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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and a, the philadelphia region feels the impact of a bitter blast, of cold, several counties are under code blue and storm scan three shows snow may be on the way for some of us. and a fallen hero is laid to rest, fire fighters remember a collogue who dedicated her life to saving others. and back home again, the south jersey, south jersey native who helped make donald trump president gets a holiday home coming in south jersey. today is sunday december 11th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon and lets get out the door with the check of the forecast with meteorologist justin drabick. the it is brutal out there. it is so cold. >> yes, arctic blast, typical for mid winter. we will not get out of the 30's today, crowds.
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>> it is colder then normal. >> we're in the 40's, 30's for highs, and we got snow and freezing rain to deal with for parts of the area later on tonight. making it tricky later on. not much happening this morning, we're all good with just some clouds but through evening hours overnight air will be dealing with some ice. don't mess with that north of the city. we will talk bit. cold air in place. we have got that going for us, 29 degrees at the airport. the out west breeze 3 miles an hour and temperatures, everybody below freezing, mount pocono checking in at 16, mid 20's in reading, good news like yesterday we do not have strong wind to deal with. winter weather advisory this afternoon through early monday morning for areas north of the city all the way up through poconos so again, starting in bucks, montgomery, northern chester county northward that is best shot to see light snow and freezing rain. so in that advisory we will see light snow develop, later this afternoon and changing over to freezing rain at night. northwestern suburbs, light snow and ice accumulation
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later on tonight, most snow potential will be up in the poconos, two to 4 inches there before changing over to some freezing rain. areas not in the advisory mainly just rain so here in the city, liquid event. few flurries tried to develop well to the west, this is dry air, it is not reaching the ground, we could get light snow in the afternoon, not amounting to much. it is tonight the main event. generally mostly cloudy day to day, 38 for the high for philadelphia a. forty at the shore. then that light snow develops, up in the poconos later this afternoon. eagles forecast weather-wise just cloudy, cold, temperatures in the mid 40's at kick off, light breeze out of the south. we will time out snow and ice in just a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. people adding a few extra layers before heading out the door as we continue to feel these winter-like temperatures. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio live on kelly drive braving bitter cold with the latest, and it is early just after after 6:00 g
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anybody out there. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. not a soul. and they are pretty smart the because it is, really cold outside. i was telling my photographer this is see your breath weather when you breathe you can see condensation breathing in and out here because that is how cold it is but way you can handle this is, of course to layer up. i will show you. i have six different layers on, rahel, i do not like being cold. i have on a t-shirt, long underwear, i have object a fleece and then my jacket the here, our new kyw swag is double layer and i'm also wearing a scarves, gloves, two pairs of socks as well as long underwear in the legs. this is perfect outfit to wear. you do not feel anything. the great news is that the wind isn't too bad, but you can feel some of the humidity so cold goes right to your bones. that is probably why the code blue in our surrounding areas until tomorrow, in philadelphia, montgomery county, and in camden county. so if you see folks outside,
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please call authorities and let them know but this buckle up, i have, sorry, layer up, not buckle up. buckle up, do that too but layer up for this weather. i have not seen one runner yet but it is sunday morning. i'm sure those folks who do run, rain, sleet, or snow, cold, will be out here, as the morning continues, but rahel, so far i feel absolutely nothing because i'm prepared, okay. so, it is going to be a pretty decent day, live on kelly drive, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, we don't to have tell you twice to bundle up, you are on it, i love. that. all right. we will see you soon. well, new this morning a man is in the hospital after a shooting in north philadelphia it happened around 2:00 a.m. on north 24th street near ridge avenue. police say someone shot a 31 year-old man twice in the leg. he is in stable condition, at this point, no arrests or suspect descriptions. and no one was hurt after a fire in this south
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philadelphia oil refinery, fire crews respond to philadelphia energy solutions just before 11:00 last night. there they found a heavy fire in one of the smokestacks, it is under control in less than an hour. no word on how it started but according to its web site the refinery is one of the largest of its kind on the eastern seaboard. woman behind president-elect trump's victory returned to her native south jersey. kelly ann conway was grand marshall of the hammington christmas parade. "eyewitness news" reportser alexandria hoff was there. >> reporter: conway said she's still not decided whether she will continue on with donald trum in to the west wing or opt to spend more time at home. her family was with her along the parade route. despite the guest of honor being powerhouse campaign manager behind donald trump's presidential victory event organizers said hammington's annual holiday parade was non-political. nothing more than just that a holiday parade. >> we would have come anyway. >> reporter: sub freezing temperatures did nothing to stop a large crowd from lining the downtown route.
