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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 11, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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storm scan one shows snow may be heading our way fire fighters remember a collogue who dedicated her life, to others. and, a home again, woman who helped make donald trump president gets the holiday home coming in south jersey. it is sunday december 11th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. lets get out the door with the check of the forecast with justin drabick. you may be tracking maybe some freezing rain, and it depend on where you are. >> it will be north of the city, late tonight, overnight to early monday morning, we have a cold air in place, it is not going anywhere anytime soon, we will get our next storm in here. we will get wintry
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precipitation, heads up traveling north of the city later on tonight. winter weather advisory will go in effect later today. we will talk about it. this morning the not much happening, it is quiet, cold, wind are light, cloudy skies, over center city and will stay like that throughout the day-to-day. up to 30 degrees. southwest breeze at 3 miles an hour so wind chill value is actual air temperature. temperatures across the region everybody still below freezing, 25 this allentown, reading, 17 in mount pocono. later this afternoon through early monday morning winter weather advisories in effect from the suburbs to the poconos, best chances to see wintry precipitation. so in the advisory, especially later tonight, light snow changing to freezing rain. there could be light snow and ice accumulation, even in the northwestern suburbs, and there called could be enough ice out there to cause problems on the roads. best chance to see snow accumulation will be in the poconos getting two to 4 inches of snow. light snow showing up on radar across western and central pennsylvania, and a lot of it not reaching ground, air is
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just too dry. light stuff with the warm front and really main event arrives later tonight. today mainly dry day, 38 for the high for philadelphia and cloud, and dry at the shore with 40 degrees for temperature this afternoon up in the poconos we are stuck in the 20's, better chance to see light snow this afternoon. eagles forecast it is cold, and dry, kick off temperature is 34 degrees. we will stay in the 30's throughout the day. we will talk about another arctic blast in the seven day, that is coming up in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. thank you, just continue. as justin just mentioned the philadelphia region continues to feel bitter cold temperatures this morning and many will to have bundle up before heading outside. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live on kill i drive and at 6:00 we will have a hard time finding any runners, do you find anybody right now. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. we have found a half dozen folks so far had run by here, mostly going pretty fast trying to stay warm. they are all layered up. they have on long pants, and they have on something covering their heads, and long
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sleeve jackets. what i have been told by few runners we have seen is that this weather is pretty good for athlete, it is more dangerous when you have the heat outside and you are dealing with heat stroke but with this they can generate body heat and keep going. i saw one guy on the bike, that was the one gentlemen that we saw out here, and they are enjoying this chilly weather, and what we have been doggies dealing with the weather, both my photographer and i is by layering up. i have six layers on. i have a sweat shirt on, a fleece sweat shirt, underneath that, and i have on kn it turtle neck, long underwear, t-shirt and then, of course, our kyw swag which has two parts, to it, to keep me warm. we're wearing gloves which most of the runners haddon today. as well as insulated boots and long, thick socks. if do you that, you'll be
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fine. otherwise stay home. there is a code blue both here in philadelphia county, montgomery county as well as camden county. if you see someone out there on the streets, make sure you call authorities, but other than that i mean, the good news is, rahel there is not a the lot of wind so your hair will do great in this weather, just as long as you bundle up and deal witt and prevent yourself from getting too cold. live, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> always looking on the bright side, cherri, good hair day. all right, thank you. well, new you this morning an electrical issue at this south philadelphia peco station, brought out fire and hazmat crews. peco service center is on the 800 block of schuylkill avenue. upon arrival, crews determined it was not a hazmat situation, just an electrical issue with live smoke. it was placed under control 59:30 with no injuries but no word on the cause of this incident. also new this morning a man is in stable condition, after a shooting in north philadelphia, it happened around 2:00 a.m. on the 1400
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block of north sideham street. someone shot a 31 year-old man twice in the leg, and still no suspect or suspect descriptions. and a late night fire at this south philadelphia oil refinery leaves no injuries, fire cruise where is called to philadelphia energy solutions, at passyunk and schuylkill have avenues just before 11:00. there they found a fire in one of the smokestacks, which they put out in under an hour. the cause of the the fire has not been released. would the man behind president east electric trump's victory returns to south jersey. kelly ann conway was grand marshall at the hammington christmas parade. alexandria hoff was there for festivities. >> reporter: conway says she has not decided whether she will continue on with donald trum in to the west wing or opt to spent more time at home. her familiar liz was with her along the parades route. the despite evening's guest of honor being powerhouse campaign manager behind donald trump's presidential victory, event organizers say hammington's annual holiday
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parade was none in political, nothing more than just that a holiday parade. >> we would have come anyway. >> reporter: sub freezing temperatures did nothing to stop a large crowd from lining the downtown route. along with hammington's 150 birth the day celebration, it was also a home coming, for the town's special guest, kelly ann conway made u.s. history becoming first female presidential campaign manager to lead a winning campaign. conway, known in these parts as kelly ann fitzpatrick grew up in hammington working on a blueberry field in the summer and a tending st. joseph's high school. >> she's a home town hero i guess. she has done a great job. we're proud of her. >> ladies and gentlemen, after eight years would i ask you to pray for our outing president and vice-president, and i would ask you to pray for our new president and vice-president. >> reporter: of course, very important question needed to be asked. >> i just want to know blueberry field or political field what was more challenging.
