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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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gusting to 40 whiles an hour, throughout the day-to-day, the at philly international in, combination with this cold, polar air. check out our current temperatures right now. we're at 20 degrees in philadelphia. teens in berks county, same in the lehigh valley, 10 degrees in hunt poke though. twenty in ac. to add insult to injure we have these windy conditions, wind up around 15, 20, 25 miles an hour with those brutal wind gusts, one that hits you in the face, it is so horrible, 36 miles an hour, wind gusting to in wilmington right now, our feels like temperature is four, in philadelphia, it is zero in reading. nine below in mount pocono and temperatures as we wake up tomorrow morning will be town into the single digits and teens, that means wind chill values will be sub zero in many locations, near zero along i-95 corridor and about five to ten across parts of the delaware. we will talk about more about this arctic blast when it
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finally gets out of here and milder temperatures, but wet conditions for upcoming weekend. we will have all that coming up. >> stay with "eyewitness news" as we track this arctic blast and look ahead to winter wet they are weekend. we will have the latest on television and on line at cbs right now a big crowd is gathering in hershey, pennsylvania to welcome president-elect donald trump. he will be there to thank keystone state for being key component to his election victory. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in hershey where there is a lot of excitement, david. >> reporter: hi, jessica yes, there is a lot of excitement at giant center, thousands waited outside. it is a 0-degree wind chill right now in dauphin county, president-elect trump will take the stage, he will be yin by his number two, vice-president elect mike pence. donald trump and mike pence will continue their thank you tour this time this hershey, pennsylvania. two were in wisconsin earlier this week as part of the tour. although future president and
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vice-president didn't win dauphin county trump pick up victories in other parts of the central pennsylvania. he won pennsylvania and that is reason two will be here tonight. trump is in the news every day but his secretary of state pick exxon chief rex tillerson is garnering some strong opposition for his close relationship with russia's vladamire put even. u.s. intelligence officials this week announced that they believe putin was personally involved with the hacking of dnc e-mails. i spoke with supporters about the allegations. >> i do not think it has anything to do with him being elected president. >> i think it is an out right lie. i believe they are fishing. if nick, wikileaks did it all. >> reporter: donald trump will take the stage with his number two mike pence coming up at 7:00 o'clock tonight. right now they are doing a little warm up show behind me with some local republican officials in the the state.
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we will have a wrap up tonight at ten and 11: reporting live , in hershey, pennsylvania , i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs news white house sport respondent major garrett is in hershey and will have more on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight at 6:30 right here after we sign off. new jersey governor's chris christie's proposed tell all ball may include his role in the trump transition. both houses of the legislator considered controversial bills to change state law that would allow governors to profit there book deals while still in office. also is a list of proposed salary raises for judges, prosecutors and other public employees. >> i personally have no issue with the governor writing a book whether it be this governor next governor. >> it is being rush through. the it is a little cloak and dagger, wave it on to the agenda late tuesday, here this both houses on thursday and pass it on monday in the middle of the holiday season when the public really doesn't have a chance to weigh in. >> the bills have bipartisan
