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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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an early taste of winter hits the region this morning. snow coming down in center city philadelphia. and it is snowing right now in the northwest suburbs, as well, no one is spared from this wintery mix. if you must go out at this hour, take it slow. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the entire area. and snow is not all we'll see out of this weather system. up next a round every ice and rain. >> today is saturday, december the 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. from the city to the suburbs, we have live team three coverage of this winter weather hitting our region. so let's start with meteorologist, justin drabick, live in the weather center. how is this shaping up?
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>> looks like the morning will be the worse of it for the storm system. things do improve this afternoon, so if you stay off the roads the next few hours, definitely do so. it will be the worse, seeing our first round every wintery weather moving on n everybody pretty much seeing snow, but eventually get the transition, some freezing rain, and that will be the problem. snow much better than ice, you know, you can't walk or even drive on ice, we will be dealing with that in the next few hours, so right now generally light snowing over the city respect areas to the north, south jersey seeing some snow. looks like little bit of change-over to some freezing rain, maybe rain right along the immediate coastline. it will take some time to get this warm air out of here. winter weather advisory in effect for the entire region, until 9:00 this morning, for the coast, until 11:00 for philadelphia and adjacent suburbs it, goes until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, up toward the lehigh valley, and 6:00 into the poconos, colder air stays on longer. so here's what to expect. rounds of early morning snow and ice, around the city, around an inch or so of snow accumulation expected, and possibly up to .1 ice
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accumulation, enough to cause problems, all you need is a trace to get slick conditions, should change to rain around 9:00, 10:00. continue to see the change over to areas north after that. temperatures cold right now. look at the well below freezing, 26 in philadelphia, 31 in wilmington, 30 in millville. so there is milder air just to the south and west, waiting for that to move on in. that's actually going to help transition the snow over to rain, eventually. and we will work our way to up about 40 degrees this afternoon for high temperature near 50 at the shore, poconos slightly above freezing. drier weather does start to return this afternoon. then temperatures really surge tonight. we will be talking about a warm finish to the weekends, details in a few minutes, back to you. >> thank you, if you are in philadelphia, channels cents are there is a coating of snow on your car, but, how are the roads? our team coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, live in center city. morning, cleve. >> reporter: good morning, jan. the moon on the breast of the fresh fallen snow, we have a
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luster of midday to the objects below. words by clemente clark moore, clark griswold, beautiful here, you don't need an other, you need a poet. that's how nice it is in center city. see the tree here snow falling on it, i want to enjoy every second of it before it gets to the rain. of course we do want to look at the roadways here, 15th and market, see the snow is now sitting on top of the roadway. any pre-treatment has now been covered. they have not yet hit it with the plows. so as you're going around, driving around this morning, maybe to check out the snow before it turns to rain, be careful. because we do have some snow that's now sitting on the roadways here in center city. it is pretty much a very wet snow, as you can imagine. the temperature now just in the upper 20's, close to 30. not a powdery snow, but thick snow. that will pack in your boots little bit i was sloshing around, dancing around this morning out here, as i was checking out the snow.
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so the conditions now, they're changing, as far as it got much more snow in the last half hour, the last 45 minutes. something to be aware of, as you hit the roadways this morning, liver in center city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it is a beautiful site, cleve, thank you. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, headed northwest of the city to check out the wintery mix. she is live there in north wales with the latest. anita, how is it looking there? >> good morning, jan, i don't have a poem for you, but i can also confirm that in the past 30, 45 minutes, the snow definitely come down a lot heavier. it was a little bit steady earlier this morning, as we were driving over here. but definitely has gotten worse over the past half hour or so. there is what my photographer and i are calling a healthy coating of snow on the ground, about quarter inch so far. and it is sticking to the ground. you will see a coating over your car. if you haven't yet used this morning, but we are actually seeing a lot of activity out
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here on the roads here on this main intersection near dekalb pike and 202. we are seeing, you can see the car coming now. we've actually been seeing many cars kind of going faster than usual, even in these conditions. a lot of people we we've spoken to over at this wawa next to us have told us this isn't real a big deal for them a lot of people are used to this kind of weather. they are taking it a little easier on the roads. so far, so good. the roads are looking okay, if you are driving you can tell there is the run of the from the brine and the salt that's been laid down. out in the neighborhood areas, that have not been plowed yet, they are looking a little bit worse. there is much more snow on the ground, but here in the main intersection, main roads, they are looking pretty good so far. so, we will continue to talk to people throughout the morning about how they're dealing with the snow, and these weather winter conditions. but, looking pretty good out here. you can see it is coming down pretty steadily, and will continue throughout the morning. we will keep an eye on those
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conditions, for now live in north wales, anita oh, cbs news. >> i think we enjoy the site, until everything is cleared out of there, thank you. >> penndot was ready long before the snow started falling, across the region it, has 122,000 tons of salt stockpiled, more than 450 plow trucks have been salting the roads and highways. penndot actually started work on thursday, as crews treated roads with de-ice and brine, also asking drivers for breathing room while the plows are out. >> maintain at least twice the following distance they normally would from the vehicle in front of them, remove snow and ice from their vehicle before they leave on their trip, allow six car lengths behind our plow trucks to allow our guys to do their jobs. >> penndot says salt is effective for three, four hours, but crews must circle back. one more thing, penndot says, don't try to pass those plow trucks.
