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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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turning tables on the would be robber a delivery man opens fire on a us pick who tried to set them up and police a this case may be connect to similar crimes in northeast philadelphia. unaudible good resident are forced on out after fire tea troy two homes in the tight neighborhood ape we will also have this. storm system brings, know abe crashes to the midwest. i'm wendy gilette coming up. today is sunday december 18th i'm rahel solomon. lets get you started with check of weather with meteorologist just continue drabick with eyewitness
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weather. weather has been all over the place. this morning i wake up and walk my dog and there are a little bit warm. >> we're waking up to temperatures in the the 50's. yesterday we were in the 20's. tomorrow morning back in the 20's. >> i can't wrap my head around it good it messes with the head and illnesses too. people getting sick these up and down temperatures. we need umbrella. another round coming at us later this morning. gets soggy, but at least temperatures on the warm identify. everybody will be seeing rain even up in the poconos temperatures above freezing this afternoon. this morning big difference waking up as soon as you tell out identify from the city south and east 50's, near 60 in on spots later this morning fifty-five at the airport. warm front moving through. southeasterly wind kicking up at 21. air to the north is chilly. warm front not just yet mid 30 's in allentown. thirty-eight in reading. fog there. it is till cool. we have warmer air building up over the top of that colder grab. so that is some to go.
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storm scan three is quiet. maybe drizzle some pots but steadier showers still well to the north and west. give it a few hours. dense fog advisory far north and western suburbs through the poconos vest built down less than a quarter mile possible at times. .3 of a mile in allentown. the just over a half mile this reading for wrist built, much better conditions, from philadelphia, south and east, no issues with the fog for rest of the morning. today generally period of rain basically from 8:00 this morning through 3:00 this afternoon. amount quarter inch of rape fall, it will be raining deadly at times. upper 50's to near 60 for a high temperature around philadelphia and shore. shore holds off until at noon mid 40's in the poconos. we will drop temperatures again tomorrow but then we are warming up as we head through winter ease on and we will talk about that seven day in a few minutes. >> we will drop, warm up and then drop again. >> you got the it good justin just to make sure, thank you. fire in the frankford section of the philadelphia destroys two home.
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fire fighters arrived at this scene on the 4200 block have of orchard street after 11:30. there is no word how many people were in the homes but we do know on people were sent to the hospital. one man describes feeling of ceiling his home, in flames. >> you know, i ain't going to have a place to live tonight. probably going to to stay the at my nephew's house who live up the street from me, and, hope everything, you know, turnout for the best. >> crews were able to place the fire under control by midnight. ire fire, this one on kensington avenue philadelphia fire fighters rush to the 2700 block of keeping ton avenue around 1:30 this morning. they a fire was in an apartment building. the it was under control in a few minutes n word on the tenth of the the fire or what started it, there were no yours reported. police say a man, pizza delivery man shot one of two suspects after they tried to rob him in northeast philadelphia last night. cherri gregg from our sister tation kyw news radio live at police headquarters
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with what we know, good morning, cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, yes, pizza delivery man , went to a home, thinking he would be delivering pizza but instead what he got was a it up. he have was ambushed by two men who tried to rob him but he was prepared and he didn't go down without a fight. take a look the at the video that we have from the scene. police say that the two gunman grabbed the delivery driver from behind, dealing 28 bucks, but that is when the driver, who was licensed to carry, for the back, pulling out his gun, firing a shot that hit one of the two gunman in the ankle, and police a that the suspects took off leading through a alley way on saint vincent street where a couple plainclothes officers just happened to be nearby. they awe the suspects, including man who was shot, go in the home. they cured that house and arrested the suspects. they then brought the driver around to identify them, as their robbers, which he did, and philadelphia police captain drew technor says what is interesting is this isn't
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the first time that this type of robbery has happened. >> there has been a pattern of robberies in this area of pizza delivery personnel owe we will be looking at this male, who has been arrested, maybe in connection with these other incidents that have have occurred over the past several weeks up in the north ease. >> reporter: good news is that the pizza delivery driver is expected to be okay, and no word yet on the identity of the suspects. live from police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a similar story in out west philadelphia where a business owner for the back begins a robbery suspect. officials say owner of an auto repair hospital, shot the a 30 year-old man he caught trying to rob his business. the owner hot the suspect three times on the 6800 block of pascal avenue last night.
