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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well we're in for a sunny, breezy friday. but the temperatures are about to tumble. katie is here with a blustery cool forecast. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> an investigation is underway to what started a huge fire in allentown last night. >> this fire was so massive, that firefighters are still here on scene, checking out hot spots. >> a major break in the investigation, into a package explosion in center city. >> police want to talk to this person who they say is key to answering questions surrounding a bombing that
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injured a 60 year old man. >> mad dog matter. >> president-elect donald trump will nominate retired marine general, james madis for defense secretary. >> the football worlds is mourning the death of a former nfl player killed in a road rage incident in louisianna. joe mcknight played for the new york jet, and the kansas city chiefs. >> five, four, three, two, one. (cheers). >> merry christmas everybody. >> historic moment there as president obama and his family lighting the national tree for the very last time. >> i love this time of year. we had it in d.c. yesterday, the day before in new york city, and i think, katie, out there on the cbs-3 skydeck, it might start feeling a little bit more like christmas and the holidays? >> it is chilly out here. you will want to have that heavy coat with you. obviously walking out the door in december as it is, tugging
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it tighter on day like there is noticeable breeze, really not dealing with much worse than that. so we are expecting sunshine, you will want the sunglasses, too, but typical chill in the air. and you know that also may feel just a little bit cooler to you. because of the fact that we have been kind of spoiled with very mild air as of late. let's talk little bit more about the daylight. as you approach the winter so it is, approaching the shortest day of the entire year. and sunrise gets again still just little later for us here, 7:05 today. 7:22 on january 1. but by that point, we begin to started a g extra second and minute eventually, of daylight to the day. but for now, yes, still losing close to minute with daylight with every passing day. doesn't feel will like much but it adds up. a quick peak here at storm scan, all pretty calm. couple clouds, mainly still residual wrap around moisture,
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that brought in the rain earlier in the week, actually helping to produce flurries in north central most pennsylvania, i don't think you get that in the poconos, 32 the temperature there. westerly winds flow 12 miles per hour, so it is not damaging wind, but it is noticeable. you know? you're at 40 degrees here at philadelphia international airport too. so sending kids out with nice heavy coat, gloves, not the worse idea, scarf all good stuff thereto have ready to go. but expect the sun to shine all day as well. and as they are making their way back home for the upcoming weaken here, top off at very typical 51 degrees. meisha, into you. >> katie, thank you so much. we are looking outside right now, what are we looking at? well, actually looking real nice out there. talking about construction this morning, the good news, up until right now, we've had no accident, we do have one now, out there right now, get to that in just a second. looking schuylkill westbound, both westbound and eastbound side. slowly starting to heat up. heat up more until the 6:00 hour, friday tends to be
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one of the more lighter days, but, with the amount of volume that we have out there now, we will maybe start to see some problems out there. and we do have one right here. roosevelt boulevard, the outer drive at harbison avenue. police are directing traffic around there. if you are just headed out to that neck of the woods, maybe give yourself five to ten minute at this point. won't see too much. just don't have the volume levels to sustain that, but, we will get some gaper delay around there even right now. this is where we've had some fire activity throughout this morning, our trang do out there actually on location, talking more about this, but, in terms of the roadways, fulton street between union and elm street, that road is closed. use alternate, 15th street right now still your best bet. i'll let you know if that changes, some construction on the pa turnpike past downingtown, right lane block. we have a lot more construction to talk about coming up negatives next ten to 15 minutes, jan, greg, back to you. >> fire ripped through several row homes last night in allentown. >> the investigation is underway into what caused the fire in the meantime some resident have no place to stay. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live in allentown with the latest on the
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aftermath. good morning, trang. >> well, good morning, greg, jan, yes, the fire mostly out, but you can see that firefighters remain on scene here, checking out those hot spots, and as meisha mentioned there is street here, the 400 block every fulton; closed off. take a look here. now, this is a massive fire. you can tell by just the size of the homes involved here. it started in the home that has the boarded up windows, doors here, and then just spread out from there. the most important thing here, though, this morning, is that everyone got out safely. now take a look at the heavy smoke, flames, captured by chopper three overnight. the fire started just before 8:00 p.m. at a home on the 400 block every fulton street in allentown. it quickly spread to five other homes on the block, at one point every firetruck in the city was used to fight this fire as it rose to three alarms. neighbors describe very emotional scene here last night. >> a lot of fire, a lot of fire. and the whole block, they were
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crying, they were crying yep, it was bad, it was real bad. >> in addition to the six homes damaged by fire, two other homes were damaged, with water and smoke damage from the firefighters fight that fire. twenty-three people in total are displaced. they're being hemmed by the red cross for the next several days with food, shelter. meanwhile, the fire chief not ready to release a cause. neighbors tell me that it was an extremely cold last night. but for now, liver in allentown, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". trang, thanks so much. the time now 5:36. and in business news this morning, there are big expectations for the november jobs report, it will be released. >> and big changes are coming to starbucks. money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jan. banking stocks, driving the dow to another high. dow jumped 68 points, naztek