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support, lawmakers could vote on them as early as monday. four lawsuits were filed today locally for injuries related to a electronic cigarettes. devices can explode and cause another just burns. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the dangers of the e cigarettes and the move to protect others. >> reporter: that is right, it is happening. they were supposed to be an alternative to smoking tobacco , e cigarettes have have become especially popular among high school students. two of the suits filed today are on behalf of of minor, who were injured. a third victim for the south jersey says that he had no idea, va ping could be so dangerous. it is painful but greg birdish feels lucky to walk with his wife. he has third degree burns from a e cigarette battery that exploded in the pocket of hits pants. >> i looked down, i was on fire, the battery, pinball down my leg and burn a whole through pant leg and escaped and that is when the real pain
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started. >> reporter: f.d.a. documented 66e cigarettes explosion was a growing number of injuries, from incidents like this one, captured by a security camera when a store clerk was seriously hurt after his e cigarettes erupted in his pocket. >> e cigarette industry without regulations and roth call in place has been operating like the wild, wild, west. frankly that is just unacceptable and needs to change. >> reporter: lawyer greg bentley is representing bird ish and one others in lawsuits filed in new jersey and pennsylvania related to injuries caused by electronic cigarettes. >> the burning mechanism was from battery acid. >> reporter: most of the fires are link to their lithium ion batteries issues with over charging, manufacturing detect s and punctures, they over heat and then explode. >> it is kind of like people doing it it is russian roulette. >> reporter: stacy says her husband turned to vapgo to help him quit smoking and now two whose after the the battery exploded he is still
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bleeding from the burns. >> i will be required to have skin grafts. so i know high journey isn't over. i want people to be aware of the dangers of vap ping. >> reporter: lawsuits are filed against stores where the devices were purchased. f.d.a. started regulating e cigarettes in may and reviewing health impacts. a growing number of doctors say that they should be, behaved. and also, the surgeon general says e cigarettes are a public health threat especially to youngsters. >> wow. >> that video, that was saying it all. >> scary, isn't it. >> thanks, stephanie. well, new at 6:00 the men and women of the philadelphia police department are honored by the american bible society. >> "eyewitness news" on independent mall today, bible society has released strength for the street, a bible devotion all of the stories from philadelphia police officers and chaplains. police commissioner richard ross raised the society for its outward show of support for law enforcement. you have you have demonstrated that in
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this time something that people struggle with which is outward support of law enforcement. there air lot of people that support us but may be gun shy of letting toll accounts know that. the mere fact that you are willing to to that is so meaningful to me, and men and women in the department. >> reporter: commissioner hopes strength will provide peace and comfort to officers as they deal with the stresses on have that job. officers from the 14th district teamed up with local seniors to bring joy to children. >> "eyewitness news" photo journalist andre a, we call her andy core was there for the holiday fun. >> ♪ >> this is a senior fat it is. we have all age groups. we have children and others here as well, and it is just an example, of, you though, how important it is for to us maintain partnerships so we don't have an us, and they, type of chemistry.
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what we have is a we. >> ♪ >> we have a couple of staff, serving todd here, including our two tagses, two of our physicians, it is just amazing how great of a sense of community that this creates for all of us. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas merry christmas. >> santa claus. >> merry christmas. >> ho, ho, ho. >> santa. >> it brings back memories, and it gives us a feeling thaw
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just can't even describe that feeling that comes over you. >> true happiness of christmas >> ♪ good that is a great taking. >> we thank them and we thank andy. speaking of the holiday spirit one neighborhood in south philadelphia is certainly merry and bright. nicole, tell us about it. >> hey, ukee if you are out here tonight, you really need a cuddle buddy, right in thankfully, i have quite a few you we are live there smedley street, coming up we will see you in a minute. and it is sure get a south jersey pub all revved up where they were ripping wrapping paper off quite a gift, don. nice. year 1985 ring a bell?
