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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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unbelievable site on quiet bucks county street an a car crashes through not one but two homes. >> and donald trump returns to pennsylvania for the first time since winning presidential election and what he promised crowd. and but first an arctic blast grips region taken will get colder. plus we are tracking snow for the weekend. it's not even officially winter but you never know it stepping outside good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> and lets go to meteorologist lauren casey. it's all about finding ways to stay warm. >> dealing with this brutal air mass that came blasting in last night. temperatures right now in the teens in philadelphia. 18 degrees. 16 allentown and 7 mount pocon pocono. we have extremely cold arctic air mass and on top of that we had intense winds all throughout the day today. still wind speeds 15 to 20 miles an hour and wind gusts still up around 35 miles an
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hour mount pocono and gusting waning along the i 95 corridor and we had gusts reported to 41 at philly international that pushes that feels like temperature low, feeling like 4 in philly and 1 below in allentown and 13 below right now in mount pocono and overnight tonight temperatures in in lehigh county to poconos dropping to single digits. philadelphia and surrounding counties to the teens and down to the shore and parts of delaware dropping to0s. winds wain a bit especially after midnight and it will be down to 15 below in lowerel vague and 5 below and because of those extreme wind chills in carbon and monroe whoa have a wind chill advisory expiring:00 tomorrow morning. snow for the weekend and temperatures in middle 50s coming up in a couple minute. >> lauren we'll see new a bit.
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be sure to tune into eyewitness news this morning to get the latest on this arctic blast before you head out the door tomorrow. our team gets started at 4:30 a.m. >> now, a chaotic scene in bucks country as a come wrashz her car into two houses including her own. more on the scene on indian red road in leavitt town. >> reporter: it is a frigid night to be without a wall and that was shocking situation that dan phelps found himself in. >> i had to rush home and come home to this. >> he returned to leavitt town home to fund a neighbor plowed her car directly through his living room and the couch where he would have been sitting if home. a friend called him at work. >> i didn't believe him until my neighbor said dan, you'll need a new house. >> police on the scene say once the driver reversed into this home she then tried correct herself throwing her car into drive and in turn hitting into her own home across the street. >> i pulled up as the lady
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across the street she was in her house in the vehicle originally i looked across the street and saw a car in a home and then as i backed up i saw some ruckus behind me and turned around and there was a gaping hole in another home. and i'm like wait a second. i've been doing this a long time i never seen anything like this sdmrt driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and we're told a family member was inside of the driver's president he dense when the car crashed through but were able to avoid injury. >> they heard the crash and saw it m coming and jumped out of the way. >> luckily, phelps home was empty as till westbound tonight when he finds somewhere else warm to say. >> they are investigating the crash and whether alcohol may have played a role. alexandria hoff. >> tonight trump brought his thank you tour to pennsylvania. in hershey he spoke with pride of how the keystone state put him over the top on election
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tonight and david spunt was there. >> donald trump spoke more than an hour tonight. he was going by number two vice-president elect mike pence and he chose pennsylvania as part of thank you tour because state helped put him over the top for the white house. >> thank you to the incredible people of pennsylvania. thank you. >> president-elect don bell greeted thousands of supporters at the giants center in hershey thursday. >> you're drive, dedication and love for country pushed across the finish line and boy did we get across that line right? >> he's on a thank you tour, visiting important states that helped him win the president densey last month. and in trump's eyes the keystone state certainly delivered while hillary clinton won philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs trump performed well in the central and northern parts of state. >> mostly i'm here as fellow
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american to say thanks to the people of pennsylvania, thank you for voting to make america great again. >> trump spent much of his speech talking about jobs and putting more americans to work. >> i will never forget and you never, ever, stop fighting for you. i will never, ever, let you down. believe me. >> trump's visit comes as u.s. ill ten jens officials believed vladimir put up was involved with a dnc hack. trump surprise is porters were skeptical of the news. >> they're having a field day making up things. i do not think it has anything to do with him be electd i think it's an outright lie and i believe they're reaching -- if anything wiki leaks did it all. >> don bell did not win dauphin county but he came here
