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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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scan is quiet. here's is what happening, overall pattern is this jet stream is carving out a spot for this core of the cold to settle into our area. it is today and tomorrow. that is when worst of this chillies settling in. fifteen to 20 degrees, below, average, that is just on the thermometer. you factor in the wind gusts out there and the current wind seeds, they are pretty brutal. out of the west northwest and that is cold eras it is but as high as teens or 20's, temperature of 30 degrees here in philadelphia, that will feel a heck of a lot colder. lets go put tonight perspective. here's how it currently feels, folks, 17 is as best as its feels at the airport. more like single digits or sub zero as we go far enough inland off to the thort especially. this is just beginning. through the day it will only get worse, mid to up 20's what is you can expect on the actual thermometer but you have to factor in the wind. those gusts can peak as high as 40 miles an hour so
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traveling on the bridges you can feel shaking on. >> thanks very much. very cold outside. because of it we are seeing issues on our roadways. we have a disable vehicle 95 south before girard pulled off to that right lane and starting to slow you down. the heads up, give yourself extra time. plus an accident in limerick, read road, we have this one in cheltenham, cheltenham avenue at ogontz avenue and there is another one, see if high clicker will bring us to, in upper darby morgan avenue at township line road. one accidents in a row. one in the camera and also, construction out there pennsylvania turnpike westbound before downingtown right lane is block there. so construction, pennsylvania turnpike, both directions a the delaware river bridge that right lane is block, overall a lot going on, this morning. we have salting operations on the roadways we have to contend with these. ac expressway between route 42 and black horse pike again get used to this leave your homes early today, jim, over to you. philadelphia gets its real
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first snowstorm or, coating if you will. >> yes. >> of the season with brutally cold weather. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in collinswood, new jersey. it is hard to tell fuzz are wearing your gloves but hopefully you are dealing warm, out there a little. >> reporter: rahel and jim, breaking news, we have great cbs-3 viewers out there and the person who stopped down, lives in this neighborhood his name is curan, did he in the want to go on camera or take a picture but my hand are so much warmer and well protect. we have a social media campaign to give me gloves because i forget them this morning. you don't want to do that. it is very cold this morning. weaver coming to you live just off haddon avenue knew on wood lane have avenue where you can see snow has stopped falling, however, snow that to fall overnight has stuck to grass areas and cars. good news it did not stick to sidewalks, with that said though, temperatures are
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falling all across the region so any moisture still left could turn into black ice so be very careful with that. taking a look, you can see folks in collinswood new jersey are dealing w snow that did fall was enough to force people to break out those brushes and dust off their cars. important thing to note this morning though is just to be aware that the cold weather, and the wind is here so everyone need to be prepared. same sight and feeling we saw in philadelphia this morning as well, "eyewitness news" in center city on south broad street near avenue of the arts there. you cane snow falling at a good clip. office of emergency management in the city has a code blue now in effect and that is just if you see people outside on the street give them a call. we dent want anyone out here if they don't need to be, of course and everyone needs to bundle up as they helped out the door. >> i was than the expecting it but i might as well bundle up more than what i have going on here. it is cold out here. >> i have my serious jacket on
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here, that is what i do. >> just staying warm. >> that is best advice i have my big coat on and now my gloves as well. rahel and jim, we always knew cbs-3 viewers were the best. they have turnout, current. thanks for the gloves. >> tweet out a picture and we will retweet you. >> thanks to you jan and our viewers. police are looking for two men who attacked a robbed a woman leaving parx casino this bucks county. this happened in the parking lot on sunday. the seven three-year old victim and their daughter were getting ready to leave when this man stole her handbag and took off. police in bensalem says he roamed the casino for several hours plotting the attack with an accomplice. "eyewitness news" spoke to police believe the men targeted the woman. >> to see anyone get attack but seven three-year old victim is sad. it is just a shame in today's society we have to worry about this. your mother goes to even eye
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herself and get a phone call that she's rob. the she's shook up. we are glad she's just not hurt. >> police believe suspects are from the newark, new jersey area. here is a picture of their getaway car license late. anyone with information is asked to call police. philadelphia police are on the hunt foreman you see in the surveillance pictures accused of stealing an officer's uniform patrol jacket, hat and badge from the criminal justice center yesterday. police say he stuck items in the the white macy's shopping bag and walk out of the building, anyone with any information is asked to call police. judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case is, trying to decide if past accusers should testify in the trial. two days wrapped up yesterday in norristown. the prosecutors want 13 women to testify in the trial next year, cosby's defense argued that the allegations were vague, impossible to defend against. the cosby is charged with sexually assaulting former temple employee andrea constand at his home in 2004. listen up yahoo wants its users to change their e-mail
