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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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snow flurries this morning, and keep those heavy coats handy because the bitter blast, continues this weekend. and today is saturday december the tenth, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao but just how low will those temperatures dip? lets get over to meteorologist just continue drabick with eyewitness weather. good morning, just continue. i thought my eyes were deceiving me when i stepped outside and saw a couple flakes falling out there. >> a few flurries to remind you cold season is here. it is feeling like middle of winter high temperatures around 40. >> i'm not ready. >> i know, it is sticking around. it will be a cold pattern for next week or so heading in the middle of the month. get ready for typical winter type of wet's cross the delaware valley.
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this morning depending where you are we might see a few flurries. they are diminishing quickly. here in the city not much happening, partly cloudy skies, it is cold, current temperature at airport 28 degrees, coldest morning we have had this season. good news is wind, it has calmed down out of the west at three. wind chill values nothing terrible but we are seeing areas feeling like the teens. generally, upper 20's over most locations right now 32 degrees in wildwood. thirty in doylestown. palmyra, mount holly, new jersey. wind chill values feeling like 20 in allentown. eighteen in reading. 19 degrees on exposed skin in wilmington. over past hour you can see a band of snow showers bucks, montgomery county, even parts of the camden county, burlington county, new jersey is diminishing. perfect conditions. they may have had reduced visibility very briefly in some of those flurries and snow showers. bitter blast is sticking around. the highs in the 30's, lows in the 20's. wind calming down but those values in the teens and 20's.
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tomorrow night the a few areas could see more snow, we will talk about that in a few more minutes but today a dry day, partly sunny, we will struggle to get to 40. upper 30's in the shore and poconos. twenty's in the the poconos. again, typical for middle of january. i'll let you know when it warms up and look at more rain and snow chance necessary just a few minutes. jan, back to you. >> thanks, just continue. the bitter cold feeling of the winter is coming early but does not seem to be keeping too many people indoors. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is throughout on kelly drive braving the cold for us with the very latest. what did you do to key serve this. we sent you out there two days in a roast to cover this bitter cold. how are you feeling. >> reporter: i'm wondering the same thing twice in a rebut it is very cold out here. i don't have to tell you that. we are out here braving cold. i'm wrapped up in a really thick coat, my ugg boots which i wish went up to my thighs. it is freezing. we did see 1lone bicyclist
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braving the cold. even though temperatures are dropping and it isn't dropping anyone's spirit. look the at the video we shot, last night at franklin square at holiday lights show where families were enjoying frozen characters, at the holiday lights show. we spoke to some of them about how they are enjoying the festivities and braving this winter weather. lets take a listen. >> it is cold weather and i want it to snow. >> i'm doing the best i can as you can see. >> i think it adds, coldness adds to the the fess tifts. >> reporter: it does. it does finally feel like christmas after we were spoiled with the very mild fall, this past season. but if you are heading out the this morning i can tell you and report that you will want to layer up with your gloves, that hat, that scarves, because it is very cold, out here this morning. reporting from kelly drive i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you have to be smart bit, thank you. you are doing a great job. philadelphia police are investigating a double
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shooting this happened around 12:30 on the 3,000 block of fountain street, now investigators say that the two men were sitting in the car when at least two other men approached them and opened fire, both men are now in stable condition. also new this morning authorities are investigating a basement fire in overbrook, fire crews responded to the 5,000 block of malvern avenue just before 11:30 last night. fire spread to the first and second floor of the home, three other homes, were also damaged. a north carolina man wanted in connection with the murder in delaware county has been arrested in georgia. thirty-seven year-old rodney shelf even was caught friday afternoon in decatur. he is charged with murder in the fatal shooting on have six three-year old thomas childs. this happened during a robbery in yeadon in 2015, shelf even was found at his girlfriend's apartment who tried to escape but was quickly taken in custody by local authorities. >> initially tried to run out the back door but we had officers back there and then he decided to give up and come
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to the front door. >> he remains behind bars in georgia while extradition proceedings, are underway. family, friend and neighbors gathered for a vigil to remember a young boy last night. iain wilsey was hot the to death walking to a corner store. now his family wants more help from the the public. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer has the details. >> he didn't deserve what happened to him. he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: with candles in hand a community, rallied around family of the the 14 year-old east an wilsey while his mother made a passionate plea to those who took her son's life. >> i'm begging you to please come forward my son's sake and turn yourself in. that is all i ask. all i ask. give my son the the justice he deserves. >> reporter: police say boy was walking with a friend to the corner store to buy snacks when he was shot to death near 6200 block of brouse avenue in mayfair monday night. one of the two male suspects has turned himself in.