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because it was central part of the state where they could celebrate his victory. cbs, eyewitness news. and as david mentioned u.s. intelligence officials are increasingly confident russia helped trump win election and evidence livking vladimir putin and hack of the receivers comes from a variety of sources and tonight president obama said the u.s. will respond to hacking and meanwhile, 'new cbs news poll shows americans are deeply divided over incoming administration. 34% think he will be a good president. 36% say he would be a poor president. ivanka trump is poise todd assume some duties typically assigned to first lady. while melania trump is expected to play a role in white house ivanka will be hostess and advisor to her father. she wail reportedly also have an office in the east wing. >> new jersey governor chris christie's proposed tell-all
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book may include details of his role in the trump transition. both houses of legislature considered controversial bills to change state law and allow governors to profit from the book deals while in office also in the bills are a list of proposed salary races for judges, prosecutors and other public workers. >> i personally have nosh uwith the governor writing the book whether this or the next governor. >> it's rushed through and cloak and doger waving to agenda late tuesday and hear it in both houses thursday and pass it on monday and middle of the holiday season when the public really does not have a chance to weigh in. >> the bills have bipartisan support and lawmakers could vote on them as early as sfwlon new tonight, men swimming and diving season at princeton university has just been suspended and school made the move after learning about items on the team's electronic mailing list described as vulgar, offensive, massage nistic and racist. school leaders will decide what
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to do with the team's remaining meets. >> a jury in south carolina convict dylann roof of last year massacre are at a khar. that left nine black church members dead and found roofer guilty of all 3 counts including hate crimes and ab instruction of justice. jurors took less than two hours to reach their verdict and that same jury will be deciding whether life in prison or death sentence. >> georgetown police officer chad spicier was gunned down by derrek powell in 2009 and back in august the court invalidated delaware's bench penalty law and justices ruled their decision must be applied retroactively. today's decision means 11 former other death row inmates will spend life in prison. >> four lawsuits were filed locally for elect tropic
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cigarettes. vaiping device can explode and cause serious burns. two suits today are on behalf of minors injured an a third victim from south jersey says he had no idea things could be so dangerous. greg betterdash suffered third degree burns from an ecigarette battery that kloded in pocket of his pants. >> i looked down i was on fire. the battery pin balled down the leg and burned a hole through the pant leg and escaped and that what's the real searing pain started. >> most of the eci goode fires are linked to lithium eye on batteries and charges and manufacturing defects and punch turz. >> "star wars" getting an early holiday first with a big premiere tonight. >> they're been waiting all year for this rowing 1 a star words story still brewing and it's good to catch up before and after the show. they say "star wars" will never go out of style. >> facebook and face new what
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the social media giant will do to fight the false reports. >> visit toreia is mastering holiday cookie that takes second to make app the secret behind it and why the weather outside is a role. speaking of outside. it's down right cold as we take a live look at downtown bethlehem. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking another around of snow and we'll tell you when that tracking another around of snow and we'll tell you when that arrives when we come back
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"star wars" fans have been waiting all year for tonight. >> nicole brewer is liver at the am dmrxt cherry whil why on why sfranz such lasting appeal, nicole. >> 39 years. you can believe it. ukee, jess tomorrow is actual release of the film and as you mentioned select feet theaters and am consider cherry hill and advanced look at highly anticipated "star wars"
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yoch the fans showed up to a fantasy not far away. >>ed in the amc lows theyer cherry hill it was easy to spot excitement for the franchise. it was something a attached on to since 7 and sticking with it ever since. >> i love bringing her are into the idea of big adventure. >> for sylvia and 16-year-old daughter tollly it was a family affair that started when she was 16. >> she introduced me to it but i think my slight obsession is beyond what was expectd what is it about "star wars" that makes it last 9 years. >> story is one classic story that heroic people fighting against evil. >> it's a great story telling
