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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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you buy? >> yes, yes, show each other the deals. sounds good to me. women, there is a reason i didn't wear pants today, guys, i just a.m. having a problem. >> happy monday everyone. >> little too much fluffing. >> roads are looking good, nice and dry, and they are actually looking absurdly quiet. we know. >> i just want to go back and watch what you say and process it in context. >> all right. >> i don't know if that's a good idea, katie. we're not going back. >> we'll take you outside, nice clear sky at the moment. barely cloud out there. and we are going to end up here with a pretty nice day overall. starting to warm up from little more what it did this same time yesterday. but, we do eventually have storm system that rolls in here. so, this is a doozy, we're going to be tracking this with time here. but just a list of the bullet points as to what we're going
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to find from it. tuesday, wednesday, the time frames, guys, okay? periods of rain. both days. heavy at times, both days. possibly a thunderstorm, and rain potential, this is a good thing, of possibly two or more inches. we really really need this rain. it may be a little too much, too soon, flooding may become a problem, we again are going to talk more about that later in the show. i want to get you out the door right now. twenty-three the temperature at mount pocono, 34 in philly. twenty-four in millville. and as the day progresses, okay, philly to start off. but we will warm it up here for you. not shorts and t-shirts weather necessarily, it is pants weather, meisha. fifty-five and sunshine, as the day goes on, we will track the rain later on. >> pant weather i don't know, it might not finish well. guys, ben franklin bridge, what we are looking at right now, all in a food coma today. we are going to get this together, and welcome back by the way. happy monday to you, it will get busy, right now, ben
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franklin bridge not good representative of that. everything that we are looking at right now is looking really busy, so, ridge pike, what we are looking at there, looking at 95 little earlier. that's also looking good, the vine was not closed overnight for that construction, so looking good there. speaking of some construction, hammonton, 206 near chews road, alternate lanes are opening, this will be until 7:00 a.m. then it will go back to regular, and also, some construction here, north broad street at the boulevard, between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m., weekdays, that will be going on until later january. so this is one that we will actually get used to together. then so many overnight construction 95 both directions between academy road and bridge street. alternate late between eight p.m. and 5:00 a.m. that's going on through friday, jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you, meisha. new this morning transgender person is followed out after bar and shot in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> frank dough live at southwest detectives, trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim.
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yes, believed to be transgender mail. police at this moment trying to figure out whether that person was targeted because every his gender identity. but here's what we do know. police received this call around 11:15 last night, 1200 block of atwood road in the city overbrook section, there they found the 21 year old victim with a gunshot wounds to the hip. the victim told developers he was at a bar at 66 and lansdowne avenue. when he left that bar, he says, two men followed him out. about two blocks away at 66th and malvern avenue, says one of the men opened fire, striking the victim in the hip. >> some balistic evidence. we know at least five shots were fired from a small caliber, semiautomatic weapon. we don't have a motive for the shooting at this time. we just know that the victim and the two perpetrators, one of whom fired the shot. they were inside of a bar, 66th and lansdowne, just prior to the shooting taking place.
