done. >> i'm embarrased to be living in the council rock school district. >> and i think that it is a good thing, to be exposed, so we can all work together to figure out what the solutions are. >> we had very plows tiff meeting, we had about 50 parent with us here this evening, excellent dialogue, very active paren -- parent participation. >> while some left hopeful, some parents are concerned and
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say the school district needs to do more about the issue. today, continuing to build his administration, hena danielles reports the next president may be close to picking one cabinet member. >> reporter: campaign source tells cbs news rudy guiliani five orders to sever as secretary of state in donald trump's new administration. speaking at a wall street journal forum in washington last night, the former new york city mayor refused to discuss his chances. instead, he came to the defense of steve bannon, the right wing media mogel tapped as the president's elect chief strategist. >> he is a patriots. he lovers america. he may have different view of america than do you, but he loves america as much as you or i do. >> while most conservative supports trump's decision, democrats on capitol hill blasted bannon's a appointment. >> his appointment of steven ban john as chief white house strategist is proof of the ugly direction mr. trump
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intends to take this country. >> speaking from the white house president obama was more diplomatic. >> i think it is important for us to let him make his decision, and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. >> in a statement last night, trump spokesman praised bannon, saying, role work hand-in-hand with chief of staff ryan priebus, as he continues to help implement trump's decision of ac president for all americans. president-elect trump has nearly 4,000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and one week after losing the presidency, hillary clinton is telling house democrats not to be discouraged, in a conference call last night, also toll them they should not be divided because the people they fought for in this election needs champions now more than ever.
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clinton said will heal overnight there is one won't either. >> coming up president obama is in greece, this is video of him arriving there just couple of hours ago. coming up: the mission behind his final foreign trip, as commander in chief. >> plus: remember this plane fire in chicago last month? well, we will tell you what passengers are now asking for, in the first lawsuit filed. >> and video of these houses stranded on cliff top after that earthquake in new zealand took the internet by storm. everyone wants to know what happened to them, well, we have the update coming up next. >> ♪ >> in is the song we caught jim -- van dancing on the set. bruno mars is bringing his 24 magic world tour to philly. will take the stage tewels fargo center, tickets go on sale monday. who loves this song. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> several after shocks from this earthquake. jolt strig erred 6-foot tall tsunami, as well, while authorities try to reach stranded people by air, navy ship is also due to arrive tomorrow morning. >> now, a loft people have been talking about these stranded coast we first showed you yesterday. two coast stuck on this small piece of land after the earthquake ripped apart most of the grounds surrounding them. we're happy to tell you the form here owns the coast, was able to make a pass for the coast and coach them back down. i don't know how you get them off that. >> encouraged them down.
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it was an ordeal. it might have been easy to get them off. >> well, other coast also rescued from the same property. how do you coax them down? they're like on this big chunk in the middle. what up do say, jump, cow, jump? i don't understands that. >> that's utterly -- >> oh, there you are, she's back. >> holy coy, just utterly un believable. >> is that bruce springsteen driving to the rescue? on his motorcycle? >> all of the news stories are merging. >> i love it. >> although i suppose they shepherd for a reason, you know, this is what they do. they are cow whisperers, apparently. as we take you out to another part of the farm lands areas here around our area, going out to whitt fields elementary school. hint of traffic. but it looks to me right now like dry roadways for these folks to work with. not everyone has that benefit, especially if you go into the garden state. finding more widespread,
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generally light rain, but widespread rain, unless you're traveling up toward monmouth county right now, where there are steadier bains moving in. primarily will end up bringing beneficial rain specific to long island, southeastern up-state new york, connecticut, and rest of new england. we all could use the rain, but they need it little more desperately than we do. already still few scattered showers, very spot any nature, further inland. so, just watch for that. not enough that if you are in southeast pa would you absolutely need an umbrella but it is out there. the further east you go more likely you'll find t beyond this point, very pleasant weather ahead here. partly sunny tomorrow. there is a hint of tail end of passing front at boundery that could get us here with a few clouds, that will be it, back in the sunshine thursday, friday, into the weaken, beyond that point, though, big changes come our way. so friday, saturday, gorgeous. sunshine, let me step out of the way. that's a drop off if i ever saw one. by sunday can't even hit ooh degrees, and there is a shot that up in the poconos we even see some flurries at night.
