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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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coffee. sit back. hang out with us. >> plenty every time to dry out. you have actually been dry, for now, couple of hours, but, there are still damp roads left behind, even though the rain and snow, yes, the snow, has been pulling away. so, we take a look here, one more time at the version of storm scan, localized level, again, swift moisture to work with. so it did bring in some snow accumulation, on unpaved surfaces, in those far northern counties. thankfully surface temperatures generally everywhere else simply too warm to produce not, a, actually even snow, but b, even if you had it, it wouldn't be sticking to the ground. my advice is this, if you must leave the house, we get it, you got a schedule to keep. keep in mind you want to keep a close watch in the thermometer, especially through back country words
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let's say. thirty-eight the temperature in trenton, well above freezing in philly, also southern new jersey, and delaware. again, still going to have damp roads left behind. so that in itself slows you down too let alone the possibility of mixing over to some frozen precipitation, as the day progresses we will not only see these clouds break for some sunshine, but actually rebounds to temperatures that are above their average. 52 degrees with some sound sunshine isn't bad at all. now, looking at the area headlines, we got busy week of weather folks. no major storms, necessarily, but there is more rain coming tomorrow. there is a big temperature crash that comes along later on this week, so, each and every day has it own interesting weather headlines to talk about. we will break all of the details down in just a little bit from now throughout the show. >> as long as we're not talking about ice and snow, katie. >> good for now. >> just wet roadways, all right. soap, speaking of those wet roadways, rain moving out. that doesn't mean that we are accident-free. in fact, still have very wet roadways. we have an accident king of prussia, henderson road closed between south gulph road and
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shoemaker road. you will have to use alternate. probably the best one to maneuver around this, crook lane, your best bet. utilize that. you will have to as like i said henderson road right now is closed in this area. you can see all of the flashing lights that alone is going to give us some gaper delay around the area. then we look at the vine. not closed overnight for the construction, so both moving in the westbound and eastbound direction. you can see what you're working, brake lights, and you're going to be forced to take it a little bit easy today, little slower. just because it is so wet outside. highly highly recommend that you do so. and we look at this accident, a.c. expressway westbound, past route 54. there are reports that a horse is in the roadway. one lane was block before. now it is two lanes. i'll let you know as soon as that clears, and any other information that we get, i'll bring to you as soon as possible. construction around the same area, route 206 at chews road. alternate lanes open. that's going to linger through december 31, more coming up in about two minute, rahel, over you. >> meisha, see you then thank you. now to the election recount.
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it is a big day for the green party. a judge orders a hand tally every those in michigan to begin by noon today. now the party is also trying to force a state-wide recount here in pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live from city hall with what's in store for pennsylvania. trang, good morning. >> well, good morning, rahel. doctor jill stein has news conference and rally scheduled for later on today. in front of trump tower new york city to discuss recount efforts here in pennsylvania, and several other states. in the meantime her attorneys are gearing up for federal court battle over the recount here in pennsylvania. now, here in pennsylvania, those efforts hit a snag on friday. when a commonwealth court judge ordered stein's campaign to pay a bond of $1 million to get the recount started here. her attorneys plan to file for emergency relief, arguing it is unconstitutional for voters to pay that hefty amount. a pouring on fox news sunday the green party candidate explained her reasoning for spear heading these effort, in michigan, wisconsin, and
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pennsylvania. three states that have historically gone democratic in presidential elections. >> this is about responding to the american voters who are standing up and saying we deserve an election system that we can trust. and that is accurate, that is secure against hacking, against human error, against machine error, and that which the votes are being counted. >> and lawyers for president-elect trump as well as for pennsylvania's republican party say that this is just an effort because unhappy with the result, and no evidence of vote tam nerving any of these states. but for now, liver outside city hall, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> trang, a lot more to come, thank you. meanwhile the president-elect campaign manager kelly ann conway, says mr. trump's search for secretary of state continues. additional candidates for the rule are being considered aying they would leave their high powered jobs in the private industry. trump is set to have several meetings at trump tower in new york today.