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>> anybody knows, who this person is, try to get this mom and family some piece. >> reporter: loved ones who lit up the night in east an's honor remembering a boy that they say loved playing football, and could not get enoughized tea. >> he was like the funniest kid, you know, i just miss him a lot. >> reporter: iain's neighbor donna said she was the person who found him and while she didn't know him well while living she cannot forget the final moment before he passed. >> i remember him. >> reporter: nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, one man is charged with the fatal shooting, another is still on the loose. if you have any information give philadelphia police a call. happening today, the funeral for wilmington fire fighter air dit hope, one of the three fire fighters who died battling a house fire in september. a public viewing will be held from 10:00 until noon at chase center on the wilmington river front. then her funeral and memorial services will start at
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1:00 o'clock. hope work two other fallen fire fighters jerry fickes and christopher leach will have a fire station named after them in the city. the wilmington city council voted unanimously on the resolution on thursday. meantime the city of philadelphia remembers fallen fire fighters lieutenant joyce craig who died in the line of duty two years ago. with canned unless hand, friend, family and fellow fire fighters came together in front of the engine 64 in lawncrest in memory of the 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. craig was the city's first female fire fight tore die in the line of duty. new jersey governor chris christie ordered flags to fly at half staff in honor of state trooper frankie williams. police say trooper williams was responding to a call of an eradic driver last monday when lloyd rudly's car crossed the center median slamming head on in the trooper's car. rudly was pronounced dead at the scene, williams died later at the hospital. trooper's funeral is monday at boardwalk hall in atlantic
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city. a wilmington county community is dedicating a wish well in memory of singer cristina grimly. wish well foundation and girl talk marlton will hold dedication at evesham library at the 2:30 this afternoon. they will accept wishes until 4:30 and then again tomorrow from 1:00 to 5:00. she was a finally on the inning ising competent thetition the voice. her music career was cut short by an obsessed fan who shot her to death on june the tenth in orlando, florida. well, president other bam a ordered a full investigation in russia's alleged interference in the election, more on that is coming up next. the plus this this. one of the president-elect's top choices for secretary of state, has dropped out running and i'm roxane a sayber i with that story coming up. and a new, freon line tool to help you find the best health insurance plan for you and your family. we will show you how it works when eyewitness
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back on "eyewitness news", we're learning new you details about russia's alleged interference in the u.s. election. as roxane sayberry reports, the president has ordered a full review of alleged hacking >> reporter: intelligence sources confirmed to cbs news that u.s. officials believe russia tried to influence the election to help g.o.p. nominee donald trump win the oval office. on friday the white house
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revealed president obama ordered a review of election season cyber attacks that raised concerns moscow was in the election. kremlin has rejected the accusations. the trump camp released a statement saying u.s. intelligence agencies are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction, the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. at trump tower the president-elect continued to focus on shaping his cabinet, he revealed that former new york city mayor rude i guiliani removed his name from consideration, for any administration post, in the meeting held on november 29th. >> the whole thing was becoming kind of very confusing, and my desire to be in the cabinet was great the but it wasn't that great. >> reporter: in a statement mr. trump said rudy would have been an outstanding member of the cabinet in several rolls but i fully respect and understand his reason for remaining in the private sector. friday night the president-elect continued his
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victory tour of the states that helped propel him to the oval office. he rallied supporters and grand rapids, michigan. >> i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled, in our nation's history. >> reporter: he introduced his pick for education secretary betsy devos, a billion air republican donor, and former chair of the michigan republican party. roxane sayberry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime the woman who successfully led donald trump's presidential campaign is coming back to her south jersey roots. tonight kelly ann conway will be grand marshall of hammington's christmas parade. conway grew up in camden county but attended st. joseph's school in hammington. parade begins at bellevue avenue in north liberty street at 7:00 o'clock. also, happening today, another holiday event, it is the an a you'll running of the santa's in philadelphia. thousands of santa's are expected to take part in the president that includes drink