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meisha, over to you. >> just one more reason to enjoy the weekends. friday and saturday, that is. thanks, katie. looking outside right now, still dark, looking busy. here is a lock at the schuylkill, tail light eastbound direction, near the conshohocken curve. yikes. eastbound and westbound, very slow moving. give yourselves some extra time there, really anywhere we look, we will start to say there is a lot. give yourselves extra time. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road. take that to 295. kind of holding steady here. little bit. but it is certainly building. i would still advise to give yourselves extra 15, 20 minutes in that area as well. then talking about the tractor-trailer fire in mt. laurel. southbound past route 73, only the left shoulder now is getting by. for awhile there it was all lanes completely block. left shoulder kind of squeezing by, i would still say use this alternate, 295, going to be probably your best bet around that. but if you can, you can squeeze by on that shoulder, it is just going to be very slow. then we have another accident involving injuries, upper dare, garrett road between
6:16 am
clear brooke avenue and beverly boulevard. heads up on that. water main break to tell but coming up in a little bit. rahel, over to you. >> thank you, the ottawa senators are in town tonight to play the flyers. philly is seven, seven and two on the season so far even though they have the thirds most goals in the league. former flyers captain, eric lindrose, is skating into the hockey hall of famement lindrose was inducted last night in front of family, friends, former teammates. the big e won nhlmvp awards, made the all-star six times, led the flyers to the 1997 stanley cup finals, also number 19 on the all time scoring list, congratulations, are in order for eric lindros. still ahead smart technology moves from the living room to the kitchen. we'll show you an oven who could help to be a better cook. >> i could use that. >> last year the airlines lost more than 23 million bats, but trying it change that now, see the new ways they are tracking that lost luggage next.
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does not make you a model. >> welcome back everyone, you may remember this scary scene in chicago's o'hare airport last month, a american airlines plane on fire. we have now learned 18 pass inning verse filed a lawsuit. the suit names general electric, american and boeing, and claims a faulty engine was
6:20 am
used on the aircraft. also accuses airline staff of failing to provide instructions during the evacuation. 161 passengers and nine crew members safely evaculated the plane, after aborted take off. scare in the air, when a plane swurves to avoid a drone. this airlines plane getting ready to land near toronto yesterday when pilots significant sagged to avoid hitting the object in the sky. two flight attendant suffered minor injuries. no passengers were hurt. >> well, when it comes to lost luggage, new technology could be the answer for frustrated airline travelers. one in every 300 passengers will have their luggage lost, laid, miss misshandled and of course we all hate when that happens. delta spending $50 million installing a baggage system that would track luggage in real time. sort of like gps for your bag. already paying off. >> this has already had five to 10% reduction on the number of miss handled bags that we have in our system. >> and the airlines believe
6:21 am
they can save up to $3 billion over the next seven years, but this new technology. >> sounds good. >> well, taco bell just opened up a swanky new restaurant in vegas, and serves up a lot more than just tacos. >> okay. plus, want your dog to live longer? who among us doesn't? we'll tell but a miracle drug that promises to extends your dog's life, might even work for you, too, that's coming up.