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suspect was arrested and taken to presbyterian hospital. at this point there is no word on his condition. authorities have not charged the business owner. the. and it is just mentioned in the top of the the newscast a dense fog advisory is in effect for areas northwest of the city following saturday's torrential weather. visibility down to a quarter mile or less heading outside on those road, allow yourself some extra time this morning. this is what it looked like last nights in center city. warmer temperatures combine with the wet ground from yesterday's know, ice, rain made it all that fog. hard to see there. and speaking of that storm yesterday, early morning snow gave way to sleet and freezing rain. ice coated surfaces and walks were slippery, there were delays on the the airport and regional rails. on the highways a tractor trail are smash in the guardrail on new jersey turnpike, sending one man to the hospital. travel is now back to normal. apparently it it wasn't just us, in other parts of the country know, ice, coal wet ther caused deadly car crashes but worst accident was in
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baltimore, pile ups rolfed nearly 60 vehicles. as wendy gilette reports two people were killed and two dozen others were hurt. >> reporter: witness captured the december trucks when a tanker truck filled with gas overturned and burst into flames. >> i'm going right in the fire >> reporter: on i-95 in baltimore early saturday. >> top, stop. >> reporter: tanker tumbled over an embankment, police a there were many more accidents on the same iced over stretch of highway involving 67 cars and trucks. >> i have never seen anything of this large kail, magnitude of crashes. >> reporter: northbound side of the busy interest state was closed in to saturday evening. the huge storm system brought half foot the of know to central michigan. >> i think we will get a lot of know this winter, so it is just a matter of clearing everything out so we have room for rest of to it come. >> reporter: as well as minneapolis. the bigger threat is there the cold, temperatures dropping down to minus 20, and
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the lowest it has been in december in 16 years. >> we live in minnesota. we have had a beautiful fall, winter was about to come sometime. >> reporter: several inches fell in new york city but won't be here for long. temperature is predicted to hit almost 60 degrees on sunday. but that is not the case in parts of the midwest and south east still in the back end of the system, icy roads, snow are possible through the weekend. wendy gel let for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news, president-elect donald trump has completed his thank you tour after a visit to alabama yesterday. trump walk on stage in the city of mobile, donning a u.s.a. hat. he has rallied in states that were key to his victory over hillary clinton. president-elect mentioned campaign promises in his speech like building a wall at mexico border. >> people that come in the country illegally, people that come into the country and cause problems, they are taken care of better than our vets
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in many places. >> yeah. >> time to take care of our vets. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> trump spoke of the same stadium where he had his first huge crowd, he was joined yesterday by alabama senator jeff sessions whom he nominated for u.s. attorney yen. meanwhile the obama's are even eyeing their final rakes as first family. here they are arriving in honolulu, hawaii friday night. the president will end his trip with the historic meeting with the japanese prime minister and pay tribute to the lives lost in the pearl harbor tack. 2500 people remembered former astronauts beyond glenn at his funeral services held at ohio state university in columbus yesterday. 1962, glenn became first american to orbit the earth and later became u.s. senator in ohio. he died december 8th at the age of 95. head of the nasa charles bolden talk about the impact glenn had on the world of
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space exploration. >> i can say here at nasa that we are standing on john glenn 's shoulders as we peru a human journey to mars a journey not possible without his bravery and selfless dedication. >> vice-president joe biden and ohio governor john kasich a to tended the services. beyond glenn will be buried at arlington national met try in virginia. about 25,000 volunteers walk through arlington national met try yesterday. they were placing wreaths on fallen solder days for national wreath as cross america day. it began in 1992. about 1.2 million breathes were placed nationwide. well, still to come this morning a happy occasion turned tragic what may have caused a large fire to collapse on a wedding party. plus this. i used to call it medication roulette, he see which one would come out and then deidentify to take that. but new testing could end the guessing game in treating
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mental health issues our stephanie stahl shows us special testing being done right here in our area. and hoppers, navigate around snowy, slush, storm impact on the retail day known as upper saturday. just continue. big difference in the temperatures out identify, it will be mild for now, but back to typical december conditions in the workweek i'll show new