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>> conshohocken police say dispute ended when a man who relies on the use after wheelchair stabbed his aunt to death. the incident happened friday morning at ninth and hollow well street. investigators tell "eyewitness news", the victim was stabbed more than 20 times. and that two had a troubled relationship. the man is now facing charges. >> the man police say shot folcroft police officer back in june will be held on trial on all charges. prosecutors say 33 year old dante brooks islands fired seven shots at officer christopher dorman. dorman was responding to a call after drug deal at the time. island is charged with two count every attempted murder and other charges. >> president obama has stopped short every saying vladmeere putin orchestrated hacking of us political sites during this year's presidential campaign. russia and the hacking of dnc and clinton campaign emails dominated the conversation during what could be the president's last news conference before he leaves office. the president says he first confronted putin about
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russia's alleged role in the hacking during the june summit. >> i felt the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly, and tell him to cut it out. there would be some serious consequences if he didn't. in fact, we did not meet further tampering of the election process. >> the president also talked about the civil war in syria. he blamed russia, iran, and the syrian regime for the killing aleppo civilians. meantime president-elect donald trump has chosen a fiscal conservative for his budget director, south carolina found balancing the budget, an innocent congress pressed for cuts to benefit programs. last night the president-elect returned to florida for another stop on his thank you tour. kenneth craig has the details. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump came face-to-face with thousands of his supporters friday night in
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florida. a state that helped an upset on election day. >> the patriots stood up to this as delivered historic win for the american worker. >> mr. trump did not discuss russia's interference in the u.s. election. instead, he delivered what sounded like many of his campaign speeches. >> our infrastructure is crumbling, our schools are failing, and our workers can't find good paying jobs. you know that. oh, are we going to change that so fast your heads are going to spin. >> but on friday morning, he acknowledged that the russian hackers revealed damaging information about the democratic national committee. tweeting are we talking about the same cyber attack where it revealed that the head of the dnc illegally give hillary the questions to the debate? the president-elect also sat down with president obama's homeland security secretary, jay johnson, at trump tower. mr. trump heads to alabama
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saturday for rally at the same stadium that hosed the largest event of his campaign, the trump's will spends the holiday at his estate in florida. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. >> ♪ >> a second chance. the sing here made headlines when the sixers pulled her from sinking the national anthem returns to philly. also ahead, it was a big night in south philadelphia, as a popular former player is honored for his induction into the basketball hall of fame. >> and police smash a car window to rescue a woman inside. but if you take a closer look, you will realize there was no reason for the emergency. we're back in a moment.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", we're not the only ones getting early taste every winter. white-out conditions, icy roads, made driving a nightmare in parts of up-state new york on friday. at minneapolis-st. paul is expecting close to a foot of snow this weekend. windchills in minnesota will make it feel like it is 40 degrees below zero tomorrow morning. some sporting goods stores are even selling out jackets. well, a life size manaquine gave real life scare to at least one driver in hudson, new york, take a look at this, this is the manaquine, though it looks real enough whom ever called police and told them a woman
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froze to death, officers didn't know that until after they broke the car window and discovered this is actual lay cpr training device. police have not filed any charges. turning back now to weather, justin, beautiful site we saw in cleveland, the live shot, beautiful but tricky traveling? >> the roads could be a problem next few hours, better in the afternoon, we should dry out. it will be cloudy. hold off on the roads for a few hours, yes. first measurable snow last wednesday night, today, first inch, we'll get freezing rain, at least snow down to help with traction. outside right now, live look, you can see the light snow falling through the city. visibility still up little bit. normally when it is snowing heavily you can't see the skyscrapers there in the background, but enough to start put that coating on the ground already. temperature right now, 27 degrees, east wind at 7 miles per hour, the windchill value is down to 19. certainly hat, gloves, heavy coats this morning.