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fell 72. investors waiting for the jobs report this morning, economists expect to see us economy add 174,000 jobs in november. and that the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. this is the last big economic report before the fed meets this month. strong job growth makes it more likely the fed will raise interest rate. >> starbucks, the shares are falling, on word that howard shultz's stepping down as ceo. he joins starbucks more than 30 years ago, and really transformed the coffee chain into a global brand. coo kevin johnson will take over as chief executive. shultz is staying on, he'll focus on innovation and social impact activities in the company. one stop shop for coffee and pastry. pop tarts rolling out two new flavors inspired by dunkin' donuts coffeement chocolate mocha topped with whip cream and frosting, van all latte, available for limited time. and i'll happily try one, jan,
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greg? >> i like the strawberry, i'm original girl. >> i have to admit, pop tarts, dunkin donut two, of my favorite things. tops in my books. >> this is for you then. >> thanks so much. facebook has been approved to build their own apartment in california's manilow park. the apartments will employ facebook employees who live nearby, local residents can rent also. say the company's expansion may push people out of housing it costs start to rise. facebook plans to build two more large office buildings, and a hotel. >> coming up next: piece of television history is up for sale. >> and we got to tell you who just bought a famous home. plus this. >> i'm nancy odel. port man takes on the role of the iconic first lady jackie kennedy, jacky, a look at the days following jfk's
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>> got to tell you, many recognize, few can miss. the home of the tanner's from full house in san francisco off of the market. the show's creator, jeff franklin, purchased the home, he says he wants to use it in their new house show. neighbors are concerned about the possibility of even more tourists in the area. a highly anticipated film opens in theatres this weekend. and entertainment tonight, nancy odel, takes us behind the scenes of jacky.
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>> this week naturally port man creates intimate on-screen portrait of one of the most iconic first ladies, jacqueline kennedy in jacky, which is about the days following jfk's assassination. >> jack: >> naturally port marble stars as first lady jacqueline kennedy in the days immediately after president ken dip asomugha as nation, forced to finds a balance between grieving personally and publicly. >> how would you like him remembered? >> should be more horses, more soldiers. >> why are you doing this mrs. kennedy? >> more cameras. >> film recreates the assassination and other critical moments, with port man nailing jackie's voice, mannerisms, and looks to a t, despite the challenge of playing such a legendary person. >> it was very scary to take on someone that people know so well, because you need to be believable to an audience first and for most, and, you know, to be someone to try and portray them, one that people know so well, you know, the
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way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she moved. you have to overcome that hurdle before you can even get people to sign onto like emotionally and empathize with you. >> in portraying the first lady could shed new light on the fascinating woman. >> i think that one of the great things about the film is that it doesn't try and just idolize her. it doesn't try to tell you what to think about her t allows her to be a human being. you see all of the different aspect of her, and also leaves a lot of mist at this. >> great divide between what people believe and what i know to be real. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel, now, back to you in the studio. >> get the late cents news from hollywood. watch entertainment tonight week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. maybe some oscar buzz around that one? >> just talking about. >> we want to see this movie so badly. >> this is the fascination so many of us have with the
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kennedy family. yes, we will all be watching, absolutely. well, guys, as we switch gears, turn to weather, of course we will get you to your forecast, go have special guest in house today. another one of our wonderful loyal eyewitness weather watchers. let's give a rounds of applause, yes, joining us from north wales this morning, and i know he's an early riser, he told us, but we appreciate he woke up dark and early to join us this morning, so he will be hanging out with us throughout the morning, helping to produce the shop, see how things work behind the scenes. don't forget guys you can sign up, maybe sit in the same chair by signing up at cbs-3, our sign up to be part of the program. here is a look at the other watchers currently reporting this morning. yes, a lot chillier than it was this same time yesterday for all of us out there, you've gotten generally speak ago lot of 30's to report. see if you can zero in on the 40 degrees reading comes in to us from kenneth in willingboro with nice clear sky. and i wouldn't be shock to see that temperature drop maybe another degree or two before
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it is all said and done. further off to the south here, go on down into delaware, at 38 degrees this morning, jason checks in with nothing more than couple every clouds, very, very scat nerds nature, and one more, let's go back into pennsylvania, where we are at 33 degrees, this hour. from jerry, out in blue bell, clear skies. so again, remember, it kind of act like a blanket when you have clouds overhead through the overnight hours. we have that blanket of clouds it, will trap the heat, in much like it does when laying down in bed. so, it doesn't keep just that much warmer as a result. and we are going to end up here with a chillier start to the day obviously. now, storm scan, locally, actually region wide, not looking terrible. what you are finding here though is this sort of wrap around moisture, lake enhancement pick picking up. with that area of low pressure still retreating across the region, we are just left with maybe few additional clouds far northwest of the city. it is generally going to end up a nice bright sunny all it be breezy day. with typical chill in the air. with that said, you might be wondering at this point, okay, so the rain we just had, did it actually chip away at the deficit?
