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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> after a search lasting more than a week police arrest suspect in a sexual assault case. how cops finally track them down. new this morning, flames tear through a west philadelphia row home, we'll bring you up to date on what happened. >> anarchs local member of the trump transition team talks about the process as the press breaks tradition with just one phonecall. >> today is saturday december the third. good morning, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather, good saturday morning, justin, so will it be a good day, good weekends to get outdoors at all? >> pretty quiet. first weekend of december already. and -- >> can't even believe it. >> time's flying.
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>> snuck up on us. >> holiday light all over the place, good week toned put them up if you haven't yet. temperatures where they should be, little windy so battle the winds specially today, tomorrow, not so much, tomorrow actually little colder, so all-in-all, pretty quiet forecast coming up for the next couple days. outside, dealing with temperatures generally low 40's, the reason, cloud cover right now, live look at center city things pretty good. all quiet. forty-three at the airport. west breeze 10 miles per hour, feels like upper 30's, so need heavier coat this morning, maybe the hats and gloves, 41 degrees up in allentown, 32 mount pocono, low 40's in part of interior south jersey and along the coastline, suburbs in the same situation at this hour, no real areas of real cold air because we have the wind kind of mixing up the air, same winds coming at us ten to 15 miles per hour right now, will increase through the morning. so those windchills values, generally the coldest spots in the lower 30's for the next few hours, poconos, feels like
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23. quiet, see sunshine mix with clouds today, maybe flurry or two up in the mountains early this morning, that's about it pretty good weekends going outside, doing some traveling, 50 will do it for the high temperature in philadelphia, a, little more sun at the shore, chilly, windy, up in the mountains, highs only in the upper 30's, tomorrow little colder, and we will track the next storm system for the next week, break it down for you, in just a few minutes back to you. >> new this morning, authorities are investigating the cause after fire in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. the fire department responded to the 5,000 block of walnut st. just before 3:30 this morning. the building was evacuated, and no one was injured. >> also, new this morning, police are investigating a hit-and-run in west philadelphia. police tell us driver slammed into an ambulance, and took off, this happened just before 4:00 a.m. at the intersection of 54th and haverford avenue. the driver did not stay at the scene. fortunately, no one inside of the ambulance was hurt. investigators are looking for a light colored sedan.
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>> a suspect wanted for sexual assault and attempted murder camden is now in custody. this is the suspect, andre wesley, police say wesley approached his victim in a white van on sunday, then forced her to go with him to a lot next to an abandoned building on third street where she was sexually assaulted and beaten camden police arrested wesley last night at his home in willingboro. >> andre showed up at the premises armed with a butcher knife, and there was a tense stands off situation with officers on scene. officers de escalated the situation, provoking the officers trying to get them to shoot him. the officers exercising extreme restraint, both our officers and also the willingboro police department. >> now police used a taser to take wesley into custody. camden county police say wesley could be responsible for similar attacks on women in other jurisdictions. philadelphia police want your help finding a man who robbed a woman at gunpoint, in
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northern liberties. take a look at this surveillance video. watch as the suspect approaches from behind. police say he grabbed that woman, point add gun to her head, and took off with her purse. it all unfolded tuesday night, 400 block of north third street. the victim was in the injured. a man is rushed to the hospital after he is pulled from burning row home in west owe lake. firefighters found the man in his 60s, on the second floor of his home on the 7600 block of gilbert street. he suffered smoke inhalation and did not have any vital signs when firefighters got to him, and one firefighter also suffered minor injury. investigators trying to figure out what sparked that fire. fewer raleigh rangements set for willing mink tow firefighter artist hope. viewing will take place at the k center next saturday 10:00 a.m. followed by funeral service at 1:00 p.m. the 23 year veteran died thursday from injuries suffered in a house fire on september 24th. investigators say that the fire also killed lieutenant
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jerry fix, and christopher leach, intentionally set by beatrice ruiz. fire chief anthony good steps us hope leaves behind an important legacy. >> the first female in the line every death in the history in only second after the american line of duty deaths following my father, lieutenant james good, jr. >> hope's fiancee also spoke to "eyewitness news". he tells us he wanted to spends the rest of his life with her. >> every day i watch artery go out and try to save lives. you took a wonderful woman that was a friends to a whole community. >> firefighter hope leaves behind three children. she had planned to retire in january and begin a new career as a nurse. well, a mother faces charges in the death of her two year old son. twenty-three year olan tree a whirl charge the with child endangerment, obstructing justice. officers found her two year
