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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 5, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EST

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specially, little hint of accumulating snow, on the unpaved surfaces. this is a view from our very field camera outside of our station headquarters here in the distance, hey at least you can see the majority of the tops of the skyscrapers, obviously wet outside. i would say if you don't want to take umbrella with you, you don't find little bit of left over drizzle out there, go ahead, lever the house w w go tt the day, you're going to still find again some damp roadways, out with time, as the skies clear for even some sunshine. so rain chances are actually still with us the next couple of days, tomorrow, yes, 100% shot for rain. another system coming in, so later in the show i'll actually track that for you, even wednesday, thursday, feature a chance at least for bit more precipitation. so, it is a very busy upcoming week of not just wet weather potential, but also, chill in the air. at the moment you're at 40 at the airport, flirting with the freezing mark, or actually below it, in some of these
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spots, so please just use extra caution traveling around. the shore points, you're still finding just rain, it is a chilly rain obviously, with your temperatures only in the 40's right now. but, at least, it is mild enough you don't have to worry about any icing. so as we go throughout our monday, it get better guys. at least talking temperatures actually above average here. fifty-two apiece both at the shore and in the city. you won't break out of about 40 degrees at best here in the poconos, just because you're left with clouds throughout the day. so it is chilly as the day progresses, but again, getting better with time. seeing the wet weather retreatment as it does, the sun will eventually shine with time, as well. meisha, over to you. >> katie, yes, so i guess the best tip, if you can hole off from jumping out on the roadways, certainly want to do so. if you can't, give yourself extra time, you will need it this morning. what we're seeing, katie pointed out, wed roadways, the rain moving out, then we have to wait for the roads to actually dry up. seeing right now an accident king of prussia, henderson road closed between south gulph road and shoemaker road.
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you will have to use alternate around this, probably going to be crooked lane, york road, all lanes are blocked, like i said, you can see the squad car out there blocking the road. so give yourself extra time, use that alternate. also, an accident about clear on the northeast ex it end sean northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley many all lanes for quite some time block there. another accident a.c. expressway westbound past route 54, two lanes are block here, and we have reports that there is a horse in the roadway. yikes. hope everything is going okay. but it was just one lane block, now they have two lanes blocked. so clearly stuff is going on there. also, accident, marshall tweet between course on and markley street, lanes block here. another area give yourselves couple of extra minutes, just had accident clear lincoln drive at city avenue. this is any evidence of things to come, it will be a very busy commute this morning. rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. president-elect trump is expanding the search for his secretary every state. the campaign manager kelly ann conway says several people in
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lucrative positions have shown interest in the job. also trump's team downplaying his call with taiwan's call, which grew intense protest in china. >> i think i would just say to our counterparts in china that this was a moment of courtesy, the president-elect talked two weeks ago in the same manner, not the discussion about policy. >> and mr. trump is planning to hold several meetings today at trump tower in new york. >> spotlight on federal court in pennsylvania today, jill stein's fight to force presidential recount in three state moves forwards. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live from city hall with more on the pennsylvania recount, trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. late saturday, jill stein's camp announced it is dropping its suit in state court to push for pennsylvania recount. we've since learned that they are now take that case to federal court. >> voters think about this. >> presidential candidates
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doctor jill stein sending a message she is not willing to except the election results at least not yet. >> right now it is not clear that all the roads are being counted. >> appearing on fox news sunday, stein explained her reasoning for spear heading recount effort in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. three states that have voted democratic for president. >> this is about responding to the american voters who are standing up and saying we deserve an election system that we can trust. and that is accurate,secure aga, against human error, against machine error, the votes are being counted. >> here in pennsylvania, stein's state-wide recount effort hit a snag friday when commonwealth court judge ordered her a $1 million bond by the close of business monday to begin a state-wide recount. her attorneys plan to fight that in federal court. spoke to cbs-3 wednesday after montgomery countyd thei effortso analyze voting machines there. >> we know that there has been attempts to interfere with our
