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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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down a group of robbery suspect. and it is even colder this morning, than it was yesterday. we are dealing with win chill, guess what, there is snow on the way. we'll say it is friday, december 16th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie and pat are keeping an eye on the roads and weather. >> weather wise, traffic wise, also. >> good day to take off. >> ya, serious accident on 95, we will keep you up to date on, and that fire you mentioned, as well. >> at least we can expect the roads will stay dry here today. that's something. there will be some sunshine for us, but you will need the extra time to warm up your car as you hit the road here today. it is really cold outside. storm scan, nice and empty. that's goodness. let's move on. we talk about couple of observations coming in from the live neighborhood network. look at some of the current wind gusts being reported. outside atlantic city high school, gust reported. it is still gusty. but this is nothing compared
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to what we saw yesterday. we had gusts easily into the 40's, throughout majority of the day. so okay. granted it is very cold outside. but it is starting to ease up at least little bit. now i am not saying it is balmy by any stretch here. it still feels like single digits after all, more like goose negative wilmington, four in philly, three in trenton, the list goes on, actually feeling sub zero even at this hour in lancaster and mount pocono. so yes, it is very harsh outside. but it isn't as bad as yesterday was, when it comes to wind. but, i will say, that at least for the next couple of hours this is the chilliest portion of the day. we will see sun as the day progresses, but still tops off upper 20's, with time. winter weather advisory to tell you about, in the minutes ahead, we will be discussing snow, ice, rain, and all of it impacting the upcoming weekend. pat? >> we've had pretty quiet morning on the roadways, katie, not now. this is a look at 95 southbound, at upland, which is right near the commodore
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barry bridge, there is a serious accident, here, all lanes are blocked, as you can see, lights not moving very much. they haven't been over the last 30 minute or so. so if you take 95 southbound around the commodore barry bridge, look for alternative do, not jump on here, because they are pretty much at a stand still. >> do you have love this scene headed in and out of philadelphia, no major delays here, there is water main break, we need toll you about. route 70 eastbound past 295, left lane blocked, there use the white horse pike. this is fire that we allude dollars to earlier. millick street between wharton and baltimore avenue. all lanes are block here. the alternate route is south 63rd street. crews are on the scene, and one person we have learned has died in this fire. so, we have a live report coming up here. one more fire to tell but, as well, ridge road between pemberton road and ongs hat road. breaking news this morning, one person dead from fatal fire in cobbs creek.
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, live near the scene. anita, what are you learning? >> reporter: good morning, jim, jan, much of this area is block off. there is a ton of police activity behind me, as you can see. we do know that unfortunately officials confirming now that one person has died. another person taken to penn presbyterian medical center on 1200 block of millick street. we can show you some video from a short time ago. fire officials say the fire sparked just before 4:00 this morning. paramedics took one to penn presbyterian, one confirmed dead. also word from the red cross, they say they are headed here to the scene to assist, also, shuttle buses oing in place of septa routes 34, the trolley service between 40th and 61st street, because of the fire, again, there is much of this area has been blocked off. it was difficult for us to even access or get anywhere near this scene, because of the traffic closures. we plan to speak with the fire
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commissioner in just a few minutes, again, very limited details, but there is a lot of activity here now, so we will bring you all of the latest, more information becomes available. but for now, liver in cobbs creek, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very sad news, thank you, anita. >> new this morning, philadelphia police officers shot at, while chasing down a group of robbery suspects. it all happened around 1:30 this morning at lawndale and luzern street in philadelphia's felt end ville section. police say three teens robbed a man at gunpoint, and then ran off, when police chased them, they opened fire. no one was hurt, all three suspect are now in custody. >> also, new this morning, two philadelphia police officer are taken to the hospital after a car crash in south philadelphia. another car hit their patrol car just before 2:30 a.m. at broad street and snyder avenue. man and woman from the other car were also taken to the hospital. everyone is reported to have minor injuries. police are investigating, the cause of this crash, but have ruled out dui.
