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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 18, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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yes. find your voice and then dispose of it. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. fire tears through two row homes in northeast philadelphia, one of the neighbors tells us what it is like to lose everything.
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and fighting back, a pizza delivery man becomes a robbery target and so he turns the tables on the robbers. and with just a few days until fall, and winter begins, the welcome change from yesterday's snow, ice and slush. it is sunday december 18th good morning i'm rahel solomon lets get over to justin drabick to talk about this change because just continue, i woke up, walked my dogs and it was warm but you tell me not to get too used to that. >> tomorrow morning you will be complaining. >> temperatures in the 20's. >> aim already working on it. >> we will thaw out today. everybody in the 40's, 50's even 60 degrees. december 1st we hit 63. it is not uncommon for this time of the year. >> nonetheless it is still a welcome change. >> we will take it. we will get some rain in here. we are seeing some showers. you'll need umbrella heading out this morning even in the afternoon. late in the day things should start drying out but temperatures begin to drop. if you want to enjoy the warmth now is time to do it for next few hours. sunrise happening in a few minutes, just a few breaks in
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the clouds trying to see a little bit of light there. we will not see sunshine today , with the steady rain off to the west, that is tart to go move in. fifty-seven at the airport. warm front is through. we have southeasterly wind sustain at 21. that is pumping in the milder air compared to yesterday, at the this time 26 degrees warmer, 26 also in mount pocono. already in the lower 40's in the mountains. still lehigh valley stick in the mid 30's. warm front not through just yet mid 50's wilmington, philadelphia and shore, suburbs, even eyeing some 50's already up in doylestown, 54 in pottstown. and couple of showers, moving through the region from the city on north and west but steady rain is off into central pennsylvania, now, these showers will probably break up a little bit but we will get steady rain, later this morning in the afternoon. dense fog advisory has been cancelled, still low visibility in allentown down to a half mile but that will improve over next hour. on our way up to 60 for philadelphia, lower 60's at the shore mid 40's at the poconos. back to typical december like
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conditions for tart of the workweek but we will warm up again heading toward the holiday. we will show thaw in the seven day. >> take notes on this forecast , just continuous to keep up with with you. all right, thank you. a fire score chest two row homes in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. fire fighters arrived here on the 4200 block of orchard street after 11:30 last night. you can see them dragging large chunks of the material out of the building, they fight the fire under control by midnight. one man who lives there described the feeling of eag his home in flames. >> you know, i don't have a place to live tonight. i'm probably going to stay at the my nephew's house who lives up the street from me, and hopefully everything, you know, will turnout to be the best. >> there is currently no word on how many people were inside the fire, or in the home, of the fire. another fire this one in kensington, philadelphia fire fighters rush to the 2700 block of kensington avenue around 1:30 this morning, they say fire was in an apartment building, it was under control
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in a few minutes n word on the extent of the the fire or what started it, at this point this reports of any yours. police say a pizza delivery man shot one of two suspects after they tried to rob him in northeast philadelphia last night. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live at police headquarters with the very latest, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, police say that pizza delivery man was lured to a home in the northeast where he thought he would be delivering pizza but instead he was set up, ambushed by two men, who robbed him, and take a look at footage but that guy did not go down without a fight, this footage is from the scene where police a driver who was licensed to carry fired at 29 men who grabbed him from behind, and then took $82 from him, all of this happened around 90:00 sunday night in the 1400 block of welling ton street. one of the drivers, one of the men, was shot, by that driver, and as the suspects, fled the
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scene, that is suspect that was hot in the ankle but this was not their lucky night, a couple of plainclothes officers just happened to be nearby, they saw the suspect, including the man who was shot go in the house, and they secured the house and arrested the suspect shot and then brought the driver around, who identified that man as his robber. philadelphia police captain drew technor says what is interesting is this isn't the first time that this type of a robbery has happened. >> there has been a pattern of robberies in this area, of pizza delivery personnel, owe we will be looking at this male, who has been arrested, maybe in connection with these other incidents that have occurred, over the past several weeks up in the the north east. >> reporter: police have not yet identified that suspect, involved in that robbery. got news is, that pizza delivery man is expect to be