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>> and that victim was transport today lankenau hospital where he is in stable condition. he was, how much, able to give police a vague description of the shooter. he describes him as a male, about five-six, medium build, tattoos on his face. police at this time are hoping surveillance video from the area where that crime scene happened will be able to help them identify those suspect. for now, that's the story from southwest detective, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> hopefully, thank you, trang. >> man with a gun refuses to become a victim instead shoots would be robber in philadelphia's feltonville section. this happened last night around 9:00, 100 block of west rockland street. police tell us the suspect suffered gunshot wound to both his legs, and is in stable condition. no one else was hurt. new this morning, firefighters quickly knock down flames at a storefront in vineland, new jersey, a fire broke out just before 3:00 a.m., on the 500 block
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every landis avenue. store does have apartment over top. we're told everyone made it out safely. so far no word on a cause. community coming together to help the victim of last week's letter bomb. set up to help jim aldan. you can see the shrapnel wounds covering the upper half of his body. he was inside his apartment at 18th and pine, when he opened an envelope addressed dollars to him triggering the explosive device. so far police have not made any arrests. the page raised more than $9,000. the goal is $25,000. >> well, after taking a break for thanksgiving, president-elect donald trump will continue interviewing candidates it fill out his administration. mr. trump took to twitter on sunday criticizing recount effort launched by the green party that is now supported by hillary clinton's campaign. trump also said clinton conceded the election and quote nothing will change. >> to drag this out now, where president, the president-elect has been incredibly
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magnanimous to the clinton has been pretty incredible. >> no one secretaries there could be profound change, but nothing wrong with going through the process? in trump still needs to fill cabinet positions including secretary every state. >> cuba begins its official nine day mourning period today following the death of fidel castro. large memorial server monis are scheduled throughout the week ahead of castro's funeral. here is hena daniels. >> massive crowds are expected today in havana revolution plaza, a tribute to fidel castro. mourners will be allowed to sign a book of condolances. on tuesday, a public ceremony is planned in the square. the iron fisted former dictator had numerous critics, but in cuba, where he ruled for nearly 50 years, many people admired him. victor manual said he felt like he had lost a patriarch, the father of our family, the father of the revolution, he
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said. castro's ashes will go on a four day island wide procession, starting wednesday, before being burried in the city of santiago. but, in miami's little havana, where thousands of cuban exiles lived, more people are celebrating than grieving. many considered him a brutal dictator, who took freedom away from their families for deng aids. rodriguez's parents from cuba. she is optimist he can for the future. >> we are love the post, we fell in love. without even going there. >> cuba remains a communist nation under fidel's brother role role. planning rally on wednesday, to demand freedom, democratic reform in cuba. hena daniels, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, "black friday" is over but there are plenty every deals on line. >> today is the day where millions will let their fingers do their holiday shopping, of course cyber monday, it is traditionally the busiest on line shopping day of the year, but some
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experts say, cyber monday may be in danger of losing it title, because retailers are releasing internet deals earlier than ever, as well as making them available in stores. >> click to see what other prices are before do you have drive from store to store or go through tons every inserts in your newspaper. >> and experts say, on line sales via mobile device up 40% since last year, the most popular app for shopping are wal-mart, and amazon. >> well, workers at the amazon fulfillment center, are fulfilling those orders right now. >> that's where our own pat gallen is live now, pat, are you helping out this morning? >> reporter: yes, jim, yes, i am your father. good morning, everyone, yes, we are here live, amazon fulfillment center in delaware getting ready for perhaps the biggest shopping day of the year. one of the cool items you can get today on amazon tonight finds out about all of the cool stuff you can get, from here, is allison flicker, amazon spokesperson, hi,
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allison. >> good morning, thank you so much for coming to middletown, delaware. really happy to have you. >> this is wild. this place is insane. >> i want to tell but that mask you were wearing, $56 today, all of our deals, new deals, every five minutes, today, cyber monday, through december 22, so we are really looking to make this shopping experience awesome for customers. but, most toys today, hasbro toys, 50%, good deal seaning for kids. i want to tell you a little bit about this. >> please do. >> pretty incredible place right here, kind of like to explain it, beautiful symphony of the human hands and really innovative technology, working together, to make sure those packages are getting delivered to all of our customers, many, who we know, are watching this morning, and we appreciate that. but, thisthere is fulfillment r 1.2 million square feet. you could fit 28 football fields inside of this fulfillment center, see some of those conveyor belt going along, 8 miles of conveyor belt in here. impressive place, 3,000