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along with hammington's 150th birthday celebration it was also a home coming for the town's special guest, kelly ann conway made u.s. history becoming first presidential campaign manager to lead a winning campaign. conway knowing these parts as kelly ann fitzpatrick grew up in hammington working on a blueberry field in the summer and attending st. joseph's high school. >> she's a home town hero i guess. she has done a great job. we're proud of her. >> ladies and gentlemen, after eight years wiz ask you to pray for our outing president and vice-president, i would ask you to pray for our new president, and vice-president. >> of course, a very important question, needed to be asked. >> i just want to know blueberries or political field, which was more challenging. >> blueberry field is what i learned about hand to hand combat. >> reporter: protesters were expected but a handful turned out with signs. they came this holiday celebration, primarily, just
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that. in speaking with reporters conway says she feels like donald trump encouraged woman to take more of an active role in politics. she commended hillary clinton for becoming the first female candidate to a major party. the reporting from hammington, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, president-elect trump is closer to choosing his secretary have of state, rex tiller son, chairman and ceo of exxon mobile has emerged as the the front runner. he is a supporter of free trade and spans i have u.s. presence in the middle east. mr. trump met with him at trump tower and an announcement could come in a few days. as you saw you on cbs-3 the president-elect soluted u.s. troops at annual army navy game in baltimore. future command inner chief watched the game with former new york city mayor rudy guiliani. president trump spent time with the broadcast team of vern and gary danielson.
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president-elect said he was neutral and just loves the spirit of the game. authorities say that philadelphia assistant solicitor duncan lloyd will not be charged in connection with the anti donald trump vandalism incident in chestnut hill. he will keep his city job. the last month lloyd was reportedly captured on video holding a glass of wine and taking photos as another man spray painted an obscenity of trump on the wall on the grocery store. lloyd has been/a two week leave without pay and must complete 40 hours of community services. in delaware, wilmington, honors another fallen hero, fire fighters gathered for the funeral of air dit hope. she was promote after battling severe burns for two months. cleve bryan has the story from the chase center.
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senior wilmington fire fighter ardythe hope was laid to rest during a funeral at the chase center saturday afternoon. third to die from the september row home fire that also claimed leaves of christopher leach and jerry fickes as well as severely injuring brad speakman. >> september 24th my world was rock. two down, seven fire fighters rushed to area hospitals. a significant turning point for not only me but entire wilmington fire department and city as a hole. >> reporter: an tone gi promoted ardythe hope, making her the first african-american female officer. the deaths are as a result of the floor collapse during the fire. beat trust fana right reese of wilmington was charged for setting the deadly blaze. among those offering condolence to all victims families is vice-president joe biden. >> she lives in every heart of every fire fighter who has ever answered the call, and we owe you the family, beyond anything that we can ever repay you hope was a single
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the mother and planned to retire from fire fighting in january to become a nurse and provide a better life for her three daughters. >> we're just really glad that we got to spend the time we did with our, and make memories that we did. mom will forever live on in the three of us and we can think of no better live. >> ♪ >> reporter: in addition took promoted to the rank of lieutenant hope was given local and national medals of honor and valor, explanation point on a 23 year career, and a lifetime of services. in wilmington i'm cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey's state troopers will gather tomorrow for the funeral on fell he trooper frankie williams at noon at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. trooper williams was responding to a call of an eradic driver last monday when lloyd rudly's car slammed head on into the trooper's car. new jersey governor chris christie has ordered all flags to fly at half staff on monday, in memory of trooper
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williams. upper darby police continue their search for the gun hand who shot one people. shooting happened around 5:00 yesterday evening in front of the store on the 6700 block of market street, police say a gunman wearing a mask, hot shot the victim in the chest. he was in critical condition, the gun man also hot shot another man in the leg. well, there is much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", twin bombings after a soccer match in turkey targeted police killing dozens of officers. the find out who authorities say was responsible. and then the face is not familiar but he has the same name as former president, we will tell you how his election the to the u.s. senate gives the edge to the g.o.p., justin. good sunday morning everybody. we have the cold air in place here comes the next storm system tracking snow and ice for parts of the region, we will let you know who sees what coming
