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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hollywood. lath thicke dead at the age of 69. what he was doing before his sudden death chilling video captures the 59 robberies of local markets and tonight police are issuing a call for help before the gunman strikes again. two separate cases, store employees were shot before being robbed. good evening i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. the series of robberies happened in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is outside police headquarters with a closer look at the video police hope will lead them to the gunman. alex? >> reporter: i do want to say those two workers are expected to be ok. we do want to warn you that some of the footage you are about to see is graphic. this is the man on a police say shot two corner store employees in a spree that began saturday afternoon. it's a double deli on roseville street. hitting a 63-year-old male
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worker in the hip before flee wig cash and lottery tickets. around 9:30 p.m., the same individual hit a neighboring store shooting 56-year-old worker in the leg fleeing with cash. both victims are in stable condition. we wanted to know how to other local corner stores protect themselves, perhaps not right here, according to regulars. >> there will be crazy to try that here. a few blocks away from where the robberies occurred, those who work closely say it's about store owners and clients tell looking out for each other. >> i know everybody that come in. what's up? what's going on? this guy, he come here all the time. we don't have no problem. >> reporter: there's still were bullet-proof glass across the street, there's night >> it's hard for me to feel
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unsafe even though i know what goes on. at the same token this is my home. >> reporter: if you recognize the man in is that surveillance video, do contact police. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you now an update to a story we brought you about people stealing address numbers from homes in east kensington, more than a dozen residents reported having the 1s and 0s from their address numbers to stolen in september. new surveillance footage shows a suspect return the numbers to one of the homes. there doesn't seem to be any pattern. if caught the thieves could face charges of theft and trespassing. donald trump continues this thank you tour. he headed to wisconsin along with vice president elect pence and speaker of the house paul ryan. this after day a big appointment and meetings at trump tower in new york.
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president-elect trump rallied in wisconsin tuesday. one of the state's res that helped him push through the so-called blue wall. >> thank you to the people of wisconsin. thousands of packed the arena hours after the president-elect unveiled his choice for all secretary of stating exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson >> he will be a fierce advocate and has the insights and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. >> reporter: tillerson has the support of several. tillerson has no formal government experience and face as tough senate confirmation battle due to his bills rear-view mirrors in foreign countries, the oil and gas san francisco has close tieses to russia and its president, vladimir putin. who even awarded tillerson the
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russian of order of friendship. he did not make an appearance at trump tower but the president-elect did welcome a steady stream of guests from sports figures to wrapper can coif, kenye west. >> bill gates paid a visit >> on wednesday, mr. trump has meetings scheduled with many tech leaders including tim cook and elon muis,k. the president-elect tapped rick perry to head up the energy department and agency perry wants voweled to eliminate if he were president. also cbs3 news confirmed montana republican ryan z iinke has been to lead the department of interior. police made an arrest following anti-trump arguefity. 33-year-old evan brown of brooklyn one of two men caught on surveillance approaching the fresh market on germantown
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avenue. officials estimate the cost of the vandalism damage to be somewhere between 3 to $10,000. with the stroke of a pen, president obama signs one of the last pieces of major bipartisan legislation under his watch. the landmark 21 it's century cures bill gives more than 6 billion dollars to cancer and medical researcher. "eyewitness news" david spunt introduces you to an 8-year-old from our area, who was at the ceremony because of his own important fight. >> we're bringing to reality the possibility of new breakthroughs to some of the greatest health challenge of our time. >> reporter: the 21 it's cures act now a law invests approximately 6 billion dollars for cancer research, opioid abused and mental health issues. >> it was really exciting. >> reporter: 8-year-old maximum from williamstown new jersey was
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invited to be at the ceremony. he has a rare genetic disorder that affects how his body develops as he ages. >> how are you feeling? >> strong and proud. >> reporter: we introduced you to max around the time he visited 83 senators in just two days. he convinced new jersey's two senators to get on board. >> very happy. >> reporter: the open act provision did not make it into the final law, white house officials wanted max at the ceremony. the president and vice president even signed this note asking make's teacher to excuse him from class. >> going to give my teacher a copy. >> reporter: he plans to fight specifically for the open act aimed at disorders like his, taking some time off for the holidays. you can bet you'll see him back on capitol hill next year, he's excited and feeling great. >> an inspirational story, the
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new law is aimed at fulfilling vice president's. after his son, delaware attorney beau biden died from cancer. more on the new law, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." strong and proud. david, thank you. after today's bill signing vice president biden held a round table where he discussed the cancer moon shot task force. among those are comedian john stewart and stephanie mcmain, they discuss military and first responders cancer care. breaking news out of hollywood. alan thicke died. he recently appeared on netflix fuller house. entertainment tonight reports thicke suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. in addition to acting he wrote theme songs for shows including
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the facts of life and different strokes. alan thicke was 69. bill cosby returns to court in the morning for another round of pretrial motions. it was a tense day in the montgomery county courtroom. cosby is accused of assaulting andrea constand, the prosecution and did he first got into a shouting match over whether 13 additional accuser whose may testify against cosby should be named. west catholic high school is remembering a local victim of the orlando night club massacre. today the school retired the number 20 basketball jersey of akyra murray during the west catholic girls game. the team embraced murray monitors. she was the youngest of the 49 people killed in the pulled night club shooting last june >> i'm honored that they keeping my daughter's name alive and not letting her just go unnoticed.
