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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 18, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> love seeing
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight a fiery crash amid a huge pileup on an icy interstate 95. challenges first responders faced. a mixed bag of precipitation for the start weekend but now the mercury is arriving and it's found in a very foggy night. a live look here at center city philadelphia. you can see just how thick the fog is because you can barely see anything else at all. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. a dense fog advisory is in that effect until tomorrow morning. let's get you right over to meteorologist lauren casey for more on the current conditions and what we can expect as we go throughout the night. lauren. >> thanks, natasha.
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yeah, very foggy conditions across the delaware valley. visibilities as we just saw on our sky cam down to about .3 of a mile in philadelphia, same case in trenton, half a mile visibility in wilmington. a tough go on the roads overnight tonight. visibilities reduced at nearly all of our reporting sites because we have this warmer air mass building in and we have all that moisture on the ground from our snow ice and rain that is creating these foggy conditions a dense fog advisory is in effect for the entire area through 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, visibilities possible to a quarter of a mile or less and as we head throughout the overnight period temperatures are actually going to be warming up. we're at 36 degrees right now in philadelphia, you can see to the south warm front lifting up so it is going to continue to move northbound. temperatures on the backside of the front 45 already in millville, near 50 degrees in dover, quite the turn around from our high temperature yesterday, 26 degrees. we all remember that. i think we want to forget it. our forecast high for tomorrow
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is 59 degrees but it comes with a little bit of a downer in that we are going hit that in the morning hours and it will be cooling throughout the afternoon because we have a cold front that is approaching our region. ahead of that frontal boundary is rainfall that is breaking out and we are going to city a chance of rain throughout our sunday so really not the best end of the weekend either. foggy conditions prevailing into midday. then periods of rain especially in afternoon. breezy conditions, mild to start with those temperatures near 60 degrees in the morning but then conversely as we head into the afternoon temperatures falling off into the 40's bite end of the afternoon and as we start the evening so what to expect as we wake up monday morning. much chillier air settling in. we'll talk more about that in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thanks. see you soon. hats gloves and boots were required for those who did go out in the winter weather today: "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us it was tough getting around for some folks. >> it's pretty. you know, good to see snow.
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i'm a winter person. >> reporter: early to rides, early to appreciate the snow saturday morning, f.m. city hall a winter wonderland. the roads argue according to ice rink maintenance man jeff shelton not too difficult to navigate it was little slick on the ride down 611 today up in the suburbs. not too watched seen two cars spun out. matt fitzgerald was unfazed as he added 100 miles to his odometer. >> it's not like 96 when we had the 31-inches. >> reporter: as snow gave way to sleet and freezing rain, slush mounted, sidewalks became slippery and ice coated surfaces. >> i don't like snow. it's stopping me from getting where i need to go. i have to go to work. it's making me late. >> reporter: late describes travelers at philadelphia international airport where more than 50 flights were canceled and the faa issued a
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ground stoppage. septa reported delays on regional rails and on the highways a man inside this tractor-trailer was taken to the hospital for minor injuries after it smashed into a guardrail on the new jersey turnpike. also in south jersey two more people suffered minor injuries when their suv lost control and overturned on route 55 near franklinville. >> looks pretty bad out. i'm heading to work but thank god i got a four by four. hopeful i won't get stuck. >> reporter: even with travel concerns many enjoyed the snow while it lasts. >> i love the snow. i can't wait to get home to take my dog and daughter out. >> reporter: it's getting a little warmer. in center city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also tonight at least two people died in a pileup on 95 in baltimore. part of the fiery crash was captured on camera. >> yo'. >> a fuel truck flipped over a median and caught fire around 5 o'clock this morning. the roads became icy as