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okay. and just fine. live at police headquarters, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is good news, all right, thank you. another case of fighting back this time an auto repair shop owner face et cetera a robbery suspect in southwest philadelphia police say owner shot a 30 year-old man he reportedly caught robbing his business on the 6800 block of pascal avenue last night. suspect was taken to presbyterian hospital and no word on his condition. for most of us an early brush with winter is becoming a distant memory but much of the country is dealing with the after effects of snow, ice and coal. storm caused deadly car crashes in a handful of states the as wendy gilette reports a pair of pilots involving more than 60 vehicles ape killed two people and injured two dozen others. >> reporter: witness captured destruction when a tanker filled with gas overturn, and burst into flames. >> i'm going right into the fire. >> reporter: on i-95 in
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baltimore early saturday. >> stop, top, stop. >> reporter: tanker tumbled over an embankment, police say there were many more accidents on the aim iced over stretch of highway, involving 67 cars and trucks. >> i have never seen anything like this of this large scale, magnitude of crashes. >> reporter: northbound side of the busy interstate was closed in to saturday evening. the huge storm system brought half foot of snow to event rally with michigan. >> i think we're going to get a lot of snow this winter so it is just a matter of clearing everything out the so we have roof for rest of it to come. >> reporter: as well as minneapolis but the bigger threat there is the cold, temperatures, dropping down to minus 20, and the lowest it has been in december in 16 years. >> we live in minnesota. we had a beautiful fall. winter was about to come at sometime. >> reporter: several inches fell in new york city but it won't be here for long, the temperature is predict to hit almost 60 degrees, on sunday. that is not the case, in parts of the midwest and south east, still under the back end of the system.
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icy roads and snow are possible through the weekend. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president-elect trump wrapped up his thank you tour in alabama, big crowd cheered as trump hit the stage in mobile. for a month the president-elect has traveled across battle ground states that were key to his victory over hillary clinton. a huge rally in mobile last year gave mr. trump's presidential campaign a boost. >> never, ever stop dreaming. if you do that, then all together we will make america strong gain, we will make america wealthy again, we will make america safe again, and we will make america great again. speakers at rally included alabama senator jeff sessions, president-elect has nominated him for attorney general. president's bomb a and his family are in hawaii, to celebrate the holidays, the
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trip will culminate in the the historic visit to the u.s.s. arizona memorial. president and japanese prime minister will pay tribute to the lives lost in the pearl harbor attacks 75 years ago. is there much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a final tribute to the the man with the right tough, america remembers space age pioneer john glenn. rush for bottled water is still on for texas town that may be closest to figure out why the water was taken. and a mile stretch, with some brief interruption, justin drabick's eyewitness weather is just a few minutes thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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family and friend are remembering former astronaut and u.s. senator john glenn, his funeral was at ohio state university in columbus. 1962, glenn became first american to orbit the earth and 1974, ohio what's electric him to the u.s. senate. president joe biden spoke about his favorite description of the glenn, what he heard recently from secretary of the state john kerry. >> the best description of john glenn i ever heard and i knew john for 40 years, he said john came out of the heart of the country like you kid do and he stole america's heart. >> glenn died on december 8th at 9 56789 he will be buried at arlington national cemetery in a private ceremony this spring. well, soldiers were honored across country for
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national reads across america today. 1.2 million wreath where is placed on markers, some 25,000 volunteers gathered at arlington national cemetery for annual tradition which began 1992. surgeon who created the life saving heimlich maneuver has died. in 1974 doctor henry heimlich was director of surgery at jewish hospital in cincinnati when he devised a treatment for choking victims. heimlich maneuver made him a household name. doctor heimlich died saturday after suffering a heart attack last week. he was 96. town of corpus christie texas may know what contaminated the cities water system. chemical leak at an asphalt plant may have tainted the water. for now that means in describing, cooking, with tap water for a third of the gulf coast city population. mourn 100,000 residents are still under water restrictions and they are either stocking up or bottled water or heading to water distribution center. senator check schumer says it is time to reconsider
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recalling e cigarette batteries and calling them time bombs, after some of the devices exploded causing serious burns. they are also targets of the four lawsuits here in pennsylvania and in new jersey "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the dangers of e cigarettes ape move to protect others. >> reporter: it is painful but craig burreddish feels lucky to be with his life. he has third degree burns from a e cigarette battery that exploded in the pocket of his pant. >> i looked down and i was on fire, the battery, went down my leg, burned a hole through the pant leg and escape, and that is when the real pain started. >> reporter: f.d.a. has documented 66e cigarettes explosions with a growing number of injuries, from incidents like this one, captured by a security camera when a store clerk was seriously hurt after his e cigarette erupted in his pocket. >> the e cigarette industry, without regulation to to pro protocol in place has been
