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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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what you need to start your day in our morning minute. the snowstorm just didn't quit. >> winter system has blanketed up-state new york with snow, as well as states in the midwest, because the rain is coming down, because the roadways are so wet, you absolutely want to leave early. >> worse of it is from the city on northward, lighter showers, coming through south jersey, delaware, but eventually you get on some of the heavier rain. >> new jersey state troopers, frank i williams, laid to rest today, in a private family service. >> former congressman, chaka fattah, awaits sentencing in federal racketeering case, prosecutors are recollecting 17 to 21 years in prison. last night stars came out for the 22nd annual critics choice awards in los angeles. >> here we go. lala land. >> the musical starring emma stone, and ryan gosling, took home eight awards, including best picture. >> drop past, back to herges he cuts in, he scores.
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>> the flyers with a thrilling over time win. they're ninth straight victory, that's something they haven't done in 21 years. congratulations, not however as thrilling this morning as the forecast, justin is live on the cbs-3 skydeck with more on the wintery mix, hey, justin. >> good morning, everyone, not fun outside right now, no matter where you are, dealing with the steady rain, chilly rain, then lehigh valley, poconos, still freezing rain to deal with other next few hours, temperatures will rise above freezing, and just see plane rain. but there is better conditions arriving later this morning into the afternoon. check out storm scan3, heaviest rain, moving through delaware county right now, chester county, still heavy rain coming now north and east every baltimore right up i-95. it will be a rough commute through the entire commute this morning, still pink showing up on radar indicating freezing rain, in the lehigh valley, and the poconos. temperatures, now degrees above freezing in allentown officially, good news, mount pocono getting close to freezing at three; then to south jersey, mild.
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mid four's, close to 50 degrees. winter weather advisory continues far northwest suburbs, poconos until 9:00 this morning. breaking down your day, this morning, again, through about 9:00 have that steady rain and then by noontime should be dry. cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 50s, on our way up to 06 degrees this afternoon, maybe few peaks every sunday late in the day in philadelphia, low 40's at the shore. even the poconos, again, see upper 30's, eventually, later on this afternoon. fifty's in the poconos. enjoy today's mild temperatures, big changes once again by the ends of the week. very cold air returning. talk about that in just a few more minutes. but let's go back inside to meisha for check on the latest road conditions. good morning. >> good morning, justin. good morning to all of you. happy monday to you. that was a quick weekends. economy so fast. waking up on this monday morning, just very wet roadways. so, my tip right now would be to leave your homes early. it doesn't matter where you are. get on that roadway little early. we will need it.
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weed string every accidents, get to those in just a moment. boulevard headlights southbound direction, wissahickon, see how wet the roadways are looking but i really want to pull your attention, we had string every them. black horse pike southbound between marcia avenue and pedrick avenue, one of the accident. another 1195 westbound the off ram top route 130, ramp partially block, another one a.c. expressway westbound near pleasantville, the right lane blocked there, and then another one on the a.c. expressway this one evening past route 42. that one is going to be pulled all the way off to the shoulder. by the way any accident that is pulled all the way off to the shoulder it, doesn't mean you're not going to have slow downs in the area, gaper delays, very dark out there and very wet. a lot of the accidents pulled off to the shoulder can me? up on you. then another accident here newtown 332 newtown richboro road, that's closed right now. slow between fir drive and rocky way. you have to use an alternate. lower holland road is your best bet again. that's five accidents, and they seem to keep coming. also, new schedule started sunday for septa so be sure to check the schedules on line.
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busy morning, rahel. >> meisha, thank you. president-elect donald trump holds more meetings at trump tower today as he continues to fill key posts in his administration. meantime, there are calls from a bipartisan group of senators for congress to investigate the cia assessment that russia helped mr. trump get elected. here's hena daniels. >> hours after president-elect donald trump publicly lashed out at the cia assessment that russia intervened in the 2016 election -- >> they have no identify fee it is russia, or china, or somebody, it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> former us ambassador john bolton possible candidate for trump's deputy secretary every state, also, cast out on the claim. >> until we know more about how the intelligence community came to this conclusion, we don't know whether it is russia inspired or false -- >> the news was first reported friday night by the washington post, shared secret intel with a group of us senators. senior republican senator john mccain is among bipartisan group of lawmakers, calling
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for a congressional probe. >> they did hack into this campaign. there is a whole lot of issues out there. it requires an investigation. >> in a interview with fox over the weekends, mr. trump also dismissed the value of getting daily intelligence brisks. >> i don't have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. >> and brushed aside concerns about nominating exxon mobile ceorex tillerson. >> he's much more than that business executive. 's world class player. >> if nominated tillerson is expected to face senate confirmation, given his close ties to russian president vladmeere putin. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the time now 5:35. and in business news this morning, a new ad campaign to keep it real. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york took stock exchange with details. good morning, jill. >> good morning, rahel.