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old son un response i have on clementine street in kensington tuesday night. he died at st. christopher hospital. investigators say the boy had chest and liver injuries and tested positive for thc, chemical found in marijuana. >> dumb breaks decades of foreign policy with one phonecall. yesterday spoke with taiwan's president, first time publicly reported conversation has been held between an us president-elect and the leader of taiwan. the move could anger china. it considers taiwan a renegade province. also, yesterday, new jersey governor, chris christie, met with the president-elect. christie has reportedly expressed interest in the job of republican national committee chairman. and former un ambassador, john bolton, interviewed for the secretary every state job. it is the biggest post left unfilled in the president-elect's cabinet. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has an inside look at the trump transition, from a local member of the team. >> let me just really be
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clear. we worked hard. >> when the election wrapped up in pennsylvania took on red hue for the first time in nearly 30 years, gop deputy chair rene armor prepared to take a breath. >> i thought i could rest. and it didn't happen. >> following the election, she was asked to join president-elect donald trump's transition team, and so far she is enjoying vice president elect mike pence's role in overseeing the mostly volunteer group. >> he is in the mix with the transition team. necessary charge of the whole team. and so he has things flowingment and's good asset for president-elect donald trump. >> in terms of assets armor spoke to trump chores for secretary every defense, retired marine corps general james madden. >> oh, i love the name, mad dog, that has to say something, really. but some people are excited about it. some people aren't. democrats are saying they won't vote for him. they don't care what happens. we have to wait and see. >> another big wait and see will be trump's choice for secretary every state.
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armor feels that conversations between trump and past critics such as mitt romney, are promising. >> i think that's a good thing, i really do, whether he gets in or not i don't know, that's not my decision, but i think it is important for our party to heal. >> since amoore is not part of the administration not yet paired a visit to trump tower, but has visited the new trump hotel in washington which she said she enjoyed very much. reporting in the sat center, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and there is much more to cover right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a jury is dead-locked in the case of former police officer charged in the fatal shooting after black motorist. find out what one juror told the judge. >> and a heart breaking return for people who survived a wild fire in tennessee. what they found when they made it home. and that's when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> learning more about the road rage fatal shooting of joe mcknight. investigators say ronald admitted to shooting mcknight during argument at intersection near new new orleas thursday. facing criticism for releasing him from jail. he said the law allows him to be free while the investigation continues. he also urged the public not to rush to judgement. >> this investigation is not going to be moved, influence the, coerced, changed, in
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anyway, by any external force, comments, or otherwise. >> mcknight played for the new york jet and the kansas city chiefs during his nfl career. deliberations will resume monday morning in the murder trial after former south carolina cop. yesterday a jury told a judge they were dead-locked after deliberating for less than three days. michael slaying is her being tried for murder in the april 2015 shooting death of walter scott. cell phone video captured slager shooting scott after traffic stop in north charleston in the video scott is seen running away from slager before being shot in the back. slager said he acted in self-defense. >> stabbed to death by a student, authorities say bosco, professor of psychology, and a neuro scientist. as well as expert in
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perception. police say they believe the attack was not random, quote, was the result of personal dispute. the male student was arrested. >> somber anniversary in southern california, people gathered in san bernardino to remember the 14 victims killed during terror attack at office holiday luncheon. danielle nottingham was there at the memorial. >> in a moment of silence, entered the 14 individuals were lost. >> somber ceremony marked the one year anniversary of the massacre that killed 14 people and injured 22 other, at the inland regional medical center in san bernardino. >> we will never forget that day or the victims of this senseless act of violence. >> farook, animal evening, walked into holiday luncheon for county employees, and opened fire. >> taking a picture by the christmas tree, came shooting through the room. >> julie shot twice by farook,