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elections. >> at the time lawyers for pennsylvania's republican party called stein's actions a last ditch effort to change the results of the election. >> this is disappointed voters when their candidate didn't win. but i don't want this to become the new norm. >> reporter: stein taking her recount efforts to the street. plans to hold news conference and rally in front of truitmp y at 10:00 a.m. this morning. but for now, outside city hall, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> trang, a lot more to come there, thank you. a federal appeals court will decide whether public school district in central sy alternative high school. civil rights lawyers says the last caster school district, sending students to disciplinary school with fewer academic opportunities. some of the student have been in refugee camps for years. lawyers will argue their case later today in philadelphia. >> time now 5:35. and in business nee in italy, impacting markets overseas,
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and american airlines gave its workers new money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, goods morning, jill. hel, investors watching uncertainty in europe after italy prime minister resigned on friday. here in the u.s., the dow lost 21 points, the nasdaq gained four. future pointing to bit of higher open. unemployment rate has fallen 4.6 of%, that's the lowest le financial crisis, so part of the reason is a lot of people have stopped looking for work. also, average hourly wages sell. now, this is the last big economic report before the fed meets next week. most analysts think it won't impact the expected interest rate hike. americanli attendants want their new uniforms recalledment the union said flight attendants have had headaches, eye irritations, the airline said it has tested the uniforms,
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hasn't found found unusual. channel famous number five could be in jeopardy. streamlined the south of france, will run through five flower fueled used to produce the scent. the highest meant to ease traffic congestion in the french rivera. channel pushing for alternative route. >> so, how will would go on without channel number five? >> i know, it is the famous perfume, and a lot of people rely on it for years. >> travesty. jim -- jill, thank you. >> in serious news, death toll from the weekend warehouse fire in oakland, california now at 33. fire fighters expect to find more victims they go through what's left of the building. meanwhile we learning new details about the quote bows ship warehouse, investigators say it had been illegally converted into artist studios and apartments. that conversion made it hard for people to escape fire broke out there on friday night during a dance party.
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>> it was the most beautiful place i've ever lived in. and by far. >> do you feel like it was a safe place to l>>o. not at all. >> so why did you live there? >> i didn't -- i didn't think about consequences. >> and people who used to live in that warehouse say it had few exits and had few lights. now it is unclear how the fire started. but investigators say, the warehouse did not have sprinklers, and they add i lot . >> now memorial for three year old boy in new jersey, and new jersey park, more than a year after his death. bench to the memory of brendan creato in cooper river park in haddonhn october 13th of last year. his father, dj creato, behind bars on murder charges. pa memorial will now give neighbors a place to reflect. >> we are remembering a boy with a infectious smile, who brought great joy to his family, and his community, and
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this bench represents a place of reflection rather than sadness. so that people can come, reflect on the good of this little boy rather than his passing. >> also a plan for a creato's m. pennsylvania state police say they have few clues after driver goes the wrong way on i-95, crashes a car, then leaves the scene. investigators say, an officer tried to pull over the other driver, on saturday night, speedings but the car did to the stop. police say continued on i59 north until crashing into another car along the blue but, police found documents in the abandoned car, potentially linked to la property. well, now we know, what caused the streets every centerll with foam saturday afternoon, the brake err lombard, juniper streets, large amounts of fire fighting foam from the s2700 peco customr
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as the system restored, teams, d the non-hazardous foam. well, baby on board takes on whole new meaning for a flight on its way from philadelphia to orlando. >> you hear the baby in the baby born in the air on southwest flight, the plane had to land in charleston, south carolina when passenger lweor. first responders on board helped the delivery. ems crude, and the flight completed trip to orlando. glad the baby is okay. lon cbs-3 "eyewitness news", performers who have made their mark on american culture are center we will tell you some of the people on the list. and, many of these date to the civil one boy scout's notion restore history, and great grand caught here is thankful when "eyewitness news" continues
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>> i have to tell you the president and mrs. obama recognized him for an artist during a beautiful reception, the 39th annual kennedy center honors, hosted by stephen colbert, awards performers influence american culture through the arts. this year's honorees include
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actor al paccino, rock band the eagles, gospel singer mavis singer, and james taylor. the ceremony airs december 27th and 9:00 here on cbs-3. >> like going on a mission with some little girl. >> is my canoe, you will journey -- oh. >> disney's moana sales to the number one spoeekend in a row pulling in more than $28 million. the film features the voice of duane the rock, and fast tack i can beats, where to find them,, arrival dropped to thirds place with 7.3 million. allied, and doctor strange, round out the top five. >> i feel like -- >> that's harry potter movie? >> i would like to see it. >> apparently a lot of people continue to see it. >> yes. >> well, i'll tell you there is weekends, little chill. >> i yes, no not see move.