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we will tell you why it should >> look who is staying put for a while, how phillies lock up odubel herrera until the neck tech cade, those details coming up late
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say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. 13,000 local families will be able to enjoy turkey dinners this year. >> all thanks to drexel university's forty-third annual alumni holiday turkey project. "eyewitness news" in university city where community groups loaded the turkies into the vehicles, with help from drexel students alumni and staff. this year that digs to the turkies donations there drexel surpassed 35 you this dollars to help those in need. the auto collision rebuilders used their skills
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to spread holiday spirit. this man was unwrapped, and donated to the gloucester county, club, all of the parts and paint used to fix it up were donated by various auto body shops in the the area. for past seven years, boggs auto toe that ited car to a deserving tamly. >> that is beautiful. tis season for those festive light displays which means it is time for our holiday lights. >> tonight "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in south philadelphia where she has found a whole block deck out, nicole. >> reporter: they finally came out of their warm comfortable homes to join me out here on smedley street. say hello to the group that has come out to our cbs-3 holiday lights tonight. i have to tell you this is a really special group. this is a really special street. because for over 50 years, every single resident on this block has taken part in creating this fabulous display i believe over 100 you this
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lights is that right? every person takes part. here to tell us shore about that we have barbara here with this adorable baby, michael. barbara, tell us about this tradition. obviously it means a lot to you. >> it really does. every saturday night you could come out the here and see us out here. we have fire pitting, greeting people coming up the street. they are very appreciative. we want to say thank you for coming and visiting us because you we do it for them, and for us. >> reporter: for each other. how much fun is this guy. >> yes. >> reporter: it is fantastic or what? i have to tell you i'm impressed. lets look at these who will take lights. we shot the some of that video earlier. i will make highway to santa. barbara, thanks again. you know, whole crowd wanted to follow along here because we have to talk to the big guy earlier we asked him a couple of questions about ukee and jessica and whether or not they were on the thought i or thighs list. you say you have an update on ukee, santa what is that
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update. >> i sure do, i called down to high elves in the north pole and ukee. >> yes, sir. >> as they say in south philadelphia you are all right that means you are on the nice list. >> i'm all right. >> still be good though, buddy you're all right, ukee. >> and by the way if you have a fabulous holiday display, cbs-3 holiday lights on taste book and twit eras we send it back to you in the studio look at our bicycle trend making the round here it this, this is philadelphia bicycle coalition, live for you in south philadelphia a on smedley street. >> such nice people town there >> indeed. >> thanks, santa. that almost brought me to tears. i'm all right. thanks, everyone on the block. our joy of sharing toy fest is also in full swing. we hope you'll pick up a toy for child in need for list of drop off locations head to cbs test.
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you can find them on the cbs local app or you can also join us right here on our cbs-3 studios on tuesday, december 20th for our big drop off day. we will be here from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. help us fill a big old truck with toys that will go to families served by the salvation army, boys and girls club of camden county and uso. we have more information on our web site the at cbs philly .com/toy fest. lauren casey in for kate bilo tonight. notice all of the people very bundled up. i nicole said they just come out from the house. it is chilly out. >> it is true. >> it is chilly outside, a little windy. you may have noticed that as well. >> a little? >> a mother nature giving us a hard time today, a big arctic blast and we needed all of the layers. i finally broke out the my biggest, most puffy coat to take. it was certainly needed. 20 degrees right now is current temperature as we look live in center city if ill a.
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wind out of the west, whipping up around 20 miles an hour, and our current feels like temperature is, 4 degrees. yes, 4 degrees when you step outside, temperatures right now are brutal all across the delaware valley. eighteen in allentown. 10 degrees in mount pocono. nineteen in millville but misery loves company and we have company, 6 degrees in chicago. one above in minneapolis. we have had cold air, of course and then blustery wind on top of. that wind gusting to 50 miles an hour today in atlantic city the close to that in reading and close in wrightstown and as we head into tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to be plumetting down into the single digits in the poconos, lehigh valley, we will have teens for philadelphia and surrounding counties and parts of the delaware and cher dropping town into the 20's. combine these cold temperatures with the wind seed dealing like about 5 degrees, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning feeling like near zero to 5 degrees and that is city to the the north and west, we will have sub zero wind chills.