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operated like wild, wild west and that is just unacceptable and it need to change. >> reporter: lawyer greg bentley is representing bird ish and three others in lawsuits filed in new jersey and pennsylvania, related to injuries caused by electronic cigarettes. >> the burning mechanism was from battery as mid this case. >> reporter: most of the evident cigarette fires are link to the lithium batteries, issues with over charging, manufacturing detects and puncture and they over heat and explode. >> it is kind of like people doing it it is russian roulette right now. >> reporter: stacy says her husband turning to e cigarettes to help him quit smoking and now two months after the battery exploded, he is still bleeding from the burns. >> i will be required to have skin grafts, so i know my journey isn't over. i want people to be aware of the dangers of vaping. >> reporter: lawsuits are filed against stores where the device where is purchased. f.d.a. started regulated e cigarettes in may and is reviewing health impacts, a
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growing number of doctors say they should be banned. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning now to weather, just continue, when i walk outside this morning i thought maybe i'm still dreaming because it felt so warm. i said what is this? it has been so cold. but it wasn't a dream. here we are. >> it feels like spring. wind chill weather lovers got gipped on the storm, barely got any snow, .3 of an inch in philadelphia there was nothing to hold that air in. it is amazing how it moved out now today we have temperatures of 60 degrees in spots. good to see a little bit of sunshine. we have a sunrise here peeking through some of the clouds here. 49 degrees middletown ship high school, cape may courthouse, southwest breeze at 7 miles an hour. don't expect to see much sun at all as cloud thicken backup we have a cold front approaching and steady rain that will move in the city and parts of the south jersey, later in the afternoon. yesterday at 7:00 o'clock in the morning we had a temperature of 30 degrees with freezing rain this morning at 7:56, at the airport. we're on our way up to 60 degrees before that strong cold front moves through.
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and, the warm front not quite through lehigh valley just yet , that cold air, just sitting at surface 36 degrees currently in allentown but 56, at philadelphia, 57 near 60 near dover, delaware. there is cold front it means business, look at this cold arctic air in minneapolis, minus 18, that is not factoring in the wind, we are not going to see this arctic air, move in this time, yes, it gets colder tomorrow but it is quickly moving out once again by tuesday, we are moving back towards seasonal conditions. here's the front still west of us, steady rain, central, western pennsylvania, couple showers developing from the city on northward and heaviest rain moves in late morning in the afternoon by the evening we're dry, and like i said, strong front, lot of warmth ahead of it and behind the front we will feel difference as early as late afternoon colder air starts to arrive, today 50's and 60's, tomorrow different story, we're waking up to the 20's with highs in the 30's a few degree below average. 10:00 o'clock this morning pockets of heavier rain starting to move into western new jersey, into the shore,
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but by three or four or 5:00 o'clock most of the rain off shore and we will start clearing the skies out for the evening. if you have evening plans, around town it looks good but just wind kicks up a little bit and that cold air tarts to rush in, tomorrow, pretty quiet, some sunshine and we will move into a really quiet weather pattern over the next several days. so again afternoon temperatures, early in the day up around 60 degrees for a lot of locations but pirate afternoon and evening we are starting to see 30's and 40's returning and then tomorrow morning, we're waking up to low to mid 20's for the actual air temperatures. cooler with the breeze, and then we will be stuck in the 30's, throughout the entire afternoon. but check out the overall pattern. there is no signs of arctic air like we had, for the past few days. jet stream kind of flattened out. we will get pacific air. all of the cold air stays to the north. you can see flow over next few days, and that killed air just to the north of us. we will have cold nights the but afternoon temperatures will be at or even slightly above average. the period of rain, today, near 60. mild, tonight, colder again,
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we will dry out 26 for the low for thecy. it little colder in the suburbs. tomorrow we will start off at 37 each day ate starts warming up, 40 on tuesday, mid 40's on wednesday, which winter officially arrives, showers late in the day thursday upper 40's and then christmas eve, rahel making a run at 50. why am i excited with 50? >> it is not that warm but i guess 20's and freezing rain. >> last week what was it teens it felt like. >> yeah, in the morning. >> it felt like zero with the wind. >> i'm still that you go out from that. so that 50 is looking nice, and six own better. >> justin, thank you. time is 1:19. lets check with amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, a manned. good morning, rahel. wet roads heading out the door but as we said earlier it is world's better then what we were dealing with this time yesterday. couple incidents to talk b we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound, this is on the on ramp from the vine, so as you can see the accident is off to the shoulder and they have flares set up there.