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bell come back, our weekend watch, getting ever closer to that weaken, that's the point it looks lick pretty substantial transition that we'll have here for us for sunday, or rather, saturday into sunday. saturday looks great. nice and mild actually. but by sunday, big transition, as another front comes through. it could bring us some wet weather, as well. meisha? guys, we sent it back into you. >> thank you, and now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> burlington county times, two pharmacist charged for conspiracy to illegally distribute and dis tens large quantity tis of oxycodone, other substances. forty-four year old michael owner of the old medford pharmacy, and medford family pharmacy, employed 59 year old david gold skill were charged in the 16 count indictment. >> reading eagle, pennsylvania's self-developed
6:25 am
system for figuring out what level of treatment drug abusers should get. come un scrutiny, they deal with worsening crisis of over working deaths, died last year due to overdose. >> from the intelligence err, school board approved 134 master plan that calls for the building of two new schools and renovations of several other. it is set to begin in early 2017. by building a 600 student elementary school. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, head to the vii room at taco bell. >> wasn't expected but that's the idea behind the new taco bell cat tina las vegas strip, restaurant just opened, more upscale than other taco bell locations, includes vip lounges, and also serves alcohol. similar restaurant also in chicago, san francisco, and austin, texas, who knows, maybe we'll see one here in philly soon. we like this, listening to
6:26 am
music. >> just give me a chalup a and a coke and i'm happy. coming up: mission to save ben franklin's gravestone. repairs needed, and how much it will cost. >> and a call to end the violence here in philly. trang? >> reporter: philadelphia's victimized by hateful messages and flash mob style attacks, i'll have the mayor's message to an it city on edge. >> it is looking busy out there, plus tractor-trailer fire in mt. laurel. an accident in upper darby. water main break. all coming up. first a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will
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>> braking news, four year old at the center of an amber alert has been found. she was missing for much of the night. her father 24 year old dillan james richards son turned himself into authorities in monroe township gloucester
6:30 am
county just about 45 minutes ago. once again, the amber alert for little annabell is canceled. she is now in safe hands. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> investigators on the scene of vicious assault in south jersey, woman beaten so badly, had to be flown to the hospital. >> i just spoke with authorities here in burlington county, they can't say at this time exactly how this woman was assaulted. >> there have been hateful attacks, intimidation, have no place in our sit. >> i philadelphia mayor jim kenney denouncing recent acts every violence and threats, four people were hurt, including off duty philadelphia police officer. rumors are circulating, that donald trump has been telling his advisors that he plans to spends his weekends in his trump power penthouse in new york city instead of the white house. what hillary clinton found out she was like who is going to
6:31 am
be there? >> oh, james cord on does it again. >> like air b and b, just rent out the rooms when in the there? can you imagine ties that on line hey, katie, would you like to stay in the white house? >> i don't know that that means we should. but i think could you get pretty penny to spends a night in the lincoln bedroom, right? okay, so, you know, i was out here, like going back and forth between the doorway and my little placement here, so they could size up the camera, debating whether i should break this thing out. so, the rain just started. it is light enough that i don't think it is going to mess you badly with my hair. so hopefully this will be pretty quick hit and i can get you out the door with what you need to know. what's happening on storm scan, at the moment, but the being of the wet weather is in fact inside of new jersey but since where i'm standing right across the river, and just couple of blocks in from the ben franklin bridge.