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her pelvis shattered, four surgeries later remains a slow recovery. >> accepted the new level as, you know, just that every day pain, just kind after new normal. >> while the community here is still trying to heal, it is still unclear if the husband and wife team had help planning the attack. >> the fbi believes farook and malik were radicalized, after unprecedented effort to recover data from smart phone, officials have not made any arrests linked directly to the attack. she said she is focused on healing. >> the amount of love from the community support that we have all received, you know, is incredible. >> danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime, thousand it is of residents and merchants have returned to gatlinburg after
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the huge wild fire, could only stay few hours to survey their properties, while some encountered smoldering rubble, others had relief. some areas left devestation in its path. >> really a war zone, you know, as people say. total destruction. there is nothing left. >> the fire killed 13 people and injured 80 other. >> well summit of hawaii big island could get more than 2 feet of snow. a winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow evening, the warning says that 20 to 30 inches of snow is possible above 11,000 feet, with south winds from ten to 20 miles an hour leading to blowing and drifting snow. and justin, i always say, better them than us. >> hawaii, people don't realize, they get snow, there you can surf and snow board literally in the same day if you want tonight for us, no snow, but starting to get
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cold. nothing out of the ordinary here for december. winds though today that's what we have to battle. but temperature wise pretty much where we should be. >> across the region this hour, we take you to the shore. there you go. not much happening here in ocean city. that's what it will be today, decent amount of sunshine, breezy at times, temperatures at the shore right around 50 degrees, which is close to average this time of year. now as we move into december, start thinking about that cold air. and usually, typical wintertime stuff you think about, usually happens around mid december on average. so these are just some averages, but the milestones here for the month of december, we reach high of 32 degrees on average, that happens around december 18th. a low of 19 or colder. when we get down to the teens, around the 18th, and the fish measurable build up averages december 12th, another week or so to go here. inch or more you see not december 24th. so we have to see what plays out. looks like we will move into colder air mass, as we head to the middle of december.
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so, december may match up this year. forty-two cherry hill. thirty-nine newark, delaware, this isn't bad. for this time of morning, this time of year. low four's in philadelphia, and palmyra, new jersey, actually lehigh vale, similar numbers, 41 right now, allentown, freezing in mount pocono. some lake effect snow showers coming off ontario, erie, just with the northwest winds flow. that winds will kick up little bit today. making it feel little colder than what it actually is. other than that, just clouds, mixed with some sunshine, quiet pattern throughout this entire weekend. winds start to gust possibly over 30 miles per hour at times this afternoon. but the good news, short lived, by tonight, wind start to back off, little bit more comfortable headed out tonight, around town, then tomorrow morning, winds should be pretty much light. but the temperatures will be little colder. however, though, we see the sunshine around for sunday, but temps hold in the mid and upper 40's, clouds will be increasing through the day, ahead of the next storm system, monday to up about 50 degrees, maybe shower around early monday morning,
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before our next larger system moves in on tuesday. for your today, your saturday afternoon, looks pretty good. call it partly sunny, few more clouds up to the north, tonight, no problems, partly cloudy skies, we start off with mostly sunny skies sunday morning. then as we progress to the afternoon, here comes the clouds, start to lower, thicken, pilot sunday afternoon into sunday night. temperatures today, mid upper 40's, to the lehigh valley, near 50 around philadelphia, tonight it does get cold. widespread mid 30's, 20's, out in the suburbs, then tomorrow afternoon we struggle to get into the mid and upper 40's, around philadelphia. so that's going to go few degrees below average sunday. the windy today, near 50, it will feel more like the 30's, to about 40 whether you factor in the wind gusts, tonight partly cloudy skies, cold, 35 in the city. you know the suburbs will be colder than that. check out the extended forecast, overall, cool forecast, right near average, upper four's sunday, near 50 monday, maybe the morning shower. better chance of some showers at times tuesday. specially in the afternoon. still can't rule out shower or
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two on wednesday. back to the low 50's, but jan, ends of next week, into next weekend, really the first true shot of the air coming in. may not get out 3069's. >> yikes. >> yes. >> all right, justin, i'll break out my hand and seat warmers, thank you. on the cbs-3 health watch now, new non-surgical facelift approved by the fda. new and improved version which didn't work out so well. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl explains how this new procedure is different. >> jennifer douglas wants to turn back the clock on her look. >> my jaw area has start today sag. i'm really happy person but i feel like if i'm not smiling it makes me look a little sad. >> the 55 year old hopes for the minimally invasive procedure, silhouette inch is that lift.