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pass words this morning after 1 billion accounts were hacked. the digital heist is the largeness history. yahoo says that the stolen user account information may have included names, phone numbers, possibly account pass words and security questions and answers. now this breach happened way back in august of 2013. internet security experts suggest that the stolen information makes yahoo users vulnerable elsewhere. >> if you have similar pass words floating around fortive rent e-mail accounts or bank accounts, on line banking or if you are answering security questions the same for every site that you log into, that is a risky scenario because hackers can take advantage of that. >> she says if you are hack, change the pass word to all important accounts, yahoo is working with law enforcement to find out who or what is behind this breach. president east electric donald trump continues his thank you tour in hershey, pennsylvania today. meantime there are new revelations about a russian cyber operation to influence 2016 election.
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hena daniels has the latest from insuring. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence sources tell cbs news that russia's medaling in the 2016 election could not have happened without vladamire putin's blessing, saying quote orders to do it would have had to come from the highest levels. the development comes just days after the cia assessed russia sought to influence election to help donald trump win, claim that the president-elect continues to deny. >> they have no eye tea if it is russia or china or somebody. >> reporter: president-elect took a break from transition efforts yesterday to sit down with top executives from silicone valley. >> i'm here to help you all do well. you are doing well very right now. >> mr. trump is still sorting out how he will handle his own business empire as president. planned rest conference on the issue scheduled for today has been since pushed back to january. hena daniels for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". when we come back what could be missing from your dessert table due to a nationwide shortage. >> still crying over it. >> real cruise for help in oregon a rare snow storm stranded thousands of people some students could not leave school, hear from them next. protecting your pet during this cold weather, we will have tips to keep them safe coming up. >> ♪ chances are you do have someplaces to go we will get you through, we have some snow overnight and they are headaching more right the now in the poconos but, you can see more in our area soon. katie will time it out next.
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welcome back everyone a snow storm paralyzees port land, oregon slick roadways made it impossible to stop. >> check it out. >> school bus with students on board, slid right in the back of two cars, crashes were reported during yesterday's evening commute. not a good sight. 4 inches of snow fell causing grid locked traffic throughout the city. >> many people say they were caught off guard. snow moved in as work was
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ending and classes were wrapping up for the day, caused delays, dismissals and pick ups. both school buses and parents were stuck on snow covered roadways and at one point teachers and student were stranded with no where to go. >> i know that one bus was stuck on the freemont bridge for several hours and so alternate bus has been called and that is what is on its way now. >> i have never been held up in a school before so that is new. >> thought that was funny. >> like he is traumatized. >> yes. >> he was in the school, he wasn't stuck on the bus. >> if were you stuck in this building for five hours. >> yes. >> buses finally arrived five hours later. >> now this weather is also tough on our pets. >> just because they have a fur coat doesn't mean they don't need row text from the cold and snow. the vets say dogs can get frostbite in the frigid weather and severe cases they can lose their ear or part of their paw. jackets help keep them warm and those dog boots are not rust for fashion either. >> if your talk will come in
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and lick their paws be sure you are wearing a pet safe snow melt but they to make boots you can put on your dogs but keep in mind boots you wear in the house could have ice on them. if you do get out and get into some salt where there is ice or snow be sure you are keeping those boots out of range of your pets. >> if it is below 20 degrees, bring your dog inside. if you have a heated garage, great. if it is not they need to come in the house. >> another piece of add rise make sure your pet has enough water because dry air and wind can leave them dehydrated. >> we should give a shout out to our dear friend carroll erickson because if you do not do these things for your pet, she will hunt you town. >> yes, they to incredible work for animal cruelty cases as well. little katie, this is perfect time to warn about pets. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> appropriately. >> you got the two little pups. do you have little boots for them. >> i have a puppy, i don't have winter gar for him. he has so much fur.