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associates. >> wanted to start singing it is the most wonderful time of the year? >> absolutely. >> okay, tell me, quickly, about the coolest thing on this table right now. >> all right, i do want to tell everybody first, look for all of the deals, monday. >> okay? >> couple every ways to shop for deals, we will get to that a little later, i think one of the coolest item, great discount today, $40 off this amazon echo, maybe some of have you heard of this before. maybe some of you haven't. but we can spend some time little later talking about, that the brain inside that far device is something called the lexa. ask about the new, might want to do every morning, you can use it as a time, alarm, also plays music, super cool device, $40 off. >> cool. talk with allison little later on. sounds good. so amazon is, well, it is moving right now, and it will be moving all day long here on cyber monday, guys, we throw it back to you. >> that's like katie's version
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every disney world down there right now. >> wow. thanks, pat, we will check in with you soon. meanwhile, the eagles take on the packers tonight in prime time. >> the birds of course will be trying to keep their home winning streak alive. here's hoping. eagles and quarterback carson wentz will be fight to go keep pace with the rest of the nfc east, but birds over 500, right now the eagles trail the new york giants, boston, family bay in the wild-card race. mean for for their part, the packers lost four in a row. closer look at the game, coming up. meanwhile in other news this morning, gunfire erupt in the heart of the french quarter. coming up what led to deadly violence on burbon street. >> plus the nation's roads were jammed with holiday travelers, trying to make it home last night. we'll take a look at how people fared during the post thanksgiving rush. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> i here you, kenny chesney. this morning it is back to reality after a long holiday weekend. katie has your forecast, meisha has a check on the roads. >> coming up we're all getting through it together. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> accused of shooting ems worker then striking two bystanders with the car, no words on what struck the violence. new orleans police identified man killed in a shooting yesterday in the heart of the french quarter. authorities say two men began arguing and shooting early sunday. twenty-five year old oliver of new orleans was killed, four people remain in the hospital with none hon life threatening injuries, five others released yesterday afternoon, investigators are still searching for the suspected shooters who ran away. >> we will track down those responsible for this crime. we will hold them accountable for their actions, and make sure they're -- >> the mayor of new orleans says the suspect believed to be from out of town. calls the gun violence completely unacceptable. >> going anywhere this holiday, odds are you hit a lot of traffic. >> triple a predict 49 million
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americans traveled this past thanksgiving, that's one more more travelers roads, rales, in the air than last year. one man we spoke with said his trip home was incredibly hectic. >> i flew from dallas to atlanta, atlanta was just packed full of people, delayed flights. people just everywhere. and i finally got my flight to here, and at an airport here just back up with people wait to go get luggage. been really heck tim. >> man's new son arrived less than a week before thanksgiving, said it was good time spending time with his child, and mother, despite traffic and crowds. travelers just like him were thankful to spend time with loved ones. >> i feel like it is always like, that so heck tim, the holidays, the shopping, the cooking. >> but when you get there, it is all worth it. >> all worth it. katie, apparently much needed rain on the way? >> definitely. look like it comes tomorrow as well as wednesday. and we are going to be getting a good soaking out of this. which, again, we could desperately use. call about droughts here, but
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take a look at the storm first on the way, start things off with nice wide zoom on storm scan3, heavy, heavy duty looking storm system, guys watch will actually happen the warm air comes in along with this, which means, no ice, no snow, not even in the mountains, it is too warm for that. so it is strictly a rain producer, which makes for very easy forecast, and in that regard, all do you have say rain everywhere. you won't have to look for ice or anything like that, when it comes here it will douse our area. let's talk about the rainfall deficit. since january 1st, pushing 7 inches at this point here guys. so the normal for this point of the year, would be 37 and a half and change here. but we're definitely in need of a good soaking out of. >> this and it does look like both tomorrow, wednesday, produce that. so, even around this same time tomorrow. we will start to see the wet weather moving in. we get to see those without any problems here tonight. there will be a little bit after lull overnight, into wednesday, by which point we may have close to inch worth of precipitation to tally up
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here. then another days worth, over an inch worth of precipitation for our area. and possibly some of you even end up at 2 inches or more, just depends on where the heavier pockets every rain lends up, and will be some of the heavier pockets every rain along the way. no rain in site. mostly sunny, a 5 degrees, tonight the clouds do start to build back in, how much, rain starts to move in overnight. talking again specially toward the early morning hours, 45 the early morning low, that, meantime, then we look ahead here to some very mild air. early morning lows only in the 50's, we haven't even hit that in recent days, so 66 eventually wednesday. both of days again way too warm for anything but rain, then, well it, will catch up to us, cool air that is. we do clear out. see temperatures drop off by the tail end of the week. meisha? >> all right, katie, nice hear that we will be dry for the most part during the football game. great news for those headed down there, go, we have to win this one, all right? ninety-five, this is what we are looking at. tail light northbound