7:20 am
it does ant peer to be blocking traffic too badly if at all so keep in mind it is there we have an accident on had an accident on route one northbound at conshohocken state road, that accident is now cleared but be ready for residual delays in that area. taking a look ahead today 76ers taking on the brooklyn nets at home. game time 6:00 p.m. get ready for regular traffic delays. the in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler now back to you. here's what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning trying to get healthier for new year, how these watches might help when "eyewitness news"
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fitness track error smart watch on your holiday wish list there are more choices then ever before if you are looking for a more that dickal watch design. in the holiday gift guide our jan carabao shows us top wear able technology, including those much hyped snap chat glasses $13 glasses, are sun glass that he is record 102nd videos for snap chat but getting a pair has been released limited to special vending machines in pop up stores. if your new years resolution toys get into shape, $150 fit bit charge two tracks your heart rate, sleep, steps with easy to read screen. >> it has a good community to tap into with fit bit ape works with android and ios. it just does not have water resistance. >> reporter: michael kors and fossil has hybrid smart watch, think of them as fitness track
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ers on every day watch. >> a lot of them work in that they pair with an app and hook the data report are the gar minute also looks like a traditional watch with the advantage of the good app for kid, 80-dollar v iv o fit junior tracks steps but lets parents assign chores and reward kids with virtual coins for more hard core at receipts 369 apple watch, is water resistant for swimming is. >> it has gps, you can run, track your activity when your phonies not around. >> reporter: for $100 less apple watch has similar features without gps and water resistance. android can check out samsung gear, with gps starting at $299. >> but they also, have, built in, lte capability, make even if calls. >> reporter: before you invest here are a few things to consider. >> do you want to feel like a mini phone on your wrist or just check a few things like quick text or track fitness and not worry so much about the rest.
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>> reporter: for more tech gift eye tease check out c-net .com. jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and christmas isn't just for the kid, it is also for the pet, petco on lancaster avenue, owner brought in their four leg friend for photos with santa, perfect, paws rescue hosted the event. proceed go to the animal rescue efforts. ahh. on the next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", first he gets ambushed and then gets even how a pizza delivery hand turns table on two alleged robbers. and a brief encounter with winter failed to slow down rush for holiday bargains, justin. feeling like syringe, this morning, we have got some rain coming at it, mild for now though, talk about another drastic drop in the temperatures coming up in eyewitness wet ther.