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disaster at a wednesday nothing southern california when a large you lip tuesday tree fell down. the tree fell, killing one and injuring at least five, it is not clear which member was killed. officials say its tree was affect by the drought in california but right now it is just too early to tell. this winter weather has not stopped holiday shoppers from hitting the stores in our area people still searching for the perfect gift braved cold to fight it. alexandria hoff was at the gloucester outlets in new jersey last night to hear what brings these folks out identify. >> last year it was in the 70 's. the it didn't really feel like christmas. this year people are more in the spirit because it does feel like the holiday season. >> reporter: at the gloucester outlets small snow mound and warming fireplace added to the festive feel. >> it was certainly a challenge with the snow this morning and inclement wet bird we till had shoppers out here, bags early, people coming out. >> reporter: upper saturday
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rush pushed well into the evening. >> it is frantic but i like it sometimes. >> i absolutely hate hopping so i usually shop on line but we needed to get last minute things. >> reporter: but there is a plus to last minute hopping, and here holiday counts, encouraged some to get on down in the season of giving it can be hard not the to think of a few gifts for yourself, or even, several of the same gifts for multiple recipients. >> pocketbooks. >> reporter: you want a pocketbook for yourself. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: multiple, wait a minute. >> yes. >> reporter: all of this depend on one big question, have you been naughty or nice. >> little bit of both. >> reporter: um-hmm. >> long year. >> reporter: hospitals here closed up at 10:00 p.m. but will reopen each day christmas eve. reporting from camden county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you know, justin this weather has been naughty and
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nice. i don't know if santa would approve. >> so dramatic up and town. >> can we get consistency. >> not feeling like christmas today up around 60 degrees a week from christmas. how about that? it will not feel like christmas this year as we will move in the quiet weather pattern, temperatures will warm up. >> remember last year on christmas it was really warm. >> in the 70's. >> it is not warm but may get close to 60 next weekend so that ace above average. >> good job managing expectations. >> little bit of problems north of us we have fog, bethlehem, live look dense fog advisory continues to be in effect until 7:00 this morning for northampton county. we have that slush outside on the roads and sidewalks, and grass area owe that the ground is cold but we have a warm air that will start to move in. that helps form fog, so until the warm front pushes through and kicks up the wind, we will have those foggy conditions, visibility, less than a quarter mile at times, up north of the the lehigh rally and poconos. look at this temperature change compared to this time
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yesterday morning. we were waking up to snow, freezing rain. we're 26 degrees warmer in philadelphia 23 in million will. twenty-seven in dover, delaware. even 11 up in allentown. sign of the warm air starting to move in with this warm front. warm front is just talked north of the it i right now but will move threw up in the poconos. look at temperatures to the the south 61 rehoboth beach. sixty-seven in dover. newark checking in at 50 at this hour. mid 50's pemberton, cherry hill, 55 in philadelphia, and then we will get up toward northwestern suburbs, chalfont stuck at 36, 35 in allentown, if you have elevation in the poconos highs were able to reach warm air off surface that is warmer in the mountain then valley right now up in allentown. here's reason why, that warm front stalled right here northerly wind north of the warm front and then hopped to the south of the trent we have south wind. once that pushes through everybody ease the out/ southwest wind and bringing in the milder air. it comes at a price. we have steady showers break ing out central pennsylvania. this is pushing east, these
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are expect to break up a little bit but we'll teddy rain at times through the mid morning hours into early afternoon. strong cold front this front does mean business you can feel that difference this morning. we have mild air in place ahead of the front, front squeaks through later this afternoon, probably before sunset, temperatures will be back in the 40's today, and then tonight it is cold and then tomorrow below average we will see highs back in the 30 's. owe 50's and 60's today and back to the 30's for temperatures for your monday. but here comes shower, nine or ten, it will be raining at times mostly off the two shore until the afternoon and then mid afternoon we will start trying out, cold front sweeps through, tonight pretty quiet, clear skies, same deal tomorrow, decent sunshine knocking out temperatures as they stay below average. rainfall amounts, generally a queer inch, maybe more farther north and west you are, berks, lehigh valley in the poconos. noon time right around 60 degrees, here comes colder air rushing in in so by 3:00