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a london bound plane returns to philadelphia international airport after reports of smelling smoke on board, according to officials, the pilot calls saying there was electrical odor in the cabin, american airlines flight 728 returns safely to philly just before 11:00. but take a look, passenger recorded this video as the pilot ordered all 142 pass inning tears get off the plane. the travelers boarded another plane few hours later and head today london. maintenance is now checking out the plane. well, to california now, criminal investigation is now underway into the massive warehouse fire that errupted friday night in oakland. at least 30 people are dead. edward lawrence reports, the search continues for more victims. >> as recovery teams continue to search the now charred site of oakland's ghost ship warehouse, the only thing friends and family of the missing can do is wait. younger brother was there with his girlfriends, when a fire tore through the two story building, friday night. >> my brother -- >> most of those confirm range
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in age from teens to three years old. authorities say at least one of the victims was 17 year old minor. another, deputy's son. >> one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire, and so we're still dealing with that. >> the building wasn't permitted for events like the electronic dance party held that night. attended by 50 to 100 people. >> it also wasn't permitted for living. but many artists call the warehouse home, including carman. >> being like everything, like this orange wall of fire, it was, i don't know it, felt like seeing a monster. >> questions are now mounting over whether the fire was preventable. firefighters say the build hadding no sprinklers, than were very few paths forest cape. the fire also knocked out the lights, and caused so much black smoke, it is possible many of those inside did not finds the only way out, the
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makeshift stairway made of wooden pal end. edward laurence, cbs news, oakland, california. >> and meantime in gatlinburg tennessee, the victims gross, 134 people injured, almost 1700 buildings were either damaged or destroyed. a mass text message telling people to evacuate apparently was never sent, because the fire disable phone, internet, and electrical services. >> swarthmore borough council is set to decide tonight on plans to use a house as a temporary residence for out of town cancer patients and caregivers. the head strong foundation wants to use this house on two hunches at the road to host at least seven patients and caregiver. some neighbors however have filed an appeal siting increased traffic and parking issues, and change in the neighborhood character. >> well, to sports. another frustrating day for the eagles. they're now five and seven, after losing to the cincinnati bengals, 32-14. our lesley van arsdall shows how the birds dropped the ball. >> what has happened to the eagles after starting the
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season three and zero in now lost seven of nine. and their playoff chances just about done after yesterday's dismal performance against the bengals. second quarter of the game. the eagles already down 13 to nothing, under minute left. andy dalton, the end zone, to make it 19-nothing at the half. third quarter dalton to lafell, for 8-yard touchdown. twenty-six-nothing, bengals scored on first six possessions. really can't happen in a must win game. late in the third, eagles finally getting on the scored board. wentz through wide open zach ertz, in the corner. the eagles trailing 29 to seven in the fourth. the eagles down 29 p to 14 carson's pass pick off by dan day. his second of the game, carson wentz, 36-60. 308 yards. eagles lose their third straight 32 to 14. i'm obviously disappoint that we're where we are. i felt like we've had some opportunities to win some of these games. and put ourselves in better positions down the stretch, even with all of the adversity
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we've kinds of faced in the last few weeks. >> i've been staying is good group of guys, good lockerroom, guys in it to the end. obviously don't make plays, a lot of mist takes, i think we ought to clean up some of our discipline, we lack some of that at times. but there is no quit. do you have stay positive. >> ffc east division game against the redskins, that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> here is a question, some people asking after yesterday's game, are people jumping offer the wentz wag on? >> well, ya, no question. >> oh! broken wheel. >> i'm going to be the optimist here, hey, we have new coach, new quarterback, still trying to gel. >> i don't think anybody expected it to be as awesome as it was the first couple of games, so we got awfully spoiled. >> it set the bar super high. >> and like carson says, just got to stay positive. >> don bell tweeted yesterday though that doug pederson, okay he's disappointed but he needs to be angry. get some fire. >> maybe little bit more than
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disappointed because mossing else fans are a little more than disappointed. >> ya. all right, girls. well, there is still much more ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning. up next: an outpouring of support for sherri papini, kidnapped, and held against her will for weeks. how neighbors are now showing the care. >> plus, baby on board. we will tell but a surprise delivery on a flight out of philadelphia. >> and old-man-winter storms the midwest. where half foot of snow fell. that system apparently arriving in our area today. katie will let us know what to expect next.