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>> blueberry field is where i learned hand to hand combat the. >> reporter: protesters were expected but just a handful turned out with signs making this holiday celebration, primarily, just that. it the is in speaking with report their conway said she feels like donald trump encouraged woman like herself to take an active role in politics. she commended hillary clinton for becoming first female candidate to a major party. reporting from hammington,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president east electric donald trump is pushing back this morning, against claims that russia worked to get him elected. meanwhile he is close tore nominating a secretary of state rex tiller man, chairman and ceo of exxon mobile is leading candidate. he is a supporter supporter of u.s. trade but critics are raising questions about tillerson's business ties with russia. mr. trump met with tillerson at trump tower yesterday
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morning, an announcement could come this week. as you saw on cbs-3 the president-elect soluted u.s. troops at annual army/navy game in baltimore. the future command inner chief watched some of the game with former new york city mayor rude i guiliani, mr. trump spent time with the broadcast team of vern run quiz and gary daniel son. president-elect said he was neutral and just loved the spirit of the game. authorities say philadelphia assistant solicitor duncan lloyd will not be charged in connection with the ant i donald trump vandalism incident in chestnut hill. he will be keep his city job. last month lloyd was reportedly captured on video holding a glass of wine and taking photos as another man spray painted an obscenity and trump on the wall of the grocery store. lloyd has been on the two week leave without pay, he must also complete 40 hours of community service. wilmington pause todd honor another fallen heroes, fire fighters gathered for funeral of ardythe hope, promoted posthumously after battling severe burns for more
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than two months. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the story from the chase center. beat of drums that let us know someone great has passed away. after 68 days battling to survive severe burns senior wilmington fire fighter ardythe hope was laid to rest touring a funeral at the chase center saturday afternoon. she's third to die from the september row home fire that also claimed lives of the captain christopher leach, and lieutenant jerry fickes, as well as severely injuring fireman brad speakman. >> on september 24th my world was rock. two fire fighters down and seven fire fighters rush to area hospitals. a significant turning point for not only me but the entire wilmington fire department and city as a hole. >> reporter: chief good promoted ardythe hope the rank of lieutenant making her the first african-american female officer. the deaths are as a result of the floor collapse during the fire. beat trees ruiz of wilmington
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has been charged with murder for setting the deadly blaze among those offering condolence toss all victims families is president joe biden. >> she lives in every heart of the every fire tighter who has ever answered the call, and we owe you, the family, beyond anything that we can ever repay you. >> reporter: hope was single mother and planned to retire from fire fighting in january to be a nurse and provide a better life for her three daughters. >> we are just really glad we got the to spend the time we did with her and make memories that we did. mom will forever live on in the three of us and we cannot think of in better privilege. >> reporter: in addition to being promoted to the rank of lieutenant, hope was given local and national medals of honor and valor. explanation point on the 23 year career, and a lifetime of services. in wilmington i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and in new jersey, state the troopers will gather tomorrow for the funeral of fellow troop are frankie
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williams. services begin at noon at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. police say trooper williams was respond go to a call of the eradic driver last monday when a car crossed center median slamming head on in the trooper's car. new jersey governor chris christie has ordered all flags to fly at half staff on monday, and the trooper williams memory. upper darby police are searching for a gunman in the double shooting. it happened around 5:00 friday evening, and in front of the store on the 6700 block of market street. police say a gunman wearing a mask shot victim in the chest that victim is in critical condition, and the gun man shot another man in the leg. well, there is still much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" twin bombings after a soccer match in turkey target police, killing dozens of officers, find out who authorities say are responsible. plus, stolen presents, police nabbed a thief with the truckload of stolen holiday deliveries, but what the officers did next that is bringing so much joy to the neighborhood. and there is a chance of