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>> i to be in the theater, exactly, nice big tub of popcorn, and still more of a winter chill coming our way, not breaking out of the 30's for couple every days, now if you're a ski lover, that's music to your ears, so is a shot like this, more like just eye candy, right? you have this snow blanketing the slopes, starting to build up, starting to open up the resorts, and that makes everybody that likes to strap on the skis very excited obviously. still actually even finding a little bit of snow depending on your location, that's where our eyewitness weather watchers come in, where we really can get serious value out of their report. if we can, we go ahead, quick peak at them, and start things off nice and far off to the north, where it is a threat at 32 degrees, saylorsburg, yep, of a mix of snow, but says half of it is sort every wet snow on the side roads, and definitely you want to be driving carefully out there.
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so again you have to go pretty far north for. that will the further south you go, zero in on handful of these, certainly chilly, you know, talking 39 degrees after all, that comes in this morning from jenny jensen, out in cherry hill, still finding some rain here. and then if you go farou're in , also upper 30s, the best we're expecting at the moment, in marshall ton, greg at 38. he says there is misty sort of light drizzle out there, and enre finding, again, all of this starting to exit out to the east, it is obviously still leading to some slow travel. soap, with that said, we go right back out to the maps. here you go. here we sit. i mean, the back edge of this really is moving through swiftly. basically halfway through our area as we were going on the air at 4:30 this morning. and now, it is even more removed. moving along quickly. you have got another batch of heavy moisture, well off to the southwest here. that is the combination of the next storm, that will zip off to the northeast, eventually, bring us our next round of rain. yes, there is another rounds of rain, and it comes
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tomorrow. so here's what's up. as that starts to move north, jet stream allows it to nudge north, gulf moisture gets drawn in, the temperatures have chance to climb too. so this next round looks like it is strictly rain producer, for everyone rthough we expect e hitting upper four's tomorrow. not cold enough to support anything, but rain, and even though it lasts overnight into early wednesday morning, i don't spec any icing out of t but look what happens. tail end of the week, here go, rahel, upper 30s, nothing better, but at least the sun will shine. trade off right, meisha? >> it is the trade off. absolutely. and i got to tell you, as long as we're not talking about ice on the roadways right now, i'm happy girl. but what we are talking about wet roadways, can that slow us down? you bet it k so this is where we have an accident in king of prussia. henderson road closed between south gulph road and shoemaker road. so, you will have to use alternate right now. crooked lane, around this, probably your best bet. and also, we do have another accident, 95 south off ram top columbus boulevard. but, moving forward, we have
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an accident here, as well, so this is what we have reports, horse actually in the roadway, a.c. expressway, past route 54. two lanes are now block just on, now two lanes, hopefully that gets moved out every our way sometime shortly. alsoctioin the nearby area, route 26 at chews road. alternate lanes open. >> this will be out there through december 31st, so heads up on that. lots, in the world of septa, route ten trolley is back to normal. shuttle bus service ended on sunday, they were doing well water main repairs, now completed. looking here great news for those every that you take route ten trolley and some construction, new off ramp from route 422 westbound to arm and hammer boulevard. opens tomorrow. half mile west current ramp. also the right lane blocked between sanatoga and arm around hammer boulevard, out there between seven a.m. and 2:00 p.m. both tuesday and wednesday, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you. the jury had resume deliberations today in the murder trial of former south
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carolina police officer michael slager. the jury deliberated for over 16 hours last week, but could not reach averred. slaying is her charged wh eath r scott. scott shot five times in the bag after running from traffic stop in april of 2015. charged with fatally shooting non-black parishioners at the emanuel church in charleston, wants to bring his defense team before. roof requested in the trial, roof would like to resume representing himself for the sentencing phase of the trial. >> police say on line conspiracy theory led to man firing assault rifle inside a watch washington, d.c. pizzaria a intense moments unfolded yesterday at comet. investigators say edger welsh walked into the pizza slop with two guns to investigate the so-called pizza gate. conspiracy story appearing on fake news sites that the restaurant runs a child sex operation organized by hillary