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back on "eyewitness news" with a pair of bombings in turkey an "s" most populous city. two car bombs targeting police exploded near a soccer stadium in istanbul. it killed 38 people including 30 police, 155 people are injured. authorities say the attackers targeted a bus carrying riot police. ten people are under arrest and authorities have blamed an outlaw party which is behind a decade's long insurgency. crews planned to he resume their search later today for missing skier after a avalanche at a resort near reno, nevada. officials a two men were back country skiing in the closed area have of mountain roads
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when one was swept away by wall of snow. search efforts were called off at the day afternoon because of dangerous conditions. members of the public can pay their respects to john glenn at ohio's capitol building on friday. the former astronaut, combat pilot and u.s. senator will lie in repose for eight hours in the state house rotunda. public memorial service at ohio state is scheduled for this saturday. the event is opened to the public but tickets are required, glenn, the last of the original mercury seven astronauts, died thursday, he was 95. and he is a kennedy but no, not one of of those kennedy, this is a republican. louisiana's state treasury john kennedy is going to washington. voters have chosen him to fill states open u.s. senate seat giving g.o.p. a 52-48 edge. republican david bitter did not seek reelection, kennedy was front runner the entire time defeating democrat foster campbell. well, go right ahead, on the healthwatch, new research says eating nuts every day can
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have big health benefits. eyewitness news health reporter stephanie stahl has details for news a nutshell. >> reporter: ryan conrad likes to eat healthy and nuts are part of his diet. >> just a handful of walnuts on my cereals and maybe some almonds for a snack. >> reporter: research from imperial college shows daily serving of nuts like cashews, walnuts, hazel nuts anal ponds as well as peanuts can reduce risk of death from diabetes by 40 percent, cut heart disease by 30 percent and cancer, 15 percent. researchers from london say nuts could have helped prevent or delay more than 4 million deaths worldwide. >> it is especially well men about food stuff you shouldn't eat be more. >> reporter: nuts are high in important nutrients like poly unsaturated fats, magnesium, fiber, protein and can help cut cholesterol. conrad says eating nuts helps keep his energy up. >> having some protein and it keeps you full and keeps from
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you snacking on other things honestly. justin, turf say this weather has me feeling a little nuts. >> sure. >> yes. >> maybe you need some nuts, dealing with a little bit of snow, freezing rain mainly late tonight, offer night and early monday morning. that will be the problem, especially north of the city. here in the city, it is just rain and areas of new jersey as well but that time of the year we will talk about the wintry wet ther. it is cold. we have cold air in place. snow is flying up at big boulder right now, that is snow guns firing. ideal conditions, you know, happening for past 24 hours, cold dry air is what you want, big boulder opened again today, they have three trails, throwing down a good base, frost is opened soon as well with these conditions. we will get natural snow at poconos as well so good news for skiers and riders. temperatures cold, even in south jersey, delaware, check it out well below freezing, 28 in the capitol city of delaware. twenty-five in millville. the close to 30 in cherry
6:18 am
hill. philadelphia airport below freezing at this hour, 26 in chalfont and up into lehigh valley, look at the that mid 20's in allentown and reading, 16 degrees in mount pocono. good news is wind is on the light side so no harsh wind chills this morning. we have a ban of light snow moving into western pennsylvania, a lot of it is not reaching the ground, a lot of dry air still in place. this is a warm front bringing warmer air and that will change it all over to rain. we have cold air in place. areas north of the city late this morning in the afternoon it could be light snow. it will not amount to anything. heavier moisture arrives later tonight. here's what to speculator, this evening, into overnight hours monday morning. we will see light snow developing north and west of philadelphia, that snow will change over to freezing rain tonight. that will be the issue. could be light glaze on some spots in the far northwestern suburbs up in the lehigh valley. it is tricky on the roads. that will change to all rain, very early monday morning, and then again from philadelphia south and east we are dealing with plane rain from this system later on tonight. so let's time it out, not much
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happening throughout the daze today, mostly cloudy skies, a few flurries around, maybe steady or light snow in the least high valley or poconos and overnight we will get that moisture start to develop, and we have got that rain coming in from the city on southward and then initially, northern suburbs, berks county, lehigh valley starts as snow, we will see a pink there indicating freezing rain potential before changing over to all rain by 6:00 a.m. up in the poconos we could see rain change early tomorrow morning. commute the for monday just wet and those hours should come to an end late monday morning and perhaps we will see a few peaks of sunshine, coming at us for monday afternoon. snowfall amounts, you have to go in the lehigh valley, maybe coating up to an inch or so and then poconos, two or three or 4 inches of snow there potentially before we see that change over to rain. ice amounts, again, they will be light but it only takes a little bit to make things tricky. the less than a tenth of an inch expect at the poconos. this will expand into berks county abe lehigh valley as well and we should see a brief period of freezing rain.