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snow in the forecast, meteorologist justin drabick is timing its arrival when we come
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authorities blamed that outlaw party behind a decade's licensing insurgency. authorities will resume search efforts this morning for a missing skier after an avalanche in reno, nevada. officials say two, 60 year-old man were back country skiing in the closed area of the mountain when one was swept away by wall of snow. search efforts were called off late yesterday because of the dangerous conditions. parts of the new york state are digging out this morning after some serious snow, about 16 inches of lake effect snow fell in perriesberg south of buffalo and in the same area is expect to get more fresh powder in the coming days. >> wow, a scary moments in port land, oregon friday as a tree, as you just saw there went crashing on a home. area has been hit with snow, treeing rain in the days before the tree snapped but at this point no word on any injuries. a lot of different systems,
7:16 am
going on justin, here at home we are not immune but it may not hit philadelphia just yet. >> not philadelphia but north of the town later tonight with some snow and it will be light freezing rain. it takes a little bit of glaze to cause problems on the roads. we have potential to expect a few hundreds of an inch of ice accumulation in the far northwestern suburbs through lehigh valley and poconos overnight tonight but should turn over to all rain monday morning. margate looks like a lake out there on the atlantic ocean, very calm wind, just a cloudy day and most have the region stays cloudy, cold, it is not until tonight that we will get heavier precipitation to have move in. below freezing in philadelphia. twenty-five in will allentown and reading. cold air in place. we have had moisture arriving, cold enough to support snow and freezing precipitation. but there is some warmth, southwest. look at st. louis a the 42. ahead of the next cyst to tell we will get milder air moving into tonight but upper midwest very cold, michigan is at
7:17 am
17 degrees at this hour. band of light snow trying to develop across central pennsylvania, this is in the reaching the ground, air is just too dry from warm front coming this, and this is real light, hain event toss in the happen until later tonight. we will see later today the moisture filling into our south and west as we head toward evening hours. here's what to speculator on this afternoon, through monday morning, light snow north and west of the city but tonight we will see snow, freezing rain in the tar north and western suburbs. changing over to all rain machine morning but for philadelphia and areas south and east it will be a rain event with temperatures well above treeing. high today, struggle to get to the upper 30's. at best. the just because of the cloud cover. not a whole lot of activity on the radar as far as snow but it is not until tonight at 2:00 a.m. monday morning we will see rain arriving from the city southward with temperatures in the mid 30's. cold enough to support snow, and up through poconos but watch temperatures start
7:18 am
climbing, after midnight the by 6:00 a.m. majority of the region is seeing plane rain for the monday morning commute. monday afternoon a to peaks of sun could get us up around 50 for the high temperature. enjoy that. that will change by middle of the week. the as far as snow accumulation, coating to an inch around the lehigh valley, tar thorn, bucks, montgomery counties, poconos, two or three or 4 inches, great news for ski resorts. isis possible in the poconos and lehigh valley with a few hundreds of an inch, just enough to cause some problems. late in the week another arctic blast returns. we thought this weekend was cold? wait until next thursday, this is colder air, high temperatures running ten to 15 , coldest temperatures since last february. today mostly cloudy, maybe snow shower activity to the north of the city, 38 degrees. tonight rain develops, treeing rain north and west, 36 for the low. temperatures climb after midnight. tomorrow, morning with the high of 50 degrees.
