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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 1, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ we begin with break news. police make an arrest in the deadly hit-and-run and an 8-year-old girl in overbrook. comes hours after police located the good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live outside police headquarters with breaking details in this case.
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alex? >> reporter: earlier this evening, we now that at least one person was being questioned by police. we now know that a 24-year-old man has been taken into custody. sources close to the investigation tell eyewitness that the owner of a & p auto shop had seen news reports of a vehicle wanted in a deadly hit-and-run and realized the description matched a silver nissan maxima that had been dropped off for repairs. the shop owner called police determined it was the car. >> it's pain that i wouldn't want on my worst enemy. i guess nothing, that was my last good-bye. >> 8-year-old jayanna powell was fatally truck november 18th around 3:15 p.m. walking home if school with her three siblings of the car that hit her took off. her 12-year-old brother was holding her hand at the time. since then, the public out cry
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as well as reward donations have grown. all seeking the driver of this vehicle caught in surveillance video to come forward with the car now in police custody and charges against one male pending, employees are through commending all who provided crucial information making an arrest possible. the 24-year-old suspect resides in the overbrook section of the city, not far from where this terrible crash occurred. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." alex, thank you. also breaking tonight act woman dies after a police chase ends with a crash in west philadelphia. eyewitness at 52nd and locust streets. police say it started after they tried to pull over two men in a gray nissan, they crashed into multiple cars and the woman was in one of those cars. the suspects are in custody and employees say they recovered a gun. philadelphia police are investigating the death of a 2-year-old in kensington as a
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homicide. no word on the cause of death. police were called to the 600 block of clementon street where they found the boy, he was rushed to saint christopher's hospital and pronounced dead two hours later sources tell cbs3 he had trauma including a broken rib an liver. you might hear a rumble of thunder. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking this second round of wet weather. >> this is the system that just doesn't want to quit. it was around all day yesterday through the first half of day. we're dealing with heavy rain and rum belt of thunder, this round is getting underway. over chester county into montgomery and bucks county. this will be over the city of philadelphia within the hour. there's still more to come. another line of showers and
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storms developing. the heaviest right now, as i said starting to push through portions of montgomery county norristown, as you head down to chester county into northern delaware. wilmington expected to see heavy rain. future weather shows this line of re line pushing through. the cold front not expected to cross the area until after midnight. this skinny line of showers and storms that will roll through philadelphia around 2:00 a.m. may here another crack of thunder or see a flash of lightening in the middle of the night before we finally get this front to move offshore and skies clear as we head to thursday. coming up i'll tell you about what to expect as this front moves through and a cool-down for the first days of december. >> thank you, let's keep the theme going. a slippery situation for the sixers. tonight's game was called off >> officials with the team say this has never happened before at the wells fargo and don bell
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is here with a look at what happened >> i'm sure the sixers would prefer not to keep this going. they were scheduled to host the sacramento kings. court was in no condition for basketball because of condensation. they tried to fix the issue with wet mops. the sixers shared the wells fargo with the flyers. they decided to postpone because it was unsafe to play on. >> the floor was slick today. starting about 4:00. the sacramento players recognized it. they tried a whole bench of different things. seemed to be like a film or something on the court. at the end of the day this is the call from the nba. officials made the call in consultation with no, and feedback and unfortunately the
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game was post owned >> the sixers have not announced a makeup date. they're offering complementary tickets to one of three other games on the schedule. as for tonight here's what fans are saying. >> cancelled the game. the sacramento players don't want to come out. gave us two free extra games >> big disappointment. ultimately, player safety, that's what's important. >> it's a huge embarrassment. coming up later, the reaction from around the league to an unfortunate incident. >> check with you on that. a montgomery county pediatrician is behind bars on child porn charges david kennedy admitted looking at child porn and saving some pictures. he's a doctor in pensberg.