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specials and entertainment. all to benefit charities across the region. now the main event is a short run, from the field house, to the electric factory, but justin i think they might need a long run today because it will be mighty chilly out there for them, at least dressed as ant a they have long pant. >> yes, santa suit will feel good. it was rough getting out of bed this morning. >> wasn't it? >> cold, stepping outside. >> it the hits you hardest specially since we have in the dealt with this in a while. >> give it a week or so and it is like whatever, just another winter day. >> we might be wishing for days like this. >> i hope not. i hope not good don't go there. >> i have been through many winter where it has been 0-degree. >> it could be a lot worse. but, it the is cold this morning. we're waking up with temperatures in the the 20's. cold these season. it makes sense. we are heading deeper in the winter season. snow guns are firing up at big boulder right the now, ski season, certainly, in effect right now, big boulder is opened for business, this weekend, and you can see, ideal snow making conditions with the cold, and dry air, in
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place, there will be a able to crank out a lot of snow over the next 24 hours, we will be able to lay down a good base. christmastime, good conditions to do some skiing and riding. arctic air just continues to settle in, first of the season, it looks like we will have another shot of this next week, it will be even colder but that cold, arctic air pushing south, jet stream way to the south, and now it is early december, so temperatures are really cold, we're running a good five to 10 degrees below average both today and tomorrow. this is typical for middle of january. so, again, some of the coldest air we have had in a while. 27 degrees in capitol city delaware this hour. same deal in newark and millville, new jersey. thirty-two in wildwood. temperatures are uniform across the region. we have a little bit of cloud cover over the region and wind kicking up a bit. we don't have that cold air really settling in some spots. nonetheless, it is cold, below freezing every where. a few snow showers earlier this morning starting to diminish, may have dropped
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visibility, i saw that in bucks, montgomery county extended in to parts of the south central, new jersey. other than that just some clouds around this morning and this afternoon we will call partly sunny. pretty quiet before our next storm system moves back in for the end of the weekend. high pressure in dominance today, providing sunshine, mixed with clouds, and relax some winds a little bit so it feels bet ther if you are outside. and then tomorrow clouds will thicken up ahead of the warm front. there could be light snow shower activity, tomorrow afternoon, mainly in the lehigh valley, poconos, we will see moisture moving in overnights, sunday night and what was rain around the city, initially starting out as some light snow, lehigh valley, poconos before it changes over to rain and warm air moves in. monday just some periods of rain especially during morning hours, should start to dry out, for the afternoon. so not much happening today. maybe a few flurries up in the poconos. other than that sunshine mixed with clouds, very cold night tonight, and even colder then it is this morning and tomorrow we will wake up with some clouds, with those clouds thickening up throughout the
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day. mostly staying dry, maybe a flurry or snow shower in the poconos. really not until late sunday night early monday morning we will start to see that heavier moisture moving in and initially could see some snow far northwestern suburbs up through poconos. accumulations best chance sunday night into monday morning, maybe southern poconos, two or three or 4 inches of snow, light accumulation, into the northern lehigh valley region. that is about it. temperatures today cold, 30's to 40 degrees at best. very cold tonight. mid 20's. even for the city, and then in the suburbs, maybe dip down in the upper teens in the cold spots and then tomorrow a repeat of today, the exception will be just some more clouds around. near 40 today, partly sunny skies, well below average. twenty-six for the city. partry cloudy skies, light breeze five to 10 miles an hour. foot the ball forecast tomorrow with the redskins in town. it will be chilly at kick off. 36 degrees. the mostly cloudy skies. we will keep it dry throughout the entire day. here's that extended forecast, 38 for the high on sunday.