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>> thread, small punk your. underneath the skin. you also have the long-term effect of volumizing the face and material that's being processed by your body and builds collagen. >> doctor is a consultant for the company and was involved in the clinical trials. >> there is really no down time, little bit of swelling for 24 hours. and after 24 hours, really no restrictions. >> he says, the results last about 18 months, it cost between 35 and $5,500. >> i feel great. i definitely feel the lift. >> here is jennifer before the procedure, and after, six weeks, she says, it was time and money well spent. >> a local numbering medication is used for the 45 minute procedure. six to nine months later, the threads and cones dissolve, leaving the facelift dollars and plump. doctors say, the inch is that lift works best for patient in their four's and 50's. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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>> former phillies manager charles i manual visit dollars the magee rehab hospital in philadelphia. managed world series title in 2008. took time to help raise patients spirits by taking stories, signing autographs, of course talking baseball n2011 magee honored manual with it humanitarian award, named healing garden in his honor. >> still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", philly gets the new wawa. >> i'm nancy odel. coming up naturally port man takes on the role of the iconic first lady jacqueline kennedy in jacky, a look at the days following jfk's
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>> in jacky, showing the grief after the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> this week, naturally part man creates on kreen screen iconic first lady as jacqueline kennedy in jacky which is about the days following the assassination. (movie clip). >> stars as first lady jacqueline kennedy, in the days immediately after president can den, personally, and publicly. >> how would you like -- >> should be more horses. more solder. >> why are you doing this,
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mr. kennedy? >> more crying, more cameras. >> film recreates the assassination, and other critical moments, with part portman nailing vac i's voice, manner i am, looks to a t, despite the challenge every claims of such a legendary person. >> it was very scary to take on someone that people know so well, because you need to be believable to an audience first and for most, and, you know, to be someone to try and portray someone that people know so well. you know, the way she looked, the way she spoke, the way she moved. you have to overcome that hurdle before you can even get people to sign onto like emotionally, empathize. >> in portraying the first lady, portman could shed new light on the fascinating woman. >> i think that one of the great things about the film is that it doesn't try and just idolize her, it doesn't try to tell you what to think about her, it allows her to be a human being, and you see all of the different aspect of
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her, and also leaves a lot of mist at this. (movie clip). >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel. now, back to you in the studio. >> our own rahel solomon hosed the annual gala in center city last night. here is a picture of rahel with the executive director of gary bell and philly singer jasmine sulliman. was the first organization in the united states to address the hiv aids epidemic in the african-american community. last night three philadelphians were honored with the john allen blue award for their stellar work with the organization. >> well, the city's newest wawa is open for business. the center city store at 19th and market is nearly 7,000 square feet, making it wawa's largest urban storm. mayor jim kenney attended the ribbon cutting event. it also featured a hoagie building contest in the city's fire department. >> and still ahead in the next half hour here on cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news", president-elect trump create diplomatic shock wave when he contact the leader of a country, that hasn't had diplomatic relations with the us in decades. >> and the election recount now underway, in pennsylvania. what it discovered so far that's coming up on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. today is saturday, december the third, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. women, it is turning cool they are weekend, and windy, too. meteorologist, justin drabick, out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. how is it feeling? >> pretty cool. during the break you could hear our reporter trang do do a mike check, she is saying how it is pretty colds out here. she right. that wind gets you, that winds gust kicking up little bit this morning, will increase this afternoon. so we bring the windchill values probably 10 degrees colder than what the actual air temperature is. but overall, our temps pretty much typical for early december. we go to temperatures right now, across the region, not that bad. when you don't factor in the wind, low 40's, not bad for this time of morning. and in early december, do have cloud cover over us right now, keeping the temperatures up just little bit. quakertown at 39 degrees this hour. 41 degrees in pottstown. they are the wind speeds right now. sustained winds at around ten to 15 miles per hour. they will increase later on