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trump rally still going strong, dow jumped another 142 points on friday. the nasdaq rose 27. the federal reserve meets this week, likely decide to raise interest rates for only the second time since the financial crisis. next week, samsung will release update for phones, prevent the device frost charging, pretty much makes them unusable, samsung recalls zero recalled the faulty phones after, the company says about 93% of phones sold in the u.s. have been returned. when it comes to christmas trees, more americans are skipping the real thing. and buying artificial ones for convenience, and also the cost. and now there is a new ad campaign, called keeping it real. trying to keep the tradition of real christmas trees. rahel? >> jill, i grew up on a fake christmas tree, so i am probably the target market. >> certainly could you understanded why, right? the convenience of it, also
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probably cleaner, easier to clean up. >> right. interesting. >> you don't get the smell. >> yes, this is true, but they have candles for that, you know? all right, jill, thank you. >> funny. >> well, former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah will learn this morning if he will go to prison. earlier this year, he was convicted of miss spending government grants and charity money to fund his campaign and personal expenses. fattah says the case is politically motivated. prosecutors want to spends 17 to 21 years behind bars, fattah's lawyers says that's unnecessarily harsh. >> new jersey state trooper franky williams will be laid to rest today, private viewing for family and friends will begin at 8:00 a.m. at boardwalk hall in atlantic city, followed by another law enforcement. family will bury williams in private service at noon. state trooper was killed last week when irradic driver crossed median on route 55, killing both williams and himself. >> new this morning, philadelphia police hope surveillance cameras can help them find the person who shot
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and killed a 17 year old boy. the shooting happened at the e el station at 06 ' and market around 12:30, police believe the victim was the intended target and the gun machine left the scene in a white suv. investigators say police cameras, and few cameras owned by local businesses will be crucial in solving the murder. scary scene in cumberland county as tractor-trailer smashes into a church in upper deerfield, it happened yesterday afternoon, at the salvation god of the father church on route 77. they say pick-up truck blew a stop sign, the tractor-trailer swerved to avoid it, but instead, at least no one was hurt. >> big ribbon cutting taking place today that marks the the ends of renovations to the ben franklin parkway. renovations done to the 16, 17, 1800 block of the parkway. it included perfect extentions, handicap, and among other changes. >> runners lays up their sneakers for good cause in delaware county. "eyewitness news" was at the
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oakmont school in havertown, hundreds came out for the 19th annual reindeer romp. runners and walkers pounds the the pavement raising $20,000 for the american cancer society. wonderful. >> and, a very special visitor at the please touch new see thumb weekends, santa claus himself stopped by to meet with little girls and boys to find out what they wanted for christmas. meet and greet with chris kringle part of month of holiday celebrations at the me sue zero see up. >> universal released trailer the next installment of the fast and taurus series overnight, show you preview, what we are learning about the movie which will be the first without former star paul walker. and community remembers a hero. we will take you to the hometown of the late john glenn. to show you how they honor his legacy. we will be right
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>> it was all about lala land last night. >> here we go. lala lands. >> the musical starring emma stone and ryan gosling took home eight awards, including best picture. and the new fast and furious movie trailer out based on the looks of it it may just be the most intense one yet. >> ♪
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>> the eighth installment in franchise, till many official trailer released late last night. story line base in the new york sit, the movie first of triligy. this will be the first film in the series to be made encouraging tirely without former star, paul walker, since his death back in 2013. another close call for weekend box office, but, disney's latest flick once again claimed the top spot. >> ♪ >> for the third straight weekend, muana held off the competition earning nearly $19 million. narrow bye beat holiday comedy, reeled in 17 and a half million dollars. thirds, fantastic feast, and rounding out the top five, arrival, and doctor strange. >> this was probably a good week toned stay in, watch a
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movie. >> definitely. >> chilly out. today little warmer but comes at a cost. >> we got the rain to deal with this morning, but this afternoon better, clouds around, mild, 50's, don't get used to that. end of the week, brinking in colder air, typical for mid winter, coolest we've had since last february. until then have to deal with morning rain, center city, wet roads, all across the region, still heavy rain to get through here in the next hour or so, potential for lingering freezing rain, up into the lehigh valley, certain parts of the poconos, winter weather advisory continues for the poconos until 9:00 this morning. until we get the temperatures above freezing, but, just slow commute this morning, tough on a monday, mondays are bad as it is, now we have to deal with the rain, checking in with weather watch ertz, generally everybody above freezing, that's a good thing, we take you north of the city here, where we have 33 degrees, currently, at john jenkins house, perkasie, he's got the rain happening right now. so that's good thing. and we go up to northampton
