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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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in a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> head-on crash killed new jersey state trooper and another driver. >> it happened last night, on route 55, in millville. officials have now identified a troop here was killed in last night's head-on collision at 31 year old franky williams. >> flames raised through an apartment building, in northeast philadelphia, we know three people transported to the hospital. >> a 17 year old boy is in critical condition after he is robbed and shot in germantown. >> the victim didn't have a chance. >> upper darby township police looking for two suspect behind an armed robbery at laudromat. >> donald trump has announced another cabinet position. doctor ben carson has been nominated for second of housing and urban development. carson explained he's perfect because quote he did spends part every his childhood in public housing. so get ready for our next surgeon general, someone who has been to the doctor.
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>> a lot of mixed opinions about that cabinet pick. >> yes, yes, indeed. let's not even touch that. >> a lot of mixed opinions about this forecast, too, kate. >> i oh, well done. >> that's a transition. >> segway. >> that's a very good transition, because yep, you're right. you talk to the ski lovers, there is snow on the way, awesome. you talk to me, no, not real that i into it. but, thankfully not dealing with snow in the city. actually we start things offer, also, just looking at rain from this next upcoming disturbance, and that's strictly anywhere really, problem specially outlying suburbs of philadelphia, all the way south into the delmarva peninsula. in rehoboth outside we go to the board walk plaza things have dried out since yesterday. little vessel out there on the open water. things very calm at the moment. but let's talk about that wintery werth, shall we in carbon, monroe county find yourself in a winter weather advisory, come 4:00 this afternoon as the rain over spreads the area south to north. clouds already beginning to build in, from south to north. one quick zoom out, will show
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you, leading edge of the precipitation, still pretty far to the south. so athletes until, i would say, lunchtime until the rain starts to move in here. probably little past lunchtime in philadelphia county, delco for example. but then as we get you through the rest of the day here, the temperatures certainly off to chill start. you're at 27 after all in allentown, 23 in mount pocono, clear skies will do that. little milder though, to say the least. as go into philadelphia, wilmington, or even millville. so with the cloud cover overhead, you're not going have enough chill in the air to support anything but plane rain by the time it gets here. the further north you are, though, you have the cold foundation to work with. so, around the region we go. it is actually relatively mild day at the shore, guys. watching for rain to build in, certainly the story in philly, both in the afternoon and tonight, poconos, though, you have got mixon the way there. and possibly even some modest accumulation which we will get into detail more later in the show. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. good morning, everybody. happy tuesday. looking at new jersey right now, 42 freeway northbound
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creek road looking just as it should at 5:30 in the morning, we know it will be busy specially because of yesterday, some of you waking up with us, very wet, we had some rain earlier in the morning, that slowed our commute down. what we are looking at right now, little bit better than it was yesterday. but it is going to get busy on 492 freeway, then do have this fire this morning, frandford avenue seller street. how much, market frankford line, that's now back to normal. bus routes, three, five, those are still detoured. so heads up on that. but we are athletes getting updates t sounds like they're making progress in get that cleaned up for us. accident in worcester, mill road at 40 hill road. heads up, second accident. we have three of them. one and second one in in havertown, laurence road at west chester pike, and third accident in delaware, 95 northbound, the onramp from route 896, vehicle went offer the road there. still possible, slick conditions in certain areas, still, and then some construction pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove and bensalem two. lanes blocked there, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, update on our breaking news in frankford. firefighters just got two
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alarm fire under control about 45 minute ago. >> crews are still on the scene sprague hot spots at apartment building. let's get right out to eyewitness neutral reporter trang do live on the scene, with the latest, trang, what do we know? >> reporter: well, joe, rahel, still very active scene here, fire broke out about an hour ago, you mentioned, firefighters able to get that under control in about 20 minute. but take a look, they still have their work cut out for them here. it is a very large apartment complex, here, on the 4500 block of frankford avenue. first floor is actually a pizza shop, with all of these amounts above it. someone i talk to, who lives in the building, was telling me that there are at least dozen amounts in this very massive building, you can see, that they are really focused on one part of the building there with the window burned out and several ladder trucks here on scene for all of the people who live here, we've learned so far, is that three people were transported to temple hospital, and their injuries are unknown at this point. but i was able to talk to one of the people who was inside