7:19 am
dry out the by afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, cold, low to mid 40's. snow shower wednesday afternoon. real cold air settles in on thursday. high of 30 degrees. next saturday we will watch next storm system that could start off as snow before changing to rain, rahel, back over to you. time is 7:19. let check with amanda muhler this is cbs-3 traffic center to see how those roads are looking, good morning. >> we have that one incident in new jersey that is on the atlantic city expressway westbound on ramp to the black horse pike all lanes are block there new to to down wires. be ready for delays in that area. good news this morning for pennsylvania turnpike travelers, e-z pass on ramp opened earlier this morning in lansdale drivers can enter you this ramp at intersection of the sumanytown pike and old 40-f ramped open up last week even. everything is running on schedule but if you are a regular regional rail passenger check your schedule for upcoming week because starting this morning septa is i am limiting new schedules
7:20 am
for those lines. to you want more information on those changes visit cbs taking a last look at broad, most roadways are looking exactly like this you're clear all majors looking good, vine, schuylkill, 30, 202 and turnpike. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler. well, police in columbia, maryland go beyond the call of duty after arresting two men for stealing holiday packages. it happened on wednesday night, based on a tip officers caught two men allegedly stealing boxes from the front of the homes, well, next day officers tried to deliver as many of those boxes, back to their rightful owners. >> never before 51 families impacted and 77 packages have i seen something like this all in one night. >> two suspects are from baltimore, one out on bail, other remains behind bars. police say they will use information from the families to return the gifts to in order to bring complete charges. this holiday season you
7:21 am
don't have to go to the post office to mail card. our jan carabao shows us different on line services to sent customized holiday greetings in the mail without leaving your home. >> reporter: if you are sending cards this holiday season why not do it from the comfort of your computer or phone rather than at post office. on line services like shutterfly have card covering occasions and mail tour recipients for an extra fee. card start at 40 cents and import your contact list there excel, outlook or iphone so you do not have to manually event's dresses. postable offers 100 percent recyclable card, select from different handwriting, and up load your own designs for unique look. rises at $2.50. ink card is an app with 500 designs. import photos from your phone to personalized your card, they start at two dollars for u.s. shipping and three dollars internationally. check holiday shipping dates and deadline before ordering so your card arrive in time. or wise you might want to send a virtual card like those from
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paperless post featuring kate spade, you can customized text, envelopes just like a physical card. i'm jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we want to to sees your holiday lights. share your display on facebook and twitter just use # cbs-3 holiday lights. we may show up to show it off right here on "eyewitness news". i love a good lights display. here's more what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning. the here's a question do you tend to look at the bright side, see the glass half full instead of empty. up next those answers could determine just how long you'll live. and later, uber karaoke see how one driver is getting his passengers in the holiday spirit, we will be right
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even if you're not a customer. i try to lot at the bright side of life. >> that optimistic outlook may help you live long's cord to go the new research. least optimistic would member people have been reduced risk of dying from cancer, infections, stroke, heart disease and lung disease as well. >> doctor eric kim and researchers looked at data on 07,000 women, another eight years, most optimistic women had 30 percent lower risk of dying. >> it seems to have the most effect on cardiovascular
7:26 am
outcomes, and smallest effect on cancer outcomes. >> researchers say taking steps to boost optimistism might lead to healthy behaviors and better coping skills. >> you think about your different domains, whether it is your personal relationship with your spouse, your career, and your friend ships and you you think about the best possible outcome. >> researchers say to increase optimist i can write down three things you are grateful for each night and make a list of the kind things that you have done for others. >> well, this study only looked at women researchers say findings would also, apply to men. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good to know. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" green part a waits a judge's ruling on the recount of pennsylvania's presidential election, why time is running out on the decision. plus this. carts full of christmas gift i'm anita oh next up heart warming why dozens of a wal-mart to take.