6:32 am
we start today see that back edge of that larger batch of rain. so, it is very light. it is enough that if you are traveling around center city or the schuylkill, for example, or the vine, you're going to need to flick your windshield wipers. and sheen on the surface of the road, but the further inland you go, it is very scattered, if even present at all, chester county you don't have drop of rain right now. 48 degrees currently in trenton, mid upper four's, in many other locations or even 50's, and of course because we did have more clouds cover building in as of yesterday, and that's helping to limit any kind of cooling that would take place, since the heat can't get lost in the atmosphere. today's high pretty typical for mid november. up ear's the expectation, but these showers should be clearing out of here pretty rapidly by the time we hit the afternoon, especially toward evening. all long gone. and we will start to clear out the skies for you overhead. now, coming up. ment beyond today we've got pretty smooth sale. that's coming our way. not it mention a nice little warming trend. my advice to you, when you see the temperatures that we hit on friday and saturday, you
6:33 am
make a plan to get outside and enjoy it, because there will be a big crash, and brr that comes along behind it. and i'll tell you all about that later on, meisha. >> oh, i love that, thanks so much. crash and brr. that's right. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, what we're seeing right now though is the opposite. heating up on the roadways, right now looking very busy, couple of accident out, there as well. looking at 422 headlight moving in the eastbound direction, past oaks, and you can see how busy it is. but take a look how george thaws sky is, not that you are sitting in rush hour traffic, but point a to point b. give yourselves some extra time. because now that we're starting to seat water on the roadways, take a look at this, 95, northbound, academy, but you can see, that sheen on that road surface, letting you know it could be slippery, and you can have ponding, pooling, then hydroplaning. so looking in the southbound direction at academy, see how slow it is, no longer traveling at 5 miles per hour, now dropping. so, that means, you will
6:34 am
absolutely need to give yourselves extra time. just because we are pushing towards the heart of rush hour. even if we were not, because it is wet out there, give yourselves extra time. tractor-trailer fire in mt. laurel. you guys, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, the left shoulder is the only, only part getting by, 295 will be your best bet. rahel, jim, back if you. >> meisha, thank you. update on the breaking news we've been following this morning, in mt. holly new jersey police tell us a woman was viciously assaulted and bleeding from her head around 1:00 a.m. near west monroe street. eyewitnesses say that her injuries were so severe she had to be flown to a hospital in trenton. still no word on any arrests. police are searching the area right now for clues. >> well, in other news early this morning, president obama arrived in greece for two davits. you are looking now live, at a picture from athens, where the president is the guest of honor at a welcoming ceremony. it is the first stop of his final foreign tour as president. air force one touched down
6:35 am
just mid-morning, after an overnight flight from washington, a mid heavy security. now, after greece the president will go to germany, and after that it is off to peru. >> president-elect trump means meets with vice president elect mike penned in new york as they work on new can net. campaign source tells cbs news that former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is the favorite to be secretary of state. the senior official for the president-elect says there is no real competition for the job. and it is giuliani's for the asking. >> mayor jim kenney says no room for violence and intolerance in philadelphia. >> his comment follow rash of attacks and threats. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in center city, not far from the site of a flash mob attack. trang? >> reporter: good morning, jim, rahel. yes, four people were hurt in this attack, the latest at 16th and walnut over the weekends. police did arrest two teens and say they're expected to arrest even more. at this time mayor kensy saying that people need to stand up and do more than just
6:36 am
protest. >> the city every brotherly love hasn't been living to up its name lately. >> past few days there have been hateful attacks, intimidation, damage to public and private property, these act have no place in our city. >> in the last month, flash mob attacks on innocent bystanders and communities from temple to center city have rattled the city. off duty police detective and his wife were hurt in the most recent attacks. >> horrifying, i think there needs to be more accountability, parent, teachers, just people accountable for themselves. >> and in the days following the election, philadelphia saw buildings and cars defaced when nazi and racist graffiti. cyber attack against african-american student at penn, and mayor kenney speaking out about it all. >> calling someone by any type of slur, deface ago building or participating in a flash mob does nothing to help preserve the values of diversity and included that make philadelphia strong. >> symbolically the mayor made these cop ends during rap party fortune at this cup.
6:37 am
inter neighborhood soccer tournament showcasing the city imigrants and cultures. philadelphians, echoed the mayor's message. >> this is the time to come together, and be unified as a people. we might not like the result we got, but we had to live it for the next four years and dot best that we had to do. >> mayor kenney stays will take more than just police to go stop these hateful attacks, that's why the city is going to make the unity cup an annual event. for now live in center city, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, rahel? >> trang, thank you. >> new reserve shows we haven't learned much since the financial crisis and the great recession. >> but, there are ways to improve our financial know how. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york with some advice, jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill, i under stands there is a recent study out. what have we learned? >> reporter: this is from the big financial services
6:38 am
organization, the education foundation, and here's what they found. just 14% of respondent were able to answer five financial literacy quiz questions, correctly, just 37% answered at least four correct. i already saw them. the results actually worse than they were in 2009. here is the other odd finding. despite those poor results, people totally over estimated their financial knowledge. about three quarters, 76%, they gave themselves high marks. oh, good for me. right? but actually, they just couldn't do simple calculations, involving basic financial content. we have have got to do better. >> actually the worse scenario, think you're really good, think you know, but you don't actually know. jill, how can we improve these results? >> i know what you are thinking. hey, all we have to do is amp up our financial literacy, right? however, research is suggesting education alone may not lead to better choices.