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>> fire crews battle overnight house fire in philadelphia's wissinoming section. "eyewitness news" on the 6,000 block of keystone street where fire officials tell us, flames broke out inside of a vacant home around 1:30 this morning. firefighters had everything under control within about 20 minutes. fortunately, no injuries were reported. >> the man who authorities say shot a folcroft police officer multiple times in june is due in court today for his preliminary hearing. thirty-three year old dante brooks island fired seven shots at officer christopher dorman, dorman was we ponds to go call on drug deal 1500 block of well many wood avenue folcroft. at three hour manhunt island was found in an apartment on that same block islands charged with two count of attempted murder and other charges. >> president obama says his administration will takings against rush this after us intelligence connects that country to cyber attacks in the presidential election. as cbs news correspondent brook silva bragga shows us,
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president-elect donald trump is also weighing in, on the hacking allegations. >> ♪ >> president-elect donald trump took a victory lap. pennsylvania last night, state no republican carried since 1988. >> we won in a landslide. this was a landslide victory. >> at the event mr. trump also took aim at white house press secretary, josh ernest, who said thursday trump not only new about russian meddling in the election, but encouraged it. >> foolish guy, josh ernest, i don't know if he is talking to president obama. the president is very positive, but he's not positive. and i mean, maybe he is getting his orders from somebody else? does that make sense? >> yesterday, president obama himself called out russian hacking, in a interview with ncr. >> need to takings, and we will, at a time and place of our choosing. some of it may be explicit, and publicized, some of it may not. >> us intelligence officials
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believe russian president vladmeere by the inch was directly involved in the massive attack of democratic national committee emails, as a way to hurt hillary clinton. brook silva bragga, for cbs news. >> in other news, new jersey governor chris christie's proposed tell-all book may include details about his role in the trump transition. on thursday, both houses of the legislature considered controversial bills to change state law, one would allow christie to profit in a from that book deal while still in office. proposed legislation also raises salaries every state judges and other government leaders, and staffers. i personally have no issue with the governor writing a book, whether it be this governor, next governor. >> it is being rushed through, it is a little dagger, moving on to the agenda late tuesday, here both houses thursday, and pass it on monday, in the middle of the holiday season when the public really doesn't have a chance to be weighing in. >> the bill has bipartisan support. lawmakers could vote on them as early as monday.
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the state of ohio and the rest of the nation will say good-bye to astronaut john glenn today. a public viewing for the first american to orbit earth is scheduled for today in columbus. a public memorial is also scheduled for tomorrow, u.s. senate for more than two decades, became the oldest man in space in 1998. glenn died last week at the age of 95. well, who can forget the devastating scene in tennessee? >> coming up: the severe punishment two teens face if convicted every setting those wild fires. >> also ahead, the winter weather leads to 50 car pile up in pennsylvania, and that's not the only bad accident making headlines in this arctic blast. >> plus: star wars fans, rejoice. rogue one now in theatres, we talk to fans lucky enough to see it already, hear what they think, coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> i couldn't feel my face walking out the door this morning. that will cold blast just hits you. >> hits you right in the face. says hello, world. >> wakes up, too. katie's forecast. >> looking forward to t i think it is coming up next. >> i think so. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> teenagers charged in the tennessee wild fires could spend the rest of their lives behind bars. >> if they did inch fact set the fire quote everything is on the table end quote when it comes to their punish: the full extent of the damage is staggering. fourteen people died. another 175 were injured. more than 2400 houses, businesses, other structures were destroyed.
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damage is estimated at $500 million. >> two weeks ago you may recall singer dolly parton said to help fire, and miss dolly is keeping her words. yesterday hundreds every residents lined up to receive their first $1,000 check to spend on what ever they need. >> we firmly believe that everybody's recovery is a different journey. what we hope is they can make those decisions for themselves. >> this will help them do what they need to get back on their feet. >> now the funds are being distributed through part on's my people fund. families will continue to receive $1,000 per month for the next six months. good for her. >> meantime, the winter blast is making really a big headache for motorists all across the country, and in pennsylvania. >> well there is was the mess yesterday on interstate 80, near pittsburgh, 59 cars and trucks got tangled up in a crash on the snowy highway. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> and even more trouble on long island.