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he is a golden doodle. >> that is why we do stories. >> i have a set of kit inn mittens, i'm not even kidding. cats hate them. they just stay inside. lets take a look at the poconos, man ski lover you are digging this. they will be headaching fresh snow in the mountains i guarantee all day. this is a live look at big bear courtesy of our pocono cameras. going for it, cold enough. that chillies really starting to allow these temperatures to crash. feels like ten to 20 degrees through this morning and if you are lucky, rest of the day i don't think it will feel much better than single to low teens because cold air is still catching up. five to ten is best it will feel. friday morning the worst. zero to five. would i say northwestern suburbs even from bucks, montgomery, chester county and north west of that we're talking sub zero values there storm scan is showing hint of lake enhancement you might see a flurry, wind and cold is
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bigger story. here's the storm and video from oregon. this is what impacts us in the next couple days. try night into saturday, next storm system comes in. it starts as snow. probably who hades accumulation in the city but from south to north you'll see it turn over to a little bit of icing, probably say 7:00 in the morning or so and then by lunchtime at latest, it is turning over to rain because warm air is moving in. there will be slick travel on saturday morning if that is what you have to travel, you are getting a i nice big jump in the holiday travel. try to wait it out, i would, icy start on saturday, sunday, more rain, from the cold trent, meisha. >> katie, great advice, thanks very much. we know it is slick, cold, this is what we are seeing. we are seeing issues out there on your morning commute, cracking this is 6:00 o'clock hour. the disabled vehicle 95 south, pulled off to that right and yes starting to slow you down a bit, give yourself 15 to 20 minutes right now. an accident out there limerick
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entries drive at reid road is one of them, some of these have already cleared. cheltenham is a accident that has cleared, in worries there and we have this one, upper darby morgan avenue at township line road, head up on that. plus construction pennsylvania turnpike westbound before downingtown, that right lane is block, i would say overall because of a possible potential slick conditions, and give yourself extra time. now we are deal with construction but overall we are still dealing with overnight construction. we will talk about that coming up. but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are,
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now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the delaware county daily times busted up land's boro councilman edward mitchell has been charged in the $133,000 kickback scheme. mitchell ace alleged have to have taken kickbacks from the downingtown business owner in exchange for video surveillance camera contracts. he is also accused of planting hidden cameras and microphones threw up land boro building and he denies allegations. times of trenton robbinsville new k-9 is already making a big impact, corry is labrador retriever who recently graduated from the penn vet working dogs center in philadelphia and get this, after only ten days on the job, corry has led to multiple arrests and uncovered a drug hall. in the times herald eagleville elementary school is doing its part to helpless
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fortunate contributing to the lieutenant's patty simmons law enforcement food drive. donations will assist local families, eagleville elementary school's snack backpack program, salvation army, patricia society and catholic social services. >> they are newspaper headlines across the delaware valley. fur holiday deserts include canned whipped cream you have a problem. >> is there currently a national the shortage of nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, and that is also stuff that repulls aerosol topping from the cans on to your favorite sweets. one of the reasons for shortage is a explosion at night trust oxide plant in florida back in august. >> okay. >> well, coming up, untold story of the boston marathon bombings comes to the big screen in patriot's day. >> obviously the bombing is a part of it but it is everybody else coming together afterwards and how we conquered. >> we will take to you a emotional premiere in boston hear from the actors and real
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life survivors about why this story needed to be cold, up
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we asked woman to smell two body washethey both smell good.rite. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a?