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>> officials say due to safety
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concerns school is canceled today upper perkioman. enough concern for us to take this action. we are working on getting more information, as soon as we have it, we'll bring you the latest when we have it. >> community comes together to support sherri sherri papini inr healing process, 34 year other mother of two went for jog and was kidnapped and held captive for weeks. nearly 500 people gathered to take an aerial photo waiving and holding signs, and organizers say they wanted to come up with a way to show the family some love while also giving them space and privacy. >> we've put this idea together just so the community could really show the family how much they're thinking about them. welcoming them back. >> sherrie has always been about the memories that she makes with her family, and so when this idea came about, we thought it was an excellent time to be able to get the community re engaged and just welcome her home. >> and community members came out dressed in pink, sherrie's favorite color. the cards will be delivered to
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her family in the next couple of weeks. winter taking hold, the windy city got hit with first snowfall of the season and the flakes, take a look, by last night chicago o'hare airport saw 6.4 inches of snow, that's according to the national weather service, that's as much snow as it ever snowed on december 4th. it breaks previous snowfall record setback in 1964 by about two. >> if you were watching the chicago bears, host the san francisco sixers yesterday, you definitely noticed the snowfall on soldier field. but the bears still won their game in the snow 26 to six. >> and another snowy game. this time in wisconsin. as the packers hosed the texans at lambeau field. take a look at this, frozen packers fans, ya, icicles hanging from his beard, and hat. weather apparently didn't phase the packers. now, same system apparently was headed our way, but it appears it is moving out.
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katie here is a question. apparently both teams playing in the snow, both won, so maybe we could use a little snow to help our boys? >> hey, if that is what it takes, we will do it. i think eagles fans can behind that. >> we'll take it, right? >> i'll watch it from the comfort of my nice living room. but what we are finding out there, rahel, system that definitely is still active. it is bringing in some very active, new york, nothing but snow in vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts, but go in our area that's where the line gets split. so often we sit right on the dividing line where the precipitation is either f and it is because our temperature profile is just little bit miler than it will be up in the new england or up-state new york. so while you are still going to have the approach, likely to see slick travel out there from mainly just rain. it is at least moving on out of here. so, let's take a look at the temperature outlook. chill starting to set until for us here, as we look ahead here to the middle part of december, while the southwest,
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dessert southwest generally expect to go see much above average temperatures, our winter forecast looks like it will be banning out with below average conditions expected, for the majority of the eastern seaboards let alone our area inbetween the days of december 11 up to the 17th. so the chill is on the way here folks. for now, though, we have some activity. this is busy week of weather. temperature wise, and with systems moving through. so there goes that first system out of here, clearing on out to the evening drive, looks totally fine. lucky though foes. what we will find later tonight is the clouds rebuild, as the next system begins to move in, and this looks like it is strictly rain producer tomorrow afternoon, in the the time stamp, 4:00 p.m. give or take an hour we begin to see the raindrops falling southwest of the sit at this overtakes the region overnight. what it does look like, however, is that too warm for anything but rain, don't worry about icing this time, then clear again. let's look at the seven day, you want chill. check out friday, saturday, we do not expect that we will break out of the three's, folks, for both of those days. with few showers along the
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way, and again, looks like steadiest rain comes again tomorrow afternoon into early wednesday morning. meisha? >> all right. so, what we are talking about this morning, like katie said, the rain has moved out. still talking about very wet roadways. will it be a slow commute. even though the rain is gone? absolutely it is. this is where we have an accident, king of prussia, henderson road closed between south gulph road, shoemaker road, use alternate around this, your best bet, crook lane, you can see, flashing lights, also going to give you little gaper delay as go by there. also, just take a look at the ben franklin bridge. just giving you idea what it looks like out there. very wet roadways, take it easy, night have visibility issues, what you for shore will have the vehicles in front of will you kick all of the wet rain on the roadways back onto your windshield. again that will pose visibility issues for you as well. >> then hence why we get the problems on the roadways, which is what we're seeing right now. the expressway westbound, past route 54. this has been out there for little while. reports that a horse is or was in the roadway.
