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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> a lot of people tweet being that yesterday. >> the buzzer beater just missed it. let's get over to katie on our skydeck torah look at the weather, katie, is it getting pretty nice out there right now for morning shopping this "black friday". >> yep, for the standards, not too bad, nice blanket of cloud cover overhead it, really does act like a blanket to trap in the heat here. you know, we didn't build upton of heat yesterday obviously, but for the fact that it is late november, and you are finding temperatures right now into the mid 40's, at this early hour, and that's about where we bottom out. nod too bad. look, storm scan empty when it comes to radar. throw the satelite over top, yes, majority of the region again under shroud of clouds. so you will find that you will not see heck of a lot of sunshine here today. actually still renmant moisture that could even trigger shower with time here later on today. but we back it up, just talk about this, because you're at 43 degrees currently at the
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airport, with nice calm winds, let's go next to the graphic of feels-like values. hey, look at that, what you see actually what you get. you don't have to factor in the wind, and do subtract in your head when you look at the thermometer, feels like what the thermometer feels like for a change, that's good news, if you are going out shopping, you don't juan to be caring around the super extra heavy coat, running from the parking lot into the shopping mall, probably be able to get away without that. who needs the extra baggage trying to get all of those door busters, right? so what is the rest of the day looking like? could easily be another shower around later on today. i think specially that will be true to the southeastern, say, thirds of our region. perhaps philly gets in on. that will but mainly going to be southeast for the city, hit the mid 50's, normal high is about 52 degrees at this point with smidge above average, which we will take, do keep in mind that you know this is standard this time of year. we eventually send up with seasonable chill into the upcoming weaken, talk about the weekends forecast later in the broadcast, but also chance for pretty substantial rain
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looking forward in the seven day, as well, we really need the rain guys. so again, we keep our fingers crossed it gets herement i'll let you know when to expect it later on. >> fingers crossed for rain, katie, we don't often say that. a lot of people headed out shopping early. >> pat gallen joins us live with a check of the roads, good morning, pat. >> good morning, greg, jan. doing traffic here for meisha out at the franklin institute, they have amazing exhibit set up. and it begins today. we will tell you little bit more about that in just a couple every minute. it is jurassic world the exhibition. let's get you caught up on the local roadways, obviously it being "black friday", people will be out and about, very soon. so we start you off with a camera, 309 at route 202. right near the montgomery mall in north wales. still looking pretty good right now. but it is "black friday". we know this area right around the mall will heat up, as soon as shoppers make their way on to the roads. another look at a camera. this is route 42, the 42 freeway, right near creek road
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in new jersey, looking great this morning. no reports of any delays right now that can slow you down on this "black friday" morning. and finally, a map, there is a water main break out in norristown this morning. located at east main street, at gay street. road partially block here. use little caution when traveling in and around this area. fairfield road is the alternate. it will get you around this inches depth. for more from the franklin institute coming up in just a couple every minute, to get you caught up on jurassic world the exhibition, guys. >> greg, thank you. still early, and following our breaking news today, gunfire on "black friday". and a large crime scene outside of macy's in atlantic count. >> i that's right. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live from hamilton mall where police continue to look for clues this morning in this shooting. trang, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, jen, greg. yesterday atlantic county prosecutor's offers just arrived on scene. you can see, crime scene unit
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pulled off over here. in addition to all of the investigators that have been here, for several hours now, as this call came in, just around 2:00. now they just picking up the scene here but a a time there were dozens of shell casings and evidence markers, all around this parking lot here, which has been corded off. this is right in front of the macy's department store at the hamilton mall. now, when our photographer pulled up to the scene, he said that it appears that at least one person had been shot. now, we were able to talk to some shoppers who had been pulling up throughout the morning, rather, just to casino every get their shopping done, and they came upon the scene, and pretty distraut. >> we're trying to make sense here, you know, don't know if it was an argument in the parking lot over something that happened possibly in the store, i mean, nobody knows. it is just sad. you know, we've been doing this, me and my girls, for probably about ten years now,