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to take is sunday december m rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather and it looks like you lost the umbrella but we may need it later today. >> we have a light sprinkle but keep it around next several hours, showers moving
7:29 am
on and off, but steady rain moving into early afternoon. win kicking up a bit but helping warm things up. it is hard to believe yesterday we were dealing with 20-degree temperatures and freezing rain and snow at this time. new we're talking 50 close to 60. check out these temperatures. fifty-six at the airport. fifty-seven this wilmington. capitol city of delaware almost at 60 degrees. still cooler air lock to the north 36 degrees in allentown. warm front not quite the through just yet but it will move through this morning. upper 40's quakertown, willow grove, pottstown already checking in at 54 degrees. notice arrows for win direction we have southwest win from the city on southward bringing in the warm here on the south side of that warm trent but still a northerly breeze in allentown and mount pocono so warm front still just to the south, and that will hush out, that cold, dense air still stuck in the surface you can see steady rain to the west so that has to move through. strong cold front. period of rain this morning in the afternoon. good news is the win, helping
7:30 am
to mix up the air a little bit fog is dissipating, to still low visibility in the poconos but on our way up to 60 for fail. thousand tomorrow morning, it will be a different story, we will be back below average, typical for december. by christmas another warm up. we will show you seven day forecast in a few more minutes now back to you. a delivery man is lured to the home in northeast philadelphia, to deliver a pizza but instead was grabbed from behind and robbed, but police say it is victim who shot one of the suspects. cherri gregg from kyw news radio is live at police headquarters with the latest on what happened next, cherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel that pizza delivery driver did not go down without a fight, five two-year old whom police say was licensed to carry, turned the tables on his robbers, and then shot at them as they fled the scene. take a look at the video that
7:31 am
we have, all of this happened, just before 9:30 last night, that is when the pizza guy goes to make a delivery at a home in the 1400 block of welling ton street, he was lured on to a dark porch but instead of dropping off that pizza he walks into a trap where two men robbed him of about $82. delivery guy shoots at those robbers hitting one of the suspects in the ankle as they run through an alley way, philadelphia police captain drew techare in says it wasn't their lucky day because police saw the suspects as they fled. >> plainclothes officers observed the robbers, going into a house, including the male, that was shot in the ankle, and the house was secured, the male was arrested , after police, brought the complaintant, the pizza delivery man, on a pos
7:32 am
itive. >> police are looking into whether that suspect, is involved, in a series of other robberies, and have of pizza delivery personnel, that has taken place over the past couple of weeks, in the far north east. in word yet on the identity of that suspect. live at police headquarters, cherri gregg kyw news radio for cbs-3 three "eyewitness news". thank you. >> we are learning more about the murder of a woman in montgomery county. police say friday matthew wertz junior stabbed death his aunt katherine wannamaker at ninth and hallow well street this conshohocken. wertz had been staying thereafter his release from prison early in the week. he threatened her with the knife in july. wertz is now charged with murder. philadelphia police are investigating the shooting of the man they found outside a gas station this park side, officers found victim inside a car outside sunoco station at ivity second and lancaster avenue. he is in critical condition so
7:33 am
far no arrests. fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what started a fire in west philadelphia early yesterday a woman and child escaped out of the second story window of the burning house, this happened on the 1400 block of north 61st street, 26 year-old woman and four year-old child suffered severe burns and expect inhalation and they are in stable condition. philadelphia police and fbi are looking for suspects after two bank robberies. authorities say this man walk into citizens bank on the 8600 block of germantown avenue yesterday morning with the handgun, they believe he is one who demanded money from the teller and ran off. at noon inn rest gatessors these two men robbed a bank on the 5500 block of ridge avenue also holding a gun. if you have any information call number on your screen 215418-4,000. has i have piled up on i-95 in baltimore end in two deaths, onlookers caught part of the crash on camera. lets take a look.
7:34 am
>> yo. >> you cane there a fuel truck flipping over a median and catching fire, it happened yesterday at 5:00ah dropping temperatures caused road in the area to be icy, 67 vehicles were involved in several crashes near washington boulevard exit, crews work for hours to try to clean up the wreck. first responders took 15 people to nearby hospitals. temperatures are also dropping in the midwest, people in minute so the air bracing for coldest wind chills they have felt in two years. already receipt i cold there temperatures in the minneapolis st. paul area are expect to plumet to 20 degrees below zero this morning. 20 degrees below zero. wind could make it feel as low as minus 35. yesterday's preview of the winter weather, failed to stop holiday shopping rush. people still looking for perfect gift, braved cold to find it. "eyewitness news" reporterral and that hospital at the gloucester outlets in gloucester township. >> last year in the 70's. it didn't feel like christmas.