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a undergo discovered the images when she was given a cell phone to take after hours calls over thanksgiving weekend. >> police are still reviewing materials in this and it's important for the public to contact us if anyone involved in the practice or anyone knows anything about this. we're asking them to call the montgomery county detectives because it remains an active investigation. >> police say they found more explicit images. >> jim kenny is speaking about an act of vandalism. a city employee is one of two men wanted in connection with anti-trump graffiti >> he described the incident as continued fall-out from this
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election. this has to stop >> stupid. >> reporter: jim kenney reacted to news that an assistant city solicitor may have been involved in germantown avenue in chestnut hill >> it's stupid and dumb. why would you do something like that? having a glass of wine would do that to you. >> reporter: video captured to men approaching the store early friday. one suspect can be seen spray painting the building. the other appears to take pictures or the video. >> wrong place to send this message. >> i think that's stupid >> young prep pie white boys >> one of the suspects has been identified by the city's law department at duncan lloyd an assistant city solicitor. >> it's not the type of behavior we expect >> they called for lloyd's firing. the taxpayering should be interest in into this man
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>> his job is to uphold the law. he's held to a higher standard. >> it's embarrassing. it's immature. >> i need to talk to his immediate supervisor with the solicitor first find out what is being planned and go from there. >> reporter: now, first deputy city solicitor released a statement to my knowledge, mr. lloyd already contacted the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on the course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation. he went on to say we do not condone this type of behavior from our employees. now, we also reached out to philly police, they confirmed they should in fact, get in fact with one out of the suspects, however, no interviews have been conducted and no arrests have been made. live outside city hall, nicole brewer cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. president-elect trump responds to growing questions about potential conflicts of
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interest between his business and the presidency. trump now says he will give up control of his vast business empire, more details are expected at a news conference scheduled for strainsth of his children are expected to take control of the business. in the meantime the president-elect will begin what he calls a thank you tour tomorrow with a stop in ohio .he'll also visit the carrier company in indiana after persuading the company to keep jobs in the u.s. nancy pilosi won enough votes to keep her position in the house of representatives. democrats voted 134-63 to retain her as minority leader. a set back for jill stein in her effort to get a recount of pennsylvania presidential election results. today, a judge denied a motion by the green party presidential candidate to have results recounted in montgomery county.
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attorneys for stein argued cyber attacks could have altered results it has been lated in electronic voting machines. the recount fight is not over. stein plans to challenge retails in other counties. she also may appeal the montgomery county ruling. a judge orders penn state to pay a former assistant football coach another $5 million other his treatment following the jerry sandusky arrest. judge ruled in favor against the university. on top of the 7.3 million dollar verdict issued last month for defamation and misrepresentation. a state of emergency down south. wildfires now tornados an outbreak of deadly storm leaves behind a path of destruction. new details surrounding the estate of prince. the late singer was really worth. two new jersey state troopers are being hailed heros,
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quit thinking and actions are being credited. the threat of storm in our area isn't over. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking when the heavy rain moves out of our region. we'll be right back.
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electrical failure the plane slammed into the mountains. many killed were members of a brazilian soccer team. six people survived. tonight protesters hit the streets of charlotte north carolina. this after authorities announce no charges will be filed in the officer involved shooting death of keith lamont scott. back in september, scott was shot in an apartment checks following a confrontation with police. the district attorney said he determined he acted lawfully. scott's family says they still have unanswered questions the ashes of fidel castro
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have gun a four-day journey to their final resting place in eastern cuba. this was scene earlier in havana. castro's ashes were driven there was the capitol. crowds lined up for a glimpse, some chanted fidel castro as the convoy passed by >> first time we're hearing how much the estate of the last singer prince is worth. it's about 200 million dollars. it's the first time a specific estimate has emerged publicly from court proceedings following his death in april. since he left no known will. his sister and half siblings in line. they jumped in to help on friday, a man collapsed near the airport's rental cash drop-off seconds. and after several minutes of the trooper's efforts, the man
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regain a breathe. >> we got oxygen into his system, >> we have to get recertified in cpr. it works. >> the victim was at any point to atlantic city medical center where he's listed in critical but stable condition. kate bilo joins us with our forecast and the rain continues to fall. >> rain and storms moving through again, this is our second round. i just got a message power is out again in our neighborhood. second time today. this definitely has enough wind with it if you're prone to power outages. we're not out of the woods, it's not actually until about 2:00.