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just for the fun of going out, girls night, and trying to get some special sales and, you know, it is getting scary now. >> so that woman clearly distraut. did not want to be identified. also when we arrived on scene, numerous family members of the victim in the parking lot that police had to deal with and casino every keep calm here there is mall is slated to open at 6:00 a.m. however, the mates i a here has been open since 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. and surprisingly, guys, that macy's remains open, and as the morning goes on, we've been seeing more and more people coming here, to start their "black friday" shopping, and coming out and seeing this, but that's the story here in mays landing. i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> thank so much, frank. >> switching gears, holiday season here once again shoppers can not ways any time. >> some didn't even wait until friday. thanksgiving day, looking for those best deals, cbs
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correspondent has the latest on retailers favorite time of year. report more than 137 million americans will go shopping for big bargains this holiday weekend, most of them, today. >> i got sleeping bag, couple of blankets, couple of shares. >> set up calm at the cabal store in fort worth texas, the first in line to cash in on "black friday" deals. consumer experts forecast holiday retail sales surge 3.6% this year over last year. on line sales are expected to climb as much as 10%, compared to 2015. >> many started "black friday" shopping on thanksgiving thursday. hundreds lined up for blocks, in queens, new york, grabbed deals at j.c. penney, others waited for hours at this best buy store in glendale, california. >> i don't condone this "black friday" shopping even though i am here right now. i think it is horrible to do on thanksgiving, but i can't deny there is a good deal on thanksgiving. >> experts say good idea to
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have a shopping list. >> if you are just kind of walking around the mall, in and out of stores, you will get frustrated, you will get tired, and you're just want to leave and say every someone getting a gift cards. >> national retail federation, the average american will shell out about $589 this season for holiday gifts. roxannea, queens new york. >> the time now is 5:37. and in business news this morning, how many people are shopping in stores, and how many are on line? >> and, how many people are shopping for their pets? money watch's jill wagner, liver from the new york stock exchange this morning, still, i got to say more people, some people like their pets more than their families, so? >> reporter: yes, i might be one of those. just kidding, mom, dad, just kidding. good morning, guys. the market reopen after the thanksgiving holiday inn record high territory yet again. the dow rose 59 points wednesday to new high. nasdaq fell five. markets are only open for half
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day today. minutes from the fed's last meeting, show board governors likely will raise rates at the next meeting in december. the feds only raise interest rates once since the financial crisis, that was september of last year. many people are out right now shopping for "black friday" deals. experts say they should be in luck. "black friday" prices will be drastically lower than sales price that is retailers offered earlier this month. >> a lot of people already started shopping. and they did it on line. according to early numbers from adobe thanksgiving day brought in $1.15 billion in on line sales nearly 14% more than last year. most purchases are still being made from desk top computers, smart phone purchases are catching up. "black friday" could be going to the dogs. numbers from neilson found 30% of "black friday" shoppers are planning to buy something for their pets this year. that's up from just 17% last year. >> believe it. >> maybe sweater for your dog. >> that's a good idea, you
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know what, my dog looks very cute in those sweaters, he hates wearing them, though, so i don't like torturing him. >> all you need, jill. >> ya, good points, thanks, jill. >> now, if you're not looking to go shopping today, could you always head to the slopes. jack frost big boulder opens today. >> crews are out there making snow, and anticipating a big crowd later, the park opened at 3:00 closes at 10:00 tonight. if you bring unwrapped toy, that cost about $20 or more, get free lift tickets. all toys collected will be donated to toys for tots. >> great deal right there. also happening today. the national constitution center is hosting its annual school supplies drive. visitors who bring school supplies to the center will receive $2 off admission starting today through tuesday, the donations can be dropped off at the center box office, the donations mark the centers participation in the social media movement hashtag giving tuesday. all supplies will go to philadelphia schools. and also today, the santa express rolls into center
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city, santa and mrs. clause are giving the reindeer a rest in taking steps from the transportation center right at 10:23. santa helpers will ride the trains along this morning from 15th streetment santa will lead a parade at dilworth plaza where santa and his young friends will do little ice skating together. >> looks like fun. all right, still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", holiday week sends great time to see a movie. and we have preview of what is new in theatres. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up duane johnson gets animated, and the heroic, helping young girl on mission to save her island home in disney. >> good morning, pat gallen here live at the franklin institute for jurassic world at the exhibition, this is my friends, look how realistic this thing s we'll learn all about it, how you can see it, and it begins today. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's walk the dinosaur. i don't know if i would want to walk that one, though. little scar. >> i where is pat with the music? >> right. can we get a little dance right by the dinosaur? listening, in the. >> he's not shy. come on, pat, come on, pat. >> there he is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we'll be right back.