5:50 am
clinton and her former campaign manager. >> entirely false. promoting false conspirac theory, and onions. >> no one hurt inside the pizza shop, now faces assault with dangerous weapon. still ahead on "eyewitness news", coming up: how bow scott got some friends together, restored part of history. >> and, narberth goes for straight out of charles dickens plot. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. >> santa made appearance on south street, so did our meisha johnson. meisha said it was a lot of >> yes, and people in downtown narberth go back in time for the narberth festival. the community transforms 1840's london, also on sunday afternoon, the annual tradition includes street vendors,
5:54 am
performances. children should also take part in scavenger hunt to find. >> looks like fun. >> south jersey teen and his friends said their sunday, cemes forgot. resting place of african-americans who lived in the area 200 years ago. "eyewitness news" reportrown reports. >> the gravestones aren't really -- can't really see em them, you know, there are still people down there. >> burried in the ame cemetery, african-americans who lived in the mt. holly area back in the 1800s. bow scott want to keep their memory alive. >> eagle part project, from troop 236 are renovating, he said it was overgrown, overlooked. >> this place, it was shrouded with bushes, and trees, and i've lived here my whole life. did i not notice it when i passed it. >> so evan and the boys went to work, removing 30 trees,
5:55 am
hauling away rotted wood and cutting brush and vine. along the way, they met mary her great great grandfather is burried here. >> and i was seven or six or five, i would come back here to take a look, but after everything grew up so much, i couldn't find t i didn't know where to find t and i the road one day, i found wonderful bow scotts, other volunteers here, and they are clearing the area and paving and causing things to look beautiful, historically sound. >> the scouts also fixed up the pathway, so people can walk along theally there will be benches, so they can sit and reflect. >> i'm really excited. we have young men who are doing productive things. they're doing things that help other people. they're not just on the ipad. >> natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". how about that? way to go, guys. well, coming up for the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it is tough to diet
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specially when you lose and gain it all back again. well, we will tell you the number one reason diets fail. >> and, you don't often see many wild accessories, but this year it is gaining a lot of attention. coming up.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning.
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well, we are getting our first taste of winter weather. a mix of snow and rain is making for a messy morning commute. but, katie and meisha have>> aos are working around the clock, to locate more victims in friday's tragic warehouse fire in california. andstigion is underway. >> and, the election recount battle, michigan will begin recounting by handsome 4.8 million presidential ballots today, as the balance battle in pennsylvania goes to federal court. live. >> today is monday, december the fifth, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off. never fear, we have you covered. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, good morning, hammy monday. so what's what crazy commute already this morning, string every accidents, still popping up right now, so overall i guess, katie, leave early. >> yes. >> and enjoy the extra cup of coffee. sit back. hang out with us.
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>> plenty every time to dry out. you have actually been dry, for now, couple of hours, but, there are still damp roads left behind, even though the rain and snow, yes, the snow, has been pulling away. so, we take a look here, one more time at the version of storm scan, localized level, again, swift moisture to work with. so it did bring in some snow accumulation, on unpaved surfaces, in those far northern counties. thankfully surface temperatures generally everywhere else simply too warm to produce not, a, actually even snow, but b, even if you had it, it wouldn't be sticking to the ground. my advice is this, if you must leave the house, we get it, you got a schedule to keep. keep in mind you want to keep a close watch in the thermometer, especially through back


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