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one lane was block. now it is ton two lanes blocked. just heads up on that, give yourselves extra time. we have a lot more coming up in a little bit. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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it's they thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of ameca in philadelphia. the evolutioof cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> welcome back, taking a look at newspaper headlines from across our region, burlington county times reports that one phase, the mcguire lakehurst appears to have the inside
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track of the home of the next new refueling, the times also reports updating new jet is considered crucial for the joint base's future. specially it another rounds of closures happens during the next decade. the air force is supposed to make its final decision in the next several weeks. bucks county courier times reports that the counselors ill rock school district including sub pay raise 58 to 100-dollar a raise. hoping the move will help with substitute teacher shortage. and the the intelligence err reports, penndot and the federal highway administration are holding public hearing next tuesday. to discuss bridge that crosses tinicum creek. residents and environmentalist haves been argue being what should replace the bridge which has been closed for five years. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> a plane that took off from philadelphia yesterday landed with an extra passenger on board. >> that would be that passenger, a baby was born in
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the air. it all happened on a southwest flight on route to philadelphia. but the plane had to be diverted to charleston, when a passenger went into labor, some first responders on board were able to help with the delivery. ems crews met the plane when it landed, and mother and baby doing just fine. how about that? well, up next. when dieting causes you to gain rather than lose weight. that's in our health watch. >> plus, for the first time, the victoria secret angels go to paris for their annual fashion show. we talked to models about what it takes to put together a show this big. coming up.
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>> welcome back, everyone, already to the upcoming weekend expecting pretty significant winter chill to set in. clouds are also going to be building through the course of specially sunday, and as we tart to see that chill, settle in, maybe even sprinkle or flurry on docket for us. we will get you through the rest of the forecast a little later on, but chilly weekend in store. rahel? >> katie, thank you. well, this morning's health watch, destructive dieting, the method that could do the opposite of what you are trying to a chief. british researchers warning yo-yo dieting may actually cause to you gain weight. doctors found that the brain and triggers the body to store fat. the best approach, they say,
6:26 am
to follow a steady diet, eating slightly less and increasing the exercise. >> good news for two pennsylvania college themes. -- teams we were there when penn state fans gave them a warm welcome home. >> now the team had just returned from saturday's come back win against the university of wisconsin. next, lions head to the rose bowl against the university of southern california, on january 2nd. and, temple is headed back to annapolis for the military bowl there they will take on wake forest on december 27th. saturday the owls crossed navy 34 to ten. so in their first ever aac championship, and it has been a great year for temple, their second straight season and ranked 23rd in the country. coach matt rhule hopes the seniors end their carreers with a win against wake forest, congratulations to both teaches so well deserved. coming up election recount battle continues. >> ♪
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>> tribute to the eagles at the kennedy center honors, see who else was honored, and what happens when president obama and first lady michelle took their seats. hey, meisha? >> good morning, everyone, and we are waking one wety monday mg commute. causing accidents. i'll tell you where coming up. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be r
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>> it is 6:30, and here's what you need to know in your morning minute. memorial growing outside a warehouse in oakland, california, the site of a massive and deadly fire this weekend. officials say they'll be searching this site for days.