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we can be in the the 40's in philadelphia and waking up tomorrow morning it will be cold, low to mid 20's for low temperatures and tomorrow we will struggle to make it back in the 30's. for today enjoy mild temperatures have the umbrella around period of rain near 60 and then tonight gets colder again at 26, the extended forecast, pretty quiet week as we had headed into the the winter season on wednesday back up to 46, above average and look at christmas eve on at day, rahel, up around 50. and no big storms, maybe thursday but that is going to be wet, not white. >> kid will be devastated. >> breaking their hearts. >> sorry, guys. >> thanks, justin. there is new help for people who suffer with depression and other mental health issues a special test from i lab in montgomery county. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how it works. >> reporter: even as a little boy vincent sparks was put on many different drugs for anxiety and depression. >> it is trial by error. i called it medication
6:20 am
roulette. >> reporter: common complaint from the millions who struggle with mental health conditions finding the right drug can be difficult. >> i have taken ones where side effects were hard to deal with. you get frustrated. >> reporter: vince says test generated by genemine, solved years of frustration. >> really personalized medicine for psychiatry. >> reporter: jay lombard develop the genetic test that can help determine which drugs will work best. >> basically a saliva based gene test where we analyze specific genes associated with medication response for psychiatric purposes. >> reporter: test looks at brain chemicals like seratonin and dopamine and then analyzes which drugs of the best probability of working. how long does this process take. >> very quick, it takes us, two to three days maximum. >> reporter: there are skeptics who say it is just too new not proven with enough independent research. >> we know it works not only from the clinical study that we have completed but we know
6:21 am
it works because there is, and patients come back, and say, this helped me so much. >> reporter: vince says it turns his life around. >> i wouldn't have known i needed it unless it was for genemind, it gave me a sense of well-being because i knew that it wasn't me who was questionable the drug it was that the drugs were not effective for me. >> reporter: genetic tests called asay is manager by a mental health professional who gets results and would be prescribing the medication. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". surgeon who created the life saving heimlich maneuver for checking victims has died. in 1974 doctor henry heimlich was director of surgery at jewish hospital in cincinnati when he devised the treatment. it made him a household name. died saturday after suffering a heart attack last week. he was 96. still ahead on "eyewitness news" more on the movie getting a lot of oscar buzz.
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>> ♪ lala landis coming out and we will hear from the write/ director about his ties to our area coming
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lala land received seven nominations. movie/director stopped by our studio for a preview and as ukee washington tells us, the 31 year-old has had local ties
6:25 am
>> i. been back here. went to nursery school random ly on the main line. >> reporter: now he hails from the city known as lala land los angeles serves as backdrop of the life changing love affair a song/dance journey featuring a hopeful actress played by emma stone and jazz piano player with ryan gosling in the role. >> i didn't always love musicals. i used to have that problem that a lot of people have, which, so i understand, you know, someone starts singing out of no where i used to be like what the hell are you doing. >> ♪. as a cast member we were affected by this idea that you could reimagine these great old movies. >> the film begins with a amazing routine on a actual los angeles freeway.
6:26 am
>> heading toward downtown. we shut it down for saturday, sunday, packed it with cars. so everything you see on the screen is practical. there is no, you know, backdrops or anything. >> reporter: this is where lead couple lay eyes on each other for very first time, everything looked to be running smoothly between stone and gosling. ryan has a small music background but he revved things up with his piano playing. he did it the with a great coach and even greater dedication. >> i think they wind up doing lessons once a day for like four months leading up to shooting. >> reporter: singer john legend is seen in his first acting role and plays an instrumental part in the development of the film's message, message about two dreamers and what brings them together and what could tear them apart. >> part of the appeal to me was you know ryan, emma will be a couple. you can see them, imagine them together, it it was like fred, ginger, big classic hollywood screen couple. >> reporter: couple, cast and crew that is in the a ward buzz and golden globes
6:27 am
conversation. >> when it comes to like whether it is award buzz or whatever my hope is just that it gets people to see the movie. can't wait to watch. coming up next on "eyewitness news" thieves are caught on camera, dealing outside a celebrities home, who lives here and what was inn identify that package. stocking toughers go high tech we will tell you about the best ones to break the bank. wet but warm start to the day, justin's back to tell us about the milder temperatures you can peck later today.