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at the time when this fire broke out. he said that his apartment just filled up with smoke. >> my friends, my family living there. people trying to grab, no, get everybody out. don't grab nothing, get out of here. thank god everybody's okay though. >> and we're learning right now of so many heroic actions, you know, this was very early in the morning, again, as we mentioned, so many amounts in here, a police officer just came up to me and told me that one of his officers actually caught a baby who had to be dropped from the third story window. so just incredible things happening out here. one thing we do want to note, as people are starting to wake up, this is frankford avenue right here. very busy in terms every commuting. we see the el above. we saw couple of trains going, even though we were toll they're diverting at erie and torresdale, saw several passed by. also know that the three as well as the five bus along
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frankford avenue. they'll be detouring those buses for people who take those buses should be aware of. that will that's the story here in frankford, now now, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, rahel, back to you. >> trang, incredible detail about the baby. >> okay, rahel, trang, thank you for that live report. >> time now 5:36. in business news this morning, record setting monday on wall street. >> and sotheby's getting into the psi game. hena daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, joe. stocks rose on wall street and the dow closed at record high. banks and technology stocks led the way. price of oil reached its highest levels since july of 2015. the dow jones rose 45 points, the nasdaq added 53 points. >> the service economy which includes everything from restaurants to office work to healthcare and growing at its fastest rate in more than a year. that's according to new data. the institute for supply management, non-manufacturing
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index, hit 67 points in november. that's up from 54.8. anything above 50 signals growth. analysts say that could mean stronger job growth early next year. >> you may finds an apple watch under the christmas tree this year. apple ceo tim cook says holiday sales are closed off the chart, on track to being the best ever for the product. cook's comments come despite criticism sales are not as robust as he says. a technology research firm estimated that the tech giant sold 1.1 million units of the apple watch during the third quarter of 2016. that's down 71% from the same time last year. maybe the holiday season will prove that streak has timed out. >> and art auction house sotheby's getting into the csi game. massachusetts forensic company help the authenticity of works of art, the firm helped
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sotheby's uncover, sold it off for $10 million. sotheby's looking it cut down on fraud a mid rising forgeries in the art world. and mcdonald's is work to go perk up its mc cafe brand. in house coffee brand will get expresso machines, cheaper coffee during promotional early next year, dollar drip coffee, 2-dollar specialty drinks. back to you. >> oh, that coffee looks so good, hena. >> so good. >> cheap coffee, all about it. >> cheaper prices. >> hena daniels, live on wall street, thanks so much. >> well, updating our breaking news now, new jersey state troop is her one of two people killed in a crash in cumberland count. >> i police say another driver crossed the median, hit the police cruiser, along route 55, in millville. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at police state barricks in port norris where the trooper was stationed, jan, good morning. >> reporter: joe, rahel, good morning. new jersey state police
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released information overnight on it facebook page, and already, this morning, there are hundreds of shares and hundreds of comments, and outpouring every grief from this community, as well as condolances. in that post, the police have identified the troop here was killed overnight in a deadly car crash as 31 year old franky williams, this was his assigned barracks. we're coming to you live from south jersey no morning from the port norris station, williams was a member of the 156 police class. and they just graduate in the january of this year. now, take a look at this video. this was the scene earlier this morning. a solemn salute from state police as trooper williams' body left cooper university hospital in camden. williams was flown there late last night for treatment, but could not survive his injuries. now, the 31 year old was involved in a violent head-on collision. the crash not only killed the young trooper but the driver of the other car, as well, you can see the mangled wreckage in the middle every state route 55 in millville, cumberland county last night.