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starting to see the milder air aloft in the atmosphere, pushing in south and west near baltimore, and washington, for us, still cold air from the clouds, all the way down to the surface, below freezing, light snow falling in northern delaware, all the way up into the poconos. but that warmer a air aloft starts to move in, transition over to freezing rain, temperatures at the surface still stay below freezing. probably another hour or two in philadelphia for light snow, then start to see the transition to freezing rain, maybe up to .10 of ice accumulation possible around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. thirty in millville. twenty-eight dover, delaware. twenty-seven in dover, delaware. everybody at or slightly below freezing at this hour into south jersey and delaware, well below freezing still around philadelphia. twenty-four in palmyra. chalfont, 27, malvern, really cold air stuck to the ground up in the lehigh valley, pottstown. you guys holding onto snow little longer. see the ice potential because of the temperatures, probably staying below freezing until later this morning, into early afternoon. up in the poconos,
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three-5 inches of snow before we see change-to ever some freezing rain, eventually all rain. virtually an inch possibly to up 3 inches of snow. then changing to rain by around noon. again, philadelphia, maybe around inch or so, accumulation, change to go rain mid-morning, 9:00 south and east, freezing rain to rain, by around 7:00. everything warms up from south to north. here is 9:00 a.m. on the model here, start to see rain right over the city, to the south, and then still frozen precipitation in the form of freezing rain, northwest suburbs, all the way up into the southern poconos, but by noontime, majority of moisture moving east and off shore. drier weather returns for brief time this afternoon. we can get few showers around, but the steady stuff, dip inertia bit, overnight tonight, mainly just cloudy skies, stray shower, tomorrow morning, we start to see some heavier rain developing, again, to the west. that should move through late sunday morning, into the afternoon, again, temperatures well above freezing, we will be in the 50's by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. just liquid everywhere. even up into the poconos, then basilica of saints peter and paul late sunday afternoon, we
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dry out. snowfall amounts around an inch or so philadelphia, maybe up to 3 inches, lehigh valley, four, five, up in the poconos, great news for the ski areas. not good news is the icing, again, maybe up to .10 of an inch in philadelphia, areas to the north, see where that is out on the roads. temperatures climbing to about freezing or slightly above. by 9:00 there is the improvement. we go to plane rain by later this afternoon to the evening, near 40 degrees, for philadelphia, then temperatures keep climbing overnight. 7:00 tomorrow morning, everybody's in the 50's, even close to 60 in parts of south jersey, delaware, on our way up to low and maybe mid 60s for potential highs tomorrow before that cold front moves through. and the temperatures drop again by the end of the day. soap, today, snow and ice early, then rain, high of 40 degrees. tonight, pretty quiet for the most part, few showers, temps rise, upper 30's into the 40's, then tomorrow, periods of rain, highs in the upper 50s, and maybe cool it back down on monday, but looks like things are pretty quiet, jan, that's good thing, as we head into the winter season
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officially wednesday. temperatures not bad mid 40's, wednesday afternoon. >> justin, thank you. you may remember this young lady, this sing here made headlines in the wake of the sixers national anthem controversy return to take center stage. our natasha brown was at the wells fargo center last night with a performance. >> ♪ >> for singer songwriter seventh streeter, this moment is long overdue, finally stepping into the spotlight at the sixers game to sing the national anthem. >> ♪ >> she deserves it. she should be able to come back and sing the national anthem. >> seven streeter who wrote songs for chris brown, arianna grand err, back at the sixers home opener but toll she couldn't perform because of the we matter jersey she was wearing. >> i'm at the 76ers game sing the national anthem and the organization is telling me i can't because i am wearing a we matters jerry? after national scrutiny, the
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sixers organization apologized and invited streeter back to sing. we caught up with her after the performance, wearing the same jersey that started it all. >> my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour but for good reason. i'm so happy that an unfortunate situation was able to be turned around and become something positive. i was very proud to sing the anthem tonight and wear my we matter jersey. >> i came back to philly in the we matter jerry? seven said she has put the controversy behind her and moving forward proud to stand true to her values. >> i love my country i have to say that always. i love my country. but i just want it to be better. you know what i mean? i want it to be better and i want it to be fair to everyone. that's what this jersey represents. >> it tells a lot about the organization, because it is hard to go back on your word. but you know when you have done something wrong, to make amends, it is a really positive thing. >> ♪