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>> movie, taking you to the south pass i have, kevin frazier takes you there. >> this week duane johnson does serious singing, helping the latest and toughest disney princess on a mission to save her island home in muanna. (movie clip).
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>> disney moana duane johnson, little bit of ego, had helped moana, virtual newcomber, teenage fresh hawaii, whose name, well, i'll let her pronounce it. (movie clip). >> coming a disney hero in her first ever movie was a dream come true. >> i think moana amazing new character, beautiful heroin, really excited for people to see her on screen. >> and for duane, getting behind the microphone, to really sing it out, little nerve wracking but he was helped along about one of movie composers, tony award winner miranda. >> unlike anything i've ever done before. fun. fun. sing a little bit. break out the guitar. i grew up singing. we come from singing family. but never that studio.
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never with one of the world greatest geniuses writing the music, a lot of pressure. but it was awesome. >> he prepared for that day in the studio the way he prepares for the action roles, he came in, new the song cold. >> ♪ >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> all right, so i guess the question is, katie, is the weather better for movie watching or for shopping? >> well, i'm always going to say shopping. no matter the weather. >> i know. >> pouring? >> totally, totally, yes. this is why we have weather accessories, you snow all you need is the umbrella later today, probably want to have it, at least in some spots, because there is going to be a shower that rolls on through here, we will track that for up here coming up. we start thing offer by coming up, show you what's coming up, mo moisture over the area yet. but we are going to see some renmant come in here as the day progresses, and specifically toward night fall, there will be a shower that rolls in, especially
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across southern new jersey, but, that is really it. okay? so that's at least the initial story here. but i do want to check in with our eyewitness weather watchers, to wake up dark and early with us, not too terrible. we go far off to the north, charles report 21 degrees, under pretty of clouds. i have to show his report at 41 degrees up in sailors berg. the bulk of the reports came in this morning, a little closer to the city. let's take to you one every them. forty-two this morning, coming in from allen. and he at the moment has nothing more than few clouds over head. he had a little bit of drizzle throughout for thanksgiving, and he also sent us really sweet picture of his family, enjoying what looks like pre-dinner, so nobody's all messed up, pretty sure little grand baby. happy, sort of belated but regardless really decent forecast coming our way, in the days ahead. we do have a good shot to see some wet weather coming up here though. so let's walk you through the seven day. for now, watch for shower,
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mainly this evening, mainly southeast of philadelphia. now, we look toward the weekends, small business saturday, promises some sun, some clouds, sunday looks pretty bright and sunny, just little on the chilly side. monday the headline is the chilly start it the day. but we will eventually rebound to 51. specially wednesday, what right now looks to be good soaking rain, no snow, no ice out of this, guys, just good soaking rain for our area, coming through, we really need that rain, so we are going to keep our fingers cross it pans out this way, because it is still far out. but also look like nice rebound with this too. sixty-six wednesday, but probably on the trade off here going to end up being pretty soft day as long as thins pan out the way they look like they will. guys, back over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. 5:48 now. new exhibit sit pouring into the franklin institute. jurassic worlds exhibition makes its north american debut today. >> based off block buster film. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen joins us live now with
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a preview. pat, that movie takes back to my childhood and -- >> right. and all we are hearing is growing. what's going on? >> yes, you can hear it, right? i mean, super loud, super realistic. you guys know, the franklin institute, they have amazing exhibitions here, we come out here often to see them. but i don't know that i have ' ever seen anything quite like this. take a look at this. this is as realistic as it get, one of the parks exhibitions you'll see here at the franklin institute. it is insane. one of the people that's responsible for this insanity is tom dollar. he is the president of magics exhibition cents. >> good morning, thanks for coming. >> thanks from having me. so tell us a little bit about the history of this? >> yes, you're root knit middle of a battle happening between these two, hybrid die soar, created in the jurassic wormed. up might want to duck your head. but the tail will start swinging at you. yes, this is about as close as
