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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning, of course the operative words, it is cold and wet. >> nothing worse than waking up on a monday morning after an eagles lost and having wet like this. it is sloppy. but we will do it. we'll get through this. happy monday everyone. roads are look wet. we've had four accidents out there this morning, and it seems like every time i turn my back something else happens. so heave your -- leave your homes earl. >> i specially up in the lehigh valley. all of the slush on the roads. good news warmer air in, that should change over to all rain. so take it easy out there even with the rain, a lot of ponding on the road, road spray on the highway, it takes a little bit to mess things up. steady rain falling here in center city. chilly rain, 39 degrees officially at the airport, that number will go up in the morning, southwest breeze, 8 miles per hour, it will bring us up to around 50 degrees this afternoon. that will feel pretty good. notice, still, little pink showing up, allentown on northward, into the poconos, that's the freezing rain, couple of hours, winter
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weather advisory remains in effect. heavy rain come just north and west, north and east of baltimore riding up 95, that's an issue in wilmington in the next half hour or so. so, on the roads this morning, not good thing. rain, lots of it, some heavy specially through the city on northwards. wintery mix, lehigh valley and poconos, slick spots out there. just use extra caution. common sense guys, you know the deal. near 40 wilmington, philadelphia freezing, allentown, that's why the winter weather advisory continues until 6:00 this morning. for northern chester bucks, montgomery count, chester county, then until 9:00 up in the poconos. forecast high today, enjoy the 50, the last we'll see that for awhile, 52 at the shore, rain during the morning hours, poconos climb above freezing upper 30's, got big shot of cold air coming at us later in the week. talk about that coldest air we had since last february. details in a few minutes, meisha? >> justin, we are going to miss those 50's, so we have to enjoy them today. good morning, and happy monday. looking outside, yikes.
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very wet roadways. very slippery conditions. this is going to be a wake-up call. leave your homes little early. check your patience, look at the schuylkill, westbound direction, at city avenue. you can see what it looks like right now, kind of steady stream of vehicles hitting roadways, a lot of people already, just cracking into the 5:00 hour, heeding the warnings, getting out there early, not bad idea, absolutely, and doesn't matter where you are this morning. accident a.c. expressway eastbound past route 42, just one of four accidents, we're seen already this morning there is one pulled all the way off to the shoulder, but don't be surprised if already you start seeing slow downs and little gaper delay, as well. >> this 142 northbound 295 also pulled off to the shoulder, and again, be careful, still very dark out there. again, run the risk hydroplaning possibly with all of the wet stuff on the roadways, coming down, also, accident route 32, newton richboro road, right now closed between fir drive and rocky way. use alternate, lower holland road will be your best bet right now. then we also have some construction to talk about, 59 south at delaware avenue, on
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and off-ramps closed, closed until right now, and also heads up septa new schedule started sunday make sure to check your schedules on line. rahel, back to you. y are in for before you head wet commute this morning. parts of the region see rain, others dealing with sleet or snow. snow fell yesterday across the lehigh valley giving folks their first true taste of the season. while still early in the season, many headed out to stock up on supplies. >> it started to snow. got bad for a bit. then it slowed down. but it is getting really cold, really wet. >> so i'm not taking any chances. last year we waited. and it was way too late. everyone was falling. my dad hit the floor. i hit the floor t wasn't fun. >> if you are headed out the door prepare for cold rain and/or snow. well, long time former congressman chaka fattah now awaits punishment after his conviction in a federal racketeering case, jan carabeo live in front of the federal courthouse where a judge will hand down the sentence later
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this morning. good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel, good morning, federal prosecutors want chaka fattah to spend between 17 and 21 years in prison. his attorneys, though, are calling that request far too harsh, they want the judge to have conscious and leniency today. take a look at the video. former pennsylvania congressman is scheduled for sentencing this morning here at the federal courthouse. his lawyers want the judge to take into consideration fattah's years as of public service and good work like his creation of educational charities that help low income student attend college. but prosecutors say some of the very same charities that fattah took advantage of during his time in office, the 11 term congressman was convicted in june on racketeering, fraud, and money laundering charges, the biggest team surrounded illegal $1 million campaign loan he obtained in a failed run for philadelphia mayor. prosecutors say he defrauded non-profits, taxpayer funded groups when his campaign
