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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we are following breaking news, a new jersey state police trooper has been killed in a violent crash that also claims another man's life. chopper three over the scene, in millville last night. within the hour, the body of trooper franky williams was transported from cooper trauma as his brothers in blue offered a solemn salute. we're live this morning with more on the circumstances that led to this deadly crash. >> today is tuesday, december 6th, good morning, jim ' off. i'm joe holden.ood morning, >> i'm rahel solomon. more on the breaking news in a moment. first a check with weather and traffic. >> good morning, happy tuesday. looking outside right now, already few accidents out there. kind of littering the roadways, you know what happened yesterday. very busy because of the wet roadways, rain that came earlier. katie any rain today? >> there is, actually, but it will not impact the morning commute at least but we do
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actually have some up the and tee expectations for the p poconos, winter weather advisory issued. doesn't take effect until had today though, so we do still have window of time to just enjoy the dry weather here. north west new jersey along i80, where we likely ends up with not just little bit of wintery mix of rain, slow, snead, but modest accumulation, much or on that as the morning progresses. out the door here, storm scan pretty quiet at the moment. we do have tri-state sweep without anything to report. satellite composite over top of that, splitting the region in two, go far enough south, clouds beginning to build in. quick check of the temperatures, chilly start, not terribly winnie, but it is cold outside. very quickly looking at our tuesday forecast, though, afternoon and evening, that's when the rain, that's when the wintery mixing is going to
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take place in the city of philly it is a chilly one, 46 at best for a high. meisha, over to you. >> katie, thank you so much. so, then, going off with what katie just said, dealing with dry roadways, will help us. good morning, happy tuesday. it is still looking busy out there, so first i want to pull your attention to the vine. closed overnight construction between schuylkill and broad. westbound side, hopefully, just clearing up sometime shortly. eastbound side, usually follows the westbound side. quickly after. that will then more construction, 309 northbound, two left lanes block, see the mile marker right there, over to the far right lane, not slowing you down right now. but it will. little bit later. clear up, and i'll let you know it does, one of the first accidents of the morning, pa turnpike between willow grove, bensalem two, lanes blocked there, then another accident on the pa turnpike eastbound, between downingtown and valley hill road. right lane block, there as well, then more construction, we will be talking about this all coming up in a little bit, joe, over to you. >> meisha, thank you, following breaking news, head
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on cash killed a state trooper and another driver. >> happened last night route 55 in millville. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at new jersey state police barracks in port norris to bring us up to date on the investigation. jan? >> reporter: rahel, joe, no morning, this no doubt extremely tough day for new jersey state police. officials have now identified the troop here was killed in last night's head on collision as 31 year old franky williams, this was his barracks, coming to you live this morning, from south jersey. this was his station, port norris station, williams was a member of the 156 police class, and had just graduate in the january of this year. now, take a look at this video. this was early this morning, a solemn salute from state police as trooper williams' body left cooper university hospital in camden. williams was flown there last night for treatment but could not survive his injuries. now the 31 year old was involved in a violent head-on collision. it killed the diver of the other car, as well. you can see in this video the
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mangled wreckage in the middle of state route 55 in millville, cumberland county. the crash happened right around 7:00 monday night. for some rena man driving a toyota corolla crossed the gratz median, entered northbound lanes, that's when the corolla and marked state police car collided. williams responding to a call at the time. again, williams died at the hospital. the other driver died at the scene. that man's name has not yet been released. now police are conducting a full investigation. they're trying to determine were the driver of that corolla lost control and crossed the grass median, last night, as williams, he was atlantic county native again has been on the force for less than a year. we will continue to follow this story. for now reporting live, rahel, joe, back into you. >> incredibly sad story, jan, thank you. new this morning, fire tears through home in lansdowne delaware county. there are no reported injuries. a lot of damage to the home on nyack avenue. it started just before 11:00 last night. right now the cause of the fire in lansdowne remains
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under investigation. >> and this morning, a 17 year old boy is in critical condition after he is robbed and shot in germantown. police say it happened last night around 8:15 and fern hill park, ashley treatment teen shot in the head and hit. investigators say the victim's wallet and cell phone are also stolen. police are looking for white van that could be connected with the shooting. meanwhile, upper darby police are looking for two suspect wanted for terrorizing behind an armed robbery at laudromat. surveillance video captured the crime yesterday morning, around 4:00. police say it happened at the tnw laudromat marshall road. the employee was working when the attackers grabbed her, shoved her to the grounds, and ran off with $500 in cash, and $100 in coins. police are relieved no one was actually hurt. the best thing nobody got hurt. the victims didn't have to -- she never saw him. you can see the video, she doing her work, they come behind her. the store is open 24/7. so the doors open.
