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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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by helping to pay the bills medicare doesn't. so you have affordable coverage with the freedom to choose a plan that best meets your needs and budget. and no one chooses your doctors but you. you can be covered for visits to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and more. so now that you know more about your choices when it comes to a medicare supplement plan, call now. (bright music) ♪ >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11 o'clock, a drastic drop. temperatures plummet. parts of the area even seeing sleet and whipping winds at this hour what a difference a
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few hours makes. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us and let's get right over to meteorologist kate fehlinger staying up late with us none none -- to and night. she's bringing the cold weather with her. >> don't blame me. a lot of people were looking to ward to the first signs of snow but many were not ready for this much this is a rude awakening. storm scan3 showing a cold front crossing through as we speak. it's a swift little guy already cleared out of lancaster county, most of chester county, basically the entire state of delaware bit has left behind the damage in some spots so to speak here and we zero in on just one little cross section of our area around the i-95 corridor new jersey turnpike. you have a little bit of everything here, pink, purple green, even steadier rain as you head up the new jersey turnpike towards new york city for example but this is moving along quickly. now we are find something sleet, we are finding some snow. i don't want you to worry about any kind of major accumulation out of this however. we'll talk much more about
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that later in the show but the bigger story with this, the chill. you factor in winds that are out of the northwest as high as 27 miles per hour. that's sustained winds, folks in atlantic city right now so what it will feel colder and that that. when you look at the area feels-like if you're about ready to hit the road bundle up and use these values as gauge. it feels more like the 20's in many locations, feeling more like the teens as you head up to the mountains. what lies down the road? it's going to remain pretty cold, pretty blustery for the next couple days. looking ahead to tuesday we thankfully see the worst that of wind tapering off completely but it is still cold. however, we've got a holiday upon us here folks and as you're maybe getting out for that holiday travel i'm going to have much more on what the road will look beyond tuesday and also for the holiday itself on thanksgiving. natasha, back to you. >> thank you so much indicate effects a grieving mother meantime cannot hide her pain. family and friends are remembering her eight-year-old daughter the victim of a hit-and-run in philadelphia's
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overbrook neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us the girl's mother is pleading now for the driver to come forward. >> they took her so young. she was a rose. >> reporter: suffering more pain than any mother should have to bear, the community is trying to hold up aisha poole. friday afternoon a carafate at a struck her daughter eight-year-old jayanna powell as she was walking home with her three siblings. >> that was my baby, my heart and she's gone. >> reporter: speaking with us before a vigil for jayanna poole says the lack concern from the hit-and-run is the hardest part to accept. >> you hit two kids and kept going and kept going. you didn't stop. you didn't say nothing. you just left them on the street. innocent babies. >> reporter: the incident happened at 63rd and lansdowne. police say the suspect drove a silver nissan sedan. around 4 o'clock saturday afternoon the community held a vigil at that spot. some signed petition calling on the city to take a closer
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look at the safeness of the intersection. many called on the driver to turn himself in. >> if somebody seen something, if you seen it speak up. you hit two children, took one's life. my family's never going to be the same. >> reporter: hoping to send jayanna their love as she rests up above they released her favorite color balloons pink and purple. >> that was my angel. i called her mommy's angel and now she's really an angel. >> reporter: the family says they're going to start a movement justice for jay to try to get people to come forward with more information. i'm cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, the search meantime it does continue for suspects wanted in connection way shooting of an off duty philadelphia police officer. chopper3 was overhead as officer angelo romero sought medical help near 11th and parish in north philadelphia. police say the officer was going inside his home with his two-year-old son at about 5 o'clock last night when two men started shooting. officer romero was struck by a bullet in his thumb.
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he was also hit by fragments in both legs. authorities say the the officer was not intended target. an burned out shell is all that now remains of a camden county police cruiser after it caught fire early this morning. crews responded to the 2800 block mount ephraim avenue just after 4:00 a.m. to find the police car engulfed in flames. they quickly put out the flames but the cruiser was destroyed. we're told an electrical issue sparked that fire and luckily no one was hurd. also a 23-year-old man is killed struck by a vehicle as he tried to cross the street. it happened on roosevelt boulevard and bustleton avenue late last night. the driver did have the green light apparently but was being tested onuses suggestion of driving under the influence. busy weekend for president-elect donald trump and his transition team. he held a flurry of meetings with potential cabinet appointees and other visitors at his golf club in somerset county new jersey.