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>> before the national anthem performance at the sixers game, seven streeter along with the sixers organization handed out toys to children with the boys and girls club here at the wells fargo center. in south philly, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> also at the wells fargo center, a tribute to former sixers tarp, allen iverson. >> hall of famer number three alan iverson. >> the team honored ai for his induction into the basketball hall of fame. lesley van arsdall will have the details coming up in sport. >> but first, up next on "eyewitness news", a big weekends for star wars fans. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up we learn more about the star wars galaxy when phillies that jones and crew of rebels help to steel the plans for the star rogue one, star wars
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welcome back, star wars has been waiting a long time for this. the release of rogue one star wars story. the movie is now in theatres nationwide. here's entertainment tonight kevin frazier with a sneak peak. >> this week, felicity joins leads team of reb males galaxy far, far away, steel the plans for the star to kick offer the intergalactic star one in rogue one star wars story. >> a major weapon detected. we need to know how to destroy it. >> felicity jones stars as a young woman recruited by the
5:24 am
rebellion to steel plans for the star in a stand alone story that sets up the rest of the intergalactic star wars saga with another tough female leader at the center of it all. >> this is a rebellion, isn't it? i rebel. >> just a wonderful character, has real humanity, she has a vulnerability to her, you know, things haven't always gone well for her, so she is a little bit broken. but throughout the film we see someone really opening up and trusting other people, and then building an effective meet. >> this is about choice to make real difference. >> while plenty of magic and expect effects on screen, jones and the cast got down and dirty for grueling shoot days to give the action an authentic feel. >> everything you see is real. we were running through trenches, did loads every military training, so kind of
5:25 am
doing all of that thing where you are, you know, elbows to get through the grass. i mean, it was everything we could have done in order to kind of try and look as convincing as possible. you get a little bit knocked around, yes, few bruises here and there, but it is worth it, it is star wars. >> yes. >> you got to do it. >> (movie clip). >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> have you seen a cope of the latest south jersey magazine, you will recognize the face on the cover. yes, that's "eyewitness news" anchor, jessica dean. gracing the cover for the winter fashion issue. jess talks about what she likes about living in the region and what she likes about south jersey, and she says she's honored to be asked
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to take part. very cool. >> still ahead in the next half hour right here on "eyewitness news". holiday tipping. it can get confusing. who gets what this season. and how much you should consider giving. live look right now at storm scan3. a wintery mix for our region this morning. light snow falling right now. but freezing rain is up next. justin is back to tell us when we should start seeing those chan
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live from the cbs
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broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. looking live in montgomery county right now. snow falling at a pretty good clip there. and in many places across the region. here is what it looks like in center city philadelphia. snow covering the roads, and the sidewalks. >> and a wintery mix is also affecting the jersey shore. the ocean city boardwalk is wet this morning. and the entire region is now under a winter weather advisory. more changes are on the way from this storm system hitting thus morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo in the eyewitness weather center alongside meteorologist, justin drabick this morning, all eyes on the winter storm hitting our region. so justin, how is this shaping upright snow. >> next few hours will be the worse of the pretty amazing how cold it has been, actually talking about 50 degrees tonight and tomorrow. >> a roller coaster. >> yes, nothing to hold the
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arctic air in, it will be moving out. next few hours light snow, change to go freezing rain, rain is freezing rain will be the worse of it, and tough to walk and drive on ice. pretty much near impossible. but at least little bit of snow on the ground, give it little traction, winter weather advisory for the entire region in effect until 9:00 for the coast, as you guys will see, the change-over to plane rain, a lot faster this morning. then, until 11:00 philadelphia and surrounding suburbs until 2:00 up into the lehigh valley and six through the poconos, storm scan3, you can see, light snow, still falling, mainly from the city, some of the new jersey suburbs, northern delaware, on up to the poconos, but starting to see the pink show up on radar indicating freezing rain starting to move in. so warmer air above the surface is moving into the delaware valley, temperatures still on the ground, right near freezing, so that's why we have the freezing rain potential. what to expect this morning? snow and ice, up to inch of snow around philadelphia, and maybe up to .10 of an inch ice accumulation, can change over to plane rain in the city by around 9:00.