7:35 am
people more in the spirit. it does feel like the holiday season. at gloucester premium outlets small snow mound and warming fireplace added to the festive feeling. >> it is certainly a challenge with the know this morning and inclement weather but beautiful thing is we still had shoppers out here, lots of bags, early, at 8:00 this morning. >> reporter: super sat take rush pushed well in the evening. >> it is something i like sometimes. >> i absolutely hate shopping, so i usually shop on line but we need to come out and get last minute thing. >> reporter: there is a plus to last minute shopping, and here are holiday discounts encouraged some to get on down in the season of giving it can be hard not to think of the few gifts for yourself, or even, several of the aim gifts for multiple, recipients. >> pocketbooks. >> reporter: do you want pocketbook for yourself. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: multiple. >> yes. >> reporter: all of this depend on one big question, have have you been naughty or
7:36 am
nice. >> little bit of both. >> um-hmm. >> lock year. >> reporter: shops here closed up at 10:00 p.m. but will reopen each day through christmas eve. reporting,al zapped that hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", take a look, at this cat looking for a loving family maybe yours, this time for the holidays. >> it is quarterback carson wentz gets ready for today's match up with the ravens, why he just might break a record faster then the quarterback who set it, just ahead in sports. twenty-four hours after a preview of winter a milder change, justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast in just a few
7:37 am
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philadelphia fire department is spreading some who will take cheer this weekend, and engine seven ladder ten hosted a christmas party for tamly in need in kensington. santa was there, of course to pass out gifts, neighbors in the community told fire fighters about the family that includes five children. they provided plenty of snacks , games and, of course, toys for the kid. so sweet. take a look toys are in all of these green bags volunteers spent the day helping make holiday wishes come true for abused children in philadelphia support center for child advocates gave out hundreds of toys for families, volunteers loaded up cars at 19th and cherri streets, toys were collected during the
7:40 am
annual toy drive. also we want you to necessity that our joy of sharing toy fest is underway, pick up a toy for a child in need and then drop it off at one of the toy bus locations. list is on cbs philly to the come/toy fest and also on the cbs local app. you can just drop it off right the here on our cbs-3 studios on tuesday, that is our big tropical off day, the collection runs there 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and justin, and i, will be here and will be part of it. it will be continue. just continue what do you think weather will be looking like for tuesday are we bundled up because i think we will be outside. >> we are. in the morning yes it will be cold, 20's and 30's but afternoon up around 40 degrees not too bad. >> we're be dry. it could be worse. no snow, freezing rain, temperatures in the 20's. this morning a taste of spring happening with a lot of 50's in our forecast, even 60 for the high temperature today. even weather watchers, reporting lower 50's, upper 50 's every where across the region. lets head south into delaware
7:41 am
this hour, and berks county and and, overcast conditions, some light rain happening right now, even with the rain we had temperatures well in the 50's, we will go north of philadelphia, right here, if i can get this to work. it does not want to work for some reason. kenneth martin, we have 56 degrees with some showers. a lot of fog early this morning before the warm front came through and front push through win kick up and dissipated the fog. from phil chap-line 1:19 this morning, foggy conditions in chestnut hill and around 7:30 clearing it up nicely. visibility around the city, exception in the lehigh valley , still fog, thighs shot of the ice tree up in helen davis showing that christmas ornament with that glaze around the tree branch. not good taking down power lines but no issues with that. but we're all melted, above
7:42 am
freezing, temperatures stay that for next six to 12 hours. tomorrow, different story. neighborhood network, in we will talk about winter, feeling like winter, it has officially arrived until wednesday morning,al 5:44. that is when we see shortest amount of daylight, nine hour, 19 minutes, 582nd for philadelphia in the feeling like winter to take. people diagnosis about white christmas probability, rahel has been bugging me. she wants it. >> oh, stop it. >> yeah sure you must have a betting or something. it doesn't look like it will happen at this point. average historical probability is less than 0 percent. only about 20 percent in the lehigh valley. a lot of things have to come together to get that abe white christmas is an inch of snow on the ground christmas morning. we will keep temperatures on the warmer side leading up to christmas and this big storm systems coming at us over next several days, we are moving into a quiet weather pattern. chances are very slim.