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not prequell but great story telling. >> it's rebellion, isn't it? >> a film that evolved from its audience. >> particularly now that there's strong female character i think people with taking their daughter. >> it's going to carry the next generation in and keep this franchise alive. >> i don't this it will ever get old for me as long as they keep happening out that's how big explosions are. >> and so far i can tell you fan reaction has been extremely positive. some going as far as to say this film blew last film out of the water and fans have more to look forward to this is first ever three planned spinoffs. we're liver in cherry hill tonight, nicole brewer, cbs eyewitness news. >> dedication there nicole. >> wow. >> facebook starts flagging fake news to count are the recent proliferation of hope
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stories and the company says it will apply warping labels to articles on "the social network" known to the false. lopez-rivas the headline and red label says disputed by third party fact checker and you will be able to click on a link to learn why it's dispute disputedd it's taste with tvrjt ori and holiday cookie that takes seconds to bake, seconds. >> seconds? >> seconds. >> learning about the tradition him the cells and why it's important to fork the forecast before shipping these it's important to fork the forecast before shipping these little waves. >> it's a christmas tradition born in italy. >> they're a sweet waffle cookie that stood the taste of tim with a circular shape of ate pizza. these round cells don't require an oven they require an island. >> the original design premedieval times.
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and some of these are really old and this is shape you and fireplace. >> and if you're looking for every era this is the party ever the high tailian market since 1906. they have patella you shorten the timing. >> owner tells us the tradition of making pace in her country comes from the aunt. >> my father's oldist sister. >> and her daughter leona is carrying on family tradition. >> it's just to keep the family alive and keep your nationality alive. i think it's really wonderful. >> this is one of the holiday traditions i remember saturday evening just being there and on the table. >> to bring it to your holiday table leona says pray nroz rai rain. >> humidity wreaks havoc. for whatever are on the subs don't release from iron and don't use too much. >> sweet batter of eggs, suga sugar, short earning shower,
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exact dropped with a iron with a popper scooper. >> they should take between 2 29, 30 minute to going. >> first part is waiting. >> and then lifting up because you're like -- >> ready? >> perfect look at that. >> nice. >> see it was me. >> it was teamwork. it got us there, high five. >> you know what i need? in true italian tradition a little coffee hold on one second hold on. >> now, him end has it centuries ago poor black folk used old rare wood nails and pieces of the track to forth their irons but we have it easier these days as irons graduated to electric and it's not produced.
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and but you saw there she mentioned mary ellen mentioned hail mary to time it the old timers used to say hail mary and that's when they knew to turn it over and say another hail mary. >> pretty cool. >> lot of history there. >> sorry i ate them all. >> looks luke a nice -- >> i was just dusting them off my closet. >> fair enough. >> lauren. with the forecast. we're buckling in and getting ready. >> good night for pizza, soup, anything warm. coffee, hot chocolate. all of it filed it up. you need it. >> you ran that down you. >> like that? >> i have a plan for later after the show, you know,. temperatures are frigid right now and we're at does 1 on our center city philadelphia and clear skies and companies and winds elevated out of the rest at 14 miles an hour making it feels like temperature down to 4 degrees and temperatures right now brutal all across the region where it's 16 in lehigh valley and 17 right now in ac
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and 7 in mount pocono. misery loves company and we have a lot of that because a lot of people are dealing with this incred ugly cold arctic air mass in chicago and 3 in mip app list and these wind throughout the day were so blusterring will start to wane and cold air gusting to 60 and closer that in reading and same case in abington gutting to 46 miles an hour today and storm can three showing us quiet conditions and arctic front dropped in last night and might see a few snow showers to tonight measurable snow in philadelphia and now all is quiet right now. clear sky conditions and overnight tonight just a few passing clouds and you guessed it windy and frigid you dropping down to 14. good news about tomorrow not. much lighter wind speeds especially throughout the afternoon and not be as tierly as windy tomorrow. increasing clouds still a high temperature only 28.