6:39 am
the consumer financial protection bureau found that actually many consumers require more than access to information, actually may need someone, like a financial coach. you want to help them identify and a chief those financial goals, and stick to them. so, this coach can serve as capable and trusted guide to help navigate financial decisions. good news, you don't just need to pay for very expensive individual, as a coach, you might be able to get some coaching through an on-line community, or using a app to keep track of your progress. now, i'm doing a little coaching on some of those subjects that respond dents got wrong, just go to jill on money. com. >> that's where i go to get my financial advice. never sent me estray, jill, never. >> jill, thank you. well, a penny saved is a penny earned. but now your pennies can save ben franklin. >> because there is a go fund me account set up to pay for repairs to ben's gravestone.
6:40 am
ben among five signers of the declaration of independence, burried at christ church in old sit. and pennies tossed in tribute, but experts say ben's grave has now developed cracks that require a $10,000 repair job. so far the go fund me account has raised about a thousand dollars. >> we can do getter than that, i'm sure people wl raise the money. >> smart technology is moving into the kitchen. coming up. many we'll show you an oven that things like a chef, and fridge that makes it easy to update your grocery list. >> plus: animals lovers do you want to add more years to your dog's life? we'll tell but a miracle drug that claims it can give you more years with your best friends. pat? >> reporter: hey, guys, i'll try to jump on trampoline and talk at the same time. here at free house fitness on south street, we're having little fun. we'll tell you what the trampolines are all about when we come back, if i can make it.
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>> promising news, may be able to stop a disease in its track. >> anti-rejection drug, finding in low doses, the drug is showing signs it could actually suppress disease annex tends life in animals, even people, so far the results are promising. >> we can slow the process down, get two, three more years out of our life, quality of life, that would be wonderful. >> still preliminary, the drug can be prescribed by a veterinarian, not recommended until more information is available. and katie, you know, i got to say i love when the weather is chillier, when walking your dog, not too hot, not too cold, and everyone happen. >> i yes, it is like golds i locks, right? poor i can, anyone? exactly. really good morning to break out either oatmeal or cream of
6:45 am
wheat or poor i can, because it is one of those kinds of mornings, definately little dreary. not as cold as it has been in recent mornings here. when we check in with the eyewitness weather watcher, low to mid even up fourth's, all generally within that range, here, i don't even have any outlying 30's here to show you. just because we had so much cloud cover out there, the temperatures simply could not drop as easily. we can is her know on handful of these, go to one of the further north locations where megan is checking in from richboro overcast skies. see the 47 degrees. there is leading edge of rain that kind of cuts right into eastern portions of philadelphia county. meanwhile the further inland go primarily just again a loft clouds, there are few scattered showers, not report that, mainly clouds in downingtown at 4 degrees, and we can go to one more, see, down into delaware, 42 comes in this morning, from dolores, also, finding just clouds. now, i get turkey promise you there is rain to report. we look out at storm scan, really in new jersey, that's where the bulk of it is happening, also up toward new
6:46 am
york sit. if that's where your travels take you, maybe hit the new jersey turnpike going north, expect you will run into a, damp roads, b, possibly even steady amounts every rain. all rotating away, and off to the north, as the day progresses. so by the time we hit the afternoon, pretty much long gone. now, the rest of the afternoon, what you can expect, or the rest of the morning, i should say, see spotty showers, steadiest happening through the east, rain amounts are not impressive. anywhere from quarter inch under. but slower drive just because of it, it always slows you down. there will be big changes that come along, but by the upcoming wednesday, and specially thursday, high pressure will have built in, nice warming trends to go along with that here, then move it forward into saturday, nice weather, clearly something waits in the wings, very next potent drop on the thermometer, not only kicks these temperatures back to the 40's at best, but there is a system moving through, folks, and depending on its track, not only have potential for some showers, maybe, some snowflakes. specific to the mountains looks like, doesn't look like
6:47 am
it will get colds enough anywhere else, regardless, look at the chill that sets in from 46 to 49, in one fell swoop. over to you. >> we are seeing the rain come down right now, and it is not looking pretty for our morning commute right now. we looking very busy, so we know, even just the slightest bit of rain can slow us down, interstate 95, at academy, i would say ten minutes ago seeing some rain on the roadways then, seeing it obviously still now. you can see that the backups are now starting to expand. even further than what we thought. so, give yourselves extra time on interstate 95. ben franklin bridge, same story. take a look at this, for those of you coming from jersey moving in the westbound direction, toward center city, yikes. that's looking very slow, a as well. then tractor-trailer fire that is still out there. you guys, mt. laurel, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, the left shoulder is kind of squeezing by. i would still advise use the alternate. water main break.