6:31 am
>> wet roadways. >> very wet out there. if you're not dealing with this all morning. >> green party candidate, jill stein, has a big day ahead after a call for a vote recount. this is about responding to the american voters, who are standing up and saying we deserve an election system that we with trust >> as a team we didn't play well. >> we pride ourselves to play better. >> i think we can all agree that the last eight years the white house has given us a leader with passionate, intelligence, and dignified. >> sir, i don't know why you stood up. i was talking about michelle. >> just too good. late show host stephen colbert with last night's kennedy honors, but first, let's get to katie with a forecast, katie busy week in weather. >> oh, it is, and getting off
6:32 am
to really busy start. that said, too, rahel, obviously a lot of activity over my shoulders, tracking retreat thankfully of one storm system, another one already on the way, and it arrives tomorrow. thermometer. probably a flurry here and there, i mean, we got it all for up, and it is a mixed bag. let's look at storm scan currently in the last kim of hours again, really have seen precipitation rolling through have i, very quickly. here's just a snapshot of the current satellite and radar. even cape may county basically wrapped up with this system. far eastern sussex, eastern, monmouth county, left over rain shower here and there, even north every philly maybe have lingering raindrop. but overall, we're done with this system. so the rain is ending even as we speak, if it hasn't already for you. but you will, how much, of course still encounter the aftermath issues of flip have i travel, damp roads obviously, and some rales. and certainly wet leaves. can't discount that, because we haven't completely gotten rid of all of the leaves in a lot of the neighborhoods, so specially there, those leaves
6:33 am
may be patted down and make it even slick her you travel over them. so please be cautious with that. now, that said, with the storm system pushing away, our temperatures are going to eventually respond. we should warm up into above average territory well upper 30s most spots, in not 40's, specking low 50's both at the shore and in the city here today, as clouds break here obviously see more and more sunshine. snow is one of the days, meisha, that really get better with time. i'm thinking of the song rainy days and mondays right now, really holds true as we start off the week here today. >> yes, and tough inches sin the jump of the morning. so the problem is, good morning, everyone, happy monday is that correct even though a that rain is moving out it, doesn't mean that we are not without accidents this morning for our early commuters, especially those just on the roadways now, what are we looking at right now? interstate 95, oh, i tell you, moving in the southbound direction at cottman, where we have an accident blocking left lane. fan there is one area on very wet monday morning, that we don't want to have an accident there is would be t and we've
6:34 am
got one. so what's going to happen? you bet we'll have some slow down, and pretty significant around the area. so if you have to head out there right now give yourself i would say at least a extra 20 to 30 minutes at least. you can see, how slow moving it is, as go past there, and you're also, we cannot avoid it, going to have gaper delays, while everyone will be stopping as they come to up where the accident is, and they're going to be tapping on their breaks, taking a look at what's going on there, so if you can avoid doing that, try not to do. that will try to go by safely if at all possible. and we have a lot more to talk about coming up in the next 15 minutes. rahel, over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank youment breaking news, we are learning that school is canceled today. for student in upper perkioman school districtment take a look, due to safety concerns, school canceled today. police are investigating a situation that raises enough concern for us to take this action. now, we here are working on getting more information, and of course we will bring it to you at home, as soon as we get it. well, more breaking news
6:35 am
now, we just got words one every president-elect trump's former gop rivals is tentatively joining his cabinet. mr. trump is nominating doctor ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. or hud. carson has been coy about joining the new administration, saying, certainly after the election victory, that he fit into cabinet style role. still needs senate approval. >> pennsylvania election recount battle has federal for today, green party presidential candidate jill stein's fight to force presidential recounts in three states continues. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has more on the pennsylvania recount. >> reporter: green period presidential candidate jill stein sending message that she is not too long september election results, at least not yet. >> right now it is not clear that all of the votes are being counted. >> appearing on fox news sunday, stein explained her reasoning for spear heading recount efforts in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. three state that have historically voted democratic for president. >> this is about responding to the american voters who are
6:36 am
standing up and saying we deserve an election system that we can trust. and that is accurate, that is secure against hacking, against human error, against machine error, and that in which the votes are being counted. >> here in pennsylvania, stein state-wide recount effort hit a snag friday. when a commonwealth court judge ordered her campaign to deliver a $1 million bond by the close of business monday, to begin state-wide recount. her attorneys plan to fight that order in federal court. they spoke to cbs-3 wednesday, after montgomery county judge dismissed their efforts to analyze voting machines there. >> we know that there has been attempt tops interfere with our elections in the country. >> at the time lawyers for republican party called stein's actions a last ditch effort to change the result of the election. >> this is disappointed electors, who their can't can't didn't win. i hate to say this but i don't want this to be the new norm. >> police say, an on line conspiracy theory led to a man
6:37 am
opening fire inside a pizza shop in washington, d.c. the intense moments unfolded yesterday at comet, investigators say edger welsh walked into the pizza shop with two guns to investigate the so-called pizza gate. it is a conspiracy story apparently appearing on fake news sites that the restaurant runs child sex operation organized by hillary clinton and her former campaign manager. >> these stories are completely and entirely false. what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and wreckless conspiracy theory do come with consequences. >> and no one was hurt inside the pizza shop. welsh, however, faces assault with dangerous weapon. and this morning, the standing rock tribe and supporters celebrating the army decision to deny permit for the dakota pipeline, correspondent roxannea reports, the pipeline would have passed through a lake on the reservation.