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watch out for that rain, starting off as snow north and west, and periods of rain on monday with the high near 50, it will be warmest day and it gets cold again maybe some rain and snow showers on wednesday, jan, back over to you. at least it feels like the holidays, right, that is right. >> that makes us wonder if you have put up your tree yet. new survey find some americans are brushing off buying real christmas trees in favor of the artificial variety. the christmas tree promotion board says 31 percent have of tree buyers opt for real deal while 30 percent prefer a fake. 25 percent alternate and rest don't bother with one. finding the best health insurance can be complicated, confusing, costly and many people are shopping during open enrollment period but just in time, there is a new way to save money on insurance here in pennsylvania. health reporter stephanie stahl has details on the new feature. >> you can find out what plans will cost them. >> reporter: consumers checkbook and pennsylvania insurance department has a new on line compare on tool, to make shopping for health
5:19 am
insurance in pennsylvania, quick, easy. >> this all boils down into a single dollar amount that you can compare from plan to plan. >> reporter: robert crug theoff president of the checkbook says its the new tool compares plans on the public exchange and those that are not. you enter your zip code, age, health status to get started and then there are personalized features too. this takes into account the doctors you want and drugs that you take. >> it takes into the doctors you want, drugs you take, how old each of your family members are because age makes a big difference. >> reporter: checkbook comparison will provide a list of providers and estimated cost. >> it goes up to 10,000, 14,000, $17,000. >> reporter: it is not just about finding the losees premiums or deductibles, there is a feature that analyzes cost if you have a serious illness. >> you can see what the risk is. on plans might be good on average but be terrible if you have a bad year. >> reporter: checkbook has built in a variety of tools to find hidden costs and calculate unexpect prices, in
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as little as five minutes, consumers, can save big. >> many people will save 2,000, $5,000 or more by using this tool. >> reporter: checkbook provides research and analysis but doesn't do the actual buying of health insurance. open enrollment the end in january. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 eyewitness news. still ahead another holiday movie hits theaters this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, ryan gosling and emma stone sing and dance their way, and jennifer aniston and jason bateman lead a cast for an ep
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welcome back. long anticipated star wars rogue1 premiers today in los angeles. half a mile of hollywood boulevard has been closed this week because of a life sized plane park nearby. it was made famous in the original 1977 star wars film which luke skywalker destroyed the first, death star, star wars, rogue opens up in theaters december 16th. and speaking of movies, several new films are in theaters this weekend. here's entertainment tonight's kevin frazier with the preview. >> reporter: this week jennifer aniston and jason baitman lead a cast this is wild need in office christmas party and ryan gosling and emma stone show off their singing, dancing skills in the old fashion musical lala land. >> i just wanted to sing. >> ryan gosling and jazz musician, and emma stonies
5:24 am
actress both struggling to make tonight hollywood as they fall in love with each other. it features multiple dazzling musical numbers and to pull it off, stone, gosling had to put in a lot of work behind the scenes. >> a lot of singing, dancing, one with the coach, and with our music supervisor but most of the songs we sang live watching those great old musical, we spent two and a half months of rehearsal. >> ♪ >> we're having a christmas party. i'm putting on a christmas party. whatever you call it, it is not happening. >> reporter: office christmas party jennifer aniston plays a buzz kill boss who doesn't want to let her crew live it up for holidays but jason baitman and kate mccann on keep the spirit alive and it is a party like you have never seen before. >> everything that you would hope to happen in the christmas party happens at this christmas party.
5:25 am
everything you hope would happen, also happens at this christmas party. >> i love this company. >> it is a live. >> wow. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, back to you in the studio. someone will spend christmas holiday at icon i can christmas story house and museum in cleveland, ohio. a two night stay at the home from december 24th to the 26th was a subject of an auction that ended up on thursday. now winner gets to bring three guests and they will get more than $800 in gifts, including a major award leg lamp, of course. house is boyhood home of ralph parker from the 1983 film, ebay lists winning bid at $6,200. andville 'nova looks to keep their number one ranking when they play notre dame today. the game has a very special meaning for a couple ofville 'nova students. their story is coming up. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, if you have have in the heard just yet it is cold outside but just how low will those temperatures get. meteorologist just
5:29 am
continue drabick is out their life on the skies deck this morning with eyewitness weather, justin, how are you feeling. it is cold but it is not windy. we had a good breeze but now, it is battling, with cold temperatures, wind chills down in the teens in some areas and get used to this, cold air sticking around all week long as we are moving in a cold pattern for a next week or so. temperatures generally holding in the 20's but this is coldest morning we have had in philadelphia. twenty-nine in allentown. twenty-seven in reading. the suburbs same deal this hour below freezing in palmyra, new jersey and mount holly. other wind speed, like i said much calmer, less than 10 miles an hour. just slight wind chills, it does feel like upper teens in some spot such as reading, and wilmington. here in philadelphia we do feel like 28 which is actual air temperatures. we had a few snow showers, in parts of the south central, new jersey, northern bucks, montgomery county that have diminish so quiet conditions this morning in the afternoon.