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snow squawls and ice causing dangerous chain reaction crashes. twenty-nine vehicles were involved. a mini school bus overturned, tractor-trailer jackknifed, and cars crashed into guardrails. six were transported to local hospitals. just a mess. >> well, people just don't slow down. i mean, katie, they're all crazy, they just think it is like a summer. >> i so tough. yes. i mean, i feel like single raindrop can completely change the landscape when it comes to travel. this, by the way, not an actual landscape. that we are looking at, just backgrounds, but winter countdown for you. can you believe we're down to single digit days until christmas? oh, this is flying by. nine days until we actually hit the holidays, 16 until news year, 19 days until our average high in philadelphia is just 40 degrees. but, winter, the official start of it, only five days away. now, we do have some wintery weather for you, obvious when it comes. also in the form of come some snow. already seeing some of it streak out across portions of
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ohio, northwest in general. storm system that will be streaking across the us with it, and bringing to us a warm and cold front. the warmfront, ironically enough; what bridges us our round of snow. i want you to take this all in. pick your region, take a look at what's going to happen here. far enough north, you're actually going to ends up with possibility of half foot of snow before it turns over to rain. that will happen tomorrow by noontime. today is dry. it is overnight that the snow arrives tonight, into tomorrow. one to 3 inches of snow is the expectation through the lehigh valley berks county, turning over to possibly some ice, but specially rain by 11:00 a.m., for philly, at best, inch of snow, getting washed away, by eventually some rain. there will be ice between that time and i would say give it between maybe 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, temperatures start to climb right around freezing, that's when it starts to ice over into sleet or freezing rain. so that's for tomorrow. in the meantime, bundle up. granted it is not as windy, but 28 degrees, ya, that's
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rough stuff. it may feel as much as 10 degrees colder than that any time even that more modest winds blows. >> twenty-eight? >> i almost did it. >> i'm far prettier than meisha, now, oh, that's not true. >> it will happen one every these days, do you have just roll with it. >> i'll roll with t we have a look, accident here, 59 southbound, upland, right near the commodore barry bridge. and it has been out here for about the last 45 minutes. just the right lane block, all lanes had been block, now just off to the right lane. but there are some major backups before route 320. give yourselves a lot of extra time in this area. this is the boulevard southbound at fox. another accident, this one, looks like a doozy, as well. it has got the left lane blocked. it has got the right lane and shoulder blockedment looks like people are just kind of squeaking through the middle here. so this is going to cause some major delays on the boulevard southbound, if you are headed toward the schuylkill expressway. let's head over to new jersey, 42 freeway, looking really good as you head on to 295, into the city of philadelphia, no delays here, usually see
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them around 6:00 this morning, but none here, so far this morning. we will take quick break, we will be right back here on cbs-3 "eyewitn
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>> no longer be executed, after the state supreme court found that its ruling declaring the state penalty law unconstitutional.
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should be a retroactive. those inmates will be sentenced to life in prison without probation, parole, any other sentence reduction. >> on the front page of the intelligence err, montgomery county taxpayers will have to dig little deep near their pock totes pay their real he is taste taxes next year. commissioners voted two to one to sign off on plan that includes 11% increase in the county tax rates. republican joe gill voted against the finalized budget. democrats now voted in favor. >> from the mercury, the annual phoenixville christmas parade helps usher in the holiday spirit this year, with a visit from the big man himself. santa was accompanied by the mummers string bands performers, the phoenixville area high school marching band dancers, the phoenixville fire department, and many more. >> and that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. so, there is still two and a half weeks left in 2016. but the countdown is already onto 2017 in new york sit. >> i looks like it.
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numbers one and seven arrived yesterday in times square. 7-foot tall digits will be lit up whether the ball drops to ring in the new year. it takes nearly 500 bulbs to light up those big numbers. you're new york guy. >> yes. >> are you going? >> are you crazy? >> ii didn't think so. >> only tourists go to. that will coming up: royal photo op, we've been waiting for this, first picture of prince harry and his american girlfriends. >> the day star wars fans have been waiting for. rogue one now in theatres, and we are getting some early reviews. >> and coming up a little later, into the past, place for children to get whole new look at christmas, when meisha takes us on another dream drive. stay with us.