6:38 am
>> reporter: singing, chanting and cheers of joy, after the us army corps of engineers announcement, that it won't allow the dakota access pipeline to cross just north of the standing rock seaux reservation. this young girl raise add fist in victory. >> this is the best news that i've heard forever. the best news for native people, native country, the whole united state. all the people, the water is so precious. >> thousands of protesters have camped on the federal lands for months, they say the pipeline could contaminate the reservation water supply. that will statement last night, the company behind the $3.8 billion project energy transfer partners called the obama administration move a purely political action, by administration which has abandoned the rule of law. the company says it won't reroute the four state pipeline which was almost complete except for a segment that would run under a missouri river reservoir in north dakota some
6:39 am
demonstrators wore ted could be reversed by the neck president, donald trump has said he supports the pipeline. >> ill remain here, we will stay vigilant, until everything is guaranteed. >> the army corpse of engineers is calling for an environmental stud toy explore other routes. roxanne-a, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thirty-ninth annual kennedy center honors brought together amazing group of people. first lady michelle and president barack obama got a standing ovation, performers who influence american culture, and late show host stephen colbert, entertained, as always. >> and it is my honor to be hosting this beautiful evening. the kennedy center honors were create in the 1978 to celebrate our nation's greatest artists. and to end shrine them here, on this wall, that, again, mexico has said they will not pay for. >> winners included actor al paccino, martha, scott, may it
6:40 am
staples, singer songwriter james taylor. you can watch right here on cbs-3 on december 27th at 9:00 p.m. wednesday mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. coming up hear from survivors of the attack, and fly to hawaii for hero's welcome. plus, deer wearing orange scarf stops a hunt nerve his tracks, faces the internet by stormment the meaning behind the winter accessary. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that of course is lady gaga, performing at the victoria secret fashion show. it airs tonight, and we talk to two of the angels about what it takes to put on this massive production next. but when we brought our daughter home,
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>> group owe mars performing at the victoria fashion show. the angels went to par toys film the show. see it right here tonight on cbs-3. jan carabeo spoke with two of the angels about the show. >> so, ladies, let's get right into this. take us behind the scenes. fifty-one models, 36 make up artists, what's it like getting ready for a show this size? >> it is a crazy experience. we towelly didn't know there were that many make up artists back stage. we were like oh, okay. but the whole thing is like a huge production. and, you know, we have rehearsal the night before. like six hours. and we have lighting casts, hair make up tests, sounds tracks, music rehearsals, like everything, every single part of the show is such a big production. and there is so much work that goes into it. >> with so many eyes on you guys, do you ever get nervous on the catwalk? >> oh, my gosh, we get so
6:45 am
nervous, especiallying in our loungerie, it is very nerve wracking. we had 20 cameras filming us from every angle. so we real had i to be on our a game. we worked so hard all year to have this one moment. >> yes. >> and you will bewaring the most expensive item of the show. tell us about that? es bewaring the fantasy bra, $3 million this year, such an honor to have this opportunity, because i look up to so many girls in the past that have worn this bra. like adrien lima, tyra banks, guess he will, so for me, it was ke true. >> it is always a good show. you know it, bridges together the world not only a fashion, but entertainment, as well, who else can we expect to join you on stage? a the low of big acts? >> yes, we have bruno mars. lady gaga, and the weekend of the all so spectacular. they really brought up the energy to the show. it was amazing. i can't wait. >> definitely one of my favorite performances byto s it.