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so slick travel over the next few hours, the actual air temperatures, even though the warmer air moving, in 30 in wilmington, millville, guys probably seeing freezing rain, or will shortly. twenty-seven in philadelphia, suburbs very cool still, quakertown, doylestown, checking in at 23 degrees. now through 7:00. snow, freezing rain, especially south and east, seven to 10:00 it changes over to freezing rain, and after that just plane rain. on our way up to 40 degrees, 50 at the shore, mid 50's in the poconos. wet finish to the weekends, also warm. talk about that if a few more minutes, jan, back to you. >> justin, thank you. looks like winter decided to come little bit early this year. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in mort whales with the latest on the snow, conditions there. morning, anita. >> it is cold, it is snowing, actually very beautiful, with this light coat of snow. you can see, that it is actually powdery. it is not quite sticking just yetment not really enough to make a snowman or anything
5:32 am
like that. but, there is quite a bit of coating on the ground, right now. the roads, actually look pretty good. let's show this intersection here, dekalb pike and 202. you can see there are some cars, kind of moving along very, very slowly, and that's really what you want to be doing this morning, even on our drive in over here. most of the main roads look pretty good. they have been salted. they have brine over them as you can see in this video that we shot little earlier this morning, of the snow coming down, in the past, i would say, 30, 45 minutes, the snow really came down, a lot heavier than it was earlier this morning. right now, it is kind of coming down little bit lighter. so it is tapering off little bit. but, again, the roads are looking okay right now. you will want to take your time, especially, out in casino of the neighborhood areas, they've not been touched yet. so there is quite a bit of coating over the ground. quite a bit of coating over the cars that we're seeing parked in some of the parking lots over here. and we actually had a chance to speak with commuters who
5:33 am
were out early this morning, take a listen to what they had to say. >> they have brine and salt down, all of them here, crunch, crunch. >> look at it for a minute, then see it disappear. >> pretty bad out. get to go work, four-by-four, but then -- >> so again, take your time if your a driving this morning, there is quite a bit of snow on the ground, and it is continuing to come down, in the past 30, 45 minutes, coming down a lot heavier than it is right now, kind of starting to taper off little bit. but still seeing quite a bit of snow coming down. so we will continue to keep an eye on these conditions, bring you all of the latest but for now live in north wales, anita oh, cbs-3, eyewitness flues. >> anita, thank you. some snow covered roads there in north wales, are they looking any bet nerve philadelphia? our live team coverage continues now, with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, live in center city. how is it looking there? >> reporter: jan, fun while it lasted. the snow was coming down pretty good, about a half hour
5:34 am
ago, now you can see, there is freezing rain, sleet bouncing off of my shoulders here in center city. still, beautiful site. there is snow all around the city hall here, as we look toward the wreath, winter have and here, it is quite beautiful. it was coming down a nice big wet flakes from about 4:00 to about 5:15. but just in the last 15 minutes, those flakes have now turned to ever sleet here in center city. and i just talked to one man, whose name -- he just drove into the city, talking about the driving conditions. >> it was a little slick on the ride down 611 today from up in the suburbs, not too bad. i seen two cars spun out though. so you got to be careful driving. >> we got a live look here at 15th and market, you can see, all of the snow sitting on the roadways here, in center city, still very slick, we did see person making a right-hand turn here onto 15th street,
5:35 am
spinning out, just little bit. so, make sure you're careful out there. give little extra time going where ever you need to go. take it very slow on the turn, you do not want to go out of control this morning. again, the snow has nay -- now given twi some sort of sleet or mix. we will see what happens. things are changing. reporting live here in center city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". beautiful, cleve, but can be dangerous, good advice there, thank you. remember, you can always track the wintery weather right at your fingertips, download the free cbs weather appment it is available on itunes and google play. >> a bucks county judge and two law enforcement, officials are facing charges in a money laundering scheme. judge john waltman, lower southampton public safety director robert, and constable bernard rafferty accused of laundering $400,000 in cash. the money was presented as proceeds from illegal drug are trafficking and healthcare fraud. the men also allegedly took