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this morning. but it does bring the windchill values down into the mid 30's, some of the coldest spot. so on the skin, feels like 34 allentown and wilmington. these numbers may come down little bit later on this morning. storm scan3, nice and quiet across the region, if you have outdoor plans, pretty good today. doing traveling, bat lidge some clouds, maybe stray flurry, up in the poconos, so this morning, clouds, breezy, temperatures holding in the 30's, 40's, this afternoon, partly sunny skies, it will be windy, temperatures 40 to near 50 degrees. maybe putting your holiday decorations up this weekend, today just going to battle some wind, high near 50, now, tomorrow, not as windy, slightly cooler, temperatures upper 40's, talk about the next storm system coming at us next week when i show you the seven day in eyewitness weather in just a few more minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. a suspect wanted for sexually assaulting and possibly attempted murder camden in custody but the investigation is far from over. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at camden
5:32 am
county police headquarters this morning, with what police are looking into now. trang? >> reporter: jan, investigators have evidence that andre wesley may be involved in several other sexual assaults, involving women. right now that investigation is in the very early stages, but they're working with camden county prosecutor's offers on that. right now, police say, they're just grateful to have what they call extremely dangerous preditor off the streets, after a very tense stand-off last night. friday police identified 29 year old andre wesley as the suspect, in a violent sexual assault that happened last sunday night. now, the victim told police that an armed man, forced her into white van, at the intersection every broadway and pine in camden. she says he then drove her to nearby lot next to abandoned building where he sexually assaulted and brutally beat her. friday night, officers went to serve warrants at wesley's willing borough new jersey home, police had to use taser to subdue him. >> andre showed up at the premises, armed with a butcher
5:33 am
knife. there was tense stand-off situation with officers that were on scene. officers de escalated the situation. he was provoking the officers trying get them to shoot him. the officers exercising extreme restraint, both our officers and officers from the willingboro police department. wesley bail set at $2 million cash. camden county police, sex offender, and out on parole. but for now, liver from the camden county police headquarters, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> trang, thank you. wilmington is preparing to bury another firefighter next week. senior firefighter artist hope died from injuries he suffered in a fire few month ago. next saturday, 1:00 at the chase center on the riverfront. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt talked to the community in mourning including her fiancee. >> the sound of chimes blanketed the quiet freeport
5:34 am
where hope lived but her fiancee sounds in pain. >> she was a great woman. whatever happens to my life. >> derrick was devastated when he learned the love of his live, senior firefighter artery hope, died after fighting for two month following this wilmington fire in september. >> right now my mind is just to worry about the children. >> says artery had three girls, he's close to all of them, he came into their lives four years ago. he and ardie were engaged last year. and he was ready to celebrate her retirement from the department next month. she was just finishing school and had plans to be a nurse. >> every day i watched ardie go out and try to save lives. >> that's exactly what she was doing on september 24th, when she got the call about this fire in wilmington. two of her colleagues, captain christopher leach, and lieutenant jerry died from the
5:35 am
fire. ardie held on in a local hospital. >> we love ardie hope. and we will always remember her and maintain her honor. >> authorities charge bee trees ruiz setting the fire and killing the firefighter. charges are expected to be upgraded to include the death of ardie hope. >> you took a wonderful woman that was a friend to a wheel community. >> chief said there will be formal procession honoring firefighter hope in the coming days, vice president joe biden has been in touch with ardie hope's family. reporting from wilmington, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". there are new developments in the murder case against former wrestler, jimmy super fly snuka in lehigh county. yesterday his attorney told the court he's only six months to live. snuka appeared in court via face time during florida during pendency hearing. they said he was incompetent
5:36 am