6:46 am
>> thank you ladies so much. we will be watching. >> thank you. >> a lot of -- great show even musically, see the victoria secret fashion show from paris at 10:00 right here on cbs-3. now over to katie. might be good idea to stay inside tonight, maybe watch a little show. might be little chilly. >> indeed. across the area by that point, rahel. even at this point starting to dry out nicely. and with that said, i want to check in with our ers, not completely out of the woods just yet, but we are getting there. we've gololet flirting with or actually hit being 40 degrees, that's actually where we will take you to our first observation coming it in from andy this morning, lots of clouds, 40 degrees for him down in dover, delaware, but similar value that we're finding across again just spanning from philly across the river little further off to the west, where it is 39, over just in the last five, six minutes, seen little bit every drizzle or light rain, as well, out in west chester, so again, some left-over moisture, but the
6:47 am
bulk of the system as we show in you just a second here has basically moved out. let me take you little further off to the north, one more, kyle, 38 degrees, out in hatboro area with again lots of clouds overhead. switge the radar, storm system one, just moving on out at this point. left over snow certainly falling in new england, but done with, that and only in the poconos actually. in the even paved areas. then down toward the gulf, a lot of moisture beginning to work its way, into the state, event lip, move to the northeast, and strike us come tomorrow. so, what the timing looks lick? first and for most do, have a lot of moisture to work with, the dry air is pent up across the midwest, we're dealing with the humidity, the moisture laden air, in other words, working its way in, and as it gets here, it is mainly into tomorrow afternoon. so look at your time stap p, one, two, 3:00 at the absolute earliest, raindrops start to fall in the first state and the far southwestern suburbs, once this gets here, though it, should be mild enough it is just rain.
6:48 am
even as the sunsets, look at the rain-snow line. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 at night, should be well north into the poconos, just rain for everybody else. so we go into the overnight with rain into wednesday morning, lingering shower, then that, too, is going to clear out. it will kinds of feel like groundhog day in that regards wednesday morning. kinds of like what we saw today. but, in the meantime, expect p.m. rain tomorrow. early morning shower wednesday, thursday, maybe a flurry, and then the chill really sets in, look at that, don't break out of the 30's friday or saturday. meisha? y, chilly and today, katie, looking at is the wet roadways, and it is causing just headache after headache. so, pack your patience today. certainly going to need it. bring that coffee with you. get some nice music going. this is where we have an accident blue route southbound at conshohocken, pull off to the left lane. see how slow moving it is. speaking of slow, take a look, some of the roadways, 42 freeway northbound creek road, slow, no longer traveling at posted speeds, boulevard southbound headed today the schuylkill, take look how slow it is, trying to jump on to
6:49 am
the schuylkill, very slow. delaware county typically don't see this slow down until dealer into the 7:00 hour. ninety-five north at 452, take it all the way up to the airport what you are looking ament and an accident, henderson road, closed between shoemaker road and south gulph road. heads up on that, out there little while. two accident here kind of nearby, route four # 22 eastbound the route for sanatoga pulled off to the shoulder. another accident 422 eastbound arm and hammer boulevard, that left lane is block there. so, a lot of accidents going on. but not to mention, not only do we just have accidents littered throughout the roadway, we have some construction, new offer ramp from 422 westbound to arm and hammer boulevard open tomorrow. so that's half mile west of the current ramp. also right lane blocked between sanatoga and arm and hammer boulevard 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tuesday and wednesday. then in the world of septa, patco speed line running new schedule started saturday, route ten trolley back to normal. rahel, back to you. >> busy morning, well a lasting memorial now in place though honor three year old
6:50 am
boy who police say killed over year ago. officials dedicated a bench inside cooper river park in haddon township to the memory of brendon creato. creato's body found in the woods on october 13 of last year. his father, dj creato, behind bars on murder charges. park officials hope the bench will bring some positive memories. we are remembering a boy with a infectious smile, who brought great joy to his family and to this community. and this bench represents a place of reflection rather than sadness. so that people can come, reflect on the good of this little boy rather than the sad of his passing. and they will also plant a tree in the park near where the boy was found. >> and we now know what caused the street of fill toy fill with foam saturday afternoon, a breaker tripped at the pino station, at lombard and juniper streets, releasing large amounts of fire fighting foam about the station. you can see there. about 2700 peco customers lost power. while the power has since been restored, fire crews and hazmat teams removed the