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they walk right in. >> police are offering a 2,500-dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of those two robbers. another legal set-back for bill cosby, montgomery county judge rules the star's testimony back in 2006 can be used in his upcoming sex assault trial. cosby's damaging testimony in a ten year old civil suit filed by andrea constand is now officially allowed to be used in his criminal case. the judge ruled cosby was never promised he could not be criminally charged. now the judge will decide whether prosecutors can call 13 other accusers. prosecutors in oakland, california say murder charges are possible in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. the deadly fire errupted during a dance party friday night. the so-called ghost ship had been illegally transformed into an ants. fire crews continue to sift through the rubble. as officials try to figure out exactly what caused the flames. in south carolina, prosecutor wants to retry the former police officer charged in the shooting death of walter scott. a judge declared a mistrial
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yesterday, in the case against michael slager, after the predominantly white jury reported it was at a standstill. former north charles ton officer caught on video last year shooting the un around black man multiple times as he was running away. >> president-elect donald trump is continuing his post-election thank you tour. today mr. trump travels to fayetteville, north carolina to thank supporters. tar heels state critical in helping him to beat hillary clinton last month. ahead of the event he is expected to meet at trump tower with former secretary of state henry kissinger as well as democratic mayor. when president-elect trump moves into the white house his daughter ivanka may be in washington, too, reportedly with her husband kushner. trump hasn't mentioned what role if nip the two could have in his administration, both have played critical roles advising trump campaign and transition team. >> well more than a month before the inauguration, vice president joe biden is already talking about 2020.
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he told reporters he was going to run for president, although biden did have a smile on his face. but when someone asked if he was joking, biden said he wasn't committing to not running. we'll finds out if he's serious of course in a few years. very interesting. >> just ahead, popular app, some users are saying it is a little creepy. >> also this morning, victory for a woman hoping to turn this house into a home away from home for cancer patients. we'll hear from both sides up next. >> and neighbors weren't happy about the jewelers row project before, now their anger is growing over plans to expand it.
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>> a mother is celebrating after her controversial plan her son is approved. >> she wants to open a house for out of town cancer patients and care give ers in the 200 block of chester road in swarthmore. neighbors say they're concerned. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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natasha brown captures the mixed emotions. >> swarthmore borough council members gave unanimous approval it a home converted into temporary housing for out of town cancer patients while they undergo treatment at philadelphia hospital. vote brought hugs anteriores on what she calls a victory. >> it is overwhelming. i have been nervous all day. butterflies, just don't know how it will go. you know, how it will go. i felt very positively. >> cheryle began the fight six months ago to transform this seven bedroom home at 200 south chester road into nick's house, named after her son who died from cancer at 21 years old. the non-profit head strong foundation will provide the housing free of charge to as many as seven patients and a caregiver. some neighbors were resistant to the accommodations for various reasons. >> parking was a concern, traffic, the way that the house is configured, so
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whether or not they can really fit 14 people in there with the special needs. >> neighbors were also concerned about property values being affected, as many as 23 residents were represented by jim burns. >> we are disappointed. we don't think that the applicants proved their case. >> we did everything right. we were very open and honest from early back in july. >> borough stipulations require parking plans for the home, handicapped accessibility, other measures, as well, but for now, cheryle is absorbing the moment in honor of her son. >> it is for nick and it is for everybody that follows in his footsteps and it is my promise kept to my child. i know he is smiling back at me today. >> they're expected to officially close on the house next week. and they hope to have it up and running by march of next year. in swarthmore, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the philadelphia historical commission is deciding if some of the buildings on philadelphia's jewelers row should be saved.