5:36 am
$80,000 in money laundering fees. well, one suspect now under arrest, but police are still searching for a seconds after a woman was robbed at the parx casino last sunday. authorities say jason ballard, and miguel soto stole 73 year old woman's purse in the casino's parking lot. ballard is behind bars, police are still searching for soto. both from newark, new jersey. >> today considered one of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season. it is called super saturday. and estimated 66% of americans are expected to shop today and with just one week left until christmas, stores are rolling out even more deals, as new numbers show people are spending at a slower pace than last year. meantime, tis the season where we find ourselves asking to tip or not to tip. and if we should, how much? it can get confusing at this time of year. "eyewitness news" reporter, nicole brewer, has more with what is appropriate for those who provide service year
5:37 am
around. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> when it comes to holiday tipping, tis the season to be generous. >> i think tipping is crucial. >> nice to really show people around that you appreciate what they're doing. specially around the holidays, i think that tis the season to give. >> but sometimes it is hard to keep up. >> i don't know who i'm supposed to tip any more. >> which is why the emily post institute posted this holiday tipping guide, lists that includes ongoing service providers from your pet groom tow your pool cleaner. >> if you have all of those services you can afford to tip somebody. >> from your hairstylist, they recommend the cost after normal advice. >> i 100% tip? i don't know, not in a while. >> and an evening pay suggested for the babysitter. >> that's important. you can't put a price tag on that. >> while the dog walkers gets up to one week's wages. >> park in a garage, ten to 30 for the attendant, same scale for the newspaper carrier. from a housekeeper the cost of one advice sit customary. keep in mind, postal workers
5:38 am
can't except gift worth more than $20. and if you are buying for a child's teacher, consider a gift card instead of cash. >> if they're doing something for that you makes your life a little bit easier, especially around the holidays, nice to share generosity with other people. >> there needs to be more moderate list, too, this feels like the upper end of what is expected. >> so, if you're short on money? >> just say thank you. you know? and just spread some love, cheer, throughout the year. >> in general, like, people like monet lot, but they also like being treated well. >> nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". plenty of hugs and kisses at a surprise welcome home celebration in clayton, new jersey. family and friends cheered lieutenant colonel jim garcia as he returned home from six month deposition employment to saudi arabia. family knows sacrifice, too, follow the footsteps into the military, lieutenant colonel garcia told our cleve bryan he is thrilled to be home for the holidays. you were just with your new england son. what was it like seeing him? >> pretty awesome of course
5:39 am
obviously. >> are you surprised how you are feeling right now? >> definitely surprised. yep, i was just looking to get home. that was about it. >> you got a lot of people here that care about you. >> lieutenant colonel garcia is a member of the air force and the new jersey air national guard. >> for the tenth straight year, toyota teams up with philabundance to provide a massive food donation to our local communities. friday morning, a convoy of 75 toyota tundra pick-up trucks head today citizens bank park caring more than 300,000 pounds of food. the food will feed thousands across our area for a need. one taking part in the convoy, sponsored by cbs-3. well, pope francis turns another year older. when we come right back, how he is now celebrating this milestone birthday. plus, a special celebration in south jersey. this woman's big birthday and her secret to longevity. that might surprise you. >> and still doing some holiday shopping?
5:40 am
well, we have gift ideas for the person who has everything, gadgets that are worth a splurge. >> and tricky travel conditions this morning, as the region sees a mix of winter weather conditions. justin is back to tell us what sells ahead for our weekends.