5:30 am
there will be some clouds around from time to time but arctic air settles in, today high temperatures generally in the 30's, close to 40 and then lows in the 20's both to daze and tomorrow, with wind, ten to 15 miles an hour putting the values in the teens and 20's. tomorrow night there is a chance to see snow, we will talk about that a bit, but weekend generally will be dry, 40 today for the high, tomorrow colder with the cloud, highs in the 30's. we will time out that rain and snow chance coming up in eyewitness weather in a few more minutes. jan, back over to you. justin, thank you. we may experience winter type temperatures but that doesn't stop some people from adding a couple extra layers and going outside and that includes our very own "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live from kelly drive with the very latest. how is it looking out there. >> reporter: well, just continue and jan, i will get you whatever you want for christmas if you can bring back mild temperatures we have had this past fall because it is chilly out here. i'm bundled up in a thick
5:31 am
coat. my thick scarves, gloves, if you are heading out, you will need to do the same. beneath sparkling lights. >> ♪ >> and beneath multiple layers. >> i'm doing the best i can. >> reporter: many families for the the cold weather to see holiday lights show with their favorite characters fromes from even on friday night. >> we saw some snow flakes i think. >> i think it adds, coldness adds to the festivities. >> reporter: dorothy least on bundled up her daughter alyss a and brought her to see holiday magic. >> we're bunled up with many layers. that is why it doesn't feel too cold out here. >> reporter: over at blue cross river rink others welcomed icy conditions. >> i really like ice skating. >> reporter: get while temperatures are dropping, it is clear spirits are not. >> my body is cold and i want it to snow. >> reporter: so you can see a ton of people still enjoying the holiday festivities. here on kelly drive even at this hour we usually see people out and about running but today we have only seen
5:32 am
1lo this e by sickle list braving the cold so far. if you are heading out this morning you will want to layer up. reporting from kelly drive, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good advice, thanks, anita. bucks county investigators are trying to determine why a son would allegedly kill his own mother. layer makefield he township police say 30 year-old zachary cope attack his 51 year-old mother, rebecca cope in their house on thursday this happened on lower hill top road. investigators say cope confessed to the crime and they found bloody knives at the scene. >> we find mom laying down in the kitchen floor, horrible, brutal scene. it seemed like a very vicious, vicious attack. >> reporter: cope is charged with criminal homicide, and possession of and instrument of a crime. police make an arrest in the case of that stolen baby jesus statue this bethlehem. police say a woman is being charged with theft and institutional vandalism. they say tips from the public, assisted in the arrest.
5:33 am
now the statue was stolen early sunday morning from the nativity scene in the city hall plaza, the damaged statue has been repaired and now back on difficulties lays. and an emotional day of testimony in the charleston church shooting trial. jurors heard justin roof's videotaped confession to the fbi agent. for three hours self declared white supremacist explained why he gunned down nine black worshipers at the emmanuel am thee church last year. roof said someone had to do something about crime by african americans and he wanted to spark a race war. 22-year old faces death penalty if convicted. the 14 year-old reno boy who was shot by a school district's police officers this week underwent surgery after suffering a stroke, and the teen's lawyer david houston, says that the teen was showing signs of i am o before suffering that stroke, and he is recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest. houston, a prominent reen he lawyer, was hired by boy's father to defend against any potential criminal charges.
5:34 am
teen was shot after police say he threatened another student with a knife and then refused to drop his weapon. medical experts the say that the pilot of the hot air balloon that crashed in july killing himself and 15 others, was prescribed numerous prescription drugs, that should have prevented him from flying. the ntsb was told on friday that alfred skip nichols was using at least ten different drugs before the balloon hit the high tension power lines near lockhart, texas. it is unclear if nickels was impaired during the flight. residents of the gatlinburg, tennessee aimed to put last week's fire behind them as people start to make their way back to town. the great smokey mountains national park and resort town reopened to the public today after wild fires caused 14 deaths and damaged about 2500 buildings. a steady stream of traffic could be seen hitting in to town which draws more than 11 million visitors a year. two juveniles have been charged with starting the fire. today the number one team in the country the villanova
5:35 am
wildcats take on 23rd ranked notre dame. this game is about more than just basketball. pat gallen tells us why. >> reporter: reigning national champion will take part in the special basketball tournament, chloe mchugh will be there. >> i'm hure because the foundation and villanova basketball is playing in the never forget tribute classic. >> reporter: this college hoops double header from the the prudential center supports families of the freedom a scholarship fund established to provide education assistance to dependence of people killed or disable in the september 11th attacks. two families rolfed have families ties toville 'nova and invited to attend practice with the jump. she lost her father steven in the world trade center, 9/11. because of the scholarship he and his sister a alexa were able to attendville 'nova. >> just a great organization that has helped us get to where we want to be and obviously now i have graduated four or five years ago. and, without it, i don't know
5:36 am
where i would be. the obviously it is a great feeling to have it, as having a backing of an organization like this. it is huge. >> reporter: fund which has given out over 100 million-dollar in scholarships since 2001, helped chloe get into villanova's nursing program. her father dennis was killed in the attack while working with the fdny. >> they have really helped me and my family a lot, off setting the cost of my college tuition and makingville 'nova more affordable and more possible for me to attend. >> head coach jay wright spend time ahead of the saturday's game with notre dame, wright saying it put in focus how monumental the tragedy was for his layers who were too young to understand. >> it hit me when i asked my guys how old, it wasn't as big to them they were like four years old. so, it gave us a good chance to talk bit as a team. >> reporter: paul now follows in his father's footsteps. >> i work at my dad's old firm, marshall mcclean an in new york, my sister is a senior here, and she will be graduating, here, in may.