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probably be smiling down saying, hey, listen, i did it, i'm doing it for you guys. her main mission was to make us proud. she succeeded >> she was one of the few 1,000 pointed scorers in west catholic prep's history plans for the future. a neighborhood is about to get much needed help. camden new jersey is among five cities to receive grants dedicated to redeveloping public housing. members of congress announced 13 million will be inverted in mou mount >> if camden doesn't make it the american dream is a lie >> i feel like money is infused in the right places i have no doubt in my mind this area could foolish flourish. >> it will be used to create job
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opportunities and educational. the classic holiday tune we hear over and over this time of year, but there's controversy surrounding baby it's cold outside. >> one couple went as far as to write their own learics for the song >> a winter blast grips part of the nation snow is falling in pittsburgh. lauren, what do you think coming our way? >> we do have an arctic assault arriving on thursday. i'll let you know when to expect windchill temperatures to near 0 and when we could see a measurable chance of snow >> police in a local community embark on a different chase, captured four donkeys on the lamb. big night on the mainline villanova in a grudge match with temple for the big five title. there's a new boss on north broad. find out who's taking over temple football. that story coming up later in sports.
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♪ . here's something you don't see every day. four donkeys were found wandering around a home in burlington county new jersey sere morning. turns out they escaped from their closures after chasing the donkeys a bit. police officers were able to coral them and they were returned to their homes unharmed. the sights and sounds of the season are around us. you turn on the radio you're likely going to hear christmas music >> one of the classics is under the microscope. some say baby it's cold outside are inappropriate. >> nicole brewer is joining us with more on the uproar and how one couple rewrote the song. >> they're not having it. they made their own in way. a singer song writing duo from minneapolis were put off by the lyrics they decided to pen their own. not everybody is embracing the
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version of the popular song. ♪ from the 1949 musical neptune's daughter to it wasn't it's century holiday classic. most of us can sing along to baby it's cold outside. >> i really can't stay. >> baby it's cold outside. >> i've got to go away. >> baby it's cold outside. >> we're hoping you'd drop in. >> so very nice >> have you listened to the lyrics? >> a lot of lines may be cringe a little bit >> musicians have created quite a buzz after claiming the popular tune could reenforce rape culture. >> baby it's bad out there. >> hey, what's in this drink. >> what's in the drink >> why the minnesota based couple decided to update the original from 1944 sound more consensual. >> i have to say no, no, no.
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>> i like that. >> while their rendition has been applauded by some. others are in favor of the original. >> understand women's concerns but i think they're overreacting in this particular one. >> it's a song and people can be a little too offended >> it's cold outside. >> and a lot of people had push-back about this update. they say they understand the negative feedback. they've received while their version may not be for everyone. they are donating proceeds to the sexual violence center and national alliance to end sexual violence. some good is coming of it. >> complications >> it's about talking about it >> that's exactly what's happening >> and singing it sometimes. >> thanks to the singers. probably across the region are getting into the holiday spirit and playing the role of
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secret santa. some paid off department stores lay away talk abouts like the secret santa who does that every year at a kmart. another person gave $46,000 for lay away items. others covered elementary school students meal accounts. one person did so in wilmington and another out in western pennsylvania. that's great. if you know about a secret santa comment on our cbsphilly facebook page. septa is getting in the holiday spirit. today was the fourth annual all district septa vehicle decoration competition. an our misha johnson were you one of the guests. you can see them this saturday on display at dilworth park. nicely done. she celebrated her 100 birthday at the cheese cake factory in cherry hill he >> friends and family joined her who lived on her own until 98.