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county here, or no, southern poconos, saylorsburg, 33 degrees, there go, already, climbing above freezing there, snow and freezing rain earlier in the poconos, pick up about an inch or so, into new jersey to up 40 degrees, david dutch's house in clementon. on our way up to the low and maybe even mid 50's, by this afternoon, in parts of south jersey. here is the heavy rain, pocket right over i-95, maryland, once again, near elkton, northeast, moving into northern delaware, will impact philadelphia in the next half hour or so, things starting to break up little bit. west of harrisburg, that's good news. get that drier air back in here probably by mid-morning, lingering freezing rain happening northern lehigh valley southern poconos, winter doesn't officially arrive until next wednesday, the 21st, 5:44, shortest amount of daylight. nine hours, 19 minutes, 58 seconds. certainly going to be feeling like the heart of winter by the end of the week. by 8:00 this morning most of the rain moving into new
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jersey, steady rain south jersey into delaware, off shore by the afternoon, few peaks of sunshine, tonight, dry, tomorrow, sunshine mixed with clouds, typical december days. today, climbing look at that. low 50's, from the city on southward. maybe even some mid 50's. well above freezing into the poconos this afternoon. tonight it gets cold. twenty's, low 30's, the morning temperatures on tuesday. then tomorrow's highs, noticeably cooler being back to the low and mid 40's, close to average this time of year. get ready for another arctic blast later this week, could be even colder, then drops the jet stream, cold arctic air, stick around for couple of days, coldest day february of last year. highs probably stuck in the 20's. so today, watch out for the morning rain, late day clearing, 50 degrees, tonight partly cloudy, cold, 29, there is the extended forecast. pretty much dry through mid week, low 40's, then the 20's return for highs thursday, friday, lows in the teens, here in philadelphia, weekend we will watch the storm system, some of the cold air could be in place, little snow before changing over to rain.
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twenty's, meisha. are you ready? >> you know, justin, our producer just saying in my ear, hey the 20's, 30's, probably save you from minnisota but i have to tell you one of the those things, even though it doesn't faze me no. but no snow, you can't ski. you can't snowmobile, you can't snow shoe. whatever it is, you can't do it without snow. so see ya later, i am he he enjoy the 50's today. like justin said, one of our last days we'll see them. so we just have to get through our morning commute. what that means is pack your patience, very wet roadways this morning what we are waking up to, causing issues on the roadways, absolutely. since about 4:00 this morning. so looking at right now 95 taillights southbound direction. you can see northbound and southbound side, starting to heat up. pull your attention on the droplet on the lens. see the spray back on the willed shield behind you. so take it easy out there. overview of the ben franklin bridge. moving in the westbound direction. i will say you can see how many vehicles are already out there on the ben franklin
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bridge. heeding the warnings, get out there early. not bad idea. very smart to do so. this is where we have an accident involving injuries. the a.c. expressway near pleasantville, right lane blocked there. another accident a.c. expressway moving in the eastbound direction, past route 42, that's pulled off to the shoulder, still going to slow you down even though it is on the shoulder. and still dark out there. so some of the accidents pulled off to the soul kerr really sneak up on you. take it easy. closed between fir drive and rocky way, do you have use an alternate. lower holland road your best alternate. another accident black horse pike southbound between marcia avenue and pedrick avenue. so if in your any of those areas heads up for those accidents. then we also have disable vehicle 295 northbound before route 168. right lane block that area, a lot going on this morning, plus, in the world of septa we have new schedules that started sunday, so make sure to check your schedules on line. make sure to do that. and also, we have a lot of construction out there. get to go this in about ten to 15 minutes, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. and check out these pictures
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that were tweeted bypass inning err, on plane in detroit, that's played right off the runway. delta plane caring 70 passengers and it crew just landed, and was turning from the runway to the taxi-way. tended however up on snowy grassy area. you can see here, no one was hurt but the incident did make the trip even longer phone some passengers. >> missed my flightment now i have to get a car and go home. that's okay too. >> and the snow, freezing rain, and rain is expected to move through the east coast throughout the day. john glenn will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. so his funeral in native ohio including public memorial service saturday at ohio state university. last night his hometown held candlelight vigil. >> ♪ >> reporter: inside of the oldest church in new concord a special service. >> he grew up in this church.