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good morning, i'm rahel ol monday. lets get tout meteorologist justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck and you have an umbrella it looks like it the is already raining. >> we have a passing shower, brief shower pick up and starting to low down again. steady rain holding off for a few more hours but heading out you may have to dodge a few showers around the city and south and east. bulk comes in later this morning in the afternoon. big difference is temperatures you can feel warmth, 55 right now in philadelphia, 53 in millville, 57 in the capitol city of delaware almost
6:31 am
feeling like spring outside right now. still chilly far northwestern suburbs hanging on to the mid 40's as that warm front pretty much moving through bucks, montgomery county passing through lehigh valley and poconos, so everybody will experience some milder temperatures. there is that steady rain central western pennsylvania, even some snow, out toward the great lakes, we are not going to see any snow but strong cold front moves through temperatures will fall back in the the 40's late today. dense fog advisory being trimmed back as that warm front pushes through, wind kick up, and that fog dissipates and lehigh valley poconos looking at an advisory until 7:00 this morning. visibility could get as low as a quarter mile. we are almost at that right now in allentown. for this morning, again, fog, rain developing, 50's and 60's for the temperatures, rain end this afternoon and temperatures start to fall back in the 40's but before that we're on our way up to six in philadelphia. lower 60's at the shore. shore will take dry until at afternoon and poconos it is 40
6:32 am
's. it is a chilly tart to the workweek. we will warm up as we start winter season. we will show you in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. rahel, back over to you. thank you, justin. delivery man is lured to a home in northeast philadelphia to deliver eye pizza but instead is grabbed from behind , and robbed. cherri gregg from kyw news radio, is live with police headquarters with the latest and what happened next, cherri >> reporter: good morning, rahel. that pizza delivery guy did not go down without a fight. he is licensed to carry, so when he was robbed, he pulled out his gun, firing at the suspect, he hit one of them in the ankle. and take a look at the footage that we have for you from the scene, and they fled, and all of this took place, just after 9:30 p.m. last night, that is when that pizza delivery guy went to make a delivery at a home in the 1400 block of welling ton street in northeast philadelphia, and instead of dropping off that pizza he walk into a trap,
6:33 am
where two men robbed him from behind, and they steel $82 when he hoots one of the us pecks in the ankle as they run through an alley way trying to get away, philadelphia police captain drew technor ace it wasn't the robber's lucky day because police awe, the suspects, flee. >> officers observed the robbers, going inn to a house, including the male, that was shot in the ankle. the house was, secured, the male was arrested, after police brought the complaint ant the pizza delivery man, around on saint vincent street, and they positive identification report those suspects are now under arrest, and what is interesting, rahel is they believe that these suspects may be link to a string of robbers, that has taken place,
6:34 am
against pizza delivery personnel and police are now looking into that. no word yet on the identity of the suspects. live from police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are details this morning in the murder of the conshohocken woman. officials say matthew wertz junior stabbed his aunt catherine want make are on friday. it happened at ninth and powell street. he had been staying with his aunt after his release from prison earlier this week. he also threatened her with a knife in july. he is charged with murder. police are investigating a shooting after a man was found outside a gas station in park side, officers found victim inside a car at sunoco station at 52nd and lancaster avenue yesterday morning. he was transported to penn presbyterian in critical sun and no arrests have been made. authorities are investigating a fire after a woman and child escaped out of the second story window. fire happened yesterday, in the 1400 block of north 61st street in west philadelphia.