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she says the secret to longevity is having the help of her great family. very happy birthday. >> happy birthday, young lady. indeed. watching the feud. how about that? beautiful smile >> lauren joining us now, going to get colder. >> baby it's going to get cold outside. >> but yes, as we head to the end of the week, you're preparing for it. mentally prepare for it and this evening, a nice winter scene check this out, state college, west of here, snow coming down, a beautiful looking wintery scene there. and we do have the same system going to impact the delaware valley actually as we speak and generating a few flakes across parts of the area, but it's not going to be quite as snowy as that scene at penn state. getting a live look at center city philadelphia right now, the clouds in place, temperatures have been prevented from cooling too quickly because of over cast
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skies, no windchill impact and temperatures in the middle 30's in the lehigh valley. still at 41 in dover and we're at 29 degrees in mount pocono. but just up wind is that cold arctic air, temperature in chicago 4 above. enjoy these 30's and 40's while we have them. getting a look at our live neighborhood network. 41 in haddon heights, blue bell chillier at 36. stormscan 3 showing us returns on the radar and returns reflecting light snowfall now a lot of this is upper level moisture, so lot of it is evaporating. certainly could be seeing a few flakes coming down, few drips coming down across portions of delaware county into philadelphia county, center city philadelphia could be seeing a couple of flakes as we head into about the next hour. a passing light rain and/or snow shower. otherwise cloudy conditions and back to 32. for wednesday, another quiet day, mostly sunny, chilly but fairly close to average, 41 degrees, 45 is the high for
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tomorrow as far as averages are concerned. future weather showing us no problems weather wise. maybe a little sun glare, as we head throughout the day, mostly sunny but a little disturbance early thursday morning could generate snow showers and the best chance is going to be down the shore tomorrow night and then behind that arctic front comes the arctic air. yes, high temperatures only in the 20's on thursday whipping wind to add to that. windchill temperatures likely in the teens throughout the day on thursday. even colder by friday. we'll have nice bright sunshine but that's going to be deceiving, cold conditions with windchill values in the single digits throughout the day friday and the worse will be felt friday morning, our forecast low is actual air temperature, down to 12 degrees that will be the coldest in philly since last value hen tonight's day, the whipping winds on top of that as we head to early friday, i95
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corridor down to near 0 to the north and west berks county, upper bucks, lehigh valley, poconos, possibly sub 0 windchill temperatures on friday morning then on saturday morning, we'll still have cold air lingering so it's a warm moisture builds in we could see light snowfall including in the city and south jersey, we could see a light accumulation before it changes to her rain with warmer air building in and mild higher temperatures to sunday but continued rain chance. tomorrow, clear and temperatures close to average. 44 at the shore, 29 for the high in the poconos. and then on thursday, there it is, 28 degrees with windy conditions few passing snow showers possible as well. sunshine but frigid sunshine on friday starting off at 12. end, the day at 25. that chance for light snow to rain on saturday. mild on sunday but looks like a rainy one as well. not the best condition for out and about holiday shopping >> thanks so much. don is up next with sports.
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i was at the pavilion earlier, chick that he is county, temple has a new football coach. the owls basketball team visiting undefeated vill
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top ranked villanova been slicing through the big five. wildcats hosting temple and looking to extend the record 17 game winning streak against philly schools to the pavilion, both teams struggling to shoot. temple battling through. daniel ding he will will a bucket and the foul. owls down by four, on that three point play right there final seconds of the half, josh hart at the buzzer and villanova with a 13 point lead at the break. and the second half.
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nova big smooth, kris jenkins, the three, cats up 21, you got to say it like that. nova. for dramatic effect. wildcats breaking the trap. hart, 26 points for him, nova wins 78-57. they now won a school record 17 straight dating back to last season. >> it's something that you know, ten, 203084s down the line we'll look back and will think that will be cool. right now, there's no time to celebrate. getting ready for the next game. >> from temple hoops to football. owls have a if you head coach. florida defense coordinator jeff collinses, the 45-year-old will become a head coach for the first time in his career. he led the gators to a top ten ranking total defense. spent last six seasons as a d coordinator. ed foley was there when they
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found out >> the leaders come out especially guys been through it. literally if you could see it day-to-day like i'm seeing it now, it's gotten better. kids were out there at practice cheering like literally on the sideline, knowing something is going on and doing our -- they're trying to get each other through it >> i'm down with ed foley >> what were they doing? >> nerlens noel played a grand total of one game this season. backup center is questionable for the second. sprained ankle and may not suit up when the sixers host the rafters tomorrow. the sixers foundation launching an after school program in partnership with the city. it's called the coach's cafe they will provide 30 local middle schoolers with structured learning opportunities and catered meals. >> students and their parents or caregivers in way that provides a fun learning experience also
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getting parents further engaged in their child learning and overall academic achievement >> yeah. >> thanks, don >> thank you, barry white.
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♪ new tonight a beloved
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holiday tradition at the kimmel center. ♪ >> it was a full house inside verizon hall for the unlawful soulful christmas concerts. 500 choir members performed holiday an inspiring and uplifting night at the kimmel center we bring you stories of heart and hope with our brotherly love that is correct take a look back on thursday on cbs3, a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit of giving. join us. lauren? after contending with cold arctic air thursday and friday, we will see a gradual warming trend into the weekend with high temperatures approaching 50 as we head into sunday. but looks like it is going to be a wet weekend on saturday starting off with a wintery mix
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in the morning, changing over to rain for the afternoon then depend on sunday looking
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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it's the late snow show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00. >> we're always on for you as >> have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> stephen: good grief. christmas is coming, and donald trump's going to be president. ( laughter ) ( sighs ). >> ho-ho, stephen, it can't be that bad. i mean, the country is divided, but in the end, we're all americans! >> stephen: wait, you're an american? >>, of course! not like that easter bunny. he lives on that island with all those huge stone head displz so does that mean you voted in the election? >> of course, i did. >> stephen: santa, please tell me you didn't vote for trump. >> it was the only thing donald wanted for christmas. my hands were


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