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testing it is staying cold all day long. don't expect to see sunshine. the included rolling in ahead of the next storm system, 25 in allentown at this hour and in reading, 30 in philadelphia, well we low freezing still in delaware and parts of the south jersey, millville checking in at 26 degrees at this hour. these temperatures will struggle to get above freezing over the next few hours. especially later tonight, we will see wintry precipitation north of the city, starting at 1:00 winter weather advisory
7:31 am
for areas north of the city up through poconos, could be some snow changing over to freezing rain, especially later tonight as main event, from the storm system arrives to the region. so in the advisory watch out for light freeze, freezing rain and ice accumulation in the northwestern suburbs and maybe up to two to 4 inches in the poconos. it only takes a little treeing rain to cause problems on the roads. good news, temperatures climb after midnight, so should see change over to all rain eventually. little light snow showing up on radar not reaching ground off to the south and west but tonight parts will see some snow. cloudy cold day, 38 for the high, 40 at the shore. only 20's in the poconos. eagles game, it is dry, cold one, certainly football weather with temperatures in the 30's. another arctic blast in the seven day we will talk about coming up in a to minutes, rahel, back over to you. as justin just mentioned bitter cold temperatures continuing this morning, right now 30 degrees, of course, people will be putting on some extra layers before going
7:32 am
outside. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from kelly drive with the latest and you, of course, have put on your extra layers. what are you seeing out there. >> the runners are running now and as sun comes up i'm seeing more and more people out here. i have to tease justin for a second. i don't know how he does it. even just for a few minutes to go out in this bitter coal, i can't do it. i need the layers from head to toe going on but good news there is not a lot of wind so hair can be out with the a hat. i do have several layers on, i have on a turtle neck sweater, i have on a fleet under here, scarves, and two part jacket as well as t-shirt and long underwear, i have on thick socks as do many runners that we have seen coming by here this morning, two dozen so tar, mostly having on long pant, sip up jackets, and they have on hats or something
7:33 am
covering their head to keep them warm. we have seen people on the water, as they are in their both, they are rowing down the river this morning. lots of ducks out as well so nature is continuing, but what the runners have told me so far is that the cold weather is actually preferable, to the sun in the summertime. >> and, it is just something you have to dress appropriately for. >> so yes, people have run in much colder conditions, so all you have to do is be prepared, and wear your gloves, wear thick socks if you have to be outside for an extended per of time and there is a code blue in our area, as well as montgomery county and camden county so if you see anyone be sure to call authorities. live on kelly drive, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
7:34 am
all right, cherri, good to see you are staying warm there. see you soon. if you plan on taking septa's regional rails today instead of the checking schedule first regional rail schedule which go in effect today as part of the improvement plan. weekday trains will leave 25 minutes earlier, or later, then previously scheduled. fine the new schedule on our web site at cbs tomorrow a federal judge in philadelphia will deciding whether to grant green party's request for a statewide presidential recount. candidate jill stein wants to determine whether election computers were hacked, attorneys for trump campaign and republicans argue that stein lacks evidence of tampering to support her request. stein needs a decision soon because states must certify they're lex results by tuesday. judge's in michigan already denied stein's appeal for a recount. police get some extra help tracking down suspect serial burglar in absecon, new jersey. home owner confronted this man, only identified as ericas he attempted to steel his car
7:35 am
yesterday morning. the suspect ran to the woods but apparently lost one of his hughes this is process. police called in doser the k-9 who used that to sniff the suspect out. they found him quickly and office's rested eric and they have recovered many stolen items. some youngsters are getting exactry what they want this holiday season thanks to the generosity of their communities and those who protect and serve. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh went on the shopping spree in parkesburg chester county. >> with sirens blaring, dozens of coatsville area police officers, stormed the parkesburg wal-mart on saturday morning. and. >> and, right now, look the at that. >> reporter: it was 14th annual shop with the cops event. >> thanks to generous donations and fund raising over past year police and partners were able to shop with 78 disadvantaged children and giving them $125 for a
7:36 am
christmas gift. >> i wish we had meals. >> reporter: in total with the public safety group raised $16,000 to help sponsor the event, and any left over money goes to the organization coatsville kids to college. >> i just am talking about it, because it truly has been children that all they don't even have food at home and some wanted to shop for groceries. >> reporter: not so for ariana jackson who picked up a emoji backrest. >> i have 99 on my bed and this is just one. >> reporter: she didn't stop there. >> this is for my mom. this is for my niece because i love him. >> reporter: corporal paul helped one year-old doug jacks find both items on his wish list. a smart watch and a very specific, red helicopter. >> it can fly or it can drive. >> reporter: while santa elves were busy wrapping gifts children picked out the it was clear that doug has a heart
7:37 am
for others too. >> something for your daughter. >> reporter: more than just gifts, doug found something else. >> when did you want to become a cop? when did you decide that. >> just right now. >> cops are my favorite, because they save peoples lives. >> it is moments like these that make the job more regarding for sergeant robert olen. >> would i like to add $0,000 more so we can double this next year. >> reporter: in parkesburg, neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". do you need an uber? you might to have sing for it. >> ♪ >> on your right is jonathan a uber driver in california, belting out mariah carry's classic christmas song all i want for christmas is you with his passengers. and to top it off, jonathan dressed into christmas design. this isn't the first time he has surprised his passengers, in october he dressed as curb
7:38 am
a and sing to the song tictoc. it is looking like holiday season in fairmount park. the last night young children check out an ice carving part of the winter wonder land celebration at smith memorial playground and playhouse. children had a fun time building ginger bread houses, peco helped make the wonder land celebration possible. cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fest is underway and you can be part of the effort to help area families. all you have to does bring a new unwrapped toy to any of our partner locations, or you can join us at one of our toy fest events, today we are collecting toys at 11:00 a.m. at 94 wip tailgate zone at wells fargo center and while there you can say hello to meisha johnson who will be there as well. or stop by tonight at 6:00 head to the 96.5-amp radio let it snow show at bb and t pavilion. find more details at our web site at cbs fest.