6:51 am
non-hazardous foam. dozen of world war ii veterans honored, wednesday mark the 75 anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. fifty-seven vets were welcomed by hundreds of supporters over the weekends. one by one each honor ear was given a hero's welcome. >> we continue to benefit from that. >> if they had not won that war, we would be living in a very different world. >> we have a gentleman a hundred years old, put a smile on his face, the stories these guys are telling, and the sense of humor. >> great, wise, and everybody's so good to us. >> remember pearl harbor and keep america alert. oh, it was the kick off of historic week of events. >> well, here is something you don't see every day. a man heads up for a hunt. when he spots a deer, but it is what the deer was wearing around his neck that has everybody talking. check this out. >> on the day after thanksgiving, brian powers
6:52 am
grabbed his rifle, headed for some woods east of was awe, if not for his cell phone, they doubt anyone would believe what happened next. >> all the sudden here comes a deer, and he has an orange scarf on. >> and h waleng, and i said oh, my, he must be somebody's pet or being fed by someone or being taken care of for someone. >> wouldn't be long powers discovered he had a new friend parallel on the logging road where i was off the road he stopped and he turned ' looked right at me. i said wow this is unbelievable. so i called him over. he walked right in. >> hey, you're a cutie. you're do-able. you know that? >> with one hand filming, the unlikely encounter, powers gave the young buck a head rub. >> you state rye by me, you will be okay. >> after about ten minute, the deer wandered off, but that afternoon, as powers was walking out of the woods, he returned, just in time to receive some friendly advice.
6:53 am
>> keep your head low, man, make sure people see that orange all right. >> powers said he didn't even think about pulling the tryinger. >> i don't know how anyone could have possibly shot that dear. >> since posting his video on youtube, powers story has spread all over the country. he says in his mind, that little buck scores bigger than any trophy buck he's ever seen. >> guy had a lucky day in the woods that day for sure. >> powers is hoping they'll meet again. >> unlikely friendship. that was jeff alexander reporting. orange is currently used to alert hunters not to shoot. this buck seems to be staying warm and safe this season thanks to his orange scarf. we'll be right back with three to go.
6:54 am
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>> before you head out the door here's what you need to know, three to go. classes canceled in upper perkioman school district, a situation that's raising some concern. jill stein going forward with plans for reelection recount which she will detail at a press conference today. president-elect donald trump has dominated former rival doctor ben carson to serve as secretary of housing and urban development. that's three to go. last check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> the worse of the wet wet their we had to deal with in the overnight now thankfully
6:58 am
exiting stage east out to the atlantic. that's good news. but look closely, guys. just barely light of day. there is actually some snow on the tops pavilian there at whitfield elementary school. some of you have actually seen not just the snow but mix of it with some rain, but again, storm scan's emptying out, and it is only going to get better with time here today, meisha. >> good news, because so far this morning, katie, it has been slow moving. and messy, a loft accidents out there, 422 eastbound you can see that, henderson road, south gulph road. out there for quite some time. also the blue route, southbound near conshohocken, which is causing some pretty significant backups. overall, take it slow. >> all right, well, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, across our area, take a look, "eyewitness "eyewi" downtown in the bert, for the dickins festival. community there transformed into 1840's london, the annual event includes street vendors, food, carolling, katie's favorite, and live performances, children could also take part in scavenger heart to find ebenezier
6:59 am
scrooge. scrooge. >> ♪ >> and the christmas parade. >> thanker you. terday afternoon, take a look, even our own meisha joined in. they topped off the parade by lighting tree, at headhouse square. >> oh, fun times, driving on the road in a 1956 thunder bird. >> nice. dream drive in that? >> i know! >> well, cbs this morning kennedy honors honors james taylor, talks about what it means to him, and his thoughts on the election, remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting had 30:00. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it is monday, december 5th, 2016. elcome to "cbs this morning." launched into the oakland warehouse fire that killed at least 33. neighbors say it was a giant tinder box that the city knew was a t tru launches a twitter tirade against china. the rant comesushe broke a neary dealing with china's neighbor plus, an all-star in washington to celebrate the kennedy center honorees. james taylor tells us how "sweet it is" to earn the recognition after his long career.


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