6:35 am
twenty-six year-old woman and four year-old child suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation and both are in stable condition. philadelphia police and fbi are asking for the public 's help after a pair of armed bank robberies, authorities the say that the man, that is on your screen there entered citizens bank on the 8600 block of germantown avenue yesterday morning holding a handgun. they believe he is one who demanded a money from a teller and then ran off. at noon these two men robbed a td bank on the 5500 block of bridge avenue, also holding a gun. they were last seen going north on ridge avenue. well, this is an interesting one florida police released surveillance footage of thieves swiping a package from hulk hogan's front porch. it happened last week even. we can see four women pull in the former wrestling star's driveway, three rush up the steps, they open up package and leave with it but apparently all they nabbed was $15 worth of beauty product. well, get your letters,
6:36 am
card, holiday packages ready because tomorrow is expect to be busiest mailing day of the year. that is according to the u.s. postal service which says it will be their busiest on line day, overall, the postal service anticipates 750 million packages will be delivered this holiday season and that is up 12 percent from last year. so shipping, to do myself. forget about black friday yesterday was expected to be one of the busiest days of the shopping season calendar. so, we now have more on the day known as super saturday. >> reporter: day after thanksgiving is famous for attracting horde of deal hungry holiday shoppers but this year black friday, may lose to another big day of retail. this is super sat the day. the last full weekend day of shopping before christmas morning. more than 155 million people, a full 23rd of the country are considering or planning to shop according to a survey by national retail federation, that is largest than the group 's estimate for black friday but sarah quinn land
6:37 am
who analyzes retail data thinks a bigger sales day may still be ahead. >> it seems to be a battle between early bird and procrastinators and the procrastinators are winning. >> typically procrastinator wins. we are left with the people, because we know it is absolutely truth of men because truly jewelry sales are biggest on the last day before christmas. >> reporter: 90 percent of americans still have shopping to do more than half of the shoppers surveyed said they plan to snap up last minute gifts on line add to go what is expect to be a record surge in ecommerce. >> arctic air and heaps of snow making some shop's way, but chilly weather could drive a pair of sales and shopping doesn't end on christmas day, nearly half of those surveyed said they plan to wake up and shop on the morning after. tony copel for cbs news, new york. speaking of toys we want to you know our joy of sharing toy fest is underway, and think of the toy for a child in need and then just drop it off at toy fest locations, the list is on cbs
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fess and cbs local app. you can drop off the toy right here at our cbs-3 studios tuesday our big crop off day, collection runs from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., i hope you will join us. still to come ideas for high tech stocking stuffers at every music lover or tv binge watcher will like. plus this... if you are traveling for holidays this year you are far from alone, i'm chris mar teen necessary los angeles on what triple a says you can expect to encounter what is on the ground and in the air. and a live look this morning rain and fog, but, heavy coats needed justin is back with more on the mild temperatures and what is ahe
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6:41 am
triple a says one-third of the country will be on corroded highways and airports between christmas and new years. chris martinez has more on what this means for holiday travelers. meisha sanchez will be leaving town for the holidays and while she's looking fog to spending christmas with her family the trip to california to florida isn't so inviting. >> it is never fun traveling over holiday. >> reporter: triple a predicts holiday travel this year to be highest ever on record with more than 101 million people, expected to be in transit, between christmas eve and
6:42 am
january 2nd. that is 1.5 million more than last year. thanks in part to a stronger economy. >> we see that consumers are spending more, is there an up tic in wages toward tail end of the year and also, we see that gas prices are still fairly low. >> reporter: triple a says 2016 will mark eighth consecutive year of the year even holiday travel growth, both on the ground and in the air. >> it is predict more than 6 million travelers will take to the skies to reach their destination, highest volume for air travel in more than ten years, but highways will see the overwhelming majority of the holiday traffic, more than 93 million people are expect to travel by car. >> las vegas nevada, orlando florida are top december tip nations. >> reporter: sanchez are among those travelers heading to the airport. >> i'm sure it will be miserable. >> reporter: travel misery this year will have plenty of company. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:43 am