to stand trial in the death of his girlfriend, the defense 73 year old suffers from stomach cancer, dementia, and they say he may be factor faking memory loss symptoms. >> judge denies special request to investigate new jersey governor chris christie in the bridgegate scandal. former firefighter brought a criminal misconduct complaint against christie in october alleging the governor failed to order subordinants to reopen the lanes of the george washington bridge in 2013. christie denied any wrong-doing, and was not charged in the federal case. in that case, two former allies were convicted and one pleaded guilty. >> president-elect donald trump shook up nearly four decades of us foreign policy with just one phonecall to taiwan's president. meanwhile, mr. trump held meetings throughout the day at trump tower, but has not announced his secretary of state yet. marlie hall report. >> president-elect donald trump spoke with taiwan's
5:37 am
president, cy young win on friday, and unprecedented move for the us leader after washington cut formal diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979. >> mr. trump's transition team said the two noted close economic, political and security ties between taiwan and the united states. china considers the self-governing island of taiwan parts of it territory and in the seven 70s us adopted so-called one china policy. recognizing beijing as the official government. >> the notion that the united state, incoming president of the us, might be courting a pro independent agenda will be very, very worrisome to china. >> on twitter the president-elect wrote: interesting how the us now taiwan of millions of dollars in military equipment but should not enjoy a congrats larry call. >> under is viewing candidates for his administration, he still needs to pick a secretary of state. the cabinet member focused on foreign policy. mr. trump met with former ooh
5:38 am
needed nations ambassador on friday. other contender include former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, former general, david petraeus, tennessee senator, bob corker and former rival, mitt romney. >> marlie hall for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> in michigan, recounts, 75 divisions, "eyewitness news", and where counting was being done, jill stein requested the recount, she believes, cyber attacks on electronic voting machines may have altered the results. party representatives are monitoring the recount. >> and they're just going to keep seeing with one of our people, and representatives from the campaigns and the parties, are going from machine to machine. >> and, we have learned that donald trump's lead overhill
5:39 am
hill has decreased from 71,000 to 46,000 vote. >> we have a lot more to cover right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a dinner date won't soon forget. local soldier pops the question thanks to some help from a local business. >> and it was supposed to be in philly for the pope's advice i am. only. but it is here to stay. finds out where the amore statue will make it permanent home. >> hang onto your hat. it will be blustery one. justin drabick eyewitness weather is just minutes away. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, dinner to remember. local soldier surprises his girlfriend who is also a soldier with a marriage proposal, and it is all caught on the eyewitness cam. last night anthony wilson proposed to sean dray appears on, at the brazilian steak house in center sit he. you can see her unforgettable reaction, of course she said yes. the couple was having dinner before the nora jones concert at the academy of music. >> ask questions. >> deployment in 2013, we didn't know each other. we are not even from the same state, not same unit, but met while deployed overseas. >> congratulations. the liberty uso and family
5:43 am
jewelers of marlton, to make the special night happen. while we are talking about love, the spanish version of philadelphia's iconic love sculpture is here to stay. you may recall seeing the armor sculpture during pope francis visit. now permanent home at the sister city basilica of saint peter and paul. the original love sculpture is temporarily sitting near city hall, while park undergoes renovation. >> and it is always a great place to take a picture. is this weekend picture perfect, justin? >> it is overall, not dealing with any rain or snow across the region, sunshine, so if you look cool temperatures, you are loving this forecast, typical for early december, now we enter average high temperatures in the 40's. average high today, 49 degrees, we will be close to that, and is it stays in the 40's for averages, for the next three months. really not until early march, we start averaging the lower 50's again in our cold he he is time of year is earl gin,
5:44 am
get down to 40 degrees for the average, downhill slope as far as temperatures go. forty-one allentown, 43 in reading, isn't that colds for early december there is time of morning. we have had some clouds cover over us, trapping in what little warmth we have right at the surface, so keeping the temperatures up little bit at the shore similar numbers, 42 ocean city, stone harbor, 40 degrees, currently rehoboth beach. ocean water temperature warmer at 49. and there is cloud cover over us right now, less clouds, further south and east you go, to interior south jersey, delaware, then mostly cloudy skies, mainly from the city on northward right now. lake effect know showers across new york, northern pennsylvania, few of the flurries could get into the poconos early this morning, other than that, partly sunny conditions, but see really no big storm systems over mid-atlantic, northeast, weekend stays on the quiet side. winds increase. top of the hour, 20 allentown, 20 in trenton, low 20's, in south jersey. these will increase across the region.