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we have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a kangaroo gets a shock of his life, when it encounters a doug -- dog owner. it will be another frigid night, it is officially december and it feels like it justin drabick has your weekend forecast when we come
7:40 am
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serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. >> a man on a hunting trip in australia punted kangaroo to save his dog and the entire encounter was captured on video. the as these things go, it has
7:42 am
gone viral ever since. jeanie moos has story. >> reporter: they were in australia hunting game but what happened was anything but boring. greg went running to rescue his dog max from a kangaroo. his approach, kangaroo released the dog and the one squared off, and then man verse canning grew. >> kangaroo reacts with a you did not just do that, a look do at disbelief before turning tail. >> round one goes to the the man. >> he launches a white hand to the snout. >> with you fight over throwing that heated up as video went volume ray. >> so, by punching him. >> no. >> no. >> poor kangaroo, they are beautiful. i don't think he hurt him. >> somebody that needed to protect his dog. >> it is happy ending.
7:43 am
>> reporter: there was an unhappy ending, the hunt was organized to fulfill a wish for 19 year-old kylum who suffered there a rare form of cancer. a few months later and just a to days after marrying his sweetheart in a hospital room, he died. those on the hunt say that he for the kangaroo encounter was highlight of the trip, because story packed a punch. a kangaroo can be extremely dangerous, between its claws and its kick. >> wait a minute. >> this is my husband. he can also be extremely well built, check out roger the muscular kangaroo. it turns out dog own her punched him is a keeper, australian zoo. the zoo is reviewing events, and will consider any appropriate actions. >> good day, mate. >> reporter: when encountering a kangaroo, caution is advised. >> there you go. >> how did you get punched by a kangaroo. >> really hard.
7:44 am
>> reporter: this guy is saying something similar to his buddies. >> jeanie moos, new york. >> who knew that much about kangaroos. >> hopping along now to the weather, what are the weather watchers seeing, justin. >> cold temperatures, everybody is dry. later tonight we will talk about wintry weather, maybe some snow and freezing rain especially to the far north and western suburbs in the poconos. cold air in place once again this morning. good news is wind are light but check out these temperatures we have had, across the backyards, of the region. browns mills, new jersey, marry ann at 19, that is coldest number being reported. newark delaware at delores lee, she is 21 this morning. same deal, john keller's house in mullica. mid 20's in eagleville. at the coast in ocean city jamie had a low of 26. upper 20's for returnsville, cherry hill and in philadelphia. there hasn't been a whole lot of change in the current temperature at this hour. no sunshine out there mid 20's in berks county, in helen
7:45 am
davis house. mid 20's in chester hunt, and browns million, 25. twenty-nine, 28 at jenny janssen's in cherry hill. the it is cold in bethlehem. check it out we will go live from the hotel bethlehem looking at main street, christmas city there and cloudy skies, and later on today skies will see some light snow, and even some freezing rain potential. so travel could get tricky in the lehigh valley, later on tonight but good news is that should change over to plane rain, after midnight, as warmer temperatures make a return. feels like winter but officially astronomical winter has not arrived, another week and a half to go. next wednesday, 21st at 25:44 winter arrives. shortest amount of daylight we deal w it is now nine hours, 19 minutes and 58 seconds. people starting think will we have a white christmas. well, temperatures support it, as we head to mid to late month, overall temperatures will be below average but, it takes a lot to get a white christmas. thinks probability, not a forecast, around philadelphia