5:37 am
>> reporter: he done some so with the help of the families of freedom. that was our pat gallen reporting. great cause there. you can see cats take on the fighting irish in the never forget tribute classic right here on cbs-3 at noon and that is followed by army/navy game at 3:00. a lot of good games today. penn state fans are excited to be going to the rose bowl on january the second, but one fan, was overcome with emotion when his family surprised him with tickets. >> we're going to the rose bowl. >> isn't that great. nice way to wrap the present too with actual roses in a bowl, man's wife, surprised him with the tickets because he has always wanted to go to the rose bowl and this year his favorite team will take on u.s.c. isn't that special. well, this time of the year is so busy that even santa just can't do it all.
5:38 am
>> not only is it helping them but it helps you, fulfill the warmth, of giving during this time. >> how some of the santa helpers are granting wishes of people in our area who need a little help buying gifts and in some cases every day necessities this holiday season and how you can be santa's help eras well, that is next, plus this. i'm grateful and thankful that they can do that and in their heart they want to do that. >> christmas comes early for hundreds of shoppers at a pennsylvania store, the huge amount of secret santa donated to pay for their presents. and, it is another cold start to the day, justin will be back to tell us when we can expect some warmer weather, we will be right back.
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back on "eyewitness news". philadelphia's mayor jim kenney is criticizing a controversial plan by toll brot tours double the height of its jeweler's row project. the plan company increase the height of the condo complex from 16 to 29 stories. in his statement kenney says that the city does not have power to stop the plan near seventh and sansom but hopes toll brothers will make changes in order to continue a productive relationship with the city. well, if you plan on riding septa's regional rails, you might want to check schedule before you leave. changes to the septa schedule begin on sunday and are part of the overall improvement plan on the regional rail system. weekday train times have been
5:42 am
adjusted with the trains leaving earlier, or later, than previously scheduled. for a look at the new schedule we have posted it at cbs some shoppers at the wal-mart store in ephrata pennsylvania received an early christmas surprise. wal-mart says a good samaritan known only as santa b walked in the wal-mart and paid off almost 200 lay aways with a nearly $50,000 cashier's check. the store says they spent the evening, calling customers to tell them the good news. >> i walked upstairs, played messages and it was wal-mart saying our christmas lay away can be picked up, it was completely paid for. >> how nice is that? now this is third year in the row that santa b has paid off lay away accounts in pennsylvania wal-marts. the u.s. postal service will handle millions of christmas gifts this holiday season and plenty of letters to santa too. our vittoria woodill shows us how some local postal workers are bringing holiday cheer to
5:43 am
families in need. >> i am a single mother of four. i'm not working. it was laid off in february. i am struggling just to keep a roof over my head. so this christmas, i won't be able to do much. i really don't want to disappoint them. it will be a blessing to give them a good christmas. >> reporter: you are never too old to believe in sanity. dear santa. let me state i come to you in the most humble way. >> reporter: so this year the philadelphia main post office on chestnut street has received almost 250 letters, written, to saint nick. >> sometimes it is hard for us to really understand how privileged that we are, until you read the way, you know, some people live and the needs that some people have and that sometimes, tugs at your heart where you want to do more. >> reporter: the postal service has been helping santa make a few family christmas wishes come true for 104 years. as part of the operation santa program. where members of the post office volunteers, and the general public, are invited to
5:44 am
sit, read, and adopt the families that they read about, so then give them the christmas they only wish to see. >> the hardest parties choosing which letters to read, but, you know, some of them hits home with me because i have lost a son, so it the is especially the ones where it is a single parent trying to raise their children. >> most of the letters grab you, you know what i mean? you're like oh, my god i just want to take every single one of them and get something for every single person. it helps them and it helps you fulfill the warmth of giving. >> pretty awesome. people are awesome. it gives you hope. it gives you hope for the season. >> that was our vittoria woodill reporting. you can make holidays happier for some children in our area by donating to our eye of sharing toy fest this weekend. we will be collecting toys today the at the fill i pops christmas show at the kimmel center. and on sunday morning, you can donate before the eagles home game, at wip tailgate zone,
5:45 am
hosted by our very own meisha johnson or bring a new unwrapped toy to 96.5-amp radio let it snow show on sunday night. cbs-3 toy fest benefits families served by the salvation army, boys and girls club of the camden county and uso. if you cannot make it to these events, we have put up other drop off sites on our web site at cbs fest. plenty of ways to give back this this holiday season. justin, finally feeling like the holidays, very cold out there. >> a little bit of snow in parts of the region over the next few days, a couple chances. active pattern. typical for middle of winter and it is chill think morning. coldest tell temperatures we have for philadelphia from nature park, new jersey, palmyra cove, 28 degrees. wind have calmed down. west northwest at 3 miles an hour. a few cloud around. we had a few snow showers dropping visibility in parts of the central new jersey and bucks, montgomery counties but they have diminish. all is quiet as of right now. twenty-nine in allentown.