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>> today the pope turns 80. he's marking it with a mass with cardinals, and other than that, back-to-back masses and ordinary meetings. >> he endorse critisisms from conservatives over his pastoral approach. >> south jersey woman also set bathing milestone birthday. take a look at this, she turned 102 years old yesterday, in cherry hill, new jersey, family, friends, through a big birthday party for her, at the spring hill cherry hill assisted living community. they call her connie there. she was born in 1914, she tells us her secret to her longevity. >> just -- feed everything you see. i worked two jobs. i worked westinghouse as a
5:44 am
glass blower, and then i went to columbus hospital emergency room. >> what a lady, happy birthday to her. miss talucci, 99 year old younger sister, was at the party. >> justin, if she likes snow, we have a birthday present for her this morning. >> she says eat. so i guess if it makes you happy, eat, why not? >> great advice. >> let's bring in some donuts right now, let's do it. >> liking this for the next two hours, not going to be all day snow event. warm air moving in, pretty impressive, with how cold it has been. so not the best set up for an all out snowstorm. but snow flying here up in the poconos, cranking out the snow guns, three-5 inches expected this morning, up into the poconos, jack frost and big boulder, are open this weekend, taking advantage of the ideal snow making conditions, over the past couple of days. and, check it out. storm scan3, shows that steady light snow falling, mainly from the city on northwards, notice the pink showing up,
5:45 am
indicating sleet, freezing rain, aloft in the atmosphere, don't have to go far, three, four, 5,000 feet up. temperatures above freezing, so the snowflakes able to melt, before reaching the ground, but temps at the surface below freezing, that's why we have freezing rain, so get a glaze on the object. so that warmer air aloft, moving to the north and east, change-over to philadelphia to freezing rain. already seeing it happening in south jersey, parts every central and northern delaware, so we zoom in little closer here, looks like plane rain right along the immediate coastline, sleet, freezing rain, moving into interior south jersey, heating up into southern new castle county delaware, smyrna, delaware, close to middletown, probably seeing the change over, even here in the city probably here in a few pinks of sleet pellets, close to the change over to sleet, freezing rain, then eventually all rain. but still, well below freezing, 24 allentown, 30 in millville, 29 in wilmington. that's why we have those freezing rain conditions, even washington, richmond, still below freezing at this hour, so the wedge of arctic air still stuck right at the ground, and will take some time to lift on out of here. it will later today.
5:46 am
warmfront moves through. worse this morning, try to stay off the roads if you can, because we have snow, freezing rain, so problems out there for sure. things improve little bit this afternoon, few plane rain showers, same deal tonight. so, mid afternoon, into the evening hours, should be okay, across the region, with the exception maybe in the poconos some of the freezing rain may hang on little bit longer through the afternoon hours. but by 10:00 look at the temperatures, climbing up into the mid 30's, around philadelphia, this evening, temperatures still climbing, into the 40's, look at that low 50's, in parts of south jersey, even lehigh valley, poconos, above freezing, so look at that, sunday morning waking up to temps 60s, to about 06 degrees, ahead of the next cold front, which will swing through during the day sunday, then bring us back down to average temperatures for next week. snowfall amount, not whole lot. up to inch around the city. one to three, northwest suburbs up into the lehigh valley, three-five mount pocono, not much of anything in south jersey and central delaware. ice that could be issue, to up about tent of an inch of ice
5:47 am
from the city on northward, at least we have the snow on the grounds to help give us the traction. suburbs began here, same deal, maybe .50, tent after inch of ice in quakertown, reading, pottstown, as well, careful about that. forty today for the high temperature. eventually we get over to the rain, mid to late morning, then tonight, pretty quiet. clouds, few showers, from time to time. temperatures rising upper 30's, into the 40's, and eventually topping off at 58 degrees for the high sunday afternoon. however, though, there will be periods every rain specially late morning, into the afternoon. next week looks pretty quiet. monday, cold, 37 in the sunshine. winter officially arrives on wednesday. not really snowing winter high of 46. looks like next chance of some showers holds off until next friday. now here at cbs-3, dedicate today bringing you stories about science and technology, part of the partnership, einstein healthcare. but rye night really cool sign underway at the philadelphia water works, one that will improve the health of our local waterways, and involves one of the nature's hardest
5:48 am
working secrete yours, the muscle. >> ♪ >> living lab tore. >> i future fresh water hatch rip at the fairmount water works in philadelphia. project that will eventually lead to cleaner and healthier water. the idea, to let these guys do most of the hard work. >> fresh water muscles are an important biological component of our system. enormous amount of water. so the more, the better the water quality, in doing so, the less -- >> you probably didn't know it, but the schuylkill and delaware rivers are hot bed of muscles. more muscles means an even bigger benefit to the environment, that's why scientists are building the laboratory. >> they look like rocks. they're not very sexy. but we're trying to expose and i will loom nature the butte err and character every these. >> long-term goal, a ramp are you to provide enough muscles to actually repopulate our local rivers and streams and really make an impact. >> helping them get to the
5:49 am
placings they need to get to to do their work to clean the rivers and streams before it gets to the ocean. >> living lab will become exhibit of sorts. public can get a bird's eye view of the hatchery in action. >> also then be able to take a deem err dive into our inter-active component, our installations to real under stands the live and times of the muscle. >> one muscle can clean 20 gallons of water per day. pretty impressive. living science lab is expected to be finished by next fall. >> justin, thank you, always interesting stuff there. should doug pederson save went for the game? how would alan iverson feel if they told him a night off to rest. next in sports. >> if you're wondering what to get the person who has everything, how about an of zero end that cooks for you? or a robot to play games with? gadgets worth the splurge, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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at longhorn, tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse.
