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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 5, 2016 4:30am-4:58am EST

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>> live look at snow and rain mg out. "eyewitness news" cameras, up close look at the wet weather overnight. katie is here to tell us when exactly it will ends, and meisha has the latest on the impact on the roads, plus this. >> i'm danielle nottingham in oakland, california. coming up learning more about the victims of a deadly warehouse fire, while the search continues for more >> and, the election recount battle continues. hear what green partytoy and the where she's doing i'm rahel solomon.
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the ladies are holding it down today, jim is off today. >> oh, we're so not going to have a problemdies. >> happyon this morning, it is wet, but right now we have lo and the northeast extension rightl lanes blocked. good. why >> good news that i can report is that if you are able to get away with the wet weather ng ptty quickly, had on storm pretty good moisture along wither of darkness the chill in the air. to to see some of it little ice being, littleked e little accumulation left behind once finally all said and done up near the mountain us producer, but what i wou keeping a very close watch on your thermometer, in your car, aseclly if you go through,
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you know, more rural orritoor he course of your commute. it will be very critical, paying close attention to that value. because if you're closereezin en allentown right now, only at 40 in philly, may not be as slick, at least not talking necessarily about ice versus but it is something to keep in mind. as the day goes on, sipping on out of here quickly. we will see sunshine are time. up in the mountains, probably not much more than clouds, a lot chillier, there we should rebounds to 52 degrees both at the shore and philly here today. so even milder than average, but for now, the issue obviously is immediate and i know impact already on traffic, meisha. >> sure has, string every accidents right now, katie, because of. that will good news like katie pointedwa o it out, i wout doing so. good morning, and happy monday, looking at the vine right now, it was not closed for overnight construction, westbound, eastbound, you can see, it is open. you can also see how wet it is
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out there. soap, let's talk about what's going on on the roadways, northeast extension northbound all lanes were blocked. quakertown, lehigh valley, and just now, it looks like traffic is getting by on the shoulder. so want to avoid it, you see you don't have to be around chaotic situation, alternate route 309. saving grace in this area is that it is still dark, it is still early, not going have the congestion levels we would see say more in the 5:00, 6:00 hour. a.c. expressway past route 54, rate line blocked there, also construction around here, hammonton. 206 at crews road, alternate rots are open, open through december 31. another accident, marshall street between course on and markley street, lanes block here, more coming up in a little bit. back to you. >> see you soon, thank youment green party candidate jill stein has big day aheader recou. stein has news conference planned for today, right on the steps of trump tower in manhattan. he plans to explain in detail why he's calling for election recount in three state including right here in
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nns isn't about parties, but something much bigger. this is about the american voters who dear do you have have a vust,g when something lie 75,000 vote in error, because wy would people come out inio do not vote for president. this is a to know what's going on, thatct o change of the vote. >> in the third -- >> and stein's lawyers plan to ask a federal judge to intervene after being disappointed withia s tte courts decision. >> president-elect donald trump is scheduled to have several meetings today at trump tower, kelly a mr. trump'r secretary of state continues. she says additional candidates for secretary are now being considered, after saying they would leave their high powered jobs in the private at this industry. >> lo london pound plane returns to philadelphia international airport after reports of smelling smoke on board, according to phl
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officials the pilot called saying there was electrical odor in the cabin. american airlines flight 728 returned safely to philly just before 11:00. passenger reported this v order. the travelers boarded another plane, few hours london, maintee now checking out the plane. >> and, another plane out of fill had i to make an emergency landing after passenger went into labor. you can hear the baby there, southwest flight headed to orlando when it hadt stop in soa thankfully some first respondersped with the delivery. e in. s crews met the plane when it landed and happy to report, mommy and baby are doing just fine. >> a memorial growing outside warehouse in oakland, california, the site of massive and deadly fire this weekend. thirty-three people are confirmed dead, the youngest is 17 years old. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham reports, the death toll expected to
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rise even more. >> search and rescue teams are sifting through the rubble of the ghost ship, illegally converted warehouse in oakland that hosed an electronic dance music party that turned deadly. >> using shovels and buckets and sifting through all of that debris. >> among the victims, the son of a county sheriff's deputy, officials say they'll be searching this site for days. >> when we find a victim, we have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation, then we can move that victim out, and then we begin the search ag. >> officials say the way hours had been illegally been converted into artist studios and living spaces which they say it made escape friday night ace fire. >> this man savet home when the fire broke out. >> it was the most beautiful place i've ever lived i and by far. >> do you feel like it was a safe place to live? >> no, not at all. >> so why did you live there? >> i didn't think a>> t sheriffs
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asking families to preserve victim's dna such as from hair brushes or toothbrushes to help identify the bodies. >> it is a terrible thing to have to say that, to have to come out here and do that, but that's what we're left to deal with here. >> investigators have not found what caused the fire, but say the clutter inside fed the flames, and the lack of sprinklers gave victims little hope of escaping alive. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and down south, the death toll has risen to 14 in gatlinburg tennessee, national park service says 1700 buildings are either damaged or destroyed by fires. mass tech messages telling people to evacuate was never sent because the fire disable communication services. >> after month of protesting against the dakota acid pipeline, the tribe and their support versa reason to celebrate. the army corpse every engineers announced yesterday it will not allow the pipeline