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you have the threat for wind be rain and again rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening and even the power going out. here's a look outside. we'll take you out to the roof cam. the tops of building still obscured bilo clouds and fog. a gloomy foggy warm day but that led to the development of fog. here's a time laps video from palmyra cove towards the city. we generally see the city skyline in the background. it just looks like pea soup. the within drops hitting the camera lens. you can almost see across the river and then fogs over. gloomy dangerous day to be out on the roads with all the mist, fog and drizzle. tonight, no better. here's a look at the latest, stormscan 3 showing a line of gusty showers, we're not seeing a whole lot of lightening.
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you can see the heavy rain extending from northern new jersey. we'll zoom in on that. where you see the yellow and reporting is where the rain is matter of moving into city hall philadelphia right now, back towards right up through montgomery and bucks county. heavy rain, this is not even last push of it. we head back to the west. you can see another line is forming over central pennsylvania. that's the cold front. that is not going to pass through until after 2:00 a.m. still mild, 56 in the city, 61 in millville and 66 in dover back to the west, you can see how much cooler it is over the great lakes and midwest with temperatures in the 30's and low 40's. this is some of the cooler more december be like air. overnight scattered downpour lightening downpour. fog outside also slow travel. the good news is the rain will
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end before day break so you're going to wake up to a completely different scene. tonight we remain in a marginal risk of severe weather downpours gusty winds and thunder could wake you up. 12 a.m. we still got ravenl here's the next line moving through. 6:00, 7:00 timers the sun is shining once again. rain at times, thunderstorm is possible, 52. tomorrow the temperatures don't go very far. 57 for the high. still above average. partly sunny breezy. nice weather temps near 50. sunshine fry and saturday. sunday few more clouds and chilly. the high only 47 degrees. we'll keep it dry into monday and a few showers by tuesday. we did need the rain.
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now we're ready for the sun to come out. done is back with more sports. a rough night for the sixers
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just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more.
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the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. done don is back to talk more about the sixers game that wasn't. joel was going to play 28 minutes. the floor was wet. the nba stepped in and the sixers had to postpone the game. not exactly a -- guys complained about the squeaky floor. demarcus cousins will -- not
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even cousins could fix the problem. a painful night. >> frustration, you have, i think we have the most incredible fan base to have them come down on a rainy night, put their trust and faith in this organization to put on a team like no fans cheer on a team and send them to me is disappointing. >> joel embiid having fun. this is his reaction. well, the court was tanking. trust the process. the official twitter account dropping bombs on the sixers. tonight's game has been postponed you can trust the process but not the floor? that's shaking my head. his body in good shape but mind needed time to recover. nelson agholor before their monday nitin loss to agholor. agholor was ineffective and inactive after admitting that he
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had developed a mental block. he was back to practice. no word on whether he'll play sunday in cincinnati he talked for the first time since his personal week >> i have to make sure i seize the moment and the opportunity because regardless of whatever is going on i want a play and i'm a competitor and i love football. the fact that i didn't get to play to day was like, you know, was an eye opener, you got to make sure you always have fun every opportunity you do get to play. >> battle of the birds. >> st. joe's hosting the temple owls. temple up three. st. joe's tying the game. fast forward. score tied 53. chris closer blocked by temple's josh brown. putting the jay in junior. bucket and temple goes on to win
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78-72. i love this time of year. >> always fun, t
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♪ new for you tonight, the ribbon cutting. mayor kenney was among those on hand for the opening of what's called the vault health design lab. at thomas jefferson university lab what used to be the 2nd federal reserve bank of philadelphia. that's what you get. the vault is the home of the design first of its kind that introduces creative problem solving methods alongside a traditional medicine curriculum. kate? >> all eyes on the weekend. first weekend of does he say, not many more shopping weekends left until christmas and 30's in
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the poconos, high of 50's as clouds roll i
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. he said the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. for kate, don, everyone, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at >> thanks for watching, family, have a good night. thanks for watching. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> hi, everybody. i'm deborah norville. and i've got breaking news from the world of skincare. this time, there's a celebrity twist. keep watching. you are not gonna want to miss this. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: if you don't like the face staring back at you in the mirror... >> my skin was sagging. really heavy bags under my eyes.


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