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roxanne florida saberi has more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump and vice president elects mike pence appeared upbeat. for most of the day mr. trump conducted interviews with potential cabinet members. >> seeing tremendous talent. people that as i say we will make america great again. >> reporter: mitt romney who once called trump a con man an phony was among the invited guests. romney said they had a far reaching conversation about america's global interests. >> very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had. >> reporter: mr. trump also held sit downs with retired marine general james mathis a candidate for secretary of defense. education advocate michelle read and sacramento mayor kevin johnson. mr. trump will hold more meetings here in new jersey tomorrow with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie who was demoted from chairman of the transition team. on friday the president-elect
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tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general. and congressman mike pompeo to head the cia. he also reached a $25 million set n -- settlement against trump university. today he tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too watched hundreds gathered in washington to pro at the time the new government. roxana saberi cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, meantime vice president elect mike pence got an earful while attending the broadway hit "hamilton". last night's appearance at the richard rogers theater drew both clears and boos. after the curtain call actor brandon dixon told pence. >> we are the diverse america
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who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. our friends, our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [cheers and applause] >> well, actually president-elect trump fired back at the cast on twitter saying "our wonderful future vp mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of hamilton cameras blazing. this should not happen. quote. also trump added the theater must always absafe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man mike pence. apologize. some celebrities are coming to hamilton's defense.
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bryan cranston wrote: a big, big weekend in philadelphia for the philadelphia marathon. runners competed in the first two of raises today. lots of folks out and about. hundreds pounded the pavement for half marathon. this year the race is taking place the the day before the marathon to reduce the congestion and allow the runners to have their own unique racing experience. thousands of spectators cheered on those runners. >> it's awesome. great, great day. beautiful. the crowd is amazing. the race has been fun. >> wonderful. i have been to school here so i have a feeling of the sister of brotherly love. >> the full marathon kicks offer from the art museum tomorrow. good luck. when we come back a special thanksgiving meal. >> it's very delicious. it's very sweet. it's very amazing. >> thank full for more than just food.
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why the holiday is so very special for dozens who gathered in center city today. also, they're not quite strutting but the mummers are certainly giving back to their community. how they are helping those that need it the most. katie. >> natasha, we are in the midst of a transition as we speak with very cold air starting to settle in upon the region. you might be wondering how your holiday is going to be shaping up.
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>> three, two, one. and liftoff of noah's goes-r. >> successful launch in cape can naan nar roll. goes-r blasted into space. it's the first avenue new generation of satellites part of an $11 billion upgrade to the forecasting and weather observation fleet. i'm certain katie is happy to hear that. peggy wiston was joined by a russian cosmonaut an french flight engineer as they entered the iss. it took the crew two days to connect with the space station after blasting off from afghanistan on thursday. plumbers giving back to the communities just ahead of thanksgiving. members from 38 different mummers brigades all gathered at the shooting stars clubhouse in south philadelphia. this morning they packed up boxes of food and clothing and later they delivered those items to the homeless and
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veterans in need at the philadelphia veterans comfort house. >> no veteran should go hungry during thanksgiving or cold in the winter. without the veterans doing what they do and sacrificing we don't get to strut our stuff on new year's day. i mean they protect our freedom, they risk life and him for us so we can go about living our daily life and there's no better way to thank america for what it's given me than thanking a veteran. >> the mummers organization began collecting the donated items on november 1st. special thanksgiving celebration also in center city today. almost everyone eating at arch street united methodist church have one thing in common. this is actually their first thanksgiving meal ever. the nationality service center served them. they are philadelphia it's largest refugee settlement agency. this year alone the agency helped more than 500 displaced people make a home in the united states. >> thankful for what we have and these individuals have struggled to just gain safety. >> i'm thankful for being here