7:43 am
rain showers from west to east , couple light showers, steady rain over central pennsylvania. and, that will come through with the after and and, cold air returns, brief shot, and arctic air moves this tomorrow , temperatures stuck in the 30's for daytime highs but we are quiet, sunshine, high pressure locks itself over mid-atlantic, and, end of the week. thursday late in the day. rainfall amounts, not to terrible quarter inch for mess locations, maybe more cutter are north and west you are, possibly up to a hand envelope of rainfall and we could use some more precipitation. this cold front means business ahead of it, a lot of mild air , southerly wind pushing those temperatures near 60 in philadelphia, zero seven's in virginia, and mid 70's for the
7:44 am
high. the front sweeps through tomorrow. tive rent story everybody in the 30's, even 20's north of us for new york city and boston. so today enjoy it after warm temperatures. i still think those temperatures stay above average for christmas day. if you love watching weather you can be featured by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs
7:45 am
watchers. back to you. >> is there always next year for a white christmas. >> that is right, two years in a row pretty mile. >> we will get them next year. >> we will see. >> 7:45. lets check a roads and highways with amanda houler and lets see if the winter weather is affecting these road, hi there, amanda. >> we have a couple incident and they are all on 76. as we mentioned earl willer this hour we have an accident on the schuylkill press way, eastbound, this is on the on ramp from the vine, accident on the shoulder there as you can see, not causing any major delays. be careful coming around that corner. also in new jersey we have an accident on 76 eastbound at u.s. 30. i'm told that accident just cleared, and it has block left lane there so be ready for small delays as traffic gets back to normal around that area. finally we have a third accident, in new jersey, it is up by bellmawr on 76 eastbound on the ramp from i295 there is a partial ramp closure there, we will wand to find an
7:46 am
alternate. lanning to use norristown high speed line today we have one advisory trains will in the stop at beachwood brooke line station, due to construction, it to reopen for weekday commute, taking a last look at the 42 tree way in new jersey running clear right now but we are still dealing with wet roads, out there. in the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda muhler back to you. flyers winning streak is over, good while it lasted. eagles have a all right road trip. the here's don bell with eyewitness sorts. literally throwing caution to the win, with rookie quarterbacks throw a lot bad things typically happen but, doug pieder on has koran wentz tossing, at an alarming rate. eagles a ravens this afternoon , and at this rate carson is on pace to throw more than 559 passes, which would break donovan mcnabb's single season record. mcnabb set that mark in his tenth season. >> i didn't a, april advertise pate him throwing the ball quite as much, you know, we felt, or i felt, he was capable of doing it but you
7:47 am
never want to expose a young rookie quarterback to that and listen, he has done outstanding things for us in the running game and passing game. >> you go in the game with a game plan. we want to be balanced every game, but sometimes you get down, sometimes it is what they are giving you. i guess it is hard to say that i expect to throw this much but it is just way games have gone so i'm in the complaining about it or thinking. >> carson and eagles taking on the ravens at one, trying to snap a four game losing streak , we will get you ready for the game with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30 this morning on cbs-3 and we are coming to you live there baltimore. tomorrow the flyers will look to start another winning streak, when they host nashville, their ten game streak, long necessary 31 years came to an even yesterday against dallas. goalie steve mason back in net after two days off. no score in the first. taylor lear, rebounding a shot , his first career goal, one to nothing fly guys. fast forward new to the third,
7:48 am
we are tied at one, mason with the initial save but adam cracknel picks up loose change and stars take the lead. flyers the power play, ivan provorov off the post and flyers lose for the first time since thanksgiving day weekend three-one your final score and streak is over. >> we had some good chances at the end to tie it up, but, it was a good streak and a lot of continue. >> as a team, this is something that we connected with and it was fun and knowing this team has capability for a stretch like this and we will start a new one on monday good on to hoops sixers host brooklyn nets it this, as for friday night, they lost to the lakers. they played all three of their highly touted centers. joel embiid, jahlil okafor and nerlens noel. after the game nerlens said i'm good to be playing eight minutes, we need to figure this blank out. yesterday brett and nerlens met to clear air but lets see how much that changes things,
7:49 am
for tonight. college hoops now, ngit taking on temple, little will shot of fran dunphy pick it up in the second half owls up a point, to lonnie moore. six-three. owls up by four. later in the game, it is tied, obe, with the the three ball good, 13 points, eight board for home. temple hold on to win 68-63 your final score. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great day. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" don't let your cat or dog get too close to the holiday decorations, coming up in this morning's pet project animal advocate carroll erickson has a list of layses where your pet can keep the distance. we will have i