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ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. welcome back, weekend is around the corner and it is a nice warming trend that comes with a price though, storm system ushers in snow, ice and rain on saturday, more rain on sunday, but look at those
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temperatures at least we're pack to tolerable territory, 40's and even 50's. there is a lot of cold right now, we will talk about that in the second. emotional premiere for much anticipated film about 2013 boston marathon bombings. >> patriots day tells stories of the heroes and survivors of that tragic day. reporter jessica moore or w cbs was at priest mere last night and since mood was surreal actors in the film embraced real life survivors. >> it is untold story behind the hunt and capture of the boston marathon bombers before they carried out a second attack in new york city. >> boston native mark wahlberg is both producing and starring in the film as boston police officer tommy saunders. >> he we wanted to tell this story and share it with the world. it is so special. emotional night. people will be filled, with their own sense of pride. >> reporter: story of first responders, investigators and
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civilians, many joined wahlberg on the red carpet tonight. and then there are survivors like patrick and jessica towns who both lost limbs in the attack and they are still very much recovering. but their compassion overwhelms their pain. >> so many people's motions are tied up in this, there are families lost have loved ones were killed. >> reporter: it is one that leslie moonves, chairman, president and ceo of cbs sorption says had to be told. >> there are so many stories that the american public, the world just doesn't necessity about. so many heroes in this hoff i, that it is really heart warming, it represents the city and represents this country. >> reporter: and representing the people who suffered so greatly, director peter byrd took all of that into account. >> the last thing we wanted to to was retraumatized anyone or interrupt anyone's process of getting better. >> still manages to be really beautiful, respectful and in a
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session way. >> reporter: that is hope for everyone who sees patriots day a message of hope in the face of darkness. the leslie moonves credits 60 minutes producer for keeping story line on track. patriots day premiers december y and nationwide january 13th. in boston, jessica moore for cbs news. patriots day is produced by cbs films, division of the cbs corporation which owns this television station. well, big surprise for kids at a local police athletic center. >> that is a santa claus at ford pal center in south philadelphia. local pal officers, representatives from the phillies and the fanatic himself delivered gifts from their july toy drive. santa, the big guy, he trooped in, the toys were all donated from phillies tans and team donate aid $10,000 check. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" people are just waking up to a little bit of snow and bitter cold, jan. that is right, snow overnight, and now cold and
6:27 am
windy conditions, i'm jan carabao reporting live from collinswood south injuries think morning, coming up how people in this area are now dealing with this bitter blast of weather. we have learned that president-elect donald trump gave something to kanye west when they met the other day. we will show you what it is coming up. hey rahel as jan pointed out we are waking up to snow and ice and it is having an effect, i'll tell you where but we will first take a quick break stay right where you are,
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good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> i can tell you yes, it vice cold, we have seen snow, it is december, i need to remember my gloves tomorrow morning. >> she doesn't have her gloves
6:31 am
on i would have given you mine. police are searching for two robbers after a woman is attacked outside parx casino in bucks county to see anyone get attacked but a seven three-year old victim, it is really sad. >> yahoo is urging all users to change their pass words this morning after 1 billion accounts, were hacked, it is world's biggest cyber hack. president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour in pennsylvania today, amid new revelation about russian cyber operation aimed at influencing the 2016 election. brayden schenn across the line, and in on goal, and he scores, brayden schenn remains sizzling hot. >> and the flyers are on a roll winning their tenth straight game. >> they beat colorado avalanche four-three. we have some breaking news we have to give you an update after that morning minute, jan has gloves thousand. >> yes, a viewer in the area, ran over. >> collinswood, new jersey. >> brought her some gloves. >> absolutely.
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>> lets get out to katie, katie, if you are watching and still at home you want to grab your gloves because you may not have a carn around, to bring you gloves. >> exactly once this wind kicks up and you can hear it blowing through microphone man, does that send a chill through your bones here. we had a hint of snow and those flakes are flying off roof right through camera shot which may be difficult to see but they are out here, so, as you wake up, again you may be waking up to a light dusting primarily on unpaved surfaces here this is delaware valley. storm scan is quiet, overall, the story is the cold, and the wind, here is the bullet points the highs are at best in the 20's. we did hit a high of 34, it happened right as we hit about the stroke of midnight, but, you will see these temperatures crash for a few more hours. wind gusts as high as 40 miles an hour, yeah, that will make it feel colder, single digits, teen, wind chill values at best, through the rest of the the day. the here's where we are currently tank.