6:20 am
temperatures today stuck in the 30's just because of the clouds and that arctic air in place abe then, temperatures rise overnights, as warm front lifts through that is why we will get that change over and then tomorrow morning we will wake up generally around 40 degrees, but we're close to 50 and well to the 50's for highs, monday afternoon into south jersey and delaware, enjoy that, because this is no 50's coming at us any time soon after that. i will show thaw in the seven day forecast. the cloudy to day, light snow to the the north, 38 degrees. tonight is main event, we will see that rain, freezing rain, well north and west with the a low of 36 initial is initially and those temperatures climb after midnight. tomorrow, period of rain mainly during the morning with a high near 50, cool back down to the 40's, maybe a snow shower coming at us, wednesday afternoon, and then, a big blast of arctic air coming in colder then this weekend, highs on thursday, rahel, 30, probably not even get to freezing and stays cold, at daze another system that could start off as snow before changing to rain. >> we have nothing to look forward to monies 50's and it looks like we have some rain,
6:21 am
yes. >> okay, all right, justin, thank you for that. who will daze shopping season is in full swing and millions of americans are searching on line for the perfect gift, but as jamie you kiss report that a lot of people are shopping when they shouldn't be and that is a problem. >> do you do on line shopping at work. >> i do, yes, do i. >> reporter: does your boss know do you on line shopping at work. >> now he knows. >> reporter: kerry is far from alone, a new survey from career builder found more than half of the workers, do some holiday shopping, at work. 3 percent more than last year. >> it will be on its way to my home. >> reporter: corry sanchez sneaks his purchases on his phone, when he is on the job. >> i'll rush in the bathroom, and i will say shop, put it in the cart, once it is in the cart, it is mine. >> reporter: some spend even more time on line, 43 percent of workers say they log on for an hour to shop. >> i swear, a package shows up
6:22 am
at our door every day because my husband is on amazon every day of the week. >> reporter: employers seem to be on to their workers. have you ever on line shopped at work. >> i have. >> reporter: does your boss know? >> i am the boss. >> reporter: some aren't as forgiving, 11 percent say they fire someone for holiday shopping on the internet while at work. and 54 percent said their organizations blocked employees from accessing certain websites but that won't stop many workers from making their list and checking the twice. is there anything you are shopping for? >> a jacket, something to keep me warmer then i am right now. >> i need some shoes, some boots. >> reporter: hunter is just one of the millions of americans who make it their job to find who will will day deals. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> who would ever shop at work. all right. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning bringing a piece of philadelphia history back to life. an archeological dig uncovers
6:23 am
priceless treasures 57 boxes of artifacts returned to the place where they were discovered at the site of the 17th century tavern. and check your septa schedule why the transit agency is making changes on its regional rails coming up in our next half an hour, we will be right [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd.
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john mcdevitt shows us mess significant find. >> boxes of artifacts were being returned, and unpacked at future home of the museum of the american revolution, before construction began, 82,000 pieces of artifacts were dug up, found two summers in brick lined and well shafts. one of the significant find a half painted english bowl, believed to be from the home of the humphrey's where the museum building sit right now. but other things excavated from the property prompted a further investigation. >> some of these artifacts and there are 102 bottles, i can't remember how tankers, but a lot of drinking paraphernalia, it was supposed to be a house site. we knew mr. and mrs. humphrey lived here but this didn't look like any other house. >> reporter: mary humphreys was convicted and jailed for running an illegal tavern in the front room of her home. we're in the lower level of the museum of the american revolution, this is the very spot, the pit where humphrey's artifacts were discovered. another exciting find that
6:27 am
stood test of time, names, as the class from three window paynes, believed to be from those who frequented the tavern. revolutionary graffiti. >> yes, exactly. so we were able to identify several names, and then trace where they lived, in the neighborhood. >> reporter: museum of the mourn revolution is taking shape, scheduled to open april . john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looks good. in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", this man, this man, may be president-elect trump's choice for cabinet level job, find out which one. green party awaits a judge's ruling on a recount of pennsylvania's presidential election. why time is running out on a decision. and if you're going to the eagles game, word to the wise, dress warm, justin drabick's eyewitness weather coming up this sunday mor
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wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. today is sunday december 11th, good morning i'm rahel solomon it has been so cold lately, lets get out to justin drabick on the skies deck with eyewitness weather to see a change coming. what do you think. >> with this cold air in place, that means wintry precipitation. that is not a good thing. we have one mild day this week and another hit of arctic air comes at us, we will talk about that later in the show. all quiet, it is cold just like yesterday. wind is calm.