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you're going to get to ever seeing real living dinosaurs. we were first at universal studios to create an exhibition. my dream was to actually feel like you're in the park. so we're taking you on a journey, we will put you on a ferry, we will take you where the park is. walk through this iconic place we showed you earlier today, take you room by room to meet these incredible dinosaurs, this is your journey to the park. if you ever wanted to go to jurassic park, jurassic world, come to the franklin institute. buy your tickets early. we're selling them like craze. >> i first time in north america in philadelphia t actually began in australia? >> opened in melbourn, australia, the last five, six months, over 425,000 people came and saw it there. so massive success. and we think that we're already sold out for first couple of our time spots this morning. so we see this as being an incredibly successful exhibition here. and one where people should plan ahead to go to the website look for the time
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slots to make sure that you get a chance to experience it. >> my friends, i'm impressed. thank you so much for the information. so everyone needs to get out here as he said get those advance tickets, they're selling like crazy (wouldn't they be? look how realistic this is, guys it, does take me back to my childhood with the movie. i know jan said the same. >> pat you know were you watching that move when were you a kid, were you wishing were you driving into jurassic park and now here you are. >> absolutely, getting that driving right through the gates. >> pat, you don't have to worry about any of the dinosaurs eating you. >> that's always a plus, right? >> i don't know. they might. i mean, that thing could pick me off, i think. >> that's true. thank you, pat. once again, jurassic wormed the exhibition opens at the franklin institute today and runs through april 23rd. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news": philly's own boyz ii men are lending their voices to new holiday special. >> yes, new project right after the break.
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>> phillies own boyz ii men. >> the grammy award winning trio lending its voices to a new animated special this snowy day.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, in the film the guys play okay pella group appears tonight on prime video, and our own rahel solomon spoke to two members of the group, nathan and wayneya morris. >> in the special you play a group. talk to us about making the film, what it was like playing animated characters? >> it was different for us. we were excited to see what they would do with the animation. i mean, obviously we went in the studio and ordered the vocal part, but never seen ourselves animate the before. so we were kind of excited about that. and the people over adam son prime video did very, very good job bringing everything together. this snowy day is a book that has been around for years, actually red it in third grade. and, again, it is one of those books that, you know, african-americans kids, you see, one of the only ones around, but the book itself and the characters in the book
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are very differs. >> and speaking of, we also know that you perform original song, any chance we can hear little preview this morning? >> well, we're kinds of missing -- >> we're down one guy. >> down one guy. but, you know? it would be nice. >> are you on wentz wagon? >> oh, yes, yes. >> ya, ya. they need to get to the draft. they need themselves a rusher. they need themselves one wide receiver, head rush letter take the pressure off of those defensive backs who aren't quite where they need to be. >> yes? >> but i still think that they, because of how strong dallas is, they may not win the division, but they will be very strong wild-card who should have won a division. >> i tell you what, carson wentz, you know, he is definitely a good quarterback. 's great great -- >> finally found a franchise quarterback. >> we in the building right there. >> one last ditch effort,
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little? >> ya, i'm doing fine. >> ♪ i'm doing just fine ♪ getting along very well ♪ >> you got it. >> love it. thank you. >> sing it. >> we will be watching. thank you. >> rahel can always sweet talk, can't she, right? >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we are live on the scene of a fatal shooting this "black friday". >> happened outside of local mall. live report from trang do straight ahead. >> plus, sad news this morning, from the citcom world. we'll have more on the life of florence henderson who passed away yesterday. we will be back in a moment.
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>> breaking news, the hamilton mall now an active crime scene. what caused the gunfire on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live there, where she just spoke to some shoppers, just arriving at that hamilton mall. what they fawn, frank, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan, greg, yes, very popular mall in this area, particularly the macy's, which is near the center of all of. >> this take a


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