6:33 am
it is obvious where cold air has rolled in here. it feels more like single digits in lancaster, reading and sub zero this mount poke they but as the day progresses, here officially is what we are expecting temperature wise. upper 20's, oh, yeah, it is right on q as wind pick up, factor it in. it is brutal out here, meisha, owe i need to get inside. >> i was just going to say you need to come inside, yeah. >> okay, it is also, affecting your morning commute this morning. good morning. happy gateway. we are looking at 95 south before girard we have a disabled vehicle pulled out off to the right, right-hand shoulder/lane. it will slow you down. the as you travel past this so give yourself a couple extra minutes on 95 pushing in the southbound direction. also, because of our weather, we will be seeing accidents on the roadway and that is what we are seeing right now this one in limerick interest price drive at reid road is stilt out there. we have another one in up are darby morgan have avenue and township line road.
6:34 am
head up in that neck of the woods. give yourself extra time there. also we will be dealing with some salting operations out there ac expressway between ac convention center and route 42, almost the entire stretch, of the ac expressway so head up, we will get used to our trend doing the salting throughout the winter. construction pennsylvania turnpike westbound before downingtown that right lane is still blocked there and also some winter driving tips, now is time we will start talking about this get your car serviced, they say get your car serviced more around october/of this but if you have not done, better late then never. check out battery lights, wiper fluid and we will talk about that later, back to you. >> get your ice scrapers out and as you will need them climbing in your car this morning. >> our area the got first snow this season overnight and we're also dealing with plunging temperatures. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in collinswood, new jersey with her gloves on with more, hi there, jan. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning, as you mentioned snow moved through overnight but now we are dealing with
6:35 am
bitterly cold temperatures and as you can see the wind, and behind me you can see how much that wind is whipping the flag there, so we are dealing with these cold weather elements but we can do it if we're smart. just bundle up. taking a look at video we can see what folks here are dealing with overnight and it didn't snow a lot but did snow enough to bring out those snow brushes and brush off the car because temperatures continue to fall out here. we are still seeing some snow in grass areas and on the cars this morning. with that said, sidewalks and roads are looking good but they are any moisture you want to be extra careful because it could turn into black ice. concern now is everyone has been saying bitterly cold weather we are dealing with and we have to say once again you have to bundle up, cover up any exposed skin, take a listen. >> it is freezing. >> reporter: so how many layers do you have on, how do you rare. >> three and i ray it gets warmer, that syringe hurries up. i just wear bundled up, we go
6:36 am
to camden every morning on the waterfront so it is treeing. you have to be ready for it. >> she admits she would rather be in florida or back in bed right now and i'm in favor of the ladder. three blankets and hat, scarves. i just rahel and jim met up with queen b1 of the great lawyer viewers. she had hat and scarves and so she's prepared. unlike i was. carn thanks for the gloves, he brought them to my just mentioned queen on twitter, it is like a tamly operation today. thanks, jan. in other news president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence will be making another stop on their thank you tour. this time at 7:00. in hershey. yesterday mr. trump met with tech ceo's for round table at trump tower. he pledged to work with tech companies to create jobs, cut taxes and improve cyber security. he to instant to face scrutiny over his new hotel, which is down the street from the white house. currently leased from the
6:37 am
federal government. president-elect is facing a contractual dispute with celebrity chef jose andres, trump sudan drays for a breach of contract after he cancelled plans to open up a restaurant this washington tc. andres said he pulled the plug in response to trump's controversial remarks for mexicans. they are scheduled for deposition next month. ivanka trump will assume some of the duties sign to the first lady. while melania trump is expect to play a role in the white house ivanka will be washington hostess and advisor to her tatter. she will have an office in the east wing and she has been spotted house hunting in georgetown with her husband and children. after meeting with president-elect trump on tuscan yah west went home with a souvenir, a sign copy of trump's time mack seen person of the year. silver hashinger, to kanye, you are a great friend. west met with trum top talk about multi cultural issues. if you are planning to
6:38 am