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to cross through the reservation land. the court says alternative routes need to be explored before the pipeline mostly complete, except for this in north dakota next to the missouri river. representatives say they welcome the decision. >> we now know what caused the street of center city to fill with this white foam yesterday afternoon or saturday afternoon, i should say, breaker at the peco stations releasing large and the of fire fighting foam from the station. about 2700 peco customers lost power. all of that power has since been restored. fire crews and hazmat teams removed the non-hazardous foam. >> well, this morning eagles nation still licking its wounds after yesterday's bengals, from the opening kick offer to the final whistle complete and thorough beat-down. picking apart the eagles
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defense, carson wentz had his first day as a pro, pick off three times. eagles lou lose. >> i'm obviously disappoint that we're where we are. i felt like we've had some opportunities to win some every these games. and put ourselves in better positions down the stretch, even with all of the adversity we've failed in the last few weeks. >> i've been staying is good group of guys, good lockerroom. guys are in it to the end. we don't make mistakes, i think we have to cleanup some of our discipline, we lack some that far at times. but no quit. you just got to stay positive. >> well, that was fans giving penn state's football team a warm welcome back on saturday, they defeated the university of wisconsin, in the big ten championship. next lions head to the rose bowl against the university of southern california, on january 2nd. congratulations to them. meanwhile police in state college say some fans took it a little too far with their
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ga now, they may seek arrest after finding property dag lampn post, area off campus last night, police used pepper spray to disperse student and fans at about 3:00 a.m. this was some of the same type of behavior witnessed after penn state's victory over ohio state back in oe owls are heading back to annapolis, will take on wake forest in the military bowl on december 27th. saturday the owls crushed navy 34 to ten when their first ever aac championship. and great year for temple. this is their second street season, ranked 23rd in the country. coach matt rhule, win against wake forestment congratulations. >> much of the area is waking up to a mix of snow and rain. katie will be along to tell us where there is accumulating snow. that's just ahead. also this morning, frightening ordeal for driver who has had to be rescued from a sinkhole. we'll tell you what authorities believe caused the roadway to open up.
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>> a m shop with rifle and handgun. why suspect believe there was criminal activity in the store's basement coming
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>> man ho in san antonio texas when a sinkhole opened up. rokela man and woman were taken to the hospital where they're said to be in good shape. it is unknown, though, what caused dollars the sewage leak. ic conspiracy theory led to man opening fire inside a pizza shop in washington, d.c. the intense months unfolded yesterday, he walked into the pizza shop with two guns, to investigate this so-called pizza gate. at the conspiracy story appearing on fake news site, the restaurant runs a child sex organization organized by hillary clinton and her former .
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>> these stories are completely and entirely false. at demonstrates that promoting false and wreckless conspiracy theory d consequences. >> no one was hurt inside the pizza. dangerous weapon. >> time now 4:44. let's check in with katie with another check of the forecast. it was very wet. you say it may be moving snout. >> moving pretty quioo, rahel. let me show you what's going on pleasant valley middle and high school. of the tree limbs. snow, on the grassy areas, but what you will notice, lit up hereby the street lamp outside the campus here, is that you're not seeing it actually stick to the roadway. so, it is still just warm enough at the ground level, at least on paved surfaces even far north like this where you will not finds it necessarilyg. now, if you go into the poconos, little further north of this shot, it is likely sticking to specially side streets. so keep that in mind.
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even though again the back edge of this is already through half of our area you're still likely to find the further south certainly you go where we ended up with strictly rainfall. so it will be slow morning commute. what's good, this is sipping right on out of here even by the time we are going off the air on "eyewitness news", jumping over to cbs this morning, avenue feeling that this is even a little bit over done. it is probably all long gone. just left with clouds, and we'll actually see the clouds break pretty quickly for sunshine. under the nice clear sky later tonight it, means temperatures drop off easily to the 30's, then clouds rebuild, for another rounds tomorrow. but it looks like it waits for the p.m. drive this time, say, late afternoon, early evening, rain starts to over spread the area. it looks like it is actually too warm this time for anything but plane rain unless you go far into the mountains. we do not have to worry about any mixing with snow or ice further off to the south, then again, we will clear things out. busy pattern, guys, no major storms, i would say, for the next couple of days, what you will notice later this week temperatures pulled out from
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under us. friday, saturday, don't break out of the 30's. so you want wintery chill, there you go. you have it. meisha, over to you. >> oh, that is going to feel chilly. and we are are talking a lot about wet roadways in the traffic department this morning. why? first, spring garden, you can see, how wet it is looking out there on the monday morning commute. we know that will slow you down. but not just slowing it down, we're actually seeing some accidents out on the roadways this morning, so this is one that you certainly want to make note of. northeast extension northbound bld valley. sounds like now traffic squeezing by on the shoulder, but if you want to avoid it altogether i would use the alternate route 309. it will be your best bet. we have another accident. a.c. expressway westbound, past route 54. heads up on that. around the area, we have construction route 206, at chews road, alternate lanes opening, this will be going on through december 31, we have little bit with that one. then we have another accident. marshall street between course on street, markley street. we do have lanes block here. so a lot of the accident we're seeing are lingering out here,
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prague bridge going to slow you down more in the 5:00 hour. lincoln drive, your lastg, meisk you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, paying tribute to some of the biggest names in show business. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> don't miss the highlights from last night's honors whether we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> if your headed out the door stay updatedkatis forecast, also, a report on the growing battle on area roads between drivers. plus, could the holiday season be making you sophomore is born on the basketball courts and in the business world. "kyw news radio" 1060 one y now.