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toll brothers plans to nearly double the height of it condo tower on samson street would require demolishing side buildings on jewelers row, increase the condo tower from 16 to 29 stories, in order to build 109 condos on the 700 block of samson street. >> time now 4:43. >> katie here with another check of the forecast, katie, i personally felt like it was very chilly this morning. >> it was very cold. >> but that's nothing compared to what we're going have? >> this is winter chill that's about to set in here. funny, you just said to me a moment ago, is this when the really cold air sets in? not yet. but it is very chilly outside. do you still need the heavy winter coat. look at this. you have at least north of philadelphia, nice clear sky, allowed the temperatures to drop off readily. >> clouds obviously moving in, though, sign every things to come, couple of zooms will prove why.
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headed our way, through the afternoon specially going to see rain over spread the delaware val fry southwest to northeast, and once it does, it is here, guys. the rest of the day. soap, we jump you all the way to noontime. you will get through this morning drive without any major hitches here. there will be clouds certainly, but, i don't expect weather. follow in the after lunchtime that we have to worry about any of the first raindrops, but comes in almost as shield of rain, not scattered shower situation, everybody's going get hit. everyone will ends up soaking rain, but the profile of the temperatures has gun to change little bit here for the lehigh valley specially the poconos, by this evening, there could still be enough cold nare place see not just wintery mix of rain, slow, and sleet, but straight up snow that could end up accumulating. winter weather advisory today, until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, just rain, for the rest of us, how much, meanwhile, expect that rain to arrive into the afternoon it, means do you have walk out the
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door with the umbrella you will be thanking yourself later tough on hand. forty-six the expected high. tonight, periods of rain. gradually tapering off though to nothing through the overnight. really just left with clouds tomorrow. couple of showers along the way, there is the cold, rahel, you just barely crack 40 degrees on friday, saturday. so winter still coming, meisha, over to you. >> all right, it is going to be chill. one thing we're keeping our eye on is talking about the rain, the great news, if you are just waking up with us, good morning, by the way, happy tuesday to you, it is looking dry out there. morning commute hopefully will be maybe a little bit better than it was yesterday. rain still coming down in the early hours, then very wet roadways. right now looking good, ben franklin bridge looking good, quiet, moving in the westbound direction, then construction 309 northbound norristown road two. left lanes block here, going to slow you down right snow probably not. certainly will. coming up in the next hour or so, and i and i'll confirm whent
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does. between willow grove, bensalem, two lanes block there. more construction on the the pa turnpike will slow you down. coming up maybe deeper into the 5:00 hour, right lane is blocked there downingtown and valley hill road. also, more construction in bucks county, 95 north at route had 13. right lane blocked there. and then we have even more construction, northeast extension southbound between quakertown and mid-county. alternate lanes opening there. might slow you down as you flip flop around. more construction 422, and we'll get to that in a about ten minutes. >> still ahead: amazon getting into the grocery game, we'll have live report from wall street on that. >> ride sharing app uber getting criticism this morning. how you can protect yourself from what some folks are calling
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stay updated on "kyw news
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radio" 1060. also, the philadelphia school district grabs surround vale on proposal for earlier start to the academic year. people are petioning mayor jim kenney,, to ban rat poison after the death after rail tail hawk, and the average age of stroke victims getting younger, dealing with medical issues for decades. 10:06 a.m. on your dial. >> big brother may not be watching but uber might. ride sharing service just updated its app which allows to track the location five minutes after your ride is over. not concerning over customers and internet privacy expert. the rob and internet surveillance says location data is valuable, not only to uber, but, also, to several other apps and third parties. >> they're making money off of your data. they are selling it to advertisers. and, you know, quite frankly, been giving me a discount in services or not, i have personal problem with that. >> and uber says it only
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tracks your location five minute after you exit allowing for more precise pick up locations and less driver fraud. if you are however not comfortable, they manually tuning the address. joe, i've seen that show up on my phone, too. >> very interesting. locations are just -- push it off. ten minutes before the top of the hour. time for check on business. >> money watch's hena daniels joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, apparently good day on wall street. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: all around, good morning, guys. stocks rose, the dow closed at record high, banks and technology stocks led the way, and the price of oil reached its highest level since july of 2015. now, the dow rose 45 points, the nasdaq added 53 points. joe, rahel? >> okay, hena, a new amazon grocery store we're very curious about. >> everyone has been talking about this, no check out,
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customers just grab and go. this store is in downtown seattle. the service is called amazon go. here is thousand works. customers past their cell phone at a turnstile at a store, which connect them to theiramazon account, right now only amazon employees have access during this testing phase, back to you. >> very interesting. i feel like i would leave the store like that feeling very guilty, as if i had not completed the process? also very unsure of whether the cops would come after up? >> exactly. >> all right, hena, thank you. well, katie, updates our forecast, meisha has the latest on the roads, that's next. >> plus, we'll show you how two eagles players spent their day off helping the community.