help out family and friend during the holidays, pay attention. >> there is a was toy use tax code tour advantage during the holiday season. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is live in new york, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill, lets start off with kid, grand kid should people take any actions before the end of the year. >> reporter: if you are thinking of money, you height want to use that gift tax exclusion, that allows to you give up to $14,000 to as many people as you want this year. it does than the have to be a relative but i don't necessity fuzz are giving that much money to your friend, you don't give gift or estate tax if you combine gift with your spouse you can give $28,000 per beneficiary per year. another idea fund a college savings 529 plan for a future student. money in these rams it grows tax tree, withdraws used to pay for qualified college senses, sidestep taxes too. you can invest up to $14,000 this year, without incurring a
6:39 am
federal gift tax. lots of states have different contributions for vince and different limits so just check with your plan. every family is different buzz what if you want to help but don't necessarily want to put money in your family members hands. >> i used to run this as a financial advisor, because it is one of your loved ones is facing a big bill maybe it has happened because he or she has been a little bit shaky with their responsibilities. >> um-hmm. >> so why don't you pay some or all of the expenses, directly. unlimited payment, can be made directly to a medical provider or educational institution, on behalf of others. as long as it is made trekly to the the service provider the it does not affect your gift tax exemption. every state has its own laws just check with your accountant or lawyer. you can also pay off someone's student loan, how about that for a present, my goodness, if your student is currently, in
6:40 am
college and is also a dependent and money is from the student's parents, there is no impact on financial aid. so for more on my 16 year and money tips in 2016 go to jill on always good advice, yeah. >> thanks, jill. well, it is an emotional story that went viral of a little boy who died in santa's arms but this morning we're learning that story is unraveling. details every up next. and it is a big day for gamers and apple users, nintendo debuts first ever mobile super mario game, plus this. does not take the oath, to defend the constitution for promise of wealth and richest. >> secret santaes are backup our soldiers and you can help as well coming up in our story of brotherly love. >> ♪
6:41 am
they must know it is our first blast have of winter doctor jen has tips on how to cope the with the cold stay with us.
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welcome back. our joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing, we hope that you'll pick up a toy for a child in need. >> for a list of drop off locations just head to our web site at cbs philly to the come/toy fest and find them on the cbs local mobile apps. on the toys will go to the uso. >> as ukee washington shows news this weeks story on of brotherly love the military families can use the help so they can make end meet. >> we got the to see what a few toys can mean to a military family. two famous bearded men, one in north pole red, one in eagles green, both visiting military
6:45 am
families at southampton armory in philadelphia, party arranged by uso of pennsylvania and southern new jersey. the these families sacrificed not only their time, safety on deployment, but their pocketbooks, say joe brooks, president and ceo of uso of pennsylvania and southern new jersey. and, to defend the constitution for promise of wealth, richest. they do the not make a lot of honey. average salary foreign listed military is under $38,000 a year. how to you support a family in this economic climate. >> reporter: army national guard sergeant miles canton is a single dad raising two sons age four whose and four years. >> toys are expensive. kids want most expensive ones. >> reporter: so santa and many investable helpers are giving military families a break. >> one by one the kid pick two toys each from under the tree. >> wow. >> reporter: and some get to
6:46 am
lay in them right away. >> smiles on their faces, the joy that they get, it is just somebody that cares about me. >> reporter: some toys were provided by cb is s3's joy of sharing toy fest donated by viewers like you. >> we're alleviating that worry from the parents to be able to provide for a holiday season. >> reporter: fifty members of the the military families were helped on this evening but there are many, many more, who could use a lift. this holiday. >> you are taking that burden off of the worry off your shoulders and it is a beautiful thing. >> tuesday december 20th is joy of sharing drop off daze there 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. drop off your toys the to the salvation army and boys and girls club. we have more donation sites, listed at cbs fest. thank you. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up tonight at 7:30 join us for more stories of heart and hope all year, we're bringing you stories of brotherly love.