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>> a lot of people came to see alan iverson. the sixers came winners two out of three. lakers lost eight in a row. ben simmons watching from the side line, no word when he'll return to the court. but the sixers came up sluggish, trailing 13 to nothing, before embiid got hot, hitting the three right there. to the third we go, lakers forward, julius randall, pushing the ball up court. nobody got in his way. as he scored on the lay upright there. he had career high of 25 points. and our lou williams with the steel, goes into the lay up, sweet lou, 18 off the ben:
5:53 am
sixers shot 36 for 74, lost 100 to 89. and at the half, sixers held ceremony for alan iverson, the answer inducted into the hall of fame in september. doctor jay presented alan with his hall of fame jacket. warrier on the court. he gave the fans everything he had. he played ton of minute. well times have changed. now players are given games off for rest. so how would alan react if he was told he had to sit out a game to rest? >> probably major problem. probably get fined a lot from my verbal abuse. it would have been -- it would have been a tough situation for the organization because i would have fought and clawl, brown would would have had a problem with me, sitting out, special to to rest, i can rest after the game. >> sproles will not be in the line up, out with a confusion suffered against washington, barner, who is deactivated last week, will see lots of
5:54 am
action sunday in baltimore. also, alan barber listed as questionable, he has hamstring injury. if he can't go, another filling in at right tackle. so carson wentz will have to face defense in the league with a cold line. playoff chaps also just about nil, and should doug pederson consider sitting carson wentz so he won't take a beating? >> no, not at all. you know, listen, you know, i'm big believer in we finish this thing out the right way. you know, we play our guys, play the guys that have been there all season long, and he's been a big part of that. and i don't want to necessarily do that right now. you know, with him, i don't want to send that type of message not only to him but to the team. he is a leader. you know, we go with the guys who battle, got us to this point. >> the hottest team in the nhl, philadelphia flyers, rounding ten game winning streak, they look to make it 11 in a row this afternoon against dallas, the last time
5:55 am
they won 11 straight, back in 1985. they won 13 in a row. that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall have, a great day. >> women, with the holidays right around the corner, are you looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything? with the help of our partners at here is a look at some gadgets, worth the splurge. >> want to take your pet game to the next level? try the core hundred dollar sony play station, the virtual reality head set works, with range of compatible games like batman, arca play at 360 degrees, for the game here prefers playing in the real world, cosmo is 170-dollar toy robot, powered by artificial intelligence. it recognizes faces, so it knows who you are, and the more you play, the more it develops personality. for action lovers, the go pro hero five works hands free so you can start recording with voice commands. >> go pro start recording. >> it is also waterproof without a case, and has a
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built in gps, and locations with photos and videos. on the other end of the scale $1,495 june oven is the ultimate gift for the lazy cook with built in camera, detects more than 20 foods, cooks them automatically. you can even live stream the video from the off tone check your progress. dyson's 400-dollar supersonic hair dryer rings high-tech to your head, it measures temperature 20 times every second to prevent heat damage, and high pressure air flow dries air quickly. these are the drones you are looking for. live out your star wars fantasy by flying the mill em yum falcon x wing fighter or darth vader high x1, $240 battle drone interact with each other, so you can score hits, to knock competitors out of the sky. the controllers also play sounds effect and dialogue from the movie. for more holiday gift ideas, visit >> and here is a great way to give back during the holidays.
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our "joy of sharing" toyfest now underway. pick up a toy for child in need, drop it off at one of the toyfest locations. the list is on, and and on the cbs local app. you can also drop off the toys here at our cbs-3 studios on tuesday, it will be our big drop off day. collection runs from 6:00 in the morning, to 8:00 at night. >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 news this morning: a fire injuries a mother and her young child, the drastic measures they took to escape the flames. that's next. >> and all eyes are on a wintery mix every weather hitting our region this morning. we will have a live look at the conditions from the city to the suburbs. when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> early tails every winter hit the region this morning, snow coming down in center city philadelphia. and it is snowing right now in the northwest suburbs, too. if you must go out right now, take it slow. and and a winter weather advisory is now in effect for the entire area, and snow is not the only thing we'll see out of the weather system, next up, round every ice and rain. today is saturday, december the 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, we have live team three coverage of this wi


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