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direction, taillights southbound direction, this is where i have my eye right now, this is around girard. you can see, far cry from what it was look being like i would say 30 minute ago it, wasn't quite this busy. so we're certainly starting to heat up now. pushing in the southbound direction, right around girard, what you are looking at. and you certainly want to start to give yourself extra minutes, especially, if you're more pushing out the door around 6:00 or so. same kind of story here, in new jersey, 42 freeway at creek road, starting to heat up little bit here as well, another area, you might want to give yourself couple of extra minutes pushing out the door maybe more into the 6:00 hour, 5:00 o'clock hour we should be okay. but it is going to be busy today, everyone going back to work then the schuylkill met light, approaching gulph mills, looking here. both moving in the eastbound and westbound direction. we are heating up. good note for your morning commute this morning, give yourself some extra time, rahel? >> now for look at newspaper headlines from across the
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region. >> trentonian, attorney general wants to settle lawsuit that owned state's ban on civilians buying stun guns. new jersey is one of five states to prevent civilians from buying stun guns, other cities and counties. >> from the burlington county times, just in time for the holidays, dozens every municipal employees across burlington county looking for pay raises, moorestown, westhampton, willingboro, have faced agreement with multiple bargaining unit that represent their employees. agreement calls for raises but also earlier start times for some. >> from the reading eagle, the first day of firearms deer season many hunters question going to work or going out to hunt. some employers are offering to pay workers higher holiday rate if they showed up today. but first, most celebrate add day of hunting for many state deer hunter. >> that's a look at some of the headlines from around the delaware val. >> i up next in sports, history made it to wells fargo center. the first nhl goalie from the
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garth end state makes his debut. >> plus, in your out by nature? see how swimming with the baby otters is helping children battling severe illnesses. coming up.
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>> sixers are back on the court. >> and the eagles back on the field. lesley van arsdall. >> two teams fighting for their playoff lives, the eagles are unbeaten at the linc, they need to win to keep up in the nfc east wherever team is above 500. the pack verse lost four in a row, after starting the season four and two. aaron rogers is still playing at a very high level. he has thrown 25 touchdowns this season. >> offense looks good, i mean, the same aaron rogers that i'm used to seeing. big plays, moving the ball around, they got bunch of people involved in the offense.
5:25 am
so i don't think there is any issue with their offense, going to be a big challenge for us on defense. meanwhile the flyers and the flames, goalie anthony, making his nnl debut, the flyers broke the game open in the second period, scoring three goals. two of them 242nd apart. anthony makes 25 saves in his first nhl game. the flyers snap two game losing streak, five-three the final. >> earlier in the day the sixers played the world champion cavaliers. the sixers could not holds a 14-point lead. tyree irving scoring 39 points, labron james, triple double. the sixers lost their third straight game, 112 to 108. they'll take on the raptors tonight. >> that's all from sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day, go birds. >> winning the world series was pretty sweet for cubs fans. >> now, reliving their world series victory will be just as sweet. diehard cubs fans, madder owe, has made replica of the
5:26 am
wrigley field, impressive there. and weighing more than 400 pounds, every bit of it edible except for the players because they're made from leggos, but he said it took him and his assistant more than seven open hours to recreate the cubs stadium. >> i do like that, congratulations to him, great effort there. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", why it is likely that the fed will raise interest rate. >> plus, donald trump slams the election recount, says billions of people voted illegally in the election. find out what he plans to accomplish this week. pat? >> reporter: can you found me? in this massive amazon warehouse? 1.2 million square feet, 28 football fields, of stuff. here at the amazon fulfill maniment center in middletown, delaware, sending all of our stuff out for christmas, hooray. >> he's loving that, pat. already giving you a taste of what the weekend has in store, right now it looks like it will be a nice, bright, sunny
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weekend, however, chilly, temperatures at best upper 40's, still have to put up those christmas decorations, looks like good time, you'll have to bunts bundle up for it. what promises to be a couple
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>> here's what you need to know. >> trans gender person is followed after leaving a bar and is shot in philadelphia's overbrook section. >> police at this point are working to determine whether the suspect targeted him because of his gender identity. >> it is cyber monday,. >> on line sales see at threes $3.3 billion. it is about 9% more than last year. >> president-elect donald trump will resume filling his administration today, and mr. trump took to twitter criticizing the recount effort launched by the green party. >> it is ridiculous, fundraising, note or eye at this, driven fraud. >> cuba is beginning its week-long good-bye to fidel castro. >> yeah! >> few people shedding tears forecast tree in south florida where so many cubans fled to escape his iron grip. >> ♪ >> first, we've got to go through whole motion of


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