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the crash happened right around 7:00. for some reason, a man driving a toyota corolla controls dollars the grass median, enters the northbound lanes. that is when the corolla and the mark state police car collided, williams responding to a call at the time. again, he died at the hospital. the other driver died at the scene. that man's name has not yet been released. this morning police conducting full investigation. they're trying to figure out what caused that man to cross the median, and hit the police cruiser, williams is in atlantic county native, who, again, was just on the job for less than a year. we will continue to keep you up-to-date on the story. for now reporting live in port norris, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, joe, back to you. >> thank you for the live report. >> and delaware county, a mother is celebrating victory after her controversial plan to honor her son is approved. >> want to open house for out of town cancer patients and caregivers in the 200 block every chester road in swarthmore. but not everyone there want to see it become a reality. >> swarthmore borough council,
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how much, voted unanimously in favor of the idea. neighbors however were concerned about property values being affected and how it would change the area. >> my reaction is that we are disappointed. we don't think that the applicants proved their case, we don't think they proved the elements that they need to prove for fair housing case. >> i sat down. i trued to have them understand the importance of it. and how we plan to enhance the property. and, you know, we're just delighted. you know, we're thrilled. >> the family will close on the property next week in hopes to have the home up and running by march of next year. and the controversial plan to nearly double the height of sam some street condo complex now getting the attention of the philadelphia historical condition. toll brothers want to increase the height of the complex near seventh and soon some from 16 stories to 29 stories. the project includes demolishing side buildings on jewelers row. the philadelphia historical commission is deciding it some of those buildings though should be saved. >> well, riding with the
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>> lady gaga, to name a few, stars seem to be thrilled to be at the royal albert hall, and looking as classy as ever. michelle obama will sit down with oprah winfrey for her final interview as first lady this month. conversation set to focus on what it is like being the country's leading lady, these past eight years, as well as her plans for the future. be sure to catch the interview here on cbs on monday, december 19th. >> well, the stars came out for a special screening of offers christmas party in new york. family stars jennifer aniston, jason bateman, courtney dance,
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olivia. the co-workers came together to throw the ultimate christmas work party to close the deal and save jobs. but aniston plays the tough ceo who is not much for fun and games. >> carol just up to no good. just pissed off. she has chip on her shoulder from just the ages, from childhood, and she is just finally having her revenge. >> and office christmas party opens nationwide this friday. >> strike a pose. madonna the latest for a ride in carpool karaoke, with james covered glenn queen of pop belted out some of her biggest hits, and oh, wow, even did a little dance while riding around new york city; of course you will not want to miss this carpool karaoke, including what did madonna say about a night out with michael jackson? i'm intrigue. you can see that tomorrow night on the late late show
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with james cord on, right here, on cbs-3. >> let's go back to the video. i want to see more of what was going on in there? >> a body pop? >> where was the seatbelt? >> that's a good point. safety first, people. >> you can't wear a seatbelt when you're twerking. >> i forgot. i forgot. >> just think about what you just said. >> conventional which is come here. >> i feel like confuse or something like that. >> did you. >> right. >> popping it. dropping it low. >> we're getting off the rales here. >> oh, okay. talking about weather now. cold out. >> yes. let's switch gears. because dow actually have story to tell you that you will need to know to get out the door. there is rain on the way. not here yet. leading edge of it, though, obvious when you look at storm scan. so, down through the virginia as, finding leading edge of the moment. all rain right now. but once it gets to us, some of you might actually have the possibility toned up here with a little bit of missioned bag,
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that's specially going to be true as you go up to the poconos, it is basically rain for everyone else, very quickly look at the wide zoom on this storm, yes, it is juice to work with, guys, lots of moisture being drawn in from the gulf of mexico, warmth as well. so we actually end one moderation on the thermometer come tomorrow in the wake of. >> this but, for now, the chill has set in. that's definitely being reflected by the observations coming into us this morning from the eyewitness weather watchers. i throw things off to the farthest north location, comes in from charles, up in bath, where it is nice and clear at the moment. 35 degrees, the temperature, did mention that from yesterday. there is actually still trace of snow left on the ground there. and the chill is certainly allowing that to stay in place. let's take awe bit further off to the south however. down we go. into the first state of delaware. it is 37 degrees coming in from john del. he just up loaded that observation within the last minute or two, in glasco. nice clear sky there. but the clouds also building, up into some of these counties, and with time, it is going to shroud over the region as a whole. let's take to you just one