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then looking forward to late friday night, early saturday morning we'll likely see a minimum of snow and ice in the city and surrounding counties and we could see some accumulation that we'll see mid-morning change to rain and as a warmer air mass is building in and will make for pretty slick travel conditions and really wait to the do shopping until companies improve saturday and as we head to sunday contending with rain. future weather showing us quiet into friday afternoon and after midnight snow showers working in north and west of city best time to see know in philadelphia and surrounding counties will be 5, 6, 7 in the morning and wintry mix and sleet and feesing rain and 7, 8, 9:00 all snow. lehigh valley, poconos and will transition that over to wintry mix in these areas second half of the morning. transitioning to all rain in philly and points south and east as we head to mid and second half of morning on saturday and all rain for everyone by saturday afternoon
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and then conditions quieting down as we head he into saturday afternoon and evening. but we could see accumulation of ice and kind of significant in some areas he especially berks county and up towards lehigh valley and mount pocono and ice ago long i 95. again hazardous travel condition saturday morning braen that you changes over to rain. we could see snow accumulation even down the shore generally about an inch along the i 95 corridor and higher amounts in northwestern suburbs and 2 to 3" in lehigh valley and 5" parts of the poconos. tomorrow sunshine down the shore and cold. 29 less wind in poconos with high temperature 19 and 7 day forecast you can see where we change over to rain on saturday with high temperature at 46 degrees and we're in the middle 50s by surprised and it looks like a pretty soggy day with periods of rain. some could be heavy at times and sunshine returns with chillier air on monday and tuesday. but i think after our day toda
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today, 37 and 39 doesn't feel bad. >> putting on the shorts. >> we're okay with that. >> we'll take it. >> next in sports? >> so much to get to remember the guy that knocked out daren sproles with illegal kit. he is paying the price. >> and little bowl gets a big time raise why her era will
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>> herrera gets 1.7 million for a signing boyn is after coming to twermz the phills. last season he led filledlys in batting arm, hits, runs, doubles and stolen bases and also made all star game in second big league season. congratulations to him.
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all right. it's weird time of year in nfl some guys daydreaming about playoffs and others surfing web for vacation deals and that brings us to sunday's match-up in baltimore. 6-6 ravens catching division championship and 5-eagles are trying to finish strong. they're on four game losing streak and toughen it out. >> it's tougher it is. but you know it's a learning process and it's something that you got to make sure you take advantage of because you don't want to go through all the stuff and not learn anything from it you know we have to take it, aplay it and move forward. >> washington the shade of everett is i aing for personal fouls. effort knocked sproles out of the game with the filthy hit there and found a toytal of 4 48,000. >> it's impossible to talk about the sixers. talking about injuries.
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jared bales had surgery on left wrist today and will miss rest of season. sixers take on lakers tomorrow in south philadelphia. >> and sad news now to pass along. legendary nba reporter craig sa goode er died of cancer he spent the last three decades aside line. >> reporter:er for turner and nope for lou, colorful suits autopsy easy going style. gone at the aim of 65. rarefewed air for the flyers. wum days off before dallas. when they hit the ice they try to win 11 straight. they have longest winning streak since reagan administration 1985 and fly rz by the way doing good things in the community. today the front office staff along with almuni delivering a truck load of new toys and salvation army of greater philadelphia and fans donated toys at recent home games as part of the team's holiday toy drive. fist class.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> santa claus was among visitors at the red cross annual children's holiday party. >> eyewitness news was there for festivities red cross on chestnut philadelphia. this year party attendees included 00 family affected by
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fire and disaster in 2016. those kids were able to enjoy food, dancing, games, and isn't a, of course, who brought along presents. including that bike it look like. including that bike it look like. we'll be right back afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7 a.m. for lauren, don, katie is off i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> the late slow with stephen >> i'm jessica dean. >> the late slow with stephen colbert is next
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