5:46 am
twenty-seven millville. everybody the same with the temperatures could be worse though. check out indianapolis, 5 degrees. twenty-two inialpena, 19 in chicago. that cold arctic air continuing to spill down in the mid-atlantic and east coast and settles in for the next 48 hours. typical mid winter pattern here looking at these satellite and radar you can see the flow of the wind coming from the west/northwest picking up that moisture off the lakes. we are seeing snow showers, some snow showers, were across parts of the new jersey, over the past couple of hours but they are gone now. mainly a dry saturday. tomorrow night, we will see our next storm system move in the region. so best chance to see wintry precipitation from that system will be well to our north, and especially up in the lehigh valley and poconos. mix of freezing rain and snow with some accumulation before changing over to rain. there could be light snow initially in the far northwestern suburbs of the least high valley, late tomorrow night but pretty much rain for fail and areas to the south and east. cold air is in place today. a few flurries. that is bit. clouds to start your day on
5:47 am
sunday. now initially maybe a few snow showers, coming in the lehigh valley, poconos, late in the afternoon and early evening. that is not the main event. that is the warm front. that warm front is bringing in warmer air but initially cold air in place, two or three or 4:00 a.m. we could have a round of some rain, treeing rain, snow, from the lehigh valley on northward before changing over to all rain overnight. so that monies just plane rain for your morning commute as that warm air builds in. best chance to sees accumulating snow will be up into the the northern lehigh valley, poconos late sunday night, early monday morning even in the poconos. we will see that change over to rain. there could be initially light snow, far northwestern suburbs through least high valley and rain around philadelphia and areas to the south. temperatures today, cold, it is 30's to around 40, if we're lucky. that is typical for middle of january. look at that bear liz above freezing in the least high valley early this afternoon, and around the city again, mid to upper 30's for suburbs, south jersey, upper 30's, maybe close to 40, in some of the warmest spots. and cold pattern is in place,
5:48 am
we have the cold arctic air in here today and tomorrow. that is round number one. we will get brief warm up on monday, that is bringing us rain, temperatures may be close to 50, but here comes the second surge of arctic air, for next thursday. and this one is probably going to be colder then what we're dealing with right now. we may struggle to get above freezing for highs, in a lot of locations on thursday. if that cold air moves back out for next week even, milder air tries to move back in, so very active pattern, very typical for early winter. to daze partly sunny, chilly, 40 if we're lucky. tonight 26 for city. it is cold in the suburbs. partly cloudy skies. tomorrow mainly dry at night, rain and snow depending where you are. thirty-eight for the high. fifty on monday. period of the rain, especially into the morning, and then maybe a few rain and snow showers on wednesday and back to that cold next thursday and friday, highs only in the 30's. now you you may see a lot of christmas lights around but the skies may be lit up next week, we have got another
5:49 am
meteor shower peeking but this one maybe harder to see, check this out. >> not one but two events. you will see super moon and shooting stars at the same time. >> a gift from outer space this holiday season. next week the geminid meteor shower will arrive with the december super moon, two bright objects that can be seen with the name eye. >> the geminid meteors tend to be intensely colored. fuzz are lucky when you sees a bright streak across the sky that is a meteor. >> reporter: geminid meteor shower begins sunday night will be far more active early wednesday morning. same time that we will see the super moon. meteors will be in all parts of the skies, but for the best view try looking away from the moon. also find a dark location, this is an active meteor shower with up to 120 meteors per hour. you may think meteors are size of the large rock but in fact,
5:50 am
they are tiny. >> they are only about the size of sand grains like what we see here, just about the size of sand grains but because the entering of the earth as atmosphere so fast, they create a very, very bright streak as they heat the air around them as they plunge in the earth's atmosphere. >> reporter: if you are really luck i you can get a peak at jupiter it will rise in the east around the same time geminid peak and should be visible until dawn. from the einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist justin drabick. and still ahead right here on "eyewitness news", is this rock on your wish list? it looks weird. it is supposed to be one of the hottest holiday gifts? what you're supposed to use it for and we will show you another unusual gift that has people shaking their heads too. and when "eyewitness news" continues, a local high school looks to take home another state championship. we will be right back.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