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>> the week send here, a big warm up? that's the trade off to the fact that you have snow and ice tomorrow morning, changing over to rain through our saturday, and more rain on the way, some of it heavy on sunday. guys, back to you. >> star wars fans have been waiting all year long, rogue one, star wars story is now in theatres.
6:24 am
nicole brewer went to the amc these for early showing to find out what fans think of the latest movie. >> when rogue one star wars story opened up in select theatres, thursday, the fans showed to up galaxy not so far away. >> inside the lowe's theatre in cherry hill, easy to spot excitement for the franchise, for many, the force strong from a young age. >> toys, action figures, comic books, it was something like i really had attached onto when i was seven years old, and been sting withing it ever since. >> i hit put the ideas. >> for sylvia and her 16 year old daughter, it is a family affair, started when the teen was just six years old. >> she introduced me to it, obviously, but i think that my
6:25 am
quite obsession with it, definitely beyond what she expected it. >> so what is it about star wars that made it last 39 years? >> the story is one of the classic stories, you know, the heroic people fight cents against evil. >> great story telling. >> genre film that has evolved with the audience. >> now that there is is strong female characters, i think a lot of people are taking their caughter. >> really going to carry the next generation, this franchise a lot. >> i don't think it will ever get old for me, and as long as they keep putting out new stuff, that has big explosions . >> so far fan reaction extremely positive, some, say this film blew the last one out of the water, and more to look forward to. this film is the first of three planned spin office n cherry hill, new jersey, nicole brewer, cbs-3,
6:26 am
"eyewitness news". >> and those fans are passionate. i was reading on line, a lot of people waited overnight for the first showing, that's dedication. >> i won't do, that good thing, good weekends for movies? absolutely, check it out. >> in other news, royal romance finally caught on camera. jim, i know you've been waiting. >> finally, finally. seeing the first pictures every prince harry and his girlfriends, american actress meghan markle together, let's take a look at this. this is -- the sun says on their way to see a play in london west end, the two were seen holding hands, but apparently they don't have hands in this photo. this is after all prince harry warned the press not to harrass markle last month. she has been stalk by the paparazzi. wonder how much that photographer got paid for for that one? >> you don't want to know. >> no, no. and actor ryan reynolds now has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. it was unveiled yesterday. reynolds is known for dead pool, free lantern, the proposal. he was joined by his wife,
6:27 am
blake lively, and their two children, and it was actually the first public appearance of the family altogether. very cute there. >> i like him. seems like nice guy. >> both do. >> good, coming up, an update on our breaking news unfortunately a deadly fire in cobbs creek. >> anita? >> at least one person is dead in a house fire here. i'm anita oh, in cobbs creek, next, how many people are are displaced why it took an hour to get this under control? >> and a heroic fire rescue in pittsburgh. when group of striking teachers dropped their picket signs to save a student and her family next. >> we have a mess on the schuylkill expressway this morning. this is a look, right here. we'll tell you where it is, and how it is affecting you, as they've temporarily blocked all lanes. coming right back on "eyewitness news".
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. it is 6:31, here's what you need to know in your morning minute. >> breaking theus, at least one person dead from fatal fire in cobbs creek. >> very limited details, but a lot of activity here now. >> three teens rob a man at gunpoint and then take off. >> yes, but not for long. police caught all three suspect in philadelphia's feltonville section. >> administration will takings against russia, that's after the country is connected to cyber attacks, in the presidential election.