6:31 am
no harsh wind chills but actually our temperature town in the mid 20's up in berks county and allentown this hour. 29 degrees officially at the airport. five in millville. we have cloudy skies now we're dry but later this afternoon winter weather advisory go in east affect for areas north of the city up in the poconos but it is later on tonight, overnight, when we will see heavier precipitation start to arrive. in the advisory we have a chance for light the snow and freezing rain especially tonight, and then there could be light snow and ice accumulations in the far northwestern suburbs and best chance for accumulating snow will be in the poconos where two to 4 inches could fall between overnight the hours. storm scan three is showing cloud, light the snow showing up to the south and west and that is not reaching the ground. air is just too dry but in the afternoon could be a few snow showers north of the city but main event doesn't get here until tonight. so generally cloudy day, upper 30's, that is it for high temperature around philadelphia, 40 at the shore. twenty's in the poconos. better chance to see that
6:32 am
light snow during the day and eagles game, it stays dry, and just dress, for some cold temperatures, game time temperature is 34 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies and wind stays light out of the south at five to some. we will talk about that next arctic blast and when storm system moves out in eyewitness weather in a few minutes. rahel, back over to you. >> dress for the cold and bring a blanket too. as we heard from justin the philadelphia region continues to feel bitter cold temperatures, forking some to dig out their hats, gloves, scarves, whatever you have before you head out the door. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from kelly drive to give us the latest, and cherri, i don't have to tell you i have mastered the art of bundling up, good morning. >> good morning, rahel. it is because i'm a much nicer person when i'm warm. so i took a lot of precaution this is morning. i have several layers on, and as you can see, we have on our new kyw news radio swag and i decided to swear long underwear, i have on a
6:33 am
t-shirt, i have on a turtle neck sweater as well as a fleece and then we have two coats that have a fleece that go in the lining of the outer coat. i have on gloves, two pairs of socks, long underwear and thick jeans today. this is the perfect outfit, i think for being out here because when you are along the water you can really feel the cold, it goes right to the bones. and that is probably why we have only seen one runner this morning. she kind of flew by us were not trying to stop abe i don't blame her get that run in and then more you stand still the more you feel the cold but the good news is, rahel, that there is not a lot of wind. my hair isn't moving. that is a wonderful thing. but you can feel that there is some humidity in the the air, which makes the cold kind of stick to us and you can feel it. so there are two options to day either bundle up or stay home and drink hot chocolate.
6:34 am
there is a code blue in our area also in montgomery county, camden county and philadelphia county so if you do sees someone make sure you call authorities but you can always just kind of stay home, get that nice, warm blanket and watch us, and i'll tell you how cold it is and rahel, yes, i do not play when it comes to wintry weather because you always want to sees a smile on your face and don't want to be live on kill i drive, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm with you, it is a good thing for everyone when i'm warm. i'll second. that we will see you soon. switching gears now president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour this week visiting states he won in the election. he will be in wisconsin tuesday night and hershey, pennsylvania on thursday. and as wendy gilette reports the president-elect is closer to choosing a secretary of state. president-elect donald trump transition team is disputing an intelligence assessment that russia tried to influence the u.s. presidential election and get the mr. trump elected.