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temperatures in the region plummeted. 67 vehicles were involved in several crashes near the washington boulevard exit. crews worked for hours to try to clean up the wreckage and first responders took 15 people to the hospital. minute money residents are bracing for the coldest wind chills they've 172 years. temperatures in the minneapolis saint paul area are expected to drop to 20 degrees below zero tonight and the wind chill will make it feel as cold as minus 35. today's wintry weather couldn't stop the holiday shopping rush though. people still looking for the perfect gift to brave the told try find it. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff was at the gloucester outlets in gloucester township tonight. >> last year it was in the 70's. i think this year people are getting in the spirit because it does feel like the holiday season. >> reporter: at the gloucester premium outlets small snow mounds and a warming fireplace added to the
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festive feel. >> it was certainly a challenge with the snow this morning and the inclement weather but the beautiful thing is we have lots of shoppers, people coming we opened at 8 o'clock. >> reporter: the super saturday rush pushed well into the evening. >> it's frantic. i like it sometimes. >> i absolutely hate shopping so i usually shop online. we needed to get some last minute things. >> reporter: but there is a plus to last minute shopping and here holiday discounts encourage some to boogie on down. in a season of giving it can be hard not to think of a few gifts for yourself or even several of the same gift for multiple recipients. >> pocketbooks. >> you want pocketbooks for yourself. >> females. >> reporter: multiple. wait a minute here. >> but all of this depend on one big question. have you been naughty or nice? >> little bit of both. [laughter] >> reporter: uh-oh. >> it's been a long year. the shops here closed up at 10:00 p.m. but will reopen each day through christmas
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eve. reporting in camden county, alexandria hoff cbs "eyewitness news." >> a business owner meantime fights back against a burglary suspect in southwest philadelphia. police say the owner of an auto repair shop shot a 32 year man who he caught burglarizing his business on the 6800 block of pascal avenue tonight. police say the business owner shot the suspect three times. he was arrested and taken to presbyterian hospital. no word on his condition yet but so far authorities have not charged the business owner. new details emerging in the murder of a woman in conshohocken montgomery county. police say matthew wertz jr. stabbed his aunt katherine wanamaker to death on friday. the incident happened at ninth and hallowell street. investigators say wertz had been staying with the victim after his release from prison earlier in the week. they say he threatened her way knife in july. wertz is charged with murder. philadelphia police are now investigating after a man is found shot outside of a gas
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station in parkside. "eyewitness news" at the sunoco station at 52nd and lancaster avenue. officers found the victim inside a car. he was transported to penn presbyterian know critical condition. no arrests have been made just yet. and a woman and child escape out of a second story window after flames break out in a west philadelphia home. this happened in the 1400 block of north 61st street. both the 26-year-old woman and four-year-old child suffered severe burns as well as smoke inhalation. they're still stable tonight. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. president-elect donald trump wrapped up his thank you tour in alabama this afternoon an big crowd cheered on trump when he took the stage in mobile for nearly a month the president-elect has traveled across battleground states that were key to his upset victory over hillary clinton. now in august 2015 a huge rally in mobile gave trump's
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fledgling presidential campaign quite a boost. >> never, ever stop believe dreaming. and if you do that, then altogether. >> we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> speakers at the rally included alabama senator jeff sessions. president-elect trump has nominated sessions for attorney general. president obama meantime and his family area flied hawaii where they will be celebrating the holidays. the trip will culminate in a historic visit to the u.s.s. arizona memorial where the president and japanese prime minister will pay tribute to the lives lost in the pearl harbor attack. family and friends are remembering former astronaut john glenn. glenn's funeral service was held at ohio state university in columbus today.
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in 1962 glenn became the first american to orbit the earth and later became a u.s. senator from ohio. he died on december 8th at the age of 95. vice president joe biden spoke about his favorite description of glenn, one he heard recently from secretary of state john kerry. >> the best description of john glenn i've ever heard, and i knew john for 40 years, he said, john came out of the heart of the country like you kids do and he stole america's heart. >> john glenn will be buried at arlington national cemetery. fallen soldiers were honored across the country for national wreaths across america day. an estimated 1.2 million wreaths were placed on markers. some 25,000 volunteers gathered at arlington national cemetery for the annual tradition which began back in 1992. now police rush to help after a serious call. they think a person is frozen inside a car.