6:32 am
>> how fun is that? carpool car oak i and few famous friends on the late late show with james cords and. >> katie wouldn't last a minute in that outfit in this weather here. >> it does look awfully chilly. what she was wearing. >> oh, ya. >> ya, you may want few extra layers. as opposed to what our friend miss car had i on. i have to say though i'm pretty sure that that song all i want for christmas is you is the most downloaded christmas song every all time, also my husband's favorite song. funny enough. >> love that. >> any who, let's switch gears. let's talk about the colds. baby it is cold outside. >> we start it off with a look at storm scan, quiet, move on, take a look what we've got going on temperature wise, pretty brutal stuff giles. you have west northwest winds glow, not as marsh as yesterday, but certainly still noticeable do you have knock about 10 degrees off this values, for what it feels
6:33 am
like. you're only at a whopping i want you to take this seriously, seen this kind of cold before. in fact, heck, even see more harsh conditions than. >> this do you need to still take care, makes sure you're bundling up adequately. lots of thin layers is the way to go as opposed to one big heavy layer. through the course of the day, we expect temperatures to hit 28 at best. again, you have to factor in that wind. even though it is not as harsh as yelled, and with that said, this cold is setting the stage for some wintery precipitation winter weather advisory will take effect at 10:00 tonight of course talk about the storm system, lots of impact for snow and sleet and rain for the weekends. >> warming up, so that's good news. bad news, though, we take a look at 95 southbound, as you
6:34 am
approach 320, right around the commodore barry bridge, we had an accident, it is blocking the two right lanes so far. causing major delays. once again southbound right before the commodore barry, right two lanes are blocked. it has been this way for at least a hour, so it is a slow commute headed through chester this morning. slow commute going through west philly, cobbs creek, millick street between wharton and baltimore avenue, all lanes blocked there. use 63rd street but a mess, one person has died in this fire. so cobbs creek, a real mess right here. also, new jersey transit looking at the checklist, there is 30 minute delay due to conrail freight train derailment near robe link. check the website. make sure things are running little more smoothly. thirty minute delays here. also, patco, high-speed line, eastbound, between philadelphia and lindenwald, on special schedule today.
6:35 am
from 9:32 a.m. until 1:44 p.m. accident on the schuylkill expressway right now. they have just since cleared it off. traffic moving once again. there are major delays, schuylkill eastbound, at montgomery, guys. >> thank you very much, pat. well, breaking news this morning, one person is dead after an early morning fire in cobbs creek. >> "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, live there near the scene where she just just got update from firefighters. what's the latest? >> good morning, jim, jan, very sad news here in cobbs creek. we know that one young man has died in this house fire. at this time officials are not confirming his age, or his name. we also know that a 39 year old man was taken to penn presbyterian, we don't know his condition at this time. you can look at some of this damage here, this fire was just placed under control less than half an hour ago. officials say the winds and icy conditions were a factor, at one point, the fire could have been contained to just one home. but, because of the windy
6:36 am
conditions, it actually spread to three other homes here. so we know at this time that nine residents, at least nine people, have been displaced from their homes, again, one young man was found in in a bedroom on the second floor. thirty-nine year old man was taken to penn presbyterian, again, his condition is not known at this time. but you can see, very active scene right now. again, the fire is under control. it was contained about half hour ago. started at 4:00 this morning. but even out here, it is very cold, seeing some ice on the grounds, and this has been a factor in the fire fighting effort, it took more than a hour get the fire under control, and those weather conditions, the winter-like conditions, did definitely play a factor in their fire fighting effort. so we did speak to fire commissioner adam steel here, is what he had to say. >> incredible job by our folks on this windy night. un for the lip, look like despite their best efforts there is wasn't going to be enough to save this young man.