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time for check on business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange,l, in italy is impacting markets overseas. what can you tell us about that? >> yes, it at jack prime minister resigns today. triggering economic uncertainty. renzi announced he quit after voters rejected his political reforms yesterday. milan stock exchange opened down 2% and a lot of bank shares actually suspended because every excessive volatile at this. >> this morning the euro hit 20 month low, since rebounded, rahel? >> major news, a lot of peopling watching. that will jill, american airlines gave its workers uniforms back in september, planpad. what happened? >> right. american airlines flight attendants want their new uniforms recalled. the union says that flight attendant had headaches, burning skin, eye irritations, the airline says it is testing and found nothing unusual.
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two round every testing. it will start a third round next week, certainly not the desired impact there of the uniforms. >> absolutely, jim, the other thing worsing in clothes that are itchy like being in the air with nothing else to wear. lets that are itch. >> i yes, being stuck, i mean, i don't really understand what they're made of. >> all right, jill, see you soon. two of the season's hottest toys had shoppers line up outside of the stores this weekend. take a look, this is video of fayetteville georgia saturday night, where crowds gathered outside of toys "r" us for its sunday 8:00 a.m. opening. the toys they are looking for nintendo and es classic and hatchamoles. both retail for about $60. wow. popular items. coming up after the break, katie tells us when the wintery mix will end across the area, plus, we'll have a look at last night's kennedy
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>> busy way to start the work week off. we have a disturbance, moving through quickly, so the entire morning is not going to be impacted by it, let alone the rest of the day, as we look at storm scan3, at a wide zoom, you can see that obviously there that is been enough cold air to produce snow in our area, splitting the region in two, zoom in fightly, what you notice is on the end of the three hour loop, all starting exit. so going to end up drying th out, i would try to. you know, this isn't the worse east to somee still going to very damp roadways, ponding on the roads, what have you, because we've had pretty good moisture with the passage of the system. now, there is a lot more activity to talk about in the seven day. ups, downs, 40's, even 30's for highs, fresh round every rain starting again tomorrow, leading into wednesday, and then maybe even flurry, mid to
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late weekend, much colder air works its way in, meisha. >> so glad the rain is moving out, katie, already just wet roadways, we are seeing string every problems out there. so first i want to show this live shot. girard, see how wet it is, drop on the camera lens, plus wet roadways it, will slow us down even though the rain like katie said is moving out, still wet out there for little bit until it dries out, for as long as it is wet, we still have -- probably will see some of it happening. what are we looking at, northeast extension, quakertown, lehigh valley, traffic just squeaking by on the shoulder. alternate route 309 will be your best bet. another one here, on the a.c. expressway westbound past route 54, and get this, we do have reports that a horse is in the roadway around this area. soap, right lane just a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, hope they get that horse out. 3h annualdinary group kennedy center honors. event took place last night in
4:56 am
the nation's capitol. first lady michelle obama and president barack obama were given a standing ovation, as you see here, celebrating performers who influence american culture, hosted by stephen colbert. >> it is my honor to be hosting this beautiful evening. kennedy center honors created in 1978 to celebrate our artists, and enshrined on this wall that again mexico has said they will not pay for. >> little crack in. honorees included actor al pa eagles, gospel singer nathan staple, james taylor. you can catch the event right here on on december 27th and 9:00 p.m. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", delaware t word on plans to use this house as a temporary home for cancer neighbors don't like it. >> and some of these graves date back to the civil war. finds out who is in charge of
4:57 am
restoring history. back at the top of the hour.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" thisorng. >> and parts of the philadelphia region are waking up to a wintery mix. here is a view from storm scan3, tell you if you have to be those roads. triesen party presidential new presidential recounts in pennsylvanian two other state. why she is making it a case. badgered by the bengals, how the trip to cincinnati got even worse before it ended. >> today is monday, december 4th, or 5th, where is the time going? good morning, i'm rahel
5:00 am
solomon. jim donovan off. don't worry we have meisha and katie keeping things covered for this morning. >> first thing we notice rowalkinways, very wet out ther, because that far, seeing a lot of problems. northeast extension, what i want to talk about coming up in a little will, we have five t throughout right now. no through the overnight, good news at least it is moving out veryleast. you won't be dealing with this all morning. look at this, looking are loop. than is just sipping right through. you're prettyuc region at this point, all that's left, with any wet wea ithues. you do still have obviously, though, damp roadways, ponding on the roads, a lot of heavyhisn for some of you, so far enough notoai, even saw little modest zoom, i mean, this is pretty bs


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