6:35 am
the news was first reported friday night the by washington post, after the cia shares a secret assessment with a group of u.s. senators. transition team released a statement saying these are same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction, the election ended a long time ago. >> transition team and trump himself are going to do partisan lens regardless of what the results are and are going to say thinks a attempt to delegitimized his win. >> reporter: saturday mr. trump met with rex tillerson for the second time. cbs news has learned that tillersonnies mr. trump's top candidate for secretary have of the state. >> basically, we will see what happens. >> reporter: an announcement could come as early as next week. >> reporter: president-elect left his home at trump towers early saturday afternoon for downtime to enjoy one of the country's great college football rivalries. the president-elect sat for part of the army/navy game in the box of the west point graduate david urban. he spent time in the box of
6:36 am
the retired marine lt. col. oliver north an anapolis graduate. he gave an interview with cbs sports. >> i love the armed forces, love the folks are spirit is incredible. >> reporter: mr. trump said he was neutral on the outcome of the game. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". starting to day septa has made changes to the regional rail schedule, transit agency says changes are part of the overall improvement to the regional rail system. septa is also adjusting weekday train times, for a look at the new schedule we have pose he had it on cbs the push for a statewide recount in pennsylvania will be in the hand of the the federal judge in philadelphia tomorrow. jill stein's green party wants to determine if election computers were hack. attorneys for trump campaign says stein lacks evidence of tampering, stots must certify they're lex result by tuesday. youngsters are getting what they want this holiday season thanks to the generosity of their community, and those who protect and serve. "eyewitness news" reporter a
6:37 am
neat a oh went along on a shopping spree in chester county. >> reporter: with sirens blaring, dozens of coatsville area police officers swarmed the parks and wal-mart sat the daze morning. but this was no ordinary scene. >> big high five, all right. look at that. >> reporter: it was 14th annual shop with the cop event. >> thanks to generous donations and fund raising over past year, coatsville area police and their partners were able to shop with 78 disadvantaged children spend $125 worth of christmas gifts. >> in total, with public safety group raised $16,000, to help sponsor the event, and any left over money goes to the the organization coatsville kids to college. >> i just tear up talking about it, because it is just so nice. there is children that haven't even had food at home and some of them wanted to shop for
6:38 am
groceries. >> reporter: not so for ariana jackson who pick out an emoji backpack. >> i had 99 teddy bears and thinks 100. >> reporter: but she didn't stop there. >> this is for my mom, this is for my niece, because i love her. >> is this it. >> corporal paul helping doug jacks find both items on his wish list. >> is that the color you want. >> reporter: smart watch and very specific rel helicopter. >> it can fly or drive. >> reporter: while santa's elves were busy wrapping, it was clear doug has a heart for others too. >> i wanted to buy something for your daughter. >> reporter: but more than just christmas gifts, doug found something else. >> what did you want to do, when did you decide to become a cop. >> just right now. cops are my favorite because they save peoples lives. >> reporter: moments like these that make the job even more rewarding for sergeant roger allin. >> would i like to add $10,000 so we can double this next
6:39 am
year. in parkesburg, neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very sweet, so exciting. we have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", out with the old and in with the new, tv give new meaning to the term vast waste lands. how effort created a new, bigger problem in new jersey. and a light show courtesy of mother nature, where this amazing view comes from. and, are you going out is this well, bundle up, and do it in layers, justin drabick's eyewitness forecast is just minutes (vo) at friskies, no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. new friskies tender and crunchy combo. tasty textures cats gotta have. friskies. for cats. by cats.
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how about this sight, mother nature's beauty on display in fin land. stunning views of the northern lights, were captured on camera just south of the arctic circle, swirls of the green in the sky, prompted people to rush outside, to get a look. i would rush out the side to see that too but if you are rushing outside around here, grab your coat, hat, gloves. >> yes. >> long johns. >> you may need that to stay out for an extended time today. temperatures, well below freezing, arctic air in place all week long not going anywhere anytime soon. overnight the tonight we will get milder air in here but overall pattern staying cold as we head toward middle of the month. look at these temperatures well below freezing. philadelphia 29. yesterday morning we got down to 26. we did hit 26 again, this morning. so that is coldest temperatures we have dealt with this season. twenty-four in allentown. sixteen in mount pocono. you can see cold air particular air just stuck over the northeast and
6:43 am
mid-atlantic. richmond at 28. sixteen in albany. there is milder air with the next storm system that will move in late tonight the but still we have cold air in place, suburb, so we will get moisture in here and it will fall in the form of light snow and freezing rain for the region. it stays cool like i said overall pattern. average high 46 degrees, not enclose, we are stuck in the 30's. tomorrow we will get up to 50. we will go above average but by end of the week another shot, sort of really cold air builds back in and we will struggle to get near freezing for highs by the end of the week. here's our next system initially a warm front. we will have light snow showing up. not all reaching ground, some in western pennsylvania and stuff moving into the lower susquehanna valleys but very dry. east van rating before reaching the ground. maybe a stray snow shower or two later in the morning and afternoon north of the city. it will not amount to much. later tonight with the heavier moisture building in. timing things out in the afternoon, based on light the
6:44 am
snow showers north of the city, tonight we will see light snow, change to go freezing rain from the northwestern suburbs off through poconos, rain every where else and then everybody sees rain early on monday morning, as it end, at mid to late morning on monday, to monday afternoon seeing a lit built of sunshine. the here's high pressure lock nothing the cold air, initially light moisture moving in but we have i stuff comes in overnight, and frozen precipitation, north of us, initially changing over to all rain as that warm front brings warm air in, and then cold front passes by, and then we will see another shot, building in the middle of the week. the stays dry through much of the weekend and next weekend we will talk about another system. how much snow will we talk about? maybe a coating to an inch, far northern and western suburbs, northern bucks, montgomery and lehigh valleys but better chance to see accumulating snow in the money mountains two. to 4 inches of snow. problem is freezing rain. maybe a little glaze on the road, up in the lehigh veil, northern bucks, montgomery and chester county.