6:37 am
>> so, again, young man has died. officials are not releasing his name or his age at this time. we also know that a 39 year old man, again, taken to penn presbyterian, red cross headed to the scene to assist any families that have been displaced. for now live in cobbs creek, anita oh, "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much for that report. meantime, two homes in bucks county are in shambles this morning, after a driver smashed her car through a neighbor's living room and then into her own. the crash happened on indian road in levittown. just before 5:00 last night. police say woman reverse the her car into her neighbor's home, then tried to correct herself by putting the car into drive. she then smashed into her own home, right across the street. her neighbor got a call from a friend, while he was at work. >> i said really didn't believe it, when he called me, and told me. i thought he was joke withing me, a car went through your house, i didn't believe him until a neighbor told me, oh, ya, dan, you will need a new house. it was real a devastating
6:38 am
moment. i had to rush home and come home to this. >> reporter: the driver suffered minor injuries, thankfully, though, no one was seriously hurt. police are trying to figure out if alcohol played a factor in the crash. >> now to heroic fire rescue beaver county striking teachers on the picket line dropped their signs and rushed to safer the family from their bern home. the teachers were on the pick line early yesterday morning when they heard a woman shout to go call 9911. four teachers jumped into action, and ran into the burning house. >> there was smoke pouring out of the roof. and we were counting on the front door, and i think eventually the front door just kicked through. >> i never ran through a build that was on fire. >> she was already in the front door. i go in, i'm yelling anybody in the house, get out. you know, it is on fire. >> we had trouble walking. we saw oxygen in the building, and we made sure we got the oxygen out, or turned it off, and made sure to help them out of the billing. >> good for them. the teachers rescued three people, one was an elderly
6:39 am
person, one with a medical oxygen, women whom get this former student there. >> wow, incredible effort. in an effort to fight the outbreak of stories, facebook will start flagging fake news, company will use warning labels on some articles that are known to be false, below the headline a red label will say disputed by third party fact checkers. can then click the linc to see why it is disputed. >> experiment to show how easily fake news can spread. deandre wallace posted a tweet in which he said he asked his professor for extra credit. did he it using some lines from where is the love from black eyed piece. the professor agreed. >> the problem with fake news in general, people saw all of the favorite, thought it was true because of that, and looked overall of the clues pointing to the fact that it was fake. >> even news outlets were
6:40 am
duped including the daily mail, cosmopolitan, buzz feed, his high school, too, posted the story to its facebook page before it being taken down. >> don't believe everything you read. coming up: holiday tipping, let you know who should get what. >> looking forward to that one. plus the cold wet kerr really take a toll on your car. we are talking to triple a this morning about how to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter weather, and what you should always have with you, in case of an emergency. >> and meisha is off today. but still has a dream drive. she is taking us on a tour of christmas past. brought into the present. a hand made technique that your kids can duplicate, coming up next.
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>> if you have an ugly sweat nerve your closet, today is the day to wear it, annual christmas sweater day, yes, that is a thing, folks, now it is international thing. the holidays start in the 2011, par sally as a way to lighten up the busy holiday season with a little bit of
6:44 am
absurd at this. it falls on the thirds friday of december. >> and you'll need a sweater today, because katie it is freezing out there. >> it is, you guys, have any ugly christmas sweat? i just have an ugly sweater. ya, like a classic one from the 80s? ya, oh, my gosh. my husband has one that says one of the choice phrases of cousin eddie, that's all i can say on television. all right. so let's take a look what the eyewitness weather watch remembers reporting right now, a lot of chill in the air, basically all in to the teens right now, from the watchers, seeing a lot of sub zero dew point, windchill values coming in from a lot of these folks, see if i can zoom in on this one. common. really? >> regardless a loft chill in the air, everyone reporting the teens and feeling more like single digits, if you are lucking i. beautiful view though, it is a good looking picture, feels freezing outside. ed connor, test run for santa he calls this, i love this, i just lover it, seeing all of the christmas lights this time of the year. so keep those beautiful pictures coming, guys, thank you for waking up early and
6:45 am
going out in the cold to report for us. storm scan3, quiet locally. across the midwest, look, this is sign every things to come. little bit of oxy-moron when you say warmfront and start off with snow. cold air setting the stage. we will see snow arrive generally overnight after 1:00 a.m., light accumulation, inch or under generally for philly. could you see three-6 inches, far enough north toward the poconos specifically. saturday by 7:00 a.m., this is turning over to sleet or freezing rain, so slick travel regardless, for anyone out and about saturday morning, and then by 9:00 a.m., the relatively early, it all changes over to rain. if you have got travel plans for the up coming holiday, getting big jump start on it, i would say you have a dry weather opportunity here. but it is not until late in the day saturday, so if you are trying to find that window, that's how long you will have to wait. sunday, though, another rounds every rain comes along from the cold front.