justin, i'm a glass half full kind of girl but maybe it won't be white christmas. >> correct. >> but should help road for everybody traveling. >> traveling conditions looking great end of the week into the weekend, christmas eve, christmas day itself looks good. not so much this morning. we have fog still confine to that far north and west, lehigh valley, poconos but we are eag showers around the city. live look at wet road, visibility good but rain will pick up later this morning in the afternoon before we get the strong cold front that is moving in, and yesterday, we had cold air in place. we saw snow in the poconos, pick up two and a half inches of natural they but past several days they were able to crank out those snow guns putting town a snow base. we are looking at big boulder, skiers, riders out enjoying a nice day yesterday. today not so much because of the rain but still we will get good snow making conditions at night. hanging in the upcoming week. major resorts are open. latest ski resorts from the 12 to 36-inch base at frost and big boulder, so 50 percent
6:44 am
opened on both resorts there cammal back 12 to 24 with 12 trails. blue mountain up to a 36-inch base with nine trails. today not best day for keying and riding with the rain but we do dry out for upcoming week. no problems maybe took off early for holiday, good week ahead to hit the slopes. fifty-five in philadelphia, 48 allentown. till cool pock of air with the warm front to the south of allentown. we're stuck at 35. once that front pushes through we will get that warmth in the lehigh valley this front though does mean business, got to remember it is december, so 50's will in the last too long twenty-eight in cleveland. thirty-five in pittsburgh. there is leading edge of the colder air that arrives late this afternoon into the evening, but overall seasonal conditions return with the forecast this week, up around 60. forty-four where we should be. tomorrow slightly below and slow uphill climb by even of the week. temperatures returning mid to upper 40's. next weekend could make a run at 50 degrees if this pattern holds up. storm can three shows steady rain central western pennsylvania, on the back side
6:45 am
, frozen precipitation with sleet, freezing rain and snow. we will not see any wintry weather out of this system by the time front gets here all of the moisture will be gone and that cold air arrives later on tonight. front comes through, mid afternoon or so, so steady rain coming in around noon time or so, front moves off shore 8:00 o'clock tonight, cold air surges in. we will wake up tomorrow morning in the the 20's, struggling to get back in the mid to upper 30's. high pressure in control for the next several days so this locks us in the dry, quiet whither pattern. it doesn't happen too often this time of the year. enjoy it with the upcoming holiday, as rahel said travel plans looking good for next several days look at today's high temperatures near 60 in philadelphia close to 70, salisbury maryland in the mid 70's norfolk, virginia. here comes the front tomorrow different story everybody in the the 30's and even 20's for afternoon high temperatures. so for today, period of rain, mild, up around 60 degrees, early in the afternoon and then, temperatures dropped late in the day with the northwest wind at ten to 15
6:46 am
miles an hour. it does turn cold tonight but we should be drying out. i don't think we will see any threat of ice going on. 26 degrees for for the low, for the city, so it is colder in the outer suburbs. it is a quiet forecast, tomorrow's high 37 degrees with sunshine. tuesday up around 40. winter officially arrives wednesday morning, and not really feeling like it the with a high of 46 degrees. could see a little bit of shower activity later on thursday upper 40's but we will dry out friday into christmas eve. so temperatures making a run at 50 degrees, rahel, back over to you. >> buckling my seat belt, justin we're all over the place. time is 6:46. time to check on the road. lets go to amanda muhler at the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, amanda. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. we are in better shape then we were yesterday out there but as justin said the road are wet. use a little bit of caution heading out this morning. earlier accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound by girard avenue is now cleared. here's where that accident scene was, left lane was blocked there but everything
6:47 am
is back up to speed there, and most of your majors this morning. also planning on using the norristown high speed line we have one advisory to tell but, trains will in the stop at the beachwood or brooke line station due to construction as it is set to reopen tomorrow morning for weekday commute. looking at travel times northbound on i-95 from the blue route to the vine will take you 16 minutes and heading in to town on the schuylkill from the turnpike to the blue route that will take but five minutes. at cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. getting high tech gifts doesn't necessarily mean paying high prices, with the help of our partners at c net .com our jan carabao shows us some techy stocking stuff ers under $50. >> reporter: live out your rock and role fantasy with $49 air jam air guitar pick, choose the instrument and music you want to play on the app and then rock out. >> ♪ there will be an answer let it be ♪ >> reporter: if inning ising is more your style, the