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in fact it did. we do still have extreme and also exceptional drought down through the deep south. by comparison, here, across the northeastern united state, it still is going to be a lot to chip away at the extreme or exceptional drought up in the new england area, but here, it may not look that much different, but at least a little bit of betterment, improvement, whether it comes to our drought status. still, majority of us are falling between that moderate to severe level of drought status. but, you know it, does look at this point like actually we ends up with more rain down the road here. so upper 40's, through the course of the weekends, other than the breeze it, looks like great weekends for decorating, plans, tree decorating, any of. that will by early next week, a.m. sprinkles possible monday but tuesday, look like the necessary best chance for us to see some soak rain, as we get ever closer of course fine tuning that, so you want to stick with us, of course, meisha, over to you. >> katie, so weep got a friday on tap. we've got sunshine on tap. we've got dry roadways on tap as well. and actually looking pretty good a lot of construction
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we've been talking about all morning long, getting cleared out the way. one accident, but what are we looking at right snow? let's lock at the blue route past mid-county. pushing southbound direction, things starting to heat up ever so slightly. things lighter travel, congestion levels, pushing into the 6:00 hour, specially where i have my eye. overall in terms every weather, how that will correlate to traffic, we have dry roadways, nothing like what we've seen all week long. then, we do have this accident that i was just talking about, boulevard, outer drive, at harbison avenue. all lanes right now are blocked. so you will have to use an alternate. inner drive at bustleton avenue will be your best bet. i'm going to be tweeting out this information as well. whenever we have all lanes block, if you have to head out there, certainly give yourselves extra time. you will also have gaper delay. fire department activity, row home from earlier fire, trang do actually on location in allentown, but in terms of the roadways, what are we talking about? fulton street between union street and elm street. that road closed right now. there is another alternate for you, 15th street is going to
5:48 am
be your best bet. construction lingering out there, the pa turnpike paths downingtown, right lane block. and also let's talk about water and sewer repairs in princeton, new jersey, state road at mountain avenue, rutland block there. if you have more to talk about coming up in about 15 minutes. greg, over to you. >> meisha, thanks so much. if a fitness tracker or smart watch is on your holiday wish list, there are more choices than ever before. cnet showing us some of the top wearable tech gifts, including the much hyped snap chat spectacle glasses. >> taking videos is now a snap. and you don't have to pull out your smart phone. the $130 spectacles are sun glass that is record ten second videos for snap chat. but snapping up has been tricking with release limits every special sending machines and pop up stores. if your new years resolution is to get into shape, the $150 fit bit charge tracks cents heart rake, steps, with easy roo to read screen. >> really good community, and
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it works with android and ios. the only thing it doesn't have water resistance. >> fashion watch makers like michael course, fossil have, hybrid smart watches. think of them as fitness trackers on an every day watch. >> so a lot of them work similarly in they pair with a app, then sing the data. >> garlands also looks like a traditional watch, and has the advantage after good app. but for kids the 80-dollar junior not only tracks steps but lets parents assign chores and reward kids with virtual coins. for more hard core athlete, 369-dollar apple watch series, water resistant for swimming. >> also gps, so you can run, and track your activity when your phone's not around. >> so $100 less the apple watch series one has similar features without gps and water resistance, android users can check out the swim friendly semenya sung with gps starting at $299. >> but they also have built in lgt capable, to make phonecalls.