6:46 am
lives to up its name, as well, pat, stuck back to the 30's, monday. >> brisk cold, in a couple every minute i'll actually run outside. stay tuned for that. >> that sounds fun. >> right? >> this is a look at the schuylkill eastbound headed in toward the city right at montgomery drive. accident that temporarily blocked all lanes, they've since pushed this to the side. multiple cars involved. police are on the scene. it is a slow go right here eastbound on the schuylkill. the vine also slow. if you are headed toward i76, as you know there is time of the morning, it is going to be slow on the vine. bunch of maps to get to an accident 95 southbound approaching the commodore barry bridge, two right lanes block here, there is a fire as we mention in southwest philly, millick street, which is between wharton and baltimore avenue. all lanes are blocked, a mess in this area, try 63rd street. and one more thing to tell but, septa regional rails, manayunk norristown, 30 minute delay, with some switch problems. guys, back to you. >> thanks, pat. well, christmas used to look a lot different in today's dream drive segment. meisha finds a place where you
6:47 am
can see it for yourself. >> yep, good place to teach children to appreciate the way some great great grandparent might have celebrated christmas, including presents that were bought in stores. >> we're in chestnut hill. if you are in the holiday spirit, weaver really cool place in store. but not just for you. for your kids, too. >> ♪ >> we're in wood mere art museum in chestnut hill. and i think that chestnut hill actually owns the holidays every year. >> it is just sparkles. we're here embedded in the wissahickon, chestnut avenue, chest null hit, lighted up and so is the museum. >> bill gave me a tour. inside this victorian mansion is a constantly rotating display of philadelphia art. and in december? >> wood mere unveils christmas past. >> we have a special exhibition that bridges to life a night before christmas.
6:48 am
we took the poem and took works of art, from our collection, that kind of tell the story of the poem. >> and this was called ... >> kids can also see toys, ornaments, they might have enjoyed back then. >> a great treasure is this hand carved noah's arc set. >> yes. >> which would have been made by parent, for their children. >> another treasure, a doll house. that is really a doll rowhouse. >> so who is this darling santa claus i'm looking at? is it santa? >> this is santa's great great great grandfather. >> oh,. >> his name is bell snikle beautiful nicholas, a german family brought this with them sometime around 1840 to philadelphia. >> you can see that they've used real fur to line bellssnikle jacket. he is a street peddler. he has useful things like dust
6:49 am
pans, but he also has gift for kids, that he will bring over the holidays. >> his teeth aren't that great. but -- >> i have a great dentist, so he is in good hands. >> displays hand ornament, hand made ornament, some of them more than 100 years old. >> continues he will was invent in the germany. pennsylvania german holiday ornaments use continues tinsel to make decorations creatively. here is a pipe that was maybe an ornament that up might give to your dad. our volunteers make ornaments, inspired by pennsylvania german ornaments. that were made a hundred, and 150 years ago. >> i found one. this. my favorite. >> i don't know how he makes it on to the tree every year. >> wood mere art museum place to enjoy christmas past. and the future. >> so there will be one day where kids will be watching,
6:50 am
than will be an iphone? >> oh, ya. >> i love those glass ornament, amazing. >> yes. >> well, it is now 6:50. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins us live from new york, with a preview. morning, gale. >> jim, jan, you know what? i can't even see the glass ornament, but jim, i love glass ornament, too, what color were they? >> they were multi colored. but these are like 100 years old. so these are like historical glass ornaments. >> okay. >> if i see one, i'll sends you one. >> you have my e-mail. >> ill. >> and you have my e-mail. i would like to see a picture. >> ill. >> good to see you guys, here's what we have coming up at 7:00. president obama promises us will retaliate for russia cyber attacks, plus only on cbs this morning, i love when we can say that so i will say it twice, only on cbs this morning, hikers survive blizzards conditions after a fall, first look at oprah's interview with michelle obama.