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fundraising fell short. now fattah resigned from all of this after his conviction, four others convicted with fattah at trial, and his name sake son is serving five year prison term in a overlapping bank fraud case. now fattah senior is set for sentencing right around 9:30 this morning, it is unclear just how long sentencing will run, because there is a long list of witnesses that can testify on his behalf. we will be here to cover it all. for now liver in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, back to you. >> jan, thank you n another federal courtroom, judge plans to decide on recount pennsylvania presidential election. the green party wants recount of paper ballots, also wants a check of electronic machines claiming the possibility of computer hacking, now opponents say the party offered no such evidence. law requires states to certify the election by tomorrow. new jersey state trooper franky williams will be burried today in a private ceremony atlantic city. family, friends, will holds private viewing at 8:00 a.m., at boards walk hall, followed
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by another service for law enforcement at 10:00. private burial will follow at noon. williams was killed early last week, when irradic driver crossed the median on route 55 killing both williams and himself. new this morning police trying to find the gunman who shot and killed 17 year old in west philadelphia. officers responded to 60th and market near the e el station just before 12:30, investigators think the victim who died at the scene was the intended target. police have several surveillance cameras at the hopewell -- that they hope will help them identify a suspect. >> we also found several businesses at the corner of 60 and market that have several surveillance cameras. we're confident some of these cameras recorded the shooting. >> police say a man wearing a mask and dark clothes left in a white suv. >> and, philadelphia police are also looking for three suspect after a home invasion in oxford circle. investigators say the trio broke into a home on the 6700 block every rutland street
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last night. all of whom were wearing ski masks, and dark clothing, $3,500 in cell phones. also apparently had a pick axe. well, in sports, another tough loss for the eagles coming up short against the washington. just was not their day yesterday, as the birds continue to deal with injuries. turned the ball over twist in the red zone, former eagles desean jackson, 808-yard touchdown. the team has lost four straight for the first time since 2012, of course that was andy reid's last year coaching the team. >> max effort. max effort. this team responded, this team -- we fought all the way to the end. >> games like this you just think of those couple every plays, you know, those couple plays had they gone differently the outcome could be different. we've had a lot of games this season, it is frustrating but at the same time we have to keep learning from it, keep growing as a team. >> this was the eagles eighth lost in the last ten games. next week the birds head south to baltimore for their match
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up against the ravens. hopefully better luck then, probably the most talk about moment of the game has coaches, teammates, fans, up in arms, i was upset when i saw this. eagles, darren sproles, takes brutal blow to the head by washington, tempers flared. was penalized after delivering the hard hit, some thought he should have been thrown out of the game. meanwhile sproles took to twitter to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers saying that he's going to be just fine. >> and, disappointed fans poured out of the link yesterday afternoon, after their dreams of watching the birds snag a win at home. but some stayed positive and continue to show their support for the growing team. >> once again, just like -- it is a rebuilding season. >> it was close. they tried. it is okay. you know what i say? i still bleed green. it's all right. >> little heart broken, but
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the first game of the season, and we had fun, but this is not the eagles year this year. >> can't say we aren't loyal. well, promise to go still bleed green, these seems loyal fans are holding out hope for better outcome. here's hoping. >> the spirit of the season is on display in northeast philadelphia, more than a thousand volunteers with the jewish relieve agencies helped put together boxes stocked with food. will go to some 6400 families in needs for the holidays, boxes include special gift pack made by volunteers at local student centers. >> and take a look at this, that's a loft boxes, right? all of those boxes leer filled with toys. they are headed to the children's hospital of philadelphia. the toys were donated by student at haverford middle school in delaware county. teachers from the school made the delivery at chop yesterday morning. and, speaking of toys, cbs-3 toyfest continues, toyfest benefits families served by the army, boys and girls clubs of camden county and united service
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organization, here is a list of drop off locations on and on the cbs local app. well the weather is causing some real problems in our area this morning. but people to our west, they're having much tougher time. snowfall caused hundreds of flight concellations at chicago o'hare airport. the incredible amount of snow airport workers had to clear from the runways. >> and the verdict is in. the late night decision by louisianna jury in the case after shooting death of nfl player will smith.