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>> before you invest few things to consider. >> you want it to feel like mini phone on your wrist, or do you want to just check few things like quick text, or track fitness, not worry so much about the rest? >> for more tech gift ideas check out n san francisco, for cbs news. sometimes an act every kindness can make all the difference. >> that's right, portland oregon college student was shopping on "black friday", when her wallet was stolen. but it is what happened next, has her feeling so grateful this holiday season. kristin koffman's wallet was filled with $400. some for christmas presents, some for bills, an employee found her wallet, but the money was gone. but a store manager saved her christmas. >> she handed me the envelope. this shouldn't happen to anybody in my store. and it shouldn't happen around christmas. and she just kissed me, and she goes there is $400 cash in there. take it.
5:51 am
>> wow. as you can imagine, kristin was extremely touched by the gesture and says she plans to pay it forward. and craig, we got an e-mail, i don't know if you noticed it from one of our lovely producers, jen connor, who found cash in our building, she wants to find the owner, as well. >> i love this season this time of year. because people throughout the year are generous, but even more so right now. >> so we're paying it forward here at cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, many ways to celebrate the holiday season. >> up next show you one of the more traditional ones, the window decorations in new york sit. >> i and then there is this. we will take you to the town celebrating cheese this holiday? you don't want to miss this. we will be right back.
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you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different.
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it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. >> choke out santa in portland, oregon, forget the jolly old elf. this is secret santa, complete with tattoos, piercings, oh, no, a man bun. hipster santa second season says he's just as jolly, but not real that i traditional. >> nice.
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>> one of the greatest traditions in new york city this time of year. >> window displays at the finest department stores all decorated for the holiday, but for the designers, making these beautiful festive displays, is a year-long effort. >> start coming down, start thinking about what is for next year, what's going to, you know, stop the customer, waist going to make them happy. waist going to define the moment at lord and taylor. >> this is casino every cool. lord and taylor's windows actually finished in the basement and raised to street level on hydraulics. macy's used fireworks and confetti for its unveiling, eight a dancers helped sacks fifth avenue debut their windows. barney's features characters from the animated tv show, south park. and for charity, bloomingdale's is auctioning off one of a kind chandeliers, from window displays. very cool. concord, massachusetts celebrating it seventh annual cheese parade. >> and an unusual start to the holiday season, but here goes nothing.
5:56 am
>> that is a 400 pounds wheel of cheese carried into concord in front after cheering crowd. our esteemed news room research team could not find out exactly why they do. >> this but it usually sells out, concord cheese shops in less than # weeks. >> must be delicious. >> yes, some cheese, some wine. >> coming up. >> right, katie, right, meisha? >> i'm with you! >> break it out. coming up in the next hour of cb is three "eyewitness news". >> animal advocates have long warned against giving a pet as a christmas gift. is that still true? we'll tell you why some people are bussing that myth saying now is the perfect time to get a dog or a cat. >> and meisha's dream drive. finds out where you can get super clothes for marine life without going underwater. the place is meant for kids, and it is okay to touch. we will be right
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. this morning, several families are homeless after a massive blaze destroys their row home. we're live on the scene where fire fight remembers still putting out hot spots. >> and, police want you to take a close look at this video. investigators say this man played in last week's package explosion in center city. >> president-elect donald trump names the top cabinet
6:00 am
pick and bassing in victory at rally in ohio. i'm roxannea in new york, coming up details of his first day of his thank you tour. >> today is friday, december the second, good morning, i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie, and meisha, keeping an eye on things this friday morning. happy friday. we made it. >> tgif. >> tgif, all like yes, so happy. all smiling. the roadways this morning are actually looking really nice. they're nice and dry, we know it will be nice outside all day long, katie, but i will say that we do have an accident out there. talking about the row home fire, as well. that will slow your commute in just a little bit. >> important stuff. thankfully like you said, things very quiet on my side of the desk for a change, will stay that way into the weaken. one thing i would say, guys, it will be pretty winnie, well, you know what, let me call it breezy. i feel like fine line right there. not talking about any damaging win, but for the next couple of days we will have to deal with brisk


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