6:48 am
twenty-nine near route 30 lancaster avenue, two, three lanes still blocked. so it will be very slow there, as well. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> thank you, technology is taking over the kitchen. >> new devices that measure your food, even do most of the cooking for you. >> the smart appliance trends that started in the living room is now moving into the kitchen. >> you look at offense, technology hasn't changed in 50 plus years. >> matt vanhorn is the co-creator of the tune oven t uses censors, cameras, to determine what you're cooking, play something inside, like this piece of salmon, and the convection oven computer figures out how to best prepare it. via baking, broiling, or roasting. you can even monitor your food from your smart phone. >> in essence teaching the oven to think like a chef. >> i'm just going start pouring that in. >> help determine when you've entered enough of an ingredient based on weight. so you don't need measuring cups. and this samsung refrigerator
6:49 am
has cameras inside. at the grocery store, shoppers use their smart phones to see if they're out of milk, and also, built in tablet where you can look up recipes. >> alexa, how many tablespoons in a cup snap. >> if you want to go hands free? >> one cup equals 16 tablespoons. >> other voice recognition devices have the answers. >> really smart forward thinking, how could we make seamless experiences in the kitchen. >> so the oven sells for merely $1,500, tech company behind it now taking pre orders, and is expect to go start shipping at the beginning of this year. stay tuned. something new and different, although i don't cook. well, 6:49. i wonder if nora cooks? >> nora seems like she does it all. nora joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, nora. >> reporter: i do, i love to cook. >> okay. >> good morning, to you, rahel, and jim. the newest developments in president-elect trump search
6:50 am
to fill key positions, why there are concerns trump may seek top secret secure clearance for his adult children. group of trump voters how they feel now that he's softens on some of his major stances, and the start of the new series, morphic expect union. meet perfect moms help under-privileged students get into four year colleges. news is back in the morning, back in ten minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, nora. >> well, to stay this tip top shape like our pat gotten do you have stay changing up your workouts. >> he's wire i there is morning, spat on south street, really burning some calories out there? >> reporter: yes. yes, i'm really sweating this morning, so far. only been doing it for like three minutes, i'm already soaked. so, it is a little embarrassing, that's okay, here at free house fitness on south street, south and broad. 1430 south street. i can barely breathe. because dana right here is kicking everyone's butt.
6:51 am
hey, dana. come talk to me for a second before you finish this warm up. you can talk and jump many? >> you can talk and jump. that's my job every day. >> i'm impressed. so tell us a little bit about free house fitness. >> okay, keep it, guys, we can offer multible types of workouts, not just limit today one program. so we have rebounds ers, we have reformers, and classes for variety of different work us. >> now, when go into a gym, sometimes you see the bands in the background, you don't ever see many trampolines at a gym. so where did the idea stem from? >> i've been fitness instructor for real long time, it has been out, not new thing, but when i was thinking what kind of cardio i want to do at the studio, i wanted something really smart, and that's rebounding. >> how does this differ? because i can feel it already. >> right? >> my legs, the heart pumping, most people go to the gym running on treadmill, not really using gravity, but i can definitely feel gravity starting to pull me down. >> my gosh absolutely.