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you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. only at longhorn steakhouse. >> new storm system, see it over my shoulder here, already, waiting in the wings,
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and already arriving by this afternoon. at the moment, it is just a rain producer, too warm even on south here to produce anything but plane old rain. but with time, we're certainly going to be seek our fair share of the not just the rain but even up in the mountains, very likely wintery mixing of some rain, sleet, snow. current temperature is 24. you have nice cold foundation basically to start off there, it means with chill in the air in the mountains we have to worry about the possibility of modest accumulation, maybe one to three, locally 4-inch every accumulation every rain, sleet, snow, up that way. here in the city strictly rain. doesn't get here until the p.m. hours. some ups and downs on the thermometer through thursday, then that winter chill really sets in, and it is with us right through the weekend. meisha? >> and we have a very busy morning yesterday, because of all of the rain, thank goodness, not going to be necessarily duplicate that today. already, all we are really talking about is a lot of construction, but, dry roadways, so the good news, probably leave your homes today, typically when you
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normally would, unlike yesterday, when today leave 20, 30, 40, 45 minutes earlier. what we are talking about right now, construction, 309 northbound, left lanes still blocked there. see it is not slowing anyone down. but i also want to pull your attention to fire in frankford, frandford avenue at sellers avenue, and because of that, the market frankford line shuttle bussing between frankford and erie torresdale, then train service between erie torresdale 69th street. heads up on. >> this we will be get to go, that reminding you and tweeting this information coming out in a little bit, more construction which we will all be talking about coming up in about 15 minutes, rahel, joe, back to you. >> , lou like train dough on our way out to the skyfe, live report hopefully within the next hour. >> eagles are tuning up for sunday match up against washington at the linc. >> but pair of birds are turning up for another reason. >> the players are learning how to play musical instruments from help from students in kensington to rock to the future.
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rodney mcleod, defensive end barwin working the key word. provides free music he had action to the city's underserved youth. coming up in the next half hour, the latest on our breaking news, new jersey state police trooper and another man are killed, in a head-on crash. we'll have a live report just ahead. and we have a warning for residents about burglars stealing holidays packages, we'll tell you where in some cases were taken from front porches. back at the top of the
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>> new jersey state police trooper and another man killed in a wrong way crash in cumberland county about 90 minutes ago, the body of trooper franky williams was transport from the cooper trauma, we're live at state
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police barracks with more on this deadly crash. prosecutors talk about possible charges in a warehouse fire that killed dozens, i'm edward laurence with the latest coming up. >> new this morning, "eyewitness news" in delaware county, as flames shot from the windows of this home. >> today is tuesday, december 6, good morning, i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. more on breaking news in just a moment. first, outdoors check on weather and traffic with katie and meisha. good morning. >> good morning, all right, so what we are talking about on the roadways, a lot of construction, but talking about the fire, a little later. that will hurt us in the world of septa. so talking about all of that, and what to expect on your commute coming up. >> at least things dry for now, but also something that changes, this is definitely a busy weather pattern that we are facing here every day has it own headline, and depending on region you have your own. looking at storm scan3,
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nothing to report. let's throw the current conditions with the satellite over top of this. it is sort of splitting the region in two, far enough north, nice and clear, allowing places like the poconos to cool down very efficiently. so when the rain ends eventually, yes, some snow actually gets here, those are the spots that you're very likely to see the sleet or the snow. and it will have an opportunity to actually accumulate, and we will track this in a lot more detail for you as the show goes on. so let's just gave you a sense of how the day will pan out here. eventually rain will pick up. not this morning, the morning driver not impacted by wet weather. in fact, probably don't even have much sun glare in most spots, the clouds will have built in. so that's kinds of best case scenario for you. through the afternoon the rain will be developing, the rain will continue into tonight, in philly. current temperatures, yes, it stands out like sore thumb in mount pocono, 23, more like 30's elsewhere, in the city with the rain moving in, my advice is this: take the umbrella with you when you walk out the door, you will be thanking yourself later on, meisha


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