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6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
throwing caution to the wind with rookie quack back through a lot bad things typically happen but doug pederson has carson wentz tossing at an alarming rate. eagles meet rave thence afternoon and at this rate carson is on pace to throw more than 569 passes, which would break donovan mcnabb's single season record. he set that mark in his tenth season. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much, we felt, or i felt he was capable of doing it but you never want to expose a young rookie quarterback to that and listen, he has done outstanding things for us in the running game and passing game. >> you go in the game with the game plan. we want to be balanced every game but sometimes you get down, sometimes it is what they are giving you, i guess it is hard to say i expect to throw this much but just the way things have gone so by no
6:53 am
means am i complaining about it or anything. >> carson and eagles taking on the ravens at one trying to snap a four game losing streak we will get you ready for the game with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30 this morning right here on cbs-3 and then we're coming to you live from baltimore. tomorrow the flyers will look to start another winning streak when they host nashville, their ten game streak, long necessary 31 years came to an even yesterday against dallas. goalie steve mason back in met after two days after, no score in the first, taylor lear, rebounded, and shot and his first career goal. one to nothing fly guys. but fast forward to the third, we are tied at one, mason, with the initial save but adam crackn theel picked up loose change and stars take a two- one lead. flyers on the power play ivan provorov off the post it goes and flyers lose for first time since thanksgiving day weekend three-one your final score and
6:54 am
the streak is over. >> we had some good chances to tie it up but it was a good streak and a lot have of fun. >> as a team this is something we can draw from and knowing this team has capability to stretch like this and, we will have to start new one on hon. >> on to hoops sixers host brooklyn nets tonight as for friday night they lost to the lakers and they played all three of their highly touted centers joel embiid, jahlil okafor and nerlens noel. after the game nerlens says i'm too good to be playing eight minutes need to figure this out. yesterday brett and nerlens met to clear the air, lets see how much that changes things for tonight. college hoops now, ngit taking on temple, shot of the fran dunphy right there. owls up a point. swing it around to lonnie moore. hits the three. owls up by four. later in the game it is tied, obe, with the three ball that is good.
6:55 am
thirteen points, eight board for home. temple beats ngit, for your final. that is all for sports i'm done ton bell, have a great the take. tv anchor loses control of the scooter and parts of the ceiling cave-in on some sportscasters. as jeanie moos shows us it is all in a day's work on live tv >> reporter: it is what you might call a rough stretch... those who make a living on live tell vision. on kt tv good day l.a. they had come to the grand finally of their hot holiday gifts segment. >> we are ready. >> reporter: ready for disaster as lisa breakingridge positioned herself on a $1,000 electric scooter. >> and we are out of >> wow.
6:56 am
studio road kellies disco version of the silent night played on. >> i think i'm okay. to make sure that she was okay , lisa went to the hospital, but the anchor who crashed, isn't the only one attracting eye balls, lisa posted a photo of herself giving a thumbs up alongside a paramedic, web site tmz wrote all is well that end with a hot fire fighter right? and the fire fighter instagram , they called me hot, lol. >> meanwhile from canadian sportscasters, found themselves in hot water. >> i was backup goaltender, yes. there goes a piece of the roof on live television. >> are you okay, all right. >> in live tell rigs studio fell apart. >> close call but no injuries. >> lisa described her injuries as just swollen and bruised and slight head injury. she just missed slamming in the tv and then hit the
6:57 am
barriers and knock over a second tv. the owner of the route 66, the store that loaned out the scooter told cnn it has awesome breaks, if only she used them. he also said if you google lisa breakenridge she falls down a lot. we did, and she does but the think about lisa she gets backup and back on. jeanie mos, new york. >> it can get crazy on live television. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 but here's what we have at 7:00. >> a loud sound and then a explosion, and i looked down and i was in complete shock. >> it was something in this man's pocket that sparked it all, common tea vice he says caused third degree burns and it is not a cell phone. ready to wear and it is not just a watch, what was good under the tree that might also keep new shape.
6:58 am
after yesterday's snow welcomed change but for how long, justin drabick's eyewitness weather coming up this sunday morning.
6:59 am
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