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>> ukee washington and jessica dean will take a look back a some of the people making our community a little better. our brotherly love special airs tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. check this out, thunder snow, in buffalo. that is just part of the wild weather they are where the arctic cold and lake effect snow trooped 10 inches of snow and created white out conditions on cars, and snow needed to be pushed out. >> yes, it just goes to show you, it is all winter. >> they are looking at me being optimistic. >> yes, ray of sunshine. >> yes, it is exactly right. we are going to feel some sunshine but it is in the yet out there, as we are talking about this arctic blast. first and foremost, we will talk about the snowfall we had last night. we have handful of snowfall observation from his weather watchers. ken did well in chesterfield one and a half inches of snow. i'm guessing on unpaved surfaces. we ended up with just a little tenth of an inch this cherry hill as well as nottingham a cross the river back into
6:48 am
chester county where fran's reporting from in browns mills a few hundreds of an inch. lets talk wind chill. that is the story. you have to factor in that wind today. so it feels more like the teens in a lot of spots including the chestnut hill section of philadelphia. phil reporting 15 degrees for wind chill, william in levittown at 16 wind chill, and west chester at 14. it is no the as harsh, towards dover, for example where andy's reporting but regardless really cold air in place. you can see that lake enhanced machine starting to pick up out there we might see a flurry because of that west northwest wind flow, and again it is all about the wind. big zoom on storm scan to show you this next storm scan. it streaks out across nebraska, that is going to lift in as a warm front, warm front through friday into saturday. however, because we have got so much cold air setting stage this will come in as snow, initially after about midnight, 1:00 a.m. into
6:49 am
saturday morning. modest accumulation but then it does start to turn over to a slow to neat rain mix as sun comes up because temperatures will start to warm up to around freezing, or so, through that morning time frame. no later then noon do you see it turn over to rain. it will be sooner further south and certainly maybe a little later up toward mountains but everybody end up here, i will jump seven ahead here everybody end up with just rain through the day on saturday. the another round of rain on sunday as cold front crosses through, meisha. >> it is a couple days of slippery conditions, all right, katie, thank you very much. speaking about cold how how it is causing problems this morning. we have a disabled vehicle 95 northbound ramp to street road, we are completely stopped trying to get that moved out of your way. and, davis road between french creek lane, for those in that area that will slow you down as well. overturned vehicle here on the the north east extension north bound, past lance tally cannot
6:50 am
stress it enough. take it easy, give yourself extra time and drive slowly. this is another accident in upper darby that has been out there, still out there who are again avenue at township line road for those in that neck of the woods. also we will be dealing with salting on our roadways because of the snow, ac expressway between ac convention center and that is through, route 42. almost entire length of the ac vest waste you will be dealing with some salting conditions. also winter driving tips, it is time to start talking about that for sure. get your car, serviced in november. better late then never. check batteries, lights, wiper fluid and check those tires and the spare, rahel, back over to you. well, this was a heart wrenching story that went viral a young boy dying in santa's arms. it looks like that story is unraveling. eric schmidt told his story to a newspaper in tennessee saying he was called to a hospital to meet with a young patient at his last wish. story was shared millions of times, we were talking about it here on cb. 36789 now that newspaper says
6:51 am
it cannot verify original account and hospitals near his home and work place in suburban knoxville say they have no record of the events described. hopefully there is some clarification that happens there. time's are changing especially for video game maker nintendo. powerhouse is releasing its first ever mobile game today. to go pokemon go craze the game is, took us by storm this summer nintendo decided to cash in on the thed mobile game inadequacies mass with super mario run. it is free to to down load and play but the gamers will to have shell out ten dollars. >> question is where will you get most bang for your buck. financially there are more people with smart phones then there are with either cone sole games, consoles or game capable computer. so the vast majority of the people interested in gaming will be able to take advantage of anything that is distributed on mobile. >> i used to love super mario. >> game is is set for release