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more, going little further east here, mary ann reporting at this point, actually got more clouds cover out in browns mills. let's jump it back to the radar one more time there is rain moving in from the south. so southwest to northeast, it will be its progress, bullet points, mainly just clouds this morning. it is pretty clear, the further north you go right now, helping temperatures to drop off readily. rain will be developing into the afternoon. i say you have got until at least lunchtime before you are going to need the umbrella so if you only plan to be out for somer ants this morning, won't need it. later today it, does actually turn heaviest this evening, rain amounts, at least a half inch. some of could you even ends up with a little bit more than that. looking forward, in the eyewitness weather seven day, yes, ups, downs here, i mention the warming trends tomorrow. fifty-two. doesn't last very long. by friday, we will actually be lucky here if we hit 40 degrees, so very, very chilly days coming up here. below average days, and through the whole weekends looks like we won't crack much better than loath 40's here. >> it will be chilly. all right, katie, thank you so much. so turning to the road right now, we looking 95 south at
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cottman, looking very busy. so it has been busy since yesterday. because we did have the rain, good morning, by the way, this is what you are looking at now, i would say in this area, i would probably give yourself extra 15 minutes already. we know, we haven't even cracked into the 6:00 hour. so, 59 south, right around cottman, looking busy. it is only going to get busier as we know. delaware, 95 northbound, onramp from route 896, accident here, vehicle went off the road there. and we have another accident, havertown, laurence road, at west chester pike. and we have a third, accident, worcester, mill road at quarter hill road. heads up on the areas. give yourself maybe more time in the areas. good news it is still early, however with that being said, still dark out as well. so we tack on little extra time where ever we have construction or accident. and then we have this fire, frandford avenue, sounds like it is slowly getting remedied little bit. septa going back to normal. but, the bus routes three and five, those are still being detoured. so heads up on that, i would
5:51 am
say overall give yourself extra time even in the construction areas, joe, over to you. >> meisha, thank you very much. one of the main attractions at the national zoo, getting a rounds again after life saving surgery. the giant panda is eating again, and starting to move around. doctors removed a blockage from his intestines last month. still on pain meds, taking a lot of naps. but, expert say, baebei is making progress and expect a full recovery. >> getting a look this morning at showdown between man and beast, and boy, it is some video. greg tompkins was in the out back when his dog and a kangaroo got into a tangle. now, after the kangaroo and dog went at it briefly, yes, they start throwing punches, greg, that; putting up hicks dukes, punching the kangaroo, now, of course the kangaroo stands there surprised, and turns, takes off. wait for it. >> oh, wow.
5:52 am
>> that's in us a trail gentleman. >> i'm appalled. from gilmore girls. totally. first of all i'm appalled he would actually hit that kangaroo. second every all i don't know the kangaroo was sitting there surprised i think he was about ready to put it up. >> kangaroo said see ya next time. >> they'll have a meeting about it. >> well, up next, holiday light tribute to famous musician. we will be right back.
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>> spectacular lights show in a chicago suburb, bringing in much needed donation cents for veterans. family has tens of thousands of dancing lights, all set to christmas music. the display also honors prince, playing purple rain there as people drive or walk by, they can give donation to help out the troops. >> holiday spirit is spreading throughout new york. the world's tallest digitally animated christmas tree now
5:56 am
litton tv screens at times square. the 204-foot digital tree utilizes state-of-the-art graphic designs, not to be blacked out, check out manhattan where the tower lights at one world trade center change colors. pretty cool stuff on the skyline of new york city. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news". drowsy driving. new report that is sure to gave you a jolt, when you find out dangerous, how dangerous it can be. missing just a little. >> tis the season for lots of sniffles and sneeze and what's up doc segment. doctor rob will be here with five ways to fight off a cold next.
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>> breaking news a new jersey state trooper killed on the job in a violent crash. next why the trooper may not have seen the other car coming. and more breaking news, heroics by philadelphia police officer, who helped catch a baby thrown from a burning apartment building. live on the scene. and katie is tracking heavy rain for later today. she is timing it all out. and talking about an arctic blast on the way. >> today is tuesday, december the sixth, good morning, i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. a loft news to get to you this tuesday morning. first, we check on weather and traffic.
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happy tuesday guys. roads actually looking a lot better than they were yesterday. nice and dry. >> getting busy but not dealing with rain just yet. you have until at least lunchtime, okay, so going to the gym, what's that about? no, well done, you, looking good here, hopefully you didn't have to work with the umbrella later on today you will need the umbrella. rain on the way. we showed you huge zoom on storm scan, already, the clouds beginning to lift in here, sign every things yet to come. so, we've got window of dry weather opportunity to get in your outdoor plans, get in the run. get in the errand. but, by again lunchtime at the earliest, start to see the rain. thirty-five atlantic sit, modest winds if any even in the recall, because it is a clear sky in mount pocono, you're really off to cold start today. only going to go so far t


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