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>> president-elect donald trump is calling a cia assessment of russian election hacking, quote, ridiculous. mr. trump's remarks follow congressional demand into the investigation into activities. also questioning trump's consideration of exxon mobile ceo, rex tillerson, and his connection to moscow. cia concluded influence the us election on behalf of trump. massive wave of snowstorms move across country castling flights with more snow expected today. some parts of chicago saw 10 inches every snowfall this weekend, causing more than
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1400 flights to be cancelled at chicago o'hare and mid-way airports, arctic blast is expected to hit much of the country over the next few days. >> and further north, mount prospect illinois, some people seeing to up inch every snowfall an hour. an inch an hour. that's a lot. if it stopped snow for short time giving some folks plenty of time to shovel and plow. sidewalks, driveways, whether out for a stroll, or just trying to keep up with the fresh powder. oh, it is first time out today. so we're speans yearning it for the first time, we're going up and down the sidewalk. >> yes, i like the snow. i don't know. just clean slate, everything nice and white, you know? makes your winter more enjoyable instead of just dealing with the straight cold the whole time. >> and plow trucks are still out right now, clearing roadways for this morning's commute. and justin, you know, snow is a little different in illinois. right? they're used to seeing it in september. we, how much, are not used to
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it. >> no, we saw little bit this morning, up in the lehigh valley, little bit, wintertime almost officially winter berks key with deal with it, still dealing with freezing rain, that's the problem. you know, that's worse than snow. only takes little bit every glaze on the road to cause the problems, and bethlehem right now, tell tears hovering around freezing, so could you have some slick spots out there, even up into the poconos, winter weather advisory remains in effect for bethlehem area. still at 66:00 this morning looking live from the hotel bethlehem. improving conditions though this afternoon, but still few more hours to go. steady rain. heaviest rain really falling just west of philadelphia right now, chester county, schuylkill county, steady rain coming up right i956789 heads up around wilmington, into philadelphia, next hour, things pretty rough out on the roads. lehigh valley in the poconos, freezing rain. temperatures will warm up. already into the 40's, close to 50, near the coast at this hour. forty-seven in wildwood. thirty-nine at the airport.
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wilmington, philadelphia, freezing mark, in allentown. now, warmer air starts to move in ahead of the colds front. so by the afternoon, we're drying out. sunshine this afternoon, temperatures up around 50 degrees, moving back into drier pattern starting this afternoon. high pressure in control for tuesday. keeping us dry. sunshine mixed with a few clouds. headed on wednesday, could be late day snow shower possible, little system moving off, but most areas stay dry, partly sunny conditions, end of the week it gets real cold again. enjoy today's warmth, warmest we will be in a long time. up around 50 degrees for philadelphia, and certainly into the 50's south of the city. break it down region by region. at freezing right now in the lehigh valley, and the pocono region, but we will be above freezing in the next few hours topping off mid 40's, around allentown, bethlehem. near 50 for philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, little cooler to the northwest suburbs, into south jersey, and delaware, mid 50's coming at thus afternoon. arctic air mass moves in, highs in the 30's, here comes
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art inning blast tell tuesday for this thursday, friday, now talking temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average, so we will be stuck with afternoon highs below freezing in the 20's, it will feel whole lot cold her you factor in the wind. so today, morning rain, late day clearing, high near 50 degrees, tonight, cold, 29, for the city. colder out in the suburbs, partly cloudy, nice dry evening setting up tomorrow. no problem out on the roads, sunshine high of had four, wednesday clouds, maybe snow shower, high of 41. there is the cold air thursday, friday, temps in the 20's, have to watch another storm system moving in for next weekends, could start off as some snow saturday. changing rain saturday into sunday. meisha what's happening out there on the roads? >> justin, look at the 50 today. and 28 on thursday. that is going to be cold. so we have to love on these 50's while we have them. but i can tell you, we won't love on this morning's commute. because it is looking wet, and dreary, and whenever we have wet roadways we have the possibility of some accidents
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outside, which we've already had, five of them this morning, so right now the blue route, pushing in the northbound direction and southbound direction we can so both sides actually. see what you are looking at a lot of headlight, taillights, popping on the roadway pushing in the in the southbound or northbound direction. vine not closed. so for those every you taking the vine you're okay. give yourselves extra time. see the eastbound side really starting to heat up now. westbound side, i would say you're actually looking pretty good over here. really the eastbound side, keep my eye on. overall give yourself extra time. doesn't matter where you are. looking this wet, spray on your windshield. that will cause brake lights to go off no matter what. start to see things slow down. plus haves. issues, take a look at the camera lens, see the droplet all over the camera lens, it is coming down out there still. it is very wet. forty-two freeway northbound, at creek road, what you are looking at, northbound direction toward 295. again, a lot of vehicles starting to hit the roadway there. plus, accident route 42 northbound 295. pulled all the way off to the
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shoulder, but on the shoulder, slow us down specially because so dark out there. and another one route 332 newtown richboro road closed between fir drive and rocky way, and alternate lower holland road. pack your patience, give yourself extra time, rahel. >> rough start tort week, thank you. taking a look now, newspaper headlines around our region. from the intelligence ers, crowd gathered yesterday to remember eight year old dominick. died last wednesday after nine month battle with brain cancer, memorial took place at central bucks west high school and was organized, michael's family said his support, from friends, neighbors, the church brought light in their dark hour. >> the reading eagle the pennsylvania turnpike making several changes as the winter season approaches, among them, storing food, water, supplies at roadside, and i will proving communication with stranded drivers and improving communication with commercial drivers, like bus drivers and truck drivers. the change has come after snowfall last january strands
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the almost 500 cars for more than 24 hours. >> and from the philadelphia and flyers, the archdioces every philadelphia says it will close four churches effective january 11. they include two in the sit, one montgomery county one in chester county. >> and, those are some of the newspaper headlines across the delaware valley. >> well, tough loss for the birds, but they say don't count them out. they are not finished yet. hear from the players and why they still have a lot to play for. plus this. >> now the eagles may have lost, but the national champions return. we will take to you germantown as t rec center's team returns home with a title. we'll be right back.