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in america states. >> well, since the refugee act of 1980 the u.s. has settled more foreign refugees than all other nations combined. they go through 18 to 24 months of screening. and another unique thanksgiving celebration here in olde city. three families are happily united but it actually all started way terrible tragedy. six years ago linda and ron moyer lost their son ethan in a car accident. but because he was an organ donor, others got the gift of life. 72-year-old ellie got ethan's lungs and josie received his liver. today the three families shared a thanksgiving legal today at the gift of life family house in philly. >> they are family just as close to us as blood brothers and sisters. we feel that they are our family and that's the gift to us that when ethan behind that donor card for his license we
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would have never saw it coming but his gift became our gift. >> that is amazing. the gift of life family house provides a home away from home for patients who are receiving transplants related care in philadelphia. and as we do prepare for thanksgiving the signs of the next holiday are already all around us. "eyewitness news" actually in city hall courtyard today. that's where dozens showed up for the preview weekend at the christmas village. the village moved to city hall from its usual location of love park but will offer some of the same authentic german charm and shopping and food. it officially opens on november 24th. wow. >> one of might have favorite things around this time of year. >> it's so cool, isn't it. >> i love it so much. >> you need a coat though if you go at night. >> if it was opened at any point tonight. >> my gosh no kidding. they were people walking around in shorts today, myself included. now look where we are. >> yeah, freezing. >> talk about a difference. i mean these temperatures are crashing let alone just dropping i mean, okay, so let me put this into perspective
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for you natasha. this is what we hit today. 72 degrees. >> wow. >> can you believe it? i mean overachievers much, right? 72 was our official high. the normal high 54. and the record high is 75. we didn't quite hit that but still this is well above the average to say the least for mid to late november. this is wait looks like right now. we go outside to blue mountain you're app couple counties offer to the north where it is already a little bit cooler. it's cold enough at blue mountain that i'm sure the ski resorts are loving this. they'll see a modest accumulation on the slopes. snow covered pine trees here in the foreground just a lovely shot. many of you are not ready for this. unfortunately doesn't look like any more 70-degree days in the future but this will ease up over the course of time t as we look at storm scan3, this is a brunt of the precip. it's already starting to pull away from delaware, from those inland most suburbs here in southeastern pennsylvania.
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so it really is winding down but the cold air really caught up to us so we ended up with more frozen precip than originally anticipated. there's a possibility a chester montgomery county bucks county you might have a little bit of light dusting on unpaved surfaces. that's going to be it out of this one guys. there's the beginnings of a new storm system already starting to move on shore here. that's going to dive south pull into the plains end eventually become a holiday travel issue for some of you if you plan to travel into the central plains or maybe you are flying out to o'hare something like that, that storm system could impact you. but it also affects us by turkey day itself. now, let's watch the the here and now with this latest s as this continues to pull away we'll see the back edge do the very same very -- just a sharp contrast here as the hours progress so we're going to be winding down with the precip relatively shortly here. come the early morning hours of tomorrow there's going to be wrap around moisture that rotates on the backside of the
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storm. there will likely be a snow shower to report around the i80 corridor and poconos in general. the rest of us it's just more clouds than anything. you'll probably see sun mix in as well but overall the wind is the legacy with that. we'll talk more about that in a seconds. quickly looking at future snow amounts you'll have to go pretty far north to find anything that's worthy of a snowball or snowman but around i80 again you could pick up an inch or two. i wouldn't be shocked by that but you'll have to go far north if you want any more accumulation than that. this legacy with this fronts wind and chill. we have already seen wind gusts flirting with 50 miles per hour around the region. the whole region is in a wind advisory and this goes through tomorrow night at midnight. so, a long span of time needs to elapse before we're out of the woods with this. in the meantime you have gusts in the 20's, it could be higher than that any time tomorrow so please keep that in mind and marathon runners, hats off to you. you're going to be dealing tomorrow morning with wind chill values into the 20's at best. so, especially if you're going
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out to cheer the runners on and you're just standing there make sure you bundle up adequately please. it's going to be a brutally cold day just for perception sake. next couple days we brighten things up. we'll see the wind taper off through the day tomorrow t-, rather monday. tuesday and wednesday are all clear locally but then we see that next system come along bring some showers on thanksgiving itself. >> oh, okay. >> a lot to cover. >> wow, all right. >> we've got our turkey simmering there. >> dancing turkey. >> he's happy. >> he's happy. we don't know why. >> one bird that's happy. we don't know about the eagles. >> we're hoping we'll have more happy birds tomorrow. eagles look to end their four game road losing streak one of the hardest places to play and temple extends their winning streak to five. joel embiid has sixers fans chanting trust the