5:45 am
we may gust to up 30 miles per hour this afternoon adding bit every windchill to the actual air temperature. the reason for the winds? strong storm system that's moving a which from us, but intensifying. then we have high pressure, which is keeping us dry. that's building back into the mid-atlantic. pressure difference between high and low, wind flow from high pressure to low pressure, and the atmosphere just balance itself out. we have to fill the pressure back in, in the form every wind. so, windy conditions throughout the day today. starts to back off tonight. that's all due to that pressure difference. and tomorrow, different story. high will be close to us, so the pressure gradient relaxes, we don't deal with the windy conditions, clouds will start to increase sunday afternoon, little weak disturbance tries to come through early monday morning bringing shower maybe flurry up in the poconos. and our next larger system will hold off until tuesday, gather some more gulf moisture, this is good thing, we can use some rain, looks like steadier rain starts to arrive on tuesday. specially for tuesday afternoon. temps today, right near average. upper 40's, to about 50 degrees around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.
5:46 am
little bit cooler to the north and west, into the lehigh valley, breaking it down for you, upper 30s mount pocono, 45 in kutztown, for the high temperature this afternoon. and then near 50 degrees around philadelphia. south jersey, kind of the same numbers right now. we have a wind coming out of the west northwest today coming over the lands, no influence from the cool ocean water. fifty for the high temperature today. little wind think afternoon with the winds gust toss 30, then tonight, cold, partly cloudy, 35 for the city. little bit colder in some of the surrounding suburbs, possibly the 20's, in some spots. and here we go, the extended forecast, overall, temperatures again on the cool side. near average. forty-eight for the high sunday. up to 50 monday. maybe morning shower. tuesday, best day for some rain. by the ends every next week, shot of arctic air, highs friday struggle to get to 40. now lesson in problem solving for students at philadelphia charter school, learn to control tiny robots, use math computer programming skills to teach the robots to draw
5:47 am
snowflakes. >> no two snowflakes are alike even when drawn by robot. student from the commonwealth charter academy participated in a unique hands-on experience. >> we're trying to use the computer to use from left to right, rotate, and, well, make a snowflake. >> program needs, based on the type of codes they wrote. >> it is casino every authorities do it, because follow exactly what you are saying, so do you have make sure that they understand it. >> coding used by computer programers, engineers, designers. it was used by these middle and high school student to create the snowflakes. >> i bet engineers do this all the time. and they're like used to it, and that actually prepares the jobs in the future. >> the robots were provided by bird brain technology. they use pen to draw a design, design is determined by what code the student create. >> every snowflake has it own unique structure and unique
5:48 am
pattern. it is also really great for student don't use that creativity it say how do i see a snowflake, how do i tack they will problem with my own approach and under standing after snowflake to make this unique. >> teacher says they're learning stem skills now to help master after they graduate. >> i love seeing student connect to something that they're learning, something that they're figuring out. they have a problem, and they look at it. i want to understand this. i want to solve this problem. and then getting to the ends and saying look what i just did. i just accomplished something i couldn't do before. that's amazing. >> recent studies show that learning about coding and computer programming in school is key to helping students prepare for carreers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. skills that are becoming even more important for young girls who are projected to hold only 20% of computing jobs by the year 2025. from the science center, i'm meteorologist, justin drabick. >> still here on "eyewitness news" this morning, temple gets ready for championship game. but the owls are not the only
5:49 am
local steam looking for a big title win. >> and it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. as the south jersey community gets into the holiday spirit. we will be right back.