6:52 am
on apple products to day and will be available on android at a later date. if you are getting ready to head out the door, better bundle up because we are dealing with a blast of wint they are morning. jim's braving that arctic temperature outside on our sky deck with doctor jen to talk about ways to protect yourself in this cold weather. >> you know, rahel, it is windy when my hair starts to move. i don't know whose idea was to stick us out here doctor jen but people need to be concerned. what should we be concerned about when we see temperatures drop this radically. >> super cold out here. >> is there too many things, one is hypotheria when body loses temperature and loses body heat faster then it can headache it. that is a medical emergency. there is frostbite when our tissues actually freeze. the bottom line is this weather, it is too cold. this is weather for indoors. >> what are signs that our body is telling us that it is too cold. >> let's go through the signs. hypotheria symptoms this is a medical emergency if you
6:53 am
screens these or see someone who does. with adults we get shivering, exhaustion, not the just a little bit of shivering but prolonged that doesn't get better, confusion or fumbling hand that is when the brain starts responding to the cold and doesn't work as well. same thing with memory loss and slurred speech. again, brain is not working well because it is too cold. drowsy, sometimes people can have decreased level of consciousness which is again for emergency. for baby and infants their skinnies bright red and cold and low energy. babies may not shiver. babies don't shiver like adults do. that is new how they deal witt. you have to pay close attention tour little ones, absolutely. >> so, give us some ways to make sure that we are safe, in this cold weather. >> absolutely. you see me with my red, bundled up. lets talk about this. from head to teach. >> we will get hit the by a light receipt i soon. >> put a hat on your head. >> the temperature is warm, keep heat in, cover your ears, that is why we have flaps,
6:54 am
your ears can get frostbite. your nose, chin, your ears. your fingers, mittens, guys are warmer then gloves. so get mittens. i love my mittens. put that scarves on and you want long sleeves and biggest thing is keep your body dry, so to you start to per sire when it gets cold or start sweat or things like that that water and that wetness can make cold, extreme cold worse and more dangerous. >> you mentioned be aware of frostbite what should we keep in mind. >> frostbite is when our tissues actually freeze from prolonged exposure. just to recap areas that we worry about our those, we worry about the chin, our fingers, our toes and our ears. these are areas you've got to keep covered. put them in your armpits. stay inside. >> this is just not only inconvenience but dangerous. >> totally dangerous. check on people. check on your neighbors. check on your babies. bring those pets inn identify. >> great advice as always.
6:55 am
i think katie needs a raise standing out here all the time. we will be back in a minute with three to go. let's huddle.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
here's three to go. >> president owe electric donald trump's thank you tour
6:59 am
passes through pennsylvania he will be at giant center at hershey at 7:00. record number of americans will travel this year for christmas. triple a estimates 103 million americans will take a trip between december 23rd and january 2nd. national constitution center is celebrating the 225 anniversary of the bill of rights. that is three to go. >> lets get the a last check of weather. >> we have tight time and we will just tell you very cold, today and tomorrow. factor in that wind, guys, it will not feel better than single digits or teens and worst timetable happens tomorrow morning, guys. >> thanks, katie. >> tommy will take you on a holiday dream drive, wash do this. we are going to see where other kid can see this christmas so many years ago, and so much has changed. a lot have of these, presents, well, guess what they weren't even bought in stores. find out who made them and how long they have been preserved, that is coming up tomrow morning at 6:00 a.m. on dream drives. >> cbs this morning is next. >> have a great the daze. >> stay warm.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." u.s. intelligence officials now believe russia's president personally approved hacking attacks to disrupt our presidential election. how will the future trump administration respond? >> brutally cold weather invades much of the country and in some area the snow can be measured in feet. >> california orders uber self-driving cars off the road hours after testing began on city streets. it's a battle between innovation and regulation. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> cold continues to be the story and whi


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