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>> today down at the center flyers took on the lightning. orange and black have won two out of three and tampa came in
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riding a three game winning streak. power play steve mason in goal past tyler johnson. mason had no chance on the shot. one-nothing tam pennsylvania. second period flyers trailing. andre, pulot. flyers in a two goal deficit. third period jonathan duro there., skates in. three-nothing is the final. they removed the ice and put down the hard word for the sixers who were looking for the third straight home win against suns. big fella had it going on here in the first quarter knocked down the three. he scored 17 points in the quarter. sixers led by 13. third quarter embiid down low nice little baseline spin reverse layup. joel finished with a career high 26 points in just 20 minutes of action. later in the third sixers on
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the break and nik stauskas throws it down and this little fan lovers it. sixers tied the franchise record with 17 3-pointers and beat the suns 120 to 105. the eagles are a six-point underdog to the seahawks tomorrow. seattle has won last four out of five against the birds. now, the question is what eagles team will be showing up for tomorrow. the one that is unbeaten at home giving up under 10 points a game or the squad that is one and four on the road. the seahawks 31 and five at home since 20's 12 and have the second best scoring did he first in the entire league. >> being able to win at home which is really important and now you need to be able to go get some games on the road. this is one of the hardest places to win and it's a great challenge for us as a team. it would be a big win for us. >> so i think we're right there. obviously we figured that out at home and what better way to kind of correct those mistakes
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by going and winning in the toughest places in the league and getting a win. >> will the eagles hand the seahawks their first home loss of the cease john we hope so. we'll find out tomorrow at 4:25 right here on cbs3 and our coverage begins with toyota sunday kickoff at 11:30. to college football and penn state one of the hottest teams in the country they've won six in a. oh the eighth ranked nittany lions played rutgers the scarlet knights have not beaten penn state in almost three decades. james franklin locked arms with his team before they took to the field. rutgers punting blocked by johnson recovered by taylor. penn state took over deep in rutgers territory. flee plays over barclay fought through the rutgers defense and scored. nittany lions took a 16-nothing lead on barclay's 14 rushing td of the season. andre robinson goes into the end zone untouched for the score. penn state won their seventh game in a row 39-nothing the
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final. katie is very happy. temple on the road against tulane. owls need to win the last two games to advance to the conference championship. thomas diving over the end zone. owls up with a seven-nothing lead. third quarter owls up 17 to nothing philip walker way screen pass to thomas. temple with a 31 to nothing win. delaware blue hens taking on villanova. final regular season game and a big game for quarterback zach bednar sick. juggling catch for the score and the team carried tally off the field. he's retiring after 32 years out on the main line. villanova way 41 to 10 victory and have now advanced to the playoffs. >> good for all our teams. >> yeah, i know. had a good day. >> yeah.
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>> thank you so much lesley. the reason this cute little handle is special for an australian zoo. do you know what that is. katie knows already. katie
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>> welcome back. a special introduction in australia as three puggles are revealed. take a look. not talking about a mix between a beagle and a pug. this creature is one of three
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baby achi dna s. the last time one was born was nearly 30 years ago.
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>> that's going to do it for us tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley katie all of us here we appreciate you being with us. we're always on have a great night everyone. >> ♪ (upbeat rock music) - [narrator] today on the american athlete. team usa captain maggie steffens reveals, water polo is a full contact sport. - under this table i am having a karate contest, with three other people. - [narrator] and, she's competing for more than just her country.
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- that's something that motivates me, is the opportunity to represent your name. - [narrator] then, villanova's jay wright, opens up his playbook, on winning a national title. - i wanna be the guy that's bringing the energy every day to everybody. as long as i feel i can do that, then i wanna coach. ♪ come on, come on ♪ oh yeah ♪ come on, come on - [narrator] all this and more, coming up on the american athlete. (upbeat rock music) (energetic electronic music) - i'm maggie steffens, and this is the american athlete. (electronic music) i'm on the usa women's water polo team. i'm a utility player, and we're in huntington beach, at the usa water polo office. (energetic rock music) (upbeat rhythmic music) so many people have asked me about water polo, simply because it's not,


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