6:45 am
that is enough to cause a problem. temperatures today, 30's. so it is cold. look at these highs just slight liz above freezing in the least high valley, mid 30's and upper 30's around philadelphia, similar temperatures into south jersey, even on the coast, getting close to 40 degrees but then temperatures will rise overnight. that is why we have seen a change over to rain. don't get used to the milder temperatures, by thursday here's the arctic blast number two, it is even colder. temperatures ten to 15 degrees, below average. so remember we should be in the mid 40's. that puts us in the lower 30's into the 20's for highs, in some locations, and so today, generally cloudy, a few light snow showers to the north and then 38, steady precipitation arrives tonight, watch out for freezing rain, well north and west of the city, initially temperatures in the mid 30's, they will climb overnight. fifty's on monday with morning rain and cool it back down in the middle of the week, snow shower wednesday, and next saturday we will watch another storm, could start off as some snow before changing rain, rahel, back to you. time right now is 6:45. the lets check on those roads with amanda muhler in the
6:46 am
cbs-3 traffic center, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're looking good out there but we have one incident in new jersey, we're talking about the on the atlantic city expressway westbound, that is on ramp to the black horse pike, and one lane is blocked there so do be ready for some delays heading out in that area. checking out mass transit, everything is running on schedule this morning, however, if you are a regular regional rail passengers it is a big announce. , just check your schedule for upcoming week because starting to day, septa is implementing new schedules for those lines, if you want more information on those changes, visit our web site at cbs taking a look at i-95 at broad, most roadways are looking exactly like this, they are clear, and your majors are all looking good, vine, schuylkill, 30, 202 turnpike. i'm amanda muhler, now rahel, back to you. well, if you asked santa to bring you a shining new tv you will probably end up throwing away an a old one. but as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us, the place where many of them are ending up is causing big problems for county
6:47 am
governments. >> reporter: at one time a prized possession at one time eventually tv get replaced. where they end up in new jersey it is complicated. >> this is a backlog of electronic waste that we received since about march 206. >> reporter: this tv waste land at cape may county municipal utilities authority is only about a fifth of the old tv's and computers they are stuck storing right now. >> certified recycler, went away and we, we were left holding the bag. >> reporter: so, six years ago new jersey put a ban on dumping old tv's and computers in landfills to stop lead and other toxins from going in the environment, but the state also enacted a program that requires making manufacturers pay the cost to recycle large electronics. >> it was working initially and then, because of the expense of the glass. >> reporter: costs went up, experts say manufacture are paid less and counties and towns have had tough times finding recycling companies to take the old tubes.
6:48 am
some counties like camden and gloucester stopped taking tv's this year, although some stores and non-profits will accept tv's, illegal dumping is common outcome and problem business to get worse. >> we get super bowl, we have christmas coming up, you have these dinosaurs coming out of peoples houses. >> reporter: last january, governor christie pocket vetoed a bill to overhaul electronic recycling program. three weeks ago lawmakers passed it again but yet to sign. >> it is a very obvious need. >> reporter: cape is cape may county says if the governor does not sign updates to the recycling program, they are going to keep running deficits. they do not want to stop taking tv's from people throughout the county as the pile will just get bigger and bigger. in cape may county, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lot of tv's there. still to come this morning what could make carson wentz job easier as eagles face washington, that is straight ahead in "eyewitness sports". and hero's helping with the holidays a special shopping trip for south injuries i youngsters when "eyewitness news" continues.