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> tree to stop the offense
5:52 am
averaging 422 yards on the grounds, seconds best in the country, plus navy has home field advantage. where they've not lost since september 2014. temple coach matt rhule knows it will be tough to slow down the navy off ends. >> and it is really, really hard to defend, people have tried all kinds of things this year in our league, no one has been able to team it, especially the latter part of this year. we know as we go out, there there is no stopping the offense of the just have to hope to maybe get two, three stops during the course of the game. ing. >> then tonight, penn state will face six rang wisconsin in the big ten championship. first time in school history penn state will play for the title. at the end of the september, the nittany lions just two and two. some of the penn state alumni wanted him out. nine weeks later they've won eight in a row, franklin named big ten "coach of the year". so he has the team peaking at just the right time. >> better as the season is going on, something we take great pride n i've always taken great pride in as a coach is, you know, your team playing hard, number one, getting better each day,
5:53 am
getting better each week. i think we've done that. >> sixers host the celtics, embiid will not play because of missing back-to-back games. okafor, against the magic last night, second quarter, embiid with the pass, the post, to jahlil, bank shot, 16 points, grabbed season high 13 rebounds. next possession, returns the favor to joel. faces up the defender, hits jumper. eastern conference "rookie of the month" had 25-point and ten boards, his fifth double double. to the thirds quarter magic pulled away, came into the game with the worse three-point shooting per ands in the league. last night hit 13 of them. they beat the sixers for the fourth straight time. >> 10588 the final. >> to the phillies, they claim pitcher david rollins from the rangers and released former fourth round pick cody asche in his four seasons with the phils, cody batted just .240.
5:54 am
>> the flyers host the chicago blackhawks this afternoon at the center, the blackhawks have not won regular season game here since 1997. i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> it is feeling a whole lot like the holidays in haddon township. "eyewitness news" was on hand for the township's tree lighting ceremony as well as the parade of lights, sponsors by the westmont fire company number one. santa himself came all the way from the north pole for the festivities. mighty busy this september. >> and eight a year old woman has taken on an unconventional role at a wedding. as a flower girl. our vittoria woodill more on the friendship between two delaware women that led to this unusual move. >> i love you so much. >> it is best friends make you laugh a little louder. smile a little bigger. live a little better t couldn't be more true for theresa whitehead and her friends, bee cooper. >> put it this way. i'm so much more comfortable
5:55 am
around young people than older people. >> these un convention al. that's how we roll. we just click. >> they formed their unexpected friendship many years ago. >> she is 14. i'm 48. we met when we were visiting my brother. and her much ooh was playing in the ban. i was always in there listening, i was like their promoter. i met bee. i was like oh, my gosh, i fell in love with her the second i met her. >> sharing life's little moment ever since, like yard sales and sleep overs. >> just makes me laugh so much. we have so much fun. >> a lot of times i just want to follow her around with like a pen and a pad, just to write down her lee bee-isms. >> one of her things in life approaching, her wedding doubt, no doubt, bee would play a role. >> just amazing person that i want to spend the rest of my life with, and then my second thought was oh, my gosh, well, bee has to be our flour girl.
5:56 am
>> she said i have something to ask you. i said please don't ask me to be your matron of honor. she said no, the flower girl. >> i said i accept. my biggest fear was i wouldn't make it to the wedding. i'm eight a november 28th. >> and on november 5th, it was a nice day for a 80 themed wedding. with one rocking 84 year old flower girl. vittoria woodill, "eyewitness news". what a funny lady, just couple of girls hanging out. that's "eyewitness news" at 5:00ment and here's what's coming up at 6:00. new this morning, philadelphia police are on the chase, and on the case after hit-and-run. we will tell you what kind of car investigators are trying to track down. renting or buying? find out what millennials are buying. and weekend starts off a little cooler, but how long will it stay that way? justin drabick's eyewitness weather is coming up this saturday morning. we will be right back.
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5:59 am
>> after a search lasting more than a week, police arrest suspect in a sexual assault case. >> we'll bring you up-to-date on what happened.
6:00 am
>> president-elect breaks tradition with just one phonecall. today is saturday, december the third, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin. >> the big question how long do we have to get the lights up until the winds takes hold and causes problems? >> already getting the winds, not crazy, maybe 30-mile per hour gusts but enough to make it feel cold out there. may have to hold onto those lights, getting rough for you. overall things could be worse for early december. temperatures holding right near average, today, near 50, it will feel maybe about 10 degrees colder when do you factor in the winds. so heavier coats, gloves, certainly needed especially during the morning hours, tomorrow the winds backs off. still, cool for this time of year. outside right now all quiet across center city, clouds over us, actually helping to keep the temperature up little bit. forty-five at the airport, northwest breeze, at 8 miles per hour


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