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coming up at 11:00 here, wait until you hear was actually inside the vehicle and why the owner of the car is not at all happy tonight. plus, thieves are caught on camera feeling outside of a celebrity's home. who lives here and what the suspects took. lauren. >> a foggy night with temperatures warming up. we'll have a mild morning but a soggy afternoon. we'll talk about that plus much colder air returning by monday. all the details in your full forecast just after this. >> ♪
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>> we have breaking news tonight much police say a pizza delivery man shot one of two suspects who robbed him in northeast philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 1400 block of wellington street a short time ago. police say the delivery driver was lured to that location and ambushed by the suspects and they took his money and the victim shot one of the suspects in the ankle as they tried to get away from the scene. police arrested the suspects
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in a nearby house. investigators do believe this may be connected to similar robberies in that area. also tonight, surveillance cameras caught thieves swiping a package from the home of hulk hogan. police in clearwater florida released this video which shows four women pulling into the former wrestling superstar's drive way. three of them rush up to the steps, open the package and take off with the contents. apparently it was about $15 worth of beauty products. and police in hudson new york broke into a car to try to help an elderly woman who was left out in the cold but turns out the woman was actual a mannequin. passersby called police after seeing what they thought was an elderly woman with an oxygen mask on who seemed unresponsive. it was actually a mannequin you've used as a cpr training device. the owner of the car says he's a sales manager for a company that makes medical training aids. >> he was not very happy with the police department for forcing entry into his car and
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didn't quite understand the public alarm that putting a mannequin in his car caused. >> well, the police department says they would do it all over again if they had to. it's not clear if they will actually pay for the man's window. day of celebration for pope francis who turned 80 years old today. >> ♪ happy birthday >> the pontiff serenaded with happy birthday from a group at the vatican. earlier in the day pope francis shared breakfast with homeless people before celebrating mass with cardinals. philadelphia fire department is spreading some holiday cheer this weekend. engine seven, ladder 10 hosted a christmas party for a family in need in kensington today. santa was there of course to pass out the gifts. residents in the community told firefighters about the family that includes five children. they provided plenty of snacks games and of course lots of toys for the kids. and and we want you to know that our joy of sharing
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toy fest is currently under way. pick up a toy for a child in need and drop it off at one of the toy fest locations. the list is on fest and also on the cbs local app as well. and you can also drop off a toy right here at our cbs3 studios next tuesday. it will be our big drop-off day. the collection runs from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we see all the toys stacking up downstairs in the lob beach looks so lovely. keep them coming. >> so festive, so inspiring. >> i know. if you had to get here tonight it might be a little tough to find your way. >> a little tough. it's a wee bit foggy outside. >> just a little. >> you can hardly see anything getting a live look or trying to on skycam3 at center city philadelphia. skyline, it ain't there 'cause visibilities are so greatly reduced and as we head into the overnight period future visibility showing us we could be dealing with near zero and and visibility, almost across the entirety of the delaware valley as we head into
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tomorrow morning, still dealing with greatly reduced visibilities so keep that in mind if you have to hit the roads early on a sunday morning, really won't start to see improvement until we head into tomorrow afternoon with some of the fog clearing out. fog in part because this moisture gave to us by the ice this morning. chalfont pick up over a tenth of an inch. measurable ice in trenton and atlantic city overnight last night noon early this morning. of course we also had some measurable snowfall. close to 2-inchs in jackson township, about a inch in villanova and blue bell, close to that in mount laurel went saw mostly isis in philadelphia but we get about .10 of an inch of measurable snowfall. locked in with the cloud cover and of course that fog starting to see some returns right now, maybe a sprinkle or two in western berks county but we do have a cold front that is barreling towards the dell fifty seven seeing a lot in the way of precipitation. that will give us our rain chance as we led into our
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sunday. for tonight could see a patch shower. otherwise foggy conditions and gradual warming, our overnight low 41 degrees. we'll likely make up to mid-50's on our sunday morning. 59 degrees the high temperature but that's going to come in the morning with temperatures cooling throughout the afternoon. periods of rain and breezy in the afternoon so it's not going to feel so mild. i know 59 degrees can be a little deceiving. future weather showing us as we wake up tomorrow morning seeing that shower activity moving into the lehigh valley, poconos andding eastbound into the i-95 corridor. as we head into the afternoon rain looking likely for south jersey. down the shore as well as this cold front traverses the area as we head into the afternoon starting to dry out. a few lingering showers into the evening along the coast and then by sunday evening skies clearing out. sunshine returns on monday on the backside of this system but the cold air does as well. but on the roads tomorrow morning dealing with areas of dense fog. potentially drizzle. rain in the afternoon and breezy conditions so use