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
back now with the cbs-3 pet project carroll erickson animal advocate with the pennsylvania spca joining us live this morning. >> i told you, rahel i wouldn't tell you the name of the dog until we're on the air >> big reveal. >> i know get out your autograph book, this is celine dion. >> my goodness. >> so cute. >> yes,. >> and she is great, she's a about a year, year and a half, two years old and she is fabulous. i mean, this is a ready to go into your house dog, and she's available for adoption at pennsylvania spca. >> but can she sing. >> well, she can certainly look good, okay, we will see
7:53 am
if she can get a little winey. can't we all. i wanted to talk about holiday pet no, no's, it seems like with animals is there always a lot of no, to but so can everything else can be yes, yes. let's talk about a couple of these things this time of the year everybody has a christmas tree up or a lot of people do. that is if you have one and you have pets, you know what i'm talking about. cats may try to climb them, dog may, male dogs may forget their house breaking. so i have had that happen at my house. thanks for bringing the outside in. so much more convenient. also the water that the tree is sitting in live tree can have either sap in it from the tree, or a pesticide or preservative or something like that. see this talk, this doggies fabulous. celine dion, you just love a belly rub, and we hear every
7:54 am
year about warnings about missle toe, holy, that sort of things unless you have a plastic version of that. >> high up. >> high up is fine, unless you have an animal on counter and cats. and one way or the other. to the extent thaw can and under tan that they are excited by all of the different things that are going on and you really need to know the name of the 24 hour, receipt. >> okay. >> emergency vet on christmas because there are certain times, i know, that your very first grandson is opening his gifts but if the dog has bloat or some other, you know, you
7:55 am
got to go. there will be other christmas es but you need to take care of certain emergencies and they where to go with that good i want to show you full screen right now while this big heavy girl on my lap, recapping the holiday tech no, no's watch out for the tinsel because, i should mention this, cats ingest this or any animals does it can cause blockage. tree water, we went over, missle toe, holy poinsettias can be poisonous to your pet, salt dough ornament, that is another thing that the dog may want to eat that, it can cause salt toxicity. so they are fun to make but you have to be careful and put them out of the way because they will eat anything as you know. and, of course, we will not i go inner our pets needs. we will know a 24 hour vet and how to get there, quickly and also, don't give pets as gifts make sure that if you're getting an animal this animal season everybody knows about it and you are totally prepared. >> big commitment.
7:56 am
>> yes. >> pennsylvania spca we know 350 erie avenue. here's their other locations, this is great, this is in fishtown and a lot of people would love this, much smaller, intimate space, 1546 frankford avenue in philadelphia opened from 12 to 5:00 and every other day of the week except monday and tuesday. monday they do low cost vaccine clinics, it is a walk in so you can do. that fishtown pennsylvania spca center, and today they are hosting yoga with cats but it is really, good way to get involved with the animals there because you don't see whole bunch. i necessity it is hard to see those eyes looking back at you let me show you three animals, right now and this is a great cat look at the eyes on this cat, rahel and see reason why his that i am is crisscross. the he's cross eyes. he is completely bonded with his sibling devon which we will show in just a second, they were rescued together a year ago so they have to go home, together. now we have another cat here
7:57 am
this is big george, he is an dult male, he was just adopted , he is their brother but he has a home and then we have devon male gray tab i and they have to get home together just some great animals and again, celine dion and there is testify than right there. devon and crisscross need to go home together. celine dion, needs to be performing on a stage somewhere, like your sofa, like the floor in front of the fireplace, great dog celine tea on she too will be at fishtown center 1546 frankford avenue at pennsylvania spca today and maybe this week if someone doesn't grab this boot toy day. >> celine will be on the the fishtown location. >> good to know. >> good to see you. >> she's great. >> she has been a doll all morgue. celine will be at fishtown location but to adopt another pet you want to visit pspca, erie avenue headquarters or frank for location, both are opened until 5:00 today. >> okay, rahel, thanks very much.
7:58 am
celine and i are so happy to have been here with today and with you and happy holidays to everybody. >> absolutely. carroll, we said earlier this week that the cold air headaches them dehydrated so maybe giving them more water. >> you pets in cold weather need to be inside and extra food just for their outside runs too. >> good to know. >> thank you. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 7:00. but we have more coming up the at 8:00 best high tech toys this season how intelligence is putting a i new spin on the classic. we are taking you to another dream drive where you can go on a tour of christmas past, and present. and no heavy coats required today, but, you will need umbrella justin back with details on a wet the but warmer day.
7:59 am
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