how are eagles responding sunday against washington after head coach doug pederson said some of his players did not give maximum effort against the bengals. well, jordan matthews did practice for second straight daze and listed as questionable, he missed his first game ever against bengals with the sprained ankle. eagles need him back on the field. since he left packers game late in the second quarter the eagles offense has really struggled scoring 17 points in the last six quarters. so will he be on the field on sunday at the link? >> it is still a process as far as rehab and stuff, doing stuff with the chiropractor, doing some acupuncture, the
5:54 am
tank, but at the same time, you know, as far as being out there on sunday, i think one game will help and i will try to get back out there on sunday. this is must win game for washington. they have lost two in a row and trail buccaneer for that final playoff spot. washington ran the ball right down the throat, rushing for 230-yard, best of the season. >> after that first game we did a lot of uncharacteristic things, things that we do not do and it cost us. sometimes it just goes to different things. we have to focus on that, this week, stopping the run and being physical with those guys and creating a lot of pressure and giving them negative plays. flyers host stars this afternoon, orange and black are going for their eighth straight win something they have in the done since 2002. high school football, 5a state championship game between harrisburg and archbishop wood at hershey park stadium. hand off to blacksheer who
5:55 am
goes in the the end zone and archbishop wood took the lead. to the third, we have more blacksheer. this time, a 10-yard touchdown run, the temple recruit ran for 253-yard, three touchdowns, the vikings had over 400-yard on the ground and they won their fourth champion ship in the past six years. thirty-seven-ten, the final. and this afternoon, the number one team in college basketball, villanova will play 23rd ranked notre dame in the never forget tribute classic. now proceeds from the game will go to a scholarship fun that provides education assistance to dependents of the people killed or disabled in the september 11th attacks. you can see that game starting at noon right here on cbs-3, followed by the army/navy. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. check this out a leather wrapped rock sells out while a faux beds puts cell phones to sleep. jeanie moos looks at off the wall gifts. >> reporter: gift giving has
5:56 am
hit rock bottom with this $85 stone, and before you use your phone to share a photo of the nordstrom rock, give your device a nap in the phone bed. >> two items so unique, comedians don't even have to make a yoke to get a laugh. >> this is what they call a medium leather wrapped stone. >> reporter: it had folks stumped, is it from somewhere special at least, ie the moon, somewhere, anywhere? nope. nordstrom says it is just a smooth, los angeles area stone. wrapped in rich, vegetable tan leather created by artist peter maxwell. even a store guessed at its purpose? paper weight, conversation piece a work of art. >> it looks like a bake potato in leather pant. >> rock's pairty account already wearing mere leader hose, and if the $85 medium is too pricey, there is a $65
5:57 am
small, oops, both sold out, at nordstrom on line. it is the up scale version of the pet rock from the 70's had came in the cardboard carrier with air holes. >> unlike pet rock, the $100 phone bed has a practical purpose, sleep crusader ariana huffing ton calls it good night smart phone. >> it is really a chargingtation that looks like a bed. >> reporter: it has ten charging ports, enough for i smart phone or and your tablets slide underneath. idea toys ban the phone from your bed. >> this phone bed, belongs outside of everybody's bedroom. >> of course, you can splurge and get both phone bed and leather rock, combined the two and let your stones, sleep like a rock. jeanie moos. >> if i buy a rock in the leather pouch for $85, it had better looked like this. >> reporter: new york. my goodness. i guess there is something for
5:58 am
everyone, right. still ahead, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" arctic blast brings cold temperatures to the region and that is not all. snow flurries overnight, and still ahead justin is tracking when some parts of our area might see more snow this we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to?
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