6:49 am
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eagles look to end three game losing streak this have afternoon when they play washington at link. all signs point to ryan and jordan matthews being back in the line up. that is good news for carson wentz. the it has been a licensing season. he is in the used to losing. he lost five times in north dakota state, he lost seven times this season were four more games on the schedule. so has losing, started to bother him. >> i'm wired to be a winner. i hate losing. but you know at the same time it doesn't affect us going
6:52 am
forward. i though it doesn't affect me. i can probably say same thing for guys in the locker room. you cannot waiver or change how awe approach things and go about your business, win, lose or draw but at the same time without a doubt, we don't like losing around here. >> so, will bird beat washington? first time since september 2014, join us at 11:30 sunday sports kick off. don bell, voice of the eagles merrill reese, pat gallen and me, we will be live from the link at 11:30 on cbs-3. flyers are in detroit to play red wings this afternoon for first six weeks of the season they were inconsistent but for last two weeks they have found their groove winning eight straight beating the stars down at the center. even santa, at the game hoping to see flyers get a win. flyers down one to nothing in the first, power play, jay voracek shoots, brayden schenn with the redirects goal and the game, tied. flyers down a goal in the third, and voracek and schenn, struck again, brayden with the second power play goal of the game. game tied again. the just over two minutes left
6:53 am
in the game, schenn comes through again, this is his second career hat trick all three goals on the power play. steve mason, 21 saves, the flyers win eight in a row which is something they have not done since 2002. four-two the final. >> even better, you know, but it comes after a winning effort, come from behind in the end. it is nice. >> we have that winning feeling. the nice feeling to have in the locker room. and, we're finding ways to win right now. >> it was battle of two unbeaten teams, top ranked villanova and 23rd ranked notre dame in the the never forget tribute classic. josh hart had a career day to give 'nova the win. cats down by five, hart drives to the basket weaves his way through and scores. that cuts the lead to three. next villanova possession, josh drives, and then spins, scores, cats trailing by one.
6:54 am
career high with 37 points. and then under three minutes left in the game, cats now with the lead, and the big smooth, chris jenkins scores, and is fouled. villanova is ten-zero on the season. seventy-four-66 victory in newark, new jersey. temple facing depaul in the hoop hall miami invitational, owls taking control, first half temp up nine, austin with the three, and then the owls lead by a dozen. chip scored 15 points. next temple position it is obe, tries three pointer from the same spot, it is good. temple beats depaul 74-65. they will face number oneville 'nova tuesday night. sixers are also in the motor city where they will play the pistons. nerlens noel will be available to play he has been out all season with the knee injury but joel embiid will be missing the game with the inflamed he will both. make up gain with the kings will be january 20th. it was pose owned last month after moisture made conditions
6:55 am
too dangerous to play. army/navy, the mid ship men have won last 14 games. army with the ball, brad shaw with the keeper finding his way in the end zone. they hold to beat navy for first time since 2001, 21-17 the final. >> the winner is lemar jackson of university of louisville. >> lemar jackson of louisville became youngest winners of the heisman trophy just 19. he accounted for 51 touchdowns for cardinals, averaging, 410-yard per game, in total offense. and congratulations to st. joes prep, they 6a state championship. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal. have have a great day. go bird. it is looking like holiday season in philadelphia's fairmount park. young children carved out an ice car syringe demonstration as part of the winter wonder land celebration at smith memorial playground and playhouse. children had a fun time building ginger bread houses, peco helped make last night's
6:56 am
winter wonder land celebration, possible. and, the count down to christmas is on, and holiday shoppers are again, out in full force, this weekend. gloucester township police officers took some deserving children shopping at the target, on berlin cross keys road. thinks part of the department's heroes and helpers program. the children also had lunch with the police officers at nearby chick-fil-a. cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fest is underway and you can be part of the effort to help area families. all you have to do is bring a new unwrapped toy to any of our partner locations or you you can join us at one of our toy fest events to day we are collecting toys at 11:00an at 94 wip tailgate zone at wells fargo center. while there say hello to our meisha johnson or tonight at 6:00 head to the 96.5-amp radio let it snow show, at the bb and t pavilion. for more details go to cbs fest. and that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 but here's what we have at 7:00,
6:57 am
don't worry, be happy, that is how the song goes, right? it turns out is there something to be said about that being happy apparently can actually change your life. find out the how when stephanie stahl's has her heart are health report. stolen presents, police now say the thief with truckload of holiday deliveries, but what the officers did next, that is bringing joy to the neighborhood. and, wintry mix is heading this way, justin drabick let us know when and which areas will see snow. we will be right
6:58 am
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7:00 am
storm scan one shows snow may be heading our way fire fighters remember a collogue who dedicated her life, to others. and, a home again, woman who helped make donald trump president gets the holiday home coming in south jersey. it is sunday december 11th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. lets get out the door with the check of the forecast with justin drabick. you may be tracking maybe some freezing rain, and it depend on where you are. >> it will be north of the city, late tonight, overnight to early monday morning, we have a cold air in place, it is not going anywhere anytime soon, we will get our next storm in here. we will get wintry


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