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here comes the rush, they hit him. the football is loose. fighting for the football. redskins have it. game is over. with 12 seconds to go.
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ryan kerrigan finally ended it. >> yep. game was over. stealing the eagles fate, dropping their record to five and eight. even though there are just three games left in the season, the birds say they'll have lots to play for. here's lesley van arsdall. >> so once again it came down to mistakes, missed opportunities along with injuries. for the eagles, but players say this one really hurt. >> this one right here. we had to have it, you know, and we played hard. just one play, you know, just every time, just like little, little things, man. have no words really. just got to focus in on these last three. >> right now, you know, frustrating. kind of look down about the situation but we may come together as brothers and come out and continue to fight. >> so at this point in the season what is left to play
5:25 am
for? >> pride. nobody goes out there with the intention to lose, so plenty of motivation to work, get ready for another game. >> keep this team together and make sure, you know, that everybody's on the same page, everybody's still holding each other accountable, everybody still believing in the coaching and the coaching they're doing and trust, trusting the way we prepare week in, week out. >> next up for the eagles the ravens in baltimore. reporting from lincoln financial field, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. meanwhile, the lonnie young rec center in germantown is celebrating this morning. northwest raiders football team returned home as national champions. the club assever at this team traveled to disney world for the pop warner championship, and they returned with the national title. >> we really want to tell everybody thank you, at the everybody who thanked us thank you, the coaches are doing good, everybody is doing something, you know, to raise more suck soul fest
5:26 am
philadelphia. >> and this is the team's third year in a row, winning the national championship, and that, people, is what you call a dynasty. congratulations to the northwest raiders. >> job well done. >> trump transition continues with the pick for secretary every state, the reason donald trump says the ceo of observation on is uniquely qualified to head the us state department. >> hey, good morning, everyone, it is monday, not too early to start thinking about next weekend. leading up to the weekend, it will be cold, but by the time saturday arrives, temperatures returning to the 40's, and will continue into sunday, we will be warning the larger storm system, though, initially, we co-see some snow inning over to rain saturday. and then finishing offer the weekends with rain, so could be wet weekend ahead, more coming up in eyewitness weather when we return.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit,
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. liver from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. and good morning, and thanks for joining us, if you are driving to work this morning, get ready. mobile three on the roads, showing us, as you can see, pretty slippery out there. justin has the forecast in moments, meisha will tell you which roads to avoid. >> happy monday to you, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off. what you need to start your day in our morning minute.
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the snowstorm just didn't quit. >> winter system has blanketed up-state new york with snow, as well as states in the midwest, because the rain is coming down, because the roadways are so wet, you absolutely want to leave early. >> worse of it is from the city on northward, lighter showers, coming through south jersey, delaware, but eventually you get on some of the heavier rain. >> new jersey state troopers, frank i williams, laid to rest today, in a private family service. >> former congressman, chaka fattah, awaits sentencing in federal racketeering case, prosecutors are recollecting 17 to 21 years in prison. last night stars came out for the 22nd annual critics choice awards in los angeles. >> here we go. lala land. >> the musical starring emma stone, and ryan gosling, took home eight awards, including best picture. >> drop past, back to herges he cuts in, he


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