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>> for a man still in the hearts of many. >> people love john glenn. they love him. he is important here. >> the community filled westminster presbyterian for a vigil dedicate today john glenn and the legacy he built. >> john, we're going to miss him terribly. but knowing john, and the way he is, he is in heaven and what could be better? >> family, old friends, neighbors, and colleagues, shared stories every glenn, not as the astronaut as former senator, but as the role model who cared about people. >> knowing someone who can bring out the best in people, really cares about his neighbors, that's an important thing to remember. >> because new concord john glenn will not be forgotten, instead hess life is celebrated. >> help keep the community together. tight-knit community. and i think that's part of because of people like john. >> so his community raised a candle. >> we node more like john. >> for the humble, hometown hero.
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>> that report was from megan matthews of cbs affiliate in columbus. >> well, big coat drive underway in our nation's capitol. all of the vision after teenager. we will introduce to you this young man, and tell you the simple thing that inspired him to help. we will be right
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he ghe wewalks around hat,ts. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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male vo: comcast. >> ♪ ♪
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>> mobile three, steaming live for thus morning, check out the roads, all morning long. and this is thousand looks in the neighborhood in whitehall right now. you can see that overnight rain has left the roads slippery, even finding some sleet right now in the allentown area. so, needless to say, you will want to plan on leaving little early today if you're headed out the door. >> well, this is the season forgiving. teenage boy is doing his part to help the homeless in washington, d.c. every year, he holds an annual coat drive. the idea started when he noticed fellow classmate in need, and reporter evan shows us, good will has no age limit. >> not going to go to sleep at night knowing i gave back to somebody. >> when you think of the average 16 year old,. >> exactly the title for cameron sweeney. you see it all began six years ago, he saw friends without a
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jacket. so he gave him his. >> at the end of the day he had the coat. and, you know, he was warm. he was warm, and i gave back. >> since then, it has snowballed. last year collected more than 500 points, and he said the need has never been stronger. >> you walk around, you see homeless people, like homeless men and women, even sometimes children out here with no coats, and they're freezing. >> so with the collection over, the group sent to the streets delivering these jackets to those in need. in all gave out hundreds every these jackets at franklin park. >> makes me feel good. makes me feel wonder foul have something new on. >> as for mom, pretty proud today. >> has a natural giving spirit. and he inspires me. it motivates me. >> meanwhile, sweeney says, he has a message for other young people who might be listen. >> if you lil like you could do; you really want to do it,
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go do it. it shouldn't matter when it is coal or how the outside or range or snowing, just go do it. >> just goes to show you're never too young to help out. that will was evan reporting, that story there. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we're learning president-elect donald trump offers new jersey governor chris christie several key positions in his administration, find out why he turned them all down. >> and police officer who is using his skateboarding skills, to send a message to kids. we'll have it for you next.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well, you'll hear it again and again, but allow extra time today. it will be a messy morning commute. winter weather advisory remains in effect for parts of our area. justin will breakdown what you will see, depending on where you live. sentencing day for long time congressman, chaka fat a live with a preview every his day in court. and how much prison time he faces. and, eagles fans will definitely have a case of the mondays after another tough loss for the birds. hear from the birds about what went wrong.
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>> today is monday, december the 12th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is on. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on, and so much to keep ion. a bit of a mess throughout. >> it is a mess, i think i saw about 20 accidents already, and only 6:00 in the morning, so the good news a lot of those have cleared out of the roadways, but whether you couple that with wet roadways and a lot of construction out there there is will be a messy day. of in the morning, leave your homes early, rahel, can't say it over and over again. >> we'll dry out by mid-morning, but it will be too late, the morning rush, accidents. the afternoon commute will look whole lot better. dry around around, feeling pretty good this afternoon compared to the weekends. up to around 50. there you go, center city. little nasty walking outside next few hours, cold conditions, with the winds, rain, hitting you in the face, so have the rain jacket, umbrella certainly needed this morning, temperature right now four is at the airport, south winter weather advisory breeze kicking up


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