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storm scan three showing us included today, couple flurries, sky deck has cleared out and overnight tonight few passing included down to 14 degrees, still windy but wind do let up as we head in the day on friday. that is the good news but bad news is still very cold, 28 degrees sunshine to increasing clouds and up late last night you may have net is ed a taste of winter with on snowfall, quick snow shower, picked up our first snow fall of the season in philadelphia, pick up a inch in mount holly but likely see a little bit more as we head into saturday especially saturday morning. snow and ice. could see accumulation of the snow i, slushy, mix and change to go rain in the city by mid-morning but still creating pretty slick travel conditions because we could see quite a bit of ice accumulation especially to the north and west of city, berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, potentially up to a tenth of an inch. models projecting even more than. that you see ice accumulation across lehigh valley at day morning. good time to stay off of the
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road. snowfall predictions, a ice, snow mix, one to 2 inches in philadelphia is possible as we head into midday at day. higher amounts in the higher elevations, and for the day tomorrow closing it out on a cold note still breezy but not nearly as windy, high temperature climbing to 28 degrees and in the hid will 40's so any snow we will see will quickly change over to rain saturday afternoon and how about middle 50's, by sunday but rainy day at that. elderly children, vets keep an eye. >> indeed. >> don's up next with sports. >> lots to get to phillies make a long term commitment and lost of the legend, and flyers also reach double digits, we will check with the hottest team in hockey, sports up
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weird time of the year in the nfl some guys are day dreaming about playoffs, others looking for vacation deals. that brings to us sunday's match up in baltimore, seven- six ravens still have a
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chance to win afc north division. they are desperate for a win. five-eight eagles, they are chilling on a caribbean island after new years, but, they still want to finish strong. >> you still have a ton to play for. you know, we can really syringe board ourselves for next season, you know, really set a fun days. >> we weren't good enough to beat patriots that is what the reality comes down to but that doesn't mean that our ultimate goal, to win our division and get in the playoffs isn't attainable. the quickest we can learn from our his takes, move on, get on to philadelphia, and we had a great ra today, better we will be on sunday. >> so is he strong beer gate. tomorrow sixers will play lakers without kobe bryant for first time since 1995 but team headaching some news, point guard jared bayless had wrist surgery and he is now out for the rest of the season. sad news to pass along legendary nba reporter craig
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sagger has died of cancer. sagger spent three decades as side line returner for turn are. he is best men for his loud, colorful suits and easy going interviewing style. sagger gone at the age of 65. on to baseball, nobody will have a better new years eve then phillies outfielder odubel herrera. he gets a 1.75 million-dollar signing bonus, that is because herrera just signed a five-year, 30 million-dollar deal. this year he made all-star team in just his second big league season. flyers have won ten straight for first time since the reagan administration, orange and black beating colorado four-three. they visit dallas saturday and will try to make it 11 in a row for first time since 1985. as always, fly guys doing some good things this is community, to take trent office, staff, along with the alumni delivering a truckload of you this toys, to the salvation army of greater
6:26 pm
philadelphia, fans donated these toys at recent home games and part of the teams holiday toy drive, thanks to the fans and flyers, thousands of kids, will have, a great christmas. >> well done. >> how about that. >> creating cheer. >> on and off the ice. >> thanks, buddy. >> when we come back imagine walking a hyle in this guys shoes. second thought that would be more than a hyle. >> staggering amount of steps he has taken in his career and yes is being honored for it when we come
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mailman at fairmount postal station is celebrating a huge milestone. in north philadelphia in front of the family, friend, co-workers, daniel received the 100 million step award, it recognizes mail carriers, to have served, route and walked accident tree for 30 years or more. >> wow. >> amazing. >> congratulations to daniel. >> indeed. well, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , tonight details on i russian hack this is pentagon 's computer. also why u.s. intelligence now believes vat vladamire putin was trekly involved. from new york here now is
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scott pelley, take care tamly, we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: murder driven by hate. the white gunman who killed nine african-americans at a bible study is convicted of hate crimes. he could get the death penalty. also tonight, cbs news has learned alarming details of a lightning strike by russian hackers at the heart of the u.s. military. they're down to the homestretch. it's the crunch before christmas for package deliverers. >> we're really geared up here. >> pelley: an steve hartman lets us in on the secret of secret santa. >> reporter: you've no doubt seen the happy endings, but almost no one knows the humble beginnings. this is the "cbs evening new


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