6:51 am
two power houses together. the first lady says she's hopeful for the fewer future. >> won an oscar, grammy, goal end globe. who is this guy? he is a rapper. you can hear him right there. he joins us at the table in studio 57. by the way he has a new albumn. we will talk about that. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you 7:00 on the dot. jim, jan, back to you and jim don't forget to e-mail me. >> i will. stay warm out there this weekend, gale. >> too. see you guys. >> all right, another blast of winter is upon us this morning. extremely chilly temperatures can put added strain on your car and its battery. >> that's right. pat gal inch is in our parking lot now with some special guesses, from triple a. with advice on how to get your carp ready for the cold. and get pat ready for the colds, at least he's bundled up. >> hey, pat? >> reporter: breaking news guys. can you see my breath? it is colds out here. that means car problems will happen. i'm here with jan, john, from triple a. good morning. >> pretty good, pretty cold. how about you? >> whether it is this cold, we
6:52 am
usually have trouble usually starting the car. car battery issues, how can we combat that. >> john is the expert. >> oh, car battery, you're an expert on car battery. when it is this cold, we have to come watt -- combat that. how do we do it? >> get the battery checked frequently. on a day like today you will test it out. obviously today not the day -- >> you don't want to test out to out right now, test it out before it becomes 16 degrees? >> right. >> tips and tricks when it comes to the cold weather. >> check your tire pressure as well. >> good one. >> number one and two reasons why our members call triple a are for dead batteries and flat tires when it is cold. people don't realize the extreme cold has a cumulative effect on your car. >> okay. >> when it reaches 0 degrees, your car battery loses 60% of its energy. so you definitely want to have your car battery checked, make sure to get through the winter, check your tire pressure your car tires will lose foreign 10 degrees drops
6:53 am
in temperature. >> not only the tires, but you want to keep an eye on the car lights as. >> i. >> absolutely. we are expecting snow overnight. so you definitely want to be visible out there on the road. as we see salt and brine, build up, want to make sure to you clear that off of your lights, make sure the bolts are all working. >> anything else we're missing, anything important? >> definitely want to pacca emergency kit. >> look at that time. >> pacca kit. have it in your carp, leave it there all winter. emergency jumper cables, flashlights, ice scrapers, shovel, and kitty litter for traction, the de-icer, hand warmers which we will bus into these in a few minutes. >> i'm looking at those pretzels. >> non-perishable snack foods, no one ever plans to get stuck. so it won't be you, but might not be your car but stuck in traffic like i'm going to be stuck in 95 on my way home. >> non-perishable food? >> babies in the car, make sure to keep extra diapers, world meeting of families, those kinds of things in the car. just never know. >> great stuff. thank you so much, guys. thanks for braving the colds. we throw it back up to you
6:54 am
guys. i'm freezing, coming back up. >> always good advice from triple a. thanks, pat. >> tipping is something that most people do year around, but during the holidays it can get even more confusing. >> in this morning's three on your side consumer report, to tip and not to tip and who gift what? ideas from the emily post institute to help you out this holiday. >> at the hair salon, cost of normal visit would be nice tip for stylist that you see on regular basis? your babysitter? one even pay plus small gift from the kids. the babysitter will appreciate it, and the kids will feel that they're involved, too. a dog walker, up to one week pay, or a gift. live or work in the city and park your car in a garage? a tip of $10 to $30 or a small gift is recommended. news paper carrier, ten to $30, unless you tip through the year, in that case, few extra dollars is sufficient. if you have a housekeeper or cleaning person, the cost of one visit. personal trainer, the cost of one session. cash isn't real appropriate
6:55 am
for a child teacher. you can however give them a gift card. some workers aren't allowed to receive monetary gifts by law. postal carriers for instance can except gift worth up to $20, but they're not allowed to except cash. now, i'll be posting expanded list of tipping guidelines on or as always follow me on facebook and twitter. >> we will be right back.
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>> last check on weather and traffic. >> the synopsis what's going to happen tomorrow. we know what's going on outside. but take a look, here are the locations, here's what you can expect. mainly a slick situation, tomorrow morning, turns over to rain, then really rainy afternoon for everyone else. >> and have fun on the roadways, this is 59 southbound at broad street. a car fire, crews on the scene, putting it out. i95 at the commodore barry bridge. seventy-six at montgomery, left lane blocked. it is testy out there. >> next on cbs this morning new technology meant to stop drones from flying into dangerous airs like airports, and wild fires. that's a good thing. >> yes, we will keep an eye on that. have a great day and a wonderful weekend. stay warm. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, december 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama promises to retaliate against russia for the hacking of the presidential lex. new details about his face-to-face confrontation with vladimir putin. >> millions wake up to dangerous subzero temperatures and bitter snow and cold stretches from the rockies to the northeast. >> a first look at michelle obama's farewell white house interview. the first lady talks to oprah winfrey about his husband's legacy and why she is hopeful about the future. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. we should look at


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