7:46 am
it is less than 20 percent. it is tough to get that white christmas. official definition is 1 inch of snow on the ground during christmas day and it is higher percentage up in the least high valley about 20 percent. we will wait and see. the pattern is going to stay cold, for the next week or so. light snow showing up on radar, central pennsylvania, and not all that is reaching the ground, light stuff not amounting to much. we could get light snow showers in here later this afternoon but then that hain event arrives later tonight as this warm trent moves on through. cold air still locked in place. it takes sometime to kick it out of here but warm front will. eventually, initially some light snow develops, later on tonight, lehigh valley and poconos. you can see pink, freezing rain and then a change over to rain, snow and ice potential tonight, north and west of the city, rain for philadelphia, and areas south and east. so let's time it out. not much happening this afternoon, cloudy, few light snow showers north, it is tonight light snow freezing rain north and west, rain every where else and then during the morning on monday, that rain, will come.
7:47 am
snow accumulations, and far northern and bucks, montgomery and lehigh valley. poconos though potential two or three or 4 inches of snow, and great news for ski resorts but just heads up with light ice accumulation on the roads later tonight. it only takes a little delays to cause problems. temperatures, stuck in the 30's this afternoon, but tonight, after midnight they will start to climb, that is why we will see that change over. then tomorrow, pretty mild, up around 60 degrees, for monday afternoon, enjoy it the because that comes to an end, arctic blast number two arrives on thursday, highs of ten to 15 degrees below average. we will strung he will to get to freezing for afternoon highs late in the week. today, clouds, maybe light snow to the north, 38 degrees, tonight watch out for rain, freezing rain, north and west and then tomorrow that rain, starts to come to an end, mild, at the 50, and cool it back down to the 40's on tuesday. could be a snow shower on wednesday and then larger storm could bring snow change to go rain saturday. do you love watching weather. you can be feed toured by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs
7:48 am rahel. >> justin, thank you. time right now 7:47. lets go back with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center to see how roadways and highways are looking. >> as justin said it is cold but clear out there. all major are running at speed this morning. we are taking a look at the boulevard right now, a little bit of volume but smooth commute just like the rest of your roadways including 76, blue route and bridges in and out of the city. we are following that incident in new jersey that we mentioned earlier this morning. that is on the atlantic city expressway westbound on ramp to black horse pike. all lanes are blocked there due to down wires. so be ready for delays in that area. we have some good news for pennsylvania turnpike travelers, e-z pass on ramp opens up earlier this morning on lansdale. drivers can entered that new ramp at sum any town pike and old 40-foot road, and the e-z pass off ramp opens up last weekend. in taking a last live at 76 at the vine as you head out this morning, cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda muhler now rahel, back to you.
7:49 am
next up on "eyewitness news" carroll erickson is here with the cbs-3 pet project. coming up next we will meet butter scotch lab least driver and couple other animals who love to be part of your who and couple other animals who love to be part of your who will daze home this taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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brookside. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. back now in the cbs-3 pet project, carroll erickson animal advocates joins us every sun day at the this time. carroll, good morning. >> good morning, rahel. what do you think.