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caution but no problems by monday with those mostly sunny conditions. temperatures right now we have a warm front making its way through the area. 46 degrees in millville, 48 degrees in dover and that's why we're going to see this warming throughout the overnight period so we get the warm front tonight and then we get the cold front tomorrow and you can see where that cold front is located. pretty apparent. 72 degrees in nashville. on the backside of that system it's 19 degrees in saint louis but we're enjoying the more mild air certainly in comparison to yesterday. 48 degrees in cape may, 45 in atlantic city, 42 degrees in vineland so as we head into tomorrow morning, you can see this projection for near 60-degree temperatures along the i-95 corridor. 50's in the lehigh valley, maybe even to middle 60's down the shore but then as we head into tomorrow afternoon, a much different picture 30's north and west, 40's, low 40's in center city philadelphia and then as we head into sunday evening we drop off into the 20's so it's going to be quite a go in the temperature range as we head throughout our sunday with some 20's to wake up to on
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monday morning, so periods of rain, snow mixing in late in the poconos. otherwise some showers down the shore with that high temperature. coming in the morning and then cooling into the afternoon. and as we look ahead towards monday, sunshine, 37 degrees. not too bad on tuesday for the toy fest. winter officially begins on wednesday without a lot of fanfare. sunshine 46 degrees. those temperatures aren't too scary as we head into the week. 50 on thursday. and christmas eve is on saturday. >> yeah, it feels like winter already though. >> yeah, i think we've already had the fanfare. >> we've had a little winter. >> prewinter fanfare. >> there you go. >> thank you lauren. don has got sports. look who is making a guest appearance, don bell. >> nice to hang out with you ladies. carson's record breaking pace and the flyers looking to keep u
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. >> agreed is g why settle for nine game winning streak when you can make it 10.
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why settle for 10 when you can beat dallas and make it 11. fly guys looking to continue their longest winning streak since 1985. goalie steve mason back in net after two days off pick it up in the first with no score. taylor leier. rebounding and scoring first career goal. welcome to the league kid. one-nothing fly guys. to the third we're tied at one mason with the save but adam cracknell picked up the loose change. stars take a two-one lead. ivan provorov off the post and the flyers lose for the first time since thanksgiving day weekend three to one. the streak is over. >> had some good chances at the end to tie it up but it was a good streak and it was a lot of fun. >> as a team this is something we can definitely draw upon nog that this team has a capability to win a stretch like this. let's start another one on
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monday. >> rookie quarterbacks throw a lot bad things kind of happen. the eagles vis is the the ravens tomorrow. at this race carson is on pace to throw more than 569 times which would break donovan mcnabb's single season eagles record. mcnabb set that mark in his tenth season. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much. we felt or i felt that he was capable of doing it but you never want to expose a young rookie quarterback to that. he's done some outstanding things for us in the run game and passing game. >> you go in the game with a game plan. we want to be balanced every game but sometimes you get down. sometimes it's what they're giving you so i guess it's hard to say that i expected to throw this much but it's just kind of the way things have gone so by no means. i complaining about it. carson and the eagles take on the ravens at one ooh. we'll get you ready for the game with toyota sunday kickoff at 11:30 a.m. right
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here on cbs3 and we'll also have a live report from baltimore. sixers host brooklyn nets tomorrow. today brett brown nerlens noel clearing the air. sixers losing to the lakers friday night and they played all three of their highly touted centers joel embiid jahlil okafor and nerlens noelle. after the game he said i'm too god good to be playing eight minutes. that's crazy. need to figure this blank out. >> it was a matter of minutes and i felt like when they started going small, small, small, something had to give and nerlens was a casualty to that as well as his health is not a hundred percent. >> college hoops. njit taking on temple. there's fran dunphy. here we are in the second half. owls up a point. alani moore shoots a three. owls now up by four. later in the game obie
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. christmas isn't just for the kids. it's also for the pets as well. "eyewitness news" here at pet company on lancaster avenue in wynnewood. that's where owners brought their four legged friends in for some photos with santa.
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proceeds go to animal rescue efforts. look at those little cuties. >> i'm doing that. >> look at the sweater. you've got get one for chi chi.
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>> that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for don lauren and all of us here. thanks for joining us. join our morning team in the morning. always we're on blue woods is up next everyone. have a great night. >> ♪ - in hockey you were able to fight real free. nobody's stopping you, you can punch somebody and not get into trouble and it's part of the sport so i like that aspect of it. (fast-paced music) - [voiceover] byron allen, coming to you from entertainment studios and this is the american athlete. get ready to hang out with some of the world's greatest sports superstars. (fast-paced music)
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