6:52 am
you can. so rebounds something so great. because number one the bunji's absorb all of the impact that you would normally feel. two, do you have use way more muscle to jump on an unstable surface. >> sure, sure. >> so you get more out of the work out. you burn more fat. >> all right. so, just let them know that i was actually working out. this isn't fake. >> no. >> the sweat is real. >> did you very well. >> so i'll jump many back in. i'm continue with it, you can town beat us up. >> we will finds that beat guys. so bring the feet right back together. we go. right here, on your hips. >> south street, jim, rahel, i know you guys want to come out and do this. this is a lot more difficult than it looks. but i make it look easy. >> do you make it look easy, pat, i'm just hoping that he hits the shower before he comes back. >> i'm telling you, he's wiser. >> are you feeling it in your legs? >> pat? >> i'm feeling it everywhere. >> brought up good point. >> i don't smell, i swear, i
6:53 am
don't smell. >> well, that's the whole thing. i have a bad knee. so something like this wouldn't be as bad, because i have to watch out what machines i use at the gym. this just doesn't happen. this is a lot of work here. >> we need you here. you don't want to hurt yourselves. >> pat's probably thinking how much longer do i have to do this? >> get off of me! >> bring us back some donuts, pat. stop by on the way home. >> he's faking it. pat, looking good out there. >> up next, three to go. >> and tonight at 11:00we take a look at three things to help make your life better. >> this week we'll take a look at what you need to know about car insurance. >> are your insurance premiums driving you into the poor house? they don't have to. we found ways you can save big. >> we're talking about hundreds of dollars, and for some families, especially if you have a teenage driver, or you had an accident, or maybe a thousand dollars or more. >> that's right. we'll show you simple things
6:54 am
you can do to make your car insurance more affordable. that's in tonight's top three tuesday at 11:00.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> well, here's three to go. >> president-elect donald trump has rudy guiliani on his short list for secretary of
6:58 am
state, according to campaign. >> president obama in greece today as par of his last trip as president. he's also making stops in germany and peru. >> former secretary of state, colin powell, visiting temple university today, he'll be speaking. >> that's three to go. today's location, location, location. wait until you see, i'm going to show you two separate neighborhood cameras here, very drear i -- dreary, obviously rain has rolled through, you can tell, beach patrol headquarters, going further inland, actually peaks of sunshine through the camera shot. watching us in ac, see the sun coming up on the right-hand side of your screen, but 41 degrees is the temperature there. broken clouds, that's the wore of it, quickly checking storm scan, sort of girls awe sense based on location what you might be watching out the door to. all out of here meisha by this afternoon. >> katie look at what this looks like. oh, little rain out there, just becomes a disaster, interstate 95, this is 95, around cottman avenue.
6:59 am
give yourselves extra time. you will need it. plus tractor-trailer fire out there in mt. laurel, new jersey turnpike southbound past route 73, only the left shoulder is kind of squeaking by. use 295, that's going to be your best alternate. also, water main break in malvern, take a look, route 29 near route 30, lancaster avenue. two, three lanes are still blocked there. and it is just slow moving, anywhere that we look right now. >> thank you, meisha. next on cbs this morning, pushy moms using their own kids experiences, to help other less fortunate student apply to college. >> interesting. and remember to join us each weekday morning, here on cbs-3, starting at 4:30, have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, november 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump eyes rudy giuliani to be his secretary of state. he's also looking at ways to give his older children top secret security clearance. raising new concerns about business conflicts. more than 70 wildfires burn across a bone dry southeast. hundreds of buildings are threatened. we're on the front line of one of the toughest sites. plus, a group of moms helping underprivileged students. a more perfect union that highlights stories of americans from different backgrounds working together for a c


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