7:52 am
>> beautiful. >> this is is a little public i who is only three months old, and she's very puppy-like. i think they will absolutely love this dog. but, it is obviously we're heading in to christmas season and people want to get gifts and we have got ideas for you. i brought some from home, so if they look used, that is because they are. >> okay. >> well, one of the first things, as you know i adopted marvin who was on the show. and, i want to make sure he is well protect, and has a collar on but i don't want strangling. is there such a thing as break away collars if they get in the problem this breaks away. it doesn't break away when walking them because you can clip these two things together but otherwise it will break away and save your dog's life. on here as well i have another great gift idea. you don't have to spend a lot of money on gift but these things are important for you and your pets. i have got a light here, and this is because he is black, i cannot even see him help we're
7:53 am
walking at night. i have a flashing light i can put on, take off and easily turn on and off. i have got tags with his name on it, big writing, phone number, my address, in case anything happens, plus he is micro chipped. that is something that you can take your pet to the vet, get a micro chip and then of the micro chip tagged even on there. >> when you say break away from the collar give me an example of the scenario. >> it could be your dog could be out this is yard unsupervised a little bit, hook on a branch, collar twist and then, your dog has got a problem, and it has happened a lot this will break away and that won't happen. another thing is interactive toy, a kong a device to fill with food. >> peanut butter. >> something to keep them active, while you you are gone so they are not active with your pillows. >> chews. >> exactly. >> a lot of dogs they get older they get air split i can and they cannot walk up the stairs or walk across slippery
7:54 am
kitchen floor. get ramps, stair tread, put some runners down, that is going to make everybody's life easier to have that done. the other thing, now marvin, i'm not sure what he is, but he is so spectacular i said what are these breeds, and one of the fun things when awe adopt from a shelter you don't know what the the breed is. here's thousand find out. notice this fell off the counter, and marvin got it, it is chewed on the corner, just to let you know dogs will be dog but maybe i'll find out yes wanted to get this off the counter and chew it, but dogs can the in the talk but their dna can. this is a way to help you engage your dog, so you can figure out hey, this dog really is the kind of dog that likes to to xy z. >> learn their traits based on what type of dog they are. >> exactly, exactly. >> you can also give gifts, of the pennsylvania spca. they need gifts at christmastime as well. >> donations. >> a donation, kong toys, things for cats, so let the me
7:55 am
recap and show you exactly what we're talking about. i hope i got the them all on the list. break away collar and light, tags, micro chip, the ramps and stair treads, very helpful for helping your animals, in cars too, dna test for breeds, and pennsylvania spca, so lots of great ideas. also you can educate yourself by taking, i take the tufts newsletter for dogs and i have learned a ton from that. some of these things you can do. also i want to talk about our three adoptable animals before we get to roxy, this is vango, super trendily. i mean super friendly. this is an eight year-old cat who gets his name from a distinctive ear. he have is so friendly. he loves pets. he loves being picked up and cuddled. he is prone to ear infections. you have to stay on top of. that he came to the pennsylvania spca through our cruelty department and she definitely needs a home, where maybe there are other cats, and somebody can help
7:56 am
socialized her. she's a sweet girl. butt are scotch a one year-old male lab came in and he is so cute. he is only a year-old. he does need, people to love him. he just needs a home. you know what, who else does, our puppy here. >> roxy. >> yes, hi roxy. she is, so cute. >> darling. >> yes, darling. >> you you know puppies are great for some people who want to start out on the ground floor with the dog but other people like older pets. they reach a stage where they would rather have older pets. roxy is ready to go. she will need exercise. we don't know what her breed is but perhaps her new owner will get her a dna test but roxy will love to run around. she's wonderful. >> puppy energy. >> she totally got puppy energy. >> so roxy available for adoption pennsylvania spca, so many other animals, we could not show you so if you want to sees roxo other animals, visit
7:57 am
pspca erie avenue headquarters from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 on the weekend and one to 8:00 during the week. >> there she is. >> i know she will find a home but if you are that home, get to the shelter, get this dog, she will want exercise, love, family, she's three month-old. we want to show her how great people are. >> absolutely. >> good to meet you roxy and carroll, good to see you. >> we will be back next week with more tips. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. see you at 8:00. missing just a little sleep can make you a danger behind the wheels, surprising new information about the effects of drowsy trying and what you can do about it. and parts of the philadelphia region will be under a winter wet ther advisory, so bundle up while you are waiting, eyewitness weather is coming up this sunday morning.
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bitter blast, several counties are under code blue and storm scan three shows us snow may be on the way for some of us. a fallen hero is laid to rest, and fire fighters remember a collogue who dedicated her life to saving others. and, back home again, the south jersey native who helped make donald trump presidency gets a holiday home coming. the it is sunday december 11th, good morning i'm rahel solomon lets go out the door and check on the forecast with meteorologist justin drabick. they will probably get a kick of the forecast.
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